December 9th, 2013

Mail on Sunday Miliband Memorial Hack Back

Page 52 of yesterday’s Mail on Sunday had an interesting byline on a piece about Cliff Richard.

That of a Jo Knowsley.

Seems her suspension after crashing a Miliband memorial service is over.


  1. 1
    Rip Van Winkle says:


  2. 2
    Dr Who says:

    Hmmm pity he did not try a bit of infanticide

  3. 4
  4. 5
    This never gets old says:

  5. 6
    Bob says:

    Ed was educated in our Village!….

  6. 7
    David Miliband says:

    Go Jo!

  7. 9
    Percy Thrower says:

    Ed Milliband’s dad pissed on my begonias.

  8. 10

    I am confused by this. Did Ralph Miliband kill her kitten or Cliff Richard? Was Jo Knowsley there at the time? Did she report it in the Mail or elsewhere? Was she wearing a bikini which you could click on the right-hand side (of the web page, not the bikini.) Could Conrad Black be blamed in some way? What happened to Russell Brand? Can the English play cricket?

    Questions, Answers, Answers, Questions.

    • 14
      The British media are cunts says:

      All you need to know is Ed Milimong is a rubber faced retarded lefty in the pay of Unite.

      • 93
        Blowing Whistles says:

        And Unite have in turn been beholden (Duped actually – but they can’t admit it yet) to the Marxists’ moneymen for decades – Marxism of course being a lefty creation of those moanymen [typo pun – moan about themselves for ever and ever being hard done by) rothies themselves!

      • 107
        Anonymous says:

        Given such unreasoning and blind hate for anything left-wing, why not ban the word RED?

    • 15
      5im0n C0well says:

      Ralph Millipede killed Cliff?
      Well, Cliff killed music, so all square I’d say.

    • 16
      Fishy says:

      Quite right, SC. And have her nipples been pixelated?

      • 19

        I imagine that Ed Balls may have been pixelated the other day.

        The only other thing one may say is that at least the Mail makes money and does not exist by subsidy. But if someone really wants to look at nipples, they can come here in the summer and see basketfuls of them. Come to that, there is more porn on the internet than all of Google’s employees combined can shake a stick at.

        Why do people click on that Mail sidebar? It’s a bleeding mystery to me. :-)

    • 74
      Battersea Cats Home says:

      Has Cliff Richard ever had a pussy?

  9. 12
    The British media are cunts says:

    The BBC are on another Mongdela wank fest again.

    • 18
      Hergé says:

      Amazing just how many of our politicians were anti-Apartheid campaigners in the 60′s .some even when still mere sperm in their father’s sack

      • 42
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        Can,t get away from Saint Mandela love in on all channels-reduced to watching Top Gear repeats .

        • 115
          (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

          A choice between the Mandela wankfest and the pile of shi*e that is Clakson.
          The country really is foo*ed!

  10. 13
    New album out soon, and a calender, and numerous appearances, all to rake in the £££££££££s says:

    Cliff Richard mentioned.
    Must be almost Christmas time then?

  11. 24

    Meanwhile in Greece:

    Greek deflation hits record in November, at -2.9 pct:

    Yes, that is a minus.

    The report mentions the use of internal devaluation. That latter point is a myth. The only way they will solve their problems this side of a revolution will be to leave the Euro Zone.

    • 29
      Gooey Blob says:

      Countries outside the euro zone will continue to do better than those stuck inside it. Lord knows, the UK warned them this might happen but nobody over there was listening and they still have their fingers in their ears singing “La la la”.

      There’s little political will for splitting the euro, so let them get on with their Utopian nightmare. The countries who stayed out will continue to reap the benefits over the coming years.

      • 34
        UKIP or bust says:

        That’s fine if we were not still paying to bail them out.

      • 41

        There is no doubt that those inside the Euro Zone lose their freedom of manoeuvre but there is the next logical problem down the line which is that no currency means anything more than a promise to pay which means the taxpayers, you and me.

        That is the problem with fiat money and posters like Mister Ned used to argue this passionately here a while back. Whilst I am in agreement with his sentiments, I cannot see how relating money to an inert metal, which can make nice electrical contact points and can fill teeth, improves the situation either. It does place a limit on the amount of money issued but, had we kept to the gold standard, the progress in all manner of fields which we made since would not have been possible.

        Creating fictitious money is not the answer. What is the answer, in a deliverable way, is currently unclear.

    • 45
      JH30295803495-034 says:

      Greece is also close to the point where it does not need to borrow to run the country, which is usually when it is best to default on unpayable debt.

      Bumpy 2014 I reckon.

      • 49
        Dave Cummerbund says:

        What? How much this time? £30bn?
        Well…alright…But this really must be the last time, OK?
        I mean it! No more billion pound bailouts.

        • 60
          Don't misuse apostrophes says:

          You mean NEXT TIME you’ll mean it.

        • 97
          Blowing Whistles says:

          When someone sets sail in a “PartnerSHIP” with another group and they collectively ‘cra$h’ upon the rocks because they have ‘steered a course’ to near to the ‘dodgy banks’ and they get holed below the bows – they then send out distress signals and rapidly start bailing out.

          Once a ship is so severely holed below the bows – no amount of bailing out is going to help – the race to the bottom.

          Our deceivers – are all at sea and are going down.

          • Going down says:
                         ,_           `"|-=||==|==|==|
                         | `'---...__BLOWING_WHISTLES__]
  12. 30
    The British media are cunts says:

    Anyone know which useless fucks are the IT company involved in the latest government fuck up? Wouldn’t be Crapita by any chance?

    • 64
      The New Messiah says:

      The one establishment always involved in fuck up’s is the state. Private companies and corporations seem to manage to deal with IT companies without too many problems (though there will always be some glitches). Look at companies like Ebay and Amazon. They do millions more transactions than any government department. The problem is that the state employs public servants who are shite, demotivated, arrogant, bureaucratic and have jobs for life.

  13. 32
    DAVE , Caring for Rich people since 2010 says:

    “Ed Miliband’s party Wrecked my country”

  14. 33
    The British media are cunts says:

    Why are the kiddie fiddling cuunts at the BBC asking for designs for a new flag for northern Ireland?

    Get fucked you useess child molesting perverts.

    • 38
      Mrs T says:

      I ignored repeated warnings about giving Savile a knighthood.

      • 40
        Newsnight says:

        We didn’t. But we thought it best not to mention it. especially as Studio one had made a tribute program about him.

      • 46
        The BBC are cunts says:

        We covered his tracks for decades. :) ‘The Beeb’s the self-preservation society’.

    • 43
      not an MP says:

      they could ask for a new design for their own flag. One which communicates their core values and their mission. Something like a crossed black penis and a white penis on a brown background.

      • 47
        BBC Red Bottom says:

        We use the Hammer and Sickle and the EUSSR logo as our unofficial flags.

      • 51
        Podiceps says:

        The figure of Ariel in the sex-mad Eric Gill’s sculpture on Broadcasting House had a monumental penis sticking out horizontally, in spite of the fact that he he was supposed to be a small boy. After outraged protests it was reduced, but is still sizeable.

  15. 39
    Bill Quango MP/8 says:

    Gordon Brown’s Mandela speech.

    “Born to struggle. Born to overcome adversity. Born to resist injustice. A man possessed of great leadership. Powerful convictions. Deeply held beliefs. Unimaginable reserves of courage and fortitude. A great , great man. One who struggled up from his unlikely roots to set his mark upon the world stage and become a respected icon for the entire globe….

    .. But enough about me …. Nelson too, was at least an adequate leader..”

    • 50
      Pick litter for bennies says:

      No Mandela jokes or Plod will rough you up for 8hrs-check out Daily Star and D Mail.

    • 63

      What about that vitally important picking nose part? S’not possible to think of any more solid contribution, made during his time as First Lord of the Treasury, which really stuck.

  16. 48
    MRS JO KNOWSLEY Slowcome says:

    “Ed Miliband’s father Butchered my Pussy”

  17. 52
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    I wonder if the BBC will provide 24/7 coverage when Gerry Adams dies?

    • 53
    • 54
      Paedos protector says:

      If the cùnt was to die very soon, I’d happily let hem

    • 56
      sussex carol says:

      At6 least we can be sure they won’t do it for gordonbrown. Can’t we?

      • 57
        Podiceps says:

        No, we can’t. I can just see it: the Great Helmsman who guided his country with a sure hand between tragic eras of Tory chaos. A statesman of true gravitas who followed his moral compass. A bereaved nation mourns (cont. p. 94).

    • 66
      Lord Duckhouse of Pondlife says:

      Pity we can’t find out right now, and add to that Martin “I have never been a member of the IRA” McGuinness.

    • 68
      faroline clint says:

      Days of harrowing scenes of men who bravely laid down their lives. No mention of B`ham or Manc bom`bs, m`urdered polis or ar`my of course. Probably a grand procession to outdo Maggie. Will his brother be there though? Should have thought the BBsee nonces would ensure that occurs.

      • 77
        i remember says:

        Every time I read anything about the IRA, I remember the little
        lad Tim Parry who was blown up in the Warrington bomb. His
        poor parents had to turn off his life support machine.

        • 105
          Reaching out says:

          Makes you wonder why Colin Parry invited McGuinness over to Warrington to give a lecture recently.

  18. 55
    sussex carol says:

    So gordon turned up to the HoC for the third time this year to grandstand over Mandela? What a very self-serving person he is!!

    • 58
      anonus says:

      What`s happened to the Pakistan girl–Malala? Not her time of year I suppose, mind the Christmas shops are full of enrichments all busy buying, why?

    • 59
      anonus says:

      What`s happened to Mal ala? Not her time of year I suppose, mind the Christ mas shops are full of enrichments all busy buying, why?

      • 61
        anonus says:

        Not spacing mal ala and christ mas leads to mod ding, ffs. Or was it the other word–pa ki stan.

        Whatever, good to see nervous out of country blog outfits worrying.

  19. 71
    anonus says:

    Why is the MSM not mentioning the Al Sha`bab sidelining aid in 2011, demanding extortionate sums for the aid to enter that shithole and syphoning it off while the country starved?

    Only Al Jaz seems to be covering. Looks like we ill have to up the £11bn.

  20. 78
    Liberal Democrat Councillor Tim Jones says:

    I say, I say, I say.

    Nelson Mandela’s death has lasted longer than the average South African’s life.

    I thank you!

    • 90
      UKIP or bust says:

      Watch what you say people have been banged-up for less.

      Roll on the swing of the pendulum back to sanity.

  21. 79
    John Bellingham says:

    Watching some of the self-serving speeches by MPs who are inventing “facts” and re-imagining history regarding Mandela and apartheid, I wonder what on earth the loony left have been doing for the last twenty years. I remember when visiting London in the 1980s there were always a gaggle of losers outside SA House and the councils were banning the use of black plastic bags refusing to eat oranges (scurvy bunch). Since 1994, what have they been doing with themselves?

    • 82
      Loony Left says:

      No shortage of non-causes for us to wave banners at.
      We did


      Then the anti-wars was a great time

      And all the cuddly animals.
      We had a great time with Fox hunting. Dolphins. Whales. Pandas.

      Then came eco-green shite and we leapt on that bandwagon faster than Ed Miliband.
      Global Cooling.
      Ozone layer elimination
      Lead in petrol
      Solar power
      Evil Coal
      Global warming
      nuclear power
      Gas power
      Wave power and or course

      And then came the best of all.
      Big Phara
      Big oil
      In fact any big company {except Apple which we luv}

      Then we have the 1%
      The 99%
      student tuition fees
      food banks
      Occupy {whatever happened to that? That was great fun. There were so many easy, easy, leftie middle class girls at occupy. And so many tents! Just offer a bit of puff and they were up for a bumming.}

      Now its
      the Owen Jones crusade and Gas/Energy suppliers.

      We are never short of things to attack. our solutions are always commie-hippy hybrid bollox but we are never short of a protest

      • 86
        Fishy says:

        Council Tax
        Cost of Living Crisis
        Free Schoolz
        Daily Mail

        • 100
          Fishy says:

          Council Tax? Effin Bedroom Tax, I meant

        • 110
          Anonymous says:

          And what about:
          Willy Hague
          Boris Johnson
          Undermining the NHS
          Selling the Royal Mail
          Loving Uncle Sam
          Bombing Syria
          Nuclear Power
          Avoiding Income Tax
          Greedy power bosses
          Tory Blair
          The Sun
          web-sites run from Tory HQ
          Greed is Good

          Blind and unreasoning hate for the:
          left wing
          working class.
          and disabled.

          F,you – I’m Alright Jack
          “No such thing as…”
          “There is no alternative”
          Free market knows best

      • 98
        Blowing Whistles says:

        All funded of course by the rothies to keep up their need to keep the left and the right (whom they both control) in a constant state of divided among themselves while the rothies cash in elsewhere – Fact or Fiction?

        Remember the truth / fiction / strange …

        • 101
          Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus says:

          saviour of the world.lead us to higher ground.oh great one

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I don’t do all that God stuff its all fables – modified throughout the centuries to suit the elites of those times – been rather abused in the past 200 years mind.

            Good and moral men – don’t need a fucking crux of the I believe legal shit.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            p.s. TYEUJ: Stick that up your pathetic Rse.

  22. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone notice the expense trougher reelected to fight Brent for Labour now ms teather is leaving

  23. 96

    “Mandela’s death” ……. “live updates”

  24. 106
    Tyred says:

    Who’s favourite for the Ashes?….Winnie or Graca?

  25. 113
    Gladys says:

    Hey Cliff… Long time no see!

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