December 11th, 2013

McTernan’s Tactics Revealed

Guido is enjoying reading leaked emails sent by John McTernan, the former Labour spinner turned Julia Gillard’s henchman and inspiration for the Crossest Man in Scotland. The press down under reckon he comes across a bit Malcolm Tucker, though Guido has always seen him as Jamie. ABC report:

“When Ms Gillard’s chief of staff declared a “war on crap’” and ordered staff to tidy their workstations to make the office one befitting a prime minister, a colleague jokingly referred to “McTernan’s office” as one needing attention.

Mr McTernan replied: “C***, you will be c**ted too” in a reply-all email to the office.”

In one of his more amusing meltdowns McTernan blacklists an ABC journalist who dared to criticise him:

From: McTernan, John
Sent: Tuesday, 5 March 2013 3:19 PM
To: PMO – Media
Subject: Simon Cullen

Gets nothing,


No alerts.

No transcripts.

No returned calls.



Not a whim.


An order.

Feel free to forward to him.

Dom Cummings eat your heart out.


  1. 1
    The British public says:

    Like Syria, the war in Australia is none of our business

    • 10
      handbags says:

      wankers like this can only exist in the public sector

      grown men spouting off in the knowledge that no one will call their bluff

      what a tosser

    • 28
      Bruce says:

      In Oz, we revere McTernan for setting up the useless Labor bastards to fail at the last election. As popular as a turd floater in a swimming pool, he managed to make his boss, Prime Minister Gillard – and the wanker who replaced her – unelectable.

      Hopefully he will pick up a strategic communication role with Milliband so you Poms get to enjoy his special powers again.

      Send Cricketers for the Boxing Day test, please.

    • 29
      Genghiz the kahn says:

      Fat lot of good McTerman did for Labor in Australia.

      Look forward to him helping Pommie Labour in 2015.

  2. 2
    Cinna says:


  3. 3
    • 4
      Blubba blubba blubba blubba blubba says:

      Scotland is a place. A place cannot be racist.

    • 5
      Couldn't have put it better myself says:

      “It’s a remarkable insight into the attitudes of the special adviser that London put in charge of Labour’s election campaign last year, ” he said. “It shows why Labour lost the election, they seem to have developed a unique contempt for the Scottish people.”

      • 14
        Still not paying attention? says:

        Labour’s contempt is not is not unique to Scotland, they despise the English and Welsh working class, equally too.

  4. 6
    50,000 Inkatha murdered by the ANC says:

    “Nelson Mandela had a history of bringing people together.”

    No he didn’t Dismal Dave, the Marxist terrorist had a history of blowing people to pieces.

    • 8
      Righties miss apartheid says:

      Unlike the peace loving Pinochet who had thousands murdered, raped and tortured. But the victims were only lefties, so it’s OK.

    • 9
      Righties miss apartheid says:

      Unlike the peace loving Pinochet who had thousands murdered, r*ped and tortured. But the victims were only lefties, so it’s OK.

      • 15
        If you want an alternate point of view old chap just watch the BBC says:

        less ok more makes a change

      • 44
        Still not paying attention? says:

        Let’s tell the truth about Saint Necklace shall we?

        Mandela ( terrorist ): Authourised the murder of at least 50,000 BLACK Inkatha members, because it looked likely the ANC would not gain overall control of the POST Apratheid government and lose heavily in Natal.

        Mandela ( Pariah committed to violence): Was offered his freedom on many occasions. The ONLY terms for his release were that he renounced terrorism and violence. He refused. Even Amnesty International would not touch his case. Which tells you ( except for the terminally dim ) what kind of person he and his awful wife, were.

        Mandela ( racist ): Introduced racist laws, based entirely on the colour of peoples skin, not their ability.

        Mandela ( incompetent Marxist ): Inherited the wealthiest economy in the entire continent of Africa and brought it to it’s knees. His legacy is a country where unemployment is higher than ever, people real earnings have dropped, AIDs is rife, SA is the murder and r@pe capital of the world.

        Mandela ( looter ): EVERY member of his entire family, are all millionaires and multi millionaires. While in the townships, millions still exist on a dollar a day.

      • 49
        Ralph Milliband says:

        Good point, well made – a little collateral damage to speed the coming of the revolution

    • 12
      Righties miss apartheid says:

      I guess that’s why when he became president, instead of a campaign of revenge and murder, as a rightie like Pinochet had, he established a reconciliation agenda between blacks and whites.

    • 31
      He's fat, he's scouse, he's got inside yer house says:

      LATEST:Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s house burgled while he attended Nelson Mandela memorial on Tuesday.

      Hadn’t realised that there was a service in Liverpool.

  5. 7
    Yippie Ki Yay Motherfucker says:

    John McTernan? Didn’t he direct Die Hard?

  6. 11
    Alcofrolic says:

    Aye McTernan has a wee bit of the buckfast nose there.

  7. 13
    DaveA says:

    Working for Harriet Harman in the 1990s unhinged him.

  8. 20
    Peter Capaldi says:

    I’m going to rip those fucking arseholes off the Daleks and squeeze them down their fucking teeth.

  9. 21
    Righties miss apartheid says:

    OK righties not happy that every other news outlet and forum is stuffed with uncritical adulation for Mandela I have come here to stir your porridge and accuse you of loving apartheid.

  10. 22


  11. 24
    M Ryutin says:

    For all our British political aficianandos, know this: whatever reputation McTernan had as a supposedly “brilliant” political fixer and hard man, his reputation was absolutely trashed and thrashed while he was subbing for the Australian Labor Party and PM Julia Gillard. Everything he touched turned to zilch, starting I January 2012 when a leak from on of the staff from ‘his’ media unit misquoting opposition leader Tony Abbott started a race riot, but one in which his own PM was plastered all over the media having to be ‘rescued’, dragged from the melee by police, losing shoes and so forth. The staff member of his quietly left and was rumoured to be warehoused in England in a political job in British Labour circles. Later his revival of the tried and true David Cameron ‘problem with women’ line started this ridiculous Abbott-as-misogynist meme, all the best efforts of McTernan leading to Gillard having the lowest popularity of any leader for decades and the Australian Labor Party vote under 30% at the time when she was finally deposed. McTernan has been trying to revive his crashed reputation since by calling all Australians as sexist!

  12. 27
    Working Class Bloke says:

    He may scare secretaries and spads in the Labour bubble but try it on in the real world the ‘C*nt’ would be wearing his face inside out.

  13. 30
    Madasafish says:

    No self respecting employer would tolerate behaviour like that.

  14. 37
    Karma says:

    If the Aussie Labor Party were happy employing a dickhead, that is their look-out. The success of their decision is evident in the results of the last election.

  15. 42
    BBC 24 Hr rolling bollocks says:

    After lawyers discovered a problem with his will Nelson Mandela’s family have announced that he has made a slight recovery and will be returning home.

  16. 46
    Scrutty Dundee says:

    Scots, vote for independence; otherwise you may end up with Miliband as your chief executive and representative to the world.

  17. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Know anyone who is going to get a post- it pinned to their prostate gland, anyone?

  18. 59
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    How befitting of Milibandwagon’s team this creature is. On what basis was he allowed into the country?

  19. 60
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Socialist charm at its finest. Vote liebor- get cnuts.

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