December 5th, 2013

Woolwich Terror Suspect “Intrigued By This Guy Nigel Farage”

Woolwich terror suspect Michael Adebolajo’s warped police interview statements are being shown in court. He says he is “intrigued by this guy called Nigel Farage”, and that if Farage were in charge “we can negotiate on anything”. Someone should show him Farage’s statement in the aftermath of the attack:

“We are all left horrified by this appalling attack on the peaceful streets of London, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the young man who was killed and those who were affected. I hope and believe that this is an isolated incident and appeal for calm amongst all our communities.”

Little doubt about how that “negotiation” would go.

H/T @joshhalliday

UPDATE: A UKIP source responds saying this is “a delusional statement from a sickening individual”.


  1. 1
    Plan B says:

    Farage is the new Messiah

    • 22
      Popeye says:

      The death penalty should never have been abolished.
      These two “animals”, ran down and butchered an unarmed man.
      More to the point, why are they still in the land of the living, they made threatening advances toward armed police officers, while holding weapons, so they should, in a real world be dead.

      • 28
        The Real World says:

        They got shot lots of times, woke up in ICU surrounded by angry plods and just as they were recovering in pre-jail they got beaten so badly thier teeth started falling out. And they still have life in real jail surrounded by psychos to look forward to.

        • 33
          FFS says:

          By “life” you mean 20 years, but with 1/3rd off when they decide at the last minute, having said their bit in court, that they are guilty after all, so down to 14 years. Then 50% off for “good behaviour” while in gaol (i.e. not actually starting a riot or murdering anybody in the prison).

          So 7 years in all.

          • Anonymous says:

            If you think they’ll only get 7 years, you are mad.

          • The BBC (envy of the world) says:

            Does UKIP attract extremist supporters?

            That’s what we’ll be asking at every opportunity.

          • The Real World says:

            Nobody is going to let these mongs out of prison. The term ‘life’ has been devalued over the years but in cases like this the system means it.

          • Hand of History says:

            “Nobody is going to let these mongs out of prison.”

            Why not? The let the Irish murderers out, and put half of them on the public payroll.

          • Tom Catesby. says:

            These two arseholes will get full life tariffs.

      • 47
        Tom Catesby. says:

        Maybe the armed plod weren’t as good a shot as the ones who shot the innocent Brazilian?

      • 57
        golly says:

        The delusion lies totally with the two bush barbarians whose proto-neanderthal butchery should be repaid with a thousand of the deepest cuts inflictable by a blunt instrument. Hanging is too kind an option for such unremitting savages and members of an unspeakable cult.

    • 32
      Arse says:

      “UKIP respond saying this is “a delusional statement from a sickening individual”

      … enough about Farage. What does Adebolajo think?

    • 62
      Ralph Millband from beyond the grave says:

      Even international terrorists can see UKIP is going to replace Lab/Con/Lib.

      What would be delusional would be seeking to negotiate with Clegg

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone able to explain why the plod was allowing this idiot to storm out of the interviews?

    • 4
      Common Purpose says:

      Political Correctness

      • 23
        Popeye says:

        This is what our armed forces, protecting us from terrorists and child murderers get.

        “High Court strips experienced marine of his anonymity despite warnings from his lawyers that he and his family would be a target for extremists”.

        Well I don’t suppose any judge will be a target?

        • 39
          Effed Off says:

          OK let’s have the name of marine A (not), let’s also have Rapist Z, terror suspect Q, Asylum seeker Y names as well. All you woolly liberals make me barf.

          If A’s family are targeted (Please not) then I am sure we will have hordes of ‘helpful’ yuman rites vermin, I mean lawyers falling over themselves to prosecute whoever thought naming was a good idea?

    • 5
      Mitch says:

      They can’t make a person talk? But obviously his strange behaviour could well go against him with the jury.

      • 8
        Anonymous says:

        Agreed, but why did they allow him to storm from the room? If whitey tried doing this he would have had a baton twating him beside the ear..

      • 16
        Wendi and Cherie Tag team says:

        As could the video footage of him butchering the body of Lee Rigby – surely attacking a soldier, purely because he is a member of the armed forces is treason in addition to murder – good old Tony did what he was, and still is being paid to do (well) by his Wahhabbi patrons

    • 6
      Body & Doyle says:

      …because he was an MI6 operative?

      • 7
        Alan Alan Alan says:

        Well said. They might be able to fool the numpties who read the Sun and wear Help For Heroes t-shirts but most people with at least a couple of brain cells can see how this whole thing was set up. He was allowed to leave the cops interviews to speak to his handlers and say what he was told to say like this little Farage slur. Guido has sunk to new lows by reporting this and he is a Maggie loving Paddy who works for a man that h@cks dead girls phones.

        • 17
          FatPeopleEatTooMuch says:

          Missing girls. Whilst working with the police to try and find said girl you moronic imbecile. The Guardian depends on gullible fuckwits like you. But the good news Alan is this: I’m sure Nick Davies will tickle your balls for a tenner. My Lord he needs the money.

        • 24
          Anonymous says:

          He was allowed to leave the interviews? Seriously? He was allowed to pick up the phone?

          • Tom Catesby. says:

            If he was able to walk away from a formal interview in a police interview room under caution (presumably) This requires investigation.

        • 26
          A-Bomb says:

          Alan – there is a crack in your tinfoil hat. Best get it fixed.

      • 64
        Anonymous says:

        Michael Adebolajo’s did speaches for the loony left UAF who are funded by Cameron and Ed Milliband

    • 13

      The abu-babu-fellow has clearly been put up to say this, probably with a bribe of, if not quite 72 then an attenuated number of “living intact partners”, as a Political-EnemyClass strategy to smear Ukip a little bit more than has been the case up till now.

      • 31
        The Real World says:

        If this is true it’s a crap tactic. Joe public only remembers black guy chops up white guy on London street. Good luck spinning that into an anti-UKIP vote.

        • 50
          Tom Catesby. says:

          As a voter waiting to vote UKIP at the next possible opportunity, I would happily wait my turn in the queue to jump up and down in hiking boots, on the balls of the two pieces of shit who murdered Lee Rigby. A plot to stitch up UKIP? Behave yourselves!

          • golly says:

            Don’t know why anyone is bothering to spend money on a costly trial, move straight to summary execution, the two sub-animal bush barbarians are admitted war criminals.

  3. 3
    Matt Kelly says:

    Are you bigging up Farage because he condemned the attack on Lee Rigby?????

    What next, does he disapprove of drowning live puppies in a bag?

  4. 9
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    I i was in charge he would be on the end of a rope by now

    • 18
      El Cid says:

      Agree but oops slightly underestimated the bodyweight – just leave him for a while – autoerotic asphyxsia foreplay before the 72 goats come in

  5. 10
    Yampy Jock says:

    “a delusional statement from a sickening individual”

    But nevermind Farage’s response…

    I’m here all week

  6. 12
    Jack Ketch says:

    Who will teach our police how to shoot properly?

  7. 14
    Rustybear says:

    Delusional yes. Mad yes. I think, however, everyone is missing the point (deliberately?) It is that fact that Farage has quite consistently stated that we should not be pursuing futile wars in countries that we should leave well alone. What those monsters did to Lee Rigby was disgusting but so was what our political class and judiciary have done to Marine A. Making him fight in an unwinnable war with no clear objectives in conditions that we probably all simply cannot imagine. Then hang him out to dry for going over the top. Then making his name public and him a target to nutters like the killers of Lee Rigby.

    • 21
      General Allenby says:

      + 80,000 (in the regular army)

    • 27
      He gets it says:


    • 29
      DoveHawk says:


      and what’s the point in sending our troops to “fight for our country” in foreign wars when we are giving our country away to any immigrant that wants it.

      • 59
        golly says:

        … not to mention breeding bush barbarians with a penchant for religiously inspired butchery. Take them out and swing them over a long drop into a shark infested ocean but prick them first to make them bleed.

    • 45
      Sarah says:

      Fuck him the roided up twunt, I hope they hack his wifes head off first

  8. 15
    what's-his-name, Nick Clegg says:

    At least he remembered my name. I was worried for a moment!

  9. 19
    Farage Warrior says:

    Even Al Qaeda can see UKIP is the future for Britain.

    Presumably this will stop Lab/Con/Lib’s constant EDL smears against UKIP.

    I can’t see the fat bald tattooed ‘ingerlund’ lot voting UKIP now the ‘muslamics’ like Nigel.

  10. 20
    General Allenby says:

    The Arab greatly admres and respects the traditional Englishman’s discipline, self – restraint, and word of honour. An Englishman’s word is proverbial in the Arabic language.

    He respects srength, the strength that our ancestors drew from from moral certainty.

    This sis a long way from the degraded weakness, the eeksi-peeksi hand wringing apologetic, bum sex promoting pan European values of Nick ‘n’ Dave.

    Dave you can’t make everyone love you by kow towing and bending over backwards. you can make them respect you by growing a fuking back bone and standing up for something you actually believe in.

    • 51
      Tom Catesby. says:

      What will he need to do first general, get a backbone or find something he really believes in?

  11. 25
    Two peas in a pod says:

    Kippers and jihadis are similar on so many levels. Like how many of Nigel’s barmy army wouldn’t secretly like to throw gays off mountains? And have you noticed they literally blame every last thing on immigrants/EU like the jihadis blame the Jews – and some of the kippers blame Jews too at that.

  12. 34
    Anonymous says:

    I think there is one simple truth here that we all ignore at our peril, within our society are a number of people who do not like our society and want to alter it. A large number of these people have been allowed to stay here by the society and its lackeys. The easy way to stop this situation escalating is to say no to anymore people coming here. That way we remove any cross cultural clashes or misunderstandings.
    I am sure the Polly Toynbee groupies will be calling me a facist or a racist. I have not mentioned any colour, religion, gender or political leaning.

    It might be easier if all of the guilty white middle class lefty apologists were shot first but saying that would ruin my argument. Ooops !

  13. 35
    Farage Warrior says:

    Nigel Farage is in fact Allah

    Kneel before Zod

  14. 36
    Andrew 'Thrasher' Mitchell says:

    The Police are clearly lying, Rigby cut his own head off in an attempt to toxify Islam again , I want the Police Officer to say on oath Michael Adebolajo had a knife. Ch4 has CCTV that shows no knife and is edited so there is not enough time the attack. The police are lying plebs who should know their place

  15. 38
    Smack My Nigella Up says:

    Did someone say Charlie.

  16. 53
    Klaus Henchmann says:

    Nigel Farage.

    ‘Admired and respected by his friends’.

    ‘Feared and respected by his (our) enemies’.

    Result…..for the British.

    God bless and get well soon Nigel.

  17. 55
    flophouse says:

    If they’d raised their arm brandishing a smart phone the old bil would most certainly have blown them away…

  18. 56
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious he’s going for the insanity defence. Should be a slam dunk after a statement like that.

  19. 63
    fed-up in britain says:

    they should cut adebolajos throat with a blunt spoon slowl………..y.

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