November 28th, 2013

Guido Has a Question for Wandsworth Metropolitan Police

Given that Wandsworth Council Conservative Group have expelled a councillor from their grouping after he was found to fiddle his expenses and fraudulently con the local Tories out of over £50,000, perhaps Wandsworth police would like to have a look at this?

Guido has all the evidence.

Drop him an email


  1. 1
    Addison Lee says:

    Taxi for Mr Morritt.


  2. 3
    Jabez says:

    Well Guido, I hope you get a response. I wrote to them on May 13th. asking whether the Met or Scottish police had questioned “the three ladies” (Prince Charles term) who were present when Saville and PC dined together at Saville’s bungalow in Scotland. After al,l they, the three ladies might have overheard something of great importance to the investigators in charge of Operation Yew Tree. Moreover, we do not want the three ladies to be held responsible for innocently ‘withholding information’ do we.


    • 4
      Forked tongue says:

      Who is PC and who are the 3 ladies?


      • 15
      • 28
        Jabez says:

        For goodness sake Forked Tongue read my words!! PC equals Prince Charles, and the three ladies were in a photograph of PC and Saville meeting outside Saville’s bungalow. The three ladies were mentioned in a post card that PC sent to Saville later. “Best wishes to my three ladies”. It is clear that the Met are not going to have the decency to reply to my and other peoples concerns. If, as they (the Met) imply that they are really investigating the Saville scenario, then it is essential that the three ladies mentioned, and who were serving PC and Saville at dinner, could have important information to reveal. If Guido were to ask the Met I expect, because of his high profile they will give him a positive response. Incidentally my letter was signed for and I have kept a copy of the name of the officer who signed for it.


  3. 5
    Rob Morritt says:

    I was just bored.


  4. 8
    Question for CS McGregor says:

    Have you attended a common purpose course?


  5. 11
    Dævid Camerön, doublespeak expert says:

    At a time when we’re having to take such difficult decisions about how to cut back without damaging the things that matter the most, we should strain every sinew to cut error, waste and fraud.


  6. 12
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    Is Mark Elliott going to be interviewed under caution?


  7. 14
    Will Young says:

    Anyone who uses the word ‘gay’ in any other context than the one we choose it to be should be locked up or subject to re education.


  8. 27

    But who did the cover-up?


  9. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Whatever depths will Guido allow some apparent friend make them stoop to next. Are they not making fools of themselves, particularly since most people know that because of their offshore structure they cannot be sued in the way that other British press would be?
    Hopefully the police will not waste taxpayers money looking at a case which appears to have been misrepresented, ie:
    – Putney activists voted clearly against any implicit motion, on Nov 5th.
    – there is not one iota of evidence that Rob Morritt stole one penny.
    – the WCCG meeting was actually motioned on a different premise so if Guido is
    surmising upon implicit guilt then this appears to be an accusation against the
    Leader of Wandsworth Council for having Chaired a kangaroo court – which
    could well be open to legal challenge.
    – according to the Constitution rules Robert Morritt could not have approved his
    expenses, let alone signed a cheque – the remit lay entirely with his Employer,
    the GMC, and he was not even a cheque signatory.
    So :
    Is it just that Morritt is now being blamed for use of taxi accounts, expenses for interns to help get people elected, entertaining costs to promote the Party, salary payments etc when such had actually all been set up, authorised and approved by his employer in any case?
    Is it fair that someone be implicitly persecuted by those who, having encouraged him to help them achieve whatever success they wished for, are now seemingly using him as a scapegoat to hold on to their now higher positions ?


  10. 30
    Ciaran Goggins says:

    I would just like to say I am so glad Tom Daley has come out the closet and announced that he is in a relationship with a man. How I wish I was that man Ja!


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