December 10th, 2013

Two-Faced Chuka Falls Out With Own Party, Again

Two-faced Chuka Umunna has managed to make himself even more unpopular with his own party. Emails leaked to Guido reveal that Chuka backed out of a meeting organised by Labour MPs to discuss human rights in Colombia when he refused to agree to their line condemning the situation in the country. He offered the feeble excuse of having to attend a trade union event instead, of all things to present an award for human rights. As one exasperated Labour aide exclaimed to colleagues in the heated email exchange:

“It is just ironic that he cannot agree to a position in opposition to the Colombia Free Trade Agreement on the grounds of Human Rights and cannot meet MPs to talk about this because he is presenting an award at the Human Rights Awards!!”

Chuka taking a tough line on human rights in public and doing the opposite in private? Surely not…


  1. 1
    Photo op of the year says:

    Isn’t Chuka in South Africa?
    I’ve been waiting for a twit pic all morning.

    • 5
      Chuka Enters the Political Radar Cover. says:

      So someone in Labour is briefing against Chuka and using a popular political blog as the conduit for their treachery.

      This can only be good news for Chuka and a feather in hid cap.

    • 7
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Dave is certainly in SA, like Chucks he does not seem to spend a lot of time in the UK

      • 9
        Chuckup Umunna says:

        The UK’s full of trash.

      • 53
        UKIP, the finale solution says:

        Pity he wont be visiting the relatives of the thousands of white farmers murdered by blacks, he wont be making any human rights sermons to the ANC about ethnic cleansing, he will be sucking up to the corrupt thugs of the ANC and trying to squeeze out some good publicity shots for his stooge media while reaching for the foreign aid chequebook. Of course he will have to play 2nd fiddle to the 3rd worlds tin pot dictators but thats a small price to pay to shine up his image.

    • 34
      Pop Psychologist says:

      He won’t go there. He won’t be able to blame hios inability to blend in on his skin colour.

    • 67
      Chuka says:

      1 little massacre & & everyone’s an expert on human rights , just ask Jacob

  2. 2
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Chuck and Adam are on two sides of the same coin, they both like grandstanding

  3. 3

    South Africa must be absolutely rammed by now ,standing room only full of grief mongers anxious to be seen rubbing shoulders with the saintly Winnie Mandela ,she of the tyres ,petrol and boxes of matches.

    • 6
      JH30295803495-034 says:

      She was wearing a nice necklace in a photo I saw of her recently.

      Wasn’t on fire though.

      • 11
        Ooops says:

        I’ve been watching a bit on BBC. Seems the underwhelming numbers of mourners besides themselves with grief have taken the thousands of BBC journailists by surprise. The excuses are starting to flow….

      • 23
        Freddie the Fishmonger says:

        Its pissing down over there right now!

      • 56
        Big Bad Bob Mugabe says:

        Or indeed a pearl one supplied by her football team all coming together to give her a gift she would truly enjoy

    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      Most are now in Perth.

  4. 4
    Georgie Osborne's Blue and White Army says:

    Just sack the count.

    No one will be any worse off.

  5. 8
    Back Stabbers Utd says:
  6. 10
    jack dromey says:

    Leave Chuka alone cos he is soooooo cute.

  7. 12
    Dave is the New Obama. says:
    • 26
      Taxpayer says:

      Don’t come back. Your country clearly doesn’t need you.

    • 28
      Dimmy Dave Camoron is the worst prime minister ever ! says:

      Thousands won’t be celebrating your life when you kick the bucket, you toffee-nosed europhile c*nt.

    • 30
      • 39
        Their country's shit for a reason says:

        Yeah, like anyone’s going to pay attention to instructions from a South African.

        • 62
          Hendrik van den Bergh says:

          They used to in the old days when we had sjamboks and hungry German Shepherd “assistance” dogs.

      • 48
        DESMOND IN A TUTU says:

        The best bit from above LoL

        Naturally, since Mandela’s passing on Thursday, people around the world have started using “Madiba” as well. It’s surely meant as a show of love and admiration for the great man and his achievements. But, deliberately or not, that habit can feel at times a bit like appropriation – an attempt to imply some connection to Mandela’s life, and perhaps a degree of ownership over his legacy. It doesn’t help that non-South Africans who use “Madiba” are often white Westerners who have little or no connection to his country or his struggle against apartheid, but nonetheless argue that Mandela would surely share their political views. Nor does it help that the habit seems most common in the United States and Britain, two countries that worked against Mandela in the 1970s and ’80s and widely embraced him as a hero only after he was released from prison in 1990.

        • 55
          Saint Marxist-Madiba of Bombing and Flaming Necklaces says:

          Yes, I know that SA is now the murder, rape and AID’s capital of the world.

          Unemployment and poverty, are higher than when the ANC took power.

          EVERY member of my family is now a multi-millionaire.

          The ANC has an openly racist policy towards non-black South Africans.

          I was a lifelong terrorist, trained in Algeria and Ethiopia, by fellow communist’s.

          And that I ordered the murder of at least 50,000 Inkatha party members because they looked likely to win in Natal, which meant the ANC would not form the government, is entirely overlooked.

          Yet here today, I have been elevated to sainthood, by the Global Elite and re-invented as a kindly old man, who would never harm a fly.

    • 61
      Monica says:

      Who’s “Madiba”, you Hunt?

  8. 15
    Anonymous says:

    What about our human rights. The right to privacy.

    When Google invaded all our privacy with their streetview cars looking over walls. The argument was that it was a one time event. It would always be out of date. So the stupid dim backward inhabitants of the ICO said they would allow it.

    Now Google has made it possible for user input. Anyone with an Android phone can now contribute. Every day, every where, any position, at any level of magnification.

    So how will the ICO control our privacy now? How will we know we have been targeted. Will we need a new law to combat harassment by exposure. Since harassment via the courts is impossible it would have to be via the police.

    Once the ability to photograph and publicise private property was allowed, it just a matter of degree as to what is acceptable.

    There is a law to stop fences higher than 2m but no law to stop photographing over them. Wake up to the voters. They are the ones that are suffering the thefts.

    In the end it is a database searchable and containing facts about private property. So why do the government not force Google to filter the images and box out all private land. Simply because Google supplies what the government wants. They do evil.

  9. 17
    Gordon and his Winnie take the Madiba Pilgrimage says:
    • 25
      Taxpayer says:

      It depends who’s paying.

    • 31
      Gordon Brown's low-carbon economy says:

      Carbon footprint?

    • 41
      Fishy says:

      I wonder if Brown is going to get a fare paying passenger removed from First Class, so that he can upgrade himself and commandeer his seat.

      This is what one flight attendant had to say about him:

      Rude and dismissive. No manners. Came down to speak to him and John Smith on the way to New York – just looked at me and turned away……And they’d both been upgraded as well. (John Smith and Gordon Brown that is)

    • 45
      Sponger says:

      I hope the fat cùnt has to sit in the rain for four hours.

    • 50

      They will be whisked from the airport to their high security hotels and embassy residences in blacked out limousines, oblivious to the suffering and poverty of the “newly liberated”Rainbow Nation, the violence, the drugs, the rapes and murders will not impinge into their cosy world of self delusion and blind stupidity.
      Mandela is in his Heaven , all is right with the world.

    • 63
      Smartarse says:

      “an privilege”????????………..thick cow.

    • 69
      Hobo says:

      Why is she incapable of using grammar?

  10. 18

    Is there any score yet ?

  11. 22
    Hardly worth the headline says:

    Chukka is a gesture politician who is too busy making pointless gestures to join in pointless gesture politics.

    • 33
      The only good MP is a dead MP says:

      I’d like to see him make a gesture towards his throat, as in “help me, I’ve got food stuck in my throat and I’m suffocating!”

    • 36
      Why has Minnie Mandela got a handbag on her head says:

      Why is he raising his finger in my direction?

  12. 51
    Eugene Terreblanche says:

    They didn’t make all this fuss over me !

  13. 52
    Ken Livingstone for London Mayor ! says:

    Bit like when they were backing Ken Livingstone for London Mayor who once worked for Press TV, run by a human rights abusing Iranian regime.

  14. 57
    On the subject of Obama (well, the UK's answer to him anyway)... says:

    how is it that Obama can go to Mandela’s memorial service but he couldn’t find anyone in his administration to attend Thatcher’s funeral? Thatcher helped the overthrow of communism and the Yanks couldn’t even show some gratitude.

  15. 58
    Pete says:

    No real surprise there! Most politicians are self centred

  16. 59
    Sunny Jim says:


  17. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Chuckie what have gone and done this time?

  18. 68
    Jock E. Shorts says:

    Strangely Draculean teeth in that pic. Is that a clue to something?

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