December 10th, 2013

Oh Dear Sarah


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    And I didn’t save the world.


  2. 2
    Carruthers says:

    Who is she again..?


  3. 3
    The New Messiah says:

    The Queen has had to put up with all this all her life and never whinged once.


  4. 4
    Cinna says:

    Priceless! What an asset.


  5. 6
    All the world says:

    did she go with the one eyed scottish mnog who stole my pension – deserves all she gets.


    • 90
      Tory's will be Flushed down the Drain in 2015 says:

      Gosbourne & call me Dave, stole pensions that were paid for. While pissing the said monies overseas for lost causes.

      Next they will be surprised at the vote for UKIP!


  6. 7
    TheOldCodger says:

    Think before you Tweet Sarah. Better still why Tweet at all if you can’t get it right! Oh dear -


  7. 8
    Rob says:

    I missed it for next to fuck all, but then again I am merely a working tax-paying UK citizen.

    Is it still going? England haven’t batted as long as this for two years!


  8. 9
    John says:

    For Christ’s sakes Brown visits Parliament about once a bloody year and even that is too much trouble for her ladyship.

    Perhaps we should not only stop his MP’s wages but also recoup what we’ve been paying him since 2010.


  9. 11
    Gordon the Moron says:

    I wish we were in Kelty switching the Christmas lights on again, but sadly we were not asked this year. We really made a night of it in the past, culminating in a haggis supper at the Café 2000.


  10. 12
    Profit of Doom! says:

    Poor Sarah! Frumpy & grumpy!


  11. 15
    nelson muntz says:

    Ha Ha.


  12. 17
    Glyn H says:

    Why is she there? And what is the value of her opinion; she was a partner in a failed PR firm whose partner was daughter of the unpleasant Hobsbawmn (mate of dodgy lefty Ralph Milliband) who freely choose to marry late in life the most unpleasant man in frontline politics. What is the value or relevance of anything she says?


  13. 18

    Would I want to be able to tell other people I was there?

    Frankly, no.


    • 26
      Bill Quango MP/8 says:

      I went to Live Aid.

      Just saying..


      • 62

        Ah! (no not Monika {whatever happened to him? BTW})

        In 1969, I saw Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight. Three days of concert out in a field. The Who, Free, The Moody Blues, The Band, Joe Cocker, Blodwyn Pig, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (yes, still touring with me ‘ol mate Dave Glasson), Pentangle, The Nice, The Pretty Things (brilliant!), Tom Paxton, King Crimson, Family, Ritchie Havens, Julie Felix, Aynsley Dunbar, Edgar Broughton Band, Third Ear Band, Marsha Hunt… who else? Many more. It was great!

        But Dylan was crap frankly. He has always been crap on the stage. He can’t play, he can’t sing for fucking toffee, but he writes a good poem. People treated him like Nelson Mandela, before any of us had heard of Nelson Mandela.

        George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Eric Clapton, Pattie Harrison, Yoko Ono, Maureen Starkey, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Jane Fonda, Françoise Hardy, Roger Vadim, Syd Barrett and Elton John and others were all in the VIP bit which I broke into after dark.

        I would drіve a thousand miles to see about five of them now. The rest are either dead or were overblown.


        • 94
          White rabbit says:

          You old dog, cat. Fancy mentioning Blodwyn Pig. Instant chemical transportation to another time. And Richie Havens. I cried when he died.


          • Ha! Ha! :-)

            There was a lot of crying to do: Brian Jones, Hendrix, Kossoff, Lennon, Sandy Denny, Lowell George, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gerry Garcia, John Martin. All taken away before their prime. Every loss hurts. It’s as if a piece of your own life has been wrenched away from you.

            At least you were there to see them…


        • 99
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Gawd help us – if it isn’t Bristols or old music meisters that immediately distracts SC.

          It’s a bit like the Scum – exposing fraud in football to distract from the fraud in government and the city … and the EU

          btw – That closed down quest investigation by the f-wit plod stevenson – now wasn’t that a convenient thing?


        • 116
          Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

          I was there too SC 22 years old,The Band were fantastic if only the Yardbirds had been there……For Your Love.


          • Not that I disbelieve you but I did not see you there! ;-)

            Robbie Robertson was brilliant! I would rather see him than Dylan TBF.

            Wasn’t it great? Did you see that bloke with the long blonde hair who would take all his clothes off and dance naked? Could have done without that…

            Loads of topless females of the opposite sex (as Ronnie Barker would have it).

            Rickie Farr shouting out F words all the time.

            Got back to the ferry on the last night by climbing in the luggage compartment of a coach. The people I had been next to would have left by helicopter.

            Went to work the next day dressed in a suit and listened to people saying: did you see all those drug crazed people having sex all the time at IOW. I just nodded.

            Clapton was there but he had long left the Yardbirds by then (and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers). I was in the front row at his Rainbow concert having queued up all night the previous week for tickets.

            We are both privileged to have lived through those times. :-)


          • Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

            I was working in London at the time,BAT hq dean Stanley St,my drugs were Strand I was never alone except for the night they brought old dixie down.


          • Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

            Postscript Cat Page was,is and will always be better than Capton who was made to sound great due to Bruce and Baker.


          • Bloody hell!

            You’re never alone with a Strand. That one?

            I worked for Gallaher for a short while, at that time! Then back into banking having learned how to sell.

            Happy days.


          • Each to our own. Page was a power chord man but did not have Clapton’s versatility (not that I liked all of that, BTW) IMO.

            Beck was the under-acknowledged of the three guitarists.

            Agree that Bruce and Baker were sensational. What can beat this:

            But Clapton opened up a whole new seam in the States with Delaney and Bonnie, The Allmans, Derek and the Dominoes, Steve Stills, Leon Russell, JJ Cale, Muscle Shoals and not forgetting he reminded us of the great Robert Johnson.

            But I don’t wish to detract from Jimmy Page.


          • Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

            Clapton sold out,I saw him in concert with Stevie Winwood in NY a few years back,I had forgotten what a great musician Winwood is,happy days? the best I am glad I was born when I was but enough of this sentimentality!


          • I have that concert and you are right. Winwood can actually play lead guitar without being phased by Clapton playing the rhythm part.

            Having said that, Clapton says that playing Little Wing is a big call and I, for one, am inclined to believe him.

            He, Hendrix, Stills and Harrison all played on each other’s sessions at the time and they all lifted each other to netter heights. The music industry did not want it to happen but the players became more powerful than their labels – for a while.

            Now the industry is back to where we were in the early sixties – even worse. Singers sing songs which they have not written. Most cannot play any instrument. And the listening public have been persuaded that they actually prefer Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi, FFS!

            Brain washing, if ever that was the case.

            *Are you listening in, BW?*


        • 279
          shurdyrover says:

          Those were the days!! What a real festival!!


        • 283
          Ippikin says:

          He did have a very desirable pair of pants. The pants not him!
          They were vertical pinstripe in multi-colours.
          Took me weeks to find some like them (Carnaby St) and then shortly after came off my bike at speed.
          First thing ambulance men did was cut them straight down the front of each leg!


        • 306
          Just Sayin' says:

          Did someone say if you remember the 60’s you weren’t there? Or something like that. I wasn’t there. I was working.


  14. 19
    Mr Anonymous says:

    Only someone who chose to spend the rest of their life with Gordon Brown could make a funeral sound like Woodstock.


  15. 20
    brown and out says:

    Freud had something to say about this sort of slip up


    • 25
      Freud says:

      This one has sever mental problems. I mean .. really top notch Macbeth, Napoleon, small ‘cigar’ type disorders.

      There’s enough material in inside his skull for a whole new syndrome.


  16. 22
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man in politics says:

    FFS! Clown gets invited I don’t!

    Spent the day shouting at the TV; didn’t like Mandela anyway. Ya bas.


  17. 30
    Scottish Chav says:

    hearse chasing ex-politician brown’s new profession?


  18. 31
    Gaye Mann (Mrs) says:

    On this historic day, I’ll never forget what I was going when Mandela was interred.

    Necking lagers!


  19. 32
    Raptor says:

    And swathes of empty seats in the stadium (see pictures).

    Most of the ones who “wouldn’t have missed it for the world” were politicians and their spouses, toadies, supporters and security guards.

    And of course the BBC.


  20. 34
    JH3-094-03294-320 says:

    Did anyone else see Jon Snow yesterday, practically sucking the cock of some guy who was going to do some ‘praise singing’ or some shit at the funeral.

    Snow got the guy to do some of his special ‘singing’ to the camera over the credits.

    I’m sure the open-neck-shirt lefty tools had fantasised it would sound incredibly poignant and touching, but instead sounded like the sort of thing you can hear being screamed from cells in loony bins up and down the country on a daily basis.

    And they knew it.


  21. 35
    @gordonmongbrown says:

    I ate a bogey today!


  22. 38
    Mandela's Ghost says:

    Every Ex PM needs a Winnie.


  23. 39
    White rabbit says:

    If I were you I wouldn’t say anything slightly critical, disagreeable, or comment adversely, unfavourably about the subject you can’t under any circumstances say anything about at all. Quite nice day around here, bit cold, pleasant though.


    • 56
      Climate change adviser says:

      How dare you say it’s cold? Every day it’s getting hotter and hotter, and we’re all gonna bake! We’re sending a climate change appreciation outreach enforcement team out to your house at at once. Meanwhile, one more squeak out of you and it’s off to the camps.


      • 67
        White rabbit says:

        I may, or may not, want to comment about subjects similar or not similar to the subject you comment about. In this case I was passing a rambling remark about another subject that I didn’t want to comment about. Or did I. No.


    • 161
      Dessert Rat says:

      Fucking denier, you should rot in hell, 97% percent of us thought it was quite hot.


  24. 41
    Brown Nosed Brown says:


  25. 42
    think before... says:

    Remember when the likes of Guido and Dan Hodges were pushing for the UK to bomb the last bastion of Christian defence against the Islamofascist nutters?


  26. 43
    The British media are cunts says:

    Just fuck off woman and take that one eyed mong with you.


  27. 47
    Mrs Obama is not imptressed with her husband's flirting says:


  28. 48
    Nelson Mandella says:

    Well guido just fuck off you Hunt


  29. 50
    Some Say Dave and Barry had a good time says:


  30. 52
    And when it was all over Dave took Nelson home with him. says:


  31. 61
    Mr Quelch says:

    On the BBC news there was a picture of the Bliar – seemed to be on back row all on his lonesome with a large briefcase on the seat next to him. Perchance that was to carry his fee for attending. Or am I imputing an unworthy act ?
    No………I didn’t think so. Bliar is a ratfink.


    • 129
      Anonymous says:

      Mandela disagreed with Blair’s warmongering.


    • 154
      White rabbit says:

      Something strange and sinister is happening to Blair’s face.
      What was the boyish image of a supreme actor is now a mixture
      of guilt, power and worry. And maybe a look of fright.


      • 160
        Podiceps says:

        He’s 60. It’s what happens to your face then. I don’t believe he is capable of feeling guilt or remorse.


  32. 65


    But needs to be seen.


    (page down after it has loaded)


  33. 77
    Paul Flo=wers says:

    “Mr Hester’s recent departure as well as that of John Hourican, the investment bank chief, has left RBS’ executive ranks thin on top-level banking experience.”

    They only have to phone. I’m all ready and at something of a loose end. Well, someone’s loose end.


  34. 81
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Well, there goes the 100 rand Lady Waad lent the old chap for a taxi all those years ago.


  35. 82
    Anonymous says:

    Mandela was responsible for murder and torture – fact ! It seems now that his personal history has been sanitised beyond belief .


  36. 88
    Postal Vote says:

    It’s not a simple spelling mistake but complete grammar error. She’s missed at least 2 or 3 letters, n’t or not.


  37. 91
    Bill Quango MP/8 says:

    I can’t believe Yoda is really gone.


  38. 92
    Kay Burley is not impressed by Barry and Dave's Behaviour says:


  39. 98
    Rev I M Jolly says:

    So I guess South Africa can now slip away into the night, never to be heard of again?


    • 113
      Inevitable says:

      Well, not until the famine hits it…..


    • 118
      The tragic event says:

      What is there to keep the place in the forefront of anyone’s mind these days?


    • 292
      Someone says:

      Yes, South Africa was finished the day one man one vote was enacted, tribes vote on tribal lines regardless of the quality or rather the lack of it of their so called leaders, they are known as fodder.
      As they say shite always floats to the top, never more true in SA.

      A great pity for a once great country.


  40. 120
    entourage says:




  41. 122
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Dont forget her role asan arselicker for the Qatari royal family the AlThanis which comes with a seat on the Harrods board a nice little earner.


  42. 133
    but says:

    Brown claimed he was an ex-politician.


  43. 134
    Engineer says:

    Regrettably, owing to previous commitments, some of us cannot attend the memorial service and funeral of Mandela. We are constrained to merely hearing the updates on BBC radio.

    There are times one thanks God for the invention of the ‘off’ switch.


    • 165

      In this binary condition, the off switch is also the on switch. It requires human intervention to exercise choice. Yours would be similar to mine, I imagine.

      There is merit in not even pleading a previous commitment, I would suggest.

      There is much to criticise about Mandela. But there is some merit. The problem is that people seem to be magnetically attracted to hyperbole.


  44. 136
    They all went Home when Gordon came on says:


  45. 138
    Ippikin says:

    Sad, ignorant bitch!


  46. 142
    cured lefty says:

    any evidence of Ugandan relations re st. Nelson don’t think so i may be wrong ….but Jacob now that’s a tale to tell


  47. 148
    More world(?) leaders funerals wanted says:

    This Mandela circus funeral could turn out to be the best thing since leaders appeared in the world. All the way around the world they flock in and we, we do not suffer them for two to three days.

    Brilliant. Absolute brilliant.

    Next time the cabinet and shadow cabinet shall go. With 150 countries, UN,EEC,FIFA,Rock musians,(you name it) gives us our world leaders which gives us two world funerals a week. Yes they will go and show their respects all to be broadcast of BBC1 all day and night.

    I’ll go long with all that.


  48. 149
    Sunny Jim says:

    Education education education. ..


  49. 151
    I feel sorry for Dubya says:


  50. 152
    Centre Parting says:

    BBC website – six things you didn’t know about Nelson Mandela


  51. 162
    anonus says:

    Troughers International. Did Dave get the back Danish and the other fella porked the front?


  52. 170
    Anonymous says:

    What a tit


  53. 171
    Ed Miliband's relaunch. Children's Fiction. says:


  54. 180
    Just Sayin' says:

    The BBC’s George Imago’lliw’og looks like he’s got aids


  55. 185
    Blair hid at the back says:


  56. 192
    Ah! dear says:

    Time to put the cat out.


  57. 199
    Dweeb says:

    Old African presidents never die. They just tyre of life.


  58. 204
    The British media are cunts says:

    I wonder how much charities spend on TV advertising? Makes you wonder where they they get the money from to do it.


    • 208
      A rightie says:

      You righties often like to chastise George Monbiot about this.

      But take the partisan angle out of this subject…and much what he has written about this is worth reading.


  59. 214
    JadedJean says:

    SC wrote:

    “But Dylan was crap frankly. He has always been crap on the stage. He can’t play, he can’t sing for fucking toffee, but he writes a good poem. People treated him like Nelson Mandela, before any of us had heard of Nelson Mandela.”

    Keep listening to Bob Dylan and others of his ilk though, and whilst doing so, try to grasp that their days have long past, and mark my words that we are now seeing some of the adverse consequences of their influence on post war generations, which is what this thread is really all about.

    Dylan…nee Robert Allen Zimmerman

    Why the name changing? (Q to MacShane as well btw)


    • 248
      Bob Zimmerframe says:

      Can I interest you in a copy of the Watchtower ?


    • 263

      Why did you not post this against my post? A bit odd lurking down here.

      To your point, you seem to conflate the art and the message too far. I listen to loads of music, classical and rock. Admire thousands of paintings from all schools. Appreciate architecture from nearly all ages.

      I don’t spend my time wondering whether the person who created this stuff was politically aligned to my views or not. Anyone who did that would have rather a stunted existence. It is often, but not necessarily so, that artists incline to the left. If they didn’t, they would be businessmen instead.

      Neither are the works of Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Voltaire and Shaw, to name but a few, diminished in any way because of some muddled notion that their days have long past. Indeed, exactly the opposite is the case.


      • 285
        Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

        You are here,there and everywhere baby,thats where youre at,flying across the country in your hippie hat.


  60. 216
    What the BBC will not Show says:


  61. 223
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:



  62. 229
    Ed is Frozen out says:


  63. 250
    Dr Strangequark says:

    With so much evil concentrated in one place, how is it that the ground hasn’t opened up and swallowed them all ?


  64. 251
    UKIP, the finale solution says:

    The new world order political caste gather together, what a sorry bunch they are too.

    Surrounded by their stooge media stroking their overblown egos and asking them ridiculously smarmy questions.

    Look at our new rulers, no wonder the world is in trouble.


  65. 253
    Border Terrier says:

    Sarah Brown tasteless self regard is boundless and never ending. A PR professional. GO AWAY.


  66. 257
    H A R R Y   I S   B U S Y   R I G H T  N O W . . .
         .::""-,                      .::""-.
        /::     \                    /::     \
        |::     |   _..--""""--.._   |::     |
        '\:.__ /  .'              '.  \:.__ /
         ||____|.'                  '.||____|             Z
         ||:.  |                       |:.  |          Z
         ||:.  |                       |:.  |       z
         ||:.  |                       |:.  |     z
         ||:.  |  _..---"````````'---. |:.  |
         ||:.  | `                     \:.  |
         ||:.  |: :                 ..._.-""-;
         ||:.  |: : _.---`````"---..   '.   _.`.
         ||:.  | .-'  _,'```'-...'   _ .-'.'    '-.
         ||:. .-'   .'        '. . '      '.      `'.
         ||: ;.' .`'        _. '`'-.         '.   . ''-._
         ||:. :   '.     .'          '.  . ' ' '.`       '._
         ||:. :    '. .'     .::""-: .''.        ' .   . ' ' :::""-.
         ||:. '     ..' .    /::     \    '.        . '.    /::     \
         ||:  :  . .'      '.|::     |    _.:---""---.._'   |::     |
         ||.  ;  .:          '\:.__ /   .'              '.   \:.__ /
         ||:  ;  : '.       . ||____|_.'                  '._||____|
         ||:  ;__:   '.   .'  ||:.  |                        ||:.  |
         ||:___| \     '. :   ||:.  |                        ||:.  |
         [[____]  '.     '.-._||:.  |                        ||:.  |
                    '.    :   ||:.  |                        ||:.  |
                      '.  :   ||:.  |                        ||:.  |
                        '-:   ||:.  |                        ||:.  |
                           '._||:.  |________________________||:.  |
                              [[____]                        [[____]


  67. 258
    The New Messiah says:

    Gordon Brown saved the world from Aids. He put millions off sex.

    We give aid to Africa. They gave Aids to us. S’fair enough.


  68. 260
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:



  69. 261
    The Missus of a son of Kinnochio says:

    Well allright, well allright – y’all see my selfie with the Stars? Great to be a political groupie and, as a Kinnoch, to rake it in from the EU as well


  70. 262
    Make it stop says:

    Fuck me, I thought it was all over…we’d get a break from the mourning……but now it’s the ‘lying in state’ LIVE show on BBC,


    • 265


      I thought I saw his body twitch?



    • 276
      The New Messiah says:

      And the Mandelathon continues.


    • 282
      scared says:

      Steady on you will be arrested for such thoughts!


  71. 264
    Make it stop says:

    So, BBC24 is currently talking shit about the number of grandchildren Mandela had…..whilst fog is playing havoc with flights at Heathrow etc. no mention of that. Clearly that’s not important


  72. 277
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    Oh you silly vacuous airheaded woman.
    Use spell check, take some grammar lessons or, better still, just f**k off.
    Twitter is for tw*ts.


  73. 284
    shurdyrover says:

    The international deaf community is up in arms as claims emerged the signed-language interpreter on stage at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service was a fake.


  74. 294
    The General says:

    ” I would have missed it for the world…………”
    Didn’t her husband save the world?


  75. 296

    Missus BRRRRRooooNs boobs!!!!!


  76. 297
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Shut up you beard.


  77. 305
    Marcus Aurelius says:

    sickening how all of Tiberius’ minnows flock to the funeral of a convicted terrorist and “freedom fighter” who advocated violence – particularly against dissenting voices in his own organization.

    Time for truth and reconciliation for the ANC members murdered and tortured for not towing the line?


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