November 25th, 2013

Davey Pockets Private Jet Cash as Holiday Tax Soars

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey recently encountered some turbulence when his department were exposed as hypocrites for making air travel more expensive for holiday goers while charging two domestic flights a day to the taxpayer. Now Guido can reveal Davey has even more baggage.

The Lib Dem has just landed £14,000 worth of personal donations from Air Charter Services Plc and its chairman Chris Leach, who describe themselves as “one of the largest charter companies in the world”, providing 50,000 private jets to globetrotting celebs and businessmen. Whatever could have attracted to them to the Minister who is so keen on punishingly high air passenger duty taxes?


  1. 1
    Hansard writer says:

    Is that all?


    • 31
      Vote UKIP - don't get Heir to Blair says:

      So this turd says to another turd “I’ve just LibDemmed my pants”.


    • 76
      Lord Stansted says:

      It’s enough! Ed Davey with his climate change lies is a c**t of the first order. I pay a fucking fortune in air passenger tax flying on business. And no you can’t fucking off-set it; you can only risk pricing youself out of the market by pushing up rates to the client. Davey and his LIB DEM bastards are total c**ts.


      • 96
        Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

        Yes, My Lord. Quite correct. If you need further clarification please proceed to the Lord Chancellor’s bar where you can get even more pissed and discuss this with the other piss artist Lords.


    • 77
      RomaBob..trafficking a kiddie or two! says:

      Never in the history of the country have so few had so much………influence !!


    • 97
      Ed Davey's friend says:

      He’s a good boy. He knows what’s good for him.

      Now, about that windmill in his back yard…. Will he receive a subsidy? Or do they call it rent? Only we want to arrange a good piss up and funds are low.


  2. 2
    I hate socialists. says:

    Libdems, hypocrites are us.


  3. 3
    Tooting Tony from Tel Aviv, War Envoy says:

    Good God

    This man has no idea of how to take a bung

    I can teach him how to do it on an industrial scale


  4. 4
    Nero is shocked says:

    Decadence in the UK is hitting Bibilical proportions

    Everywhere you look

    Every paper you read

    Why don’t we just burn London down like I did elsewhere?

    Just for the hell of it…


  5. 7
    Ed Dafty says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.



  6. 8
    Ed and the ketamines says:

    Will be singing the International at this weeks PMQs

    We are, of course, stoned out of their tiny boxes

    No hope left, even by passing thru the Priory…


  7. 10
    A politician says:

    For decades we’ve been sitting around thinking of ways we could tax the air people breath and then along comes an environmentalist with this great idea.


  8. 12
    Tim Yeo says:

    Well done that man!


  9. 13
    domino says:

    Unfortunately due to industrial action a London Fire Brigade spokesperson (so as not to impose the inequality of one gender over another) said “We would respectfully ask former emperors of Rome to desist from instigating the combustion of property until such time as we can provide adequate service personel (it’s them bleeding tory cuts), and that they hold all relevant licenses for public performance of music”.


    • 55
      FBU member says:

      And not during Casualty neither!


    • 70
      Bilda Berger says:

      Very good, domino. I too have noticed how these ignorant arseholes speak in almost impenetrable jargon to make themselves appear educated. A policeman never walks anywhere, he “proceeds”, etc., etc., etc.


      • 84
        domino says:

        Berger, being too specific causes too many problems, such as “cast iron guarantee”, far better to use jargon to disguise the shift from meritocracy to mediocrity (must rush tractor stats to visualise in hyper-text markup language to disseminate by electronic communication)


  10. 14
    Observer says:

    Repeat from previous thread.

    “Half of Britons think Romanians and Bulgarians should not be allowed to live or work in UK ”

    Only half? The rest have been brainwashed by the BBC.


  11. 15
    A Social Darwinist says:

    You should know by now, Guido, that positions of pwoer are just there to be abused

    Even when we are caught thieving or taking bungs or for any other form of buggery thuggery and skullduggery, we just get some bent PR company to tell the world that it was the right thing to do…. and carry on

    You cannot beat Social Darwinism

    Might is Right

    Fuck the rest of you


  12. 16
    Little English People says:

    Davey is utter scum – he typifies why the Lib Dems should never get anywhere near ministerial office.

    Who votes Lib Dem? Surely even the most intellectually challenged amongst us can see through this anti British party now?


  13. 17
    Canny flyer says:

    If you make a long-haul flight from Heathrow you pay cripplingly high tax on all of it. If you fly to Amsterdam and onward to your destination from there you only pay the UK’s high tax on the London to Amsterdam leg.


    • 27
      Investigative hack says:

      Agree. said it before. Pick this up guido it’s an easy one. Flights

      . It is cheaper for a family of 4 to fly from Newcastle, stay overnight in Amsterdam, with dinner and catch any USA flight the next day, than it is to just fly from Newcastle.


      • 39
        M­a­q­bo­ul says:

        Aye, but can the geordie family get broon ale, Greggs pasties and a fist fight at Schipohl? I think not.


        • 52
          Fuck the EU says:

          Trade Broon Ale for some carbonated cats p!ss, and the pastie for a toasted cheese sandwich, then the answer is, yes.


    • 40

      I can remember when ‘ airport taxes ‘ were the preserve of third world banana republics as a nice little earner for El presidente to subsidise the wifes shopping in Paris.


      • 66
        Traveller says:

        The last time I passed thu Thiefrow, I did not see or speak to one British person

        Even the customs wallah was a third world addition…

        Mind you, Paris CDG is much the same nowadays


  14. 18
    Ed Balls says:



    I shit more than that every day.


  15. 19
    Air Charter Services Plc says:

    At least our donations enable legal highs rather than some other parties BANK rollers !


  16. 20
    The John Cleese Divorce Payment Trust says:

    Actually it was 45.6seconds, but we’re prone to exaggeration.


    • 23
      The HunchBrown of not-my-fault says:

      They never made me laugh.
      Only Tony sweating at the WI made me laugh..oh thar was funny!.

      And the time I pissed in his champagne glass at the ambassadors reception.
      And he I’d wolf down those special bogie enhanced Ferraro Rocher


    • 33
      Russell Brand says:

      I’m going to trash their first performance

      Like I did at GQ’s latest gig


  17. 21
    Ed Davey says:

    Turn your heaters off!
    Every degree on your thermostat causes a death cyclone in the Philippines.


  18. 28
    Progressive liberalism is going backwards says:

    No car,no holidays abroad and meat only once a week?
    It wasn’t like that in my day son.


  19. 30
    jmf says:

    ” providing 50,000 private jets to globe-trotting celebs and businessmen”
    I do not think that there is that amount of private jets worldwide.


  20. 35
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Cameron and Davey keep telling us to switch our sup-plier to get a better deal.

    Well on 7th May 2015 the voters will do exactly that.

    Vote early,vote often,vote UKIP :-)


  21. 37
    Little English People says:

    Since Brussels is the real power in the UK what more do they have to do all day except loot the taxpayer and exploit their positions as regional managers for their EU bosses??


  22. 38
    Vote KIP or else says:

    If Honest Dave and the gang want to highlight corruption rife in a minority community he should look at the 650 inhabiting a tiny ghetto in London, shine the light on them and you would see variety of corruption that would put Rhodesia to shame.


  23. 41
    Blind_leading_the_blind says:

    Yea, APD a big factor in people using private charter jets


  24. 50
    nellnewman says:

    New Monty Python show,starring David Cameron & George Osborne sells out in 43 seconds


    • 59
      Vlad singing Rule Britannia says:

      Rule Britannia Building Society

      (By appointment to Lord Mandy of Efficks, my new neighbour)


  25. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Yep only 20,00 private jets worldwide and thats including military. ACS however will charter anything including airliner and air freight, doing rather a lot in the Philippines at the mo I gather. Also if you look back i think you will find Chris Leach has been supporting the Lib Dems for a lot longer than they have been in government.


  26. 53
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Come on Guido what happened to your famous crosshairs.

    Yeo escaped.
    Handycock escaped.

    Are you going to let Davey escape as well.


    • 67
      Ticky Tocky says:

      Wouldn’t worry, time is only now showing the 13 years of Liebour corruption to the braindead, when the media excluding the bBBC wake up and stop taking sides and do some real journalism then the time just might get shortened.


  27. 60
    ands nees and bmps a daisey says:

    I think the country is now lost to the EU, went to the tip and a sign saying you can view a list of what can be dumped etc etc, in what appeared to be 12 different written languages, if you have to explain in that many languages then how do we know the version in English on the sign is for the local yokels or Canadian or Australian or any country that uses the English language.


    • 87
      Old African Queen says:

      Good old EU fukinit up again. if you can’t dump it at the official tip – then the nearest hedgerow will just have to do.


  28. 61
    Greenpeace are full of shit says:

    Increase the population in this country by 10% every decade and build 200.000 homes a year to house them.
    What have the greens got to say about that?
    Fuck all.
    Shove you environmentalist tree hugging polar bear shit up your arse.


  29. 64
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  30. 65
    Bill Quango MP -8 says:

    So all member states bar one voted to end the Strasbourg Brussels fantasy parliament arrangement. Goes who voted against?


  31. 68
    Anonymous says:

    I see that to read the link I have to subscribe to er Guido’s employers website!!!

    The irony!


  32. 71
    Field Marshall Abu Qatada says:

    The next lesson will include “popping a tablet in and switching it on”


  33. 72
    A former Tory says:

    I think CCHQ should just shut down its website

    It is embarrassing changing, deleting and redacting all the time


  34. 74
    Osborne's Ponzi Scheme: Help to Buy says:

    Good article in T/graph:

    ‘Tackling Britain’s housing problem requires two bold moves: much tighter restrictions on the number of people arriving in the UK and an ambitious building programme to provide decent accommodation for existing citizens.’


  35. 82
    Romanian Goat says:

    My master and his many friends from the village often chuckle about not understanding tax rules and regulations.

    See you soon!


  36. 83
    dear Santa says:

    you’ve got to feel sorry for the Germans, all their schemes of European domination always end in tatters.


  37. 92
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Troughing tree hugging hypocrite


  38. 93
    Sick of it... says:

    Leftie hypocrites all of them


  39. 94
    Tory Voter says:

    There aren’t 50,000 corporate jets flying, although the company claims this on their web-site.

    They’re doubtless being creative with numbers and including piston aircraft, helicopters and the odd airliner that is temporarily surplus to needs.


  40. 95
    Celebrity Big Leech! says:



  41. 98
    John Tandy says:

    Davey is a well known hypocrite….


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