November 23rd, 2013

GALLERY GUIDO: Smear Executive Decided to Smear Labour

We’re making up a Labour smear story.

We’re going for their most cherished example of mutual, collective endeavour. The Co-op. Ethical, modest, decent. Let’s make it go bust through filthy capitalist greed. And let’s get it taken over by US vulture funds who have the power to call in Labour’s loans, but don’t because they act more ethically than the previous management.

But you want more.

Okay, let’s have the outgoing chairman of the ethical bank to be a most complete representative of the Labour movement – a Co-op member for years, a Methodist minister who could be your dad, who gives money to Labour from Co-op funds. How much?

Half a million! Why half a milion? It’s a smear, make it a million!

Let’s have him only being an amateur in banking with no qualifications except “a professional requirement to be charitable”, and he gives a million to the party generally and also smaller donations to – who do we hate most? – Ed Balls.

Let’s get this perfect Labour guy who looks like your dad to give, what’s a really large private sum, fifty thousand pounds to Ed Balls’ office. Perfect.

But you want to have him personally corrupt? Is that really necessary? What, watching porn on his work computer as a Labour councillor? Okay, it’s a Harriet Harman sort of crime but -

You want him to be contracting rent boys? The chairman of the Co-op bank hiring rent boys? I guess it’s not imposs-

You want him to be doing DRUG DEALS? Now it’s too much. What sort of drugs? CRYSTAL METH?

You want him to look like everyone’s father, chair a Labour bank, give money to Labour shadow cabinet names, and be a rent-boy-seeking Labour councilor buying CRYSTAL METH in a car? It’s too much.

Smear-wise it’s beyond anything previously attempted.

More seriously, it will damage the whole smearing industry.


  1. 1
    Centre Parting says:

    Obviously, folks are more interested in the X Factor.


    • 7
      Animal says:

      Not a bad smear. but you’ve done better.

      Like the one about all those people killed at Stafford Hospital. That smear was great, loved the idea about loads of people being stiffed because the hospital was trying to perform to statistics – it was a super reference back to Stalin’s quote about lots of people dying.

      Wrapped it all up nicely – lots of dead people in a service the left claim as their own with a tasty comment from socialism’s dictator-in-chief.

      What? It actually, really happened?


      • 9
        Andy Burnham says:

        It’s the Tories fault, they have had three years to do something about Mid Staffs, yet those patients are still dead.


        • 186
          On and on and on... says:

          I loved then bit about drinking water out of vases when Burnham was gulping champagne.


          • hjvbg6 says:

            You forgot to add the bit where they decide to hire someone with a cupboard full of dirt and Skellingtons so they can coerce him to give them loads of lucre.


          • Steve Smith says:

            Skeletons old chap . Educational standards after 13 years of educationx3 another smear guido?


          • Old Hal says:

            Often I had noticed a lot of folks being sent or scheduled to go home too early from hospital or so it seemed, when I turned up told to be there and given an approx time after waiting 30 odd mins no sign of anybody and had to ring our office. I have known folks sent home one day, back the next, it was the old numbers game. They big thing was follow up treatment at home by overworked district nurses who had to go to patients homes, anyones guess when they would arrive, that came in under Liebore and at a guess will continue with Camers & Co.


          • Anonymous says:

            Skellingtons are designer designed skinny wellies made from organic unicorn skin by Philippina primary schoolgirls, a snip at £28,000. I bought two, one for each foot. Should I auction them on Ebay for charity?


    • 12


    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      The wise amongst us will be able to clearly see through these spurious proven facts


    • 47
      The Coketown Disunity of Oddfellows says:

      you just don’t understand the real world – pal!


    • 58
      Old Hal says:

      Guido now your doing your master’s will, ok but his name is not on the ticket, it’s yours. Can you honestly say that you have never used drugs A, B,or C, I haven’t, but I am not condemning them, just the ones that got them hooked and supplied them, I am not a goody two shoes, I have a good idea of what they can do, I did have a morphine derivative in hospital, after the effects, I told them I did not want it for pain relief. The most used drug is alcohol, like all addictions you are never truly free of the addiction.


      • 137
        Calidius Eroticus says:

        I started smoking pot when I was thirteen. At seventeen I was chasing raves from Charnock Richard service station in my mk1 XR2. By twenty I had fcuked it all off and rejoined the human race.

        I spent my twenty first birthday having a BBQ on a beach near Vancouver and my twenty ninth birthday working for the US DoD.

        The difference between me and the most Reverend Flowers is that I fcuked it off has a fad, got my shit together and progressed. I would suggest that makes me more qualified to run the CO-OP Bank than Flowers.

        The fact you are criticising something you have no idea of marks you out has a cnut for a start. To add injury to your insult you are doing it on a site run by a man who has more understanding of drugs than you will ever have, and yet is making more of a difference than you ever will.

        Just remember who this blog belongs to.


      • 329
        Anonymous says:

        Ed, go and help Yvette with sunday lunch will you or we will have to have your spag bol from the freezer again.


    • 66
      Another Tory Smear says:


    • 177
      broderick crawford says:

      guido you forgot the fact that as chairman of a UK bank he was mathematically illiterate .

      thought bhe had assets of 3 bill when in fact they were nearer to 47 bill .

      what s 44 bill between friends ?


    • 212
      Seamus Malone says:

      Now why would Milliband and Balls keep quiet about Flowers activities when he was appointed Chairman of Coop Bank?

      Leverage to ensure he would always lend to them and on the most favourable terms? With what they knew he was a cash cow.


      • 285
        Old Hal says:

        Just one problem, what was Osborne and Co. doing during the time Flower Pot was the Coop bank chairman, three whole years, surely these things don’t just pop up, they they simmer away for a long time, eg Goodwin and RBS, Libor etc when the finances of the country and a lot its people involved, the chancellor of the exchequer and the departments have to be hands on, and not just sit on their hands, they just cannot be trusted.


        • 324
          PDubya says:

          In case you’ve already forgotten Mr Balls You waved a private members bill through Parliament specifically to allow the Co-op to buy the Britannia and your FSA buddies vetted and shooed Flowers in.
          When the Tories took over the Rev was already at the helm and was therefore, under Labour’s rules or should I say lack of them, beyond being asked to apply for a job he had already got. He was subsequently only found to be totally inadequate when the current government’s regulators spotted a 1.5 billion black hole in the coop’s books. This happened on Labour’s watch and however you try and spin it the buck stops with them.


          • broderick crawford says:

            did i not read somewhere that mister fleur de merde is still being paid salary or emoluments of some kind either from co op or from the council from which he stood down — apparently because although off the payroll his contract states he must get paid for doing nothing untill his tenure expires .

            sheer lunacy

            i thought fired football managers had it cushy but at keast tbeir payoffs are funded by privately run clubs .

            this guy is still suckling from the public teat !!


      • 291
        Ma­qb­­oul says:

        Access to donations and loads of cheap finance. Let’s hope the new owners foreclose on the bastards.


      • 371
        NE Frontiersman says:

        Can someone explain the proliferation of Wardles in this yarn? What did the Lifeline Wardle say when he saw someone he had forced out for dodgy dealing going off to head a bank? Did Wardle speak unto Wardle?


    • 366
      David Camerpong says:

      FFS you Hunts.


  2. 2
    The BBC says:

    This is a non-story.

    Unless you can find us a rent-boy shagging drug snorting former Tory councillor who bankrolled George Osborne, then it’ll be top item on the news for a whole week.


    • 16
      Animal says:

      The BBC have already got their angle. It’s all down to Osborne.

      Forget the minor fact that he got to be Chair of a bank solely because he knew all the words to The Red Flag. Or his drugs and illicit sex habits. Or his very dodgy deals with the Labour Party. The Government is to blame because he wasn’t investigated sooner via the Financial Services Act

      Good work BBC. It took a while to get there and required some help from your Labour party mates, but you found a way to make it all look like the Tories fault all along.

      More champagne?


      • 52
        Anonymous says:

        Ah yes but what if Mili scum was doing lines with the Rev and then they was a shagging.


        • 70
          GCH(b&)Q spook says:

          And the video’s of Rev Mili*thing snorking & for*nicating are leaked

          on U-Tube Deep…….

          That will splash the effluent everywhere for all to see…..

          That will do wonders for this tarnished discredited brand name…..

          Every Little Helps !!!


      • 162
        Back1woodsman says:

        The latest editorial guidelines must suggest that, a) its all the fault of Methodism, b) no mention to be made of Labour links to the Co-Op, or poor punters money being handed over to the Labour party like confetti whatsoever, c) Methodists, like all Christian types are to be patronised, unless an angle linking the subject to gay marriage or women Bishops can be worked into the story line.


  3. 3
    Hollywood film producer says:

    Please tell me that he was also offered a life peerage by Labour also

    Or that he went to bed with Mandy

    That would complete the picture of total degeneracy, corruption and hell


    • 124
      PC DIXON says:

      Don’t be silly – you don’t understand and are so out of touch and you just DONT CARE do you that Mandy was not gay, and he didn’t fiddle money out of a bank and all the other really nasty stories you hear about him and all the other thieving labour MP’s who aren’t really thieving ‘ just fiddling the books a little – IT’S ALL A NASTY TORY LIE – hoe awful is that.


  4. 4
    Lord Mandelbum says:

    This made me laugh. The thing that amazes me about all this is that it doesn’t seem to harm the Labour Party & Ed Milibore! The normal noisy left seem to go in to hibination. Where are Polly Rightous, Lardy Prescott & Alastair Campballs at times like this?


    • 69
      Officer of the watch says:

      They are disappearing up eachothers pygmie arseholes

      Quite a spectacle

      Perhaps Campbell is back in rehab as well…


      • 125
        PC DIXON says:

        He should go back to writing porn, on the other hand was he any good at that? Did well killing Iraqis didn’t he?


        • 283
          Hugh Jend says:

          And nice Drs too…possibly!


          • broderick crawford says:

            Glad you ve surfaced Lord M

            Coz lest we forget was it not you who had to resign over a dodgy mortgage loan bequeathed to you on very soft terms by the then Postmaster General to enable you to regularise your mortgage at the time with none other than … the Britannia Building Society ….. albeit independent as it then was ?


    • 95
      Anonymous says:

      The Guardian comments pages would self combust if it had been IDS getting money from a drug using methodist minister ! the hypocrisy of the lefties is becoming really really funny.Trying to drag George Osborne in was totally pathetic !


      • 138
        Calidius Eroticus says:

        These absolute fcuking mongs voted the new President of Iran deserving of the Nobel Peace prize.


        • 139
          Calidius Eroticus says:

          I forgot to add that he approves of hanging gay people from cranes by the neck. Fcuking hippocrates.


          • Dianne Fatbutt says:

            I used to have Greek-built car once. Now, what was it called ?

            Ah yes, I remember ! It was a Hippocrate.


          • H Rouhani says:

            Good point. They should be hung by the balls.

            H Riuhani
            President of Iran, Muslim cleric, lawyer, academic and former diplomat


        • 280
          Steve Smith says:

          Well they die a bit quicker than if they were hung by their feet! Btw isn’t it astonishing the thousands who turn out to watch these barbarous proceedings


  5. 5
    Serious Fraud Squad says:

    And the end of the story is that Greasy Balls walked off with the cash

    Before being charged with frauding the honest members of the Coop


    • 18
      Just a Point of Co(ke) view says:

      Although the X factor is how will the Co(ke)-Op Bond Holders & others Vote either
      in favour of the take over by US Hedge Funds or against the take over??
      a straight Yes or No decision……
      Should the majority VOTE yes, the procedure is to float on the stock exchange BUT the SE authorities must decide the present incumbents are Not fit or Proper persons, because what they have allowed this to happen on there watch & they won’t be allowed to change from mutual status to shareholder entity status, perhaps what can best be described as a catch 22, dammed if they do & dammed if they don’t….

      Oh dear perhaps this Co(ke) Op beast needs to be humanly put to sleep asap then allowing the official court appointed liquidators to gather in all outstanding loans & sell off all assets for distribution at a later date to the current mutual owners, hopefully the liquidation dividend will be greater than 10p in the pound but then
      fire sales rarely achieve full value for those who invested on the basis ethical moral open sound management but they found out to there expense there was a
      different latent coke fuelled agenda….


      • 23
        Coked Up member says:

        After all I have found out, I wish to be humanely put down

        The sight of the Coked Upnbeing raped by the US hedgevfunds or liquidated is too much for me

        This is beyond a laughing matter


      • 26
        Coop saver says:

        What a choice

        To be r a p e d by the hedgies or get 10 pence in the pound



        • 35
          Casual Observer 4 says:

          Co-Op are not all bad, but they really have fucked themselves up this time.

          Feel for their staff. Perhaps people should be waking up to the fact the Ed Balls has perhaps with a single hand destroyed a good UK brand.

          People should be angry about that.

          Once they have got shot of the bank one hopes a UK buyer can salvage the rest. 90% loss sounds about right for Labour.


          • I have known the Co-op (both the former CWS and Co-operative Bank) for four decades, from my time in retailing to my time in banking. At best they have been mediocre. At worst they have been rated as junk. Smile is perhaps their only success.

            As for your last statement, you may have underestimated the percentage. Their losses, like Labour’s, exceed their net worth.


          • A Shopper says:

            The Co-Op supermarkets are an expensive rip-off. If they are not going to be cheaper than the big 4, what is the point of their self-proclaimed ethicality?


          • Calidius Eroticus says:

            My local shop is run by an Indian couple that we call mum and dad. Their shop competes with ASDA on many prices. Or I could go down the road and fund the Labour Party with the highest shop prices in the area.


          • lojolondon says:

            I agree with A shopper – I went into the Co-op, the prices are noticeably higher than the competition, and quality seemed certainly no better. When I found they were deeply in bed with Liebour that ensured I will never enter again unless compelled to do so.
            A good example of a great British company that delivers great products, good value, fantastic service and a really ethical way of doing business is John Lewis. Every worker in JL has a stake in the company and benefits when they do well.
            The commies think that is what they want, but actually I think JL is the best local example of pure capitalism!


          • Casual Observer 4 says:

            @SC: They are mediocre – the 90% loss is assuming that something crawls out of the woodwork to protect losses to the group as a whole.

            The bank itself is perhaps totally insolvent – even with the hedge fund involvement now.

            In banking, mediocre is good provided stable returns are made. However, if the balance sheet goes below a certain level (not negative) it is game over. That is well known in the retail banking industry, but those traditional laws of banking do not seem to apply anymore in the UK.

            Good point on Labour’s net worth. Perhaps a cost benefit on !raq / Afghan!stan is in order. There is no way that involvement in these conflicts have yielded net positive returns for the UK.

            @AShopper: Some of the branches do compete with the big 4, but you cannot expect to do a full shop. Best purchases are when they do their markdowns: These do come down to near wholesale cost – particularly good to know about their fresh produce. I suspect there are quite big variations depending on store though – if in major town or Labour ward they will likely r’ape their customers. Their meat products are usually way overpriced. The cost of renting their shop space and greed of the people running the store perhaps determines average markups. If they are laundering drug money for the likes of Flowers, one perhaps will find lower prices.

            @lojolondon: The only product which I have found significantly better in Co-Op are their banana’s. Not sure of cost difference – but a big bunch of over a kilo for about £1.50 seems ok to me.

            The amusing thing is that the banana’s in question source from Colombia. So what else is coming in with those shipments…

            They are surprisingly tasty though.


      • 78
        Officer of the watch says:

        The ethical bank with a latent coke fuelled agenda

        Lovely way of putting it

        Rather like talking about the workingman’s Labour Party with a latent oligarch’s agenda

        Designed by the leading Pimp to Oligarchs, Rentboy Mandelson


  6. 6
    Johan says:

    Nice one, thanks!


  7. 8
    Labour are fascists says:

    Priceless. Best posting on this site ever.


  8. 10
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    As the Co-Op expanded, it mismanaged its bank, supermarkets, insurance & travel services. Good job it didn’t buy up any breweries.

    The Co-Op Bank has certainly offered an alternative to ethics.


  9. 13
    frightfulmess says:

    Graham Stringer MP speaking at our recent Repeal the Act! Campaign to Repeal the Climate Change Act meeting.Stringer: “Things won’t change anytime soon… there is a lot of educating to do”, I think we need to keep it simple. Perhaps our next meeting should be “How to Get rid of the Green crap” – perhaps, we should invite a comedian instead of a professorof climate science!This transcript also tells us that our energy policy is a very unfunny joke. regards Fay Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 20:38:24 +0000 To:


  10. 14
    Basil Fawlty says:

    Absolutely spot on. They don’t like it up ‘em…


  11. 15
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    If the hedge funds pull out and the Co-op bank goes tits up I can see the following notice being posted.

    Passed away today, beloved benefactor of the Labour Party. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
    DO NOT SEND FLOWERS but donations can be sent to Ed Balls.


  12. 17
    Retired NOTW journalist says:

    This story has legs as we used to say

    Plus balls, hairy armpits, and BBC

    Great balls of fire

    If my old nespaper were still alive, we would have sold out


  13. 20
    Scottish Chav says:

    … but investigating this crime beyond all previous banking crimes would be nothing but a cynical and slimy political attack.
    Robert James Kenneth Peston said so.
    So it never happened, nothing to see, move along! move alone!


    • 163
      Baldrick's burger bar says:

      I suspect RJK Peston is piste-orf because he missed the opportunity to create the run on another (ie this) bank.

      Must have been those red, er, rose tinted glasses he wears when it comes to his politics and economics which were obscuring the view.


  14. 21
    Useful idiots wake-up! says:

    Just how many of you who visit this blogsite fall for this liberatrian right-wing vs libertarian left-wing bullshit?

    A serious question btw.


    • 110
      Blowing Whistles says:

      They have to perpetuate – the ‘living lie’ that the ‘all in it together mob’ have been living – in order to perpetuate ‘their’ – Status quo.

      They (LibLabCon) cannot admit that they as a collective have been found out with all of their trousers down – They are the most corrupt of all – who are collectively in denial and also in denial that they have been duped by a greater mob of criminals.

      The light that shines upon them all …


    • 143
      Calidius Eroticus says:

      I would not call the police if I saw Cameron, Clegg or Milliband being mugged in the street. I hate them and the positions of privilege they have all afforded themselves at our expense.


  15. 22
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Are you sure that whole piece doesn’t just describe Derek Draper down to a T


  16. 24
    Dessert Rat says:

    Sounds a regular sort of Labour guy to me.


    • 215
      • 217
        Hampshire Constabulary, CPS, Grand Master says:

        Jahbulon Handy.


        • 228
          Representation by Nigel P. My reasons are:ascoe QC to Portsmouth City Council, which was ignored says:

          I note from the Agenda for November 15th that there are to be further preliminary representations that my report should not be considered by the relevant Sub Committee before a civil action is concluded,, whenever that may be. I think it is only fair to the Sub Committee that, as the author of the report, I should set out my own position plainly for them to bear in mind, together within the other representations or advice they receive. It is a strengthening of my previous view that there should be no further delay in this matter. Indeed that was my final conclusion in the report


          • Representation by Nigel Pascoe QC to Portsmouth City Council, which was ignored says:

            My reasons are:
            1.Having seen the complainant on two occasions, I formed a clear view, not only of the accuracy of her account, but also of her plain and obvious vulnerability and frailty.
            2.In the light of that additional matter, it is my considered and strong view that every effort should be made to avoid further delay.
            3. In my view, the complainant is bound to see a decision not to proceed as a further rejection and ‘put down’ of matters of which she has complained, which go back four years.
            4. I have read the extracts provided of both opinions. Elizabeth Laing QC sets out some factors to be balanced by the Sub Committee in deciding whether or not to proceed. I note that the opinion properly leaves it for them to decide. One factor encompasses the argument of the solicitors for Mr Hancock that a decision should await a high Court determination, as it covers the same factual dispute. Plainly that is a factor, but I also note that the Advice anticipates that there may be other factors arising from representations to be made. I would invite the Sub Committee to bear in mind the concerns I have raised above in paragraph (1).
            5. Further it does seem to me to be necessary to point out the uncertainty of the time when any defended High Court action would take place. It is reasonable to suppose that it cannot be much less than nine months. Some would advise a much longer period. That means a determination well after a year from the time when I was commissioned to write a report. It is not easy to see how such a delay in deciding an issue which affects the disciplinary procedures of the Council can be justified.

            Finally, I note that the first opinion of Ian Wise QC expressed views about the public perception of not going ahead and the obvious vulnerability of the Council to judicial review if at that time the Sub Committee had not proceeded. It is for the Sub Committee to consider such questions such as public opinion and publicity and the weight they should carry in the matter. I would simply suggest that the question is asked – what essentially has changed from the prior decision to proceed?
            I would be grateful if you would bring this letter to the attention of all members of the Sub Committee and others you deem appropriate. It represents my hones view of the position.
            Yours sincerely,
            Nigel Pascoe QC


          • Poor shafted Portsmouth Taxpayers says:

            Hancock is sexual predator of long standing. This decision not to bring Council disciplinary action against him after a damning report by a QC about his appalling sexual abuse of a vulnerable female constituent, at a cost to the taxpayer of £60,000, is a disgrace and shames the majority Liberal Democrat Councillors on the Sub Committee, who made the decision, and Liberal Democrat Party as a whole who singularly failed to investigate the complaint when it was made personally to Nick Clegg by the victim. If there was ever a reason not to vote for this disgraceful political party there is none better than this.



        • 247
          Nick Clegg and Vince Cable says:

          This decision by Portsmouth majority Liberal Democrat Councillors is in the best traditions of the Liberal Democrat Party.


  17. 25
    Jess Sayin says:

    The truth is often stranger than fiction. Never more so than in this instance. No, you couldn`t make it up. Balls looking flustered, swivel eyed and talking in overspeed. Sure sign that Alastair Badger can start polishing his CV for Milli-bland. Balls could get a check out job at the Co-op so long as he doesn`t take the cash till.


  18. 28
    Dave should really sit back and take a well deserved piss on Miliband says:

    Labour have taken a shotgun and shot themselves very much in both feet.


  19. 29
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Even The Guardian has joined in, if this doesn’t trigger off a run on the Co-Op, I will be surprised.

    Does this count as a smear?

    “Labour MPs have become particularly concerned for the future of the Co-op Group after it emerged that the mutual is now being advised by Quiller Consultants, whose senior executives include David Cameron’s former special adviser, Sean Worth, and George Bridges, a close friend of George Osborne and former campaign director for the Conservatives under Cameron when in opposition.

    When approached to explain their role with the Co-op, Worth emailed: “We are advising The Co-operative Group, as we declare on the Association of Professional Political Consultants register, but do not discuss client matters.”


    • 39
      Legal Beagle says:

      This is flagrant corruption and influence peddling

      The buying of political favours

      The Police should be sent to investigate Coop Group immediately


    • 46
      Historian says:

      Lobbying is the next scandal to explode – dixit David Cameron!

      His ex SPAD acting for Coop?

      Added to his cloest friends/advisors currently in the box at the Old Bailey

      This must be the most openly corrupt PM in British history


      • 51
        Jack says:

        Plus he appointed the ex Ceo of a bank fined $1.8 billion for money laundering as one of his Ministers

        The story of Camerons criminal connections has not ended


      • 53
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:


        “Lobbying is the next scandal to explode”

        But then the Israel firsters would not be able to lobby the US and UK governments with impunity!

        Get real will you!


      • 147
        Calidius Eroticus says:

        Nice bit of diversion there Historian. The fact still remains that the sisters CO-OP and Labour are has bent has a nine bob piece.


    • 297
      Hugh Jend says:

      I switched to the Nationwide last week……. The coop weren’t that bad…. the ethical banking bull was pure that from day one, not unlike liebore’s ethical foreign policy!
      Keep £2500 in credit and pay in a grand a month and get 5% for the 1st 12 months…

      better than a kick in the balls…..


      • 330
        Expat Geordie says:

        Wow! £125 per year? How much are the bank charges for having a current account? And when did they drop the “high” interest rate without telling you?


    • 372
      NE Frontiersman says:

      It makes sense. It’s not more friends in the Labour Party they need at this precise moment, after all.


  20. 31
    White rabbit says:

    Right order please… stables, clear, the, shit, Balls, shovel, weeds, tipping point,
    implode, revolution, sweep, away, it’s kicking off, and, of, look, duck, hide


  21. 33
    Punk Rocker says:

    You forget he was done for drink driving and sacked from a charity for misusing £ 75 000

    He really has accumulated everything but the kitchen sink

    Truly quite remarkable


  22. 36
    Reuters says:

    Breaking news

    Frenchman shot Ron near Montpellier, south France

    Its beginning


  23. 37
    Ed Balls Fucked My Corner Shop says:

    We should skip Christmas for Labour and go direct to Easter.


  24. 38
    Give it to me big boy says:

    Bet JD would like smeared with a big black cock


  25. 40
    Silly dicks: Topgear banned in France says:


  26. 41
    Dave the Pink says:

    This really is a tragedy. It will set my bum sex promotion campaign back at least a couple of days.


  27. 43
    Jack Dromey says:

    I’m addicted to crack.


  28. 48
    Blue Balls says:

    Don’t worry, the finances will come good and Co-Op will be back to land of milk and honey soon. Just have hope !


  29. 50
    rob dylan says:

    He is to mutual / cooperative / Labour movement, what Jimmy Saville was to charity fundraising movement. What sort of imbecile would make out Labour / co-op/mutually are like him? The same who thinks all charity fundraisers are like Saville.


  30. 54
    Just a Point of Co(ke) view says:

    Perhaps this might be a suitable requiem mass on this soon to be
    very sad mutual’s premature demise……..

    Fully Sponsored by ZanuLieLabor (& still in total denial !! )

    (To be remembered in the privacy of the VOTING booth)

    Time for real change ………Vote UKIP


  31. 59
    Tony Blair/Coop connection says:

    JP Morgan advised the Coop on their takeover of Brittania in 2009

    Tony Blair was and still is an advisor to JP Morgan paid £5 million per annum

    In 2009 and 2010, Coop paid out £50 million in fees including to JP Morgan

    Tony Blair must have personally benefited from this operation


    • 346
      Wend Dee says:

      Would probably been sufficient to pay for nights out and condoms if he ever went out with some oriental bird who can use Karate as needs be.


  32. 61
    • 348
      Poor Cherie hahahahahahahahahahahahaha says:

      Wendi, Wendi, come to me
      You are far more comelier than Cherie.
      Ooh I say, I’ve now an erection
      Let me give you an injection.
      It won’t hurt and it’ll be quick
      I promise it’ll be a little prick.
      Wendi, Wendi, come to me
      You are far more comelier than Cherie.


  33. 62
  34. 63
    Anon. says:

    … those slaves were snared by a Red Ed type Marxist group.


  35. 64
    Another Tory Smear says:


  36. 68
    Fishy says:

    Labour smear number 1,324,853

    ‘A close friend of Mr Blair said: ‘Rupert Murdoch is putting out ridiculous stories about Wendi and Tony which are not true. It is the ravings of a sad old man.’


    • 81
      Anon says:

      You really mean Satan has a close fiend….. ????

      anyone born(?) with 666 sign naturally engrained on the head its totally

      impossible, forever….


  37. 71
    Jack Dromey says:

    I want to deep throat Denzel.


  38. 74
    Anon. says:


  39. 75
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



  40. 76
    The Boss and the Boy says:


    • 82
      Officer of the watch says:

      Tony Blair looking more like the gangster and criminal he is as every day goes by

      White shirt, dark suit and Miami suntan

      But seems to show his face less and less in Britain

      Arrest and impeach this vilain

      PS Is he already non dom?


      • 349
        I really do not understand why says:

        Why would anybody with even an ounce of decency want to be seen with Blair?
        Jeez, and Jeez again.


    • 92

      Excuse me have you seen the Mail on Sundays front page ???

      That Chinese Proverb “May you live in difficult times” is certainly

      working overtime for Flowers of Bliar……

      Could not happen to a nicer pair & fully deserved especially the latter &

      maybe, just maybe, that long over due appointment at the Hague is

      getting closer & closer……….

      Is Dirty Diggers Thick Little Black Book about to sprung open…….???

      IF you play with some other persons smouldering sensuous tinder box

      don’t be surprised when it suddenly bursts in flames & you get seriously

      burnt which may be even terminal…!!!!!!!….

      Things can Really Only Get Better………


      • 111
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The Digger has his own skeletons ‘rattling away’ in his ‘own’ cupboard – apart from the many henchpuppet jester PM’s that he has been using for his and his shysters’ profitable gain.


        • 116
          Blog Regular says:

          There was a time when you were not on this blog and I long for the day when you are no longer on this blog. If M*SSAD have a list of people they plan to remove I hope you are near the top of it.


          • On and on and on... says:

            It’s may you live in “interesting times”. Good point all the same


          • Legal Beagle says:

            So you are advocating physical violence by foreign agents

            You are thus a criminal and traitor


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Thanks for revealing your deeper inner thoughts and agenda – I must have spoken too many truths for so long that bloggers like you really do have no answers for the hard and unpalatable truths that are out there – along with plenty of evidence – pertaining to one of the world’s greatest propaganda jobs / miscarriages of justice. Once again thanks for that.


    • 126
      Hunted says:

      Is Tony still wearing a flak jacket under his suit?


  41. 87
  42. 91
    Joss Taskin says:



  43. 93
    On and on and on... says:

    Talking of labour loans they have to give it back

    Sunday telegraph

    Labour in financial crisis in wake of Co-op scandal
    More than £2 million in loans from Co-op and sister bank to the party may now have to be paid off before 2015 general election


    Labours bust hahahahahahahahahahah


    • 99
      Anon says:

      Don’t forget the UNI*TE Credit Card with no strings attached….

      well perhaps there are not that many left to be attached as most already have….

      You can always count on Red Len……..

      to delve deeper & deeper into this sh*it…..aka ZanuLieLabor


  44. 97
    Did He? says:


    • 100
      Brillo says:


    • 102
      Dirty Digger says:

      Listen “I have’nt started to play with the combination lock on

      my bulging black book………………YET……………….

      But you will soon know when I do, its when I nail that fcuking pommy

      bastards bo*llocks on a flag pole……with or without the rest of him”

      Watch this space……..


      • 114
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Hey there Rupe – I gots me own book of evidence against you and your dirty mob of evil bastards – now let me see how many jud oops wigs have your boys entrapped and blackmailed such that your agendas and business interests always seem to come out on top …?


        • 132
          John Buchan says:

          I am sure everyone is trembling in their boots at the thought of your little book, BW. Or should that be BS?


      • 120
        Englishman says:

        B.Liar’s a Jock. Please don’t associate us with him


      • 127
        Silly Bercow says:

        GO GIRL !!! :0

        Wendy u haz my TOTAL Rispeks :)

        Shagging a PM *and* a media mowgul and getting manshuns in Cally and NYC!

        All I got is a squeaker and a Gameshow pikey and a flat in Westminster. ;)

        Jus fink of the publisitty u ca haz in his papers!!!! :)

        ur my TOTAL idol and abition :) :)


        • 130
          Wendi Deng says:

          u learn classy roving, Sarry.

          Rich power statesman no likee bumfuck over back allee bin

          he likee rose petal bed in 5 star hotel and clean fannee

          u learn good sarry and make big money. we go hallods and Harvey Nicks together one day


          • Defrocked Flower power says:

            This blog is getting too much for me

            And BTW I dont do things with furreigners

            Buy British, home produced Kets Coke and meth


    • 243
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      So the instincts of commentators on this blog were right:

      Bla!r was cuckolding M’urdoch.

      So – genetic tests on the children next ?


  45. 98
    I'll believe it when I see it says:


    • 106
      Lies more lies and spin more spin says:

      What’s Camoron going to tell the EU, yes sir, no sir three bags full sir, Camoron is a cast iron coward , he’d rather lose the 2015 election than tell the EU to go and get lost, referendum now you tosser, because 2015 you will be moving back to your old address.


    • 107

      Is this the Joke of the Century………

      Cameron to defy E U on the invading hordes

      Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      Never, never, never & NOT in a trillion years will this Bul*lington To*ff

      Li*ar do anything different………….

      Time for real change ………..VOTE UKIP


      • 179
        Bang it in says:

        Cameron can do nothing of the sort.

        Under EU law, EU nationals have the same rights to benefits as UK nationals. Any discrimination would be completely illegal and render the UK liable for millions / billions, in fines.

        Cameron’s minders are bullshitting around this and looking for gullible folk to swallow said shite.


        • 197
          Born in the EUSSR says:

          That’s correct because Brown signed Lisbon. He really really utterly fucked this country and what can Cameron do? Well he is the only one offering a referendum that stands a chance of actually happening

          Unless UKIP can will over 330 seats in 18 months. If not it won’t tater either way


          • Got a clue yet? says:

            Utter bollocksCameron said he could do nothing about Lisbon because it was signed and the UK was bound in.

            Now the lying rat says, we can have a referendum at some time in the future but not now, but he will ignore it if we vote to leave.

            So there you have it, Lying Cameron, lying Clegg or lying Militwat, or a real choice UKIP.


        • 198
          Let's sort this shyte out now! says:

          So just don’t pay them. Tell Barosso – and that Ashtray woman – he can take it out of the millions per day we have been giving him for the past goodness knows how many years. Tell him and Rumpypump also that their passports will no longer be recognised in/on any UK territory.


      • 195
        Born in the EUSSR says:

        Vote UKIP get Milliband and total EU integration. Guess you cock suckers are going to have to learn the hard way trouble is you will take all of us down with you.

        Vote early vote often vote UKIP for balls Milliband the co op and unison to run the country under the hand of their EU Marxist masters


    • 117
      Blowing Whistles says:

      To quote “Tories want one-year benefit ban”

      Want ….. WANT, do please excuse fucking me but WANT!

      Tories enforce law on one-year benefit ban … – there partly fixed it for you

      HOWEVER – the ‘trick is’ – The Tories are so suborned under EU diktats that they ‘have to’ lets the fucking B’strds in anyway; so they’re trying to make it look as if they’re being hard.

      I WANT Cameron and Blair arrested for treason.


      • 200
        Anonymous says:

        Brown signed Lisbon. It’s not Cameron’s fault. Brown purposely placed whoever followed into this position so at least get your facts right


        • 207
          Crayons R Us says:

          Brown’s signature was illegal – and can thus be ignored. All we need is the FCO to drop the Barowso boy a postcard to that effect.


          • Wendi says:

            You means Brown was mad when he signed Lisbon?

            And thus his signature is not binding

            I think a Court should state that he was and is mad

            And then section him, quickly


          • Jack Ketch says:

            Fucking typical!
            There used to be a Lunacy (Vacating of Seats) Act 1886 (49 Vict.c.16) that permitted a enquiry into the sanity of MPs with a view to locking them up in an asylum. The provisions were carried over to various mental health acts…UNTIL THIS YEAR!

            Mental Health (Discrimination) Act 2013
            Section 1 (“Members of Parliament etc”) removes from the Mental Health Act 1983 the provision that disqualifies from the House of Commons a member sectioned for over six months under that Act. Section 2 (“Jurors”) qualifies the restrictions of jury members who are receiving mental health treatment. Section 3 (“Company directors”) modifies Regulations in relation to the employment of director’s appointments.

            SO fucking nut cases can now (do) sit in Parliament, run companies and sit on juries. They should have called in the Gordon Brown Act.


        • 319
          Blowing Whistles says:

          I have made out the argument for the Lisbon Treaty being null and void on this site several times over the past 2 years. Brown had ‘no mandate’ from the British Public to sign that treaty – that the legal circles cannot and have not called the shot on its legality – does for the whole legal fraternity and msm selling on the fake.


    • 121
      British Citizen says:

      I don’t believe him.


      • 306
        Chief Barroso says:

        You are right

        Your government signed up to this

        The Treaty is binding

        Cameron must be taking as many drugs as Blair is


    • 253
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      Unless Cameron, or rather the government, invoke Lisbon Article 50 toute suite to start that process running, impose a entry ban on all EU arrivals where people are claiming to be migrants (which would not work 100% without active enforcement – impossible if UKBA is as screwed up as it appears to be), and ceases paying the daily subs to the EU, then his position here is bullshit.

      He did sound promising in PMQs stating that he did not support the VAT policy for revoking zero rated status, and harmonizing with Europe, but that perhaps means nothing.

      Time for some real action, but this will likely not happen until UKIP get some MPs.

      Tory-UKIP coalition in 2015 would be best outcome.

      Unless Cameron stares down completely the EU – but one suspects he is not capable or willing to do that.


  46. 104
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



  47. 109
    The British media are cunts says:

    The BBC soon killed this story. Now the BBC are going with the Labour line that it’s all those nasty Tories fault.

    The BBC have on shame, they just parrot Labour propaganda. Does nick Robinson actually have a Blackberry issued by Labour HQ?


    • 112
      The Hilarious Death of the Left says:

      Let them bury the story. Ignoring reality won’t shield them from the unignorable consequences of ignoring reality. The Labour party has pissed away all its money and then some. Its main donors have also pissed away all thier money. The BBC continues to throw £100s of millions down black holes. The Guardian loses more than it can ever make. The reason you are not supposed to burn through money you don’t have is not political, its practical. Fortunatly the left are way to mentally ill to ever realise this and will keep arguing the case for spendthriftery long past the point of no return.


    • 201
      Anonymous says:

      It’s not even mentioned anywhere this morning. Problem is most people look at their news from the BBC


      • 203
        Questions questions.. says:

        Is that really still the case these days when almost everyone has internet access and satellite TV with a few more news channels? And, if so, do they actually believe a word of it, especially after reading a few political/economic blogs?


        • 209
          Champers in the corridors says:

          Good points but the main news channel always twists or buries a labour story. The lead across the board of the slaves is to buy time. I lay odds tat within 24 to 48 hours some connection will be made and exploited to put the RTories in the frame. Saturday they had the most tenuous link to Osborne but it showed their thinking


        • 256
          Observer says:

          Of course it is. And only an extremely small minority read anything about politics anywhere.


  48. 113
    Mystic Smeg's future headlines says:

    Ed Balls, former Minister for Wonganomics, will say one day that the government should immigrate its way out of the housing shortage crisis.
    He will also promise Bob Mule and Ed o’Shea that the Czech is in the post.


  49. 118
    Betty Stringer says:

    The BBC are leading all news with story of “Slaves” – am I cynical in thinking that it is designed to remove lime-light from Flowers and Blair/Wendi Deng stories? Ans:- no, I’m not!


    • 122
      Oooooh look over there says:

      And the big joke is, the more we hear about these so-called ‘slaves’, the less like slaves they appear.


      • 149
        John Bellingham says:

        It seems that they are part of a left-over Hippie commune. There were lots of them around in my youth, mainly staffed by young middle-class girls who had a great interest in Jack Dromey’s version of B.B.C.s and the Rev. Flowers idea of recreational medicine. (Some folks may remember Princess Margaret visiting one for two days). When BBCs became less fashionable and the police started arresting the owners of those weapons for dope peddling , the communes shriveled like a BBC on a winter’s day.


    • 136
      Disney says:

      No charity funding applications have been harmed in the making of this story.


  50. 131
    Fishy says:

    Miliband accused the Tories of a Crosbyisation of politics and smearing…in a rebuttal strategy led by the likes of Mr ’45 minutes frim doom’ Alastair Campbell.



    • 134
      Juggular says:

      Labour are leading in the polls and have an inbuilt advantage due to the gerrymandered election system.

      If I were one of the corrupted members of the current Labour front bench with some nasty skeletons in my pocket I would take a look at how Flowers is being scrutinised and be very afraid indeed.


    • 151
      Jack Ketch says:

      These very words were used by the ubiquitous Owen Jones on BBC “Dateline London” tonight. He spouted the Labour/Bolshevik Party line of “smear” and “distasteful reports”—-wanker!


    • 232
      The Kettle calling the Pot Bla** ( last two letters moderated by modbot) says:

      I thiink for Labour to accuse other people of conducting smear campaigns is beyond parody


  51. 133
    Herbie Takes a Trip says:

    The Co-op sounds like my kind of bank.
    I can just see their next advertising campaign :

    ‘The Co-op : the bank that likes to walk on the wild side.’


    • 146
      Paul (the other one) says:

      The Co-op bank actively pursued a policy of entrapment with their credit cards.
      Their advertising people wanted to use Connery but were told that he’d have nothing to do with junk Bonds.


  52. 142
    Harlot Harridan says:

    I wonder how much disguised subsidies the Co-op will manage to make now private ownership has moved in? They won’t even be able to call themselves the Co-op Bank any more legally. Labour is financially fucked – that’s why they resort to saying its a smear conspiracy. They have nowhere else to go with it – if their finances unravel then their integrity as regards forming a government is gone.

    Some real research into Gordon Brown’s state of mind would be good – he metaphorically “stopped opening the bank statements and credit card bills” in 2009. Labour has a pathological block on this subject – if their economic policies don’t work – it mus the capitalist greed system that conspired against them.


    • 155
      Jack Ketch says:

      Any liquidation lawyers out there? If the new owners of the Co-op and the Unity Trust Bank call in the combined £2.4 million outstanding loan to the Labour party and cancel their existing overdraft and Labour cannot pay, can a party be liquidated? Does it have limited liability? Are the party officials liable for debts? Can they be disqualified from engaging in activities while they remain undischarged?


      • 156
        Red Len's fatherly guidance says:

        If my son’s (Red Ed) overdraft is called in……..I will get him a new one from

        my bank ……….the Co(ke) Op………………..what …..was …..that

        oh fcuk, bollacks, cnuts there may be a problem with that route…..

        its all the nasty parties fcuking fault……..

        so I will have to get the EUSSR to be the lead underwriter for us to him…..

        all of course illegal & below board just like my Falkirk manipulation…….


        • 159
          Harlot Harridan says:

          Labour looked into getting major donors to provide supported guarantees to extend bank borrowing limits in 2009 – they struck out. There isn’t a credible basis to fund an outfit whose outgoings regularly exceed income. The Co-op Bank almost certainly broke their own underwriting guidelines and that requires board level sign-off. I am an experienced corporate banker and wish I could get a £130k pa for screwing up. The irony is – if Labour is liquidated it sets a precedent where banks will be unwilling to lend to political parties unless on a fully secured basis (ie property pledged to support borrowing). I suspect a “debt forgiveness” deal is on the cards or a panel/syndicate of donors will buy out the debt. Private money will not support biased funding of political parties.


          • Baldrick's burger bar says:

            So what, exactly, do the Labour Party have to pay for? They have an office in London, ok. But their MPs are paid by us, as are most of their expenses, including fact-finding jollies to exotic islands in the sun. Their campaigners probably pay their own costs out of their own pocket “for the cause” etc.

            So that leaves printing a few posters then.

            What else?


          • kmc says:

            Tony Blair’s nine houses?


          • John Bellingham says:

            Bribes. Sorry, research.


      • 188
        Liquidate Labour says:

        The hedgies really could do us a service by liquidating the Labour Party

        There must be quite a lot of nice real estate to flog off as well

        Tpny Blair and Peter Mandelson could buy it with his immoral earnings


      • 342
        Sunday Politics says:

        @155 Jack Ketch wrote:

        “can a party be liquidated? Does it have limited liability? Are the party officials liable for debts?”

        Political parties have no legal identity at all – this is sinister.

        Meet Your Strawman…


  53. 154
    Andy Burnham says:

    Flowers should be put in charge of the toxic food bank which supplies Stafford hospital.


    • 158
      BLOOPA says:

      BLOOPA would like to remind patients’ relatives of our ‘no Flowers’ policy.


    • 220
      Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

      Surely you mean the NHS Stafford hospital pharmacy? He has plenty of experience dealing with drugs.


  54. 157
    a 4bi2 called BeBe from Telly Viv says:

    I don’t care what interim agreement has been reach

    I am still going to bomb them back to the stone age……for good

    do unto others what they will do to you……….

    but fcuking make sure you do it first…… & decisively



    • 185
      Y s r a e l i omerta says:


      • 263
        Casual Observer 4 says:

        Mordechai Vanunu confirmed a nuclear program producing weapons grade material was running back in the 80s.

        The whole argument for !srael based on King David’s empire is also perhaps a little erroneous:


        • 310

          ‘Archaeology is challenging the accuracy of the bible’ , I should bloody well think so
          anybody who lays claim to rationality cannot do otherwise.
          The only people who would argue against that are living in red neck hick towns in the mid west USA.


          • Casual Observer 4 says:

            This particular aspect though is of significance as it undermines one of the mains claims that the !sraeli’s have over the formation of their state.

            This perhaps goes back to Churchill’s doubts over Balfour.


      • 332
        JadedJean says:

        ‘Binyamin Netanyahu has pulled out of next week’s 47-country nuclear security conference in Washington. The Israeli Prime Minister made the decision after learning that Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel’s assumed nuclear arsenal at the meeting, a senior government official said today.’

        The Times 9 April 2010

        Think back to 1962 when the USA secretly agreed to remove their missiles from Turkey (USSR’s back yard) in return for removal of Soviet missiles from Cuba. In effect, the USA just ‘moved’ weapons further down the road a bit did they not? Look at how the Israelis/J’ews have played/exploited this over the years, and at whose cost economically – especially recently through NYC and The City. How about some real world politics Guido. Some fair politics? 99.8% of the world is not J’ewish. 99.5% of Britain isn’t, and even 98% of the USA isn’t. Even Israel is only 75% J’ewish.

        Equality – pah! ;)


  55. 170
    John Tandy says:

    Spot on….


  56. 175
    Lord Green says:

    The co-op? Who are they then?
    £300 spent on drugs – that’s just pathetic. Try laundering literally £billions of drug money and getting away with it scot-free like HSBC!


  57. 178
    broderick crawford says:


    next respectable lender on slippery slope to bail out is going to be none other than that patrician of all remaining building socities …. Nationwide.

    watch their next few press releases .


    • 183
      Bang it in says:

      Nationwide ‘management’ has been lamentable for a long time. People who have money in the corrupt society should get it out ASAP.

      It’s days are seriously numbered.


  58. 181
    The Standards & Privileges Committee says:

    Our advice to Mr Flowers would be to apologise and say that lessons have been learned. We can all then move on. Matter closed, no more to be said.


  59. 187
    Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

    If Labour were not the ‘smear’ party they are they would have nothing to say.

    Smears (and false smears) about Plebgate for instance.

    They smear energy company bosses and bank bosses (except the Co-op) every day. They smear wealth and job creators every day. They smear right wing newspapers like the Daily Mail with help from their friends at the BBC every day.


  60. 191
    David B says:

    Truth stranger than fiction


  61. 193
    nellnewman. says:

    And now it emerges that rupertmurdoch is claiming st bliar had/is having an affair with wendi.

    I mean that can’t be can it ? – bliar is a saint after all who can do no wrong!


  62. 196
    Liquidate AIPAC gangsters says:

    This is how AIPAC is trying to sabotage peace on the instructions of Y s r ae l i goivernment

    By directly intefering in the US Senate through bribery


  63. 199
    albacore says:

    Nice story but when all about it has been said and done
    Will the political establishment be on the run?
    You can bet all of your disenfranchised lives it will not
    Never mind how deep yet openly exposed goes the rot
    Day in and day out, every single minute of the day
    The betrayed British will keep being immigrated away


  64. 213
    David Cameron says:

    And to think that I wished the shower of shit known as the England cricket team the very best of luck in the Test match against Australia.

    Like me,they have let down their supporters and this great country of ours.

    Good fucking morning.


    • 221
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Tony Abbott 1 Eco-loons 0
      Austrailia 1 England 0 (soon to be 5 0)


    • 260
      Gordon Brown says:

      I sent them a good luck message too.


    • 335
      Egg and Bacon says:

      It’s not a test match series.

      Ashes series are played every two years on average, not every couple of months.

      This is just sports filler for Murdoch. No soccerball in the middle of the night and we need schedules filled 24/265.
      There’ll be another ashes series in May I expect


      • 336
        Tony B. Liar says:

        And I’m just sports filler for Mrs Murdoch


      • 339
        Expat Geordie says:

        it was moved forward so that England weren’t overplayed in a world cup year, (2015), which is when the next Ashes was actually due. As a regular visitor to the Rose Bowl I’m a bit upset at Carberry’s second innings duck.


  65. 218
    Murdoch's Ex says:

    Ten dollar, ten dollar!

    Me fuck you long time Blairie Boy!

    You want suckie-suckie or fuckie-fuckie?


  66. 222
    Bloody hell they are all at it says:

    Anger of current deputy chairman of the Co-op after his arrest for gross indecency with his male lover, 17, in a hotel room
    Councillor Steven Bayes tipped to succeed Lord Prescott as a Hull MP
    Detained because his male partner was under the legal age of consent
    Held on suspicion of gross indecency when police raided Holiday Inn where he was staying in 2007
    Public Prosecution Service took no action as it ‘not in the public interest’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    • 226
      Lib Dems says:

      So it’s not just us then as its cpmpulsory in the Lib Dems . It seems the Labour lot are all at it.


    • 275
      Court reporter says:

      Q u e e r Labour

      Rotten Labour

      Corrupt Labour

      Sordid Labour

      Fraudulent Labour

      We can go on and on…

      There is nothing lower than all this scum

      And Conman Blair fucking Wendi behind Digger’s back is the icing on the cake


    • 288

      If the police were complicit in this cover up then they too should be prosecuted.


  67. 225
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Any jobseekers refusing homeopathy treatment will be given a bottle of water and asked to rely upon the placebo effect.


    • 233
      Burnham death camps says:

      In the same sentence as a smear over the coop Labour Are claiming that the Tories and Cameron are smearing Burnham over Stafford

      WTF ????. and Burnham still as not apologised


      • 245
        Andy Burnham's apology says:

        I’m very sorry the public found out that the NHS was slaughtering thousands of people. I’m equally sorry that I failed in my attempts to cover it up.


      • 337
        Expat Geordie says:

        Just to put the numbers in perspective, the 1200 people killed at Stafford Hospital is more than the total number of British military personnel killed in all of the wars that we have fought since 1980. NHS poppies anyone?


  68. 229
    Can the Scots save England from Labour ?? says:

    Salmond announces date for Independence Day as 24 March 2016….English announce Bank Holiday in England for 24 March 2016 to join in the celebrations


    • 234
      Anonymous says:

      Salmons a knobhead as if he wants a yes vote outcomehe is asking the question the wrong side of the border.


  69. 231
    Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

    Supporters of the Labour party would hang their heads in shame if they had any.


  70. 238
    Grant Shapps says:

    “This is a return to the nasty party” says nellnewman.

    Hear ! Hear !


  71. 244
    nellnewman says:

    Kicked butt at the gym today.


  72. 246
    Fabians are Evil says:

    My God! What Next??? the ultimate smear?? – some right wing bastard will be suggesting that St. Tony Blair has been screwing Rupert Murdoch’s wife!!! ….ooops


  73. 254
    Profumo Affair Redux says:

    As an individual convinced that Deng is a Ch!nese Intelligence operative, the inappropriate relationship alleged between her and Tony Blair, whilst Blair was a sitting PM, is perhaps a more serious issue than at first appears.


  74. 265
    BUT read this says:

    WINTER 2013 TO BE LONGEST IN HISTORY: Heavy snow could fall until MAY warn forecasters ( Sunday Express)

    Shouldn’t that be 2014???


  75. 266
    Dick Branston, The Chase, Nether Wallop says:

    The Co-op has been deFlowered.
    Comedy gold, pure and simple. :-)


  76. 273
    Anonymous says:

    Is this an anti-left blog?

    Doesn’t say anywhere.


    • 284
      Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

      No it is an anti-sleaze blog. That is why Labour appear to be the biggest targets.


      • 312
        Anonymous says:

        So where is the section on John Major please?


        • 316
          David Cameron says:

          Bedroom Tax
          Andy Coulson
          Rebekah Brooks
          Food Banks
          Leon Brittan
          Peter Morrison
          Osborne’s paddock scam
          Children left in the pub
          43 Government U-turns
          Minimum alcohol pricing
          Anthony Bamford
          Adrian Beecroft
          Michael Spencer
          Lord Green
          Cigarette packaging & Lynton Crosby
          Fracking & Lynton Crosby
          Peter Cruddas
          Lying under oath at Leveson
          The promotion of Esther McVey
          Escalating government debt
          Royal Mail selloff price scandal


          • Michael Myers says:

            Euan Roddin
            Chris White
            Jess Cunniffe
            Naweed Khan
            Amy Fisher
            Will Gallagher
            John Foster
            Julia Goldsworthy
            Will de Peyer
            Alan Sendorek
            Craig Oliver
            Graeme Wilson
            Tara Singh
            Lauren McEvatt
            Nick Hillman
            Christopher Lockwood
            Claire Foges
            Daniel Korski
            Ed Llewellyn
            Isabel Spearman
            Kate Fall
            Laura Trott
            Liz Sugg
            Michael Salter
            Oliver Dowden
            Ramsay Jones
            Richard Parr
            Chris Nicholson
            Paul Hodgson
            Sheridan Westlake
            Zoe Thorogood
            Henry Newman
            Simone Finn
            Eleanor Wolfson
            Neil O’Brien
            Ramesh Chhabra
            Rupert Harrison
            Ben Williams
            James Marshall
            Alex Doorey
            Maria Allen
            Lisa Hunter
            Philippa Stroud
            Romilly Dennys
            Christina Robinson
            Ed Jones
            Sue Beeby
            Guy Levin
            Victoria Crawford
            Kathryn Laing
            Alistair Masser
            Elizabeth Plumber
            Flora Rose
            Joanna Hindley
            Nick King
            Dominic Cummings
            Henry Cook
            Henry De Zoete
            Chris Saunders
            Emily Frith
            James McGrory
            Jonny Oates
            Julian Astle
            Lena Pietsch
            Matthew Hanney
            Monica Allen
            Polly Mackenzie
            Sean Kemp
            Shabnum Mustapha
            Zena Elmahrouki
            Hollie Voyce
            James Holt
            Ryan Coetzee
            Veena Hudson
            Martha Varney
            Amanda Craig
            Ben Mascall
            Julian Glover
            Graham Hook
            Hayden Allan
            Fiona Cunningham
            Nick Timothy
            Stephen Parkinson
            Jonathan Caine
            Emily Walch
            Giles Wilkes
            Arminca Helic
            Chloe Dalton
            Denzil Davidson



            Who gives a shit about Cameron leaving his child in a pub?


  77. 274
    Officer Dibble says:

    Odiuos hypocrites Polly and Yvette on Marr this morning squealing that “the Tories are the nasty party” and “are in the gutter” for daring to mention Flowers, completely forgetting that their own Damien McBride used to make stories up to smear the Tories with.

    Judging by the faux outrage from Labour, it sounds like the Tories have really hit a nerve with this one.


    • 289
      Vote UKIP - don't let your granny freeze says:

      Not forgetting Plebgate, the biggest smear of all and the most dishonest smear.


    • 341
      Hook Worms says:

      At least this story has the virtue of being true – unlike that labour media strategy of making up lies about the sexual perversions and extra-mural shaggings of their enemies (internal and external) and drip feeding this into the [despised] gutter media.

      Has the Polly/Evette [Christ what a bitter shrew she is] collective chosen to forget the McBride strategy?

      Can anybody seriously believe that Labour wouldn’tr have had a collective orgasm at the prospect of a Tory C of E vicar, Chairman of Pluto-Bank, personal advisor to Camaroon, a man free with million pound soft loans to political parties of his choice and hefty with donations of other-peoples-money, self proclaimed leader with a real moral-compASS, Indulging in Gamohrann practices fuelled by [BBC] latin American marching powder.

      Can we really think that the Labour ‘messaging’ would be to tutt at the shame and the damage that the story had done to the standing of Pluto-bank….

      Miserably hypocritical bastards, the moral integrity of a colony hook-worms boring into the eyeball of a child


  78. 277
    Ah! M says:

    Sir Bruce Forsyth: I’m Living On Borrowed Time

    Labour Party: We’re living on borrowed money.


  79. 278
    nellnewman says:

    “The only party with a plan to protect our NHS & fix our economy is the Labour Party. That’s why I’m busy organising”


  80. 286
    Harperson's other half says:

    I’ve always believed in health and efficiency (W.H. Smith – top shelf).


  81. 292
    Ah! M says:

    t is understood that the Murdochs’ daughters, Grace, 11 and Chloe, nine, were not present at any of the alleged meetings.

    But were they conceived at any of the meetings?? Dates fit.

    Time for some DNA tests. Pity the NOTW is still not about. I know who’s side they would be on.


  82. 295
    Cherie Slotgob Blair says:

    We are victims

    We are only bent lawyers who make millions out of influence peddling a

    Stop oppressing us


  83. 296
    Not nellnewman says:

    To be trolled on here is praise indeed nell, they moved on from B1lly to Cat, now you.
    Remember this blog is forming part of our National Archive, and as you are one of the very few to use your own name, your views will be preserved long after your trolls are dead and forgotten. Enjoy.


    • 307
      Long time passing.... says:

      Haha – you must be new here. She told us long ago that Nell was not her real name, but that of some distant relative (or something). Must say I do enjoy her mini-diatribes. Helps to pass the time.


  84. 309
    CENSORSHIP says:


    Archive for ‘Radio 4′

    John McFall, scourge of bankers

    This past weekend, BBC Radio 4′s Profile with Stephen Sackur featured Labour Co-operative Member of Parliament John McFall MP, the Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee. It turns out the bankers are not the only ones to have cowered before John; as a teacher he taught Jim Murphy, the Scottish Secretary. The programme is available […]

    John McFall,parliament,Radio 4 | 16 February 2009


  85. 327
    olden1936 says:

    Mr Flower’s currently media heralded unsuitability and lack of expert banking know-how is in part being held against his occupying the role of Coop bank chairman. Surely similar total lack of expertise applies to many top men and women (CEOs, and rapidly shuffled government cabinet ministers etc) Most of whom, to seem to appear to function in their appointed roles, must continuously rely on underlings’ guidance and knowledge.


  86. 338

    Coke Nose Gate. Co-Op Mountebank Gate. There are so many gates opening, a bit of oil smearing, to make the open quicker and quieter. This is selfie smearing, no outside help needed. Great sniff innit?


  87. 340
    Slogan says:

    It’s all at the Co-Op, NOW!

    ‘inserting’ “going on might be an idea!


  88. 357
    broderick crawford says:


    The real tragedy is on the front page of the Sun regarding Mr V Jones and lady wife .


    As we should all be about anyone afflicted with this dreadful illness.


  89. 360
    Post hoc says:

    Arrogant, degenerate, incompetent, deceitful, immoral, corrupt bastard – the perfect description of a new Labour tool.

    I recall the co-op being one of the worst banks I ever dealt with.
    Now I know why.

    It’ll take more than tongue wagging from Ed & Ed to make this one go away.


  90. 361
    Dr What? says:

    Very Good!


  91. 363
    King Cnut says:

    Just another conspiracy theory by someone who wants to sell a book. We all know that Methodist ministers are Tee total. It was an inspired appointment by the FSA to appoint a non banker as chairman to an ethical, transparent and outward looking organisation like the Co op it actually makes a lot of sense.
    All this bile about ed Balls and his charming wife elsewhere on this blog is also very childish. And, as for the nasty comments heaped on Tony Blair it takes ones breath away.
    You really shouldn’t believe what you read in newspapers or on a blog like this one. Some individuals have axes to grind and will say anything to justify their political ideology.


  92. 367

    The Co-Op its the gift that just keeps on giving. This story has put a smile on my face every day for over a week now and its still going. Worth it even if it doesn’t bankrupt the labour party.


  93. 373

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