December 4th, 2013

GRAPHS: Labour 20 Points Clear in Key Marginals

Two more Survation polls on key marginals out this morning. If the trends in the three constituencies polled so far turn out to be representative, it is pretty clear what the consequences are for the Tories. In Great Grimsby Labour are 20 points clear, as UKIP rise to second place on 22%:

In Dudley North Labour have another 20 point lead, with the Tories down 12% on 2010 and the LibDems on 2%, almost competely wiped out. UKIP are up on 23%.

More worryingly for the Tories, 70 percent of UKIP voters say they did not vote Tory in 2010. So they are aren’t exactly going to come home. The UKIP effect on 2015 is becoming ever clearer…


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today I will mainly be a birdcage.


    • 3
      The EU. The Biggest Fraud Ever says:

      I just hate the corrupt EUSSR and ALL that it now represents.


      • 34
        even the Chinks are laughing at PR man Dave says:

        more Buggery, that’s the ticket!


        • 40
          The British Isles aren't even in Europe FFS says:

          It is now impossible for the Prime Minister of Britain to go on a foreign Jolly and drum up trade for Britain. He has to speak as a cog in the EU and encourage trade to Europe.


          • Toxic Labour for spongers, parasites, immigrants and criminals says:

            This is a disaster, I can’t afford another vile disgusting and corrupt Labour Government. Do a deal with UKIP you Tory idiots or you’ll let putrid Ed Multimillionaireband into power.


          • Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

            It is clear that the tories are splitting the anti-labour vote in these key marginals and that it is UKIP who have the better chance of winning these seats.

            Tories in those constituencies should vote UKIP if they do not want a Labour MP to win locally.

            Tories should listen to their own argument of vote purple – get red!

            In these particular constituencies, the fact is, vote blue – get red. Don’t split the anti-labour vote where any constituency has UKIP or Tories in second place.

            If UKIP are in the top two places in your constituency, then vote UKIP.


          • The Great British Public says:

            Conservatives – Please stop splitting the UKIP vote.


          • 18th Century politician says:

            I shall be voting UKIG so as not to let Liebor in again.


        • 123
          Anonymous says:


      • 125
        Anonymous says:


    • 29
      P. Doff says:

      Is that why your wife tweets?


    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      Jolly voting weather
      We are all europhiles
      We’re very clever
      And lie to you all the while
      You fell for our promise especially the CAST IRON trick
      We’re all from Eton, and you lot are all too thick.

      If you think I’ll claim back powers,
      You haven’t got a clue
      We’ll hand the UK to Merkle,
      There is nothing that you can do
      No referendums Changes through on the nod
      I am the PM and I’m a duplicitous sod

      As for immigration
      I know it gets on your tits
      I will flood the nation
      And pay their benefits
      I am from Eton; I am one of the ruling class
      If you don’t like it, you can just kiss my ****


    • 164
      vile labour ruined my wife says:

      this website will be amazing if Labour win next time. I can’t bloody wait :D


    • 191
      lojolondon says:

      Vote Tories, get Labour! UKIP are really making inroads – nice one!


      • 199
        broderick crawford says:

        vote labour get labour

        vote tory get labour

        vote ukip get labour

        vote libdem get knotted with labour

        spoil voting slip still get labour

        vote postal certainly get labour

        stay in bed get labour

        ARMAGEDDON !!!!


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone know why this site always shows “No hotlinking please. ” instead of images? (adblocker and noscript turned off for this site)


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Time for the Tories to stop splitting the UKIP vote?


    • 80
      Camerclegband says:

      Absolutely !!! The Tories should stop splitting the UKIP vote and all vote UKIP !!


      • 108
        Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

        Most of those voting Tory agree far more with UKIP policies than Tory policies so it is idiotic of them to vote Tory. It just lets Labour in.


      • 110
        Vote UKIP, Get Liebour says:

        Why do people who make stupid comments use an excess of exclamation marks?
        How many more swivel eyed loons do UKIP have in their closet?


        • 130
          Vote UKIP - don't get Heir to Blair says:

          Nowhere near as many swivel eyed loons as the Tories have. Dave wants to invite 75 million Muslims from Turkey to come and live here. Who is the swivel eyed loon who supports him and his party?


        • 133
          Vote Torwee, get continuity Labour says:

          Keep it up, you do realise that for a Conservative re-election, you need us ‘swivel eyed loons’. What you don’t?

          Oh well goodbye torwee party, your ship is sunk, thank the nice Fabian Mr Cameron for that.


          • The Great British Public says:

            Cameron has been an abject failure.

            Most of us can see this now, its just a pity it will take most of the sheeples until 2015 to see this truth, at which point it will be too late.

            Cameron really does’t help his cause by continually lying and treatign us like idots at the back of class. The man is so fake he is transparant.

            Be rid of him and do everyone a favour, Cameron is now a liability and will cost you the election.

            While were at it, Boris is no better and simply of the same mould..

            At this late stage in the game, Conservatives should really be thinking how they can avoid splitting the UKIP vote.


    • 115
      Anonymous says:

      I find it difficult to believe these polls to be honest. Who in their right mind would vote for the vile shower of opportunists the Labour party have ended up with ? Listening to them,shrilly whingeing about things they didnt do themselves in 13 years is appalling.The same is true of ukip,Nigels knee jerk reactions to anything and everything are an absolute joke.If these people get in you wont know what has hit the country.


      • 129
        (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

        In answer to your question millions of people, they would vote for a dog turd in a red rosette.
        Get real, we’ve had it and the politicos and Beeb apparatchicks know it.


      • 135
        Abdul the envelope stuffer says:

        It could be you, for all you know.


      • 136
        cynic says:

        ‘This’ country no longer exists. Its corpse will continue to rot.


      • 138
        Vote Torwee, get continuity Labour says:

        Yeah, Labour will probably spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax and double the debt! Oh, hang on, the coalition are doing that already……..


      • 184
        Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

        Forgive my knee jerk reaction YOU F*****G TW*T
        now that feels better :-)


      • 196
        Common Sense says:

        Nige doesn’t do kneejerk. You know which angle he’s coming from all the time. He’s Mr Common Sense and you, Roger Irrelevant, and the rest of the establishment are ferked as you don’t have an answer for it. I will sit down with my popcorn, fag and a pint and watch the painful (hopefully) decline of you traitors. What really pizzes me off is that most of you have relatives who fought for the sovereignty of our country. You pizz on the graves of those who gave you freedom. Go rot, please.


    • 137
      Pundit Too. says:

      “70 percent of UKIP voters say they did not vote Tory in 2010″.
      Seems more worrying for Labour and Lib Dems if this IS the case as they will NOT return to THEM.


      • 161
        Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

        Indeed, the mainstream media are working very hard to ignore the fact that UKIP are stealing a lot more labour votes than tory ones this year.

        By-election results in formerly safe northern labour constituencies show UKIP coming from nowhere into a strong second place, and the vast majority of those voters have moved over from labour. The tory vote is not down by very much. The Liberal Democrat vote has collapsed too.


        • 175
          The Great British Public says:

          Working class, “conservative” values, somthing both the Conservatives and Labour have been pissing on for years.

          None of its a real suprise is it…

          Nigella a coke fiend,
          Daily a gay,
          the Pope a Catholic,
          david cameron a fcking cnut & a liar.


  4. 5
    Shooty* says:

    “The UKIP effect”

    They’re going to let labour in, signalling another mass immigration wave and hastening the glorious islamic revolution?


    • 16
      Spartacus says:

      “The UKIP effect”

      i’m looking ”to let UKIP in”

      And all the parties want more beggars in the comon market = here


      • 70
        Only Chavs shop at Tesco says:

        Yes – there will be more mass immigration, confined mostly to Labour voting areas and certainly hitting Labour voters’ jobs. Isn’t that the supreme irony of Jakob Strawinski’s mass immigration plan?

        Tesco’s sales are down again, so it’s not all doom and gloom!


        • 86
          Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

          Mass immigration – the damage is already done. Did you see the schools C4 News and Newsnight visited last night? That’s English school children for you.

          It’s not like that on the Wirral – yet!


          • Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

            The only reason the Romas won’t be heading to Scouseland is that their is nothing worth nicking :-)


          • Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

            Seeing as Dave Cameron wants to invite 75 million Turkish Muslims into our country, Shooty* sounds to me as thick as the average Tory supporting arse-licker.


      • 71
        Vote Torwee, get continuity Labour says:

        %00,000+ migrants a year under the coalition of liars and looters. The entire rancid LabLibCon Alliance is worthless. Time to get rid ASAP.


    • 64
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:


      Vote Conservative = 500,000 immigrants per year
      Vote Liberal Democrats = 500,000 immigrants per year
      Vote Labour = 500,000 immigrants per year

      They’re all the same.


      • 81
        Mornington Crescent says:

        Yep, on all the key issues that interest people with a brain, you couldn’t put a fag paper between ‘em:
        More EU
        More imm1gration
        More HS2, 3, 4…
        More bugg3ry
        More public spending
        More green crap
        More intervention and wars in foreign lands.


        • 85
          David Cameron, my future is behind me. says:

          Don’t forget more foreign aid.


        • 162
          Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

          And more interference in our personal lives and moralistic mothering of the nanny state.

          For example the requirement of internet users to “inform” on themselves and register to view “esoteric” websites, such as Any alternative news website will be covered by the new ISP level internet filtering.

          They are not just going after porn.


      • 126
        Now I'm not a clever man, but says:

        Every Two years we are invaded by a population the size of Birmingham!
        By the way 46% of Birmingham are ………………


      • 158
        Eurekaistic Pentecostal Tabernacle says:

        Forget Cameron’s “Compassionate Conservatism” the key to salvation is “Compassionate Cannibalism”.


    • 139
      Cromwell says:

      There is a good chance that they are going to destroy the Conservative Party for good. But that is the least of it.

      In any event, if UKIP poll these sort of figures and get no seats on parliament, there could well be a civil war, for which the Westminster parties will all be equally to blame because of the deliberate decision to retain an unfit and gerrymandered electoral system.


      • 163
        Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

        Very true. The fact that Gordon Brown’s labour party won 1 million fewer votes in 2010 than John Major’s tories won when thrashed in 1997, yet, whilst the tories were almost wiped out in 97, Brown almost managed to hang on to being PM, and this shows how massively biased and corrupt, in labour’s favour, our voting system’s and the constituency boundaries have become.


  5. 6
    Mustapha Djinn says:

    The great deceiver Cameron is seeing the chickens coming home to roost. Political promises are seldom kept in full. His biggest mistake was to promise a referendum on EU membership then renege on it. Although referenda are not generally used in UK politics this one was necessary. Get a referendum – vote UKIP.


    • 9
      The Conservatives can not be trusted with Cameron and Hague in charge. says:

      Both Coalition parties promised an EU referendum if elected.

      And they expect us to forget or ignore those promises?

      Sadly most of the UK population are either unaware of those promises or believe the devious excuses given not to hold a referendum.

      But the point is, the have reneged once so what is to stop them doing it a second time?


      • 24
        Spartacus says:

        promises. i remember the b-liar labour manifesto that said they would not introduce education fees

        from memory it was on the lesf side around page 22.

        and six weeks later – we had, yes, tuition fees


        • 140
          Just Saying says:

          Dudley North is full of old low quaility council estates and local government offices etc. No change there then.
          60 years ago they voted for the MAN – Colonel George Wigg (Lab MP), who, if he changed to Communist the next day, would still be voted in as the people truly trusted him. How times have changed – for the worse in politics.


      • 177
        Common Sense says:

        Nothing will stop Cameron changing his mind.

        In fact, his mind was never changed in the first place, he has absolutley no intention of ever holding a referendum or leaving the EU.

        Therefore the man is a liar, pure and simple.

        That many in the media or public have not realised this yet is either complicit behaviour, wishfull thinking or plain stupidity.

        Either way, cameron is a liability and Conservatives should be rid of that disgusting liar.


  6. 7
    WelshRacer says:

    Two constituencies both held by Labour and strongholds as well. Just using them as a one off closeness in 2010 is hardly representative…..

    Wiki both seats and you will see what I mean.

    Really no news.


    • 20
      SpAd says:

      Spot on. Great Grimsby has been Labour since 1945 and has re-elected that buffoon Austin Mitchell for more than three decades. If the Tories were banking on winning this seat, they’re in a bit of trouble.


    • 26
      Nth Wales speed camera land says:

      G, has to throw a few bones to his commentry, otherwise they may go away and play elsewhere.


    • 49
      Anonymous says:

      The point is they’re both on Grant Shapps’ target list of “must wins”, thus making them relevant. Dudley North has no historical precedence as it was a new seat in 97, remembering that the Tories held one Dudley seat pre Ian Austin winning a mid-90’s by-election. Also these polls have to be taken in the context of Lord Ashcroft’s polls showing identical trends in other key marginals.


  7. 8
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Whooooooppeeee !!!

    Vote UKIP, get ME and Ed Bals !
    :) :)


    • 18
      Storm clouds over Camoron says:

      Ok, the road to Wonga land will soon be upon us if the braindead vote Liebour in.


    • 42
      Wise Man says:

      Con splitting UKIP Vote.



      • 50
        REALITY CHECK says:

        Nope. You get Red Ed and Ed Bollokov.


        • 62
          Wise Man says:

          See how that flies in 6m after the Euro Vote..



          • *yawn* says:

            Except Red Ed and Ed Bollokov aren’t standing in the Europeans. You Kippers don’t seem to understand how Westminster works, do you?



          • Vote Torwee, get continuity Labour says:

            More EUrope?

            Have you seen how the MAJORITY of the Fauxservative party voted on more EU integration? I’ll tell you now, they voted for MORE EU integration. You really are the dimmest troll on the internet, by some margin!


          • Dead Man Walking (MP - Con) says:

            Westminister is going Purple before 2015 if the Euro Vote is UKIP=1st , Con= 3rd.

            VOTE UKIP, GET UKIP


          • The Great British Public says:

            Vote Conservative
            Vote European Union
            Vote Bulgarian
            Vote Roma

            No thanks.


  8. 10
    Err says:

    I am confused as to why the Tories are against Scottish Independence, but am I expecting too much to elicit a serious response on here?


    • 15
      Land owners, Big Biz? says:

      We are all confused as to that.

      What’s even more confusing is if Scotland gains independence, they will sign it all away to the EU the very next day.


      • 28
        Alex Salmon of the Spey says:


        We will keep the Pound and the Queen

        So it is all a bit sham really

        Long live salmon fishing


        • 36
          Alex Remembers says:

          And the BBC, and the NHS and the Royal regiments and the new Fourth Bridge being built by England.


        • 38
          Barroso says:

          We won’t let you keep either. I’ve already told you you will have to take the Euro and van Rompuy as your head of state or it’s no deal. How many more times?


    • 23
      P. Doff says:

      I guess because their full Monika is the Conservative and Unionist Party.


    • 54
      Edna Leverage says:

      Because the Tories are lefties?
      They definitely seem to want to keep our kilted friends with benefits.


    • 151
      Joe Public says:

      I am sure the Conservatives secretly wish for Scottish Independence as it would decimate Labour.
      But they also seem to have secret tri-party agreements that are certainly not in Conservative (as we know it) principles:
      1. Against Scottish Independence.
      2. Against UKIP, and ALL other right wing political parties.
      3. Support the BBC even though they are attacked daily with disinformation and bias from this public funded “service”.
      4. Support the EU, though many are against it.
      5. Act against right wing newspapers while leaving left wing media free from investigation and prosecution (Mirror and Guardian come to mind).
      6. Support Lib Dems even though daily their MP’s attack the Conservatives on the BBC and other media and are their true fifth column in preparing for a Labour / Lib Dem coalition.
      I am sure others will find similar ridiculous policies against the party and public good.
      Corruption in our political system seems as endemic as incompetence and hypocrisy. Only USA politics in the major nations seems to be as bad as the UK.


      • 180
        The Great British Public says:

        The true fifth column is within the Conservative Party, it is David Cameron !!

        Who else has done the most to prepare this country for a Labour / Lib Dem coalition ?

        He will be knighted by the Labour Party for his services to Socialism and Marxism, I wouldnt be suprised if Cameron hasn’t reserved a spot in Highgate Cemetry next to his hero’s already.


      • 195
        John Bellingham says:

        UKIP is not “right wing”. By the standards of the 1960s-1970s it would be considered dangerously Liberal. It is just that the other parties have moved so far Left that they all llok like the Sandanistas in suits.


  9. 11
    any old crap says:

    Camoron are you listening, stop listening to your your yes men and groups of self serving idiots and listen to the people of the country, you will lose and the Conservatives will lose, but maybe you have a nice little number of an EU job ready to jump into or maybe you hope to do a Brown or a Bliar and crap on everybody, you listen to the country or you are finished as most people couldn’t care less now who gets voted back in from the LibLabCons as your all the same.


    • 46
      David Cameron says:



      • 141
        (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

        Why would he need an EU job, Dave is destined for great things on the world stage.
        Look how he charms the naive Chinese and Sri Lankans, this man is a mighty diplomat and truly the heir to Blair.
        If only he could start a proper war in the Middle East and become a part time peace envoy his journey would be complete.
        Sainthood (and millions of bent bankers dollars) await.


  10. 13
    Steve Miliband says:

    Voting UKIP gets the opposite of what you want. More immigration, more EU, no referendum, more spending and no MP’s.


    • 31
      Spartacus says:

      a troll methinks

      (gave me a chuckle though)


      • 53
        bergen says:

        But he’s still correct. It looks like the two Eds in 2015 on a split vote. God help us.


        • 67
          Edna Leverage says:

          No he is not, the only way to get less of the toxic LibLieCon franchise is to vote for something else. It may take a few GE’s or it may all change after next years euro election but voting for the same old BS will only perpetuate the problem.


        • 73
          FFS says:

          We’ve signed up to Maastricht and Lisbon. How can we get “more EU”. We’ve already got all of it.

          50% of immigration comes from the EU and the Tories have no intentiuon of stopping it. The other 50% comes from the 3rd world and Theresa May has only managed to stop students coming over so far and they weren’t a concern to us anyway – just window dressing.

          The Tory government is overspending by £100bn a year and has allowed the national debt to double.

          I’m voting UKIP. In 2015 the Tories will lose and tear themselves apart. In 2020 we will exit the EU when Milliband gets chucked out and a right-wing anti-EU party gets elected. We won’t need a referendum.


          • Truthteller says:

            Play the long game, voting UKIP is the beginning of the end. The liblabcon alliance will be destroyed.


          • walking into darkness says:

            that’s the spirit FFS. Cameron will be forced into a deal with UKIP post the May Euro elections, otherwise he’ll will face a bankbench rebellion as there’ll be so many Tory MP’s about to be chucked on the scrapheap. Cameron may have the nerve to just give a you know what as he’s headed for EU commissioner status somewhere. If Cameron wants to remain PM and he’s relatively young after all then he’ll have to stand down a candidate in around 50 seats and allow free route for UKIP, all that said Farage might just tell him where to go.


    • 60
      Err says:

      No. The real SM is quite bright. Trolls not. Must be the genuine article.


      • 90
        Vote Torwee, get continuity Labour says:

        If it’s the real SM, then he is blind to reality. Cameron’s freak show is every bit as bad as the Nu Labour disaster, But then, Common Purpose supporting, Fabian Dave, was Bliar’s biggest cheer leader.


    • 96
      Camerclegband says:

      I wonder if people were saying this when Labour were formed ? “Vote for the new fangled Labour and get the Tories ” !! If we all vote UKIP…..errr, we’ll GET UKIP !!


    • 132
      Nation shall speak socialism unto nation says:

      Steve – you’d have a fair point only Cameron is continuity Brown so really there is nothing at all to lose – Cameron is about as conservative as Hugo Chavez (the latter at least having the advantage that he is dead).


      • 154
        cynic says:

        It’s all a puppet show. The politicians and their policies are virtually interchangeable. They play their parts and move on to even richer pastures. Democracy is just the public relations of kleptocracy. That the public have any substantial say in how they are ruled is an amusing delusion.


  11. 14
    DAVE'S FIRE SALE theres no money left says:

    Blue is the new red !
    Have the graph company run out of red ink ?


  12. 17
    Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

    Bye bye Dave!


    • 155
      cynic says:

      I wonder where he’ll go. Presumably he’s getting his rewards lined up now. Probably he won’t miss politics and the abuse it generates. It would however be a bit humiliating for the ‘Heir to Blair’ to be reduced to carrying his Mentor’s bags around the Middle East.


  13. 19
    WelshRacer says:

    Please note: The Survation poll – conducted on behalf of Ukip donor Alan Bown


  14. 21
    Nigel Double-Garage says:

    That UKIP MP list in full:


  15. 22
    Jackie Chan says:

    I think this lady is a bit marginal agina-knitting-woman-2864626


  16. 25
    Joss Taskin says:



  17. 27
    An awkward bastard says:

    I think Guido is having a laugh here alongside a very sly bet.


  18. 30
    Yellow Peril says:

    ho! HS2 velly goood opportunity. Dave plomised me that we could join EU and that there would be no contwols on honorlable immiglants.


  19. 37
    Gawd Help Us says:

    Is the world ready for Ed Miliband, should they be warned?


    • 45
      D. Millipede says:

      They truly should be warned.


    • 48
      The World says:

      No, we’re ready. It’ll be like President Hollande but without the charisma or financial nous.


    • 51
      David Cameron says:

      I cannot keep my promises in another coalition after 2015


    • 52
      FFS says:

      Funny isn’t it? Due to a decisive shift to the right by the majority of the British population with over half the votes going to right-wing parties, our first past the post system is likely to let in a left wing party with 35% of the vote led by a man that looks like an Aardman character and acts like Mr Bean.


      • 89
        Truthteller says:

        Democracy in a nutshell.


        • 100
          Vote Torwee, get continuity Labour says:

          Cameron’s policy was and still is, to destroy the right from within.

          As his personal friend Helena Bonham Carter said ” He ( Cameron ) is not much of a Tory, if he were an American politician, he would be an Obama Democrat”


        • 150
          The Boundary Commission says:

          Corrupt gerrymandering in a nutshell


  20. 39
    Chief Minister of Wales says:

    Hey Guido

    The Sun is being outscooped by the Mirror FFS

    I thought this sort of thing only happened in Wales and was closely followed by Sun reporters


  21. 42
    GCHQ interceptor in the Cheltenham Bubble says:

    Mornng Guido

    I have accumulated so much filth on the British elites that I think you need to set up a dedicated blog – it will make eveything to date look rather tame…

    Contact me when you have a moment please…


    • 111
      walking into darkness says:

      I can’t begin to tell how much I hope that’s not a spoof post. If you trawl the web there’s any number of convincing evidence based tales of numerous politicians current and previous. Some of these miscreants appear to have been involved in the most evil of activities and deserve every bit of exposure. The public truly have a right to know. If you post them on this site it’ll be at least be a while before they’re taken down but it’ll help to get the ball rolling as your message can be copied and pasted by everyone on hear reading it, so go for it. As they say, if you’re innocent you’ve nothing to hide.


  22. 55
    Please. Let's get out NOW. says:

    It is pointless Dave trying to reform the EU. He may have stood a chance with the 6 but not now it’s become the alternative USSR.

    Best to get out now before it is too late. Where is the sense in chaining yourself to a millstone?

    Obviously big business loves the EU and its massive Labour market but as far as I have seen it just ruins the identity and power of the locals. It’s Evil.


  23. 57
    tigerowl says:

    Nothing against right wing voters in any way. BUT. Please take a look at other – and there are some – other ideas of UKIP. Not just for those who hate johnnie foreigner and the EU. They hate public services, hate the poor more than the Tories, hate working women who may get pregnant, hate any benefit system, hate workers rights. So it might be nice to support UKIP if you hate anyone who does not look or sound British, but you could be turkeys voting for Christmas as UKIP would oppose any of the EU Social Charter of working rights. And do you think the Tories and UKIP would give ordinary working people rights? One UKIP MEP said public sector workers and prisoners should never be allowed to vote. NICE PARTY EH???


    • 61
      Yawn says:

      What a load of Bollocks.


    • 74
      Joe says:

      Oh right then, so anyone who disagrees with the LibLabCon is a full of hate?


    • 99
      Yogurt weaver rebuttal sqaud says:

      1) Burn your copy of Guardian.
      2) Wake up to the fact that UKIP is not about hating Johnnie foreign.
      3) Realize that UKIP is actually about putting the indigenous population first.
      4) Realize that big government funded by big tax is absolutely wrong.
      5) Tax is theft so less really is more.
      6) Vote UKIP


    • 105
      FFS says:

      Absolutely made up.

      This is a summary of key points from their 2010 manifesto:

      Exit the EU
      Join EFTA or similar
      Increase personal tax allowance
      Income tax to be set at 31% flat rate above personal allowance
      End NI
      Get rid of council tax and replace with local VAT
      Reduce the number of state employees by 15%
      Increase the number employed in industry by 15%
      Freeze immigration for 5 years then limit to 50,000 a year after that
      Double number of prison places and make a life sentence mean life
      Keep the NHS free with no cuts in sefvices and restore free dental and eye tests
      Simplify the pension and benefits system
      Introduce PR
      Hold referenda at public request
      Increase use of nuclear power
      Spend more on roads and rail
      Tax foreign lorries using UK roads
      Prevent foreign companies taking control of UK strategic companies

      So basically your claims are completely unfounded.


    • 122
      walking into darkness says:

      tigerowl, are you an intern for the Lib/Lab/Con alliance by any chance?, either way, I’m impressed by your level of stupidity, no really.


    • 165



  24. 59
    An awkward bastard says:

    Is this why we never win the Eurovision Song Contest ?


  25. 65
    Freddie the Fishmonger says:

    There is as much chance of Grimsby Town winning the FA Cup as there is of Milliband becoming Prime Minister.

    Just smell the coffee.


    • 159
      cynic says:

      He’s just a glove puppet for the charming man who runs the unions, who may change his gloves when convenient


      • 168
        The Unions says:

        Our plan for victory is to overplay our hand in the lead up to the next election. Socialism always gets it right!


  26. 66

    If Labour are not 20 points clear in Grimsby, then they are nowhere.


    • 76
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:



    • 149
      None of the Above says:

      It’s the people of Grimsby I feel sorry for. 60% of the electorate intend not to vote for Labour but they could still end up being represented by this corrupt organisation if the Tories won’t stop splitting the anti-Labour vote.


      • 169
        Right Wing People says:

        After 2015 Labour areas will all be impoverished hellholes. Those who have achieved any sort of success will move to Tory areas and those who are not successful will be condemned to live in little white ghettos surrounded by cannibal enrichers.


  27. 78
    Truthteller says:

    Go UKIP!!!


  28. 79
    Nick Clegg says:

    Onwards and upwards!


  29. 82
    Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    If Labour really want to win the biggest landslide in history (by stealing all the UKIP protest votes) and go on to govern for the next 50 years they just have to make the top 3 priorities in their manifesto as follows:

    1. Invoke article 50 and restore full sovereignty (border controls,fishing grounds etc) as it was before 1972.

    2. Abolish all taxes on petrol,electricity and gas.

    3. Halt all unskilled immigration until we have a shortage of unskilled labour.


    • 94
      Truthteller says:

      Breaking News, a flying pig has been spotted over Westminster.


      • 116
        Vote Torwee, get continuity Labour says:

        The trouble with that is, Labour are wed to the EU / global socialism model and see it as the way forward to Marxist utopia and bollocks to the British and their future.


    • 112
      The Labour Party says:

      We certainly have no shortage of unskilled labour. I mean look at us we are as thick as they come.


      • 131
        Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

        It’s all over for the ConDems, with skyrocketing energy bills tipping millions into fuel poverty and hordes of Romas flooding the country, driving down wages and driving up rents and class sizes and skyrocketing foreign aid, they will be swept away in the great electoral storm of 7th May 2015.

        Tick tock, tick tock.


  30. 88
    How about UKIP? says:

    Grimsby would happily vote in Abu Qatada if he wore a labour rosette, a great big steaming pile of horse manure complete with flies would be elected to serve in Westminster if it was topped off with a red rosette, if a labour candidate promised to crucify every labour voter as they left the voting booth they would still troop in and mark their cross against the labour candidate and then happily carry their crosses to the assigned nailing up point.


  31. 93
    Fox's says:

    By the way. Why didn’t Boris tell that Ferrarie bloke that there are NO bears in Antarctica?


  32. 97
    David Cameron, my future is behind me. says:

    Everyone on here is saying a vote for UKIP will get you the opposite with Red Ed and Ed Balls Up.
    That maybe true but a vote for me; may just get me back, and really at the end of the day can anyone really truthfully see any difference whatsoever between my ideology and Ed Miliband’s? No thought not

    So my advice is to enjoy yourselves at polling day, because if you vote for me or Ed it;s the last day any of you will enjoy yourselves, and on that you DO have my cast iron guarantee.

    Toddle Pip


  33. 102
    Deadbeat Dave says:

    I’ve sold my country and they’ve paid me in windmills.


  34. 104
  35. 106
    Dudley Zoo (Frieghtliner Terminal) says:

    Tories under the Cameroon are finished.


  36. 107
  37. 113

    The Tories cannot win with bumsex Dave.

    Get him out and they might at least stabilise the situation


  38. 118
    Fuck the EU says:

    Why are we still in the failed EU.

    Did the G’ermans take out that Glasgow helicopter and kill UK nationals in the homeland ?

    This Christmas could be an excellent time for an explosive expression in Brussels.

    Fuck Herman van Rompuy and p’aedophile Barosso: Fuck you to hell.


  39. 134
    Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The Roma are still coming Dave, only 4 weeks until the new year.

    Tick tock!


  40. 143
    The Working and Middle Classes says:

    Electoral oblivion couldn’t be beckoning for a nicer bunch of snobs.


  41. 148
    Casual Observer 4 says:

    The year started with an unusual assassination attempt: The downing of the helicopter in London, other than the obvious target was coincidental with the selling of this model by the UK to the Philippines:

    Why, when the UK is attempting to become more involved with the Philippines following the alleged Typhoon disaster, obviously to cement further deals, are helicopters yet again coming down ?

    Are there any Eurocopter deals just signed or due to be signed ?


    • 152
      Ipod Stare says:

      You reall are a total idiot. Presumably someone pays you for posting this nonsense? If you are doing it for free, I recommend you see a reputable physician.


    • 157
      Pundit too too says:

      India is in the process of cancelling its Augusta helicopter contract.
      But could you tell me what you are on so I can avoid it?


  42. 172
    UKIP for winners says:

    Vote Purple get Purple

    Bye Bye Tory Toffs


  43. 185
    Eton Bullingdon says:

    Tories are finished in 2015…… UKIP is the future!


  44. 186
    Chairman Dave Cam says:

    After my succesful visit to the People’s Republic, I have decided that the Conservative and Communist parties should merge into a single political entity to ensure a high membership for the coming General Election…


  45. 190
    FrankFisher says:

    UKIP are going to fuck Dave bigtime.

    And yes, we will let Labour in – tell me what difference that will make? But in 2020, a realigned conservative party (under DD?) and UKIP will smash the living crap out of Labour and lead us all into eternal sunshine.


    • 193
      Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

      By 2020 the electoral register will be dominated by the immigrant postal vote so unless we havea revolution ….


  46. 192
    Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

    Is it correct that an as yet unpublished (at least I cannot find on the Google) poll done by a local newspaper for Thanet South after Laura Sandys said she would would stand down shows UKIP with a runaway lead.


  47. 194
    A sane person on this site?!? says:

    We are screwed if those UKIP asswipes get voted in.
    Catch a grip people. They are everything to every one.


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