December 5th, 2013

SKETCH: The Week the Speaker Lost Control of the House

Suddenly, it’s not circus and ringmaster but chair-poking lion tamer and circling lions.

For years, John Bercow has been Labour’s Speaker. They have colluded. They meet and plot. They brief mutually.

On Monday night, Bercow was pursuing an obscure and insignificant change to standing orders and he was abandoned by the Labour Whips. Their front bench opposed him. The Motion failed and he was humiliated in the House.

He realized that it’s a one-way street. Labour colludes with him only insofar as it damages Tories.

Was this why he snapped at two Labour MPs in the Autumn Statement, including Chris “Well done, John!” Ruane?

More important, he failed to protect his old ally Ed Balls. The noise during the shadow chancellor’s turn was unrelenting. Bercow couldn’t control the Tories.

And he tried.

“It doesn’t bother me,” he said, trying to restore order. “It just lengthens the proceedings. I enjoy chairing.”

He stood there in a Tory storm of “More! More! More!” smiling a brave, fixed smile. Then he sat down and didn’t try again.

Fairly or not, Labour resented this.

It was an old prediction of mine, that Bercow’s partisan treatment of Tories would create a reaction and ultimately he would lose control of the House – and thereby his authority, and finally his position.

That would be the Aesop morality that sometimes comes to pass in politics – where leaders are undone by their own flaws (Blair by the War, Brown by his – oh, where to start?)

We’re not quite there with Bercow, but at least everyone can see how it might happen.


  1. 1
    The Real World says:

    Bercow is a twat and will be replaced by a twat.

    • 24
      Ed Twelvety Balls says:

      Oh dear, what an OmnishamBalls!


      • 57
        broderick crawford says:



        • 82
          GORDON BROWN says:

          The use of caps is often a sign of mental illness

          • Sir Chalmondely Pompous-Arrselicker QC says:

            Gordon, old chap! Do you recall how we used to put caps in the tramlines when we were kids. Ah, those innocent pleasures..

            Anyone know if you can still buy a roll of caps these days? Or a gun to use them in?

          • Ferdinand Ficklewidget says:

            Perhaps he should be taken into care by Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust.

    • 27
      Psyche the Dog says:

      “The Week the Speaker Lost Control of the House” Come on Geedes, it has not just happen this week it has happened since he has been speaker, that is not news, surely he has the authority to halt proceedings until order is restored, why doesn’t he use it? It might create more sober proceedings in the house instead of resembling the the old Bedlam hospital

    • 188
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Ding Dong the racist terrorist is dead.

    • 258
      Indeed and it should not be cotroversial as that is what Mandela did do says:
  2. 2
    Mr Miliband says:

    Must do better

  3. 3
    Blunt says:

    No one likes a traitor.

  4. 4
    Nad's Nads says:

    I’d swallow the wee lad whole

  5. 5
    Alan Breeze says:

    Windy today. Did any more wind generators explode, apart from Balls that is?

    • 28
      Psyche the Dog says:

      The four I can see haven’t even been turning

      • 62
        broderick crawford says:


      • 135
        Non taxable pikey says:

        That’s because it’s too windy. The same storm is hitting Germany and private wind turbine owners (mainly farmers) have been told that while the wind persists they will receive a reduced payment from the energy companies.

      • 165
        Snoop Doggy Woof Woof says:

        The turbines are locked down when it gets too breezy.
        The wrong kind of wind as they say.
        Shame they can’t take advantage of all that raw power, especially in view of the low temperatures we’re currently enduring. Never mind, they’ve got fossil fuel generators on permanent standby for times when the wind is too fast or not fast enough.

        • 296
          Ed Milliband says:

          Thank goodness for good old British Gas

          • aka says:

            Russian or Qatari, now we’ve sucked the North Sea dry to pay into our prudent Sovereign Wealth Fund (didn’t we?).

          • Psyche the Dog says:

            ” Sovereign Wealth Fund ” Unfortunately the UK never had one, Maggie used the income to pay off all the redundances in the heavy manufacturing and associated industries and all the unemployed (the government prefered definition of unemployed was altered many times) north of Brum. One country that did create a S.W.F. which now is very large is Norway.

          • Sir Chalmondely Pompous-Arrselicker QC says:

            If Scargill and the others had been born Norwegian, they would not have a penny left!

  6. 6
    Toilet cleaner says:

    Excellent sketch

    Unlike so many other scandals submerging Westminster at the moment, about which we can laugh

    This evil little man has nothing funny about him in any way

    He and his wife are cheap, sordid and underhand

    They must be flushed out of the Houses of Parliament before they do any more damage

    Like the unpolished terds they are

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Bercow was put their to stuff the Tories

  8. 8
    Banana Republic Britain says:

    Nice sketch Mr Carr.

  9. 9
    T Doutting says:

    Irrespective of Bercow, just watching the intolerable behaviour of our elected MP’s in the House today & it is no wonder why thousands or even hundreds of thousands of ordinary, reasonably behaved people, young, not so young & getting on a bit ( like me ), have turned off politics. It’s not apathy, it’s disgust at posh boys and girls of all parties playing games about people’s lives & futures. Who, in their right mind would waste a breath, never mind a vote on these ignorant bastards !

  10. 10
    Fact Hunt says:

    Betty Boothroyd.

    Tis all.

  11. 11

    Nice one, Sіmon, if it is you as it does not carry your byline. However, stylistically it fits.

    Not an outcome for the Speaker that I had anticipated. One is tempted to say (if you are proved right) that these things are self-correcting but, oh boy, don’t it take a time?

    Some long popcorn, perhaps.

  12. 12
    Nick Robinson, Norman Smith and John Piennar says:

    We all think Ed Balls was magnificent today, what a speaker, what a man!

    • 15
      Robert Petson says:

      Oi – don’t forget me!!

      • 22
        Nick Robinson, Norman Smith and John Piennar says:

        Yes, Bob you’re on right now telling everyone that it’s gloomy today, see Ed Balls is right!!!

    • 25
      Ed Twelvety Balls says:

      You don’t think it was an omnishamBalls then?

    • 42
      yes ukip can says:

      Our children are now starting to see the signs of what 13 years of disastrous Labour government has in store for them. Working longer and getting into more debt before they even get a job. And having to fight against millions of immigrants for that job.

      • 66
        broderick crawford says:


        I understand vast opportunity exists there for blood doning work .

        • 115
          border controls? says:

          saw common market mr smug on RT last night.

          paraphrasing he said cameroon can take a running jump as he had signed up to free boarders / borders.

          • The British Public says:

            The majority of the British public disagree. We pay their salaries. It is about time these people started to obey their employers.

          • Roma says:

            Is ok, we Roma not fight for your job.

            Job is last thing on mind.

    • 72
      nellnewman.` says:

      Indeed bullyballs was the most magnificent comedian of the HoC ever. I used to think gordon would always hold that crown but bullyballs seized the comedian’s crown today with immense panache.

  13. 14
    Ziggy says:

    It’s obvious that the majority of MPs, ministers and advisors / civil servants have been recruited / promoted way beyond their abilities!! To the detriment of this country!!!

    • 44
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Ziggy, it not dependent whether they are intelligent, hard working, etc but, by their connections, nowadays seems also dependent on whether they were son/daughter of an MP or former MP, and of course crawled around party HQ for a safe seat. Little crosses put them there, nothing else.

  14. 16
    Nigella! says:

    Is Ed Miliband on drugs? His policies are shit! As for Balls there is no hallucogenic drug on the planet that can match that level strangeness of being so out of touch with reality!

  15. 17
    UKIP or bust says:

    I noticed goofy ed kept on looking at bercow as if to say OK stop them, but, lol, he blanked him.

    That must have had Goofy’s head in a doubler binde: being ignored by bercow on one side and watching balls’ suicidal rant on the other.

  16. 18
    Scottish Chav says:

    may as well go the whole hog and replace him with his wife. should be worth a legal action or seven

  17. 19
    Dr Doolittle says:

    I detect incipient rosacea a condition that Fergusson endured. could develop into acne.

  18. 20
    Nick Robinson, Norman Smith and John Piennar says:

    see? Not once did we mention on the news that Ed Balls got a right kicking this afternoon, we love Ed Balls.

  19. 21
    Peter Orange says:

    A strong and assured performance from Ed Balls

  20. 23

    Bercow has just learnt that if you try to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds, you’ll get torn to pieces by both. a fitting end to the political career of a truly odious man.

  21. 29
    Podiceps says:

    ‘leaders are undone by their own flaws …’
    Blair wasn’t undone. He got out in good time and settled down to his life’s task of earning obscene amounts of money for doing nothing of the slightest value. Brown sort of lost an inconclusive election and is no longer the leader of his gang, but he too is coining money in a way that any rational person finds incomprehensible.

    Enoch Powell said that all political careers end in failure. That may have been true in his day, but it isn’t now. Be utterly bad in every way, and you will find wealth and fame.

    • 34

      It all depends upon how you classify failure. My impression is that whilst Blair is rich, he is unlikely to be happy. It shows in his face and particularly in his eyes.

      • 45
        Peter Grimes says:

        There is then, some small justice!

        Hallelujah! (As Saint Tone of Blair might exclaim.)

      • 309
        Jesus says:

        Yes, he lost his soul and he knows it, hence his late coversion to Catholicism.

        It won’t save him mind. Rich man, eyes of needles and all that. Oh, and then there was Iraq.

  22. 32
    Master Mindless says:

    I sincerely hope that his children end up as short as he is.

  23. 35
    Rightwinggit says:

    “They have colluded. They meet and plot. They brief mutually.”


    PLEASE let there be proof!

  24. 36
    Writing's on the wall says:

    Serves the c-unt right.

  25. 37
    Fishy says:

    Someone in Milibands’ office has said this afternoon that (Labour’s) response to the Autumn statement could have been expressed in a different way.

    Time for DUEBA

    • 93
      Lampshade says:

      Sod ‘im. This is the time for the Labour Party to break up into its constituent factions.

      • 354
        Psyche the Dog says:

        I think the Tory’s could split into just 2, The London and South East of England Conservatve Party and the Democratic Conservative Party of England. Liebore could always have been described in the past 60 odd years, the Democrats and the Far Left of Centre Socialist Party.

  26. 38
    nellnewman says:

    Chancellor’s Autumn Statement Full Of Hot Air.

    • 64
      nellnewman. says:

      Oh Hello Little Moniker Thief I thought you’d gone off to do something useful!

      Wasn’t bullyballs seriously funny and deluded today in his response to the Autumn statement? I rather thought when gordon scuttled off to brood in his kircoddy study in 2010 that we had lost our national comedian – I think bullyballs might be his natural successor #SaveEdBalls

    • 69
      broderick crawford says:

      QUEEF LOVER !!!

    • 160
      cured lefty says:

      I told you before youre a boring khunnt go on correct my grammar ars

      • 176
        cured lefty says:

        New phone arrrrggjhh post directed. At moniker theif go on correct my spellin your still a boring k uunt

  27. 39
    David Laws says:

    “…leaders are undone…”

    Bercow is not a “leader”. He’s a parasite.

    • 55
      Podiceps says:

      They are all parasites. We have political parasites at the top and benefit parasites at the bottom, like head lice and pubic lice.

  28. 43
    Ballox Economics. says:

    Hee! Hee!

  29. 46

    Don’t forget that even if the debt is not paid, the interest on the debt must be.

    If interest rates go up, as unemployment goes down, then that will be a big bill for the country to pay.

    • 52
      yes ukip can says:

      Every five years of Labour government equates to an extra year our children will have to work before they get their state pension.

      • 85

        I fear, sir, that you are mistaken.

        Labour can easily spend, in under a year, a sum with no corresponding benefit which can necessitate delaying the pension by another year.

        Indeed, if they managed to get a five year term, I should not be surprised if the pension age had to be deferred to 80 or beyond. Two terms and only centenarians would qualify.

        • 360
          Sniper says:

          As somebody said yesterday, a whole day of pension waffle bollox on the air waves and not one person/interviewee with the nous or guts to say something along the lines:

          “…yes but, this country used to have one of the finest and soundest private pension schemes in the world where folk worked and regularly put a little spare cash into it so that they would be able to live comfortably on the proceeds in their twilight years without being any sort of burden on the State – until some Scotch loony stole it and watered it against the nearest wall. That is why we and our kids will have to work a bit longer”…etc

          This point needs to be made more frequently in the face of daft questioning.

    • 75
      Dimmy Dave's Roma Apocalypse says:

      “If interest rates go up, as unemployment goes down”

      Don’t worry. Dimmy Dave’s going to make sure unemployment goes up.

  30. 48
    Sally says:

    So he was humiliated in the House? Not nearly so humiliated as he is in our house. My gipsy boyfriend takes the piss out of him as much of the country does.

  31. 49
    Owen Jones says:

    Christmas tree has arrived.

  32. 51
    Lenin McCluskey says:

    Can we, then, rely upon such a comrade as Bercow?

  33. 59
    DAVE'S FIRE SALE theres no money left says:

    About three years after he lost control of his wife

  34. 61
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    It is going to be a truly dirty general election campaign in 2015.

    Make no mistake,I’ll see to that.

    • 68
      nellnewman. says:

      Well let’s be fair – election campaigns don’t get any dirtier than the 2010 one when the then PM gordon brown publicly called a respectable elderly member of the electorate , who was a labour voter, a bigot. It doesn’t get any nastier than that!

      • 90
        Old Arak says:

        Personally I think that having governments elected on the basis of blatantly gerrmandered constituencies, rigged postal voting and a deliberate inbalance between the different countries is far more disgusting that an idiot slagging off one of his ardent supporters

    • 70
      Sally says:

      I luv it when you talk dirty.

    • 123
      UKIP or bust says:

      Then there’s that smearing of members wives turnout with balls brown and mcbride. Any other party would have to go some to top that.

  35. 76
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    If Marine A has now been named with photos of him as well, then why shouldn’t the murderers of Jamie Bulger be named and photos shown. It stinks!

  36. 77
    Master Owen Jones says:

    My GP says my bot-bot has aged prematurely due to overuse. I have a rectal age of 73!

  37. 80
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:
  38. 81
    Klaus Henchmann says:

    When the British ran the country the Speaker was a powerful and central figure in Parliament.

    But most ordinary folk didn’t know their names.

    They were Elected and carried out their Duties with Solemnity and Dignity.

    What went Wrong ??

    • 87
      Athelstan says:

      We were infiltrated by foreigners

    • 335
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      A Roma got the job and you know the rest.

    • 362
      Sniper says:

      We – no, not we; some bloody treacherous politician – allowed people with nationalities and/or citizenship from other countries to stand for election to OUR Parliament.

      Bloody stupid introducing your own fifth column into the centre of government. Only British BORN citizens should be eligible to stand for Parliament.

  39. 84
    Reader says:

    So what I want to know is this: was Ed Balls drunk?

  40. 89
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:
  41. 92
    White rabbit says:

    I felt rather sorry for Ed Balls today. For some reason he reminds me
    of Mister Jingle. Perhaps the other Ed ought to buy him a ticket for the
    West Indies.

    • 95
      Pick litter for bennies says:

      Ed Balls resigns from front line politics due to a policy/philosophy/denial vacuum.

    • 97
      RED, RED WHINE says:

      He went into total nuclear meltdown. Perhaps he should be called Ed Chernoballs.

    • 104
      nellnewman.` says:

      I am reminded that bullyballs was a part of damian mcbride’s no 10 smearing unit, that bullyballs was gordonbrown’s right hand man in the Chancery, that it was bullyballs’ idea to sell off our gold at brown bottom and that it was bullyballs who presided, as Secretary of State for Education over the rise in youth unemployment to near a million!

      I don’t feel sorry for him. I just hope he and his cohorts never ever get back in power!

      • 107
        Technomist says:

        I don’t feel sorry for him either. I remember when he told the people of one of London’s poorest boroughs that rather than the truth – that there was a huge flood of immigrants taking up all the places – the reason there were not enough places for their children in the local primary schools was that not enough of them had been sending their children to private schools.

    • 106
      Ed Balls says:

      Stood up – boos – catcalls – no end of a ding-dong – Hon. member for Loamshire going at it hammer and tongs – yours truly the anvil – Hon Member for Eatanswill apoplectic – general disorder – screams and bellows – attempted dignified speech – sadly disappointed.

  42. 100
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Like football referees, the best Speakers are the ones you don’t notice.

    Some predicted that televising the Commons would spoil the behaviour of MPs, but that would have been impossible. In fact, it has ruined the behaviour of Speakers, who now seem to think that they are the star comperes of a quiz show, while the MPs are the dunderheaded contestants.

    • 108
      Tony BENN'S,s will says:

      I think parliament is at its best when it’s rowdy,you see everyone,s body language and there,s no hiding, kill that and you killEngland and the United Kingdom

    • 124
      Osric says:

      You may have something there. Maybe what is needed is for the cameras to stop showing the Speaker altogether.

  43. 113
    Nipple spotter says:

    I love this

    Young model appears in public not realising she is sporting a bare nipple and tit

    Are they these wannabe celeb kids on the white stuff as well?

    Just look at her ashen white face as well

    • 116
      Pine cone says:

      Why do I not believe a word of that guff about her not knowing?

    • 122
      nellnewman.` says:

      Is that the same as bullyballs not knowing he’s a failed economist. ‘Being in Denial’ at it’s finest!

    • 138
      White rabbit says:

      Miss, if you’re going to drown those puppies can I have the one with the pink nose ?

  44. 119
    UKIP or bust says:

    When Mcklsuky demanded that balls put more red meat in his reply to the Autumn statemant, he didn’t mean his ugly boat.

  45. 130
    Mr Weetabix (and NSA) says:

    ‘The Motion failed and he was humiliated in the House.’
    ‘More important, he failed to protect his old ally Ed Balls. The noise during the shadow chancellor’s turn was unrelenting.’

    Maybe just a reminder that Labour needs him more than he needs Labour. Or a more basic you screw me and I’ll screw you.

    • 137
      nellnewman.` says:

      Ah. The discredited leftwing of British politics is currently in disarray!

      Up a creak without a paddle as they say!!

  46. 132
    The British media are cunts says:

    Mandela dead?

    • 149
      Someone in Salford says:

      Ooooh look over there. It’s windy. All sorts of people we don’t usually care less about are getting wet.

  47. 133
    Anonymous says:

    No one has yet picked up upon the most worrying aspect of this case; Osborne is Smiling for gods sake.

    • 139
      nellnewman.` says:

      No. Osborne was roaring with laughter at the idiocy of the opposition . I’m no politician but even I was left breathless with bullyballs ridiculous statement !

  48. 136
    The British media are cunts says:

    So it’s party time, I wonder if the BBC will be gleefully reporting all those people celebrating Mandela’s death, like they did with Fachur?

    Female beeboid was almost in tears.

  49. 140
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


    • 147
      nellnewman. says:

      The old RedEd eyes todays RedEd!

    • 339
      Nigellissimus says:

      Ed: Fancy a coke after work?

      Ed: I’ve had two lines already!

    • 365
      Sniper says:

      Oh my. Just imagine those two going to negotiate with the Chinese or the Russians. Ed’s bro was firmly told to pisov by the Ruski Foreign Minister. Might still be lots more fun lying in wait for us all.

  50. 142
    nellnewman.` says:

    It is apparently true. Nelson Mandela has passed away. The world does not produce too many genuinely great people – Mandela was one of them. Mandela made a great impact on the world – He has earned his Peace . RIP.

    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      For every Mandela, there are a thousand other people who weren’t in the right place at the right time.

    • 154
      The British media are cunts says:

      Margaret Thatcher was a great woman and leader, the BBC scum happily danced on her grave. Mandela was a terrorist, never forget that.

    • 159
      Imagine says:

      He should have gone into the movies. He’d have been good in the Shawshank redemption.

      Dreadful wife.

    • 166
      Anonymous says:

      Wasn’t he a terrorist?

  51. 143
    BBC Leftard says:

    3 days of national mourning everyone!

  52. 144
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    One last joke tonight ………………vote Tory.

  53. 145
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    I’ve just cracked open a bottle champagne!

    • 153
      Tristram Hunt(Prime Minister Designate) says:

      So I have I !

      YouGov/Sun poll tonight: Labour on a 12 point lead – biggest since May. CON 29%, LAB 41%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 14%…


  54. 148
    Angela Merkel says:

    OH GOTT. Nelson Mandela ist gestorben :O

    • 156
      Van Rumpy says:

      Does this mean we’ll be able to rename Brussels?

      Nelson Mandela City has a certain ring to it.

  55. 150
    The British media are cunts says:

    The last time I saw the BBC so close to tears was when their Cocaine dealer was locked up, it’s pathetic.

    Grow up BBC mongs.

    • 157
      Anonymous says:

      Quietly watching BBC2 prog about nuclear subs, up flashes message – breaking news on BBC1. Of course had to look – Mandela dead.
      Very sad, he had a good innings, now get over it. Is this of national importance ???
      Whats wrong with the BBC ???

    • 201
      Another mug taxpayer says:

      Normal programming already cancelled. QT will be horrific. Was looking forward to seeing Balls on This week, but there’s no point watching now I suppose

    • 284
      cynic says:

      So much fuss about a dead black politician. Nothing about the thousands of white farmers murdered in South Africa.

      • 368
        Sniper says:

        Has the hippo had anything to say about it yet? Have not seen anything so far. Maybe she is still in shock at such unexpected news.

  56. 152
    Another Engineer says:

    Drowning white people in Clacton vs a dead black person (who has been dead for months, lets be honest).

    Which story will the BBC go with? Anyone care to guess?

  57. 155
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    That’s one less terrorist!

  58. 158
    The British media are cunts says:

    Ding ding Mandela is dead, yes you left wing fucking cuuntz suck my cock you shirt lifting lefty bastards.

  59. 161
    The British media are cunts says:

    Scargill, Bliar and fucking Brown still to go.

  60. 164
    Ho hum says:

    I think we ought to buy the BBC some natty necklaces in remembrance of their hero.

  61. 168
    Dave Cameron says:

    We will fly the flag at half-cocked over Drowning Street.

  62. 169
    JH5775336885489 says:


    South Africa is far less safe than when under white rule, along with the rest of Africa. It could be the richest Continent on Earth, but cultural practices make it a hellhole.

    It’s taunt a lefty-putting-on-a-show-of-faux-mourning week folks.

  63. 172
    Gonville Bromhead says:

    Now now chaps, a bit of decorum if you please.

    Independent fire at Nelson.

  64. 173
    Thrill Seeker says:

    Will there be a 2 for 1 offer in the Mandela Bar?

  65. 177
    A Watermelon says:

    How many carbon credits does it take to burn a tyre?

  66. 178
    Jacob Zuma says:

    Hope you guys didn’t see me having a good laugh with the hos before I realised the cameras were switched on(*).

    *® Phoney Bliar

  67. 180
    RomaBob... says:

    Outrageous, they cut short Mrs Brown’s Boys to tell me an elderly terrorist is dead.

  68. 182
    Media Whore Watch says:

    FFS, now that Obama bloke is getting in on the dead Mandela action.

  69. 183
    Property is theft says:

    How rich was Mandela by the time he died?

  70. 184
    Royters news says:

    Correction: Morgan Freeman is dead – well all blacks look alike don’t they?

  71. 185
    RIP says:

    It’s a forlorn hope but nonetheless I hope the comments about Mandela’s passing won’t be riddled with racist invective and will show the same class Guido’s shown.

    • 189
      The Terrorist Won says:

      Racism does not come into it.

      Mandela was a Terrorist.

    • 192
      The last true liberal in Hampstead says:

      It isn’t racist to hate terrorists. It is racsist to laud them somply because they are black.

      • 211
        But you have no problem with a mass murdering dictator says:

        But Pinochet was a good friend, right? Gotcha.

        • 222
          the last true liberal in Hampstead says:

          Actually, I thought Pinochet was a Hunt. I had a good friend – an officer in the Chilean Air Force – who was tortured by Pinochet’s lot.

    • 193
      Media Whore Watch says:

      class Guido

  72. 186
    Horatio says:

    Oi. There’s only one Nelson up here sunshine.

  73. 190
    Sky News person says:

    Why the fuck do I have to read this utter shite?

  74. 195
    Question Time says:

    Eventually after the BBC stops wanking on and on about the terrorist Nelson Mandela our favourite presenter David Dimbledore will present the BBCs biased political debate from Londonistan.

    On the panel tonight and in no particular order:-
    Chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander
    Labour’s shadow secretary for work and pensions boring snoring Rachel Reeves
    Former shadow home secretary David Davis
    Professor of classics at Cambridge University Dr Mary Beard
    LBC radio presenter, Nick Ferrari

  75. 196
    Lefties Attack Mrs T with the Terrorist Hero Mandela says:
  76. 197
    Fact Hunt says:

    Oh Christ. Now the fucking newsreader on ITV is wearing black. The Queen hasn’t died love.

  77. 200
    Isaac Hunt says:

    The Specials are re-releasing an updated single to mark the death of a statesman:

    Free-eeze, Nelson Mandela.

  78. 202
    cheche says:

    Bet DVD sales are up

  79. 204
    The Big Yin says:

    Oh fuck it, I’m gonna have to get me a ticket to SA now to continue my emoting.

  80. 205
    Fact Hunt says:

    Oh Christ. Now the fucking newsreader on ITV is wearing black. The Queen hasn’t died love.

    The poor bastards who are being submerged under the north sea can fuck off, they’re not interested anymore. The death of a Marxist terrorist is much more important.

  81. 207
    The British media are cunts says:

    The tone of the BBC reporting of the death of a black terrorist is the total opposite to the left wing sneering the BBC gave Mrs T, get fucked you BBC dross.

    Camp male beeboids giving personal statements we don’t need, I wonder if the BBC will have any negative opinions on air? I think we know the answer to that.

    It’s Yasser Arafat all over again, what is it with the BBC and left wing terrorists?

    • 213
      BBC honours Terrorism says:

      Have the BBC mentioned that Mandela was the head of the armed section of the ANC ie an armed terrorist?

    • 225
      Lord Duckhouse of Pondlife says:

      Birds of a feather………

      British Biased Corporation news been on for 50 mins now and they are still wittering on about it.

      • 369
        Sniper says:

        W T F are you lot wasting your time but actually watching the shyte the are putting out. Go and read a book or have a few games of Freecell to give you something to do. Will be repeating all this when that Winny the Poo woman snuffs it?

        I am so glad I do not waste 145 quid a year on this bollox.

  82. 212
    The British media are cunts says:

    RT news ignoring Mandela death. What a fantastic station. Love it even more.

  83. 214
    Righties show their colours says:

    If, as many of you love to say, Mandela was a terrorist, then Mrs Thatcher welcomed a terrorist to No10 and shook his hand, ergo Mrs Thatcher associated with a terrorist.

  84. 215
    Sad Day says:

    It’s the end of an era. Almost 100 years of service and the powers that be have cruelly taken you away. Not a year went by without you residing in the minds of the British people. One may try to take your place, but nothing shall erase the memories of you.

    RIP, car tax disc.

    • 217
      Joe says:


    • 219
      Save Our Tax Disc says:

      Truly is sad. And they don’t even have to do it.

    • 239
      HRH multiculti defensor says:

      There should be a brief period of national mourning for the tax disc. Flags should flutter half-heartedly. Kilts should be ironned. Dirges dirged. Newsreaders should wear black. Failed politicians should speak in reverential tones. Hams should be baked.

  85. 223
    Joe says:

    The specious MSM seem to be falling over one another with their erroneous comments and spurious emotes, it’s very entertaining.

  86. 224
    Media Whore Watch says:

    HRH Prince William – “I am extremely under pressure to say something; anything, how ever meaningless.”

    • 371
      Royal speech writer cum twitterer says:

      Don’t know him; never met him; so don’t really give a stuff actually.

  87. 226
    Oh No he Won't says:
    • 228
    • 236
      The British media are cunts says:

      Fuck the meeja

    • 242
      For Your Information says:

      He was called a terrorist more than once. In fact, he was tried and convicted of terrorism.

    • 254
      A right thinking person says:

      I am a right thinking person and I have not mourned him today. I might be able to fit in a few minutes of mourning in the New Year after the decorations have come down.

      • 372
        Royal speech writer cum twitterer says:

        I would hope by then you will have completely forgotten who this blickfella was and the trouble he caused a nation.

  88. 227
    BBC London News says:

    Despite SA being quite a few thousand miles away I have decided to lead with the Mandela story.

  89. 230
    Terrorists United says:
    • 373
      Pretoria Herald says:

      Martin, rest easy. When your time comes you will get a whole day’s worth of endless bullshitting on RSA Radio about what a magnificent but total Hunt you really were.

      Feel better now?

  90. 231
    Nick Griffin says:


  91. 233
    The BBC says:

    A Good Day to Bury Bad News.

  92. 237
    Diane Fartbott says:

    He truly inspired me…… eat lots of pies.

  93. 241
    It is the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation isn't it? says:

    Worst storm surge to hit the UK since 1953 and all the BBC can think of is the long awaited death of an old terrorist.

    • 253
      tn02 says:


      The BBC are busying themselves in rewriting history as far as Mandela is concerned.

      Look up the likes of Helen Suzman (nee Gavronsky) who has been on NN tonight. A liberal anti-apartheid activist. She was the daughter of J’ewish Lithuanian immigrants.

      Yet another libertarian who pushed the politics of equalitarianism to the detriment of the SA state and economy. Can no one else see the pattern?

      • 293
        Alice says:

        In truth all that can be said without wearing pink tints is that Mandela was a significant figure in overthrowing apartheid, but he was a failure as a SA politician and leader, did little for SA people and turned a blind eye to greed, corruption, HIV, and much more

  94. 247
    The British media are cunts says:

    RT news still a Mongdela free zone.

  95. 250
    Ding Dong says:

    ▒█▀▀█ █▀▀█ █▀▀█ ▀▀█▀▀ █░░█
    ▒█▄▄█ █▄▄█ █▄▄▀ ░░█░░ █▄▄█
    ▒█░░░ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀▀ ░░▀░░ ▄▄▄█

    ▀▀█▀▀ ░▀░ █▀▄▀█ █▀▀   █
    ░▒█░░ ▀█▀ █░▀░█ █▀▀   ▀
    ░▒█░░ ▀▀▀ ▀░░░▀ ▀▀▀   ▄

  96. 251
    Righties show their colours says:

    Enjoy your moment, righties. Just bear in mind, as you celebrate, that not ALL left wingers celebrated Thatcher’s demise, as so many of you like to claim. Some did and they were a disgrace. But if the basis of your celebration of Mandela’s death is that a few lefties danced on Thatcher’s grave, then knock yourself out. And the only people who called him a terrorist was the violent racist apartheid regime, so it’s pretty clear where some of you are coming from. Hey, at least your friend, racist psychopath Eugene Terre Blanche, was violently killed, so we can both celebrate. Enjoy.

    • 255
      Tosh says:

      Utter Bollocks. Mandela was on America’s list of international terrorists until 2008.

      Just because Mandela was a Marxist Lefty should not blind your eyes to the blunt facts that Mandela was an armed terrorist, more than that the leader of the armed ANC. He lived and pressed his cause with naked violence. Do Not Forget that.

    • 261
      It was not like that says:

      You are looking at the frail old man. You are not looking at the young violent armed thug who was bombing his country.

      • 323
        A Litigant says:

        He is an ex-frail old man. Now he is a millionaire’s estate and markettting opportunity.

      • 374
        Matilda says:

        Oh, how I agree – it was definitely not like that…

        … and then Blair and his bunch of lefty Marxist loonies got themselves elected – and the country has never been the same since.

  97. 252
    Media Whore Watch says:

    Group Think 1 : Common Sense 0

  98. 259
    Just a thought says:

    Now Nelson Mandela has died the Government should consider giving us an extra days bank holiday.

  99. 260
    Huw Edwards says:

    Big up the black vote already!

  100. 262
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I have the greatest of respect for Nelson Mandela and hope that the modbots do not interfere here.

    The man spent 27 years of his life in prison – as a dissident.

    Message to all the politicals and those especially atop in their own jurisdictions.

    STOP – the despicable lying, deceit and deception that you practice in your own jurisdictions against your own dissidents.

    It sickens me when I personally see the current crop of politicians atop their jurisdictions – all clamouring to sing the praises of Nelson Madiba – who spent 27 years in prison.

    If only the likes of Blair – had spent one year in prison – he would not be known as a fork-tongued lying, duplicitous bastard. The Establishment need to take a very long introspective look at what thewy hide in their own back yard.

    R.I.P. Nelson – you wonderful inspiration to whistleblowers.

    • 328
      Concerned citizen says:

      Perhaps you could help?

      Should he be buried or simply state necklaced?


      • 375
        Matilda says:

        He should be cremated, then he can join Thatch in those wonderful sunlit uplands.

        • 376
          Sniper says:

          Yes, if they don’t do that his grave will require a 24 hour armed guard to keep the victims away…

  101. 263
    Dessert Rat says:


  102. 265
    Madison Avenue Dream says:

    OK, it’s 5th December 2013 and our film ‘Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom’ is opening tonight … what can we do to get maximum publicity for the film?


  103. 266
    Safrica is such a nice place to Live now.....not. says:

    Oh Gord. Now every newsreader and the bloke they’ve dragged off the street for a comment are calling the old dog Madiba as if they personally knew him.

  104. 267
    Dick Branson says:

    I’m a capitalist and a media whore. How great is that!

    ps. Fuck the lot of you.

    (sent from my tax-free island)

    • 272
      Snack fan says:

      Hey Dickie, I’m a big fan. Howya doin’? I really like your pickle. But I don’t undertsand why you have gone into the baked bean business. What were you thinking?

  105. 269
    Hain Declares War says:
    • 275
      RomaBob... says:

      Oh Peter, how silly you are………

      Remember your mate Paul Boateng?

      Boateng was such a shining example of……………….

      Did they have far right tweeters 30 – 40 years ago?

      • 378
        Burgers are bad for you says:

        They had pea brain Boateng on very early giving us his pearls of wisdom.

        Blair appointed this person as our High Commissioner/Ambassador to Cape Town. Didn’t last long as his wife was an utter disgrace and he had to be expelled/recalled at very short notice.

        Why do the tv companies always seem to call on disreputable skunks for their views?
        Lots of other equally knowledgeable folk who might have been asked instead.

        Is Archie Desi Tutu (a ballerina’s dress?) going to be asked/told to do the burial service honours?

    • 276
      Podiceps says:

      You don’t have to resort to lies when dealing with Peter Hain. An accurate account of his life will do nicely.

    • 277
      Bank Robbers Anonymous says:

      Thank you for those reflections Peter. You can go home to Africa now.

    • 319
      Joe says:

      And that from another terrorist.

    • 337
      Piter Hayne says:

      Of course the left would *never* resort to abuse, smears and lies. Oh no. And if you prove me wrong you can send me back to serth efrika.

      p.s. Don’t mention
      Alistair Campbell
      Tom Watson
      Damien McBride

  106. 270
    Anonymous says:

    Can someone please take all Winnie’s car tyres off her before any more teenage Zulus die a horrible death.

    What’s that Nelson?

    We should leave Winnie alone and let Mandela United incinerate teenagers at their discretion.

    Perhaps you should divorce her and marry some loony left wing African revolutionary’s wife – like Graca Machel.

    Oh you already did that.

  107. 279
    Meanwhile in Britain Today says:

    • 318
      Joe says:

      Several deaths in Britain from this storm too but no mention of this from the BBC who are far too busy slobbering over the death of a 95 year old South African terrorist.

  108. 280
    D L George says:

    Chap mentioned above that He was watching a prog about nuclear subs when a message blocking the lower half of the screen said
    He said He had to look, as did I. Mandella dead, sad, but it’s been expected for a very long time. Many years in fact.

    The BBC have a serious f****** problem. They’re still showing the news of Mandela’s death on BBC1 (11:45pm). Question Time was cancelled and moved to BBC2 after Newsnight. But it isn’t on. Newsnight is still on, Kirsty Walk in a black dress still gabbing about Mandella.
    Switched to Snooze 24. They’re sobbing over it too. Unbloody believable.

    That’s BBC1, BBC2 BBC Newsnight all broadcasting the same story in a slightly different way.

    BBC News NEEDS to close. There is no need for this at all.

    • 287
      Spot on says:


    • 290
      D L George says:

      That’s BBC1, BBC2 BBC Newsnight all broadcasting the same story in a slightly different way.
      Should read BBC1, BBC2 , BBC News 24.

      Can anyone remember when the BBC set aside 3 channels to broadcast the same thing? No? Neither can I.

      This is proof positive this organisation can’t get its ducks in a row.

      Remove the news from the BBC, this is proof enough they can’t be trusted with it.

      • 327
        Alice says:

        Agreed. But if proof that the BBC is totally fucked up was the only requirement it would have been gone long ago!

    • 294
      D L George says:

      Hold the fort.
      Question Time just popped on on BBC2 (12pm). It was recorded BEFORE the announcement.

      Normal service shall resume for 1 hour only.

    • 295
      News Values says:

      BBC3 stayed with American Dad.

    • 301
      Blowing Whistles says:

      100% proof that QT is not live then – despite the BBC B/S that it is.

      Please Note: the worlds deceivers [msm] have to embrace and suck up to Mandela – they allowed him to be ‘imprisoned for 27 years as a dissident in his own country … but when it comes to the UK imprisoning its own dissidents … well aint that a de noticed story

      All the Worlds fork-tongued politicals are giving it large tonight – WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITICAL – F-witted duplicitous group of low-lifes?

    • 310
  109. 283
    cheche says:


  110. 292
    LOL says:
  111. 300
    Labour wrong and wrong again don't vote for them says:

    I bet Balls can’t believe his luck in the timing of the demise of the great one

  112. 306
    Screw the media says:

    “Reunited in Heaven”


  113. 308
    Alice says:

    Reeves on QT actually said, “we have improved in Science and Maths”.
    Tell that to employers!

  114. 314
    Blowing Whistles says:

    When are Alun Cairns MP and Jenny Willott MP – going to get up off of their fat Rses and do something about Captain Kirk?

    Let’s be havin some Truth and Reconciliation in the fucked up jurisdiction of South Fucking Wales.

    Fucking ‘Regionalised’ Judges – still running their own busted trade in duplicity and totally allowed to do so by ‘the completely neutered and spineless politicians’ playing the ‘game’.

  115. 316
    J Dromey says:

    He was one of my favourites.

  116. 317
    Is that an Order? says:
    • 320
      Rest In Prison says:

      ▒█▀▀▀ █░░█ █▀▀ █░█   ▀▀█▀▀ █░░█ █▀▀   ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█░▒█
      ▒█▀▀▀ █░░█ █░░ █▀▄   ░░█░░ █▀▀█ █▀▀   ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█░▒█
      ▒█░░░ ░▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░▀   ░░▀░░ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀   ▒█▄▄▄ ░▀▄▄▀

    • 321
      Nigella says:

      Great idea. I was going to mark the happy event by baking a cake, but a spliff would definitely hit the spot.

  117. 324
    The cheese says:

    Sleep well. Don’t have any nightmares about terrorists.

  118. 325
    Alice says:

    What would any of these chancers on the QT panel know about the Cost of Living?

  119. 326
    Alice says:

    On QT, noticeable similarity between Rachel Reeves and Mary Beard – both fond of using a helluva lot of words to say sfa!

  120. 329
    Anonymous says:

    BBC coverage like Mohammed had died!

  121. 330

    Looks as if my going to bed early last night was a good move.

    RIP Margaret Thatcher

  122. 331
    illogical. says:

    Disappointed to hear the news being reported on most media outlets but confident the unfinished football stadiums will be completed in time for the World Cup.
    In other news, RIP the passing of the reformed terrorist Mandela.
    Balancing the good bits with the bad bits – Living to 95 years of age he had a pretty fair innings.

  123. 332
    Righties show their colours says:

    Hey righties. Bet you miss the “good old days of apartheid” don’t you? Your celebration today is rather hollow. He lived to 95. He outlived your pal Eugene Terre Blanche who died a sordid violent death. Don’t worry, righties. Go and watch Birth of a Nation to lift your spirits.

    • 336
      Psyche Atriste says:

      1) There never was apartheid in the UK – it’s an Afrikaans word for an Afrikaans issue

      2) Apartheid was never a left/right dichotomy

      3) You show your true colours when you bask in another human being’s “sordid violent death”

      You really need to give the left-wing porn a rest, it’s not good for your mental health.

    • 338
      illogical. says:

      Whilst realising it is disrespectful to speak ill of any dead for political point scoring, [their past actions now being water under the bridge] perhaps you could direct your venom at the media circus and family feud now present trying to milk Mandela’s death for all it is worth.
      That his remaining family are now fighting to gain control of his inheritance for personal benefit or the earlier transfer of the remains of his children/ relatives to a new site hoping to put pressure on, and change his wished for burial place, just to promote a tourist attraction? An African “Mandela World” to rival Walt’s legacy?
      What next? Some washed up Socialist singer cashing in by releasing a Mandela themed Christmas song?
      Not all ‘righties’ are heartless. You are confused.

    • 345
      Simon Schamalamadingdong says:

      He was a great British hero and should be remembered for his magnificent victory over the Belgians at Trafalgate all those years ago, which helped save the free world. To be honest, I was a little surprised to find that he was still soldiering on after all this time, but his funny dark blue shirts with the gold braid and high collars always made me smile. I think a small and dignified monument somewhere in central London would be appropriate, and perhaps the BBC could clear its schedules and pay sombre martial music for the next six months as a mark of respect. What’s that? They already have! Jolly good!

  124. 334

    Lech Wałęsa is an example of someone who lead an opposition movement without resorting to violence.

    For that reason he stands up better in comparison with Nelson Mandela who was only a pacifist from his imprisonment to his presidency and beyond. He was also a supporter of the British in WW2 but he supported armed and violent resistance in his earlier years. People of different political persuasions will take away what they wish from this.

    It is interesting that neither of these man could be regarded as good economic leaders in their respective countries. They were each really figurehead types and people of this mould often get judged by different standards from the ordinary person. Our mass reasoning tends to be somewhat erratic.

  125. 340
    Joss Taskin says:

    Has someone famous died?

  126. 341
    Foullaini says:

    Amazed to see the BBC lauding an indigenous patriot willing to resort to terrorism to wrest his country from the hands of an immigrant race who tried to take control of his countrymen’s birthright.

  127. 343
    Margaret Mandela says:

    This morning’s display, Guido, was very North Korean.

  128. 346
    Radio Bollocks says:

    Radio Bollocks will NOT be carrying any news on the old terrorist and murderer.

  129. 347
    Adam says:

    The day Lyndsey Hoyle or Eleanor Lang takes up the speakership, I’ll be able to sleep at night. Hopefully Bercow will go with a bit if dignity by not contesting the next election.

  130. 349
    George Thomas from beyond the grave. says:

    The longer Bercow stays as Speaker, the less authority The House of Commons has in the eyes of the ordinary citizen. Speakers used to be respected for their steadfast impartiality and their strict belief that Parliament was greater than them. Bercow displays neither of these essential attributes and democracy is diminished as a result.

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