November 20th, 2013

Cowardly Cameron Can Get Tae…
Cam Cannot Continue to Dodge Caledonian Confrontation

Guido understands that the PM is to come under renewed pressure from the SNP to debate Alex Salmond ahead of the referendum on Scottish Freedom next year. That first debate of 2010 is still a sore spot for the Cameroons and the nationalists are preparing to exploit that ruthlessly. While the next round of debates between the party leaders will likely be a watered down version of 2010 and months out of polling day, what leg does Dave really have to stand on over Scotland? He is the Prime Minister who has given the nod to a referendum that could see the end of the union he leads. He should lay out exactly why he thinks sticking together is a good idea, and allow himself to be scrutinised by those that disagree. Expect to hear cries of ‘frit, frit, frit’ at PMQs before long..

UPDATE: A Caledonian co-conspirator reminds us that Dave has said he wants to debate with Salmond. Here is what he told parliament last year  

“Frankly, I look forward to having the debate, because I think that too many in the Scottish National party have been happy to talk about the process but, do not want to talk about the substance. I sometimes feel when I listen to them that it is not a referendum they want, but a “neverendum”. Let us have thedebate, and let us keep our country together.”

 Well Dave, what is stopping you?


  1. 1
    nellnewman says:

    Good morning, folks! How is everyone today?


    • 4
      B. Ginner says:

      Morning nell. Weather is rough up North


      • 27
        mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

        When is this global warming going to kick in, it’s bloody cold.


        • 43
          Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

          We’re increasing the Carbon Taxes in your energy bills. That should make you hopping mad. :)


          • Maggie the dog says:

            Let Scotland go and desend into a third world nation then we in England can sit back and laugh our cocks off


      • 97
        Old Hal says:

        It’s getting a bit better now thank goodness.
        I agree with you Guido Dave has to fight his corner if he really does think Scotland should be part of the UK, unfortunately Dave has form as regard disappearing when things started to get tough, he was remarkable for finding a way not to be present for debates and Cleggie had to do PMQ, very unusual for a new prime minister to be away so much.


        • 134
          Rob Roy. says:

          Its all very simples.
          Wavy Dave should request that the whole of the UK vote on Scotland leaving the union and watch Smart Alec Salmonella wriggle on the hook.
          He knows that if England and Wales vote on it then Scotland WILL get independence, and he gets his dream of being President of Scotland.
          But being the hypocrite that he is he will not agree to this.
          Also Salmonella has let his henchmen and women (Sturgeon) fight his corner as he is not the man who the BBC were truly “frit” of, so Wavy Dave should be at least able to get a draw.


    • 6
      B. Ginner says:

      What do you think nell should it be those ‘WHO’ disagree?

      “allow himself to be scrutinised by those that disagree. “


    • 20
      nellnewman. says:

      Well good morning moniker thief and how are you this morning? Hopefully you’re somewhere up north where the weather’s not too good.

      As for scotland and independence – my understanding that their leaving the union would save us about £9billion a year – so I’m all for it.


    • 23
      a reiver's descendant says:


      a odd aspect of the ‘independence’ issue is that many of us don’t recognise the border anyway!


  2. 2
    • 3
      B. Ginner says:

      Oops beginner, should read.. ” Well who would have thunk it?”


      • 192
        Well, 'ull be b*ggered... says:

        B’ Ginner, when you have been here a while you will know the correct form is ‘would of’.

        Now, kindly stop being so bloody grammatikal.


  3. 5
    The British media are cunts says:

    Who cares?


    • 90
      walking into the darkness says:

      If the Scots vote for independence which the EU won’t allow in any circumstance then that’s the end of Labour with their 60 odd constituencies. That’s a very good start. God knows how much England really pays in subsidies to Scotland, that’s another very good thing that’ll go, and we’ll find a way of keeping whatever oil is left I’m quite sure. They can keep their incomprehensible language, propensity to drink themselves to an early grave and their overwhelming inner drive to start a fight on a whim. No wonder Hadrian built a wall, we ignore the old ways at our peril.


      • 204
        (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

        You forgot to mention their contributions to the culinary arts, offal wrapped in sheeps stomach, square sausage, white pudding and Scotch pies, mmmm, lovely.


  4. 7
    Tuition fees only for English students? Are you having a laugh? says:

    “ahead of the referendum on Scottish Freedom next year”

    I thought Scotland already had freedom – mainly to piss over the rest of the UK, and over England in particular.


    • 12
      Tuition fees only for English students? Are you having a laugh? says:

      Hey, and isn’t Salmond’s great plan for “freedom” essentially to escape the tyranny of the nasty English bastards who’ve been paying Scotland’s bills for centuries, and instead submit to domination by Berlin, which will force them to live within their means and earn their own keep?


      • 44
        Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

        Even if they do vote for independence they will still flock to England, especially Londonistan, like the Irish before them.


      • 69
        Mike Oxenfire says:

        Salmond’s great plan for “freedom” is to not escape the tyranny of the nasty English bastards who’ve been paying Scotland’s bills for centuries, and instead submit to domination by *Alec Salmond*.

        The man is an arrogant egotist who would like nothing better than to be Fuhrer of the SNP 1000-year Reich.


        • 147
          Lord Stansted says:

          Very true. When the people living in Scotland (they are not all necessarily “Scots”) vote to remain in the Union, he should be made to pay the bill from his own pocket. Oddly, the question on the ballot will not be “do you want to remain in the Union or no”, but a stupid “do you think Scotland is an independent county”? WTF does that mean?


    • 42
      Nick Clegg says:

      I love your moniker.

      Reminds me I don’t have to say sorry quite as much in Jockland.


  5. 8
    Tony E says:

    What utter crap. The debate is one for Scotland and Scotland alone. Cameron should stand his ground. The Scots Nats have already lost so in a desperate attempt to reverse their fortunes they want to make it ‘Scotland v England – the auld enemy rematch’.


    • 149
      Anonymous says:

      Quite right Tony! So meantime we should stop subsidising them,not allow mp’s for Scottish constituencies a vote in the HoC,and let them see what life would be like when having to stand on their own two feet.
      I suggest this purely in the interest of those Scots involved in the debate.


  6. 9
    Surrey Shiresman says:

    Come on Dave, tell the porker Salmond to get lost.

    We have everything to gain:
    – jock off: ditch the whining Scots
    – make ‘em pay: no more “Barnett Formula” subsidies
    – Goodbye Gordon: 50 MPs less in parliament, most of them Labour goons

    There’s no point having a union with people who whine and don’t pay their way


  7. 10
    Pleb says:

    Seriously I just wish the whinging scots would just FUCK OFF.


  8. 11
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    Why can’t we vote to get rid of the “Sweaty Socks” their MP’s voted for tuition fees for our English students , while enjoying Free tuition fees for their own
    under B-liar and McMad they voted to impose many things on us while keeping themselves exempt



    • 194
      Scotch mist says:

      All over the telly today – UK schools to teach a foreign language…

      It is rumoured that many pupils are opting for Raw Glaswegian, with a slightly smaller number going for the Gerrard/Carrick scouse


      • 205
        (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

        What about the language of Westminster?
        Thousands of incomprehensible ways to say ” Were ripping you all off and you can’t do a thing about it, so f**k off pleb oiks”.


  9. 13
    Holly says:

    I hope Cameron takes part in any debate, and ‘DARES’ the Scots to vote for independence.
    Many are still extremely dependent…on the state! And will run a mile at the very notion of standing on their own two feet…
    The Scottish have not done that for donkeys years, and Labour/SNP have knocked this notion out of their people.
    By making them so dependent on the politicians for their money, it will be a long time before they muster up the courage to ‘call their bluff’.
    I very dare you to vote yes to independence, sack all the current useless mob and start again.
    If Galloway can beat the cronies, I’m pretty sure the Scottish folk can do the same.
    Not saying it will turn out any better mind, but it would make my day for a few political bods to get sacked, instead of oil refinery workers.
    The shockwaves would be epic.


    • 17
      Suck it and see says:

      Tell ‘em they should try it for a decade, and if they don’t like it they should pay to get back in. …… No labour MP’s for 2 parliaments.


      • 25
        more importantly says:

        The Scots must have their own currency.


        • 83
          TobyG says:

          no they won’t, they’ll have the McEuro



            There will be a massive capital flight if they do vote for independence, who in his right mind would leave his ISA or life savings in a Scottish bank, especially with the prospect of one day waking up to finding it has been converted into Euros overnight.


    • 218
      Hell for Leather says:

      I doubt there will be a televised debate, and that probably has more to do with Farage than Salmond.

      It’s all about precedent.

      I suspect Cameron will do whatever he can to avoid holding an EU Referendum if he returns to power (which I doubt). But in the event he returns and is forced into an EU referendum, he would wish to avoid any televised debate beforehand with Farage taking part. That could be difficult if he had previously agreed to a debate with Salmond over Scottish independence.


  10. 14
    Gee Ologist says:

    “Granite on Mars suggests more complex geology”

    and granite kitchen tops.


  11. 16
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    There are more English who want them to fuck off than there are “sweaties”
    and while we are at it they can take All their fucking immigrants up there with them
    Oh and can we get an EU grant to brick up the wall ?


  12. 18
    Dave - Destroyer of Countries says:

    Dear Mr Hassan Rouhani

    Thanks for taking my call last night. I do know we were scheduled to discuss the enrichment issue, but I really did want to make you aware of the great advantages of your fine country joining the EU. I mean it would not cost you a bean as you would be a net recipient of funds that once great countries such as the UK pay in on a daily basis. Also your people would be free to come to our Island whether simply normal citizens or members of your SAVAK force, they don’t even have to work once here it really is that easy.

    Anyway I’ve popped you a brochure in the diplomatic post, please take a look at it.


    Dave Cameron

    PS – I forgot to ask last night, but do you have a Space Program you are looking for investment in? I am holding around £11Bn of funds that need disposing of.


  13. 19
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    Need to force myself to get up otherwise I will never leave my bed.


  14. 21
    the general public says:

    er, what is “frit”??????


  15. 28
    nellnewman. says:

    Why does cameron need to discuss anything with salmond? Let the scots decide on their own – or aren’t they capable of taking those sort of decisions?


  16. 31
    Michael Angelo says:

    Hull to be UK City of Culture 2017

    Can we look forward to

    -Poetry readings by John Presclott?
    -Tours of Branxholme estate?
    -Name that fish?

    In the news brief it says that being city of culture will encourage people to visit Hull. How odd it doesn’t mention the Roma by name.


    • 35
      Paniagua V5 says:

      Hull Cologne – that smells of rotting anchovies


    • 41
      Taxpayer says:

      Spitting competitions, shellsuit fashions, creative ways of claiming benefits for years without work, John Prescott’s Karma Sutra and a pointless statue costing £2.4 million designed by a third-rate Catalan architect


    • 145
      Unbefuckinglievable says:

      They’re a city of culture in the sense that they’ve just bought a pot of yogurt.

      remember “Liverpool, city of culture”? (Belly laugh.)


      • 154
        Just Saying. says:

        Leicester, Swansea, Hull, and Dundee on the City of Culture short list.
        Truly unbelievable. Only needs Tower Hamlets and Barking to cover the worst of the UK. Dundee does seem the more obvious winner, but I suppose Salmond queered that pitch.


        • 195
          Scotch mist says:

          Packys, Welsh, Prescotts and Sweaties – what a choice. But at least they do make exceedingly good cakes in Dundee.


  17. 32
    Just sayin' says:

    Don’t rely on Cameroon for anything worthwhile, whichever side you’re on. I’m for Scotland voting ‘yes’, because I’m for English independence.

    We, the people of England have been patronised and ignored and our identity suppressed at the hands of the British Establishment for far too long. There can be no renaissance in England or of England until the likes of Cameron are removed. Until we have a Minister for England, which should be arranged urgently, followed by an English parliament which our present MP’s refuse to consider even as individuals, we will continue to lose out to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    The Union does nothing for me, so I no longer owe it any allegiance. I reject the Union flag, and I urge all English people to join me. It is essential we break free, so good luck to the Scottish independence movement.


    • 96
      walking into the darkness says:

      That’s right, better yet, why don’t we build a new wall from about Norwich over to Oxford and stopping around the Devon/Cornwall border to have Southern England independence, that’ll keep our taxes down a bit. Whilst we’re at we can kick out every scrounger within the wall as well


  18. 36
    Tin-Tin says:

    I would be very happy to see an independent Scotland.

    Unfortunately, the by-product of that would be that fat Salmond would proclaim himself the winner.


    • 58
      Asslick Almond says:

      A winner like Fred Goodwin when he ‘won’ the battle to buy ABN Amro bank ?

      Let the Scots go their own way, together with the RBS, HBOS and other detritus that belongs to Scotland. Oh, and they can take some of Gordon’s Nation Debt up to Kirkcaldy too.


      • 106
        Casual Observer 4 says:

        If S’cotland is independent then these new foreigners who have been working against English interests over the year are fair game for patriotic death squads: Globally.


      • 158
        Alec Salmond - Boss of bosses says:

        When I am President of Scotland I will be on the world stage touring for inward investment and urging the Scottish diaspora to return. Of course it will cost a fortune but I am sure increased oil and whisky tax revenues will cover it.
        Having said this I am led to believe that our greatest export is people, so maybe we need their money and they can stay where they are.


        • 171
          Cheap Whisky says:

          Have you noticed how cheap whisky is at the moment? Sainsbury’s selling Grants at £10 a bottle! Someone must have discovered a whisky loch. How much does Scotland make from each bottle I wonder.


          • Anonymous says:

            Well, VAT is £2, duty another seven or so.
            For the supermarkets it’s probably a loss leader, I don’t think the stuff can be distilled, aged and bottled for £1.


  19. 40

    Reducing the armed forces is the final piece in the EU master plan to defeat this once great nation


    • 76
      Harman von Rumpy Pumpy says:

      Britain is becoming a Belgium with nukes

      It’s part of the plan

      No more foreign interventions for you

      And you will have to share your nukes with the…wait for it…



    • 99
      walking into the darkness says:

      we’ve already lost number 40. Ted Heath ensured that would happen. What’s been happening since is the long drawn out funeral with the final bit of burial being the eradication of the City as the world’s premier financial centre. The EU have been stoking this for years, even Cameron though has just enough sense to see that one, Miliband however, I’m afraid it’s beyond his sixth form experience to appreciate that.


      • 117
        Graham says:

        We should exhume Heath and chuck what’s left of him in the Channel. Pity he didn’t go down with Morning Cloud. Fucking traitor.


        • 133
          Casual Observer 4 says:

          Someone should do the same with Savile. Shame his family decided to have concrete poured over his coffin: Almost as if the lying c’unts knew exactly what he was up to before !TV confirmed the rumors to everyone else.


        • 173
          Teddy says:

          Morning Clide, dear boy.


    • 160
      ser5 says:

      Well good!
      The ZioLoons hijacked the British military to attack the enemies of their illegal racist colony anyway.


  20. 46
    David Cameron says:

    Because I am a white European male, I am also an oppressive Western imperialist. I hate myself. I hate my skin. I hate my sex.


  21. 47
    Editor of Daily Mail says:

    Wendi has got Dirty Digger’s penthouse in New York as part of her settlement

    Tony Blair can shack up with her now


  22. 50
    Longshanks says:

    Please please please can we in advance completely reject any possibility of additional powers for MSPs in the event of a no vote – we all know Chubby Salmond is looking for Devo Max through the back door, so he can claim a ‘victory’ and present it as another step on the way to freedom


    • 56
      Sir Pompous Arse says:

      The Nats are sh’it scared of full independence because they know it can’t work. What they want is to have a perpetual whine about the English “oppression” whilst happily taking our money.


  23. 51
    Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

    Dave, I just checked over your wire transfer this morning and its £3,500 shy.

    What do you take me for a fucking pussy? You best pay it by close of play otherwise I’ll lose face and you know what happens then don’t you?


  24. 52
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Nice one, Ed. Fancy a pint after work ?


    • 64
      Major scandal says:

      This guy has been on about the Coop scandal for a long time

      Worth a read

      The LibDems and Unions have also relied on the Coop Bank

      But Labour are into this scandal up to their eyeballs


      • 177
        Passing Stranger. says:

        Very interesting, but I find it incredulous to believe that Lord Myners is not part of the huge problem with the Co-op Bank – which is another Northern Rock feeding money to Labour and Lib Dems.
        This week he has been on BBC (of course) prattling on about how Labour is lily white and innocent, and it is all the nasty Tory Party’s fault.
        He was kicked upstairs by Labour for misdeeds and incompetence and now wants to redeem himself as a loyal Labourite?


    • 70
      Bean Counter says:

      Labour lose money every year, they cannot hope to repay their debts.

      There’s no commercial basis to this loan, it’s slush fund time.


  25. 62
    fed-up in britain says:

    fat salmon flabby dave what a pair of Hunts. God why are we the english so bloody long suffering. We need a french revolution. A french neck kiss should suffice.


  26. 63
    albacore says:

    Haven’t a clue where Cameron stands
    On Scotland. Let him sit on his hands
    The most reliable rule of thumb
    Is: never do owt backed by that bum


  27. 65
    Your Lord Prescott. says:

    Hull to be UK City of Culture 2017


    • 71
      Taxpayer says:

      I will come to admire your historic Mock Tudor Beams Prezza

      And piss on your lawn at the same time

      After all, we have paid for it all…


    • 84
      Payup poor lefties your betters want you to pay for your culture says:

      Join in the fun when the poor lefties of Hull have to pay for the rich lefty champagne quaffers to party for a year, so long as Hull pays for the party I don’t give a monkees.


    • 102
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      Nice, but what is of cultural significance in Hull ? Time for some deep scraping of the Google barrel…


      • 199
        Pawkpy says:

        Row after row after row of cheap crap houses courtesy of Pressclot junior. Nothing like it in the known world.


  28. 68
    Very Reverend Flower Power, the fuel of the Labour Party says:

    I am stoned out of my box this morning, boys..


    • 72
      Pentangalis says:

      Have you got a handsome payoff yet?


    • 86
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Did Ed Crystal Balls help with the Crystal Meth Rev appointment?
      Co-Op + Labour involvement + Rev Flowers = New loan to labour.
      Wake up and smell the flowers!


      • 93
        Grind'R says:

        Who wants to be Chairman of the Co-Op bank?

        All those interested please ‘Line up’


        • 103
          Money tree at the ready says:

          Thought they had a new “Chair” who was on tv yesterday, all I can say is the one they had on offer yesterday was definitely schooled in lefty speak, I give it a year and I wonder if the changes will work .


        • 128
          Vulture hedge fund manager says:

          We control the Coop now

          We will call in all political loans to Labour Libdems and Unions

          We will then asset strip it, gear it up and flog it to some coke fuelled City bankers

          Fuck the “members”


          • I Like your angle says:

            ‘We will then asset strip it, gear it up and flog it to some coke fuelled City bankers’

            So you will sell it to the same champagne drug addled socialists you bought it from?


  29. 73
    Broken News says:

    Police raid the house of Labour donor, the disgraced and drug-addled banker Paul Flowers


  30. 75
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    NASA scientists have spotted what they believe to be the remains of a wind farm on Mars.


  31. 78
    If but when says:

    Camoron debate with the snake oil salesman, FFS Camoron will send that stupid dirty washer woman to do his dirty washing, by just having one half of Britain voting on the breakup of an entity called Britain has split Britain into it’s main component parts , Scotland and England, I hope Scotland does go it’s own way, good luck if it does, it will help England as well and it will screw up the EU as both countries will have to reapply, go for it Scotland.


    • 82
      Joss Taskin says:

      Why have a Secretary of State for Scotland, viz. Alistair Carmichael, and not let him debate with Asslick Almond ? At least they both speak Jockanese.


  32. 81
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Chilcot Inquiry report.
    Hogan-Howe report on Plebgate. Is Hogan-Howe totally incompetent?
    Co-Op bank – Ed Balls involvement?

    So many questions, but no answers.


  33. 85
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Nearly 2000 years ago cries were heard all over Britain of “The Romans are coming!”

    From next year cries will be heard once more all over Britain of “The Romas are coming!”

    Vote UKIP for the cure :-)


  34. 87
    Tom Badwind says:

    Pass the Flowers’ pot, please.


  35. 100
    Casual Observer 4 says:

    Normally the shift of business from P’ortsmouth to C’lyde would be considered a political master stroke which would force the SNP onto the offensive against C’ameron in order to distract and keep their grass roots on message. Ordinarily this would help in orchestrating their defeat.

    With calamity C’ameron the political gambit is likely to proceed as follows.

    S’cotland will benefit from C’lyde shipbuilding, and will see through C’amerons shoddy political play. The real power brokers in S’cotland likely regard C’ameron as unimportant hence the nationalist offensive against him is in fact genuine and not an attempt at deception.

    Time will tell, but confidence in this cretinous idiot of a Prime Minister is beginning to falter noticeably.


  36. 104
    Michael Doucher says:

    When he is not keeping an eagle eye on profligacy, Dugher is not averse to treating himself. Last year, he lived it up at the Cheltenham Gold Cup, where he quaffed and chomped his way through £1,200-worth of hospitality from Ladbrokes.


  37. 105
    Observer says:

    Guido, you don’t debate a person, you debate with them.


  38. 107
    Romanian Goat says:

    My master and his many friends from the village joke about visiting Hull and contributing to its culture.

    See you soon!


    • 181
      Romanian and Albanian Mafia and Roma says:

      We are extatic (sic) on Hull being new capital of anything.
      We will join with them and relieve them of any unwanted goods on their person at their joyous celebrations.


  39. 112
    From UK to EU 4 Traitor Dave says:

    Of course campaigning to keep Jockland in the Union is just a trial run for Dave’s campaign to keep the UK in the Union.


  40. 115
    Webwrights says:

    Oh, come now, Guido. Standards are slipping – or becoming more American, which amounts to the same thing. You debate a motion or a proposition, not a person. Cameron is not going “to debate Alex Salmond”.


    • 129
      Duty Pedant says:

      Ahem: ‘Standards are slipping – or becoming more American, which amounts to the same thing’ ??


      ‘Oh, come now, Guido. Standards are slipping – or becoming more European, which amounts to the same thing. You debate a motion or a proposition, not a person. Cameron is not going “to debate Alex Salmond”.’


  41. 118
    Casual Observer 4 says:

    So what is cowardly Cameron doing, or not doing about the incursion into G’ibraltar waters yesterday by Spanish war vessel Ramon ?

    They were claiming to have paperwork from some criminal organization which calls itself the EU.

    Does this mean that it is now possible for foreign forces to get a piece of paper from Brussel’s, to say, enter the UK and take a shit in someone’s house, that UK authorities will just standby and let this happen ?

    Looking at the upcoming R’oma invasion, it would appear this is the case.

    Come on Britain: You can do better than this.


  42. 119
    Answer the fucking questions Dave you gutless bastard. says:

    Dave. If the Scots go independent :

    1. Will you give a “cast iron” guarantee they will take their full per capita share of the National Debt and all the unfunded other Government commitments.

    2. Will the Scottish M.P.s ( i.e. approx 80 Labour) be ejected from the HoC immediately?

    3. Will there be absolutely no more payments from the English screwed taxpayers.



  43. 120
    Arcadian Boy says:

    I’ve never understood why you thick English c*nts continue to subsidise us Scots. I for one will be voting for the Union. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. Kerching!


  44. 124
    Anonymous says:

    prime minister of new zealand john key has been slotted in thailand according to the oracle that is the politically incorrect board at 4chan.


  45. 125
    Ordinary Joe says:

    Rather a grey morning here again. Got any more Vanja pics to raise the mood?


  46. 126
    Tristram Hunt(Prime Minister Designate) says:

    The Corporation the World Controllers Tory Cameron austerity>a boot stamping on a childs face-for ever


  47. 130
    Ctesibius says:

    Guido, David Cameron does not ‘lead’ the Union. The head of state of the United Kingdom is HM the Queen.


    • 140
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      The EU have her by the Royal short and curly’s.

      One suspects those in Brussel’s have the real dirt on Diana.

      In cases where the monarch is compromised so, if responsible she should step down. However, Charles is perhaps compromised through his current relationship with the alcoholic and somewhat unbalanced Parker-Bowles, and unhealthy questions about his exact relationship with Jimmy Savile.

      Will!am would be next, but he perhaps has been got at by the EU on the Diana issue, or rather, Queen cannot pass over to him because she knows he will could be compromised if he learns the truth, assuming he doesn’t know that already.

      Smartest move would be to bite the bullet on this: Get public support behind the family and do the right thing. For that one requires more positive propaganda from the press, which perhaps could be ensured by Charter…

      A radical alternative is for the UK to exit the EU and transition to a republic with a properly crafted constitution. There should be no need to execute the Royal blood lines, but a light civil war to annihilate the dark political forces which have led to the current juncture would be necessary.


  48. 131
    msjh says:

    Are you really financing this blog by running advertisements for Unite?!?!?


  49. 135
    Owen Jones says:

    “This government’s attack on the vulnerable made me want to do more to help” – nellnewman, Labour supporter. Join us:


    • 144
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

      All Labour voters should now vote UKIP :-)


    • 210
      (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

      Owen Jones is a t**t.
      He is the working mans Stephen Fry, who is also a t**t.
      He is the gay lobby’s Diane Abbott, who is a f*t t**t.
      Are we seeing a pattern here?


  50. 138
    Danny Alexander says:

    Don’t forget if the UK leaves the EU the ice caps will melt and we’ll all drown.
    But if we stay, we’ll all become super rich..Rich, I say!


    • 141
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

      The whole raison d’etre of the EU is to destroy democracy,jobs & prosperity and in that endeavor it has been a huge success.

      EU share of world trade has declined massively since it was formed and average unemployment in EU member states is way higher than non EU states, while those states using the Euro have the highest unemployment of all.

      Vote UKIP for the cure :-)


    • 165
      Mong Watch says:

      If we leave and global warming happens, then the windmills will work.

      If we stay and global cooling happens, then strong arctic winds will stop the windmills working and everyone up north will either freeze or get really hairy and unhygienic in order to survive.

      So, stay in the EU for hairy smelly northerners and useless windmills, or leave for sunny days and free energy from the wind turbines.


  51. 142
    A Maimed Badger. says:

    With Scotland in the EU and having the Euro as Currency, where has England got to hide, except as another European State. Is this just a cunning plan for full integration. Like the Destruction of the Armed Services.


  52. 150
    David Cameron says:

    Any wearing a clerical collar? Would that make us feel better?


  53. 155
    Larry the Cat Burglar says:

    We English dont get a vote.

    Cameron dont get a vote!

    Unless this changes, i don see why Cameron would feel the need to be dragged into any damn TV debate


  54. 157
    cured lefty says:

    Jimmy is very quiet just now is he in a sleeping bag outside the co op having nightmares about his dividend.


  55. 159
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  56. 161
    Jimmy says:

    I think the nationalists should put up whoever they think is their best asset. Having both Spoonface and Salmond is too much. One or the other I say.


  57. 163
    Hosey Barosso says:

    What’s the point of retaining Scotland when we’ll all be part of the greater EU anyway?

    England and Scotland, and Wales will just be cantons of the EU. No need to make a fuss about it.


  58. 180
    Can the Scots save England from Labour ?? says:

    All Englishmen(and women)should hope that Scotland votes for Independence next year..if they don’t the very least that the English expect before any consolation price is offered to the Scots is that all MPs representing Scottish constituencies are banned from voting on exclusively English matters and on policies that do not ffect their constituents and also reform of the generous Barnet Formula…the English taxpayer is fed up with funding the generous Scots Benefits system.

    If the Scots against all expectations do vote for Independence at least we will be shot of over 40 Labour MPs wef January 2016 and Labour will never again be guaranteed a majority


    • 184
      Darling of the People. says:

      That’s why I am leading the charge for Scotland to stay in the union to save my seat, my pension, and my Labour Party. Bugger the country.


  59. 182
    Lancelot Spratt says:

    David Cameron is no coward unlike a lot who post on here.


  60. 185
    Edging towards YES says:

    I’m waiting to hear a positive case for Scotland remaining in the UK. So far no-one seems able to put one forward. I can only conclude that there is no positive case. I am therefore relying on Cameron as PM to put it forward. After all he is meant to be PM for the whole UK. If he is so disinterested in Scotland then every Scot must surely vote YES next year.

    It is his duty to debate with Scotland’s FM. It is the only way that Scots might feel he is interested. Otherwise he may well become known as the Prime Minister who lost Scotland.

    Is he a big feartie?


    • 203
      Another observer says:

      He is not ‘disinterested’ thickhead, he is ‘uninterested’. The quicker you lot vote to go the quicker our levels of literacy will climb.


      • 214
        Edging towards YES says:

        So that you might widen your vocabulary I thought you would like to know that ‘disinterested’ means having or feeling no interested in something; uninterested. In other words it is a synonym of ‘interested’

        There you go, another word for you to use.


  61. 197
    Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill says:

    The original (and genuine) Guy Fawkes declared that his intention was “to blow you Scotch beggars back to your native mountains.” Will they now go of their own accord?


  62. 212
    What 'ave we here then says:

    “Yah Kilt’s jus dunanother Maralyn Monroe Cam”,
    “Your’s too, Alex”


  63. 213
    harbinger says:

    Has Cameron just farted in that picture?


  64. 215
    jrtomlin says:

    Why doesn’t he want to actually stand on the stage next to Salmond and put forth the case for the Union? Because it is a lot easier to SAY you want to debate the man than to actually have the courage to do so.


  65. 216
    Anonymous says:

    Scotland is not subsidised! Or are you all too racist to actually accept that fact?? You people are vile!! We are sick fed up being robbed and abused, in this disunited kingdom!!


  66. 217
    Tom Wright says:

    That Guido, is complete and utter bollocks. Alex Salmond is asking nay demanding a debate with Cameron because Cam is posh and English and those things are toxic North of the Border. Cameron has actually played a blinder with a consistent message ‘Its for the Scots to decide but we’d like you to stay’. Which totally and utterly neutralises a key Salmond tactic.


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