November 29th, 2013

That Tory Opposition to Lords Reform in Full

Guido cannot help but notice the irony of the very same Tory MPs who voted against Lords reform now complaining that peers should not be allowed to derail the EU referendum bill because they are unelected and unaccountable. Not only has the Tories destroying Lords reform resulted in the death of the boundary review, severely hindering their chances in 2015, but it also damages their chances of actually getting an EU referendum as well. Slow clap.


  1. 1
    Itchy Scrote says:

    Master strategists, every one.


    • 5
      They just don't think says:

      They are Politicians Guido. And I have never known yet a politician to fully think through the consequences of any law he votes for or against.


      • 7
        kerching! says:

        Tim Yeo does


      • 24
        Nancy Pelosi, Leader of Democrats, US Congress, says:

        “…I have never known yet a politician to fully think through the consequences of any law he votes for or against.”

        Don’t you know? You’re supposed to pass bills before finding out what’s in them!

        How do you think I got Obamacare passed?

        Of course, it cost me my majority in the House of Representatives, but the bill passed, didn’t it? And now, that wonderful excellent program is going into operation– so there’s that to consider!

        Without my asking my party to buy a pig in a poke, Obamacare might never have come to its glorious fruition!


        • 35
          T May says:

          Yankee Go Home


          • Jabez says:

            T May – Not at all. All views and opinions are welcome. As for being unelected Lordy Lordies – yes regrettably the case. However our unelected political royals have far more clout.


          • British Citizen says:

            Tittle tattle gossip and rumours about Westminster’s Mother of Parliaments….

            People who think what goes on in America is interesting should go to some American site. I recommend Reason online.

            I wish people would not spoil this British site with American references unless they are demonstrably connected to something of relevance to the UK.


          • Tay King-dePisse says:

            I’m going to essay a wild stab at this, and say that that poster was using a foreign reference, to make the reader think, “Ha! That could never happen here! Oh, wait…”

            But it couldn’t happen here, that whipped bills pass with no-one the wiser what’s in them, right? Oh, no.

            And of course, such bills have never come back to haunt later, after the Party that passed them is out of power– perish the thought there ever could be such a thing.


          • Alex Salmond – Laird o’ Brigadoon, is the real AntiChrist.

            ………. click my name …. go on you know you want to


    • 9
      Popeye says:

      Cameron, the brilliant strategist.


    • 41
      Lanucane says:

      Masterbaters more like


    • 50
      Voter says:

      A boundary review was meant to be in exchange for the AV referendum and not for Lords reform.


      • 53
        I hate socialists. says:

        Yes the Libdems reneged on the boundary changes . Never,never trust a Libdem.


        • 78
          The Great British Public says:

          Or cast iron immigrant loving uk hating homo adoring Muslim apologist Dave Cameron…


          • George Duncan Shite says:

            Why didn’t the English and americans let the german person carry on eradicating the chosen race and the romas and the slavs, he would of got round to the muzzies sooner or later. What a different world it would be.


        • 110
          Medicated Milliband says:

          If you’re a retard and you know it vote for me…clap…clap


        • 137
          Vince Incable says:

          never trust anyone with a limp dick.


      • 61
        One Man One Vote says:

        The boundary review is supposed to be so that it takes an equal number of voters to elect an MP in one part of the country as it does in another.

        At present, a mere 21,837 people get to vote for an MP in the Scottish constituency of Na h-Eileanan Siar, while the 110,924 voters of the Isle of Wight only have one MP despite there being over 5 times more of them.


      • 73
        Private_Schultz says:

        Yes, this should be shouted from the rooftops regularly. Dums reneged on the agreement of AV referendum for boundary review when they lost the AV vote. Treacherous cowards.


    • 133
      A Hitler (Deceased) says:

      Reduce the worlds population to a max of 25 million and find nirvana.


    • 138
      An Hunhe says:



    • 142
      Valdmir Putin says:

      Why didn’t the English and americans let the german person carry on eradicating the chosen race and the romas and the slavs, he would of got round to the muzzies sooner or later. What a different world it would be.


  2. 2
    Luke says:

    Is destroying the House of Lords for one more possible but unlikely term in office worth it?


    • 42
      Officer Dibble says:

      It would have made that second term more likely: it was Cameron’s best chance to detoxify the Tory party as the party of a social elite. How better to show you’re a modernizer with the interests of the many at heart than by removing the last vestiges of aristrocracy from Parliament.

      The purpose of replacing the Lords with a modern elected senate was not to win Cameron a second term, though it would have helped do that; the purpose was to get rid of an absurd and damaging anachronism.


      • 52
        Baron Mandelson says:

        Not much point in reforming it unless there’s an improvement rather than more placemen like me, Uddin, and that dreadful “sugar” fellow from that gameshow.


        • 112
          Lord Presscot says:

          What about me I was In charge of many important things whill I was in goverment and Toney would often let me talk to the press about important things I was doing I made many impotant decissions and Toney would often say that I was doing a good job though I didn’t get on too well with Mandelson he was a bit of an iron as far as I could tell though I didn’t dislike him as much as Fatcher she was the one who ruind this country Toney said that she shut down all the milk factories and Ashcroft took all the profits and Toney said I was to talk to the men who was from the working class becouse I would show them that the Labour party was for them even though we didn’t do much for them Toney said that we best keep them in their place otherwise they would vote for the Tories who are evil but I did have to Jags and play croquette I hope the working men didn’t think I was a toff like Thatcher . . . . . . . ..


    • 63
      Tony E says:

      Had the unelected nature of the upper chamber been altered, then it would have come into conflict with the Commons sooner or later. At present the Parliament Acts allow the supremacy of the commons, but the argument would soon be such that the elected upper house would have legitimacy to overturn the lower house, leading to lame duck parliaments.

      Mess with the constitution and all sorts of unintended consequences follow.


    • 135
      A Hitler (Deceased) says:

      Why didn’t the English and americans let the german person carry on eradicating the chosen race and the romas and the slavs, he would of got round to the muzzies sooner or later. What a different world it would be.


  3. 3
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    Turkeys voting for Christmas. There are too many thick Tory MPs, like Peter Bone et al.


  4. 4
    Democracy Now says:

    Parliament is an illegitimate joke:

    Scottish votes that outweigh English ones by 5:1 so that the concept of One Man One Vote is a cruel lie.

    Gerrymandered boundaries which benefit one party or other to the detriment of the electorate freely expressing its will.

    Electoral fraud and postal vote fiddles that go unaddressed.


    • 28
      Herman van Rompuy says:

      Don’t forget me – your unelected president.

      Now, you nasty little Britisher people – keep giving me £20 billion every year, and keep your nasty little mouths shut whilst I dump all of Europe’s unemployed on you.

      And make sure they get nice houses and lots of money. That’s an order.


    • 111
      Old Hal says:

      Not only that, the number of Jocks (if not by accent then by name) in English constituency seats


  5. 6
    Turkeys debating extending Christmas says:

    Gobble gobble


  6. 8
  7. 10
    The Unrepentant sinner says:

    There were tears when I left but it didn’t take me a moment to switch back into my old life. I did have to wear a tag for a while though, and be home by 7pm every day. I perfected a way of getting to parties in Westminster slightly early and then jumping on the Tube to get back by curfew. If I arrived home 15 minutes early, I’d be furious with myself


  8. 11
    Fishy says:

    It’s worth saying it again, it was the yellows who reneged on the boundary review despite getting their way on a PR referendum. It had nothing to do with Lords reform.

    And the hypocrite Miliband, who calls himself a democrat (probably in the way that the DDR etc called themselves democratic) will go into an election where the people’s votes are not of equal value.

    Not a surprise really, Miliband’s (democratic) party, when in power, were happy to repeatedly use the votes of Scottish MPs to drive through legislation that affected only England – knowing that they had insufficient English MPs to win a Commons vote that they had no mandate, mathematically or morally, to enact.


  9. 12
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Why do what Phony Tony did with something as trivial as the Hunting Act and just steamroller it through the commons using the Parliament Act? At least if anyone opposes it they can be removed at the next election.


  10. 13
    Little English People says:

    Thieving MPS & the vermin in ermine that bought their Lordships.

    Every election is a referendum now.

    Vote UKIP to bring this whole sorry corrupt cabal to heel.


    • 17
      One Man One Vote says:

      Every ‘election’ is a farce.

      How can it be right that the Scots can send an MP to Parliament who represents a constituency with a voting population five times smaller than an English seat?

      The British electoral system is a complete travesty.


  11. 14
    Lords = medieval, like Islam says:

    Silly sods. What we need is a fully-elected upper chamber of 100 members. Anyone who’s been an MP would be unable to be a member.


    • 103
      M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun says:

      I prefer a loaded single chamber with a belt of over 100 rounds. Anyone who’s ever been an MP would be eligable.


  12. 15

    So principle does not come into it, then?


  13. 20
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    The LibLabCon thieves.


  14. 21
    Fish says:

    The boundary review had nothing to do with Lord’s reform, it was something that the yellows reneged on despite being given their PR referendum.

    And it meant that that the ‘democrat ‘ (probably in the way that the DDR etc were democrats) and BBC’s friend Miliband will go into the election where peoples’ votes are not equal.

    But the democrat Miliband is no stranger to such abuses…it was his party that regularly used the massed ranks of their Scottish MPs to drive through legislation that affected England only…knowing that they did have either mathematical or moral grounds to enact such legislation


  15. 31
    Bitch Fight says:


    • 34
      Call me Dave, future failure says:

      I had to give him plain fag packets though, before he’d even take the call.


    • 37
      Euromong Camoron says:

      And then @BarrosoEU told me to shut the fuck up so I apologised profusely and backed away and went and sat quietly in a corner in case I upset anyone but really the victory was mine because I spent the rest of the meeting playing Angry Birds with my iPad with the sound muted and I nearly got my best score.


    • 39
      British Citizen says:

      You don’t ‘raise’ his comments. You stop paying any money to the EU until he has been sacked.


    • 45
      Left hand down a bit says:

      Who voted for barroso and van rumpy. have no recolection of putting a cross beside their names in any eu election


    • 46
      Gordon Brown says:

      I ruled the UK and saved it, and I wasn’t elected.


    • 84
      Shoot the cunt says:

      That must have left him quaking in his boots.

      Fat poof Dave “raised Commissioner Andor’s comments” – big fucking deal. How about actually doing anything you flabby twat?


    • 124
      Tom Catesby. says:

      ‘Unelected officials’…… Who voted for jose and rumpuy precisely? Maybe we could ask the noble baroness ashton…oh,er… nobody voted for her either.


  16. 38
    mraemiller says:

    The weak enslave themselves


  17. 54
    Too Much Information says:

    You ever had the kind of gigantic dump where afterwards you feel like you’ve just emptied half your insides?

    I just had one of those.


    • 56
      Gordon Brown says:

      I was constipated once, but I worked it out with a pencil


    • 74
      Arse bandit says:

      I thought I had an intestinal problem so eventually I had a barium enema. This involves ingesting a lot of picosulfuric acid, a laxative. I spent a very interesting evening at home (I didn’t dare go out) shitting the entire contents of my gut out.

      It’s an interesting feeling, being completely empty.
      The barium enema involves having a medical dildo stuck up your arse and a thick fluid injected into your intestine. Even the fact that a woman did it didn’t make it remotely enjoyable.
      And anyway, I didn’t have a problem.


  18. 55
    nellnewman says:

    Which act is currently rehearsing in a tiger print onesie?


    • 59
      DC says:

      That Tory Opposition to Lords Reform in Full – Guy Fawkes’ blog#comment-1957685That Tory Opposition to Lords Reform in Full – Guy Fawkes’ blog#comment-1957685


  19. 58
    nellnewman. says:

    Just listening to Angela Knight, the supercilious, condescending ex-banker’s spin doctor, this very morning, trying to propagate the old lie that energy companies make ‘5%’ profit.

    Well Angela, as may possibly have filtered through to you in your banking days, there are several ways of deceiving the public, who it must be said are nearly as gullible as politicians.

    The best one is to have a sequential structure in which the first part does ‘exploration’ or ‘generation’ or similar things, and is taxed very lightly. That part is where you stash your profits, obviously. On average, that part makes 25% profit. The retail distribution part is the part that you discuss, exclusively. That’s where you stash your costs. Even then, we have to ask, what is profit? Dumping a lot of overheads into a business can seriously damage profit. And we can see that the energy companies live very well without much cost constraint due to competition.

    The only way to understand an energy business’s profitability is to take all the activities from exploration/purchase/generation to end consumer together, and look at the CASH. That is what Angela does not want you to do.

    That is what the government should do, and I don’t doubt the energy companies already do


    • 67
      Pie Key says:

      The whole problem arose because of privatization. Energy, along with health, education and so on are social problems and require social solutions. The only reason to sell them off is to avoid any democratic accountability when wages are slashed and prices increased for the benefit of private owners


      • 72
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        This ‘choice’ malarky is a load of bollocks, and only re-nationalisation would realistically solve the problem.

        At present there are the big 6, which means 6x chief executive salaries, 6x senior executives and managers salaries, 6x shareholders, and 6x the amount spent on marketing and advertising.

        The only choice out there it which brand and logo you want and nothing more. People don’t want a ‘relationship’ with their energy supplier, they simply want cheaper bills.

        A few people got very very rich through privatisation and now people are dying because of it. it’s fucking obscene.


        • 89
          Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

          People are dying because of the green energy poll tax that has whacked 10% plus onto energy bills. Nationalised energy cost far more and we had more strikes and even three day weeks. So much for crappy nationalisation. The big problem is the green energy poll tax but even with that we still have cheaper energy than most other European countries. How is that?


        • 102
          OFTWAT says:

          OVO are quite simply the best energy company I’ve dealt with. You get through on a couple of rings, their front-line staff can actually deal with things and resolve them, and they pay 3% interest on credit on your account. Highly recommended.

          As for the rest, shoot the fuckers and renationalise.


      • 88
        Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

        It was the Labour party who opened up this sequential structure (i.e. of having the same companies do both the sourcing of energy and the retail side.


        • 95
          Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

          It was also under Labour that the number of big companies in energy was reduced to 6. And isnt it weird that often the people who are saying there isn’t enough competition are the same ones who want nationalisation and therefore a monopoly. What retards.


        • 104
          OFTWAT says:

          And there lies the answer. Get rid of the so-called retail side and its unnecessary layer of profit and dividends, and let us all pay the wholesale price.

          Also, how uncompetitive does this unnecessary layer make our industry?


          • Red Ruth says:

            It’s mind boggling how we continue to serve up profits to these multinational corporations and in particular, energy who can get away with not only killing people but making us a country of poor so they can profit. Received a letter from our energy company blaming the Government’s ‘green’ policies for having to increase the bill. That was quite something, so, in order to conserve and save energy and care about our future environment, I will pay more.

            The language of energy speak is so steeped in purposeful confusion that few can understand what is going on, nor is it easy enough to switch, despite claims to the contrary. Most people don’t have an iota of what their policy actually consists of because it makes so little sense. We live in a country where people are unable to afford education, the dentist, eye care, transportation, energy, in short, a quality of life that make life worth living, while the few gain from the many. No one should have to suffer in a country as wealthy as the UK, yet, suffer most people do in order to feed the greedy monsters


    • 69
      The National Lottery says:

      Rather like us and our friends Gtech –



  20. 60
    DC says:

    Why didn’t the English and americans let the german person carry on eradicating the chosen race and the romas and the slavs, he would of got round to the muzzies sooner or later. What a different world it would be.


  21. 65
    Gentlemans Club For Shysters Thieves and Perjurers says:

    Still no plans to get rid of those with a criminal record then!


  22. 66
    CaptainSensible says:

    The Conservatives, for once, were right not to cave in to LibDem blackmail and indulge in constitutional vandalism of the House of Lords.

    They would stand virtually no chance of winning in 2015 even with the planned revised seat distribution, due to their deliberate policy of driving away their natural supporters, to UKIP, and the won’t vote party.

    The 2015 election will achieve a just outcome, namely the destruction of the LibDems as a party of government in our lifetime.

    Once that is achieved, the Conservatives can deal with Milliband later. His presence in Downing Street will greatly assist this process.


  23. 71
    Pick litter for bennies says:

    Labour politicians on QT last night looked very worried at the prospect of Scottish independence.Go for it jocks.


    • 75
      Haven't watched biased QT for years says:

      Well, they would, wouldn’t they? They’d be quite unlikely ever to form a government without their Jock constiuencies.

      Why are you watching shite like QT? Are you a masochist?


    • 76
      Labour says:

      You’re wrong. Nobody in their right mind in England & Wales are going to vote for another five years of Cameron’s clusterfuck.


      • 77
        nellnewman. says:

        And the numpties who vote for the Farage party will dilute the Tory vote even further.


        • 80
          Whoopi doo says:

          Oh dear, time is closing on the Liebour crap, 2014 referendum seems a lot closer to YES after watching QT last night, even the bBBC and Liebour can’t fix that


        • 83
          Point of order says:

          Actually the latest poll shows it’s the Conservatives who are splitting the UKIP vote. And that conservatives should vote ukip to keep Labour out…


  24. 82
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Amazingly the public purse is now paying for nearly a thousand of these people to parade around on festive days in their pissed stained ermine.


  25. 94
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Has anyone noticed that Ed Miliband’s latest soundbites bare no resemblance to reality at all. Miliband has taken a turn for the worse.


  26. 97
    Ah!!!!!!!!!! M says:

    Who needs Campbell and Mandelson?



  27. 98
    Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

    Latest news is another huge people trafficking operation has been discovered in Leeds. The benefits of the EU and mass immigration just keep on coming.


  28. 99
    Vote UKIP or else wot? says:

    Vote blue get red, dont split the UKIP vote by voting for the Tories who think you are something they scraped off their shoes, vote UKIP because you know it makes sense. Vote for the purple and get the purple.


  29. 100
    Uri Nate says:

    Extremely embarrassing that PM is now pleading with Energy Bosses to freeze cripplingly high bills. Same old weak & indecisive leadership.


  30. 106
    Tony Blair War Envoy says:

    War war

    There must be another muslim country to attach

    How about Saudi Arabia? Kuwait?

    I have taken ten of millions in bribes from them already

    So we can kill them now


  31. 114
    Get out of the EU now says:

    Iain Dale running down English people on his radio show.


  32. 118
    A Maimed Badger says:

    The Lords, last vestige of Sanity in this Britain, which I do not recognise from the country of my Birth and Childhood Days, the country of my Mother who stood in the street, swearing at Nazi Planes who were machinegunning the streets, stupid perhaps but she said she felt better afterwards. I will fell better when we can decide things for ourselves… Voice in Europe indeed, what voice, when have we been heard, at what point has the rest of Europe changed it’s ways to anything British… A Marriage where one partner dominates the other… Divorce the only option, let us stop deluding ourselves about being and equal partner…


  33. 119
    Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

    We should remove the vote from all unelected members of the House of Lords. That would leave the hereditiaries – who have small but perfectly formed and genetically checked constituencies. They are younger and less unrepresentative of the nation at large. Unlike most of the geriatric placemen, many even have to earn a living outside politics, because they have no inflation-proofed political or quangocrat pensions.


    • 126

      The old hereditary house was a sight better than Tony’s house of phones which we have got now .


  34. 123
    Tom Catesby. says:

    …..’But it also damages their chances of getting an EU referendum in 2015′. Well, of course it does! Method in madness, eh?


  35. 128
    Lord Prescott of Arrrse says:

    Wankers the lot of them.

    Labour – in opposition from 1979 to 1997 : Boo Hoo, HoL needs reform
    Labour – in Gov from 1997 to 2010 : HoL still undemocratic
    and Tories the same

    Vote UKIP and fuck them all


  36. 139
    Graham says:

    Should restore the hereditary peers. Far better than the failed politicians and political wannabees and arseholes there at present.


  37. 143
    Exiled Pom says:

    Great post. Some lovely comments. Another LOL moment for me. I don’t care which party does it, but I always enjoy watching an “own goal” like this, performed by deserving politicians. It can sometimes be *very* entertaining and it always made me feel I was getting a little something back for my taxes (when I used to be a Brit. taxpayer).


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