December 8th, 2013

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  • What John Bercow used to think about Nelson Mandela
  • Pressure mounts on Patten over BBC cover up of a cover up
  • Ed’s Hull hell
  • Dave’s dodgy curry
  • Balls out? Find out who Guido is tipping to replace him

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  1. 1
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    I don’t really care what John Bercow thinks.

    Inside that tiny mind it’s probably just elevator music.


  2. 3
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    Despite the death of the greatest figure of the 20th Century I’m not going to read about him in the Sun.

    To be honest, haven’t read about him in any newspaper.


    • 7
      Gooey Blob says:

      Greatest figure of the 20th century? Is the newspaper doing a feature on Winston Churchill?


      • 56
        Intellectual Pygmy says:

        Do you not remember Mandela’s pivotal role in bringing down the Iron Curtain?


        • 65
          constituency trainbound says:

          it’ll be saint robert mugabe next


          • I hate socialists. says:

            Mandela and the ANC were terrorists and have turned South Africa into
            a land of murder and corruption.


          • Toxic Labour for spongers, parasites, immigrants and criminals says:

            It’s much worse than that, SA is a crime ridden hellhole similar to Zimbabwe. Both Countries have gone from bread baskets to basket cases.


          • Itz grim oop north says:

            Mugabe is an honary Yorkshireman it would seem. His name reads E ba gum backwards,


          • green ink says:

            vg … great shame no-one used him as a pit prop years ago … it would have saved many many lives.

            he systematically destroyed Zimbabwe and at his worst SA did absolutely nothing to restrain him

            the anc is a corrupt venal organisation


          • Vagina ink. says:

            hey greenie.
            got any. sniff.


          • Sad but True says:

            South Africa is Zimbabwe, just 10 years delayed. When the awful truth of what South Africa will become is apparent, Mandela will be forgotten in much the same way as Bishop Abel Muzorewa was forgotten.


          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Mugabe was another hero of the Marxist left in the 1980s. He was mentioned in the same breath as Mandela. The BBC also canonised Mugabe as the Messiah of the newly created Zimbabwe. That turned out well didn’t it? Now we are seeing Venezuela going the same way after the rule of another leftist hero, Hugo Chavez, under his similarly well regarded successor Madero.

            What is it with the left and their love of thuggish, murderous kleptocrats? History proves Lefties to be on the wrong side of the argument every time.


      • 213
        Grayest says:

        after 2 cums 2.1
        now copy that.


    • 8
      DtP says:

      Geoff Boycott’s still alive old bean, fret yee not.


    • 30
      Diana Abbott says:

      Whatever Mandela taught me I’m sure to forget.


    • 70
      Tom Daley's Sphincter says:

      Greatest figure..Yeah all the bombings he personally sanctioned, the torture technique given him from the Stasi, the bomb making techniques given him by The I.R.A, all the funding from the Soviet union, all the ANC torture camps..all really great.


    • 207
      hey wee. says:

      hey per anna.
      pls wipe .


    • 261
      Anonymous says:

      As usual its been totally over the top.Im now turning tv and radio off as soon as they start going on about Mandela.Great man etc, but this level of coverage is bonkers.


    • 479
      The Great Mentalist says:

      When did Tony Blair die?


      • 618
        Vlad the Loudhailer says:

        When Blair exits this world the BBC will have a months worth of eulogies about what a great man he was!


  3. 4
    Gooey Blob says:

    You reckon Twelvety is going? Labour don’t have too many bright sparks in the economics department so it’ll be interesting to see who takes his place.

    Then all they have to do is replace the other Ed and they might begin to look semi-electable.


  4. 5
    Andy Burnham says:

    Why wasn’t Mandela put on the Liverpool Care Pathway?


  5. 6
    Doctor Mick says:

    Milibland will never give Balls’ job to Alistair Darling for two reasons: 1) it is the stepping stone to the top job as Brown revealed and Darling would make a better PM and 2) he knows that Balls will give him a very nasty Chinese burn if he did.


    • 12
      DtP says:

      Plus, has Miliband got the political capital to remove Balls, I genuinely don’t know. Miliband would be an idiot though as it’s a vote winner (or rather, not the vote loser that Balls is), if he’s creating problems now it’ll only get worse and when / if they do win the next election will just lead to Blair v Brown mark 2 but with all the Blairites being used as pawns. If Miliband cares about the party (stop laughing at the back, Jenkins) he has to do it. Personally, i’d do it before the Euro elections but it’s got to be before the general and sooner rather than later. Miliband loses nothing but a week of dodgy briefing and carping but he’ll get that anyway – it’s a classic no-brainer.


    • 22
      green ink says:

      spot on … I actually rate darling … had he not been so unfortunate to have gordon as his master … the world saving savant of economics … he could have made a much better job last time although the outcome would not have been any different in the end …gordon had already done the damage … the banking crisis just nailed the lid down.


      • 29
        yes ukip can says:

        Darling will probably take Balls’ job after the Scottish independence referendum.


        • 73
          g i says:

          saves union.. labour next

          where balls goes next is the interesting one … oblivion would suit me but doubt it will him … how about party chairman organising campaign … foreign secretary … oh sorry must stop laughing


        • 110
          Why do people say this guy is OK? He's a crook like the rest says:

          Darling, the house flipper?


          • Cameron's snake says:

            Labour will never win the election with Balls there.

            They might have a 10 to 15% chance with Tristram in situ.

            George was perhaps being a little indulgent and silly going for the jugular last week.

            Would have perhaps been wiser to nod at the idiot and let him dig himself into a deeper hole rather than opening up that fault line of his.


          • Baldrick's burger bar says:

            Not to worry, there is plenty of time to widen and deepen it before the elections arrive.


    • 324
      my bland left foot says:

      hook me with your rythem stick.
      hook me with your iron
      nail be till i ache .


  6. 11
    Hey!! says:


    Blair or Brown??


  7. 13
    Sunday Politics says:

    Right now, a report on Labour Greenwich council’s bullying councillor Chris Roberts.


  8. 14
    Sunday Politics says:

    Chris Roberts is a very dodgy wankstain.


  9. 15
    David Moyes says:

    Does anyone know how to manage a fitba club?


    • 20
      Unelectable Ed Miliband says:

      Does anyone know how to run a whelk stall?


      • 23
        Sensai says:

        To run a whelk stall one must first think like a whelk.
        You have passed the first test young Miliband


      • 47
        Whelk Eater says:

        That Miliband c’unt is not fit to be near seafood.

        Perhaps he should consider polishing shoes. When he has done it right he should be able to see his ugly face in the shine, and with each pair of shoes cleaned, reflect on his shameful family and life.


      • 54
        broderick crawford says:





        • 198
          Baldrick's burger bar says:

          Tubby was running that stall when I was still in nappies, so he must now be something like 90 years old. I still recall a fellow with a barrow load of shrimps and winkles passing along our road every Sun day afternoon. Pint of each with lovely fresh crusty bread or beigels from the local *wish bakery on Commercial Road and a fresh winkle-pin. Whatever more could a four year old need to be in his own little heaven?


    • 347
      Gud with Fud says:

      Well we can’t run a bank


  10. 21
    M102 says:

    The good news is that Mel Sykes is back on the market.


  11. 25
    François Hollande says:

    When are you English going to turn up in the Central African Republic as Mr Cameron promised ?


    • 28
      Royal Marine's Strike Committee says:

      I think our planned industrial action might have something to do with it


      • 206
        Sniper says:

        Excellent news. Ze Legion eez not what eet once was…

        Got a lovely cartoon the other day which made me laugh. Two soldiers in a foxhole in the middle of a battle, one the officer pointing to the horizon, the other one the squaddy holding a pair of binoculars. The bubble read: Kill him? I can’t do that Captain, he is SIMPLY gorgeous.

        If the marines do get involved they must remember to maintain a 500 yard fire free zone in case they might kill somebody. Remember the fukwit MinDef lawyers are watching your every move.


      • 246
        Anonymous says:

        When are our service personal going to wise up and realise they are nothing but cannon fodder for globalist interests?

        You certainly aint fighting for us, the native Briton’s interests.

        You fight for the people who’ve brought us EU dictatorship and future minoritisation.


    • 32
      Boris Johnson says:

      Because most of the Central African Republic turned up here


    • 39
      Rob Roy says:

      You should know by now that you cannot rely on Cameron and the English.


    • 62
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Recall how earlier this year France refused to provide cover for any other than their own in another little conflict in that region ? That included the locals who were being butchered by the rebels.

      Payback time for F’rance.

      English will show up once F’rance has been softened up a bit, and perhaps when some of the interests have been captured. There is no point getting involved if there is nothing to gain, and certainly no interest for the UK to be defending F’rench interests. :-)


      • 84
        green ink says:

        Hollande uses anything to try and convince his home audience hes a credible president … his socialist rhetoric has been toned right back as he has blundered from one crisis to another. Internationally hes useless.


        • 96
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          His public humiliation over Syr!a, to a degree Mal!, and the domestic issues relating to taxation mainly have certainly poisoned the chalice in F’rance.

          Not new either. What is more damning is that mainstream F’rance seem only to care about horses being taxed and the farmers closing down auto routes, and have been ignoring the self immolations that have been taking place throughout the year.

          The issue of F’rench police kicking R’oma out of their northern F’rance camps and shepherding them down to C’alais to catch the first boats of the new year to the UK can’t be factor either… ;-)


    • 316
      The Scuttlebut says:

      No point. The gold mine is a chinese asset.


  12. 27

    Whilst all of this is going on, the HoC parasites,pimps & leeches are going to
    get there 11% pay rise in full & with extras hidden away in the small print as
    usual. Of course CMDD is wringing his hands & saying there is nothing he can
    do, the same line is also coming from the other two retard leaders.

    So while lots of the working population have not received a pay rise at all
    or even a decrease in pay. Along with large numbers shunted into fuel poverty as a result of the energy scam & condoned by our MPs while we
    pay there energy bills.

    These out of touch Parliament Fat Pouncing Barons are going to get this
    huge rise which we there employers have NO SAY IN what so ever,

    No doubt we can totally reassure our MPs we will remember this when
    we VOTE !!

    Sack the fcuking Lot of them !!!

    VOTE UKIP……………


    • 33
      Nigel Mirage says:

      Clearly, UKIP will solve ALL the Nation’s problems.


    • 37
      Baronefitter says:

      Once “in power” UKIP would follow exactly the Govt line.
      Do fuckall and put up prices.


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        So if UKIP are going to clamp down on immigration by leaving the EU, but follow the tory government’s line – and the tories won’t leave the EU, then you’ve got nothing to lose but much to gain by voting UKIP.

        Vote UKIP.


        • 76
          Left hand down a bit says:

          UKIP’s problem will be the Mandarins in Whitehall.
          So what is the policy for the civil service Nigel?


          • Civil Servant Bollok Juggler says:

            Up against the wall mother fuckers? A man can dream, can’t he?


          • Dandy says:

            You just can’t stop blaming foreigners for anything and everything.

            You are a really sad person.


          • Sniper says:

            Policy is simple. Top 25 in each and every department required to submit their resignations by 0900 Monday. If that doesn’t work that number could be raised to 100 (for starters). Minimise the bloated civil service and unload all the common purpose placemen/wimmin in one easy lesson. Also possible to investigate gold plated pensions etc.


        • 82
          Anonymous says:

          Obviously you’re happy to have Ralph Miliband’s programme unleashed on us. Half the Ukippers are thinly disguised Labour supporters basically.


      • 69
        Intellectual Pygmy says:

        Unlike the Lib/Lab/Con obviously.


      • 117
        The Oracle says:

        So, there’s no reason not to vote for them?


    • 66
      broderick crawford says:






  13. 34
    Brummie says:

    F**kin shite red-top rag.
    Would’nt take a copy if they were Free at bus/rail stations.


    • 40
      Mrs Dromey's Fun Time Fap Fest says:

      What would you be doing at a bus / railway station – clearly not going to work. Perhaps visiting your mum in prison? Is that it? Or one of your cast offs in a children’s home – missed out on the tax credits there son.


    • 327
      Dead tree billabong says:

      The only papers I ever see free when travelling other than metro and eve standard are the I and Guardian
      Most people don’t even to pick up the I and guardian even when its free. They can’t even give those shite rags away


  14. 35
    The hunt is on for Tristram says:

    All Dave has to do is point out that he could not have his planned 10% of constituencies culled because of the actions of Labour and his Liberal friends.

    What he should do is give a firm commitment in his next manifesto identifying the seats he wants rid of and promising their ending within weeks of winning his majority Government.


    • 222
      Matilda says:

      Does a copy of all those proposed changes exist anywhere we can get to see it? Such a list must have been prepared to attach to the Bill/Act.


    • 668
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      But the average voter doesn’t give a fuck about all that Westminster Village shit!


  15. 38
    constituency trainbound says:

    quite clearly Ed Ball’s abilities are hindering labour’s aspiration to lead the country again but I doubt Miliband has the backbone to replace him.


    • 42
      the hunt is on for Tristram says:

      Have you ever heard of falling on your sword ?

      You could even offer to be party chairman , chief fund raiser or simply have a non portfolio shadow roving role .


    • 86
      sussex carol says:

      No No we must save edballs he and that deathtrap andyburnham are the tories greatest asset for not voting labour in the next election.


    • 232
      FFS says:

      Who would replace him? Everybody says he should bring back Darling, but whilst Darling was a student Marxist he has had an epiphany and moved over to the middle ground.


      • 285
        Dismayed says:

        Do you mean the pre 90s middle ground or the left of centre middle ground?


      • 300
        Conman Extraordinaire Darling says:

        This is the essence of the conman Darling.

        Darling changed the designation of his second home four times in four years, allowing him to claim for the costs of his family home in Edinburgh, and to buy and furnish a flat in London including the cost of stamp duty and other legal fees.


    • 601
      Anonymous says:

      Balls, and the rest of the shadow front bench have been dire since the election. Have you only just noticed ? a more nasty, unpleasant crowd of feckers i have yet to see.


  16. 41
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Labour have stated that their abdication of responsibility over i’mmigration was in part to rub the nose of the right in it, and they have steered away from the EU related reasons for doing this.

    Cameron is shying away from the EU related reasons for letting R’oma in.

    Why does he not just come out and say that he is simply responding in kind and wishes to rub the left’s nose in it by letting them in and possibly destabilizing dodgy social cohesion which exists in most of the Labour wards to which these folk are destined if they come.

    All of this is a gift to UKIP really, who are already seeing a serious swing their way from the more sane Labour voters who are beginning to figure out what is going on.

    They need to stick by the statements on repatriating certain migrants. Those who are not capable of finding work or otherwise becoming economically independent – legally – should be returned.

    This is particularly important for the EU nationals who have arrived in the UK bypassing the comparably stringent requirements which non-EU nationals need to fulfill in order to qualify for a work / residency visa.

    Vote UKIP – Particularly if you are in a Labour ward which is marginal and / or going to be affected by this.


    • 98
      yes ukip can says:

      In most Labour constituences UKIP are the ONLY serious hope of booting them out.

      A vote for the Tories is a vote for Miliband.


      • 354
        Anonymous says:

        In labour constricts it might be the way but chances are they will vote for. Pile of rancid dog shit if it has a red rosette and commonly do.


      • 595
        Anonymous says:

        Grow up ! ukip are a pathetic crowd of weirdos and people other parties would never select in a million years, the average IQ is dire as well.


    • 103

      The British Civil War beckons.


    • 189
      UkIP or bust says:

      I don’t know where you live CO5, but round my part of SE London the mass of Immigrants (very few of which seem unlikely to have passed any stringent requirements) are not from the EU, unless the dark continent is now part of the EU.


      • 288
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Some parts of London are fairly cramped and due to immigration over many decades, some areas have taken on distinct cultural identities. That is repeated in cities across the world, and appears to be a normal state of affairs.

        Unless you are able to verify that all of the ones you see have just arrived off of the boat, then it is difficult to determine whether or not they are second generation, or family of those who are here legitimately who have been brought over. All of that i’mmigration is legal, above board, and not a problem: Many of those chaps on the street will perhaps be saying much the same as many actual English as they do not want the competition and generally have a better idea about the folk outside the UK who are trying to get in.

        Remember – those who have migrated to the UK for bona fide reasons in part did so because it is better here. If they had known it was going to be trashed by Labour then they would have perhaps stayed put and would be enjoying a much better life right now.

        The majority of illegal i’mmigration and the problem economic migrants – including the darker hued ones who have dodged sharks getting across the Med, are a result of EU migration.

        The EU citizens themselves who have not sought UK citizenship should also be considered economic migrants who really need to be sent back.

        It is not about skin colour / race / creed, but simply about a de-facto criminal class which has sought the UK as an easy touch refuge because they cannot survive in their own country, combined with a bit of forced social engineering courtesy of Brussel’s.

        Time to reverse the flow.


        • 364
          FFS says:

          Legal immigrants are permitted to vote, and they are 6x more likely to vote Labour than Tory.

          Why’s that I wonder? Could it possibly be because they want to re-distribute the wealth of the indigenous majority into their own pockets by the quickest route?

          I think so.

          Wake up, for goodness sake and get a grip before it’s too late. No good has ever come from immigration.


          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            The legal i’mmigrants may well end up voting for UKIP.

            Either that – or they will become politically active independently and start splitting the vote.

            It is only propaganda of the left which states that legal i’mmigrants are more likely to vote Labour. Given the > 100% turnouts in some Labour wards due to postal voting, the only fact appears to be that immigrants are more likely to be involved in electoral fraud – knowingly or more likely, unknowingly.

            Vote UKIP.


      • 289
        Dismayed says:

        But they probably have EU passports, which some countries are handing out like confetti.


        • 336
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          The EU is not a sovereign entity. Why anyone recognizes that passport is retarded.

          May as well but a notepad, stick you mug shot in it, and write ‘Passport’ on the front of it.

          That has a much legitimacy as an EU passport.


        • 367
          A Ukranian says:

          Very easy buy Polish passport on black market if you plan to go UK.

          Russian buy Lithuaian passport too – very easy. As long as Russki not stay Lithuania, all happy.


  17. 44
    The British media are cunts says:

    Oh dear, Tom Newton Dunn accused Gordon Brown of being a lazy fucker on the BBC this morning. John Piennar had to jump to Gordie’s defence very quickly.

    On same show, dozy female lefty complained that pay was too low, yet at same time championed mass immigration.

    The left don’t get it do they? Foreigners will work for £1 an hour, so why should anyone bother to pay minimum wage?


    • 71
      broderick crawford says:

      I m not a pheasant plucker

      I m a pheasant plucker s son .


    • 72
      Intellectual Pygmy says:

      When has anything from the left stood up to scrutiny?


    • 163
      Bent Britain says:

      Cheap votes for Labour, cheap workers for the CBI. Everyone’s happy.

      Apart from the native population, and they don’t count.

      That’s how it’s worked for the last 50 years.


      • 173
        The British media are cunts says:

        Exactly, that’s why BoJo is happy to promote the so called living wage, fact is most fat Tory bosses would avoid paying it anyway.

        “If you don’t want to work for £1 an hour I can get 10 million Bulgarians who will”


        • 236
          Running the country into the ground for party gain and business profits says:

          On issues like mass immigration and the eco scams, the left and right in Britain act like rival mafia bosses agreeing to put their differences aside for mutual gain.


  18. 46
    • 48
      Noose Watch says:

      Ms. Harman, Ms. Hewitt, Mr Dromey : Your presence on the dance floor is required.


      • 116
        Santiago says:

        Is my Jack involved? He’s just a pussy who is ruled with a fist of iron, he tells me.
        10.30 you time for your private show Jack babe.


    • 91
      If McDonalds employees were found to have abused kids would that corporation survive? says:

      Taxpayers also funded that other hotbed of P**dophile activity.
      The BBC


      • 169
        BBC HR Department says:

        I’m sorry, we have no record of a Mr Savile ever being employed by the BBC.

        What was his first name again?


    • 174
      The British media are cunts says:

      I suspect you could round up most of the BBC and the political elite along with plod and the judges.


      • 240
        Anonymous says:

        The n-o-n-c-i-n-g scandals are the one thing that could bring the whole stinking rotten house of cards tumbling down.


  19. 49
    Diane Fatbott says:



    • 53
      EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

      Vote UKIP


      • 55
        Nigel Mirage says:

        See comment# 33 above.


        • 63
          EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

          Vote UKIP


        • 75
          Intellectual Pygmy says:

          A vote for UKIP is a vote for Britain.


          • Victoria Fayling says:

            Lets chuck all the foreigners out. Vote UKIP.


          • Unelectable Ed Miliband says:

            So you’re the people who says they’ll vote Ukip in the polls. Good luck to both of you.

            You’ll need about 30% to gain a single seat in the HoC. Reckon you’ll achieve that by about 2150 AD?


          • GB4theIndigenes says:

            “You’ll need about 30% to gain a single seat in the HoC. Reckon you’ll achieve that by about 2150 AD?”

            I believe something similar was said of Nelson Mandela’s ANC.


          • FFS says:

            Yep, I reckon they will be there in 2020. I think the Tories will tear themselves to shreds in 2015 when they lose and UKIP will be the only viable alternative to a failing Marxist Labour party by 2020.

            The momentum is behind UKIP.


          • Anonymous says:

            The tories are an obstacle to the destruction of the labour party.

            If the UKIP replace the hated tories, labour will be forced to rely ever more on immigrant votes and postal vote fraud, as the white working class leave them in droves.

            Both these parties must be destroyed for the English to have a chance of survival.


          • UkipLab are Useless says:

            No momentum behind Ukip, they fell 3 points in the last poll. They’ll do well in 2014 then that support will evaporate in 2015. Don’t waste your time and energy on them. The next election is about crushing what is now a very left-wing Labour party.


          • Bottom line says:

            The only momentum behind Ukip is that half their supporters will be 10 foot under in 2020.


    • 58
      Low paid public servant says:

      I wasn’t ignorant to the fact that after just one term of a Labour government the price of a very modest house in London was beyond my reach.


      • 393
        The Client State says:

        But they did offer you a nice little number if you relocated to a Northern, Labour-voting constituency, didn’t they?


    • 142
      sussex carol says:

      She can hope. She’ll find we’re all sufficiently genned up on the economy to know you don’t put the likes of balls and militwit in charge of another car after they’ve already crashed one into a wall!


  20. 50
    Peter Hain says:

    Do you sell a concealer which will hide my unsightly white skin?
    I’ve tried self tanning lotion but that just makes me look orange.


    • 74
      broderick crawford says:

      s all right pete

      just go back to the traansval from whence you came .

      they ll accept you as white there now as its a rainbow nation .


  21. 52
    not an MP says:

    Ok look, the way it works is that people increase productive or improve quality of work before asking for more money. Increasing immigration, debt and desolation is not what we are looking for in our employees.


    • 61
      MP who wishes to remain anonymous says:

      I suppose an 11% pay rise is out of the question then?


      • 67
        Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

        Could be a good vote winner for UKIP.

        People perhaps wouldn’t mind paying UKIP MPs the extra money.

        Vote UKIP


        • 83
          Anon & NOT Voting for the ConsLieLaborLebDims Evil Alliance says:

          This present House of Pimps,Parasites & Leeches won’t get it until a lot
          of them are put up against the Wall !!!

          They are so out of touch they might as well be on another planet, but
          like the Romanoffs there will be a very rude awaking with this bloody
          backlash for the lot of them as Joe Public has had enough & that day
          is getting closer & closer all it will take is just one straw to finally break
          its back and force the release of all of the pent anger because of what
          they are defecating & urinating on the great masses of stinking unwashed
          plebs who are there just to be milked of everything.

          But do our so called elected representatives understand this of course
          not they will just carry on living the high life until the music has suddenly


          • Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

            One shouldn’t expect enlightened decision making from the majority of them. Whilst they can take they will. The only way to deal is as the A’rabs do: Cut of the hand of the thief.

            It isn’t all – but there is a sense that there is a majority who are developing into this fraudulent mind set – these are the true heirs to the previous Labour administration which introduced this.

            Raise the amount paid, but get rid of the incumbents who hope to profit.

            A good question for the new mob is how can they justify the high salaries ? If it is on basis of GDP – which is fraudulently increased – that is tantamount to a criminal argument. There do not appear to be any other metrics which make sense either.

            Even an inflation argument (and real inflation is about 9%) doesn’t really wash as they have control over monetary policy and should be managing that.

            A definition of criminal moral hazard would be mismanaging the economy to fraudulently increase GDP figures and raise inflation in order to get a large pay rise to boost the future pension.

            The only way to deal with that type of behavior is one of the bullet or the noose.

            Vote UKIP.


          • Matilda says:

            I think I would choose King Henry’s axe. We could sell tickets on Tower Hill every day until we had rid ourselves of all of them.


      • 130
        Unelectable Ed Miliband says:

        11% is coincidentally where Ukip are at in the latest poll. That will have to treble before they win a single seat…


        • 175
          Dick Cheese says:

          Give it a rest, Tory shill.


        • 185
          Anon & NOT Voting for the ConsLieLaborLebDims Evil Alliance says:

          Yet the more realistic % for UKIP is well north of 20% plus, as polling by
          the Cons*LieLabor charlatans have recently discovered.

          No doubt the dysfunctional leaderships of Cons*LieLabor*LebDims Satanic
          Alliance are deluding themselves that mendacity & manipulation will
          bring the masses back on board to give them another term of the
          unaccountable high life BUT Joe Public are not going to be conned
          & mislead this time !!

          Its time for real change by defecating out for good the
          Cons*LieLabor*LebDims Satanic Alliance & taking OUR country back
          from them……something they wont understand until its happened….

          So lets bring it on the sooner the better……


          • UkipLab are Useless says:

            Ukip? No chance of winning a single seat. Not in 2015, not in 2020, not in 2025.

            Go back to your leftie blogs, UkipLab trolls.


          • The Writing on the Wall says:

            If UKIP get 20%+ and win not a single seat, the country will be ungovernable.


  22. 60
    nom nom nom says:

    11% pay rise for troughing MPs.

    A spokesman said “nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom”


  23. 90
    • 100
      IPSA says:

      If we didn’t give MP’s the cash they would only nick it anyway.


    • 101
      Anonymous says:

      Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas but pigs and trotters will go where depths of mans avarice and ego have hitherto not been breached.

      While this is the most scandalous self-indulgence, it is only symptomatic of the sick-minded elitist thinking that one person’s gain can be afforded indefinitely at the expense of another person’s loss.

      The end will come before they understand the relationship, the simple relationship, found in Physics 1st law of conservation.


    • 503
      Music Critic says:

      Yummy Yummy Yummy,
      I’ve got love in my tummy.

      Probably the most erotic pop music lines to escapte 1970s censors…


  24. 109

    28 NHS hospital trusts had lower-than-expected death rates – Graun

    Didn’t the last Labour government set them targets?


  25. 119
    Teddy Taylor is a twat says:

    Hey apartheid loving righties. Looks like it’s St Maggie you have to blame for helping end apartheid and free the “terrorist” Mandela. I know you miss the good old days of “kaffas” being routinely tortured and killed. Just vent your frustration by writing a fan letter to Stephen Lawrence’s killers in prison. Use nice big block letters in bright colours though. They’re not too bright, I’m afraid.


    • 146
      Feel my pain says:

      You know what was so unique about Stephen Lawrence’s murder?
      It was so unique.
      Rape robbery and murder by blacks is not unique.
      Damn we’ve even had two servants of the crown decapitated on the streets of London by black men.
      If a black person can be justified in feeling angry against whites because some drunk twat called them a rude name on a bus then I should be justified in feeling angry because of the shit they get up to.


    • 151

      The amount of care which you took to compose your communiqué is illustrated by the ambiguity you have created over your use of the word bright, twice in close succession.

      This confusion is understandable in your case.


    • 177
      The British media are cunts says:

      Morning Jimmy, rent boy kick you out of bed?


    • 449
      beleiving your own propaganda says:

      “apartheid loving righties”

      I bet you were self-righteously wanking yourself stupid when you wrote that


  26. 121
    Ed Milliband says:

    I propose we freeze Nelson Mandela’s corpse until scientists can come up with a cure for left wing idolatry.


  27. 129
    What's sport got to do with it? says:

    What is the difference between Sport, the performing arts and just playing games?

    Is snooker no more a sport than playing video games?

    Synchronised swimming, a wet form of ballroom dancing?

    High diving, bungee jumping without a bungee?

    Archery, posh darts?

    Golf, boring?

    And so on


    • 305
      Sports Management Agent says:

      Sport is a business. We make large profits out of dim ‘sportsmen’. And a few birds.


  28. 136
    sussex carol says:

    I accept Mandela was probably the best President of S Afri ca ever and a colossus of a politician. People of his ilk are very few and far between and he achieved Great Things.

    But he was human and not a saint. We should celebrate all the good things that came from his life and his sacrifices but we should be grown up and sensible enough to also accept there were things about him that were not good.


    • 143
      Del Boy says:

      Oh he was a saint alright !

      Have you ever been to Vatican City or that hanging Church in Pisa ? Have you ever visited Lords in France?

      You know it makes sense


      • 149
        sussex carol says:

        No sadly I haven’t been to either Rome or Pisa yet – they are places on my bucket list to do before Him up there decides my time is up. And having got hooked on Michael Portillo’s Railway Journeys I am hopeful I shall get to both places by train!


        • 217
          Mr Helpful says:

          Never been to Rome, but Pisa is full of beggars. If you travel by train in Italy, go First Class, because if you – like I did – go in cheapy class you will find yourself packed in like sardines, with the dregs of humanity.

          We ended up hiring a car, which was a much better idea. They’re not particularly bad drivers.


        • 218
          Mr Helpful says:

          Never been to Rome, but Pisa is full of beggars. If you travel by train in Italy, go First Class, because if you – like I did – go in cheapy class you will find yourself packed in like sardines, with the dregs of humanity.

          We ended up hiring a car, which was a much better idea. They’re not particularly bad dr*vers.


      • 296
        Anonymous says:

        Lords is in St. johns Wood THEY DONT PLAY CRICKET IN FRANCE !


    • 154
      Mandela Mania says:


    • 155
      Diana Abbott says:

      Tolerance forgiveness and reconciliation don’t fit my personality I’m afraid.


  29. 141
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Nothing riles me more than seeing MPs whining about their pay. If you’re not happy with it, fuck off & do something else, you useless gits.


  30. 181
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    What are you plebs moaning for? MPs are the hardest working people in the country, except for the royal family. Get to work you scroungers.


    • 209
      Anon & NOT Voting for the ConsLieLaborLebDims Evil Alliance says:

      Why not show your MP what you really mean by (ST)ringing them up today !!

      But for how much long will this be just a joke before it really doe’s happen…..

      Not very long IMO as Joe Public has had enough of being screwed into the
      ground & then defecated & urinated on by MPs as they use mendacity &
      manipulation & pious sly words to continue living on the hog while everyone
      else is suffering ALL because of them…..


      • 224
        The Nelson Mandela Commemorative Moniker says:

        Hopefully Cameron will be dangling from a rope very soon.

        “Britain is to pay an extra £10bn to the European Union over the next five years, the fiscal watchdog has said, as taxpayers here carry the burden of the struggling eurozone”

        What I particularly love is MPs telling us how getting out of the EU “could cost the country billions”, while conveniently forgetting it costs us more than £22 billion every year to stay in.


      • 242
        sussex carol says:

        It won’t happen here – we are English.


        • 248
          Anon & NOT Voting for the ConsLieLaborLebDims Evil Alliance says:

          Dream On !! we were English once BUT not any longer thanks to the
          ConsLieLaborLebDims Evil Alliance who have done everything possible to
          create this multi-cultural shite hole which they have inflicted on everyone
          except themselves & we have NOT had a say what so ever & won’t get one
          until we take it ourselves !!

          All tenets of the Magna Carter have just been cast aside by these
          Fat dominating mendacious MPs who wont be stopped until they have
          been called to account in a very violent bloody way as Joe Public
          is at breaking point…….

          If you keep kicking everyone on the bol*locks don’t be surprised when
          everyone decides enough is enough……


          • sussex carol says:

            You live in the wrong place – suggest you find yourself a nice rural spot surrounded by green fields and close to the sea – well not too close given the latest tidal surge – but you know what I mean.


          • Anonymous says:

            I’m glad the establishment is serious p1ssing off the armed forces and lower ranks of the police. They will need to be on our side.


  31. 187

    Almost in the very instant that Mandela died, MPs pay increase resurrected from the dead.



  32. 200
    It's not like he was Vaz even says:

    Tele? Mandela
    Radio? Mandela
    Newspapers? Mandela

    fuckityfuckityfuckityfuckity fuck
    Enough is enough
    I’ll get my wife to do some necklacing soon


    • 219
      Bolshevik Broadcasting Company says:

      We would just like to confirm as a result of over whelming public opinion** we will
      now be known as the Man*dela Bolshevik Broadcasting Company

      ** Guardianista Poll of 10 people & all illegals (at present…..)


    • 284
      Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

      This blog – Mandela, Mandela, MANDELA!!


  33. 211
    Anonymous says:


    • 241
      The New Messiah says:

      South African Grand Prix postponed due to unforeseen events.


    • 262
      sussex carol says:

      Very sad and very poignant! And of course that is also part of the story of Mandela’s fight against apartheid. As I said earlier – there were no Saints here.


      • 264
        sussex carol says:

        In fact I was watching Winnie Mandela earllier at a Memorial Service – like the rest of us she’s looking very old now – and I wondered what it was she was thinking now that the Mandela era has passed.

        Mandela will now always be feted but when she passes away I doubt the world will bat an eyelid. And that is as it should be given her behaviour over the years.


        • 381
          Sad but True says:

          He won’t always be feted. Abel Muzerewa was a hero in Zimbabwe until Mugabe became the tyrant he is today and those that fought for their rights were forgotten in the embarrasment at what followed.

          South Africa is just ten years behind Zimbabwe but heading in the same direction. It will become the embarrasment it is destined to be and Mandela’s reputation wil be washed into the sewer with it.


  34. 221
    sussex carol says:

    Just a thought – are we paying for gordon to go to SAf rica so that he can grandstand at mandela’s funeral and chase Obama around the nearest kitchen?


    • 225
      C.O.Jones says:

      How can that be in his constituents interest? Considering that he has almost abandoned them.


      • 228
        sussex carol says:

        I feel sure, with his eye to the main chance, he’ll also use it to do some lecturing in Kenya or somewhere, on his theories of how to trash economies, where they’ll pay his 5 star hotel bills and airfare home plus a generous donation to his gordonandsarah tax free living fund!! Ho Hum!


      • 229
        The Nelson Mandela Commemorative Moniker says:

        I would have thought that Gordon Brown being as far from his constituency as is humanly possible was definitely in his constituents’ interest. In fact, it’s a pity he didn’t spend most (or all) of the last 16 years in South Africa. Or even further – the Oort cloud, perhaps.

        There’s a company that will chuck satellites into orbit for £33 million – we should stuff Gordy into an old oil drum and pay that company to blast him into space. On clear nights we could watch him pass overhead, a twinkling light in the heavens, until one day it falls back to Earth and burns up.


        • 251
          Anon......... says:

          Have you not heard about fcuking Global Pollution ?? in having this one eye
          fcuking jock mad cnut raining down in the air we ALL breath……
          better still send him off into deep deep space for good & never to return everybody would certainly contribute to that cost as there will be an
          enjoyable tangible sense of satisfaction as this could not happen to a
          nicer person…..


          • sussex carol says:

            Global pollution? – will that be aligned with global warming – that mega scam of the 21st century that the politicians tried to convince us was real? When in truth it was a way to levy more taxes!


          • EUSSR Kommissars & its agents ConsLieLabor*LebDims says:

            Haben Sie gerade erst aus latenten Tagesordnung entdeckt …..

            Kein Wunder, dass du dick Englisch Bauern so lange an zu fangen


            Have you only just discovered out latent agenda…..

            No wonder you thick english peasants take so long to catch on !!!


          • M102 says:

            This is when it all went wrong


          • Old West Country Git says:

            John, you might have least put a warning before posting the link
            for that grinning cnut McMental ………

            Don’t you care about the general publics health ?

            or is that way you whip things around now….


  35. 244
    Sounds outrageous on the face of it.. says:

    An 11% pay rise? Is that closely aligned with the actual rate of inflation? I wouldn’t be fuckin’ surprised if it were!


    • 249
      Anonymous says:

      Noticed how every official statistic in the UK seems to be a lie? Unemployment, crime, immigration, inflation.

      Hell, even the official UK population figure is highly suspect.


      • 252
        The total real UK Population says:

        + 80M


        • 256
          sussex carol says:

          Yes but thankfully it is nearly all concentrated in our overcrowded cities . Answer is to live in the countryside where one can breathe easily.


          • Property speculating parasite says:

            Not for long matey.


          • sussex carol says:

            They wouldn’t want to come out here – living in our woods in cardboard cities with no-one to get money off without work. They wouldn’t want to come out here.

            They’re best placed camping out at the no10 Downing Street Gates and on Parliament Green at Westminster – loads of tourists to make money from there and loads of MP’s to annoy.


          • Dreaming just dreaming says:

            I feel sure wouldn’t mind immigrants living in tents in that paddock that he bought, I think he wouldn’t mind them camping out in the fields surround him, I feel sure all MPs with big houses and acres of land wouldn’t mind immigrants living in tents around their houses, just think they would be able to find out what their new constituents think without having to go to there local party office.


          • Sad but True says:

            I live in the country. It is very popular with the Polski as many of their relatives settled here after WWII.


      • 265
        Sounds outrageous on the face of it.. says:

        Since the start of the ‘financial crisis’, I’ve seen prices of some items double (some to have tripled) in the supermarket.


        • 276
          Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

          I thought I would let you all know that if you drive into Swansea from Cardiff on the motorway just before Port Tennant by the roundabout there are two men parked up in a van selling spuds from Pembroke for half the price they cost in Tescos.

          I know it is only a little thing but as David Cameron says “we are all in this together” and every little helps.

          P.S. If you go to Swansea Market there are a couple of foreign sounding blokes knocking out Christmas wrapping paper at 20p a sheet. That is another bargain.


        • 298
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          Supply side inflation (scarcities due to poor harvest) and some mongoloid inflation (increases of production costs due to energy production being fucked up in the UK…)


        • 389
          Sad but True says:

          Mainly due to the £ falling 25% against the $ and Euro. Even UK farmers are finding it more profitable to export their food abroad than try to sell to UK supermarkets.


        • 530
          Sounds outrageous on the face of it.. says:

          I can’t help feeling that rampant inflation and currency debasement are the top tools in the toolbox of economic policy management. Not to mention farming of the taxpayer.


          • Happy expat says:

            I don’t live in England now, but when I did my family ALWAYS bought our spuds in 20kg paper sacks from the roadside farm shops/vans. Saved lugging them back from the market every week and cost about half what Sainsburys and the others were charging. Worth a gallon or two of petrol – plus a pleasant ride out into the countryside on a Sun day afternoon.


  36. 266
    Public opinion says:

    Martin McGuinness is heading off to the funeral too.
    Int that nice?
    Maybe he should sit beside Bono in the Irish revolutionaries section.


  37. 271
    The hunt is on for Tristram says:

    Over half the people who work in Britain are now below the poverty line.

    I am beginning to wonder just how many people in work actually pay tax.

    The Liberals in particular seem hell bent on having even more working people not paying income tax.

    I fear this is all going to end in tears


    • 274
      sussex carol says:

      Those people now judged by statistics to be below the poverty line, do they have a tv, a car, a fridge, a freezer, ipads, mobile phones, central heating, running hot water and computers?

      Not being funny but 50 years ago when we were children we had none of those things, yet were happy and did not consider ourselves to be in poverty.


      • 281
        Delboy says:

        50 years ago things were really terrific. My old man used to come back from the pub every night and knock my mum black and blue.

        We had no air conditioning just left the windows open at night in summer and nothing ever got thieved.

        Had no massive council tax bills neither. No one ever bothered with TV licenses.

        Never had our electric cut off because you had to put money in the meter first.

        Only time we had the benefit of central heating was when we went to the Job Exchange.

        Terrific days they was.


        • 351
          sussex carol says:

          I am sorry about your father – we were more fortunate – chickens at bottom of garden, great Xmas’s , great holidays in caravans on East Coast that used to leak if it rained – we felt blessed!!


      • 286
        Err and numerous other monikas says:

        Don’t like your new moniker nell.

        Now and forever more, Amen.


      • 392
        FFS says:

        It’s the Joseph Rowntree Foundation definition of poverty, which means everyone except the Duke of Westminster is below it.


    • 291
      Benefits beat working says:

      What poverty line would this be then?


      • 376
        Asking for trouble says:

        Perhaps wages should increase then. Or the ridiculous cost of living ie house prices, rents, utility bills etc…. should fall.

        Either way, something has got to give unless you want serious social disorder.


  38. 282
    EUSSR Kommissars & its agents ConsLieLabor*LebDims says:

    Thats is our only aim to drive you back to those times BUT for you
    all to be very unhappy & know you are existing in abject poverty…..

    We will then have achieved our Latent Mission Statement !!!

    A Multi-Cultural Diversity Shite Hole for everyone except your
    EUSSR unelected Masters


  39. 283
  40. 295
    Jimmy says:

    George Osborne – most incompetent chancellor ever.


    • 308
      Roses are red , so is Ed, roses smell nice says:

      Sorry Jimmy, el Gordo still holds that honour, I mean selling gold at a rock bottom market that he created by telling people in advance he was selling gold, if it was his own gold nobody would have cared, selling the countries gold, a real numptie.
      Oh!, I forgot he did save the world, nurse!.


      • 329
        The New Messiah says:

        Brown was brilliant when it came to applauding the bankers until it all went tits up.

        “I would like to pay tribute to the contribution you and your company make to the prosperity of Britain,” Mr Brown told Lehman bankers in London’s Canary Wharf . “During its 150 year history, Lehman Brothers has always been an innovator, financing new ideas and inventions before many others even began to realize their potential.”

        Not only he did encourage risky borrowers and bankers by allowing 110% mortgages (I mean what could possibly go wrong with that?) but he gambled the country’s finances on excessive public spending. Osborne is still sorting out the mess caused by Brown’s gambling as Balls would have had to do sooner or later (only with him it would have been later and cost a hell of a lot more).


      • 340
        Jimmy says:

        Is the country’s debt up under Osborne or not?


        • 343
          Red Ed Twelvety Bollox says:

          However if you had paid attention the cost of the great Labour recession was even deeper than thought. So I suggest some humility is in order from you. Either that or you can just fuck off you ignorant twat


        • 357
          The Nelson Mandela Commemorative Moniker says:

          Debt has increased horrifically under Osborne, because he’s been extremely lax about cutting waste – check out how much he spunks away on foreign aid and his abject failure to cancel Gordon Brown’s useless aircraft carriers. And he’s quite happy that the EU has – it would seem – direct access to Britain’s credit card: they’ve just announced they’re going to help themselves to another £10 billion of our dosh over the next 5 years. That’s on top of the £100 billion they were going to extort from us anyway.

          However, despite our inept spendaholic Chancellor’s debt-addiction, he’s nevertheless borrowed less than Labour were proposing back in 2010. About £200 million less.

          Still crap, though, so vote UKIP.


        • 370
          Jimmy says:

          Ok I accept the point Labour got it all wrong anyway and Ozzie really had a mountain to climb. Boy has done well though.


      • 458

        Osbourn sold the fuckin post office for half its value , that pushes him up to the top of the tree of worst tossers in living memory

        “They are all in it together


    • 341
      sussex carol says:

      Ho Hum Jimmy – you forget gordonbrown the most economically illiterate chancellor of all time and his sidekick bullyballs!!


  41. 299
    Dweeb says:

    Forgive the change of subject: Whenever I try to comment on a Daily Wail story a message appears “Apologies – something went wrong. Please try again later”. This has been going on for days.

    Anyone else noticed this? Would it be mischievous of me to think it was another attempt at increasing their click count?


  42. 304
    A Tale of Two Necklaces says:


    • 306
      A Tale of Two Necklaces says:


      • 345
        sussex carol says:

        Exactly – that was winniemandela’s modus operandi – I don’t thing we can blame Mandela who was incarcerated in Robben Island for such a thing – but if I’m wrong I’m sure you’ll tell me.


        • 398
          FFS says:

          Mandela admitted to 156 acts of terrorism

          Mandela sang “kill all the whites” songs after his release

          Mandela was a great friend to human rights abusers Gadhaffi and Suharto. He gave Suharto a medal.

          So quite different from Winnie and I’m sure they never had anything in common.


        • 448
          F**K the LibLabCon says:

          While Saint Mandela was incarcerated on Robben Island he was permitted one visit and one letter every six months, so you’re wrong again nell.


      • 369
        Green Greeny says:

        How many carbon credits does a necklace cost? Did they use organic rubber?


  43. 309
    The Village Idiot says:

    Its been going for weeks, months etc

    might have something to do with hidden cen*sorship !!!


  44. 310
    You do not want a Winnie Mandela necklace says:


    • 438
      Funambulist says:

      Funny how as soon as Joe Slovo completed his mission of turning SA into the desired Communist Paradise, all three of his daughters, Gillian, Robyn and Shawn, voted with their feet and left the country to join champagne socialist media circles in London and Hollywood! Maybe their next movie could be an adulatory biopic of Ralph Milliband and his struggles against the ghastly British kulaks?


  45. 311
    New Roma Services says:

    Please remember our New Service will be starting on or after 1 Jan 2014
    & is called ATM Free Cash & Carry & will be rolled out nationwide asap

    You authorise the sum from your Bank Account Min £250 at any ATM when
    the cash pops out we just take it straight away & may say Thank you !!


  46. 315
    A great big mess says:

    The Police manage to pull in some footballers within hours of being passed private taped conversations by a Sunday newspaper.

    Nigella gives evidence on oath in a public Court and admits illegal drug abuse and no action is taken.

    Something is not quite right here.

    The players may possibly be released without trial but even then.


  47. 319
    The Liars back says:

    Resurrection of New Labour’s old guard: Former spin doctor Alastair Campbell to return to politics to help party win 2015 election

    Mr Campbell will be brought in by party leader Ed Miliband as adviser
    He will join other key New Labour figures – including Alan Milburn
    Appointment will come as surprise to Miliband’s union and left supporters



    • 328
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      No decent folk left out there then.
      Backed by a professional thug and now it seems a serial liar with a drink problem and mental issues. Sadly they will win the 2015 election, it seems the country has a very long masochistic streak and a very short attention span.


    • 331
      The New Messiah says:

      Surely if Nelson is the new Messiah he should be coming back to life about now?


  48. 334
    Rude Loobers says:

    Will the Winnie man dalla football team be playing any charity matches?


  49. 338
    Springbok too says:

    Ed Balls Response to the Autumn statement was so bad even Mandela gave up the will to live.


  50. 344
    Jimmy says:

    Ukraine. Street protests.
    Thailand. Street protests.
    France. Street protests.
    Spain. Street protests.

    UK ….. post on a comment board.


    • 349
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      We as a nation have always been well balanced and on a whole considered in our approach to national matters ..We value and have always maintained a stable system and country …often making it a target envied by other Nations/Empires and Kingdoms .
      BUT this “considered approach” seems to have a price , We are slow to act when a problem or this case a system is going wrong …
      Our political system has veered from where it should its intended path and purpose …the fish is now rotting from the head .
      We need (As a nation) to stir …not necessarily take to the streets in revolt ..No French revolution would be required or indeed happen in this country …
      But every person of every political view can now seemingly unite when asked about our politicians …. we need to unite ..and force out the old guard / ways parties and blood is required with a pride in themselves and this country…young fresh and chosen from among us ..not from above or around us …


      • 380
        The most amusing claim ever says:

        “But every person of every political view can now seemingly unite when asked about our politicians …. we need to unite ..and force out the old guard / ways parties and blood is required with a pride in themselves and this country…young fresh and chosen from among us ..not from above or around us …”

        Dream on …its NEVER gonna happen…the UK Apathy Party has a huge majority


    • 361
      The Nelson Mandela Commemorative Moniker says:

      What gets me is the Ukrainians are protesting about not being forced into EU servitude. They’ve been saved from it, and they’re complaining! What a bunch of dicks.


      • 365
        sussex carol says:

        That’s probably because they feel they are being forced back into USSR servitude instead. that was a pretty horrible period of their life – they are not going to want to repeat it!


        • 375
          The Nelson Mandela Commemorative Moniker says:

          True, but someone should tell them what life’s like in the EU. I’m not sure what resources Ukraine’s got, but I bet the EU’s got its eye on them. And the Germans – salivating over the steppes – might get up to their Lebensraum thing again.


        • 413
          Gorbachev (and he really did!!!) says:

          The EU is the USSR in western clothes.


    • 377
      The Great British Public says:

      Sorry …too busy watching “Eastenders”; “Corrie” and “Strictly” to arse about wasting time on street protests… we leave that for foreigners.


  51. 348
    A Lie? says:


  52. 353
    nellienewman says:

    Any MP (so titled RT Hon, laughably that is ) who accepts this pay rise will be unemployed come 2015. Constituents, already likely to know that their MP will be (again Laughably ) standing down should demand his/her removal, NOW. Think only of the so called MP, who travels the globe but hardly EVER bothers to attend Parliament, the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath


    • 356
      sussex carol says:

      try comma’s rather than brackets – they might work better grammatically.


    • 371
      The Nelson Mandela Commemorative Moniker says:

      Personally, I think McMental has set an excellent precedent that all other MPs should follow: do whatever you want, just don’t show up in Westminster. Sit and sulk. Travel the world. Anything you like. Just don’t introduce any more fecking laws, rules or regulations.

      The laws, rules and regulations we’ve got are shite, but if MPs try to tinker with them, they’ll only make things worse – so it’s best they don’t bother.


      • 373
        Jimmy says:

        The big question is was he there to hear the autumn statement and how the Tories are fixing his fuck ups. If not why not ??????!!!

        the man should have been dragged by the testicles to the HOC and made to listen.
        They he should be hanged… By his testicles


    • 387
      Moaning NOT Action is the British National Pasttime says:

      Unlikely..the same old people will be elected…when it comes to voting most of the electorate might gripe but they’ll still vote for the same old parties…


      • 408
        sussex carol says:

        gordon has said he intends to stand again in kirkoddy and there’s no doubt his neglected constituents will vote for him. Mindless people!


  53. 372
    Independent Committee says:

    Well independent it may be, but fair it is not. There sure is hell no semblence of a cross section of the UK population including the likes of cleaners, binmen, unemployed, JSA claimants or (state only) pensioners on IPSA. What we actually have is placemen sitting in judgement on their peers.


    • 406
      Other Jimmy says:

      “Independent body will announce increase to £74,000 from 2015 despite opposition from Cameron and Miliband”

      So have a vote to reject the pay rise/change the law – after all they changed the benefits laws within 24hrs when they lost in court against workfare, so they *can* do it – if they *really* want to.


  54. 378
    Brown Makes Political Capital Out of Private Phone call and his Son says:


  55. 381
    So Fantastic No Elastic says:


  56. 383
    Jimmy says:

    Sky News

    “Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has told Sky News he “couldn’t give a t***” about speculation by newspapers and bookmakers about his future after stinging criticism of his Autumn Statement speech.

    On Sky News’ Murnaghan show, Mr Balls insisted he had “never been less bothered” about “gossip and tittle tattle” on his Commons performance following George Osborne’s update on the economy.

    Despite receiving flak for failing to provide a convincing response to improved economic figures, Mr Balls told the show that Labour is still winning argument over the economy.”

    In denial he still believes he is winning the argument . FFS this man is not only deluded he’s completly deranged


    • 391
      The Nelson Mandela Commemorative Moniker says:

      Ed Balls’s condition?

      psy·cho·sis [sahy-koh-sis]

      1. a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality.

      2. any severe form of mental disorder, as schizophrenia or paranoia.


    • 395
      Gordon McDoom says:

      That is why he was my right-hand man; we are both cheeks of the same arse. we are brothers!!!


    • 400
      sussex carol says:

      He most certainly is winning the argument that he’s deluded – long may he continue!


    • 420
      Steve in Fazakerley says:

      People saw through Osborne’s lies without Ed Balls’ help.

      I think he was lost for words at the cheek of it, personally.


      • 425
        i don't n eed no doctor says:

        415 you are a deluded lefty.


        • 428
          • i don't n eed no doctor says:

            The mess labour created and left up to 2010 will drift over until 2020. The beginning of time didn’t occur in 2010.
            Analogy : When a river floods and bursts it’s banks the water flows outwards for some time before it receeds back to the river.


          • Steve in Fazakerley says:

            And you say the left are blinkered


          • FFS says:

            I love the way these morons only bring attention to the truth. Here are the figures from Eurostat:-

            2009: -11.4

            2010: -10.1

            2011: -7.7

            2012: -6.1

            So by the end of 2013 the Tories will have about halved the deficit bequeathed to them when Gordon spent all the money we didn’t have.


        • 440
          The British media are cunts says:

          Lefties have fallen for the BBC lie that everything was sweetness and light until 2010 and that everything that went wrong with the economy was the fault of Fachur or Cameron.


          • Jimmy says:

            Steve in fazack

            Wel said mate but at the end of the day we I’d leave the economy in a complete ess and even had we got another 5 years we would probably be in a worse poistion than we are now.
            We really have to get rid of ALS and even then we won’t ave enough credibility tanks to the likes of Brown


          • A Small Businessman says:

            True. I was re-adjusting my personal investments and my firm’s business strategy from about 2006 onwards. It was obvious that the ‘boom’ was going to end in tears. I have a theory that lots of other soundly run businesses which did not have crappy MBAs on the payroll did likewise.

            It is one of the reasons why so many firms which the experts claim are ‘zombies’ have had the mysterious ability to carry on without going bust despite the crash: in fact a lot of small bnusinesses have been sitting on piles of cash and far from wanting bank loans, have been avoiding them and other businesses which need them like the plague.


  57. 403
    bumsex david says:

    On the same day we learn over 50% of people living in poverty are actually in work. Didn’t that clown IDS give us a speech saying work will get you out of poverty? We have double figure pay rises for the MP’s. In a nutshell this sums up this nation of ours. Maybe if they only had a Zer hours contract? Meanwhile the Queen is rubbing her little hands together and coining it in, as this lot announce no more land based wind turbines but lots more will be erected on HER seabed surrounding the UK


    • 414
      The Joseph Rowantree Foundation says:

      Our definition of poverty is: Anyone on less than the Duke of Westminster.


    • 415
      sussex carol says:

      define ‘people living in poverty’

      do they have outside loos?

      do they have heat in their homes?

      do they have a car ? not that that’s important given the excellence of buses these days.

      do they have gardens in which to grow fruit and veg and have a few chickens?

      do they get a seaside holiday every year?

      do tell – how is poverty defined nowadays?


      • 439
        Social Services says:

        If you can’t give your kids a playstation 4 for Christmas, things are very dire indeed and a task force will be set up to see if they need to be taken into care.


        • 546
          FFS says:

          Can I get retrospective bennies for growing up in what counts as poverty these days? I mean, growing up in a council house with no telephone, no telly, no DVD player and no X-Box must have severely limited my life chances.

          I reckon I’m owed thousands in retrospective bennies and the nation can easily afford it by merely printing more debt.


    • 417
      Arm Yourselves 2014 says:

      Just utterly disgusting while firms like Tesco and unscrupulous charities are using slave labour in this country. This government is an affront to decency in this country. They will be voted out without doubt at the next election


      • 426
        Left hand down a bit says:

        Any worker who thinks they are been paid below the minimum only has to take a stroll along to the local Citizen’s Advice Bureau who will be glad to help in negotiations with their employer, even Tesco or charities.


        • 437
          15 Men on a Dead Man's Chest says:

          Actually, he’ll have to phone first at his own expenses to be ‘diagnosed’ by the CAB who will then deign to offer an appointment at a time chosen for the adviser’s person convenience. On arrival, he will be told to wait. And wait. And wait. He will then be givena lecture about the’Cuts’ and told that, really, he should have gone to see someone at HMRC about the minimum wage thing.


    • 466
      Fishy says:

      Unfortunately your uniquely funded BBC only gave you the bits of the story that they wanted to, that would suit their and Labour’s mission.

      They left 90% of the story out.

      Courtesy of Biased BBC here are a few things Labour, sorry the BBC forgot to mention:

      – Poverty (relative of course) is almost at a record low.

      – Living standards have been declining since 2003…not since 2010.

      – Fewer working adults were in poverty in 2011/12 than in 2008/09 under Labour.

      – Child poverty is lowest for 25 years.

      – Pensioner poverty at lowest in decades.

      Read on if you can be arsed


      • 547
        The BBC says:

        We are not biased, we simply believe in a pick-and-mix of the truth that happens to support Labour’s preferred narrative.

        Go on PROVE we’re biased.


    • 620
      Anonymous says:

      If you think this is peculiar to the UK you must have led a very sheltered and tedious life.


  58. 412
    Anon. says:

    No mention of how much he creams from the BBC, he’s on there most days.


  59. 421
    • 445
      Left hand down a bit says:

      Folk who read this blog and take an interest in these things are aware of the contents of your posted link.

      The big question is, what are you as an individual going to do about it? diddly squat no doubt; because the politicians never carry out what they say in their manifesto during the run up a GE. Hence no reduction in the deficit before the 2015.

      The last PM went to court about this where the judge came up with crap along the lines of manifesto is not worth the paper its printed on.

      Have another glass of cider or buccy


  60. 423
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    It seems that the consensus is MPs are not worth £74,000 a year. Then why is a BBC main newsreader paid a minimum of £100,000 a year. Because the BBC is answerable to itself and has no outside control on what it pays it’s staff. What other organisation is funded by the money tree that is the license fee payer.
    I also remember the issue with how the BBC pays some of it’s staff i.e. tax avoidance. Another BBC issue that has been swept under the carpet.
    The BBC repeat programmes, left biased, ready to take the piss again at christmas, should be sold off.


    • 427
      David Cameron says:

      We’re all in this together.

      [Lie number 38]


    • 436
      The British media are cunts says:

      Well said.


    • 453
      Not Jimmy says:

      Don’t forget we also have to pay for the huge salaries, expenses and gold plated pensions of the MEPs in Brussels. Do we need all of our Westminster MPs, AND all of those 750 MEPs and their 3000 plus ‘assistants’ in the EU?

      ( MEPs now enjoy an average income of £182,826 including allowances for attendance and travel, hmmm happy days…


    • 463
      Alan Yentob, chief trougher at the BBC says:

      My £300,000 salary, paid by extortion from the public, does not even come near to my true value.


  61. 433
    HRH Liz says:

    I’ll be sending Charles on the big silver bird in the sky down to Mandela’s funeral – he loves seeing all the natives dancing with their jubblies out.

    Also, I’ve bought so much off Amazon I want to be here when the postie delivers, there’s nothing worse than getting a ‘while you were out’ card, is there?


    • 435
      Duke of Edinburgh says:

      No bongo bongo land for me this christmas.


    • 455
      sussex carol says:

      I would much rather Charles be out there representing us in front of the World than any of our politicians including gordon, militwit cleggie and cameron!


    • 457
      sussex carol says:

      Her Maj and Charles are far preferable to anything that we have in the poli!tical spectrum at the moment !


      • 513
        British Citizen says:

        I no longer find it easy to think that. They seem up to their necks in the same anti-British multicultural nonsensest peddled by the mediorities who are ruining this country.


        • 540
          FFS says:

          Yes, but they are rich enough and famous enough to be beyond any conceivable attempt at corrupting them with promises at wealth and power.

          So it could just work….

          Anyway, looking back through British history it was all about a roll of the dice: a 50:50 chance you got to live under a decent Monarch. Right now we get to choose between one bunch of twats or another – so we’ve got no chance at all.


        • 545
          White rabbit says:

          Similar thoughts. Someone better speak up sharpish and act or it’ll be too fucking late.


      • 522
        They can all go 2 hell says:

        Listen up. The English people will be a minority in the country of their accessors within a couple of generation.

        Do you think we give the slightest fcuk about the survival of the people who’ve either engineered it, or sat on the @rses and allowed it to happen?

        Time we English put our own interests first, cos no one else is going to, least of all the monarchy or her political quisling class.


        • 527
          Athelstan says:

          the English have faced this before: during the Danish invasions. These tides can be turned.


          • Anonymous says:

            After the nation wreckers in the British establishment have finished with it, England will indeed resemble something out of the Dark Ages, with separate ethnic enclaves forming.

            It’s already happening with white flight, and there’s not much the authorities can do about it. People are voting with their feet. Sure the PC indoctrinated middle class white people fleeing put it down to better schools, cleaner environment etc… But just like the US, and any other western country, it’s the unspoken effects of diversity doing the driving.

            The bleak future of the native peoples of Britain could look like something out of Children of Men.


          • Anonymous says:

            The Danes were fellow germanic tribes


          • JH32-0945-034956234 says:

            What has happened can be undone.

            If we do get to a Balkans style civil war it will probably be in the wake of a total economic collapse, the seeds of which are germinating. Economic collapse = no more freebies for those enriching us and their enablers.

            Do you actually think they will fight to stay when they are getting nothing? Do you think they are here for the food and weather? Would they fight on behalf of the pitiful lefties who think they are sooo wonderful from afar but would not dream of living among them?

            No, our enrichers will take off en masse once the free ride ends, they have absolutely no attachment to this island apart from the free money and shelter, opportunities for petty crime, and having their arses kissed by the left.

            An economic reset could be exactly what this country needs.


  62. 442
    Kebab News says:

    A UK Independence party councillor has insisted comments about immigrants that were attributed to her in a Sunday paper have been taken “out of context”.

    The Mail on Sunday reported it had seen a video from 2008 in which Victoria Ayling said: “I just want to send the lot back, but I can’t say that.”

    She told the BBC she was referring to illegal immigrants and the paper based its story on “snippets” of the film.

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage said he accepted Mrs Ayling’s explanation.

    He said he could “see no reason” to take action against the Lincolnshire county councillor.


    • 460
      Anonymous says:

      She will, I hope stand by her every word, not apologising or backtracking , if the leftie EU arsehole suckers are upset about it, so much the better, the WAYYYCIISSSTT tag has finally ran it’s course , every expression of outrage aired on the BBC piles on UKIP votes !!


    • 558
      Victoria Fayling says:

      I mean’t let’s chuck out the foreigners. But as I said I can’t say that.


  63. 447
    Gordon Brown says:

    I had a good talk with Nelson Obamah in the kitchen of his house in Sweedn.

    Nurse theres another jobie in my trunk cloth.


  64. 454
    100,000s of Romas says:

    Are we nearly there yet?


    • 486
      Athelstan says:

      You are not welcome


      • 666
        Plan B says:

        Keep them all waiting in the arrivals area for a few days ( or do what the Aussies do and redirect them all to a remote Scottish island for “processing”) and blame it on the EU’s Euro air traffic control computer system. Shut off the water in the bogs, the a/cs and heating. Those are the sort of conditions they are coming from, so make them feel welcome!


  65. 456
    P45 Time says:

    Camoron and Gideon have told everyone time and time again, “there is no more money”, the state is too expensive, we have to learn to live within our means, pensions are unaffordable etc

    So why the different rules for MPs?


    • 480
      Everyone in Westminster says:

      If you have to ask, you are obviously one of the little people.


    • 481
      This is NOT IPSA says:

      We make the rules up as we go along so they are always within them & can

      never be called illegal by anyone….

      This seems perfectly fair & above board to us

      “More (Tax Free) Truffles & Vintage Champagne anyone……”

      BTW Thats for IPSA & its most esteemed clients only aka MPs


    • 485
      Not wanted says:

      Turkeys and Christmas, you going to give up a good number and vote to halve your wages and lucrative expenses, do you hells like, the lazy MP sods will make every excuse possible to keep what they consider theirs after all they climbed the greasy pole to get it, sack them all and let them find a similar none exsistent job in industry.


  66. 462
    It must be said says:

    David Laws could not manage his affairs on his salary. He trousered an extra £50,000 for his friends rent. He still in office.


  67. 472
    Mandela Bolshevik Broadcasting Company says:

    All viewers & listeners take Note

    All programming schedules on all channels have now been cancelled as
    we will be broadcasting around the clock from South Africa & for the
    foreseeable future.


  68. 473
    You know it makes sense says:

    Don’t forget to sign one of the e-petitions…

    This one has the most signatures and has been signed by more than 400 people in the last couple of hours. Lets keep it trending, sign and then pass on the link via e-mail, twitter, facebook, word of mouth, other comments boards etc.

    If we are not going to take to the streets we need to protest via the net.

    Thank you.


    • 504
      Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

      But we will take to the streets in our tens of millions when its time to VOTE !!

      and show these greedy fcuking parasitic pimps aka MPs what we really think

      of them….

      In the meantime make certain everyone signs this e-petition without exception….!!

      The one thing our unaccountable leeches aka MPs detest more than anything is

      the internet which regularly lifts the stone under which they all like to hide while

      they issue pious duplicitous commands for us to obey without question & gives

      the oxygen of publicity for the Court of Public Opinion on what they really get up

      to, there days are really numbered and like the fall of the House of Ceausescu’s

      when it does start it will be very swift for all of them.


      • 514
        Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

        Please contact your MP about there obscene fcuking pay rise via the
        this link and let them know what you think on the legalised theft of
        OUR money


        IF they do condescend & reply don’t except all of there Bull Shit about this

        increase is nothing to do with them, but is IPSA fault, because they will be

        fcuking lying……which they all excel at along with manipulation


  69. 475
    SARAH BROWN full time carer says:

    As all MP’s are about to get a well deserved £11,000 pay rise
    I would call on the trade unions of this country to only call for a 15% pay rise for each and every member / worker
    The country is obviously out of recession now , and as our glorious MP’s have shown , the country is awash with money , in
    fact there is so much money in the economy that a mere 15% would not hurt any company and we can well afford to welcome with open arms several benefit seeking immigrants from our European partners

    Me and Gordon look forward to employing several of them in our many homes and constituency offices


  70. 476
    My Christmas tradition is to call Christmas Christmas, you bunch of PC Lefties says:


    • 492
      Democracy Now says:

      Stop subverting our democracy by buying MPs.


    • 502
      Baffled says:

      Carrots and Milk? Is this some strange foreign idea imported by our enrichment brothers?


      • 505
        Podiceps says:

        And what the hell is an Xmas pod?


      • 506
        Richard Dworkin says:

        It’s the PC pseudo-socialist marketting bullshitter’s version of leaving a carrot for Rudolph (he’d prefer some Fly Agaric, but that’s another legend) and a glass of the strong stuff for whoever is impersonating Santa.


        • 531
          Richard Dawkins says:

          I love Christmas. It’s such a special time of year. I think it would be a shame if it dissappeared just because I’d convinced everyone there was no God.


      • 512
        Rev Paul Flowers says:

        Oh it’s amazing what you can get up to with a carrot, some milk and a compliant rent boy.


    • 509
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Actually my traditions are rent boys, ketamine and hard-core gay pornography – can I be Chairman?


  71. 482
    A Leftwit says:

    At last, the bizzies are cracking down on heinous criminals who ruin England! There’s no place for this sort of free speech here!

    A sandwich shop owner endured an eight-hour grilling by police and had his computer seized for three weeks – after cracking sick Nelson Mandela jokes on the net.


  72. 484
    M103 says:

    The coalition will have accumulated more debt than labour did in 13 years, labour increased the deficit by pumping money in to save the banks, the deficit should have vanished naturally if Osborne hadn’t borrowed as much as he has and the deficit is barely moving but the debt is rising exponentially, I think Balls has it right, Osborne is taking this country backwards.


    • 488
      M103 says:

      Double Debt Dave Cameron has doubled the National Debt in only 3 years. In fact it was only raised to 700billion after bailing out the banks…where is all the money? He loves to talk about the deficit coming down a bit but the 120billion a year is added on every year….


      • 495
        F**k the LibLabCon says:

        Keep talking to yourself.


        • 525
          Sad but True says:

          I love the way these morons only bring attention to the truth. Here are the figures from Eurostat:-

          2009: -11.4

          2010: -10.1

          2011: -7.7

          2012: -6.1

          So by the end of 2013 the Tories will have about halved the deficit bequeathed to them when Gordon spent all the money we didn’t have.


          • a person says:

            They will have halved the debt.

            The deficit concerns the difference between government income and government spending at a point in time


      • 496
        a non says:

        Gotta love that PFI interest eh :)


      • 497
        The Envelope says:

        He has to bung all the foreigners, his dad-in-law, his dad-in-law’s friends and Uncle Tom Cobbly and All.


      • 499

        Dave failed to win the 2010 election.
        Dave failed to make proper cuts to public expenditure
        Dave legalised bumsex marriage

        Dave was, is, and always will be, a traitorous useless bastard.


        • 520
          M103 says:

          Bedroom Tax
          Andy Coulson
          Rebekah Brooks
          Food Banks
          Leon Brittan
          Peter Morrison
          Osborne’s paddock scam
          Children left in the pub
          43 Government U-turns
          Minimum alcohol pricing
          Anthony Bamford
          Adrian Beecroft
          Michael Spencer
          Lord Green
          Cigarette packaging & Lynton Crosby
          Fracking & Lynton Crosby
          Peter Cruddas
          Lying under oath at Leveson
          Racist Vans
          The promotion of Esther McVey
          Escalating government debt
          Royal Mail selloff price scandal


    • 500
      We have dreamers but here we have crap says:

      Now how much did Browns aircraft carriers cost you know the ones with the unbreakable contracts, how much saving the banks cost, you know the ones Brown “set free” to give a 110% mortgages, how about the billions to fight a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, how about Brown slinking into the EU the day after a treaty was signed and signing it himself now how much is that costing us say a day, did all the money come off that tree Brown had in number 11, ffs


  73. 491
    Mandela Myths Exposed says:

    Mandela was not imprisoned for opposing apartheid, or segregation in Africa, but for being a communist terrorist murderer-bomber in service to the Soviet Union.


  74. 493
    broderick crawford says:


    Young people just going to change pension age back later

    YOUNG people have announced plans to lower the pension age by several decades once they’re in charge.
    When asked how they felt about working for another 45 years before getting a state pension, all under-25s favoured amending the law as soon those who made it get old and feeble.
    Nail artist Emma Bradford, aged 19, said: “I have to retire at 70 to pay for my granny to retire at 62? Yeah, sounds perfectly fair to me.

    “Or here’s another plan: how about we wait until all the government are dead, then just switch it back?”

    22-year-old trainee lawyer Tom Logan said: “This government telling us what’s going to be happening in 2063 is like a mayfly making big plans for next month.
    “So if they’re in power until 2020 at the latest, and me and my mates get into government in 2040, that still gives us what, 20 years to change that back?

    “Pretty sure we’ll manage it. It’ll be our second priority after legalising euthanasia.”

    Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander said: “We cannot ignore the deficit, so the only responsible thing to do is to leave all our unpaid bills for young people who can’t get jobs.

    “There is a slight risk that, when they’ve got all the money and power, the younger generation may act in their own selfish interest.

    “But our society holds the elderly in such esteem that I think we can discount that.”


  75. 515
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


    • 632

      One of the most amusing incidents on television , the look on Millibands face is a picture ,probably he saw something of himself in Balls’s incoherent ranting , I think he must know by now that the game is up.


  76. 516
    The Ukranians are revolting says:

    Toppling that statue of Lenin and disemboweling it was frankly a step too far.

    Those Ukranians should be told in no uncertain terms to go home now and respect the Rule of Law


  77. 518
    Teddy Taylor is a twat says:

    Hi righties. Did you cry when Eugene Terre Blanche died?


  78. 523
    The President of South Africa says:

    Jacob Zuma, who followed up an overnight statement with a televised address called for calm and for “responsible leadership” following the murder, describing it as a “terrible deed;” and described the murderer as “cowardly.”Zuma’s words were echoed by the AWB and organisations including AfriForum and Solidarity. Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa Commissioner of police, Bheki Cele and other high ranking police officials,and politicians visited Terre’Blanche’s family in Ventersdorp the morning after the murder to express sympathy with the family


    • 565
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Jacob menheer – just have a shower after you rape an AIDS riddled teenager and you will be fine.


    • 569
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Jacob menheer – just have a shower after you r*pe an AIDS riddled teenager and you will be fine


  79. 526
    Thoroughly Fucked off Englishman says:

    Dear Santa please can i have a big hickory baseball bat for Christmas
    also please could you grant me one hour in the parliamentary chamber ,so i can explain to these fucking maggots that run this country just how bad things are here in the real world
    Then i would like my bat complete with blood , snot , hair , embedded teeth and skull fragments to be mounted on the wall of the house , as a reminder to those who pass
    Who the fuck they are actually supposed to represent


  80. 528
    The Ukranians are revolting says:

    Threats are now openly being made against the life of the Ukranian President.

    Is Dave going to be calling an impromptu night Press Conference as he did when Nelson Mandela died?


  81. 539
    partner says:

    Diane Abbott appeared on MPs university challenge and failed to answer a single question correctly. Her entire career is based around her being a black woman, thus scoring a convenient double bullseye on tokenism. She is brain dead.


  82. 549
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Having an Xmas whip-round for MPs to thank them for their hard work + sacrifices they made in 2013. Paypal


  83. 550
    Ed Balls says:

    Frankly I couldn’t give a toss!


  84. 555
    fattabottomus says:

    I is so blick. Vas thinks he is big blick dick round here but I feel kinship to Mandiba which he can`t. So we have decided to split Africa Asia at around the Suez Canal.

    Of course I know shit about anything. But in Labour that is no barrier, all are winners, there are no losers. Except you lot.


  85. 562
    not an MP says:

    NO I think in fairness anybody who has never taken any drug at all should vote conservative, and anybody who shagged a girl when she was pissed should vote LIBDEM, any body who ever had an auntie worked in a mill should vote labour and the rest should vote for whatever cVnt is going to kick the fuckers off of the island


  86. 566
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Jacob menheer – just have a shower after you r*pe an AIDS riddled teenager and you will be fine.


  87. 570
    cheche says:

    Prince Philip and Mandela went to hospital about the same time, HRH is still alive Who bets he out lives Fidel as well


  88. 572
    Chuka Pushes Santa out of the way says:


  89. 591
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  90. 594
    H of C Spokesperson says:

    Tomorrow Monday 9 December 2013 House of Commons will be suspending
    all the businesof the house & the whole day is going to be called


    • 604
      Alf from High Street Wapping says:

      Fcuk it I’m off down the pub with no TV……..trying to get away from

      Mandela B*B*C

      Mandela MSM

      Mandela Everything

      I’m sorry he has passed on & at 95 he’s had a good innings BUT all of this

      24/7 adulation is fcuking well OTT…..

      I know I’m not the only one who see’s it that way am I ??


  91. 599
    Mandela Lookalike meets Obama Lookalike says:


  92. 619
    Ed goes Crimbo Shopping and Chuka tags along says:


  93. 622
    Teddy Taylor is a twat says:

    Hi righties. Why do you hate black people? Very simple question.


  94. 633
    Polishing the Turd says:


  95. 636
    It's Behind You says:


  96. 642
    Pathetic says:

    Seriously, what sort of fucking mindset was Stuart Broad sent out to bat with?
    Just ludicrous.


    • 674
      Johnny Major's Blue and White Army says:

      To save this test match they knew they had tp bat out the day.

      Total capitulation in 12 overs .

      Jobs in politics await.


  97. 643
    USA MSM Weather Report says:

    Extreme Snow & Ice storms over very large parts of southern & middle states now heading up the eastern seaboard to Virginia causing all sorts of travel delays & accidents before the storms hit New England. “Minus 30F” has been recorded in some parts of the country as winter strikes 2 weeks early than normal with a lot more cold weather to come next week…


    • 647
      A simple West Country Village Idiot says:

      Is this what is meant by Global Warming ?
      Or have those fcuking half wit MPs been telling Porky Pies again, the two faced
      obnoxious fcuking cnuts screwing another 20% out of us with there pay rise &
      hidden extras which they laughingly say is nothing to do with them.
      They really treat us with complete utter fcuking contempt these fcuking slime balls
      from all three parties who are all in it together against….. US !


    • 649
      An annual event says:

      That would be due to the top bit of the earth currently being tilted away from the sun.


      • 655
        Podiceps says:

        It reminds me of W.S. Gilbert’s letter to the management of the Metropolitan Line: ‘Sir, Saturday morning, although recurring at regular and well-foreseen intervals, always seems to take this railway by surprise.’


      • 656
        Podiceps says:

        It reminds me of W.S. Gilbert’s letter to the management of the Metropolitan Line: ‘Sir, Satuгday morning, although recurring at regular and well-foreseen intervals, always seems to take this railway by surprise.’


  98. 646
    not an MP says:

    of course nobody knows what is going to hit them JAN1, I know and I hope it shows people that the society that we had made was a society that could leave a church open, was a place that could leave something out and not worry about it being nicked, the structure of society is going to go tits up JAN 1 and the fuckers in parliament have done it and they want to hide their face in shame.


  99. 652
    Ballox Economic says:

    Balls is extremely economical with the truth! It is the only thing he excels in. He is an arrogant, unapologetic liability, who is unable to empathise with the voters and the pain they have endured under the recent economic climate. All thanks to Labours mismanagement of the economy. Self -serving ScUmBalls. What a Banker! He will never learn from his mistake!


  100. 653

    Lord Kinnock says rich should pay more tax – Indi

    He continued that it was very clearly Labour’s unerring policy.

    Unerring? Only a fool fails to learn from experience.

    Perhaps the unelectable old Welsh Windbag, who never achieved anything apart from being a drain on the public purse, could examine how well that approach has worked for M Hollande?


    • 654
      Podiceps says:

      Vain hope. No one can learn from experience and remain a socialist. It is the business of socialism to apply the same old nostrums again and again, and if the patient doesn’t get better, that’s his fault.


      • 658
        Not an EUSSR Finance Member says:

        Just thought it would be helpful to point out this Welsh Wind Bag is still
        receiving a large EUSSR TAX FREE pension each month

        Equality & Socialism are very odd bed fellows & none more so than the UK.


        • 662

          Much better to have worked you way up to deputy assistant clerk in a bank!


          • Sea gull says:

            Sounds like you have been sacked. Did you leave the gate open when you went for a peeee?


          • An angry taxpaying pleb says:

            If you think you have a future expecting an ever decreasing number of hard workers paying an ever increasing tax burden to pay for an ever increasing State provision and expenditure perhaps you better think again.


  101. 657
    ViSIOnOn says:

    With Ed Balls, Labour can now take the fight to George Osborne ……/ed-balls-labour-fight-osborne‎
    20 Jan 2011

    the Guardian never tire of being wrong.


  102. 670
    Weathergirl says:

    Carole’s knockers are getting bigger, aren’t they?


  103. 678
    A reporter from the Daily Planet says:

    David Cameron’s cat Larry has been to the vets recently.

    Guess who has ended up paying the bill.

    Merry Xmas to everyone.


  104. 679
    Panesar nought says:

    There is no place for any more people within the EU.

    It is morally indefensible for David Cameron and Nigel Farage to watch the scenes of bedlam in Ukraine and not speak out.

    They should both be on TV now telling the Ukrainians they will not be allowed in the Club and best all go home before they start fighting one another.


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