December 9th, 2013

Time Running Out for Patten to Save Face

Pompous part time BBC Trust Chairman is having a terrible Monday morning. As Guido reported in yesterday’s Sun, the chairman of Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee has weighed into the growing Pollard Review shambles. John Whittingdale says:

“Lord Patten previously told us he was relaxed about it but having listened to the tape recording he’s shifted his position. The committee would now like to see the exchange of letters between Patten and Pollard. Then we will decide if further action is necessary.”

James Harding is quiet too. Now Rob Wilson has given Patten an ultimatum. This morning Trevor Kavanagh reports:

“BBC boss Lord Patten will today be given 48 hours to come clean over claims that top executives knew Jimmy Savile’s reputation as a rampant sexual predator. If he fails to respond, Tory MP Rob Wilson has told me exclusively that he will release taped evidence that ex-BBC chief Mark Thompson was personally warned about a Newsnight investigation into the allegations.”

Tick tock, tick tock…


  1. 1
    All the world says:

    looks like patten is sat on the bog in that picture – he should be with what is now coming to the surface.
    Is he going to be a floater?

  2. 2
    I hate the BBC says:

    Oh dear looks like the Hong Kong Strain of Bird Flu is about to defecate
    in abundance all over the aloof out of touch Chairman of the (Dis)trust…..

    This should be fun for everyone…..

    & of course not a word about this on any channel of the
    Mandela Bolshevik Broadcasting Company who’s main source of income is
    purloined by threats of Court Action against the general public & fully
    condoned by HoC

  3. 3
    Arrogance is no virtue says:

    The sooner this pompous oaf is forced to resign the better

    • 25
      Lord Stansted says:

      Agreed. What is it about Beeboids that they are all either thick, or thick and pompous. I suppose they don’t think it matters providing they all sing from the same fucking climate-change script.

    • 71
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Has Chris Pattern suffered from a stroke, if so he wants to take things easy, the Savile business happened way before he was involved with BBC. He is the guy who is supposed to sort out the mess. how many director generals of the Beeb have there been and what did they know, a few of them will be dead by now also Savile was on Radio Luxemburg and his activities must have been perpetrated there as well.

  4. 5
    Little English People says:

    Pro EU Tory traitor. Cameron’s man at the BBC.

    He & his lying, two faced duplicitous ilk are why working class Tories like me are now with UKIP.

  5. 9
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Which of his multitude of faces is he saving?

    He makes Janus look like a Piker!

  6. 10

    Former PMs Major, Blair & McMental are all to attend memorial service in
    South Africa this week.

    How much is all this going to cost the public purse ??

    Answers to the nearest million.

    • 17
      Ah! but says:

      Surely they will all pay for themselves, as you or I would.

      • 29
        The GREAT BRITISH PUBLIC says:

        No chance of that happening….

        especially with Bliar who continues to milk the public purse even though he

        has accumulated millions

        & McMental will need his full medical team with him plus spare mobiles

        just in case he blows his gasket.

        That only leaves Major who may contribute something

        • 48
          sussex carol says:

          It’ll be a 747 hired and paid for by us that transports them out there and back – and five star accommodation whilst they’re there also paid for by us.

          The only consolation is they’ve all got to put up with sulking gordon for a couple of days – I wonder if they’ll provide him with minders to keep him away from Obama?

          • A grubby smelly Tax Paying little serf says:

            Please remember to add in food, beverages & booze along with entertainment & ground transport for when they are all there along
            with there large entourage for each of them especially McMental. Also
            the funeral takes place on on Sunday 15 12 13 so will they all be
            staying on for that ? certainly CMDD will be as he show boats the
            yanks just like his mentor Bliar used to.

            By any stretch of the imagination its going to be very expensive for
            the public purse…

          • usually works. says:

            They don’t need any accommodation. It is perfectly easy to get the overnighter to Jo’burg which arrives early in the morning, go where they have to, do what they have to – and then get the overnighter going the other way back home. You get to sleep in both directions as RSA is on the same time line as the UK.

    • 37
      Ctesibius says:

      Can some planespotter in South Africa let us know which aircraft Bliar arrives in? I’m sure he will be going economy and not in this jalopy

      Once someone confirms that that aircraft is seen in Southern African skies around the time of the burial, can we ask establish who is paying for it?

    • 40
      Ctesibius says:

      Apologies if this posted twice, but can someone check whether this £7,000 an hour jet appears in South Africa just when that nice Mr. Bliar flies in? I don’t know why but Bliar seems a little shy of discussing this apparent necessary expense of all his good work.

  7. 14
    Working abroad and paying tax says:

    He can never save face cos its up his ARSE!!

    • 19
      Err says:


      • 70
        Airey Belvoir says:

        What’s the betting that each of them will take their own, full-time security team, even though one team could just as easily do the job. It will be a very expensive funeral for us.

  8. 15
    Err says:

    Don’t tel Guido, Dave or Axe-the-telly tax but Venezuela DOES have a space program.

    As Latin America continues to shape up as a hotbed for the satellite industry, Venezuela is looking to become a more relevant player in this market. With two satellites already launched, and more ambitious space projects in the pipeline, the country is quickly becoming a pioneer for developing a space-based capability in Latin America.

    • 38
      CMDD says:

      I will make it a point to include them in my International Aid programme
      we must help in anyway we can, just look at the Indian Space shot to Mars
      all thanks to UK tax payers & my unending continued waste of their money.
      As UK senior citizens continue to suffer all sorts of fiscal curtailment as well
      ever increasing energy costs all thanks to me.
      Something I am very proud of along with the eleven percent increase for
      those hard working MPs of all parties, we’ve never had it so good….

  9. 16
    Voter says:

    Perhaps Lord Patten of Barnes could also be invited to stop dodging questions about the BBC’s EU coverage while he’s about it.

  10. 20
    Dedicated to all the racist hate filled righties here says:

    • 22
      C.O.Jones says:

      Thank you, nice little ditty that.

      • 52
        Fiddle di dee said the fiddler... says:

        So, crap music, badly delivered, but a thrillingly outré band name and title. From a postmodern perspective, we really have to ask: ‘What would Mandiba have thought of it?’

    • 43
      Moohamid Ramadanadingdong says:

      Music is against shari’a! In the name of Allah the Merciful, you will die, infidel!

    • 58
      Keitho says:

      The perfect fusion between Christmas and the Mandela fawn-a-thon as he is the second Christ according to some half baked half wit or two.

      Love the tune, adore the lyrics. Something to sing to my kids in the car on our way to the fucking shopping mall.

    • 65
      Hilda Roberts says:

      Couldn’t UKIP have chosen something a little more appropriate, like Val Doonican, or, of you wanted something more modern, Thora Hord?

  11. 23
    Night Owl says:

    I see that Guido’s blog is now just a feeder for the Murdock pay wall.

    Like most good journalists that all eventually go over to the dark side.

    Very sad.

  12. 24

    Patten again what a surprise , is there anything with which this serial buffoon has been involved with has not turned into a total fiasco, everything this idiot touches is doomed to abject failure and ridicule, from his time as an MP to his handling of the Hong Kong governorship , his treacherous destruction of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, and now his tenure at the BBC.
    Is he appointed to these positions because someone in authority has a sense of humour that is beyond the understanding of the rest of us , or is it in the full knowledge that eventually he will serve as a convenient scapegoat for the inevitable disaster.
    Either way it is time that he was put out of our misery before he can inflict any more damage to this country.

  13. 32
    One is a Joke, the other is hatred of Britons says:

    Why is British man arrested for telling a Mandela joke, yet Choudray and his gang are allowed to burn poppies in the street?

    • 54
      not an MP says:

      that is a very good question, could it be because the society is fucked up beyond repair ?

      • 62
        Matilda says:

        No, society is on the whole quite ok. It is the fuckin plod and legals who are all fukkedup.

  14. 34
    Anonymous says:

    anyone remember the documentary “when louis met jimmy” that was first broadcast on bbc2 in april 2000? you know… theroux asking savile if he was a perv or not.

    also in april 2000 mark thomps0n was appointed bbc director of television. considering savile was well known to be extremely litigious one would imagine the documentary was the subject of some internal discussion prior to being broadcast.

  15. 35
    Dump Bin says:

    Is James Crosby still involved with Oxford University?

  16. 41
    sussex carol says:

    I have no idea why we still have a state funded beeb . It’s time to sell it off and abolish the license fee.

  17. 42
    Oh oh oh... and a Merry Christmas to one and all says:

  18. 55
    Meldrew says:

    Patten is 69 years old, he is past it and has sucked too long already on the tay-payers’ teat. Send him to the bide-a-while rest-home for the tired and deluded.

    • 68
      Howzat1932 says:

      Fat pang has moved effortlessly from one highly paid sinecure to the next since losing his Bath seat.Surly the loss must have rung a few bells,from Hong Brussels,to the BBC. He may add a few more university posts this will ensure a further money stream plus lots of big dinners.Is possible to find out how much these creatures draw when all their pensions are added up is it possible find out it must all be in the public domain,I bet its eye watering especially as these people never spend their salaries it’s all on exes. Down to us.

    • 73
      Psyche the Dog says:

      The House of Lords?

  19. 77
    fed-up in britain says:

    fat pang is a Hunt.

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