December 13th, 2013

Ken’s Khan Plan

Friend of a convicted terrorist and London mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan has been getting some advice on his campaign today. From Ken.

An “unrivalled insight” it may be. Though maybe someone who was told where to go by voters in the capital, twice, is not the best person to teach him “what our London needs”…


  1. 1

    Ken thinks he knows what’s best. What business is it of anyone else’s?


  2. 2
    A polite cough at the back of the room says:

    “Friend of a convícted terroríst and London mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan”

    So.. you’re saying Sadiq Khan is a convícted terroríst?


    • 63
      dt5h67 says:

      But…, Greedo is a friend of the Stolen Landers, a racist colony founded by terrorism.
      People in glass Synagogues…


  3. 5
    Ken Dhimmistone says:

    I told Sadiq he should tell Londoners he wants to make their city a beacon for the words of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). And I also advised him to get paid through his own company to minimise his tax bill. What could go wrong?


  4. 7
    Erm says:

    “Friend of a convícted terróríst and London mayoral hopeful Sadíq Khán”

    So.. Sadíq Khán is a convícted terróríst?


  5. 10
    Religious advisor says:

    Just sacrifice a couple of oxen, everything will be OK then.


  6. 11
    Khan Noonien Singh says:

    I am also running for mayor of London. My platform is luring William Shatner to London and detonating the Genesis device, which will destroy the city and replace it with new life. I am currently polling 5 points ahead of Sadiq.


  7. 13
    Ken Livingstone says:

    The secret to becoming mayor of London is to tell the gays you love them and also tell the Muzzies you love them, but not let either side realise that you’re a two-faced cúnt


  8. 14
    JH3-094-03294-320 says:

    I think Khan’s main thrust will be around making London a beacon for Islam.

    Can’t lose.


  9. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Why can’t these hasbeens go away?


    • 19
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      None of us have ever had a real job and love being hangers-on.


  10. 23
    how about says:

    Families and victims of the July 07 London bombings by Islamic terrorists or the bereaved family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby could give Khan an insight into what Londoners need.


  11. 30
    Kens Fuck all says:

    Labour have well and truly lost the plot! That is what happens when u get others to write your script for you! Will London be safer without Khan and his chums?


  12. 31

    Ken Lovingkhan innit:


  13. 34
    Ctesibius says:

    Hi Ken,

    why haven’t you published your accounts yet?


  14. 41
    Ed Miliband says:

    Sadiq is my kind of guy. He’s a winner like me and Ken. I’m worried that the suspiciously Blairite Eddie Izzard might get the nomination though. I know, I’ll have the Guardian stitch him up good. Fo shizzle.


  15. 45
    Postal Vote says:

    Adresses with 10 or more voters on the electoral role and postal voting are a powerful combination.

    Yes we Khan.


  16. 46
    Jack Ketch says:

    Has Mr Khan joined “Muslims against sodomy of underage boys”? Or the “Anti-genital mutilation league”? Does he have a pet dog and does he urinate standing up? These things are important.


  17. 51
  18. 54
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    Livingstone and Galloway..odious scumbags both of them.

    And speaking of sodomising bastards, who the fuck are these unbelievably obnoxious tossers who think that Brick Lane is a separate muslim country whereby Sharia Law applies?

    So, if a woman working in the City around Bishopsgate decides to go for a stroll, and accicdentally takes a few wrong turns and finds herslef in that neck of the woods, she deserves to be stoned to death and set alight for not being covered in a Dalek-style veil?

    Can someone please take these child-molesting, slave-traffiking, genital-mutilating, forced-marriage, Jihad-training camp, Bin Laden-protecting, intolerant fuckwads and throw them out of the country?

    We are a tolerant people and don’t force anyone to change, but I do not think it’s right that these Hunts can come here and demand that WE change! And Galloway and Livingstone should be ashamed of themselves for pandering to this lot. But then, I suppose they wouldn’t get a single vote in any election…so I can see why they’re both such sycophantic asslickers.

    What I find so pathetic is when Galloway gets on TV and starts spewing out his anti-Israeli anti-American nonsense, and he thinks he’s some kind of noble guy who’s standing up for the Palestinians… when in reality most Palestinians I know are disgusted by him and wish he would accidentally break his own neck in an attempt to sel-fellate!


    • 59
      Only Chavs shop at Tesco says:

      That’s a superb post, MPS – spot on and depressing, as is every utterance from Livingstone and Garrulous George.


    • 64
      dt5h67 says:

      How about you keep out of British politics, Shlomo. You Hasbara Goons are so dreary.


  19. 55
    Watch and weep says:


    • 56
      MandyPickleSniffer says:

      Of course, Galloway and Livingstone would condemn you as an Islamaphobe for posting this. Ha!

      God forbid anyone should have the audactiy to question or even criticise any of these Pakistanis! If you even dare to suggest that maybe, just maybe, they could try and assimilate a little bit and at the very least not be such ungrateful Hunts to the very hosts who pay their benefits, they’ll turn into a rabid mob of frenzied lunatics, foaming at the mouth about mistreatment at the hands of anti-Islamic racists.

      It’s like all the people in the US who respond to any criticism of Obama by crying “Racist!!”.

      We’ve become such wimps about this issue…all thanks to Blair and his Multi-Culturalism. We have entire towns that have almost become no-go zones for regular white Brits. We’re so fucking scared of causing offense that we’re completely willing to give away any and all of our own traditions & customs, and turn a blind eye to all kinds of laws being broken, all in the name of being “accepting and tolerant”. Meanwhile, these guys piss all over OUR rights to walk around freely in our own country, and there isn’t a pipsqueak out of any politician.

      Reminds me of the scene in Borat where he’s sitting there with a paper bag full of his own shit, having just gone to the loo, and the vast majority are all like “oh but it’s his CULTURE…who are we to impose our ways on him…don’t say anything to offend him….just ignore the bag of SHIT sitting there on the table”. Pathetic.


  20. 60
    So true says:

    But possibly we can change this, vote UKIP to get our country back. Who or what else have we got?


  21. 62
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    Maybe you need a UKIP type of mentality, or even an actual UKIP person in the Home Office and other parts of the government like it…but the problem is, UKIP is severely lacking in other policy matters. I’m not sure I’d trust them to run our finances, make decisions about whether or not to go to war, how to deal with Education or the NHS and so on. Right or wrong, I see them as a one trick pony.

    I don’t in any way wish to seek comparison, nor do I see UKIP in the same light, but I have the same one trick pony point view of the Tea Party in the US. I think they’re right about reducing the size of government & the level of nanny state intrusion into private decisions (something Labour wants to increase!) and I agree with their stance towards killing the disease of borrow borrow borrow spend spend spend, but apart from their correctly anti-Keynesian views I see them as a bunch of fucking deranged loonies!

    Whether it makes sense or whether it’s even possible to merge some of the good bits of UKIP into the Conservatives or not, what we desperately and definitely do not need is any more of the idiotic drivel from Labour which created this multi-cultural farce to begin with. And in that sense, I fear that UKIP will split the vote and harm the Tories chances, and we’ll end up with the failed policies of Labour again.

    The horror….the horror…


  22. 67
    TooThickToShovelShit says:

    Well, let’s hope some of Kens magic rubs off then.


  23. 68
    RojabNac says:

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