November 25th, 2013

Boris 2.0

Could we see another posh blond bombshell replace Boris Johnson? As Guido revealed in yesterday’s Sun column, TV adventurer Ben Fogle says he wants to swap Countryfile for the city as Mayor of London. And with Seb Coe, Alan Sugar, Eddie Izzard et al it’s not as if there aren’t enough celebs considering their options.

“I have my own aspirations in politics. I’ve only just realised rather naively today that Eddie Izzard is going for London Mayor. If I ever went into politics, which my wife thinks is a ludicrous idea, London Mayor strikes me as the most likely I think I might have a go at. I think it is more achievable than other areas.”

The Navy officer, turned gentleman traveller, turned hero of Animal Clinic does not exactly endear himself to his party leader:

“There are lots of Tory policies I like but I don’t entirely like where the Tories are right now. I’m not the biggest fan of David Cameron. I believe you should be what you are, not pretending to be someone you are not.”

A bit like Boris…


  1. 1
    Peter Grimes says:

    Perhaps they could run as a couple on a joint ticket.


  2. 2
    M­a­q­bo­ul says:

    Who’s the fag with a fairy in its mouth?


  3. 4
    Lord Stansted says:

    “TV adventurer”? I think that means an untrustworthy opportunist and not a suitable fellow to know.


  4. 6
    Janet Street Banger says:

    Surely he should be casting for “I cum dansing”


  5. 7
    Funny you never see gay pride marches in Muslim area's says:

    I take it Izzard will be dropping his transsexual garb to campaign in Tower Hamlets?


  6. 8
    Posh and Becks says:

    He looks like an escort to me…


  7. 9
    Editor of the Spectator says:

    Good Lord Guido

    Are you going to put him on the front of your GQ glossy rag?

    All the Duchesses will jump on it…


  8. 10
    Celia Walden says:

    Countryfile? Did someone call me?


  9. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Swiss voters have rejected a proposal that would have limited executive pay to 12 times that of the lowest paid.

    Envy defeated by the Swiss…………


  10. 12
    Tony Parsehole, Digger's replacement codpiece says:


    You are stealing my ideas…

    I know we are colleagues, but this is not fair…

    And you are not a real Essex chav like me…


  11. 13
    Jack Dromey says:

    Izzard looks better in a dress than I did.


    • 26
      @BigBlackCock says:

      Come back Jack, we miss you…

      PS We’ve got some great new videos. We think you’ll enjoy, big black dong and his massive kong.


  12. 14
    John Bercow says:

    My wife is the present Mare of London.


  13. 16
    cynic says:

    He may start honest, but how long will that last?


  14. 19
    Is it me? says:

    No chance that you might start at a local council level and gain some real experience before considering managing one of the world’s largest cities? No, thought not.


  15. 20
    Esther says:

    It should be me. The public just love me.


  16. 25
    Observer says:

    “Half of Britons think Romanians and Bulgarians should not be allowed to live or work in UK ”

    Only half? The rest have been brainwashed by the BBC.


    • 35
      Nothing Better To Do says:

      Did you know you can claim a grant of 200000 euros from the EU to start a business in Bulgaria? So why don’t we all go over there, live off the grant whilst they all come here and fight over the benefits we won’t have to pay tax for. By the time we’ve spent the 200k (very cheap in Bulgaria) the whole rotten system will have collapsed here and all the immigrants will want to go home.
      Better plan than our wonderful leaders have got for us.


      • 36
        Spot the little difficulty says:

        But but but! Tiny flaw there — they will all want to come back home again — See it yet?


      • 39
        Jack Ketch says:

        Do you please have further details on this? I would like to start a business in Bulgaria teaching the Bulgarians how to travel to Britain to claim benefits.


  17. 29
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    Given the current ethnicity of Londonistan how many of them are going to vote for a white fair-haired Anglo-Saxon Protestant (presumably)?


    • 40
      Jack Ketch says:

      They voted for Boris didn’t they?
      Most non-white people like to vote for White people where possible (look at Helen Ziller in Cape Town or the Mayors of New York) as they don’t trust people of colour.
      It is only where the candidates of safe seats are manipulated that non-white folk get in.


  18. 30
    Disgusted of Neasden says:

    To become London Mayor, you need a high media profile – as Boris and Ken have.

    Being a TV personality is a good start. You also need to persuade your favourite party to support you. Having the confidence to criticise unpopular policies of the national party can also be an advantage.


  19. 33
    Jackie treehorn says:

    I for one like the cut of his jib.


  20. 43
    Jimmy says:

    Is countryfile another word for heterosexual?


  21. 44
    Abu Abis Abit says:

    Has it not occurred to George Galloway to run for mayor yet? He’d unite the mozzed-up vote at least.


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