December 10th, 2013

PCS Union Calls for Repeat of Northern Rock

This letter delivered to MPs’ offices this week is just plain weird. Claiming to be from the special few who remain at Britain’s ill-fated Socialist Party, and also representing the militant PCS trade union, their plan to “support the Co-op” is quite something:

“Here is the battle plan agreed by the PCS, the Socialist Party, the trade unions and the unemployed. If you are not yet a customer at the Co-op bank, open an account now. If you are a trade unionist, unemployed or a socialist, go to another bank’s cash point and withdraw some cash. Then take the cash and pay it into your account at your local Co-op bank. Keep doing this until queues form outside every Co-op bank. Imagine it like the scenes outside Northern Rock a few years ago. Then customers were forming massive queues to withdraw money. This time massive queues will be formed by customers trying to pay money into the bank.”

Anyone would have thought they’ve been hanging out with Rev Flowers…


  1. 1
    Sir Wally Scott says:

    Will the last person leaving England please turn off the lights.

  2. 2
    John Lennon and Yoko Oh No says:

    Imagine all the people.
    queuing outside co-op bank,
    woo hoo ee oo
    you may say I’m a sad sack
    but I’m not the only one

    • 49
      I hate socialists. says:

      I wonder if this is an idea from Red Ed Miliband and has he got permission from
      his boss Red Ed McClusky .

      • 60
        Big Momma. says:

        The Co-op bank IS another Northern Rock.
        A socialist bank is simply a way of accrueing and wasting money.
        Remember how every BBC economics programme for over two years relayed that Northern Rock gave the best rates for savers, but never querying why this was so?
        The Co-op came out a month ago that they were still in charge. Now hedge funds control 70% of this bank, and I would not touch it with yours.

  3. 4
    Village Idiot says:

    ….Proof, if it was needed,that mad people have access to the heart of government!!!!

  4. 6
    Mitch says:

    What would be the point of long queues, exactly? Have the PCS not realised that the new owners are unlikely to be ‘ethical’ anymore, and that’s why customers are leaving the Co-op? What is their problem with people having and making choices?

  5. 7
    Sheikh Basha Banka says:

    Let us not forget that when there was that run on Northern Rock certain News Channels decided themselves not to tell us about the queues forming outside Bradford and Bingley because they thought it irresponsible to let us know what was happening.

  6. 10
    PCS, the Socialist Party, the trade unions and the unemployed says:

    Everyone order thin-crust double peperroni pizzas to be sent to Downing St at 7pm next Friday. We’ll clog up this fascist government with savoury snacks!!

    • 67
      Dianne Flabbot says:

      Send all the thick crust pizzas to me, otherwise I might get hungry and interfere with your cunning plan.

    • 78
      geordieboy says:

      Yes pay it in to the co-op and they will waste it on the Labour Party election campaign.

  7. 11
    Anonymous says:

    The sick, lame and lazy bastards don’t have cash they will have to go to Wonga.

    • 90
      Total Bankers says:

      And what about all the greedy, tax-avoiding, lazy bastard, fat cats? Is it OK that the likes of RBS – having under-mine the country – are still being mis-managed? Talk about Money for Nothing.

  8. 12
    Loony leftwing bollocks says:

    A wet dream by peoples poet Owen Jones adopted by some twat at the PCS.

  9. 13
    The British media are cunts says:

    Something dreamed up by Labour to pay back their massive debt.

  10. 16
    Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

    Can somebody find out which airport Gordon left by yesterday as Standsted has been brought to a halt.
    Can we make sure he aint coming back.

  11. 16
    Ed P says:

    Yeah, everyone wear white when queueing, so there’s a white line leading to the bank – Rev. Flowers should show up pronto!

  12. 18
    Rip Van Winkle says:


  13. 19
    Schrödinger's Wormhole says:

    Pest on & on & on will be on News At One, ahead of the Mandela, if he gets to hear of this.

  14. 20
    eh? says:

    I thought everyone was suffering a “cost of living crisis”?
    And yet this bunch of jokers thinks we should waste our money
    propping up this sad excuse for a bank.

    Has Labour repaid the millions it owes the Co-op yet?

  15. 21

    Mises considered that Lenin’s economic policies were so futile because his economic “experts” were bookkeepers. The unions have Richard Murphy, a retired bookkeeper. Go figure.

  16. 25
    PCS Union advice says:

    Avoid cashpoints that have shady looking Romanian chaps hanging around them.

  17. 26
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    That wasn’t fog this morning. It was Samantha dusting her mince pies with icing sugar. *Cough, splutter, choke*

  18. 28
    Rev Flowers dealer says:

    You should never smoke crystal meth on an empty head.

  19. 30
    Fishy says:

    No body listens to the ramblings of Comrade Serwotka who uses the PCS as his personal fiefdom to further his profile in the Massed Ranks of the Socialist Liberation Army (Owen Jones / Bob Crow division).

    Hardly anyone votes in their elections or strike ballots. No-one knows why they are continually on strike. People only join for the legal assistance scheme and the monthly lottery.

  20. 31
    Ippikin says:

    A bit amateurish isn’t it?
    Mind you they are all a bit thick there.

  21. 33
    joey essex says:

    i’m a co-op customer, i’ve spent 4 hours this morning taking money out of the cashpoint outside the coop and then going into the branch and paying it into my account, I can’t understand how this helps but i love socialism

  22. 38
    Anon E Mouse says:

    Where are all the unemployable unwashed socialists going to get this thing called ‘cash’ to transfer between two bank accounts ?

    • 76
      cynic says:

      From the state of course.

      • 96
        Anonymous says:

        It’s called a Safety Net, not that the hard-right care – having such fun kicking the disabled and unemployed. Then again, blaming the unemployed certainly helps to deflect attention away from IDS and his “employment” policy.

  23. 40
    Nonny Mouse says:

    OT: Mandela’s Memorial Service is utterly dire. SA apparently loved Mandela, but just not quite enough to sit in the rain for a little bit for him – stadium half empty! Those there, including the dignitaries and celebrities, variously chanting, booing, or talking amongst themselves and paying no attention to the official speeches. No solemnity, dignity or respect at all. They have no idea how to behave.

    • 46
      Boris Johnson says:

      Are you implying that they are behaving like children?

      Maybe that could explain their economic failure.

      Or is that just a eugenic, national socialist type observation that recognises diversity in cognitive ability.

      Perhaps some of us are born to fail.

  24. 41
    Frustrated Viewer says:

    I’ve had my telly switched off since Thursday night, due to Mandelamournfest. Anyone know when it will be safe to switch on again?

    • 47
      Anon E Mouse says:

      Next week; you’ve got Sunday’s 4 hour funeral and associated dross to avoid.

      • 58

        By Sunday they will have been trundling his corpse around for about 10 days, I hope they have enough credit in the electricity meter the summers in that part of the world can get quite sultry.

    • 48
      Just sayin' says:

      Don’t ever bother, it has just become an instrument of propaganda. Just watch On Demand selective TV programmes that you really want to watch and cancel paying the telly tax. If you get a “smart” internet connected TV and only watch OD progs you don’t have to paythe telly tax.

      Most of the of the so called “entertainment ” on today is either reality progs or crap lefty PC comedians. If you want to see reelaity progs (i.e. real) people just go down the pub.

      • 98
        Anonymous says:

        Just a little misleading. Since, while many of it’s older comedians tended to take the p1ss out the working class, how can the BBC be called left-wing?

        Also, while the “telly tax” is costly for anyone on a low wage, who likes watching mindless adverts? As for the X Factor…

    • 56
      TV Ratings Man says:

      BBC …. endless repeats of Mandelafest

      Dave+1 …. Mrs Brown’s Boys

      Which one has got it right?

      • 99
        Anonymous says:

        Let’s face it, while Mandela coverage is a little over-done, watching Mrs Brown’s Boys is about as much fun as have having nails hammered into your hear – much like the jokes.

    • 63
      Big Momma. says:

      AND THE RADIO Thank you very much.
      At least it is pissing down with rain there and of course the BBC are under cover.
      I guess it will be next week before normal deplorable BBC “service” is resumed.

    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      When seen as a danger, the right-wing call Mandela a “terrorist”. Now, dead, it is safe to call him a “freedom-fighter”. Double-standards or Double-standards?

  25. 51
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Hmm!, you open an account with the Co-op bank and then withdraw money from the cash point of another bank, which presumably is then deducted from your Co-op current account, makes perfect sense, the financial world will be trembling.

    • 62
      Snotsicle says:

      And the Co-op have to pay the other bank a fee for the use of their cashpoint so every transaction costs their balance sheet.
      What genius thought that one up?

    • 64
      Anon E Mouse says:

      Mr(s) Goldfish, the idea is targetted at those that *don’t* have a Co-op account to get one so it keeps that bank sufficiently solvent so it can continue to lend money to the Labour party.

      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        Not that they have anything to hide, but no one round here want to talk about Tory Party funding?

  26. 52
    Rob says:

    All of the unemployed agreed? All of them? Really?

  27. 55
    Sunny Jim says:

    Bampots’ r’us are on the loose

  28. 57
    Anonymous says:

    ‘Here is the battle plan agreed by the PCS, the Socialist Party, the trade unions and the unemployed.’

    The unemployed? What, all 2.47 million of them? Must have been a bloody big meeting, or did they just do an online poll via twitter and assume that as the revolutionary vanguard they knew what was best for the working masses without having to actually bother interacting with the grubby masses. Well they do have a frightful tendency to have such… Daily Mail type points of view you know.

    • 59

      Not only that ,in their abject poverty and misery, they are all in possession of the latest iMac with the fastest possible broadband connection available.

  29. 72
    Penfold says:

    Flawed thinking, if you see a queue outside a Bank the natural assumption is that people are desperate to get their money out…………

  30. 77
    Jimbo says:

    Have they not realised that money deposited in a bank is a loan to the bank, and thus shows as a liability on the balance sheet? And by depositing millions they are thereby increasing the liabilities of the Co-Op, not its assets?

  31. 81
    Dope 'Ed says:

    Yeah man! Coooool! I will stand in the freezing cold for the failing co-op!

  32. 82
    Old Geezer says:

    I went past my local co-op bank yesterday. It looked empty. Perhaps all the people round here have already withdrawn their cash. When the co-op bank goes bust, the receivers will demand the money back from Labour. Bring it on lads.

  33. 85
    Pick litter for bennies says:

    Wonder if the hedge funds will still be generous to the Labour Party in respect of low interest loans and huge overdrafts.Sounds like”computer says NO”.

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