November 26th, 2013

WATCH: Sports Minister Who Knows Nothing About Sport

Five questions, five wrong answers. Perhaps Helen Grant should spend a little less time sorting out her expenses and a little more time on her job…


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    I said I like the Arctic Monkeys and still that didn’t make me look human. Bigots.

    • 8
      Anonymous says:

      jobs for the boys. er sorry the girls.

    • 10
      Why do we have a Sports minister? says:

      Never heard of her or the answers.

      • 68
        I hate socialists. says:

        I do not think that any of the Shadow front bench would have done any better.

      • 93
        Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

        That isn’t the point. The point is to make the government look out of touch. The questions are all along the same line. How much is a value loaf of bread, etc.
        As others have said, Labour ministers couldn’t answer similar questions but it’s not in interest of the Biased Broadcasting Club to do so. Why bite the hand that feeds you?

        • 94
          The Public says:

          The government are out of touch. If they were in touch, they would know the answers to questions like how much is a loaf of bread. Whether they are out of touch Labour or out of touch Tory is not really the point.

          • Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

            Sorry, but I am an ordinary guy who knows the rough cost of some things but I couldn’t say what every item of my weekly food shopping costs. Do you? and if you do, do you know the price in every Supermarket?
            If the MP’s did, they would be critised about the lack of commitment to their job. Which is to be?
            I can’t believe I am defending a load of free loaders….

        • 127
          Cor Blimey says:

          I loved it last week when the BBC had one of their tame professors on about this subject, and he brought up the matter of politicians not knowing the price of milk. At the end he was asked what it was, and immediately said £1.29 for 2 litres.
          I googled it and he was wrong. He should at least have give a price range for 2 litres.
          BBC – don’t let facts get in the way of rampant disinformation and bias.

      • 107
        broderick crawford says:

        Could it not be incorporated into Maria Millers brief .?

        She appears to have sod all to do most of the time ..

        Or perhaps put it unde the wing of young Kenny Clarke … one if his varied Without Portfolio … er …. portfolio s .

      • 124
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Knows nothing about sport? Change her title to, “Minister for Legacy Media Sports Correspondents”.

    • 18
      Engineer says:

      Why do we need a Minister for sport? Haven’t all the sports already got their own governing bodies?

      • 26
        Equalitarianism is subversive says:


      • 108
        broderick crawford says:

        Any ministerial or public servant post has to remain filled regardless of its relevance so that an annual budget can be allocated for the income of the post holder and the operatiinal expense if its annual existence .

        If it is not filled then the budget for that structure is lost for the coming year and difficult to reinstate.

        To prove this point at a local level ask why your local authority insists on maintaining a minimum of two to three Coucillors for every ward when thereis invariably only work for one ….

    • 99
      Big Killick says:

      So what? There are many other sports besides football, most of which need more support from the Government than football.

  2. 2
    Wanda Ringhands says:

    I like sport, I got one.

    • 45
      Randy Rennard says:

      I’m a sport!

      • 128
        Ozzie Sport says:

        Australia would have been able to teach Communist East Germany a thing or two. An Australian Crime Commission on Australian “Sports” reported:
        “Sports scientists and doctors are “experimenting” on elite athletes to determine if substances can improve performance
        *An instance of “team-based doping” at the hands of unnamed club officials and coaching staff
        *Officials from one club used injections and intravenous drips to dope players with a “variety of substances”, “possibly” including peptides
        *Links between professional athletes and organised crime identities in Australia.”

  3. 3
    Maoist couple says:

    In light of the example set by the esteemed Mr Miliband, we find the statement that we kept three women imprisoned in horrific conditions for 30 years a vicious smear.

  4. 4
    Do racist Tories hate black Tories too? says:

    She’s a Tory

  5. 6
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Ed Balls knows nothing about financial responsibilty, so why is he shadow chancellor?

    • 34
      Ditto the lot of them says:

      What do any of the entire front bench or opposition front bench, with a few notable exceptions, know about anything?

      They all went to the same schools, university, studied the same subjects, mixed in the same circles, moved almost instantly into politics and became MP’s after a couple of years SpAding / lobbying around.

      When they leave politics, sometimes even before they leave politics, they are invariably rewarded with lucrative directorships, for favourable legislation / government contracts they awarded, when leeching around Westminster.

    • 73
      I hate socialists. says:

      Because he would make Milibands life even more of a nightmare if he was not
      shadow chancellor .

  6. 7
    Call Me Dave says:


  7. 9
    Forget Iran or Scottish independence, THIS is the most important issue! says:

    A dispute over where the remains of King Richard III should be reburied is to be heard later at the High Court.

    Archaeologists found them under a Leicester council car park last year.

    They were to be re-interred at the city’s cathedral, but campaigners claim his wish was to be buried at York Minster.

    The Plantagenet Alliance is challenging the justice secretary’s decision to grant a licence to the Leicester University archaeologists.

    It is is seeking a judicial review, accusing Chris Grayling of failing to consult properly before giving the academics permission to excavate and to decide where the bones should be reburied.

    • 14
      arry says:

      There’s only one way to decide..

    • 43
      Sugar Free says:

      It is quote important actually. Why do archeologists think they have the right to dig up peoples’ remains and do what they want with them?

    • 55
      Gordon Brown says:

      I buried a Richard III this morning. Damn thing got stuck in the U-bend…

    • 81
      Rick the Roman says:

      Come on, Ed – time for an enquiry – judge led or not – your choice. Richard III was a the last Plantagenet and arguably the last English monarch – since then we’ve had a mixture of Welsh, Scots, Dutch and Germans.

      • 117
        broderick crawford says:


        Your obedient future monarch .

      • 123
        A non emouse says:

        I thought the Plantagenets were basically French (Normans). Welsh Tudors did a good job though didn’t they?!

    • 103
      Ippikin says:

      Methinks the poor old chap has been under the car park long enough to get comfortable and get to know his surroundings.
      Be a shame to disturb him now; after all he was a bit arthritic from what we hear, so no real point in moving him.

  8. 12
    Crystal Methodist says:

    I knew nothing about banking.

  9. 13
    Helen Grant says:

    I did know that Mo Ansar is a famous golfer and the heavyweight boxing champion is Rocky Balboa.

  10. 15
    Wait - what! says:

    This is a smear against the coalition.

  11. 16
    Jazz Porridge says:


    Although to be fair nobody would get the last question about the crippled swimmer.

  12. 17
    Empty Ed's Word of the Day says:

    The word today is ‘orchestrated’. As in …

    Orchestrated smear campaign

  13. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Women and sport don’t go together.

  14. 21
    Alan Johnson. Shadow economic genius. says:

    Is football VAT registered or entitled to that NHI thingy ma jig?

  15. 24
    Reconstruct says:

    I think such a compendious lack of interest/knowledge of her brief speaks very well for her. After all, it’s not as if there should be a ‘Minister for Sport’ in the first place. Typical expansion of the State in completely unnecessary ways. I’d only be happier if she’d actually closed down her department.

    • 25
      The Ministry for Silly walks says:


      A pointless job.

    • 114
      BBGC says:

      We wouldn’t have got the 2018 football world cup without the government spending our money for it.

      • 120
        broderick crawford says:

        Actually they spent it the wrong way .

        Instead of wasting on pure British , honest , truthful , straight presentations they just needed to have bunged it all to Sepp .

        Like the Qataris did for 2022

        ” If you place the games in our unbearably hot dictatorship in high summer we will confer to your trust company immediate title to five tonnes of gold delivered to a Zurich vault of your nomination ”

        ” oh … that appears to clinch it “

  16. 27
    Jimmy says:

    Kill the planet – vote Tory!
    Kill the vulnerable – vote Tory!
    Kill our children’s future by not only destroying the planet but selling off vital services – vote Tory!

    For short term benefits of the already wealthy and long term destruction of what is really important – vote fucking Tory!

    And no……Labour are not as bad, not by a country mile

    • 32
      Jimmy says says:

      Sorry for my outburst, I am a stupid fool.

      • 39
        FairBobby says:


        • 54
          Ditto the lot of them says:

          Poor Jimmy, his medication must have ran out again. Either that, or his tin foil hat is too tight again.

          • broderick crawford says:

            We ve already killed the planet Jim .

            It s called climate change and it alll started in the year dot when the first cow started farting and belching and then progressed through the industrial revolution and personal spray deodorants .

      • 49
        Francesca says:

        I believe your problem is more common than you think. I was with my partner for 6 years, the last 3 years even the thought of sex with him made me shudder. I loved him with all my heart but unfortunately it turned into a brotherly love. We were very affectionate and our relationship was great in every other way but I had to end it as sex to me is the difference between a lover and a friend.

        Even now, many years on, I miss him but since then I’ve had lots of great sex and I’m now in a well rounded relationship.

        Sex is obviously important to you and you’re still young. 5 years is too long to be just a lull, your sex life may never recover. Perhaps you’re just not right for each other and it’s time to move on before you waste any more time.

      • 131
        shoo says:

        Two fake Jimmys in one thread.

    • 36
      nellnewman says:

      Can’t help but notice that you consistently come up with well-argued debating points. Well done!

  17. 30
    Wanted. Translator fluent in Polly Twaddle says:
  18. 35
    FairBobby says:

    Yea! That’s what’s wrong. Politicians put charge and they know bugger-all about anything. They are over-privileged and over-paid and they over-estimate their true worth. In other words they are a burden on the State. If they become ministers they abuse their power pursuing their own crazy schemes at the expense of the public. Ed Davy epitomises that corruption and incompetence. He will have the whole bloody country and the oceans covered with bloody useless wind turbines. A pox on the man!

  19. 40
    Kick the foreign city of London out of England says:

    She’s a proper Man Utd fan from Surrey.

  20. 42
    M says:

    Knowing nothing is a prerequisite for ministers and Co op bank CEOs

  21. 46
    Paul Flowers, advising Labour says:

    Hello Ed, glad you could make it. Now unfortunately we’ve run out of chairs so you’re just going to have to sit on my lap. Mmmmmm. So much cuter than Gordon. Come here you little beauty…

  22. 50
    altruism in industry says:

    Are your MPs covered in slime and unsightly sleaze ?
    But new improved UKIP, it will remove them.

  23. 59
    Observer says:

    I read the headline in The Times:

    “Tory backbenchers warn Cameron he risks split”

    At last, I thought, an attempt to move the Conservatives back to Conservatism. But no. It’s about a group of leftist infiltrators, under the Cameroon umbrella, who’ve infiltrated as MPs, and are up in arms about suggestions that green subsidies may be removed.

    • 77
      Every 'green' job has a £1.5 million subsidy, paid for by consumers says:

      It’s rather amusing watching Dave’s green Labour party, bitching among themselves over an expensive ‘solution’ to a non existent problem.

      Their share portfolio’s would be worthless if the government stopped taxpayer funding of their ponzi schemes.

  24. 65
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    If we weren’t booming then why did we need all those immigrants? Good job my area has a reputation for being an unemployment black spot so we didn’t get many of them.

  25. 69
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    Something gone wrong with the “reply” function?

  26. 70
    Jack Dromey says:

  27. 75
    UKIP or bust says:

    These muppets don’t have to know anything because all the real goverment is conducted in Brussels, they make all the big (wrong) decisions and laws, while these knobs just pick up their dosh for pretending to be important.

  28. 79
    Tell the truth says:

    Oh dear Guido

    You quote the Times, from your Murdoch stable, quoting “reports in Italian media” saying Putin will make Berlusconi Ambassador to the Vatican – third hand gutter press stuff

    The Times has fallen into the tabloid gutter

    After its repeated necon lies, now it is trying to smear again, using third hand “reports”

    This is not journalism, but I suppose like Con Coughlin, your agenda forces you to lie along with the Criminal Murdoch Papers

    You are a purveyor of lies and even more corrupt than those you denounce every day

    PS When are your friends from the Sun due in the Old Bailey?

    • 83
      The Times, purveyor of lies says:

      However Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov has described the Berlusconi rumours as “pure fantasy”, Ansa news agency reported.

    • 133
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      Since when can a Russian – even someone like Putin – appoint a foreigner as ambassador?

  29. 86
  30. 89
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Just heard a good one from the despatch box, ” labour desperately seeking a crisis”.

  31. 90
    And so it goes on says:

    Banks and usual suspects fiddling the gold market now

    Jail them

  32. 92
    Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    I see Philip Davies voted for the Afriyie amendment.

    He was also one of only 15 Tories to vote against state control of the press.

    Wasn’t he also one of only 5 Tories to vote against green energy taxes and didn’t he give Chris Patten a roasting at the select committee?

    He’s also a Northern blue collar Tory and would help reconnect the Tories to northern working class voters.

    Knife traitor Cameron now and get Davies installed as the new Tory Tony Abbott and they can still win the next election, otherwise they are toast.

    • 95
      Reader says:

      Tony Abbott is OK in his antipodean context, but I would prefer someone who was their own person, rather than a copy of someone else. There seem to be far too many people looking to Australia for the solution to British problems these days.

      • 97
        Goddess says:

        I watched a beautiful blonde haired surfing Aussie babe today. I’d make her Minister of anything she desires

  33. 96
    Hair bear says:

    Still, at least she isn’t an IRA terrorist like the Northern Ireland Sports Minister

  34. 100
    Spirit of Winston says:

    WTF does the Government need a Sports Minister for?

    ACTION THIS DAY — Cameron — Make a proper cut for once you tosser.

    • 105
      The Permanent Secretary says:

      … and tell the FA and West Ham we are not going to pay for their silly stadium either.

  35. 111
    The Poltergeist says:

    Her favourite sport film is Real Steel. She’s launched an inquiry into why Robotic boxing isn’t in the olympics.

  36. 112
    Vote Yes in 2014..escape the LibCon coalition. says:

    Celtic won the FA Cup Final this year. Although the interviewer may have been referring to the English FA game. In which case he should have made this clearer. Trick question in my book and invalid.

  37. 113
    BBGC says:

    I scored 0/5 too. So what? Does her job involve sitting on her Aris’ watching Sky Sports 24/7?

    The crappy fake attempt at pretending to be a manure fan and recantation of the “C’mon Tim” bloke mantra was the thing that showed her to be a useless placement idiot.

    • 119
      Boris's friend says:

      Me too. I only found out this week that Rugby League still only has 4 points for a try unlike the real game.

  38. 115

    Why is there sports minister?
    Sport is no business of the fucking government neither is culture , arts , or media .

  39. 125
    Apologise, pay me damages & jog on scum. says:

    Another intellectually crippled fuck up- leeching! Scum!

  40. 126
    Pick litter for bennies says:

    Interview-what do you know about sport-nothing-no problem,you tick a box(not a man) so congratulations!!

  41. 129
    Stingray says:

    Do we actually need a minister of sport?

  42. 130
    Pete says:

    Before the wankers on here think they are clever, Gideons financial qualifications are 0, IDS(I Distort Statistics) knows nothing about work and McVey thinks peoples disabilities will get better. The rest of the cabinet are no better.

  43. 132
    Toxoplasma gondii zombies says:


  44. 134
    Qui-gon Jinn says:

    If there wasn’t a Minister of Sport, the football teams wouldn’t know what time to kick off on a Saturday (or Sunday, or Monday evening… or Wednesday if they’re playing in Europe).

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