December 3rd, 2013

GALLERY GUIDO: Who Will Guard the Guardian?

You have to hang on to your better nature in these things. Alan Rusbridger may be on the side of the angels but there’s something about his sharp nose, clever expression and big glasses that causes an old instinct to twitch. When he appeared before the Home Affairs committee, his tie wasn’t quite up. And he stood there in front of his chair taking his time to sit down, looking round the MPs with a big fat horizontal pen in his mouth.

Any decent person would want to get him round the back of the bike sheds and bully him. Michael Ellis would come. Mark Reckless would do some holding down. Ian Austin would have a contribution to make. Would Nicola Blackwood watch with quiet, intense interest, lips slightly parted, breathing audibly?

Shaking this off.

The Guardian’s record is a fine one. They did more to break the phone hacking story than the police. Indeed, they indicted the police. In this secret file affair, they’ve done more to check the actions of the security services than the heads of those services.

Against this, the chiefs of the intelligence services says the leaks were a field day for Al-Qaeda.

Is that true?

It is the sort of thing they say. Nor has there been any evidence for or manifestation of it. The Guardian named no one, ever, he said. And: “I don’t want to live in a country where national security trumps everything.”

He listed officials and institutions down to and including Norman Baker who all asserted that the Guardian’s work had been exemplary, public spirited, brave, noble, beautifully-redacted. As for public debate, there were three Snowden-related Bills in Congress. There were numberless newspapers, colleagues, presidents, heads of intelligence, international counsel gnawing the bones of it – the President of the United States himself was reviewing all his security operations in the light of the Guardian’s actions. The White House. Downing Street. The NSA, the Pentagon, GCHQ. All were on his consultation list. Only Polly Toynbee’s role went unacknowledged.

Michael Ellis defied this “Labour love-in”. Dressed in the majesty of the law, he fell on Rusbridger, this common criminal. Files had been stolen by Snowden, with names to be communicated elsewhere, and Rusbridger had “caused them to be communicated”. In his best Old Bailey, Lewis asked, “Will you accept that an offence under S 58a of the Terrorism Act has been committed?”

He didn’t particularly, not really.

“It’s not amusing!” Ellis yelped at one point. But that wasn’t really for him to say.

The Tories repeated the criminal charge in several registers. But the reply was, you know, free speech, public interest, liberty, the press, the fact that no one seems to have been hurt or harmed and almost nothing had been published.

The only thing they nailed him on – absolutely nailed him on – was a fact he didn’t dare deny. The Guardian had shipped secret files across a national border using Fedex, in contravention of Section 8 subsection 16 of Fedex’s terms of service. The penalty for this was left to the imagination.

A couple of false notes: Rusbridger said that no one on his paper had read all the 58,000 files. He therefore didn’t know what he was actually sending over to the New York Times.

He also said: “There’s stuff in there about Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re not even going to look at it.”

An odd thing for a newspaper editor to say, considering what we know from Iraq dossiers over the years.

A last word sums up the problem of a massive collection of Big Billion Data, so big that no one can process, or evaluate, or even read it:

“The danger is we have a world with no privacy and no security.”


  1. 1
    Who will protect the individual? says:

    Very few in Britain

    and no one on this blog


    • 8
      Former NOTW journos says:

      Don’t be so hard on yourself … you’re not Sad, just looking to earn money like the rest of us capitalist bastards. Need to work on denial though.

      • 113
        A normal person, fresh off the street says:

        Who is Alan Rusbridger?

        • 118
          Another person, in Starbuck's says:

          More to the point: What do The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The ‘Soaraway’ Sun, The Daily Express, The Other Pointless Publication, this blog and A.N. Other Daily Waste Of Resources have in common?

          Answer: They all have less readers than this time last year.

          • Another person, just outside Wimpy with a spicy bean burger £4.99, minus the fries says:

            They’ll all keep flogging the carcass of the others’ dead horse, though. It gives them a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

          • Anonymous says:

            Do Wimpy still do their famous MacBender?

          • The Chilling Truth says:

            No one, in their right mind, cares what these journalistic-types think, do or say.

          • Another person, just outside Wimpy with a spicy bean burger £4.99, minus the fries says:

            They’ve had to rename it the ‘MacCurvey.’

          • The Chilling Truth says:

            When was the last time you actually set foot in a Wimpy Bar?

          • Another person, just outside Wimpy with a spicy bean burger £4.99, minus the fries says:

            Very late eighties, I think.

          • Online shopper, lost says:

            Interesting comments. I’ve been taking The Sunday Telegraph for the last thirty-odd years. It now costs two pounds but, with a little research, I’ve discovered that you can find the current date and the forthcoming week’s television schedules, for free, on the internet.
            I’ve cancelled my subscription, forthwith.

          • pipes up says:

            At least this blog is market-driven and funded by the poor sods that pay to push their uninteresting nothingness on here.

          • The Cunt Needs To GeT ReaL says:

            @ pipes up says:
            Your comment is awaiting moderation.
            December 3, 2013 at 9:41 pm

            You’re a deluded fool.

          • The Cunt Needs To GeT ReaL says:

            I’ll tell you why when the West Ham game finishes. See how your comment is ‘awaiting moderation?’

          • pipes up says:

            No need. We all recognise a parasite, don’t we?

          • Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

            There’s been a lot less readers of the Sun on Merseyside for the last 20 years!

        • 137
          White rabbit says:

          Toad of Toad Hall’s multi-millionaire Socialist doppelganger

    • 27
      Gooey Blob says:

      It would be interesting to see how many copies The Beano sells and compare it with The Grauniad.

    • 47
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Individualithm ith thinful.

      Forwardth to thothialithism and collectivithm!

    • 58
      Old Hal says:

      Just a few things, the odd times you have you have appeared on this blog either one or both of you had the knots of your tirs seem to be half way down your chests, your bow tie has been screw wiff, the older one of you usually in a well used tea shirt. 4 on to one is the usual way you operate and you just standing by, shame on you.
      The secret services and government have always liked to declare, “In the national interest” even though the only person who perpetrated the cock up would be the only person affected, it is and has been used for a cover up of cock ups by governments of all hues, it is the reason that the FOI bill was very reluctantly passed by the government of the day.

    • 65
      The BBC Luvvy Litmus test...He turned RED Bright RED says:

      I was sort of half agreeing with the head Guardian until I heard PM’s love in with him. On principle now as a result I have to conclude that he is a smarmy twat featured snake.

    • 161
      Don't get arsey says:

      Which individual?

      Lee Rigby?

    • 199
      All the Nazis posting on this website says:

      I just want to say, as an anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi, that we always accuse the ZIONAZIS of being Nazis but whenever someone hurls it back at us we say they are in the wrong

  2. 2
    Former NOTW journos says:

    Kind of face you would never tire of punching – where’s Eric Koyce when you need him – couldn’t he have swapped with the oleaginous Vaz ( A pillow fight with silk cushions not quite the same!)

  3. 3

    Clever expression. Are you kidding. Oh! Yes!

  4. 4
    The Public says:

    If the answer is the Guardian, we are asking all the wrong questions

    • 49
      Podiceps says:

      ‘There are few things that are not improved by the addition of a fried egg.’
                                              The Guardian, 2 November 2013

      • 143
        Bilda Berger says:

        How about the carburettor on a Honda 50?

        • 237
          Intel says:

          Well we tried one on a quad core pentium but it didn’t help at all. Bathing it in vodka did allow us to overclock it quite considerably, however.

    • 54
      Fuck the secret police says:

      If the answer is the government, we are asking all the wrong questions

    • 162
      Blowing Whistles says:

      C P Scott – has turned in his grave yet again at the bastardisation of his saying of May 5th 1921:-

      “Comment is free, but facts are sacred”.

      I commend Snowden – for doing the right thing and outing that fact that GCHQ and the NSA are totally corrupted and that they only do the dirty bidding of the Governments of the day – said governments being rotten to their cores with corruption and criminal activity from the top down.

      The ‘spooks have been chasing their own tails for decades’ – because they are funded by every government of the day and have to justify their pitiful existence – despite the endemic corruption throughout the past Labour governments reign and the current coalition governments reign.

      Me suspects MI% et al – protesteth too much and way OTT.

      btw that Tory plonker was roasted – good and proper by Bernstein and Snow tonight.

      He was only ‘politicking’ [showboating to the public] to save the all to cosy ‘status quo’ of the corrupted LibLabCon merchants.

      • 211
        Anonymous says:

        BLOWING whistles.—I just dont get comments like yours, you display a naive view of the world where trying to prevent loonies like the 9/11 crowd is somehow wrong and misguided half wits like Jools, Eddie,Glenn and Miranda are all pillars of the community. Do you ever switch your lap top off and come out of your bedroom as a matter of interest ?

        • 238
          FFS says:

          The spooks do appear to have done quite a good job of tracking down Muzzie terrorists over the last few years, although I’m of the opinion that maybe it would have been better to have le them get on with it so that people could draw their own conclusions about them.

          I’m not overfussed by privacy. People tend to do bad things in private. What’s important is we have due process for anybody that is claimed to have done wrong by the spooks.

          • Will says:

            the guardian should in the interest of openness publish all its staff salaries and their home addresses and telephone numbers.

            Well they care so much about openness so why not.

            Also since they are in favour of companies paying tax why not move the GMG media group onshore instead of overseas in the BVI.

            Its the double standards that gets me from them

  5. 5
    Sir William Wayde says:

    I bet Simon Carr was bullied at school. Snidey kids who try to make you feel small usually are.

    • 16
      The Public says:

      Spend a lot of time bullying people, did you? Or were you one of the kids whose school years were blighted because they spent them hoping not to be noticed?

      • 68
        Sir William Wayde says:

        No, neither.

        • 84
          The Public says:

          Just a professional ponce then?

          • Sir William Wayde says:

            Steady on, old chap.

          • Sir William Wayde says:

            Let me give a better explanation.

            Simon Carr made a joke at Rusbridger’s expense, comparing him with the schoolboy who gets bullied because he wears glasses and likes to appear, and indeed probably is, cleverer than most of the people he meets. I’m no fan of Mr Rusbridger, nor of politicians in general, but I’m no fan either of the superior tone that commentators often adopt towards people in the news. We could call this ‘Paxman Syndrome’. Journos and TV pundits are not necessarily, as they sometimes seem to think, cleverer, wiser and better people than the folk out of whom they take the piss. Making smart comments (as I try to do, I admit) isn’t to be compared with actually doing something.

            This exquisite, knowing satire of the Simon Carr type might, I think, be inferior to actual investigative journalism of the Alan Rusbridger type. What do you think?

          • FFS says:

            Judging by the mass of money that the Guardian is losing and the complete bullcrap that fills well over 50% of its pages there is absolutely no evidence that Rusbridger is clever at all.

            The deliberate donning of spectacles chosen to give an air of having studied long and hard is merely covering up the fact that without them he looks like an estate agent.

    • 184
      Poooof! says:

      I think Harry Potter should wave his magic wand and make those nasty MPs disappear.

  6. 6
    Former NOTW journos says:

    Koyce – like to pretend pisstake of Gruaniad but down to sub ed being fired following the false allegations of deleting MD’s messages still not truely withdrawn by Big Al

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Is he just another public school tosser?

  8. 9
    Ballocks economics says:

    The Guardian is dangerous! Putting all our security at risk! They have no right to endanger anyone especially our soldiers. They are their own worst enemy as well as an enemy of State!

    • 13
      NSA says:

      You don’t have any security. We have it.

      • 82
        FFS says:

        I’m not sure that the knowledge that I have a particular fetish for Asian women in latex outfits really gives you any power over me at all.

        Perhaps you’d like to spy on the kind of grown men that sing lovesongs to 12 year old girls. Seems they have a tendency for kiddie fiddling and you’d be doing us all a favour if you uncovered it.

    • 15
      Wendi and Cherie Tag team says:

      Remind me why the donkey that is Bliar rescinded most of the laws of treason? Self interest sure but I guess those Saudi Wassabis pay well – which was a bonus!

      • 22
        Tone - One Day He Will Be Judged says:

        Lying toad Tone, personally bricked up Traitors Gate at the Tower of London, just in case anyone realised that he is not that ” pretty straight sort of guy” that he himself imagined.

      • 110
        Fleet Street's finest says:

        So who has shared the Tone Bone?


        There must be more out there. Good time to sell your story and make some bucks.

        Description pays more. Was he any good? Did he make promises he couldn’t keep? Did he use a student’s thesis? Did it go floppy in the middle?

        • 189
          Always A Possibility says:


        • 233
          A Man From Slough says:


          • Jack Ketch says:

            Rumours swirled back in the 1980s about the one-eyed Scotsman. He singularly failed with the girls (who passes up on a Romanian Princess who was not only willing, but quite hot?) and his career really took off when he fell in with Mandlebum. He shared a room with Blair and one must guess that many secrets and intimacies were shared. What Blair actually gave him to stand back in the Labour Leadership battle can only be guessed at. It was only when he was determined to be PM that he married at the age of nearly 50–but then he may have nothing to hide.

      • 246
        Jack Ketch says:

        Who was Prime Minister when the Mental Health Act of 2007 changed a six hundred year old law to allow “lunatics and idiots” to sit as MPs?

  9. 10
    FFS says:

    “but there’s something about his sharp nose, clever expression and big glasses”

    …that reminds me of Harry Potter as a grown-up.

  10. 11
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Anytime now somebody is going to misquote Voltaire.

    • 19

      Even the Voltaire corrections are misquoted.

      Much better to misquote Santayana: Those who misquote George Santayana are condemned to paraphrase him

      • 64

        The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.

        Rather apt methinks.

        • 78

          O worthiest cousin,
          The sin of my ingratitude even now
          Was heavy on me. Thou art so far before
          That swiftest wing of recompense is slow
          To overtake thee. Would thou hadst less deserved,
          That the proportion both of thanks and payment
          Might have been mine! Only I have left to say,
          More is thy due than more than all can pay.

    • 21
      DR says:

      … or, at this time of year, choke on a Vol-au-Vent!

      The Sun might report this but not the Guardian.

  11. 14
    Observer says:

    From the right hand side here, but a pointer to a future Miliband-McCluskey Guardianista state:

  12. 17
    Vazeline® - The Slipperiest Substance On The Planet says:

    ……and the hugest of conundrums which would take NSA’s most superest of computers combined with GCHQ’s superduperest of computers to crack is why oh why am I still chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, I know but I am not telling.

  13. 18
    FFS says:

    Why did Rusbridger send the entire file to the NYT when he only needed to sell them the story?

    Is it because he’s a pillock?

    • 23
      St Alan with his mighty sword says:

      Because as the BBC Current Affairs print arm – sell, sell!!! Don’t besmirch my good name – I merely create an environment where a sale may be made.

    • 30
      More to the point says:

      Why didn’t he just publish it all himself?

      • 37
        St Alan with his mighty sword says:

        Don’t you understand the selfless nature of socialism ….(bugger why did’nt I think of that?)?

    • 91
      The Public needs a defender says:

      One file out of 57,000

      It seems the House of Commons is about 6 months behind the curve

      But I suppose it gives the impression that they are doing something (or understand something)

      In fact, the 57,000 odd files are in the hands of dozens of people now

      They will be released as time goes by to show up the lies and wholesale theft of hypocritical Western Governments

      Good for the People and good for democracy

    • 213
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, i would have thought that was obvious !

  14. 26
    Hoo Flung Deng says:

    Good heavens GCHQ will have recorded Tone and me at it, oh the new squidgy squelchy tapes! I could be even more famous.

    • 86
      FFS says:

      I bet you make a noise like a teddy bear when you get porked, don’t you Wendi

      • 99
        Wendi says:

        You haven’t heard Digger cuming

        He makes a sound like a low flying drone hitting King Kong

        Booom boom…

        Tony is quite different

        He sounds like a flushing toilet when he cums

        Which he is, of course…

      • 214
        Anonymous says:

        FFS, do give it a fecking rest ! are you a 12 year old schoolboy with his hands constantly down his pants ? because that what you sound like, moron.

  15. 28
    altruism in industry says:

    so what have we discovered today ?
    Society creates the offspring that it desires by thinking about it.
    I have always known this.
    A bacteria is observed changing it’s metabolism WITHIN IT’S OWN LIFETIME if starving in it’s current metabolism.
    all this means that our society wants tarts, songsters and smack heads whereas Asia wants mathematicians, scientists and planetary engineers

  16. 29
    UKIP or bust says:

    “And he stood there in front of his chair taking his time to sit down, looking round the MPs with a big fat horizontal pen in his mouth.

    Any decent person would want to get him round the back of the bike sheds and bully him.”

    Yes, yes, oh yes, please, yes. . . trouble is they ask for it then when you give it they run crying to the law.

    I detest these smug, rich, hypocritical, lying bastards.

  17. 31
    nellnewman. says:

    If we really had a world with no privacy and no security then there wouldn’t be anything to hide would there?

    Would that be such a bad thing?

    • 55
      Podiceps says:

      Hmm. Total disclosure brings total information overload. No one would be able to discern anything about anything. Which might be good.

      The real problem is that the bastards are getting better at knowing about us, and we are only getting slightly at knowing about them.

      • 87
        Vazdazzle says:

        As long as you know that we are all lying tosspots then you know everything you need to know about us.

    • 70
      altruism in industry says:

      the genius Hockney made a lecture about “the future of television” which foresaw these questions. it may be still available from the BBC

    • 92
      FFS says:

      I do agree that privacy is rather overrated. Privacy is quite handy if you are:

      a paedo
      a terrorist
      a wife beater
      a child beater
      a criminal
      a drug dealer

      problem is we know full well our corrupt government is not interested in spying on or controlling any of these bastards. They are only interested in spying on and controlling us.

  18. 33
    Guido, freedom killer says:

    Guido believes tha should neither denounce the hacking and criminality of the Murdoch Emire nor the criminality of the NSA

    • 44
      Podiceps says:

      Tha should think afore tha types.

    • 53
      Tony Blair (godfather to one of Murdoch's kids and filmed kissing Rebakah) says:

      The Murdoch empire and everyone who had anything to do with it was vile.

      Awful people. I’m glad Labour had nothing to do with them.

    • 95
      FFS says:

      The press should be granted access to people’s emails and phone records. They have important duties to perform in regard to exposing lies and corruption and should have a free hand in doing so.

      Since their power is limited to exposure of the truth, they present less of a challenge to people’s security than the state, which already keeps that power to itself.

    • 201
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      Tha knows! Ee ‘ecky thump, ‘appen!

    • 216
      Anonymous says:

      Murdoch Emire, sounds like a community worker or something !

  19. 34
    Mikis says:

    So Mr Rusbridger, who was looking after the 58000 documents you paid Mr Miranda to transport by air or does it not occur to you that he might have been a risk (or at at risk)?

  20. 35
    Ghost Of Turing says:

    GCHQ – The Brains Behind The NSA

    • 39
      Athelstan says:

      The government are shit at protecting the public. We are being invaded and all the authorities want to do is pay spooks to watch their computer screens.

      • 51
        One-term Dave says:

        I will reduce immigration to the tens of thousands.

        I will reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands.

        I think I’ll quietly concede defeat and rush off to China.

  21. 40
    Markus Wolf, ex Head of the Stasi says:

    I find your blog amusing

    As you know, I buttoned up East Germany with the Stasi – all information passed through my secret police service

    The Americans are doing the same to you

    And you are gloriously unaware

    or in denial?

    • 43
      The Public Wrath says:

      Buttoning up East Germany didn’t actually do the Communists any good, did it?

      • 46
        Secret policemen are not lovely says:


        It was such fun living in a police state for 50 years though


        • 50
          Owen Jones says:

          It must have been great living in East Germany.

          That’s why the West German police had to shoot so many people who wanted to cross the border.


    • 98
      FFS says:

      As long as they don’t try to shoot me if I go off on my hols I don’t really care.

      Just how interesting to the Americans do you think my life is? I’m spending all my spare time on Guido’s blog.

  22. 41
    Anon says:

    Just run that description of the lovely Nicola past me again, slowly…….

  23. 45
    Windi spooned says:

    Well mi tonee, he done me good style, big horse down there, so energee an all; so go go tonee, see soon.

  24. 48
    Fuck the secret police says:

    And Murdoch now hiring the ex-head of the US Stasi

    Fucking criminals both of them

  25. 52
    Nemesis says:

    Looks like a burrowing owl.

  26. 57
    The Graudian's impending bankruptcy says:

    Interesting glasses. Does AR think he’s Hárry Potter?

  27. 59
    Doggie Fashion says:

    Rusbridger was an insufferable smug cock at school, plus ca change, plus la meme chose. For those who don’t understand (unaccented) French it loosely translates as despite appearing to have changed he still is an insufferable smug cock.

    I can’t remember whether he was bullied, I do hope so.

    • 61
      Translator says:

      You seem to be a pauvre type…

      All very cheap and sordid

      About the level of the Sun and Murdoch

    • 71
      Googly Translator says says:

      more loose coins, more of the same loose coins.

    • 88
      White rabbit says:

      Did he have a private expensive education ? The same sort of private expensive education so despised by Jon Snow. Oh look commie Snow had a private expensive education as well. In fact absolutely all the ruinous Socialist elite now ranging across Britain today had these hugely expensive private educations. Marvellous what a bit of learning will do for you.

  28. 60
    Traitor Blair says:

    Actually economic espionage was massively expanded by Pantsdown Clinton when he was not lying or having a blowjob from the fragrant Monika

    Or starting light touch regulation which blew the financial world up

    Bush and Blair just built on Clinton crime

  29. 62
    JadedJean says:

    “Are IQ tests always done against the clock?”

    Not all. But the difference is real. Males have bigger brains on average too, and there are subtle structural differences in brains. It’s genetic. Males and females are designed for slightly different functions it turns out (amazing eh?). The cognitive differences isn’t all that big in terms of mean differences, i.e for most people in the 85-115 range (although there is a 5 point mean difference in high ‘g’ loaded and spatial tests). It’s in the upper tail of the Gaussian curve that this difference really stands out and this shows up in across the world in maths and science and in jobs (sorry Harriet). Some of science (especially today with so much automation) is very boring factory work. Females do well at this and writing too. Males are more creative. They take greater risks (not always a good thing, so conscientiousness is a moderating factor too). Some of our politicians are either very ignorant or up to no good. I suspect it’s a bit of both. They should stop their nonsense either way as it’s wrecking the country. Really.

    There are some uninformed people posting to this group who should really show more respect too. But hey-ho, Blair (et al) banned respect as ‘patronising’ and encouraging ‘elitism’.

    To some no doubt, people are all the same height too and people who think otherwise are vile heightists who probably secretly want to put short people into ovens when they’re not busy doing things with sheep in fields up North and voting B’N’P or making nail bombs etc!

    That’s ‘education, education, education’ for some! I blame the parents!

  30. 66
    Mr Punch says:

    That’s the way to do it!

  31. 67
    On the subject of Commie Twats. Behold a room full of them. says:
  32. 72
    'M' says:

    Can’t post from within GCHQ, trust no-one etc.

    To get my reply, go to Waterloo station and enter the gents toilets on platform 10. There’s a mobi number scrawled on the 3rd cubicle door. Txt that number and you’ll get sent my reply.

  33. 73
    The British media are cunts says:

    Old fucking lefty Paul Mason now spouting his shite on C4 news. He’s back to the “it’s all kicking off” crap once again. He tried that on with his endless shite about Greece and the Occupy movement (whatever happened to that eh Mason you cuunt?)

    Oh by the way did anyone else notice Shami Shitmabotty sitting behind Rugshagger nodding away like the good little dog she is?

  34. 80
    I spotted another one! says:

    “Michael Ellis was born on 13 October 1967 to a British J’ewish family”

    • 134
      Hansard writer says:

      He “took over” from Lord Greville Janner as well

      Oh dear

    • 190
      Words of a bigoted kunt says:

      Why do so many Irish Catholics work, run the NY stock exchange?

      There is real reason. See if you can guess. And a clue for you. It’s not because of a popeish plot to take over the world.

  35. 90
    altruism in industry says:

    of course even the people educated under labour administration will know that the world is a sphere of a fixed size.It cannot be too difficult to comprehend that exponential growth of population in a limited space is not going to be successful.
    What are our so called leaders thinking about?
    What I think is that they do not have a clue, they are silly little boys plonked into a place of very serious responsibility.
    perhaps the masonic backwoodsmen in the pubil services think they have it all covered > well fuckwits you have lost and you have killed us too.

  36. 93
    Lawyers have ruined this country says:

    Personally i thought Ellis made a right Tit of himself with all his hot air and lawyer bluster. no real killer forensic questioning, just sweeping assertions made with all the drama of a pantomime dame.

  37. 94
    A Labour Spinner. says:

    The truth is, Labour are unethically sound. wawawawar!

  38. 96
    cured lefty says:

    O,t just got thru 10minutes of pro roma bilge on the one show do they really think anyone bar handwringing leftys believes such blatant liberal shite.

    • 107
      Roma says:

      Don’t worry. When we are here everyone understand very well.

    • 116
      I hope everyone at the BBC dies of cancer says:

      After yesterday’s One Show half-hour special on “The terrible Glaswegian Helicopter Disaster (worse than the Hindenburg) (All will remember where they were the day the terrible disaster struck)” we decided to never watch the One Show again.

      No great surprise to hear the worthless Lefty scum (including “Matt Ba’ar”) are now banging the drum for Roma vermin. No surprise at all.

  39. 97
    Will says:

    If no one at the guardian has read all 28,000 files how does he know if any of them contain information that threatens national security. Also if the New York Times has this information have they read all of the files, so how can they know if any of them breach the patriot act or any other security breaches. The first rule of receiving stolen information is to check it to ensure exactly what info you have.

    • 139
      Hansard writer says:

      And ther first Rule of McCarthyism is to verify that the accusations you are making are founded in fact

      The House of Commons Committyee has no fucking idea of what is in the 58,000 files FFS

      Except the few that have beeen published

      So how can they state what is in the public interest or not?

  40. 101

    As an absentee from these shores for some time, perhaps someone could advise me of Nicola Blackwood’s totty ratings?

  41. 103
    Just Saying says:

    Gee. Judging by the text Guido seems to be having a love-in with Rusbridger.

  42. 105
    Anonymous says:

    What a government puppet is the knob who writes an article pretending to be guy fawkes.
    Seriously, go back to the sun you tosser. Hack little girls phones and put up pictures of girls their tits out. Then stick up a government that strips away our liberties.

    You’re a fraud. An imposter, the real guy fawkes would do you in for sullying his name.

    • 153
      Prophet Mo - peace be upon him says:

      I can almost hear the panting as you type ‘little girls’ and ‘tits out’ well done for getting to the end of the post before going back to Harri and Patti’s PIE website -

      • 188
        Lord John of Hull says:

        Someone mention pie? What is it? Cherry? Apple? If its mince I’ll have 6 please.

  43. 106
    Mark Oaten says:

    Going down to Soho Square sewers to get totally shit faced tonight, wish me luck!

    • 125
      Rocket Ronnie - there's lovely says:

      watch out for those pesky urban badgers – tb is the last thing you need when your immune system is depressed

  44. 109
    Just Sayin' says:

    Arrogance. We have Rusbridger admitting breaking the law, yet confident he is untouchable, and Fat Pang, refusing three times to go before a parliamentary committee. Arrogance. They’ve been allowed to get away with their behaviours for so long they are sure they are above all others. Both treating parliament with contempt. Maybe one day someone will have the guts to bring them both down to earth. Charge one and sack the other. Some hope. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

    • 115
      One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

      “Maybe one day someone will have the guts to bring them both down to earth.”

      Yeah, well. One day.

      In the meantime, here’s.. HS2!!

      (oh, and more immigration)

  45. 114
    altruism in industry says:

    If this time of pleb has taught us anything it is that the “upper crust” days are numbered in weeks. the government has failed abysmally domestically and in international diplomacy, probably due to excessive delusional thinking. People WILL react, soldiers and police already know they are being made to look the fool. secret societies of fuckwits are not strong enough to contain the people when they see how they have been robbed and fooled.

  46. 117
    The candle of Democracy burns in the Ukraine tonight. says:

    Shit hot.

    Democracy in the Ukraine sticks two fingers up to the EUSSR.

    And given the choice between Barroso and his henchman Herman or Putin I know which I would select.

  47. 119
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    C4 News tonight.
    If there was ever any doubt that Jon Snow was a lefty, then tonights show proved it beyond doubt. Snow just shouted down the tory MP during the discussion about Rusbridger.
    Snow you really are a deceitful pile of crap.

    • 126
      spartacus says:

      with considerable public funding

    • 131
      White rabbit says:

      The C4 news is now a new form of comedy. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Roma broadcaster they’re sure to employ before long.

    • 145
      Fishy says:

      Yep. Snow really lost it. Amazing behaviour

    • 148
      UKIP or bust says:

      I remember him standing in a near empty reservoir spiting and snarling that global warming is going to dry up all the water and cause the very earths crust to disintegrate and well die of thirst unless we paid more tax, or words to that effect.

      Why is it rich lefties like him with all the privileges of a billionaire are so fucking miserable and angry?

      He was in his usual sneering angry mood probably partly due to the fact standing up he couldn’t show us how young he was by flashing his fancy socks every two minuets.

      I’m still waiting for him to give some sort of apology for scare mongering us about no more water for all those years.

      • 172
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        Well you’ll be waiting a long time, twats like him have very short memories when it suits them.

    • 167
      Ah!!!!!!!!!! M says:



  48. 122
    Fbi says:

    Breaking News Keith Vaz is arrrsted in the Commons tonight. The charges are interferring with the supporting the Security Services over a free press with many restrictions not being lifted.

  49. 132
    anonus says:

    If Dave`s new found toughness on immigration and its causes means anything why are there Roo-mania / Bulgaria job fairs going on welcoming roma in?? Where is the truth in these people?

    • 138
      andy lousley says:

      I promise to tell the …err…eerrmm.. absolute lies about my expenses and hotel claims. Why would you not expect the Leader of the House to be absolutely above board for heaven`s sake, I am untouchable, …err…aren`t I?

  50. 146
    Vlad the Energy Impaler says:

    Moscow invented rumours of Vladi`mar Put`in affair with Olympic gymnast because he ‘is gay’ claims controversial new biography””—DM.

    More salt needs digging, imbeciles. You shall pay.

  51. 150
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  52. 155
    Ralph Millband from beyond the grave says:

    Left wing Guardian traitors, never did get over the collapse of the Soviet Union… See you in the Old Bailey Rusbridger

    • 174
      albacore says:

      Never mind the Guardian, what about Parliament?
      Whatever effort it does make is entirely spent
      In rendering Britain a mere E U satellite
      Surrendered and repopulated without a fight

    • 220

      They merely transferred their allegiance to the EU.

  53. 166
  54. 175
    29th Nov says:
  55. 176
    She needs to cover up then says:
    • 197
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      Oh for the NOTW:

      Killer Storms – The only thing which would trump is a frozen Sharknado full of Ed Davey windmills.

  56. 177
    Labour it's because of Labour says:
    • 183
      Joss Taskin says:

      The Welsh Assembly has a Labour majority, doesn’t it ? #nuff said.

      • 206
        No good boyo says:

        Free Wales !

        • 207
          Dai Marks says:

          We have nothing to lose but our chains.

          • Ianto Evans says:

            The real Welsh problem is the abysmal lack of Conservative MPs in Welsh constituencies.

            This is due in no small part to the poor calibre of candidates.

            David Cameron cares passionately for Wales. He really needs to give a clear lead and hand select candidates himself.

            Only in this way will the life of the Welsh people improve.

          • A reporter from the Western Mail says:

            Some very interesting points are made here about the future of Wales.

            However last week the Western Mail sold just 658 copies excluding complimentary copies sent to Libraries and Parliaments.

            This little publicized fact really hides the decline of Welsh cultural life .

          • DAI REAR says:

            We want independence like the Sweaties !

  57. 178

    Fuck the Guardian and all its LibLabConnism

    On a more important subject — Detroit has been declared bank-rupt — that’s what happens when you keep spending more than the revenues coming in — isn’t that so Dave?

    The National Debt in the U.K. is £1.2 trillion and still rising at circa £100 billion per year.

    Dave has doubled the debt incurred by Gorgon and all his predecessors put together.

    • 187
      Ed Balls says:

      But during a recession, which is usual.

      It was why labour was racking up billions and billions in debt during the longest boom period in modern history that was a complete mystery

      • 192
        Jingle bells says:

        It’s where all this money went, apart from wars and doctors and themselves and benefits and the unions and Gordys £400million to a charity on US tv for mosquito netting, where the hell has it all gone.

        • 212
          Sheikh Basha Banka says:

          Now that Detroit has been declared bankrupt i might just buy a property there.

        • 240
          FFS says:

          The tax credits systems, which gives bus drivers an extra £10,000 per year so they can have the same net disposable income as civil engineers.

          Whole thing was a massive re-distribution of wealth to the working class and totally unfunded by taxation – it was paid for through debt.

          The Tories are too scared of the BBC calling them “nasty” to do anything about it.

  58. 179
    Errr..... says:

    Is there a free school bus my kids can use to get from North Wales to Shanghai….. or Scotland?

  59. 180
    I doubt that is true says:
    • 200
      Right to Reply says:

      Hardly. It is the fucking c’unt who will be kicked out next year if not sooner who is allowing those filthy scum bags in, and employers who are blatantly discriminating against local available Labour.

    • 217

      If any one objects openly he will be arrested by the traitor police , and dragged of to a prison cell as a WAAAAAAAYCIIIIIIIST !!!!!

    • 228
      DAVE , Caring for Rich people since 2010 says:

      It’s not 1 / 1 / 14 yet the fuckin Romaninan’s shouldn’t even be here yet

      • 241
        FFS says:

        They aren’t. This c*nt is just trying to pass the blame back to the people for when they are here. It’s like “Oh, we wouldn’t WANT to keep them out what with you oiks being so lazy. We need all those hard working foreigners here to keep industry ticking over”. Yeah, like that’s a solution. Labour tried the same bollocks and now the Tories are just copying them.

        What he hasn’t woken up to is the fact that a job is the last thing the Romanians want.

  60. 181
    Glasgow Anarchists say the pub was under police surveillance says:
  61. 182
    Johnny says says:

    Did any of them ask him why the Guardian waited several weeks to take a picture of the alleged computer bits destroyed at the insistence of the security services?

  62. 185
    Ed Balls says:

    Education figures released today show labour’s record “investment” in schools and teacher salaries has been a total failure.

    Well…investments can go down as w ell as up..

  63. 186
    Tom has fallen for a Father Figure. No wonder his relies ain't happy. says:
    • 222
      Anonymous says:

      I cant help feeling Tom Daley has been badly advised “coming out” at the age of 19, encouraged by his 20 years older Gay rights activist friend.Who incidentally looks like a right player !

      • 227
        Shame on the Pink Mafia says:


        He doesn’t really know if he’s bent or straight and the political pressure placed on him has forced him into a camp that he will find hard to leave if he decides that he is not Qu eer.

        I know nothing in detail but the recent loss of his father will not have helped his life changing decision making.

  64. 191
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Rushbridger would have been the bully, at school. Only he’d have been to clever by far to get his own hands dirty. He’d have got the weird gay boy that nobody liked, the posh girl who was trying to be down market, the good girl trying to be naughty (rumour has it she shows her knickers to the bad boys for a couple of quid) to do his dirty work for him.

  65. 193
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Watching Energy Secretary Ed Davey yesterday in the Commons was like observing a particularly dodgy sales pitch on the Shopping Channel.
    “Buy our energy policy and you will get £50 off!” shouted Ed (I paraphrase), wearing a salesman’s suit and sweating a bit too much.

    • 205
      An awkward bastard says:

      This idiot actually said he was going to finance energy price reductions by going after law abiding tax avoiders.

      Not a word about the war on tax evaders and the latest hidden secret: those who having been correctly assessed to pay tax and still have not paid.

  66. 195
    Venezuelan Zinga Sol ;-) says:

    Before Dave starts molesting the poor old bloody tax payer, here is Venezuela’s aviation / space program:

  67. 196
    Venezuelan Zinga Sol ;-) says:

    Venezuela has Dave’s focus groups down – even before Dave had a focus group…

    • 210
      Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

      I find this so disgusting.

      Parliament has made it lawful for men to bugger one another and now you see how it works in practice; nice but naive young men like Tom are manipulated by older men often with money who use their greater experience of life for their own sexual gratification.

      I have just written to Keith Vaz telling him to get his Committee into this problem.

      • 242
        FFS says:

        Tom Daley was obviously gay. He’s more camp than Dale Winton and, like John Barrowman, far too good looking to be straight.

        Any “manipulation” that’s going on is sure to be to Tom’s liking.

  68. 204
    An awkward bastard says:

    Surely if these bits of paper were so important the Yanks should not have left them hanging about?

  69. 215
    The British media are cunts says:

    Yet more mongism from the BBC. They didn’t realise that Eurostar was jointly owned by the UK and French governments.

    The BBC really are hopeless and that was the business people talking.

  70. 219
    Oy Vey,Oy Vey,Oy Vey says:

    I’m shorting gold,who isn’t ?

    GOLD 1,214.50 -7.20 -0.59%

    Has to be below US$1,200 today.

    Get in there.

  71. 221
    Big Promise Dave says:

    My bonfire of the Quangos turned out to be a tea light.

  72. 223
    Ordinary Joe says:

    A question: has the French Government sold its stake in the Euro-Tunnel?

    and if not, why do the Tories love to pimp us without our consent? or have we become their whores?

    • 224

      Rest assured the French government will sell it’s stake, but to a conglomerate of state owned companies and newly appointed QUANGO’s

  73. 225
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Does ‘contempt of parliament’(in the strict legal sense, not in the generally accepted sense of the publics’ contempt for the ^rseh*les in there currently) no longer exist? Was a time, last time in living memory I think, when a person demonstrating contempt to parliament or any of it’s committees could find themselves having a lie down in the tower?

  74. 226
    DAVE , Caring for Rich people since 2010 says:

    Breaking News
    The cash grabbing bastards of the EU have decided to take a slice of the banking pie , by fining six banks 1.6 billion pounds for their part in the libor scandal

    When will someone just tell Brussels to Fuck Off ?

  75. 230
    Lord Gaga says:

    Ah Guido. Of course he’s looked at those files on Iraq and Afghanistan – what newspaper man could not?.

    A cynic would suspect that they do incredible damage to Labour by showing that both the US and UK security forces knew, without question, at the time of the publication of the dodgy dossier, that Iraq did not have any WMD.

  76. 231
    DAVE'S FIRE SALE theres no money left says:

    We all know how hard it is to make ends meet what !
    Even in government we are struggling to pay our bills
    What with rising expense claims and more and more foreign travel to pay for ‘ even the cost of extra banquets and luncheons is rising
    Anyway some of my rich friends have offered to help me out by buying our 40% stake in Eurostar
    i will sell it at half it’s value , like i did with the post office so there is still a bit of “meat on the bone” for my rich chums to return the favour in 2015 when i will be unemployed

    Toodle Pip

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