November 27th, 2013

FCO Minister Lidington Bends Over in Front of Spain

Foreign Office native David Lidington is getting taken apart from all sides of the House for accepting Spain’s two-fingered excuse that their opening of British diplomatic bags was a “mistake”. Labour’s Gerald Kaufman warned “the softly softly approach of this government is not working”, with never knowingly off message Bob Neill accusing the Spanish of “stooping to the level of Franco”. Peter Bone wants a “couple of gunboats” and Col Bob Stewart ominously asked for “any other measures”. But it was Lidington’s exchange with Andrew Rosindell that summed it up:

AR: “Is it time to send the Spanish Ambassador back to Madrid?”

DL: “No, Mr Speaker.”

The first time an EU country has attacked another member in such away and our cowardly Foreign Office beg for more.


  1. 1
    Dave Likes a Big One Up the Arse says:

    And I’ll bend over not be seen as the ‘nasty country’. I do love Spanish men


  2. 2
    • 24
      RomaBob... gimme all your benefits! says:

      I hope the RN do not surrender………….


      • 26
        Midshipman Pereguin Cowardy-Custard says:

        We will not surrender unless they ask us to surrender.

        I just hope they don’t mistreat us by stealing our iPods. Then we’d have to cry ourselves to sleep, like the little girls we RN personnel really are.


  3. 3
    weekend-warriors-r-us says:

    Chaos, it’s no use thinking of sending us to deal with Spain on the following days:
    Mon, Tues, Weds pm, Thurs, Fri a.m.
    as we’re shut .
    Thankyou for your attention.


    • 12
      Lazy FCO wallah says:

      What time do the canapes start?


    • 35
      Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

      Attack the Spanish in the afternoon and catch them napping.


    • 48
      Colonel Blimp says:

      You must be a member of the regular army to be at work so little. Let me think:
      Monday = “privilege day”/extension of the weekend
      Tuesday = study day (spent reminding oneself how brilliant the British Army was in the past and how much more effective it used to be than the Americans, French Germans, Dutch and … Belgians and Italians)
      Wednesday afternoon = sports afternoon (the point of the week where the entire regular army simply f*cks off and does nothing at all)
      Thursday = midweek break
      Friday morning = early start to the weekend.


  4. 4
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    Drake will be turning in his grave looking at this dipstick
    there was a time when the spanish use to s**t Their pants at the sight of a british ship, now look at us, wha a f*****g bunch of wimps we have in the Government.


  5. 5
    Stabilo Boss says:

    It’s time to teach the tapas-eaters a lesson they won’t forget.


  6. 6
    Dimmy Dave is the worst Prime Minister ever ! says:

    “We face no prospect of war for at least 10 years, so it’s okey-dokey for me to destroy Britain’s navy.” – Dimmy Dave, 2010.


  7. 7
    i remember when says:

    Peter Hain wanted to “share” sovereignty of Gibraltar with Spain.


    • 10
      The Public says:

      Peter Hain wants to fuck off to whichever tin-pot hole in Africa he came from


      • 28
        Peter Hain says:

        No thank’s, have you been to South Africa since it was ‘liberated’ from whitey oppression?
        Think Zimbabwe, with a ten year time lapse, to get the full picture.


        • 30
          The Public says:



        • 64
          Martin Bradley. Glen Parva. says:

          Hello Pete, you still around then? I thought that you had disappeared off of the face of the earth after making a pigs ear of your last government job , and why aren’t you appearing on Question Time? The latest bunch of contributors to this programme are so useless I can hardly be bothered to text in to the programme and tell them that. However when you and other dippy folk like Scargill/ Benn and Lady Kaufman were on, my fingers fairly flew over the keys as I vented my spleen. So have a word with the BBC’s Lefties Bosses and get yourself back in the public eye. Missing you Pete. x


  8. 9
    Admiral Byng says:

    Keel haul Lidington


  9. 11
    Romanian Goat says:

    My master and his many friends from the village often chuckle when talking about Britain’s soft touch.

    See you soon!


    • 15
      One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

      Good Sir, I shall ban you from claiming out-of-work and housing benefits! By jove, yes I will!

      (But if you sell the Big Issue you’ll qualify as employed and then you’ll be able to claim housing benefits and income support as per usual.)

      Toodle pip!


      • 34
        Dimal Dave's Blustergut says:

        The first Roma to get ( free natch ) legal aid, will simply take his case for discrimination to the ECHR and win.

        All Cameron’s hard man tosh is just a mask for his utter weakness.

        He knows he can do nothing without breaking dozens of EU laws and being fined millions in compensation claims, in the process.


        • 71
          Stating the bleedin' obvious says:

          .. which he can tell the EU accountants to stick up where the sun don’t shine. What are they going to do ? Invade


          • Dave Likes a Big One Up the Arse says:

            No but they might have a word about by post PM career as an EU Commissioner. Best to make a lot of noise being ‘tough’ and then when the detail emerges that I can do sweet FA everyone will have forgotten. Most people don’t know what Romanian or Bulgarian sounds like so will assume the leather jacketed mob are just Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Hungarians or Slovak.
            See how you’ve been enriched! And all gay as well so I’m told. Wonderful!


    • 17

      Yes the soft touch you refer to is the pussies of our British slappers , who will allow any foreign national to plant their seed in persuit of extra benefits and bigger free houses


    • 20
      Mohammed Muhammad Ahmed Mohammed says:

      Romanian Goat

      welcome to multicultural britain. Halal for you. Allahu Akbar


    • 51
      Fog says:

      Many EU countries, like France, have competent welfare systems where most benefits are contributory & earnings related. Access to benefits by new immigrants depends on whether the new immigrant is working or not. Most important, new immigrants cannot access the same level of benefits available to home nationals, who have contributed to the system over their working lives.
      A 3 or 6 month wait for new immigrants to gain access to FULL UK welfare payment and benefits misses the point. Plus it allows the EU to blast the UK again, when in fact the UK is actually the most generous overall – generous to a fault. The basic issue is fairness.
      Why is the UK media not making honest, intelligent comparisons of immigrant access to welfare and other benefits across all EU countries to inform UK debate?
      If Cameron, Clegg and Labour truly want the UK to stay in Europe, just adopt the widespread European practice where new immigrants access benefits on a contributory and earnings-related basis, instead of walking the UK taxpayer down the middle of the expressway – in media darkness.


      • 56
        The Public says:

        They don’t really care, that’s why.


      • 82
        Southcoast says:

        Countries like France also require new immigrants to take private health insurance, if they are not working.

        This includes retirement migrants from the UK, who in order to secure residency there, must prove they have sufficient resources so as not to burden French taxpayers who fund their State – and hence thay are excluded from accessing benefits.


  10. 16
    Death to Spain says:

    whats the point in having an armed forces if we dont use them to nuke spain? i pay for these nukes, and we’ve never used them. I want to see value for money for my taxes. nuke spain, hang socialists and make the environmentalists work in the fossil fuel industry


  11. 18
    Mr Bone, back from extended hollies says:

    Mrs Bone is very happy today


  12. 19

    I remember when a free house was a pub


  13. 29

    If the Roma are bone idle thieving scum , and treated less than dogs in their own country
    What makes the government and the EU think they are going to turn up here and become hard working citizens ?
    It’s obvious why the Romanians are telling us how wonderful they are , they are getting rid of the fuckers something they have not managed to do since Hitler gassed two million of them !


    • 70
      You couldn't make it up says:

      I should think that’s at least partly why the Romanians supported Hitler in WW2.

      So on the one hand we’ve got the Roma – and frankly no-one wants them – and on the other hand we’ve got the Romanians who were pretty keen on wiping-out the Roma (most would say, a little extreme).

      Then there’s us, who, on reflection, would prefer it if neither of those two groups came to live here. But then it’s us who are, according to EU Commissioner László Andor, ‘nasty’.


  14. 36
    Time to get Nasty. Really Nasty says:

    There’s no point in having the ultimate deterrent if the PM is not prepared to press the nasty button and send the nasty nuclear ballistic missiles to punish the nasty dagos for being nasty to our diplomatic courier.


  15. 38
    ANOther says:

    Royal Mail – they sold it off cheap to their hedge fund mates as a big f**k you to the tax payer. They could have easily mitigated against this by writing into the sale that the state (i.e. us) would receive a % of the dividend should the share price increase above a certain level during the first 2 years after the IPO.

    I no longer have any respect for Cable. He is just as much a charlatan as Cameron, Clegg and the rest of the westminster muppets


  16. 39
    More to the point says:

    So why didn’t the courier carrying the bag refuse to open it?

    Fucking soft twat.


  17. 41
    altruism in industry says:

    Is it true that the Spanish want Gibraltar to liberate their relatives ?


  18. 43
    A Maimed Badger says:

    As the Nation has observed on many occasions, Gutless from the Top Down..if the PM will not stand up for Gibraltar, what chance do we stand in Europe. it would seem on balance our voice has been ignored and is meaningless…
    Britain has a long History of Home Builds, Specials and Custom Cars, Europe does not, there is a nasty piece of legislation doing the rounds in Brussles, which would affect our unique Heritage in Motor Vehicles.:-

    The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) has reacted cautiously to recent amendments to the European Union’s proposed Roadworthiness Regulation package. The EU first announced a new range of proposed Roadworthiness Regulations in 2012 in a bid to introduce stricter testing for vehicles and trailers in an effort to reduce fatal road accidents linked to technical failure. Pressure from the UK government and other member states forced the European Commission to abandon its plans for any new roadworthiness legislation and recommended the introduction of its proposals in the form of an EU directive instead.

    Much to the disappointment of the member states, the amended version of the proposed Roadworthiness Regulation legislation has been re-introduced as a regulation rather than the much preferred directive. This means that member states would have to incorporate any newly defined EU regulations directly into their law, whereas they could decide how to fit in the terms of a directive into their existing domestic laws.

    The FBHVC has now examined the complete parliamentary version of the new regulations and remains concerned. This is because there seems to be a perception amongst both Westminster politicians and UK MEPs that the regulations would be more acceptable by changes to the definition of ‘vehicles of historic interest’ exempt from any test requirements. According to an article in a recent FBHVC newsletter, the removal of specific references to ‘engine, brakes, steering and suspension’ and ‘appearance’ helps. But from the point of view of interpreting legislation, the more general words in the new definition are potentially worse, not better.

    According to the FBHVC, the old definition defined the areas, admittedly widely, in which any changes could take a vehicle outside the definition laid down in the regulations. The new wording simply says ‘major change’, a phrase that’s obviously open to misinterpretation by politicians when they implement the regulations. A major concern raised by the FBHVC is what would the potential effect be on an old vehicle that does not fall within the definition laid down in the amended regulations? It could mean that a non-standard vehicle would simply have to be tested.

    This could result in a non-exempt vehicle being taken off the road as all tests would be based on Type Approval data and this only began in the Seventies. Therefore older vehicles with no Type Approval could not be tested – a very worrying situation. Summing up the situation in its report, the FBHVC says there is no need to panic as these regulations are not going to become law in the immediate future. It’s the continuing job of the Federation to make sure that both Westminster and Brussels are made to understand the finer points of new regulations like these and apply them fairly if and when they are introduced.


  19. 46
    Ma­qb­­oul says:

    To be fair to the Spanish authorities, they may have suspected that there was an MI6 agent in the bag.


  20. 61
    Brit Tannia says:

    What a sorry f—in state this country is in. Did members of my family fight and die to keep the rest of the world in handouts ? Get the f— out of the EU so we can become a country to be proud of again. We have families, young and old who cannot afford to heat their homes, but we give every f—in benefit there is to imigrants who haven’t contributed a jot to this country.

    As for Spain, just stop going there on holiday, they’ll soon change their tune.


    • 77
      I have had enough of this effin about says:

      … and employ strict reciprocity at our borders. Make the bastards wait all day and half the night to get their Spanish passports stamped – one single line and a crowded room just especially for them – and then go through every single bag, purse, briefcase, suitcase and backpack in minute detail. With a bit of proper planning it should then take them 2 full days to get out of the airport/port.


  21. 63
    Trust me I'm no expert says:

    Empty our jails and immigration centres send them all to Gibraltar then give the fucker to the Spanish.


  22. 66
    Mornington Crescent says:

    As Alan Clark wrote in his diaries (I can’t lay my hand on the date):
    “The FCO now solely exists for dipping into the till marked ‘British Interests’.”

    Plus ça change…


  23. 67
    London ex pat says:

    If they’re going to defend a large population that wants to remain British, Send a gunboat up the Thames.


  24. 68
    nellnewman. says:

    It’s a bag for crying out loud!!. Don’t we think going to war over unnecessarily opening a bag is a little over the top??!!


    • 75
      A lesson from history says:

      You miss the point….Diplomatic Bags are absolutely inviolable under the Vienna Convention just as the territory encompassed by a nations embassy or commission is also sovereign territory of the particular country whose embassy occupies the spot (even the Fascists under Franco didn’t actually dare open the diplomatic bag) You say “only a bag” but what if next time they grab innocent British Tourists and hold them in jail or seize diplomatic staff from the embassy or enter the UK Embassy to seixze people…it’s the slippery slope


    • 97
      Maximus says:

      One suspects this was exactly Sam’s reaction.


    • 106
      Barbara E Aype says:

      The ‘bag’ can actually be any container of any size, can it not ? Time we started using diplomatic ‘bags’ with fully-armed tanks inside.


  25. 72
    Winston says:


    This issue is being carefully managed to be brought to a head just before the 2015 GE, where Cameron will act decisively or, so it will be presented. He will be seen as the patriotic, strong leader and mug voters will fall for it. Question for me, is why is Guido playing along with the whole charade?


  26. 73
    Dave's Imaginary Navy says:

    I have been in touch with “Airfix” to send HMS Dreadnought immediately to Gibraltar


  27. 78
    Anyoldiron says:

    It is very sad when a Country such as ours has a Prime Minister that has no idea of what he should have done when a foreigner either was allowed to open a BRITISH diplomatic Bag, or demanded or requested that the British Diplomatic bag was opened. Are those that carry such a private Diplomatic Bag not trained in what they should do at such a request? Especially under the strained relationships at present?

    The longer this situation is allowed to continue the worse it will get. I tell you what Mr Cameron-Maggie would have sorted it out the very first day. You Sir are letting the wound fester. The Spanish have delightedly made fools of you.

    If this is how our FRIENDS in the EU treat us-WE ARE BETTER OFF OUT.


    • 83
      a real QM, not an ex-navy pussy says:

      He should have told the oik to fuck off and got a taxi back to the embassy in Madrid (or the nearest consulate if there is such in those parts).


      • 86
        Eff Gibratar, it full of chavs, drunks and bank robbers says:

        Yep, Maggie would have sorted it, just like the Falklands. Declare war 2 months before our forces get there, lose all your helicopters and three battleships in the first week, kill hundreds of people sailing away from the islands, outside the exclusion zone, land forces on the wrong side of the islands and eventually win by default because the enemy were a bunch of rifle-chucking spics, all to ‘save’ a bunch of inbreeds that love Britain so much they choose to live thousands of miles away from it.

        Makes yer proud t’be British, dunnit?


        • 91
          Winston says:

          However you spin it, she won. Must be hard to swallow for a leftie self-loathing cant.


          • Eff Gibratar, it full of chavs, drunks and bank robbers says:

            Not a lefty, can’t stand the buggers. Not so stupid to be a tory because I don’t like lefties, though.


        • 95
          Somewhat offpissed. says:

          Twat! We haven’t had a ‘Battleship’ since HMS Vanguard went to the knackers yard the early 60’s.


          • Eff Gibratar, it full of chavs, drunks and bank robbers says:

            War ship, then, if you prefer. Unlike some on this forum I do not pretend to be an expert on naval matters.

            What I do know is that the victory in The Falklands was a very close run thing, far more luck than judgement. I also know that British naval forces are currently a fucking joke and starting a war over a fucking bag, or a heap of rubble populated by morons is almost as stupid as using Thatcher’s politically motivated blood lust as a justification for yet another war amd yet more killing.

            Sell Gib to the spics and give the dosh to the charming residents. Take it or leave it. Job done.

            Twat yourself, btw.


        • 107
          Somewhat offpissed. says:

          “Unlike some on this forum I do not pretend to be an expert on naval matters.”

          Nor on military or geopolitical matters in general either by the look of it, so why are you posting, plonker?


    • 111
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      “If this is how our FRIENDS in the EU treat us-WE ARE BETTER OFF OUT.” Did you really expect otherwise? Don’t tell me that you fell for that “EU has kept peace in Europe……………” bollocks?


  28. 80

    Really a touch of, shit on my head, I enjoy it, already again. Innit?


  29. 85
    Lke you said the bankers ARE scum says:

    I recall that in the sixties a jobsworth, Airside security guard at Heathrow attempted to stop a foreign diplomatic courier who had the bag in his CD registered car. He was refused access (repeatedly) until one point when the guard found himself facing a gun pointed at his ugly mug THEN the courier carried on


  30. 89
    Anyoldiron says:

    To: “Eff Gibratar, it full of chavs, drunks and bank robbers”. If another Great Prime Minister hadn’t been strong and fought like Hell in 1939-1945, you ‘EFF’ may not have been born.


    • 92
      Eff Gibratar, it full of chavs, drunks and bank robbers says:

      My criticism was of Thatcher, and those that get dewy-eyed at the prospect of repeating her stupidity, not Churchill, spastic.


  31. 98
    Voter says:

    I think that Enoch Powell commented that the Ministry of Agriculture (as it then was) existed for the benefit of farmers and the Foreign Office existed for the benefit of foreigners.


  32. 100
    Hardy says:

    Lord Nelson wept.


  33. 101
    Nemesis says:

    Yeah, roll over Britain (no longer Great) and let Spain tickle your cowardly tummy. Like message 100 says, “Lord Nelson wept”. What a bunch of limp-wristed PC wimps we now have governing our nation. Kowtowing to whatever immigration the EU says we have to have and following every EU dictat like the soft buggers they so truly are.


  34. 103
    Francis Drake says:

    Remind me why we even bother to keep Trident if the pinkish and.trainers at the FCOf can’the even have johnny spaniard toe the line?


  35. 104
    Francis Drake says:

    Remind me why we even bother to keep Trident if the pinkoes and traitors at the FCO can’t even have johnny spaniard toe the line?


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