November 27th, 2013

UKIP on 30% in South Thanet

Retiring Tory MP Laura Sandys was well-liked in parliament but an arch-Europhile and a dripping wet, so South Thanet always offered potential for Farage. Now she is standing down there is no incumbency factor either, and a seat-specific poll from Survation has the Tories down 20 points in third place on 28%.

Labour are up in first in 35%, though it is UKIP’s 24 point increase to 30%, just 5 points behind Labour, that is interesting. Arguably most worryingly for Cameron, 78% of UKIP voters said they wouldn’t vote Tory even if there was no UKIP candidate and 52% said they did not care if Miliband became PM. Voting purple puts red in, and the Tories are so far completely failing to convince voters of the consequences…

Via Survation and Mike Smithson.


  1. 1
    Vote UKIP says:

    Give it a try, if they get somewhere, then great, if they don’t well it doesn’t matter who else gets in, they’re all the fucking same scheming bastards, that will keep us in the EU and allow more mass immigration.

  2. 2
    Gawain says:

    Rather makes it an interesting three way marginal. That Labour vote is weak, and I can see Thanet Tories votoing UKIP as the way to stop Labour

  3. 3
    Little English People says:

    Lib / Lab / Con – they are all:

    * pro EU
    * pro immigration
    * pro high taxes
    * pro big state

    That is why voters from across the whole spectrum of political beliefs are turning to UKIP.

  4. 4
    Wait - what! says:

    Cameron has nobody to blame but himself.
    The same people that criticise Labour voters for ‘only voting for the rosette’ are those arguing that voting for UKIP will put Labour in, this is called hypocrisy.

  5. 5
    Steve Miliband says:

    High spending, Euro loving, immigration friendly Labour are the same as the Tories? Really?

  6. 6
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Who would have guessed that people are sick of the EU and it’s unfettered immigration? UKIP will rattle some of the establishment out of their cozy world.

    Plenty of working people have been pushed beyond their limit as they see their communities swamped by Eastern Europeans and the like. It drives wages down and overwhelms public services.

    Give UKIP a chance.

  7. 7
    Man from the street says:

    Nigel Farage will be the MP for South Thanet post 2015, of that there is no doubt.

  8. 8
    Mick Granger says:

    The voting system is bust. The majority want a Eurosceptic outcome whether Tory or UKIP but splitting the votes just lets Ed Miliband walk it.

  9. 9
    Wait - what! says:

    Well, here’s your opportunity to point out the differences.
    You may phone a friend.

  10. 10
    Ah!!!!!!!!!! M says:

    If that’s what 10 years of cocaine does for you, I’m having some.

  11. 11
    Man from the street says:

    Good morning Mr Towler.

  12. 12
    Balls Up says:

    The differences are subtle, but real nonetheless!
    Ed Balls as Chancellor, throwing our hard earned around like confetti?
    They have even pledged to restore that most absurd of benefits, the EMA!

    The Tories have lost the plot, but Labour do have a genuine plot and it is to finish the job of destroying this country!

  13. 13
    Mike Naylor says:

    I am not usually a supporter of UKIP or the SNP, but their brand of fantasy politics is really appealing to me.

  14. 14
    Tristram Hunt(Prime Minister Designate) says:

    1st constituency poll of GE2015 sees CON slips from 1st to 3rd in Thanet South. UKIP 5% behind LAB

    Say it loud and say it proud…….. DAVID CAMERON IS TOAST.

  15. 15
    Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

    Vote Tory, get Miliband.

  16. 16
  17. 17
    Cinna says:

    Pretty much, yes.

  18. 18
    Tooth fairy says:

    So Tory’s should not split the vote. Vote UKIP, get UKIP.

  19. 19
    Wait - what! says:

    Continued subsidies for windmills
    Help to buy
    Increasing funding for childcare

    I give you confetti Sir.

  20. 20
    Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

    With the Liblabcon -men we have been living in a fantasy land for decades.

    The massive disadvantages of immigration have been virtually ignored by all of them. They should be shot in front of their grubby, arse-licking supporters.

  21. 21
    Ed Miliband says:


    As long as UKIP and the Tories fight each other I can repeal the Bedroom Tax and stop these nasty welfare reforms.


  22. 22
    Cabbage says:

    High taxes & clobbering those who have actually managed to make it in life with ludicrous & pernicous marginal rates of tax is Cameron’s philosophy. I’ll never vote for that liberal to$$er again that’s for sure.

  23. 23
    Arse says:

    It’s a meaningless mid-term poll, where the usual protest party (Liberal Democrats) are in government.

  24. 24
    Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

    How is Miliband worse than Dave? It is Dave not Ed who wants to open our doors to 75 million Muslim Turks. He says he will fight for that to happen. Exactly what part of that appeals to you so much?

  25. 25
    Farmed Salmon says:

    Me too.

  26. 26
    English nationalist says:

    Interesting numbers…

    Laura Sandys is a very decent person but quite unsuited for modern politics

    And Thanet will be on the front line of the Rom invasion so UKIP can only get stronger there

    They could win it depending on how Labour react to the Invasion

    Interesting to note in France, for instance, that the Left is being tougher on the Rom invasion than the Right ever was..

    Will our Yvette show some Ballls?

  27. 27
    Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

    It isn’t that Dipstick Dave doesn’t have the guts. He actually wants it to happen. Why else would he be wanting Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to join the EU?

  28. 28
    Chipping Norton Set says:

    Trader Garage should put Clarkson up as UKIP candidate in Thanet

    He could win it

  29. 29
    Vote UKIP says:

    The thing is, I don’t think Cameron even cares. It’s almost like, one term is enough and that he’s done the damage that he intetnded, job done, move on.

  30. 30
    well chuffed says:

    Once they are in that’s it. If it is so difficult to deport terrorists , what chance of deporting EU citizens. Any attempt to get rid of them or stop their benefits will be met by mass action in the various european courts , take years and slot gob and her ilk will make a fortune. It has been clear for a long time that the EU Sees the UK as a dumping ground for all the people some of the other members do not want.

  31. 31
    DAVID CAMERON outgoing PM says:

    Dave waits Three years doing nothing , then tries to bow to public opinion with his wishy washy , lilly livered back of a fag packet policy , that the EU won’t have any of
    They need to break this country to achieve their goal

  32. 32
    Spartacus says:

    Tories are so far completely failing to convince voters of the consequences . . . you mean salvation, right?

  33. 33
    Popeye says:

    If it puts Labour in, so-be-it, Cameron has sowed the seeds so he can now expect to reap the harvest.
    Personally I think UKIP will take it.

  34. 34
    Dave's Doubled the Debt says:

    £11 billion annual foreign aid, to countries with space programmes and nuclear weapons. If that isn’t chucking our money around like confetti, nothing is.

  35. 35

    We must hope for a pro separation vote in Scotland, Labour will then become an irrelevance over night which will make the ‘ vote UKIP get labour ‘ theme even less believable.

  36. 36
    Press Gazette says:

    Your Speccie article reference

    It seems the Spectator is competing with this site for tittle tattle

    Has the Speccie become a tabloid?

    Has the Digger taken it over as well?

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    There was a comment on Borgen on saturday, re a new political party.Saying people project on to a new party (like ukip) their own prejudices etc as though its the holy grail.That was so true of ukip, in reality we would have the comic turn that is Nigel, then nonentities who cant string a sentence together. Ha Ha

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Tories must stop splitting the UKIP vote

  39. 39
    Mike Naylor says:

    I am normally a fan of immigration but I have to say lots of menial agricultural jobs are done by European workers because the locals can earn more doing nothing. Who needs potatoes anyway? Bloody immigrants coming over here and doing all the shitty jobs, not living off the State, not living in Social Housing!

  40. 40
    Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

    Not forgetting Dave wanting Turkey to join the EU and open our doors to 75 million Turkish Muslims.

  41. 41
    wonkotsane says:

    “Voting purple puts red in”

    Except the poll actually says – and you wrote it yourself – that 78% of the people who would vote UKIP wouldn’t vote Tory even if there was no candidate. The remaining 22% of the UKIP voters who said they would vote Tory if there was no UKIP candidate is 6% of the overall vote which would put the Tories on 34% against Labour’s 35%. So even if none of the 78% who said they wouldn’t vote Tory even if there was no UKIP candidate wouldn’t vote Labour either, that would still leave the Tories at least 1% short of a win.

  42. 42
    Breaking News says:

    I’m shocked. They’re usually such peaceful people.

    A group of radical Islamists has been arrested in Moscow with bombs and guns seized, Russian police say.

  43. 43
    Popeye says:

    Cameron’s most recent statement, he wants to limit the numbers, he wants to curb their claims on benefits, he wants the moon.
    He knows and we know that Brussels will not allow what he wants, so he has a choice. He closes our borders until Brussels agrees or he calls an immediate referendum.
    You’ll note he never says what he will do, only what he wants. Shifty specimen eh?

  44. 44
    Tom Catesby. says:

    May be a good idea, but could he keep his mouth shut?

  45. 45
    Ed Miliband says:


  46. 46

    Today i will be cooking Coke a van

  47. 47
    Dave's Doubled the Debt says:


    “Become PM” was obviously on his list of “100 things to do before I die”. Now it’s crossed-off, he’s off. Next step: “highly paid non-exec director at company building HS2″.

  48. 48
    Fu Man Chu says:

    The Chinese have stated their authority over the the east and south china seas WW3 seems to be getting closer. The Americans should pull back and let them have it its only a load od shite anyway. Concentrate on the the west and build a technological marvel that will eclipse these bastards and leave them to their own shite

  49. 49
    The Co-op, Gud with Fud says:

    There’s meth to our madness.

  50. 50
    Dave, the dilettante PM says:

    I don’t think he really gives a fuck about anything except for swanning around on Goverment junkets and his bunch of coke fuelled Chipping Norton wannabees…

    While waiting for his after life with an invesment bank on millions per year for influence peddling

    Like his hero Tony

  51. 51
    wonkotsane says:

    In fact, the only way to stop Labour winning in South Thanet is for eurosceptic Tories to vote UKIP.

  52. 52
    ands nees and bmps a daisey says:

    I think you don’t understand, Liebour will get in power in 2015, because Camoron has lost the Conservatives any chance of getting back in 2015, the North will put Liebour back in , because Camoron is getting blamed for everything Liebour did to the country, his PR is a load of bollocks and him and his mates are just as big a liars as Liebour and the Lib craps, even yesterday one idiot was complaining that Camoron and the bBBC were biased against Liebour, if Camoron can’t get his message through then he’s already lost, trying to lie his way two years away from a General Election is too late, especially after lieing his way through the first three years of his non job as PM.

  53. 53
    bugger them says:

    I told my MP face to face that I and most of my local pub won’t vote for him unless Cammoron goes!! 9He was having a meal and came around sliming to us farmers boys- he did not like it!

  54. 54
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Usually, the single best way to see a party you don’t want, getting elected, is not to go out and vote against ‘em!

  55. 55
    Dave, the dilettante PM says:

    PS Gaddafi and his sons left TENS OF BILLIONS in various offshore accounts etc

    Does anyone know who has got his hands on them?

    I bet Blair and JPMorgan are in there somewhere…

    This is dynastic wealth…Croesus stuff…

  56. 56

    I’m making all the right noises , but Brussels will have non of it

  57. 57
    Saint Sebastian says:

    Who wants Clarkson to keep his mouth shut..? Clarkson isn’t Clarkson if he’s quiet.

  58. 58
    Man from the street says:

    600,000 economically inactive EU migrants in the UK say different.

  59. 59
    where do people get the crap ideas from says:

    Put Clarkson in and UKIP will have no chance, Clarksons star has waned and is now a loser.

  60. 60
    JACK DROMEY of the FUDGE PACKERS and SHUNTERS trades man entrance Union says:

    I prefer a large chunk of Black Moroccan

  61. 61
    Witty Moniker says:

    [Insert dodgy bar chart here]
    VOTE LIB D … err, I mean … VOTE UKIP!
    etc etc…

  62. 62
    Cinna says:

    The country has become a shit hole.

  63. 63
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    Agreed, voting Dave gets you Ed.

  64. 64
    Hoorah we have upset the BBC says:

    The BBC warns me that Britain will be seen as a “Nasty” country by the EU.

    Well firstly the choice of the word “nasty” is political.

    Secondly many other EU countries restrict benefit tourism and what are they called?

    Thirdly. BRING IT ON. It is high time we did this.

  65. 65
    Greenpeace says:

    That’s terrible. They are working for a very heartfelt cause, so they should be released immediately.

  66. 66
    nellnewman. says:

    Actually it’s good there are mid term polls like this. Perhaps it will make cameron think sensibly about how he is going to fight the next election.

  67. 67
    nellnewman. says:


    if cameron gets in next time I hope he’s also going to do something about selling off the beeb – we can’t afford them, we don’t need them and there are of no absolute use to us whatever.

  68. 68
    Vote UKIP says:

    Erm, perhaps if those employing people to pick fruit/vegetables paid a living wage, then they wouldn’t have any trouble finding British people to work.

    Every firm I’ve worked for has had no problem getting British workers, they just pay the market rate and associated benefits. Have you ever actually looked into working on a farm fruit/veg picking?

    It is seasonal, miles from anywhere, it is suggested that you live in tents, because it is usually miles from anywhere (you’re expected to pay for camping) and public transport doesn’t run in the early/late hours that you will be working.

    It’s minimum wage and if the weather turns and the farmer can’t plough etc., then there is no work for that day or days. I suggest people like yourselves go and look at the reality and blame the people that won’t pay a living wage, that prefer to import low wage immigrants and stick British people on the dole, which we have to pay for.

  69. 69
    EU democracy says:

    What’s the difference between Iran and England?

    The people in Iran were allowed to vote for their president.

  70. 70
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    Oh I think you’ll find plenty in social Housing, waiting lists in my area are over three years.

  71. 71
    JACK DROMEY of the FUDGE PACKERS and SHUNTERS trades man entrance Union says:

    The economy grew by a massive 0.8% in the third quarter
    That’s not growing that’s fucking limping !
    It’s just barely dragging itself along

  72. 72
    One Term Dave says:

    I was wondering about the list of all-time-great British PMs and I think my place is secure : definitely not as good as Ted Heath but probably a little better than Gordon Brown.

  73. 73
    Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

    The thing that always gets completely ignored here and elsewhere is that lots of Northerners are just as fed up with Labour as well. This Co-op thing will not have helped them, neither will Ed’s lurch to the left. So who are THEY going to vote for? Certainly not the southern Tory toffs. There is only UKIP that can stop Miliband in the north.

    A vote for Dave is a vote for Miliband.

  74. 74
    Man from the street says:

    if cameron gets in next time………ha ha ha ha ha

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    “Shifty” is right,Popeye. He is primarily concerned to ensure his c.v. guarantees him a top job in the EU hierarchy when he is finally ditched out of our HoP.

  76. 76
    Dave, the dilettante PM says:

    Because in his next career, like Conman War Envoy Tony Blair, Cameron will be taking bloody millions off the central Asian despots and kleptocrats, directly or through bent banks…

    To build more windmills for the family…

    The Camerons like windmills and offshore trusts, the Blairs like mansions and opaque offshore companies…

    Each family has its own tastes and neeeds…

  77. 77
    Nuke Brussels says:

    The BBC doesn’t seem to have got its finger of the pulse of Europe – all western European nations want to end benefit tourism.

    And a bit rich if the EU did think us nasty, since it’s our money that keeps the soviet-style monstrosity working.

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Voting purple puts purple in

  79. 79
    Ed Balls says:

    Get in!

  80. 80
    Tony, never to be outdone says:

    I prefer the wives of my friends

  81. 81
    Nuke Brussels says:

    Yeah, I chuckled at that one, too!

  82. 82
    Dipstick Dave says:

    Dave’s list:
    Shag Rebekah
    Bum Andy
    Kill off a lot of grannies with Ed’s green energy poll tax
    Get Turkey to join the EU and allow 75 million Muslims to come and live here.

    Bugger I still have the last one to cross off.

  83. 83
    Vote UKIP says:

    Unfortunately the Sweaties know what side that their bread is buttered on and it will be a no vote, we’re stuck with them.

    If Salmond really wanted independence, he’d allow the people of England an Wales to also vote on it, we’d get the right result then.

  84. 84
    Jock McSubsidy says:

    The Scots will never vote for independence, they are addicted to subsidy from London.

  85. 85
    kmc says:

    From the back benches, hopefully.

  86. 86
    Clarkson, the Chipping Norton buffoon says:

    The French have taken away my driving license


  87. 87
    Old Hal says:

    Guido, you don’t say Liebore are on ONLY 28% in a currently Tory seat, well I never in third position, Ukip has taken backing from all 3 current main parties, it remains to be seen if they can stay a cohesive force or ultinately explode into many pieces. The big thing is the young Teddy boy in the lead, inspite of all the vilification of him pn this blog and the general right wing press. By the way that shows Dave Boy looking in a very pensive mood.

  88. 88
    A Northener says:

    I don’t think so, many on the North feel betrayed by the enrichment forced upon the North by Labour. Even the first generation of enrichers are starting to feel betrayed by the Romanian tsunami about to hit.

    So I’m not so sure about Labour. I, my family and friends and many I know will be voting UKIP even if it means the red bastards getting back in as they are much the same as the blue bastards (with the lemons being stillborn)

  89. 89
    Who Want's Some! says:

    Yes! Do keep up old fruit the EU cabal includes all three main parties. Labour will simply spend you cash on different bits of the EU Gosplan to the Tories. Both will willingly devolve more powers from Parliament to the EU People’s Congress. Dave will let in as many of the new EU citizens as he’s told to. Just wait till Turkey joins! UKIP are the last chance to defeat the EU fanatics not by winning the next GE but by remove Dave and then with their strong electoral polling narrow a Millibean administrations scope of action. I’m sure Labour will piss cash away and cock up with 3 years that will sink them for good and let a Conservative Party that is lead by real conservative win outright.

  90. 90
    Call me Dave, future failure says:

    Yep, box ticked, move on.

  91. 91
    Mike Naylor says:

    I don’t normally like admitting things, but I use to pick fruit when I was a student.

    I usually don’t like being contrary, but I think you are confusing hard working immigrants that contribute to a nation with those that sponge.

    I am averse to making suggestions, but can I suggest that we just make it harder for immigrants to claim instant benefits when coming to the UK rather than blocking all immigrants?

  92. 92
    Enrique Masturbani says:

    Tax cuts? Spending cuts? Both? Neither? Take @ConHome’s monthly survey on Osborne’s Autumn Statement

    Go on,you know you want to !

  93. 93
    Dave Cameron says:

    I will offer them asylum.

  94. 94
    Domestic Goddess says:

    Clean up the act

  95. 95
    Nigella 'Awsom says:

    We share the same dealer – (car dealer obvs!)

  96. 96
    Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

    If the spineless Tories don’t get rid of Dave after this then they do not deserve to win the next election. But then they do not deserve to win the next election anyway.

  97. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately Popeye, Camerons harvest will mean famine for the rest of us.
    He is a one man fifth column within our midst & we must be rid of him to have any chance of a significant move towards the policies the majority of the people want.

  98. 98
    Arthuster says:

    Id also rather vote for ANYONE than Cameron’s lot.
    And yes that includes Millipede.

    One thing is for def.. come the next election the Tory’s are gone.
    All thanks to the Cameroon – worthless piece of shite

  99. 99
    Where's England's parliament? says:

    And the Scottish definition of ‘independence’ differs from everyone else’s. Theirs includes “England will still bail us out when we go bust”.

  100. 100
    JACK DROMEY of the FUDGE PACKERS and SHUNTERS trades man entrance Union says:

    The government has won a legal battle to block the partial lifting of a secrecy order affecting the inquest into death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko
    Glad to see the government has it’s priorities right when it comes to wasting OUR money

    What we got to hide Dave ?

  101. 101
    Cast-Iron Cameron's Castaway says:

    To quote Guido: “Voting purple puts reds in…”. Tacky spin, yet again.

    This puerile spin puts the onus on principled voters rather than what the current bunch of unprincipled Conservative leaders stand for.

    Cameron’s Conservatives do not have a conservative agenda, so it stands to reason that real conservatives so vilified by him will vote conservative under a different guise.

    Smear real conservatives, and you lose their votes. Simples.

  102. 102
    Who Want's Some! says:

    Correct. It’s about more than a single GE where all we really do is change the brand. It’s about the whole concept of what government should be. LibLabCon have lost their way. They see the EU as the only viable political project because it keeps them in power.

  103. 103
  104. 104
    Labour Party commercial says:

  105. 105
    dont pay your taxes says:

    a few people have made the point on this site recently about not paying taxes over. That’s a really good point, it’s the only way short of 2 million marching on Westminster to have your voice heard. Talk with your money and they might just listen

  106. 106
    Kingswear-UK says:

    are you mental? Cameron get in next time?
    He’s FINITO and so is the Tory party. They failed to rid themselves of this parasite, and will pay the price.

  107. 107
    Mr brains Prescott says:

    I can string sausages together Tony says that the whole of the Torie party is rotten to the core and only after money like Fatcher who destroyed the miners and then we got much of the money spent on ermine for toffs in the House of Lords which are only toffs anyway and Tony said that with New Labour we are going . . . . blah, blah scoff, Toney, gobble, gobble, splurge, Ashcroft blah, blah

  108. 108
    man on the Clapham omnibus says:

    Thanks Nell, I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

    It was meant to be a joke wasn’t it?

  109. 109
    Where's England's parliament? says:

    And Prime Minister Miliband will be worth having for comedic value if nothing else. I’m genuinely intrigued as to how bad he’ll be. Hollande bad, I suppose.

  110. 110
    brodericky says:

    Try using some toilet paper Dave

  111. 111
    Bilda Berger says:

    Laura Sandys is the daughter of Duncan Sandys, AKA Sunken Glands.

    The prosecution rests its case.

  112. 112
    Old Hal says:

    The reason pure and simple is that the British public want to give the current smug jobbies for life, bunch of MPs a very good kicking, it is the only way they can make their feelings known, and rightly or wrongly the only one on the horizon at the moment seems to be UKip. The Lib Dems have kicked themselves into touch by going into coalition with the Tories, they used to be the party of protest but they have tarred themselves with the same brush as the Tories and Liebore.

  113. 113
    Leftys want it to be Slavery says:

    Y’know. The more I hear the more I am sure that the members of this Marxist house were not slaves but Marxists. Brainwashed Marxists.

  114. 114
    A bear says:

    What do I do in the woods?

  115. 115
    A person says:

    Yes. Have a look around you. The Coalition are achieving nothing. Public debts have rocketted, British money spent to bail out European failures, the country has been flooded with immigrants.

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Bye bye ‘Dave’!

  117. 117
    Dull as dishwater Dave says:

    Yep, this should be the Tory MPs’ theme tune come the next General election.

  118. 118
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    If that happens then Thanetians had best lock up their valuables, else they may be inexplicably exported overnight to the Isle of Man…

  119. 119
    Someone who understands polling says:

    Why TF do you insist on posting single poll results as if they’re news? The sample size for this one was only 500 people, so Labour, UKIP and Con are all within the margin of error of each other.

    There’s almost zero use for a one-off poll. Show me a series of three polls conducted by the same organisation or don’t bother.

  120. 120
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    The flaw in your plan is that there are no real Conservatives left.

    And what, precisely, is it that they are conserving, other than their own backsides and personal fortunes?

  121. 121
    A voter says:

    The opinions of the public are not meaningless. Anyone who thinks otherwise should leave politics now.

  122. 122
    The EU is the Scam to end All Scams says:

    It’s a good scam though. Force someone to pay a tenner into the pot return him £2.50, tell him how to spend it but only if he is grateful and erects a blue flag with stars on it.

  123. 123
    Ex-Tory voter says:

    And make sure you shut the door on the way out.

  124. 124
    Mr Logic says:

    ‘There’s almost zero use for a one-off poll.’

    So why are you frightened of Guido posting about it?

  125. 125

    Looks like large Gin and disasters all round!!

  126. 126
    A Voter says:

    He should leave the door open. There needs to be somewhere for many of the rest of his discredited colleagues to go through when they are expelled from Parliament by the electorate.

  127. 127
    RIK says:

    That implies that 48% of UKIP voters do care or might care if Miliband becomes PM (not read the poll just your paragraph on it). That being so tactical voting could therefore occur. You would need only 10% of this alleged UKIP support to vote tactically (ie. Conservative) for UKIP to gain 27% of the vote, and the Tories 31%. If half voted tactically, i.e. 24% of the UKIP voters, the effect would be Toires 36%, UKIP 24%. Not that any of this matters as everyone sees what they want in a poll an they scarcely reflect actual voting behaviour when it matters. Then of cause there’s El Farage.

  128. 128
    Conservative Cokehead says:

    The Tories are splitting the UKIP vote.

    Historical note: Laura Sandys’ daddy, Duncan Sandys, was a long time Eurocrat and she’s following in his footsteps.
    But his main claim to fame came 50 years ago when as the ‘Headless man’ in the Profumo affair, he was photographed being fellated by nymphomaniac Margaret, Duchess of Argyll who was only wearing a necklace.

    What Ho! Pass the white stuff Nigella, sorry, after you Dave…

  129. 129
    Old Hal says:

    ‘only voting for the rosette’ there are plenty of Tories who do just that, let’s just call them the rosette brigade, the types where you slap the required colour rosette on the candidate and they automaticly vote for them, where there is a predominance of one colour in a constituency, it becomes the jobbies for life constituency where the prefered candidate is parachuted in by Party HQ above the wishes of the local party. I am not so sure if they do get a fair number of seats whether Nige will be able to hold his diverse party together.

  130. 130
    Rams gate says:

    Sheeple for the taking

  131. 131 says:

    Dave knows what the answer is, unless he’s even thicker than we give him credit for.

    But will he ever do it ?
    No, of course he won’t, and that’s because Dave is a complete and utter fraud, a lying thieving cunt who is a traitor to the UK.
    All Dave cares about is lining his own pockets and those of his chums at our expense.

  132. 132
    Labour says:

    I think people are forgetting our postal votes master plan.

  133. 133
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    2 million marched against the insanity in Iraq and achieved nothing, except to prove that protet marches are pointless unless accompanied by pitchforks.

  134. 134
    Where's England's parliament? says:

    It’s particularly gratifying to see the LimpDims polling so badly.

  135. 135
    Time is up says:

    We knew what we were getting when we voted for Cameron in 2010, the idea was to get rid of Brown, we did just, we need a real Conservative in charge, now, not next week but now, if they don’t get rid of Cameron then the Conservatives will lose in 2015, Cameron can ask as many of his useless opinion groups as he wants he will get the real answer in 2015, I don’t think people want Labour back in except the real braindead or ones who will profit from them being back in control, hopefully 2014 and Scotland will say yes to the illegal referendum, illegal because England,Wales and Northern Ireland were not allowed to vote, we are supposed to be one country, all bets are off

  136. 136
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    Don’t forget the vital importance of bumsex. I haven’t.

  137. 137
    Vote blue get red says:

    This has been overlooked by the MSM, I dare say as there is not a celebrity getting pregnant or having a tattoo.
    It’s not as if there is any history between China and Japan.
    Head for the hills…

  138. 138
    The Countryside Alliance says:

    Even then

  139. 139
    Never even heard of BongoBongoLand says:

    Under the back benches, more likely.
    (Of course, I doubt if anyone has cleaned under there for years. Serves the bastard right.)

  140. 140
    Longshanks says:

    Not a cat in hell’s chance. A year before the vote, how many times have you already heard the ordinary Jocko in the street saying “Aye well ma heart says aye, but ma heed says nae”. They love Braveheart n’all that crap, but they know where it leads – humiliating disembowelment on a big wooden stage, followed by centuries of misery. Quite funny to see Labour pols running around like headless chickens trying to patch up the damage caused by their stupid devolution though. Who didn’t see that coming in 1999, really?

  141. 141
    Fishy says:

    And bring back socialism…don’t forget that Ed

  142. 142
    Never even heard of BongoBongoLand says:

    If you hang from the rafters too long your head will explode –



  143. 143
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:


  144. 144
    Armchair Civilian says:

    There are still a few months to go. The Liaoning doesn’t have all its planes operational quite yet.

  145. 145
    Fishy says:

    Labour will react in the way Labour always has…knowing only 16% of immigrants vote Tory (and bearing in mind Labour’s immigration was as much from Africa and south Asia), they will send their search parties out for more. For more votes, that is, to keep their brand of Marxism in power for 100 years

    ‘Let’s rub the right’s noses in it,’ will be their motto

  146. 146
    Er..hello? says:

    Sorry to piss on your breakfast but people generally hate Ukip.

  147. 147
    M says:

    Farage , like all MPs know where they are better off & that’s Brussels

    As long as the dumb ass in the street thinks its interests are being served it’ll vote for Fararge’s European gravy train in Brussels .

  148. 148
    Bulgarian Not Spoken Here says:

    It might be an idea if we made sure that all those agricultural jobs are actually advertised to the British?

  149. 149
    Voting UKIP in 2015 says:

    So what if Labour gets in, Cameron’s Blue Labour are no different…. after all he is the self declared ‘heir to Blair’

    Voting UKIP

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Any differences between Labour and the Conservatives are inconsequential, any differences that do exist are confetti like.

    If you make the mistake of voting conservative,

    You’re voting Roma

    You’re voting EU

  151. 151
    Fishy says:

    Christ – Campbell’s sockpuppets are busy in the Labour bunker this morning

  152. 152
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    Over 2 million unemployed is factual evidence that immigration is totally unnecessary.

  153. 153
    El Clegg, Cockroach-in-Chief, Pervs Я Us says:

    Vote LimpDumb to be controlled by a corrupt unelected dictator who will utterly destroy your future and those of generations to come.
    Vote LimpDumb to live in a third-world gutter.
    Vote LimpDumb [ SPLAT ]

  154. 154
    Anonymous says:

    Most people hate the conservatives because they piss on our country and then Cameron treats us likes idiots and lies about it..

    Cameron cannot be trusted.

  155. 155
    Bulgarian Not Spoken Here says:

    As opposed to Brussels

  156. 156
    Anonymous says:

    Then don’t vote Conservative.

    It only encourages more EU, more Roma, more windmills, more gay marriage

  157. 157
    wonkotsane says:

    Voting for someone you don’t want to stop someone else you don’t want winning just increases the chances of someone you don’t want winning.

  158. 158
    The BBC says:

    We live immigrants and diversity.

  159. 159
    Dweeb says:

    No wonder South Thanet is turning to UKIP. While the hotels of genteel seaside towns like Ramsgate and Broadstairs were once filled with paying holidaymakers from the south east of England, they are now filled with brassic persons from well to the east of Kent (and we’re not talking oil riggers or Belgians).

    A more recent arrivist is the displaced person who cannot afford prices in London.

    The place has become a shithole and wants the pendulum to swing. It has had its nose rubbed more than Nigella’s.

  160. 160
    Anon says:

    I am saddened by it. A decade ago I first seriously considered voting for the LibDems. I voted LibDem at the last general election. They have proved that all that talk was so much hot air and bullshit. Now I will not vote for any of the three main parties, if I will vote at all.

  161. 161
    Who Want's Some! says:

    The defeat of Cameron would trigger the liberation of views that are constrained in the party at present and give clear indication to all parties that the EU project has to be ended. This will be a bloody mess but I think the outcome will see new leadership and a political philosophy that really is a conservative one. I guess the alternative is accept the EU and the end of England.

  162. 162
    Voting UKIP in 2015 says:

    Cameron could call an EU referendum tomorrow if he wanted, he wont because he is under orders from Brussels ‘The Project’ must prevail without the consent of the people if necessary.

    The only escape from the hated EU is UKIP….. people now know it.

    Cameron would rather lose an election though

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:

    When you say shifty, do you mean a traitorous lying quisling ?

  164. 164
    Cast-Iron Guarantee says:

    Yep, I’ll be able to boast that my chancellor borrowed more in one term than Labour did over 13 years.

    And, under me, the BOE has been far more robust at ignoring inflation.

    And then there’s QE. Sure, I inherited that from Gordon — but hey, you won’t hear Labour screaming “too far, too fast”. We’ve been really mind-blowing on that.

  165. 165
    Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The useless Tory candidate should stand down so as not to split the UKIP vote :-)

  166. 166
    God created you in his own image and likeness says:

    There is no “special place”.

  167. 167
    Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    I see Philip Davies voted for the Afriyie amendment.

    He was also one of only 15 Tories to vote against state control of the press.

    Wasn’t he also one of only 5 Tories to vote against green energy taxes and didn’t he give Chris Patten a roasting at the select committee?

    He’s also a Northern blue collar Tory and would help reconnect the Tories to northern working class voters.

    Knife traitor Cameron now and get Davies installed as the new Tory Tony Abbott and they can still win the next election, otherwise they are toast.

  168. 168
    No-brainer says:

    Emigrate to the Alentejo. Thriving expat culture. Fabulous weather, countryside, food, wine, lovely people…

  169. 169
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Did I read somewhere that a lady at the Beeb “earns” £354,000 pa? Nice one.

  170. 170
    Er..hello? says:

    They hate Ukip more.

  171. 171
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget about the millions of sub Saharan Africans and middle eastern “refugees” and other assorted Muslims that are already here enjoying full benefits, a council flat, education and health care.

    They are so happy they are breeding like rabbits resulting in the UK having the highest birth rate in Europe.

    And how do our friends repay us… With FGM, child abuse and local corruption.

    Vote conservative if you want more of the above.

  172. 172
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    Voting Purple puts purple in :-)

  173. 173
    Tehran says:

    As long as he is one of the candidates chosen by the Ayatollahs

  174. 174
    Wait - what! says:

    I think the opening of the borders in January will be more than enough to get the votes in for UKIP. As for holding the party together, every party is split it’s just that some show it more than others.

  175. 175
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    The fact that Polonium is part of the trigger in an A-bomb, perhaps?

  176. 176
    True-blue Thames Valley says:

    I’m certainly going to vote UKIP in the Euro elections. I’ll probably vote Tory in the GE, not that it will make any difference as my MP has a thumping majority.

  177. 177
    Wait - what! says:

    Bring back Socialism?
    With a ‘Conservative’ chancellor saying that price caps and market controls are the way to go?

    It’s never gone away.

  178. 178
    The BBC says:

    Still, he’s rich enough not to have to fiddle his expenses

  179. 179
    Ed Miliband says:

    No-one cares what Yvette Cooper thinks.

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Think you need to learn the difference between “most people” and “most people I know”

  181. 181
    Banana republic says:

    Polls mean nothing – it’ll all be about the postal votes.

  182. 182
    Fishy says:


    More repeats than the ‘Sound of Music’

  183. 183
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    It doesnt matter if anarchy ensues from a vote for UKIP, at a by election or in the Euro elections. what matters is getting a message across to the useless f**king elite that we are sick to death of their thieving lying disingenuous euro focussed bullsh*t and we want out.
    Vote UKIP, get change.

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Say it loud, say it proud.

    David Cameron is a lying
    traitorous bastard.

  185. 185
    Free Education says:

    No it doesn’t.

  186. 186
    The Men in Grey Suits says:

    It’s ALL over Prime Minister…..

  187. 187
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    It will make a difference; it will mean that you didn’t vote for a party with a proven track record of deceit, debt and destruction. Your conscience will be clear. Your hands will be clean.

    Why keep voting for the same crews that got us in this infernal mess, then moan about the mess?

  188. 188
    Ex tory Supporter going to vote UKIP says:

    If Miliband & Co get in, so be it if that’s the price of getting rid of traitorous bum sex marriage Dave & his LibCon mates.
    1. Because the fucker has doubled the National Debt.
    2. Because the fucker is allowing virtually uncontrolled immigration.

  189. 189
    The Great British public says:

    We will pay their housing benefit, council tax, health care, education, disability benefit and for a new car every 3 years with insurance paid.

    All we expect in return is FGM and child abuse rings.

  190. 190
    Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Get back to sucking Dave’s cock, only 17 months left and then you can get a proper job.

    tick tock :-)

  191. 191
    The Great British public says:

    Yep, she was a junior manager about 39 yrs old in the personnel dept.

    Think about her gold plated final salary pension that you and I are paying for and weep…

  192. 192
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    Right, but if she can body swerve any involvment with the Rev and Ballbrains she will be the first female Labour leader and probably prime minister one day.
    The English, as a nation really are as thick as pudding!!

  193. 193
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    The only good Clarkson is a dead Clarkson!

  194. 194
    The Great British public says:

    Vote conservative for

    More immigration

    More Roma

    More EU

  195. 195
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    It hasn’t stopped all the other greedy thieving c**ts!

  196. 196
    Another Anonymous says:

    Er.. etc
    I do value your opinion, but you would add credence by appending the source for your assertion “people generally” in any context.

  197. 197
    The Great British public says:

    I bet Millibands father knew them ?

    Or as little Ed used to call the captives, Aunty and Aunty.

  198. 198
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    Everybody should vote UKIP!
    Its bloody nose time for the incumbent thieving bastar*s.
    Vote UKIP

  199. 199
    The Great British public says:

    The Libdems ?!
    Who ?

  200. 200
    Someone who understands polling says:

    Frightened? No. Pissed off that the usual ignorant morons who inhabit this site will get the wrong idea? Yes.

  201. 201
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    Trying to stop profiteering is not socialism, it’s common sense.

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    I do. The man’s a fuckwit.

  203. 203
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    They are meaningless unless acted upon, and I don’t mean on voting day.

  204. 204
    Seen Elsewhere says:

    The then ambassador to Poland explains how/why Blair scrapped immigration controls.

    “Labour’s promotion of mass immigration was a deliberate policy designed to change the demographic profile and political DNA of our nation,” he says.

    It’s no secret, of course. But this is a truly authoritative account.

  205. 205
    Another Anonymous says:

    13 and associated “nayls” it for me too

  206. 206
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    Voting purple does not get you red in that seat. UKIP are in second place there so voting tory splits the anti labour vote. Vote Blue, get red!

    The tories in that constituency should vote UKIP to stop labour.

  207. 207
    Anon says:

    You mean Liebour’s cut in Spare Room subsidy -it’s a Liebour policy initially implemented by the Lefty liars for housing benefit claimants in private rentals.

  208. 208
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    “The Tories have lost the plot, but Labour do have a genuine plot and it is to finish the job of destroying this country!”

    Well if the choice is between electing a government that will quickly and swiftly kill this country (labour) and a government that will allow it to die kicking and screaming (tory) then I would prefer it to be quick.

    labour and tory alike will continue giving power, sovereignty and our law-making ability, and will complete the task of turning this once free, independent, sovereign country in to a supine, controlled, subservient client of a profoundly anti-democratic EU Oligarchy.

    I, however, will not be voting to kill this country at all, and will vote for a cure instead. I will vote for a sovereign, independent, self-ruling country. The only way to do that is to vote UKIP.

    Are you voting for the kill, or the cure?

  209. 209
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Ukip, get who knows what and who.

  210. 210
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    That is very true up here where I live. There are more and more pockets of people who are sick of labour, but would never ever vote tory.

    I am encouraging them all to vote UKIP, then later fight to take the country right or left when we are independent of the EU and then their vote may count for something again. Because if we keep voting in liblabcon governments, our vote will become totally meaningless and pointless as our laws, regulations, directives etc. will come from the unelected commisars in Brussels.

    We will get no say in whether the government is left or right wing. We will only get a say on who rubberstamps EU diktat.

  211. 211
    chris says:

    F*cking limp wristed tories spliting the UKIP vote.

  212. 212
    Panting says:

    Can I do a test toot on your nellies?

  213. 213
    Calidius Eroticus says:


  214. 214
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    Indeed, he has managed to get to be PM and block any chance of us having any say in EU membership for the parliamentary term 2010 – 2015. He has faithfully defended EU hegemony and held the fort for the EU until another EU poodle gets in in 2015.

    Are we any more sovereign today than in 2010? Actually we are much less sovereign. Cameron is NOT Eurosceptic at all.

    Conservatives seem to now believe that Euroscepticism actually means accepting everything that comes out of Brussels, but bitching and moaning about it.

    I believe Euroscepticism should be demonstrated through telling the EU to fuck off!

  215. 215
    fed-up in britain says:

    cameran.Shifty-lair- world class Hunt. aspires to high office in eu.Looks a tad bit shitted out.OH I HOPE SO.god speed nigile.Lets get this piece of shit sent packing.A one way ticket free of charge to frauMerkle soon as possible.

  216. 216
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    Running out of other people’s money is socialism.

    When the energy companies profit margin is 5% and the government’s cut of your bills is 15%

    Which piss taker is profiteering most? Close the government down!

  217. 217
    Calidius Eroticus says:

    Sixty odd British workers were laid off by a large farm produce company in this area. They were replaced by a field full of static caravans and a factory full of immigrant workers. Rent for the caravans was of course expected from their minimum wage. This is not a lone example either, it has happened at many similar companies across the region.

    How was the original workforce supposed to compete with somebody who is effectively working for £4.50 per hour?

    So how is Britain benefiting from all these British workers being thrown onto the scrapheap? Surely the only person benefiting is the factory owner.

    Typical fcuking leftie fcuktard. Prepared to trash anything and anyone who gets in the way of their latest master plan.

  218. 218
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    Clarkson is more interested in standing in the constituency where he grew up, where he has home advantage. Which happens to be where Ed Miliband is the current MP.

  219. 219
    Calidius Eroticus says:

    Not sure how you get to the idea that UKIP is pro EU?

  220. 220
    Jabez says:

    More than an issue about immigration. Do not vote for UKippy – keep us in Europe.

  221. 221
    Calidius Eroticus says:

    Most of the people I know up here in the land of whippets and flat caps have expressed a liking for UKIP.

  222. 222
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    There version of independence still leaves them tied tighter to us English, than we are to the EU.

    They are not getting a referendum on independence. It is actually a version of DEVO MAX that gives them all the benefits of remaining tightly entwined inside the union, acting as a vile, ungrateful parasite, whilst refusing to take any responsibility for their own actions, and demanding that the rest of the UK subsidises them forever.

    Even the people of Scotland can see that this is totally pie in the sky, undeliverable, unworkable and they will reject it.

    After the poll, the English need to tell the Scots to fuck right off, whatever the result!

    Their selfish, ungrateful brand of parasitic nationalism should be met with firm rejection by the rest of the UK.

    When will the English get a referendum on telling Scotland to fuck off?

  223. 223
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    Who didn’t see that coming? All the thick labour voting bastards who have done so much damage to our country.

  224. 224
    Dave Likes a Big One Up the Arse says:

    Your right to say it’s vital! I love it and anyone that says putting your c_ck up another man’s waste pipe is disgusting is a homophobic swivel eyed loon!

  225. 225
    Dave is a lying c_u_n_t says:

    shouldn’t the word “c_u_n_t” be in there too?

  226. 226
    Batty Hatty's right hand woman says:

    You’re talking my language.

  227. 227
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    Why don’t we actually get tough on young benefits claimants who turn down vegetable picking jobs, then we would not need to import people by the crateload, abuse them, leave our own home-grown youths to rot on the dole.

  228. 228
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    You don’t say Russia is getting nukes? Say it isn’t true!!!

    Yawn zzzZZZ

  229. 229
    Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

    I think that is truly the measure of whether Cameron really is a conservative or not. Would he rather Ed Miliband win the general election, than give the people of this country a referendum before 2015?

    The answer is plainly YES he would rather Ed miliband win! Cameron is Labour’s best election tool.

    Labour could save themselves a fortune and refuse to even campaign in the next general election. In fact they would probably win bigger by not campaigning. The more the public sees of Cameron, and the less the public sees of Miliband, the better labour will do.

  230. 230
    Vote UKIP or else wot? says:

    Be fair, immigrant benefit addicts may have to wait a stonking 12wks before being able to claim a life on benefits, this restriction does not apply to single mothers with large families and a few dependent relatives and the disabled immigrants with large families and dependent relatives. Strangely enough we are seeing a massive rise in recent immigrants that fit the bill perfectly and surprise surprise they are entitled to everything free forever. If I were a cynic I would Daves cunning plans are not going to work and that the system encourages abuse and entices those able to exploit it to the full.

  231. 231
    Anonymous says:

    UKIP may be good , they may be bad but they are not liblabcon and that’s enough for me. They’ll get my vote.

  232. 232
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    I agree. And hang them. And those that are robbing the population blind, selling them the nation’s resources at fucking ridiculous prices, totally separated from the reality of costs.

  233. 233
    David Cameron touched me in my special place says:

    Because all the thick tory voting bastards have made everything so much better, eh?

  234. 234
    A Maimed Badger says:

    Dave has just not done the Sums on so many issues…out of touch and almost out of time..

  235. 235
    Stating the bleedin' obvious says:

    Was she somebody’s daughter or (dollybird)?

  236. 236
    Anonymous says:

    she thinks?

  237. 237
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    Considering Cameron is behaving like a europhile socialist himself maybe people, like me, are asking what’s the difference anyway. If people vote Ukip they can get Ukip!

  238. 238
    lojolondon says:

    This is great news – the best part is that some voters are following the Tory line that voting for UKIP will get them Labour. From the figures it is clear to see that ‘vote Conservative get Labour’. Just a small swing will clinch it for UKIP and that will be a fantastic breakthrough, with a message that resonates throughout the UK!!

  239. 239
    Voter says:

    Quite right. In Kent, UKIP have done well against both Labour and the Conservatives,

  240. 240
    cynic says:

    The traitor ‘Camoron’ is more to be loathed and despised than the open enemy ‘Militwit’ or the covert enemy ‘Clogg’.

  241. 241
    cynic says:

    His point may be, not that UKIP is pro EU, but that he suspects Farage to be a hypocritical opportunist happy to ride an anti-Eu vote all the way to the fleshpots of Brussels. He’s a politician after all!

  242. 242
    cynic says:

    Will it be the same people who enriched Blair who will enrich Cameron as a reward for his services? What’s his expected career path post 2015 – a plum EU job, advisorships with banks and directorships with companies like Carlyle? Maybe he can join Blair in bringing war-is-peace to the Middle East.

  243. 243
    cynic says:

    Use newspaper, that’s what it’s good for!

  244. 244
    cynic says:

    We don’t want any of them, there’s just a little choice in which is most disliked.

  245. 245
    cynic says:

    Will he really care? Like Blair he can leave politics and this country to collect his reward as soon as his mission of destruction has been accomplished.

  246. 246
    cynic says:

    It doesn’t matter who you vote for; that’s what your masters will give you.

  247. 247
    Waking up and smelling the coffee says:

    High spending, Euro loving, immigration friendly Tories are the same as Labour?

    It took you a while but you’re getting there.

  248. 248
    Waking up and smelling the coffee says:


  249. 249
    toboot13 says:

    As I see it I have a choice at the next general election. Either I vote for the Euro groupie ConLabLib party, who represent the bureaucrats in Brussels, I put “none of the above” on my ballot paper, or I vote UKIP, who represent the British electorate. It would appear to be a no brainer to me.

  250. 250
    Anonymous says:

    Voting Blue puts Cameron in.

    Much scarier.

  251. 251
    Bill says:

    High spending, Euro loving, immigration friendly Labour are exactly the same as high spending, Euro loving, immigration friendly Tories.

  252. 252
    Bill says:

    If the locals were made to do hard manual labour for their benefits – digging a hole to get earth to fill in the hole they dug yesterday – they would become very happy to do menial agricultural jobs.

  253. 253
    Let's Get Out says:

    If you don’t vote UKIP, you need serious medical attention!! I am joking, of course.

  254. 254
    Let's Get Out says:

    I hear that Barry Obama may fly over, to help out Red-Ed. He needs help. But then so does Call Me Dave, and poor old Cleggy.

    UKIP is the ONLY Option left.

  255. 255
    50 pounder says:

    Do any one of you belief for one moment that if Farage won 40 seats, he would be king maker? Cameron and Miliband would form a grand coalition to keep UKIP out and their noses in the trough. So Farage is sadly on to a hiding for nothing….. Heads he looses and tails he looses.

  256. 256
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Not as funny as the thought of him actually taking decisive action on something. The man’s a fcuking blancmange

  257. 257
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Sorry that you misunderstood. The implication is that the polonium was being smuggled out, not in, and possibly being sold on to an entity that might want to build a bomb. That’s all.

  258. 258
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Well, you know exactly what you will get if you vote LibLabCon, so you would be very silly to do so!

  259. 259
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Looses what? His belt or his braces?

  260. 260
    Ericbana says:

    Sorry Er hello,not sure who you are talking to, I speak to people from a wide demographic students to retirees,professional and manual !private and public sector and its a Very long time since I met anyone who thought UKIP were anything but a breath of fresh air,you are in denial or have a very limited social circle.

  261. 261
    Hands off England's Green & Pleasant hills, Cameron says:

    Blair & Pressa got fat cat developers having a profits feeding frenzy on the English countryside.

    Cameron & Boles are doing the same.

    Both nulab and nucon are intent on dragging England into another Freddy Mac/ Fanny May housing boom/bust.

    So no difference there…

    except Boles is even more obnoxious than Pressa at his worst.

  262. 262
    wonkotsane says:

    Then don’t vote for anybody but don’t votes for someone you don’t want just because it’s not somebody else you don’t want.

  263. 263
    John says:

    Actually, voting Tory puts Labour in, as the predicted result shows.

  264. 264
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    You reckon? You ain’t seen nothing yet my friend.

  265. 265
    GOSSSNELL says:


  266. 266
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, that hole where her nasal septum used to be is so attractive.

  267. 267
    Del Flaunty says:

    He just doesn’t get it, the closer Cameron moves to the middle, the less difference between the three parties, the less people to the right of the middle care about who gets in, they’re all the same, the Tories haven’t a snowflake in hell of winning in 2015,. The only way Cameron can ‘shoot the ukip fox’ is to open up a big difference between the Tories & the others (like it used to be) & that just aint gonna happen with him in charge! (I use the term ‘in charge’ lightly, he aint running anything)

  268. 268
    Del Flaunty says:

    He may not be ‘King maker’ but he could cause an awful lot of trouble & grief to the people trying to steal our country & he would be very well placed to consolidate & move on into a stronger position, your comments are naïve, its heads we win, tails we win actually!

  269. 269
    Del Flaunty says:

    Im afraid In think your right but its still not too late, our movement is growing at a fast rate, keep the faith!

  270. 270
    Del Flaunty says:


  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    Here, here, and stop splitting the vote tories, back off and watch UKIP mop the floor with labour.

  272. 272
    Anonymous says:

    More accurate than the YouGov selective polls that the con artist married to Ashton (unelected vice-president of the EU) makes up daily.

  273. 273
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, get out the way tories, you had your chance, this is a two horse race.

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