December 4th, 2013

A Patten Emerges: Pressure Turned Up on BBC Chairman

As Guido revealed in the Sun on Sunday, part time BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten was dragging his feet after being played a tape recording that proves the £3 million Pollard Review into the Jimmy Savile cover up was deeply flawed and that evidence had been excluded by ‘mistake’. Completely coincidentally Patten has woken up and this morning’s Times reports that he has sent the recording to Pollard for comment. Patten’s nemesis smells blood.

Philip Davies is keeping the pressure on. Guido hears he has written to the former Tory MP “for the avoidance of doubt” in order to “impress upon you and your fellow Trustees again” the “very serious nature” of the situation, and questions why it has taken Patten and the BBC trust “nine months to address it, this material having originally surfaced in the Sunday Times on 24 February.” Guido particularly enjoyed this line:

“I can see that it must be difficult for the BBC Trust to accept what has gone wrong here, but I would like to remind you that when you gave a speech in Turin on 22 September about the BBC you said it must “embrace the need for openness and honesty when things go wrong.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.”

Patten knows what is at stake here. This cover up has already forced out one BBC Director General and blighted the subsequent career of another. The good Lord has been dodging this issue for as long as he could, but it is looking increasingly like that tactic has ended in failure…


  1. 1
    vile labour ruined my wife says:

    Labour to win in 2015

    • 5
      Poll Tax FAIL. MP FAIL: HK Governor FAIL: EU Commissar FAIL: Lord FAIL: Head Beeboid FAIL. says:

      Patten: Lust For Glory

    • 13
      Pattern? says:

      I’m wearing a red tie. Is there anything else I should wear or colour red?

    • 17
      MHO says:

      The country will be ungovernable if UKIP do not get into Parliament in significant numbers.

    • 27
      The Scots can save England from Labour ?? says:

      AND to lose in March 2016 as Scots vote for independence and 40 plus Labour MPs are disbarred from Westminster

      • 42
        The GREAT ENGLISH PUBLIC says:

        Yes, Great & the English will demand & get a weeks long holiday in
        Celebration of finally ejaculating McMental & all the rest of these control
        freak Labor Pimps once & for all & save millions just on there expenses

        Oh happy days to come…..

        • 45
          Spunky the spider says:

          “ejaculating McMental” – have a word with Dave – I hear he is setting up a pig semen business in China.

      • 67
        cynic says:

        Alas! The canny Scots are unlikely to give up the subsidies they receive from England. They know the Germans won’t welcome being expected to pay for them along with most of the rest of Europe.

    • 46
      poor bloody taxpayer says:

      that appears to be the cost of allowing the middle income groups the illusion that they don’t have to pay for the destruction and excesses of the last quarter century

  2. 2
    y says:

    hey, here’s some news you toryboyss won’t like

    the tory government found wanting and acting illegally once again

    why don’t they just fuck off now

  3. 4
    Sur Nob Skelpoff says:

    He’s not called Willie, but he is a Knob:

  4. 6
    Peter Martin says:

    Replying on behalf of all the top floor, market rate talents heading for the hills yet again, a BBC spokesperson has said: “We believe we have got it about… Oh, sh…………..!”.

    Abnormal, but unique service will be resumed as soon as the Ed is got back in and the new Charter signed off.

  5. 7
    Test says:


  6. 8

    Does that mean we get Hоng Kоng back?

    (Sorry, I know we can’t say Hоng Kоng here normally but I am not saying it in a naughty way. Really.)

  7. 16
    Toilets Maguire says:

    Is Chris curling one off in that picture?

  8. 19
  9. 24
    Dr Doolittle says:

    The Fat Lady is about to sing for Fat Ten Pensions Pang

  10. 28
    Big Chaired says:
    • 31
      Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

      And tomorrow we will welcome all his countrymen and women.

    • 43
      Oooh Herman, you look like shit mate says:

      What’s with the half used rolls of toilet paper streaming from the wall behind the bellend? Is there a hint in seeing that Herman has his legs crossed?

      • 65
        Awaiting for a common sense revolution says:

        No doubt specially commissioned from the boyfriend of one of the former big wigs at an eye watering 100k euros!

  11. 32
    Tom Catesby. says:

    No more director general ‘sacrificial lambs’. Fatty Pang to the sword this time.

  12. 41
    Ostrich? Moi? says:

    ‘but it is looking increasingly like that tactic has ended in failure…’

    The pattern is always the same Pattern.

    • 53

      ROFLMFHO x 2…….

      But he is still super glued to the free flowing public teet of Tax Payers Funds….

      some-things never change especially this failure…..

      • 56
        Will says:

        in the old days patten would be the type of fellow made governor of some colony, but the only problem was that the Chinese wanted it back and sent him back to us !!

        • 70
          Down South in Sussex says:

          I was on the BA Flight with Heseltine and his Team of UK business people returning to UK from Shanghai on leased BA 747 which made unscheduled stop at Hong Kong in late 1996 so that Heseltine could get off in secluded area of the then Airport and meet ” Fat Pang ” and whilst they conversed and I admired Patten`s elegant Hush Puppies the High Commission Staff were busy transferred all our Treasures from the H.C the plane to avoid China taking ownership in early 1997.
          Even then you felt Patten`s immense sense of entitlement.

  13. 47
    Officer Dibble says:

    But the BBC genuinely thinks it does no wrong. Just listen to “Feedback” on Radio 4 – Roger Bolton gets a BBC Spokesman on and any complaints are just casually brushed aside; those complaining are wrong or just don’t understand.

    Last Friday, one issue was blamed on “cutbacks”. No mention of the millions the BBC pissed up the wall on Pollard, the Digital Media Initiative, nearly a million payoff to Byford etc.

    If the BBC had to exist in the real world and compete fairly for it’s market share instead of having guarantteed income from the TV Tax, it wouldn’t last five minutes.

    • 55
      Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

      Sorry your wrong……..IMO

      They would not last ONE minute ……..

      its the continuous stream of funds by legal extortion is why they get away with

      it & aided & abetted by Cons*LieLabor*LebDims who all have a vested interested

      in keeping this fcuking dinosaur from the last century still breathing & increasing

      its near total monopoly of all the media streams for ever more…..

  14. 48
    Johnboy says:

    When Oxford sought applications for a new Chancellor, the requirements stipulated that “He or she must be a person of integrity and have tact, discretion and sound judgement”. Patten was chosen.

    • 52
      Having a laugh says:

      Integrity? No
      Tact? No
      Discretion? No
      Sound judgement? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  15. 50
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    The BBC’s General Patten leading from the rear.

  16. 51
    Liebours friends at the BBC - All the staff!! says:

    To the two Liebour Dim Eds..

  17. 54
    Useless says:

    Let his appalling creation, the PSNI, investigate him

  18. 58
    Gillian Duffy says:

    Where are all these Director Generals flocking from?

  19. 61
    don says:

    Time to learn lessons and move on.

    I’d happily pay three times as much for BBC gems like Eastenders and Bargain hunt so long as everyone else is forced to pay as much.

  20. 62
    BBC PR dept says:

    The BBC is a keen supporter of glasnost and perestroika, just as long as it applies to everyone but the BBC.

    For artistic reasons the BBC must conduct its business in secret using loyal insiders and trusted retainers who can be trusted not to betray the narrative.

    For the sake of the licence fee payer the BBC must be free to dig into the affairs of everyone else while the BBC itself remains a closed book.

    Remember, do as the BBC says not as it does, it is far superior to you or any government.

    • 66
      BBBC (dis)Trust says:

      We fully support this statement as our mission (mis)statement

      but we don’t have a clue what its all about…….

      In the interests (un)fairness & (no)global warming we will of course

      instigate a full (non)enquiry as to what this means & report back in

      the next 75 years, we hope….

  21. 68
    Mary Whitehouse says:

    If you are useless at work you get the sack. If you are part of the so called great and good you just sit there and continue to fuck up. Whomever is over Patten please sack the useless Hunt . Might as well get ATOS or A4E to run it

  22. 69
    50 Calibre says:

    The serial failure fails again and hopefully for the last time..

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