December 3rd, 2013

Rusbridger Round-Up

So the Guardian did share the names of intelligence officers abroad. Other than that Rusbridger gets through it relatively unscathed…


  1. 1
    Adolph Miliband says:

    “Ellis: “If you knew about the enigma code during WWII would you have passed it on to the Nazis?”—

    I would have done.


    • 11
      Winston Churchill says:

      How do we know you didn’t?


      • 13
        Alan says:

        I’m surprised you asked that question. We are patriots.


      • 47
        And Mehdi's answer is? says:


        • 92
          My names Pat and I'm thinking of starting a riot says:

          That’s a good one, coming as it does from a bunch of traitors.


          • Gatehouse says:

            Just which country was Vaz talking about? I think Vaz really just loves the nation of Vaz. A pathetic public non-event by all that is wrong with this country (on both sides of the table). Guido seems to be happy for the intelligence services to harvest data whenever and on whomever they like despite the fact most of the data gathered has been done so illegally. Seems a strange attitude for a ‘libertarian’ to have? But then so long as the People of the Book are not bothered he’s usually happy.
            You’re well run Guido I’ll give your case officer that.


          • Lena says:

            Traitors my derriere IF you are referring to Mr Rusbridger and his fellow democrats at The Guardian. What the questioning does reveal however, is just how much Vaz is out of touch with “reality” to ask such a daft question -“are you a patriot…”


    • 31
      Fed up with Grandstanding MPs who are not interested in getting to the heart of the matter says:

      Ellis must be the thickest MP in Westminster.

      Instead of issuing soundbites to get himself quoted in the papers and played on the six O’clock news he should have been asking questions with surgical precision


      • 33
        P. Doff says:

        Most MP’s reside in the bottom half of the cornflakes packet – so unrealistic to expect surgical precision. Clarkson with a hammer is nearer the mark.


    • 44
      Reds Under the bed says:


      • 51
        What's love got to do with it? says:

        Rusbridger should have asked Keith Vaz if Keith Vaz loves Keith Vaz


      • 57
        FFS says:

        Nope, that isn’t the definition of McCarthyism. McCarthyism was about secret support of communism. You could love your country but be a communist (albeit you would be a rather misguided patriot).

        Anyway, Vaz was merely giving Rusbridger the opportunity to show himself as a patriot thus allowing him to shrug off accusation he was a traitor. We shouldn’t assume that a question posed is necessarily an accusation, especially when posed by the lawyer for the defence toward the defendant.


        • 62
          Guardianistas' mass faux outrage says:

          Whatever. The Guardianistas have now taken up arms because of this question which they will take in the way that they want to take it.


        • 94
          cinna says:

          Well we all know that the Guardian loves any country which isn’t Britain.


          • George Galloway says:

            I hate Britain.


          • broderick crawford says:

            And England hates you Dumb-fries

            Pray God your lot vote for indeoendence so we can deport you and one of your lot can nail your testicles to some piece of steel on Sullem Voe .


  2. 2
    Scottish Chav says:

    hang, draw and quarter the traitor … mibi eighth him as well!


  3. 3

    I swear that man is more of a chopper than a Chinook is.


  4. 4
    Newsfox says:

    We have no Bill of Rights in the UK. ‘We do have Bill Oddie though,” confirms Keith Vaz.


    • 56
      Jimmy Saville says:

      My mate Bill oddie… salt of the earth


    • 78
      Chooseday Wednesdaya says:

      Fuck ME sideways with a rusty hacksaw, was that meant to be anywhere near funny? You pathetic, sad pointless little tosser. Every time you pop up on here with your comments that are as a newly found lump on a tit the rest of us cringe. It is beyond parody, a grown man trying just that little bit too hard to be funny. Like the sad fucker at the pub quiz who tries each week to come up with a topical team name.
      On behalf of all the other readers of this blog please fucking stop. Stick to staying home with a can of Carling and re-watching your box sets of HIGNFY. Kill that shit blog of yours too, that space on the internet could be used for something that people actually want to see, maybe some decent Brazilian Queef movies.


  5. 5
    Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

    Traitorous prick.


  6. 6
    Mitch says:

    Who’s the blonde behind the copper??


  7. 8
    Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    Q.How can you be certain that a Politician from The Cons*LieLabor*LebDims satanic Grand Alliance is no longer being mendacious & manipulative ???

    A. When they have been certified as deceased by THREE independent Doctors
    & not member’s of any lodge or other organisation……

    This sums up the state of Politics in OUR country today !!

    Its time for real change………


    • 12
      A Grocer helpfully says:

      No need for the apostrophe


    • 17
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Hogan-Howe and his MET ‘organisation’ are not fit for any purpose. They (The MET) are run amok with criminals at every tier of ‘management’ – concealing their own personal crimes [inc profits like MP-style protected pensions] against The Public Interest. Blair allowed the cops to become business persons and politicised them during the reign of terror on some mutual understanding of self-protection.


      • 37

        A good police force is one that catches more crooks than it employs – Robert Mark 1972

        He discovered that the existing anti-corruption squad was headed by a policeman who was himself corrupt.


        • 73
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The MET had at least 270 convicted coppers still working for them [published in the Ev St or D M some years ago] in about 2007. [reign of terror time]

          I will post the full details later.

          One bad apple – can destroy an orchard. Hogan-Howe is just the current crime boss concealing all of his underlings misdeeds.


  8. 10
    Guy News Room says:

    Billy Connolly has now turned up at the crash site. FFS, could no one reach Guido Fawkes?


  9. 14
    I bet BBC makes fa of this says:

    I hope Plod arrests the traitorous prick. May we expect a BBC campaign on this?


  10. 15
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    @ 4, We do have a Bill of Rights in the UK, and it means that evidence given to a Select Committee is privileged and cannot be used in any court proceedings, so whatever Mr Rushbridger says to a committee of Parliament, it cannot be used against him in the UK courts. Not sure if the US courts would care.


  11. 16
    blatant bias says:

    Vaz conveniently shut Ellis up just when
    he was asking awkward questions.


  12. 18
    have i got this right? says:

    So Shami Chakrabarti from Liberty backs The Guardians right
    to publish classified documents, but also backs Leveson-style
    censorship over the rest of the press?


  13. 19
    UN observer says:

    Rusberger has done a public service exposing the generalised illegal snooping of NSA and GCHQ

    If any of your window lickers are real libertaians you would agree

    And if you act illegally and give all the UK’s state secrets to the Americans what do you expect?

    You are dumb poodles

    Ha ha ha


    • 30
      Gordon Brown says:

      We didn’t give the UK’s state secrets to the Americans – we sold them.

      £40. Good eh?


    • 42
      A libertarian says:

      I believe it is every man’s right to snoop on another. It is what you do about it that might be anti-libertarian.


      • 83
        Freddie the Fishmonger says:

        if I meet anyone these days the last thing I tell them is exactly what I know and exactly what I think.


    • 91
      Charlie says:

      Revealing that the NSA/GCHQ snoops is one thing, revealing names of intelligence officers is another. Most intelligence officers will have diplomatic immunity, however their contacts will not. If there contacts are caught they and their families could be tortured and killed. It will also deter those from providing information which could stop acts of violence.

      Rushbridger , like many lefties have never had the responsibility where their mistakes would end up in themselves or their families being killed. Personally , I would love to see Rushbridger and his ilk in some covert OP in N Ireland in the 70s and 80s or in Iraq or Afghanistan.


  14. 20
    Reverend Flowers says:

    I like my boys like I like my chang.

    Lined up.


  15. 21
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    “I love England. Sometimes I lie in bed, and imagine doing it up East Anglia.”


    • 28
      The entirety of the UK political scene, including bloggers and pests says:

      East Anglia? Is that near Greenwich?


      • 35
        Captain Geography says:

        Sort of. You leave the utter Crapopolis that is Londonistan, wander across the blingy wasteland of Essex, cross the Stour at Sudbury and head into Yeo Country with the six-fingered yokels. Keep going towards Norfolk until you find lots of people pointing at planes and voila! You are well and truly in East Anglia.


  16. 22

    Only certain people need to be arrested in the UK.

    If they are unaware of their rights, it is safer to arrest. The better connected they are, the less likely the arrest. It has always been the case but is much more the case today than it was 20 years ago.


    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      If you upset a certain former PM it doesn’t matter how well connected you are plod will see to it that you are up before M’lord.


      • 110
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Blair’s days ARE NUMBERED.


      • 111
        Blowing Whistles says:

        As for the wigged pratts – lets take Jonathan Sumption QC – and in his recent guise. He of course will not admit that part of the fairytale of Hutton was ‘allowing’ the legal frat [Blair and Hoon – for instance] to not give evidence on Oath.

        Sumption – is a fucking low-life, lying, toe-rag, duplicitous fork-tongued SHYSTER.


  17. 23
    Will says:

    the fact that the guardian paid for Miranda boyfriend to transport documents and then write articles to claim he was passing through means that they were lying at the time.

    if I was rushbridger I would not travel to America any time soon.

    Also we don’t yet if by aiding and abetting the release of this information, that the guardian has not compromised the patriot act, so this one could run for a while yet. A free press does not mean the right to leak state secrets and then hid behind the right to a free press as a shield to protect yourself to any legal action


    • 43
      Doh! says:

      Yep- the Guardian conveniently forgot to mention they funded Miranda’s
      flights or that he was carrying classified information when he was arrested
      in the summer.


      • 52
        John Bellingham says:

        He was not arrested, he was detained while in transit. I know that seems picky, but there is an enormous difference and the Police, Customs and Border Control have unbelievable powers when foreigners arrive at our ports and airports and have not been cleared for entry–its the same all over the world.


      • 71
        Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

        He could/should have been arrested under section 7 the Official Secrets Act 1920 – the one passed by Winston Churchill to catch journalists of uncertain nationality who might be helping the Bolsheviks foment revolution in Glasgow, Liverpool etc. and nearly used against him in 1938.


    • 125
      Bill says:

      There was something very odd about that Miranda business. He was travelling from Germany to Brazil; Heathrow is not exactly the obvious route, and that goes double if you are carrying something the UK authorities might not like you to carry.

      It would have been much easier and safer to go via Lisbon. So why didn’t he??


  18. 24
    Anonymous says:

    It is a sad day if making a questionable joke about religion or race is a criminal offence but identifying Mi6 staff serving overseas is not merely legal but laudable in the eyes of the bien pensants.


    • 34
      Will says:

      if that Mi6 officer is subject to action by a foreign power either him or his relatives could launch a claim against Guardian Media Group for loss and they might have to answer a few difficault questions under oath. the claim might not succeed but the guardians reputation could be compromised


  19. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Rusbridger is a Traitor.


    • 46
      FFS says:

      But mostly he’s just a twat


    • 64
      The beginning of the end says:

      Funny name for an Englishman that.

      Where was his dad from ?


      • 65
        jimmy Hill says:

        That is nothing mate .

        There is a really slimy man on that committee who says his name is Vaz.

        You should really ask him whether he loves this country.

        Vaz is a very funny name for an Englishman. The next thing is he will be telling you he is from Coventry.


      • 89
        John Bellingham says:

        He is from Zambia. No, really!
        The name Rusbridger is an old pre 7thC anglo-saxon name from “hris” and “bryg”- indicating a faggot/brushwood causeway–lit. brushwood bridge. the surname would have derived from the person living nearby to the causeway.
        The name appears in the court rolls in the 16thC in several places in Sussex in cases connected with sheep molestation.


  20. 29
    Hillary Clinton says:

    Hey, I’m sure Mark Thompson has an excellent handle on things over at the NY Times. I’m sure those names would never be divulged. But even if they were? A-a-a-a-h-h-h, what’s a few lives lost to overseas terrorists in the grand scheme of things anyway? What difference could it make?


    • 36
      Will says:

      If mark Thompson is a british passport holder on a work permit he might find that it might not be renewed or if on a visit back to blighty he might be refused entry back to the USA


      • 66
        Green policies are going to kill 30,000 people this winter says:

        I bought one of those Chrysler cars because it was cheap.

        I tell you it is absolutely crap.

        Can I send it back to USA ?


      • 98
        cinna says:

        Please, we don’t want him back. Nor Morgan, nor Cowell, etc, etc.


  21. 38
    Good says:

    ‘ Rusbridger gets through it relatively unscathed…’


  22. 41
    And? says:


    • 49
      Banana Republic Britain says:

      They cop ter lot there.


      • 53
        Scotch-egg-stinks says:

        as for Billy fackin Connelly… wha’ts his agent said

        “Heloo Bill – get doon the crashscene, get some free publicity, ya may get a “tribute/disaster gig” outta that shite.


        • 82
          Billy Connolly's agent says:

          Och, well Billy, yer not as funny as yer once were are ye?

          Am thinkin’ ya need to re-invent yersel a bit, ya knoo, a bit like yon Madonna.

          I’m thinkin if ya goes along to yon crash site an act all serious like then the bbc might offer ya a documentary series. Unless anyone catches on yer just a washed up celeb freeloadin’ on a tragedy with which he has no connection for some press. But what have ya got to lose anyhow?


        • 119
          Or is only some he laughs about says:

          Did he hope some of the victims died quickly after having their heads chopped off….


    • 112
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Watch Billy’s film – ‘The man who sued God’ – therein you just might recognise that all the leading religious houses – are beholden to the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!men.


    • 114
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Didn’t Billy star in the film The man who sued God? and arent there many clues in that film pointing at who the rel.ig.ious houses are beholden to?


    • 115
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Billy / Film / the man who ughh / sued / ughhh Dog [reverse word] – so many truths.


    • 116
      Blowing Whistles says:

      4th attempt to smash mudders bill star.ed in a mo.v i.e. tut man who su.ed g. o.. d

      worth watching.


  23. 48
    Mister One Percent says:


    • 50
      Banana Republic Britain says:

      They remain unpublished but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been handed over to the Russians, Cubans Venezuelans etc etc


      • 67
        KGB says:

        We are not wanting these Snowden files. They are full of borink crap. Snowden – he is worse than Lee Harvey Oswald. In your country you say “all mouth and no trouser”.


    • 104
      Miranda says:

      I hope they send me to Russia! People like me are treated equal over there. I hate repressive evil England.


  24. 54

    Britain spends £85bn on Green crap.


  25. 60
    Which Explains why Cameron was talking EU trade deals and not British. This is sad says:


    • 100
      Call Me Dulalee Dave, Bum Sex is Important, its the right thing to do says:

      I say Nigel be a good chap & please keep quite about that little known fact regarding my masters control over everyone, (they who must be obeyed), The Glorious EUSSR’s Unelected Kommiesars at the real seat of (unlimited) power aka Brussels & all Tax Payer Funded who have no say how the money is wasted &
      misappropriated plus the accounts have not been passed for 19+ years, another record.

      How do you think I was going to get 131 chums plus hanger-ons altogether for a
      authentic Chinese fund raising meal other than (mis)calling this a Trade Mission. The full cost of which will be picked up by the Tax Payers say roughly £10M a piddling amount compared to the £50B well call it £90B I am going to waste on HS2 (just to save 10 minutes for the political elite) as these projects always overrun there projected costs. Just understand how much is now likely to flow into the Treasury (of my party @ CCHQ), I can safely say it will be millions which will be of great help when I decide to press the starting gun for the G*E which won’t be in 2015 he he he…..nudge nudge, wink wink

      So keep all this in mind Nigel as I have really worked tirelessly to ensure you
      will soon be one of us & quit right to…..You know everyone (dis)trusts my word
      which is something to remember like my cast iron (corroded) guarantees.


  26. 63
    John Bellingham says:

    Off topic, but worth knowing. There is an opposition day debate in the HoC at this very moment on the Persecution of Christians around the world. there ate THREE Labour MPs in the chamber. Does this mean that there are no Christian members of the Labour Party (apart from Reverend Flowers and Chris Bryant), or they couldn’t give a damn?


    • 68
      FFS says:

      They all rely on the votes of Muslims, so can’t be seen standing up for those Christians persecuted by Muslims.

      Every one of them is a two-faced shit claiming to be progressive one minute and then standing up to support the most regressive religion in the world the next.


      • 75
        ibrahim says:

        I voted for Keith Vaz 47 times at the last election.

        I would have voted more but they closed the Polling Station.


    • 79
      A lesson from history says:

      AND the country with the worst record for the persecution of Christians is….the United Kingdom


  27. 69
    MB. says:

    ‘Vaz: “Do you love this country?”
    Rusbridger: “……….we live in a democracy. I’m surprised to be asked that question. We are patriots.”—
    Media Guido (@MediaGuido) December 03, 2013′

    Very ambiguous answer to that question, what is wrong with a ‘Yes’.


    • 72
      Chris Huhne says:

      I love my country more than i love my wife.


    • 74
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      Michael Ellis was in full flow giving Rusbridger a good pasting for breaking the Communications and Terrorism Act when Vaz interupted him to say THIS is your last question Mr Ellis….Ellis replied..I think my 6 minutes has time to run Chairman Vaz I AM in charge of this committee Mr Ellis Ellis to Rusbridger Well Mr Rusbridger this isn’t all a Labour Love-in…Vaz Order Order your time is up Mr Ellis


    • 77
      FFS says:

      Very evasive isn’t it? He uses “We” (thus sharing responsibility with unknown people) and doesn’t mention which country he is a “patriot” of.

      Many would parse such a response to mean he despises this country.


  28. 84
    The Ukranians are revolting says:

    I used to know a guy who people said behind his back was educationally sub normal.

    if you said anything to him all he ever said back was what you had said to him.

    If you said to him “tomorrow is Wednesday” then he would say “yes its Wednesday tomorrow”. If you said to him “it rained today” he would say “yes it rained today”.

    If you asked him about the news he would give you a copy of a newspaper.

    Perhaps the guy was pretty smart.


  29. 85
    Ctesibius says:

    “If you knew about the enigma code during WWII would you have passed it on to the Nazis?” is a good question.

    The BBC broadcast news to the Argentinians that there was going to be an attack on Goose Green, resulting in many unnecessary deaths. Colonel H Jones, VC, was killed leading the attack.


  30. 105
    broderick crawford says:

    Ellis: “If you knew about the enigma code during WWII would you have passed it on to the Nazis?”—



    FUCKWIT !!!!


  31. 113
    ex Yard 'tec says:

    The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police no longer holds the office of Constable, and only has the same power of arrest as the Joe public. Hence he has a police driver, i.e., someone who holds the office of Constable.


  32. 118
    Displaced Brummie says:

    As an NUJ member, I would like to invite Mr Rushbadger to, please, go fuck himself.


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