November 18th, 2013

Rich’s Monday Morning View
Balls Owes Office to Coke Sniffin’ Rev

You had to wonder what they were smoking over at the Co-op, and now you know. It was crystal meth…

Ed Balls did not have a very good weekend either. Not only was he publicly described as a “nightmare” by Team Miliband (albeit accidentally), the Shadow Chancellor would have been sweating about the Co-op story. Doing all that gear after his Select Committee appearance was not the only bad life choice that Rev Flowers has made recently. As the Telegraph reported at the beginning of the month:

“Rev Flowers confirmed he had been involved in authorising the payment of £100,000 to Mr Balls and his Parliamentary office, though he said the money had come from the Co-op Group and not the Co-op Bank as the lender was “politically neutral”.”

What was it that first attracted this coke snorting, meth buying, fiscally incompetent cluster of a banking boss to Ed Balls? And lets not forget that Labour owe the Co-op millions. You have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.


  1. 1
    FBI says:

    I think the Labour Party needs a full criminal investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency

    They are beyond a nightmare

  2. 2
    Or him says:

    You’d need to be on meth to shag his missus

  3. 3
    ancientpopeye says:

    I thought Balls was a pathetic little creep, now I have it confirmed.

  4. 4
    Tooting Tony from Tel Aviv says:

    They are just trying to catch up with me

    I walk on water, you see

  5. 5
    PPE student says:

    Does meth make your eyes blink?

  6. 6
    Peter Grimes says:

    Fat, gay orgy attending, crack-smoking former Bradford Labour councillor slotted into a £132k pa sinecure by the Labour cabal who have placemen everywhere. Knowledge of banking – fuck all, just like BrownBalls.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  7. 7
    Phil the Greek says:

    Did the FSA seriously think that a gay pastor was a suitable bank chairman?

    Or were they all spaced out as well?

  8. 8
    Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

    Will the banks new owners demand the loan to Labour Party be repaid or written off as a bad debt? If the formre and the Labour Party was put into receiver and the debt written off, would that count as a political donation?

  9. 9
    Madoff Mandelson of Ethics says:

    The best thing was when this p e r v e r t told the Commons Committe that the Coop Bank’s total assets wew £7 billion when they were £47 billion

    Almost as disconnected from reality as the ultimate con man “Lord”Stephenson

  10. 10
    Dr Spock says:

    This is all quite 60s really

    Flowers power and all that…

  11. 11
    Please Give Generously says:

  12. 12
    Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

    Sounds like the right CV for a Labour Peerage.

  13. 13
    Trumpers says:

    Did Gideon have a dose of meth before his latest butch haircut?

  14. 14
    Children leave those drugs alone. It's not big and it's not clever. says:

  15. 15
    Village Idiot says:

    ….Labours discomfort,oh ,how we laughed! Nothing like something cheery to start the week!
    Once again,the supposed educated elite,in high places,found wanting!Sick!!

  16. 16
    Ed Balls says:

    Look, I know the Rev. was convicted in 1990 for indecency after was he caught in a public lavatory with another man.

    It was rather unfortunate timing he was then Vice Chairman of Rochdale social services committee which had control over the Rochdale Satanic Abuse Cases during the height of the allegations

    But I didn’t see any reason to block his application as Chairman of the Co-Op. We all have skeletons in the cupboard, or in my case Nazi uniform in the cupboard.

  17. 17
    ed says:

    Was the meth ethically sourced?

  18. 18
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    If the left wing hate the rich so much why do they buy lottery tickets?

  19. 19
    Jack says:

    He took over from Cyril Smith then?

    Is it congenital in Rochdale?

  20. 20
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Hang about. Wasn’t it Cameron’s lot who wanted to hand parts of Lloyds to these people and not give the customers a penny piece?

  21. 21
    Grammar pedant says:

    ‘all be it’

    That would be ‘albeit’, I take it …

  22. 22
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Are you saying that these Conservatives nearly handed my personal bank account over to some kiddie fiddlers to meddle with?

    if that is what you are saying then frankly that is disgusting.

  23. 23
    Henry Chinaski says:

    Guido will be busy today, he will have orders to rum smear stories on Paul Sykes today because he has now switched from Tory supporter to UKIP backer.
    One would imagine a quite morning on Order Order before the smears start appearing at some point this afternoon. I may even place a small wager on it.

  24. 24
  25. 25
    Keith's Asleep says:

    Guido will be busy today, he will have orders to rum smear stories on P@ul S’y’kes today because he has now switched from Tory supporter to U K I P backer.
    One would imagine a quiet morning on Order Order before the smears start appearing at some point this afternoon. I may even place a small wager on it.

  26. 26
    Igor says:

    May be ALL bankers and politicos should under take regular random drugs tests and booted out of position if found contaminated by illegal stimulants or for just being Twats?

  27. 27
    M102 says:

    Is his right hand lifting pudsey’s wallet?

  28. 28
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

  29. 29
  30. 30
    All in the best possible taste says:

  31. 31
    Joss Taskin says:

    Would the Sate-owned banks, bailed out under Brown/Balls, have to contribute ?

    Isn’t this just Ed’s Marxist dad’s dream being enacted

  32. 32
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    I can’t say ‘ Child Care Crunch ‘ with my dreadful stutter. Is this a deliberate ploy to stop me from speaking ?

  33. 33
    Lord Stansted says:

    and the BBC will be busy today keeping quiet.

  34. 34
    Labour=Waste says:

    Incompetence, cronyism and criminality all in one go.

    Welcome to the world of Ed Balls.

  35. 35
    Lord Stansted says:

    Fare-trade meth – better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability.

  36. 36
    One and a bit says:

    “When asked by Mr Tyrie to detail his qualifications for running a bank, he responded: “‘I took the exam of the Institute of Bankers. I completed part one and the best part of part two of those exams before I became a Methodist minister. I would judge that experience is out of date in terms of needs of contemporary banking.”

    He was more qualified than Gordon then.

  37. 37
    Delilah says:

    There’s a hole in your bucket

  38. 38
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Methodist, eh? Say no more!

    A crack-smoking, convicted gay Presbyterian on the other hand is the salt of the earth.

  39. 39

    Ed can “smoke” my crack

  40. 40
    bergen says:

    The Co-op was founded by the “Rochdale Pioneers”. God only knows what they would make of both the modern day Co-op and the modern day Rochdale.

    This story is simply too bizarre for words.

  41. 41
    Wesley Methodone Church says:

    He will always be welcome here.

  42. 42
    At least Andrew Marr did a drugs check says:

    And was gay Church of Scotland Gordon a suitable financial Chancellor of a country?

  43. 43
    Pink News says:

    Buggery Thuggery and Skilduggery all in one, I would say

    It sounds better…

  44. 44
    Pink News says:

    and what does the Meth-odict Churech have to say about all of this?

    Standard Operating Procedure?

    Is there

  45. 45
    Pink News says:

    any hope left with Labour?

  46. 46
    And there's more says:

    Not forgetting he was a Labour Councillor in Bradford, and in 2010, was appointed by Labour leader Ed Miliband to the party’s finance and industry board.

  47. 47
    Chinese tourist says:

    What do they spoke in Falkirk then?

  48. 48
    Old Hal says:

    Flowers got to see those other city types he asked them how they coped with all the pressure of their work, they said,” Try this all your problems disappear a bit expensive, but hey, your banker now, we’re all doing it, all the rage in Wall Street.” I bet Old Guido during his previous existences knew quite a lot of City Types who used something more potent than alcohol, even Giddy Osborne seemed to favour a little snow, no wonder he always seemed to have smirk on his face.

  49. 49
    Cameron: Does he do meth as well ? says:

    Yes – at the direction of the fucking c’unts in Europe.

  50. 50
    nellnewman says:

    As you say it’s hard not to laugh!!

  51. 51
    Caligula is back from holidays says:

    This reverend takes things to far even for me…

  52. 52
    Dave Likes a Big One Up the Arse says:

    Homophobic comments like this won’t be tolerated. A gay Methodist preacher is just the kind of person we need in banking. It sends all the right signals and puts gay rights at the centre of our culture. As for crystal meth well the pressure of work and the homophobic hate press is enough to drive any hypocritical god bothering shirt lifter to drugs!
    We know where you are you homophobic swivel eyed loons and will be dealing with you soon!
    Sam has now moved me up to 12 inch strap on! Can’t wait to have a real c_ck up the arse!

  53. 53
    nellnewman says:

    Ho Hum! militwit will be ducking as well then!!

  54. 54
    Charles Baudelaire says:

    The Flowers of Evil?

  55. 55
    Anonymous says:

    And we still have no legislation enforcing random drug testing on company directors and politicians.

  56. 56
    Do the Maths says:

    Think about it for a millisecond

    If you were owed a large sum of money by someone who was about to be appointed to a position influene and you could (theoretically of course) exert your own influence, would you be demanding the money be paid back ?

    It’s a much better position than having to kiss a multi billionaire’s arse to get funding.

    Or shop in one supermarket for your donations.

  57. 57
    nellnewman says:

    you’re sure he’s not a clone of that Toronto Mayor who’s been all over the news lately? he looks awfully like him.

  58. 58
    Caligula is disgusted says:

    We have had New Labour

    Obviously we now have the New Rochdale Pioneers…

    Thye worship Golden Dildos…

  59. 59
    Joss Taskin says:

    Running Labour’s bank on a sniff and a prayer then ?

  60. 60
    nellnewman says:


  61. 61
    Jack and his pail of water says:

    Balls is beyond the pale

  62. 62
    Sir William Waide says:

    I hope it was ethically-sourced, Fairtrade cocaine.

  63. 63
    Old Hal says:

    Are you planning to convert to Judaic religion Tone?

  64. 64
    M102 says:

    C@ampbells back isn’t he. I wonder if he’s having a clear out on behalf of Miliband.

  65. 65
    Guido's memory says:

    Free trade in meth I say

  66. 66
    BBC Acorn says:

    The Flowers of Crystal?

  67. 67
    Old Hal says:

    Ask Gideon, it makes him smirk

  68. 68
    Cokehead Baldwin says:

    No….But it explains Ed Miliband’s lithp

    it all revolves around meth, you thee?

  69. 69
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    … ‘just for being twats’ would cover it.

  70. 70
    The Blessed Anthony says:

    I am already contracted to another party who made me a very hot offer.

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    Imagine for one minute this had involved a Chairman of B@rclays B@nk who had advised DC and had arranged for donations to the T@ry Party. The BBC would need an extra large ladder to help everyone on to the high horse and you can safely assume it would be the only story the BBC talked about 24/7.

  72. 72
    David Cameron says:

    That’s rather unfair on pathetic little creeps.

  73. 73
    nellnewman says:

    Bank of England risk survey out at 9.30 and as Prime Minister David Cameron says we re feeling more skint despite recovery – energy bills partly to blame,but mostly the policies of the Conservative led coalition.

  74. 74
    Old Hal says:

    Just like Fred the Shred, eh?

  75. 75
    Guns n' Neuroses says:

    So you’re the designated rapid rebuttal drone this morning then?

  76. 76
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  77. 77
    Cokehead Baldwin says:

    You’ve had your Flowers you jerk

  78. 78
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    And against Balls? Could be true.

  79. 79
    BBC Head Of News says:

    Is he a Tory? Did he donate money to the Tories? No & No.

    Move along nothing to see here.

  80. 80
    Badger spotter says:

    Talk about decadence…

    And the whole fucking Labour knew who this crapheaed was…

  81. 81
    Hawkeye Pierce says:

    Phil the Greek wrote:

    “Did the FSA seriously think that a gay pastor was a suitable bank chairman?”

    Small wonder then that Hector Sants signed off permanently sick at theend of last moth and resigned from his new Job at Barclays after only 9 momths into the appointment.

    He must have been tipped off about the crack smoking Rev.

  82. 82
    Old Hal says:

    So what are Gideon’s qualifications for running the economy, his degree was modern history like Gordy’s

  83. 83
    Connaisseur says:

    If you drug tested the City bankers

    There would be few left

    Perhaps it’s the solution to the Cesspit City

  84. 84
    the FLOWERS POT men says:

    flobalop Ed – fancy a LITTLE WEED?

  85. 85
    nellnewman says:

    But I’m nellnewman, the one from Peterborough!

  86. 86
    Crisp Ackham says:

    Labour are funded by union bullies and drug-addled bankers.

  87. 87
    Why can't lefties understand finance? says:

    How many times does Ed think he can spend the same money?

  88. 88
    Connaisseur says:

    Dave’s one word reply to anything coming from Empty Ed or Blinking Balls at PMQs


    Default word


  89. 89
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Energy bills need to be MUCH, MUCH higher or I’ll miss our Carbon targets

  90. 90
    Old Hal says:

    Or are we say it Fred the Shred?

  91. 91
    tat says:

    Using other people’s monikers is as obvious as it is boring.

  92. 92
  93. 93
    Thin end of the wedge says:

    Google and Microsoft agree measures to block abuse images

    All well and good the reader may think. How long before politicians then decide to ban other searches such as, gun, bomb, corruption, expenses, past speeches, manifestos and cast iron guarantees?

  94. 94
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    Order! Order !

    This blog ain’t big enough for 2 Nell Newman’s.

    I shall refer this matter to Owen Jones for his ruling.

  95. 95
    nellnewman says:

    Err…but Gordon didn’t run a bank!

  96. 96
    Old Hal says:

    Did he have smirk on his face afterwards?

  97. 97
    nellnewman says:

    albeit einstein!

  98. 98
    Connaisseur says:

    Sants probably found thousands of crackheads and criminals in the dealing rooms in his new job

    Too much even for him

    You must know that the City of London and Wall Street have the highest coke consumption per capita IN THE WORLD

    Why do you think they went collectively mad?

  99. 99

    Actually he’s behind the pail and exploiting an innocent child for party-political purposes.

  100. 100
    nellnewman says:

    you are being silly – why don’t you post under your own moniker?

  101. 101
    Florist on the corneer says:

    Not forgetting the wonderful flowers of Scotland – Blair, Brown, Alexander, etc etc etc

  102. 102

    Fred the shred fucked up UK Banking as a favour to the World’s Greatest Moron. Tweet Gordon with your comment.

  103. 103
    Labour's never ending magic bottomless pot says:

    Every week Labour announce a new scheme of how they will spend the money they will raise from their one off bank windfall tax. It’s just a shame they always forget that they spent all the money the previous week.

  104. 104
    The Bible says:

    Attaching a rock and throwing them in the river at high tide is the solution.

    Relevant example:

    In this case the real crime committed by flowers is putting the bank in a position where it is going to collapse.

  105. 105
    Lance Armsweak says:

    An idea, but first you would have to search high and low for a few honest cops to do the job properly…

  106. 106
    nellnewman. says:

    there you go again! go get your own moniker.

  107. 107
    Leg says:

    Shurely you refer such things to your lovely wife

    When they has her legs spread wide for the cameras

  108. 108
    Old Hal says:

    Don’t worry there is a drone near you watching what you do, but don’t let them see that you have noticed them

  109. 109

    So that’s OK then? however in ggeorge’s favour, he didn’t spend 10 years living off the State writing 40,000 words about 2 streets in Glasgow so he could call himself a PhD

  110. 110
    Lord Levy says:

    Err…I think you’ll find you have to pay for peerages!

  111. 111
  112. 112
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Any bank which is diverting profits from shareholders or core business will go bust.

    L’ehman Bros used to be into this kind of ‘philanthropy’ : They were using it to cover bad business and buy favors.

    If a business is directing money this way the question of money laundering and other criminal activity should loom large.

  113. 113
    Jack Dromey says:

    Tell me about it!

  114. 114
    Smoke n Mirrors says:

    Are there any co-op(erative) volcanoes in the UK?

  115. 115
    not nellnewman says:

    vote nellnewman

  116. 116

    Do the voices in your head tell you that?

  117. 117
    It's all Balls says:

  118. 118
    Smoke n Mirrors says:

    How long before….? Depends when they want the revolution to kick off in earnest.

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    After listeninig to Paul Sykes on the today prog about an hour ago, nobody needs to smear him, he comes over as being mentally challenged at the most charitable! how on earth did he make his money ?

  120. 120

    It wouldn’t be as effective as a long strip of duct tape.

  121. 121
    nellnewman says:

    The Tories are funded by offshore, tax-avoiding hedge funds and phone-tapping news paper proprieters who encourage their staff to fiddle with murdered teenage girls mobile phone numbers who then go on to provide senior managers at the Met with bungs.

  122. 122
    nellnewman says:

    No, you’re being silly – why don’t you post under your own moniker?

    I’m nellnewman from Peterborough.

  123. 123
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    “That said, and to state the bloomin’ obvious, regulators at the defunct FSA and its successor body, the PRA, have a few questions to answer, about why they gave the thumbs up to Flowers.

    There’s also an important governance issue for the Co-op Group, about whether it is really appropriate for those who rise up through the political side of the co-operative movement to be able to exercise significant influence over its commercial activities.”

    What a scoop this would be for Robert Peston had he written this in 2008. Looks like a load of self justifying balls to cover his own arse.

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Its mostly people wanting things they cant afford, lets be honest.

  125. 125
    Nigel says:

    Ukip hits the jackpot

  126. 126
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    It would be much better to detect the hosting sites, take these offline, and arrest / prosecute all involved.

  127. 127
    The only good Socialist is a dead Socialist says:

    Trying to get the low down on this Flowers character because this all smells a bit odd.

    He is on the Terence Higgins Trust with a whole host of others including good old Ben Bradshaw and a guy from Goldman Sachs not to mention a host of NHS executives.

    Not a bad place to work if you ask me.

    Last year five employees were paid between 70/90 k each and employers contributions into staff pensions were over 400K.

    Of course Pension Funds need to be managed too. An annual management fee of 130k seems a bargain to me.

    Also very charitable too to bring a bit of property development in the mix. Luckily a property deal in Larcom street London went well.

    I would like to thank the Rev Flowers for smoking whatever it was because if he hadn’t I would not have found out what I now have.

  128. 128
    Translator says:

    Too many Dongs make a Flowers, you mean?

  129. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Good one ! cant wait for PMQ`s

  130. 130
    Ed Balls says:

    But 531 billion dong is the equivalent to only £3.26!

  131. 131
    Dirty Digger does it again says:

    Don’t be silly

    I have them all bunged

    You know that by now…

  132. 132
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Agreed. Which is why we have a problem with finding good government.

    Perhaps this explains why Cameron is so dire. UK bought part of a lemon: Political mutton dressed as lamb, with too high a price tag.

    UKIP offer a cheaper leaner alternative, with a leader who is very good value for money.

    Vote UKIP.

  133. 133
    Crack Ed says:

    Do you do “spit back”?

  134. 134
    hello anybody there says:

    Like drugs, the legitimate headcount and multimillion pounds cost to stop it will soon overtake the headcount and multimillion pounds cost for people doing the criminality.

  135. 135
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Bercow would rule ‘meth’ to be un-parliamentary, but it would be interesting to see if there are any mis-pronunciations of ‘math’ at the dispatch box this PMQ.

  136. 136
    Sir William Wayde says:

    If you are a banker, you have to find a way to feel Emperor of the World and babble nonsense.

  137. 137
    Paid $500 million to kill Lehmann Bros says:

  138. 138
    Smoke n Mirrors says:

    Nell, get one of your computer literate grandchildren to find his ISP details – then make a formal complaint to the cops about internet harassment. Carries a big fine and even jail time for the perp(s).

  139. 139
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    I’d count the cash in that bucket if I were you. Given the man’s way with UK finances Pudsey is probably fucked already.

  140. 140
    Barclays Bank PLC says:

    I think you will find that we give sufficiently large bungs to offshore hedge funds in order to conceal our donations to the Tory Party.

  141. 141
    Toxic Labour for spongers, parasites and criminals says:

    It appears that the Labour bank is the model of corruption just like the Labour Party.

  142. 142
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    And the Lefties never smear do they….

  143. 143
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    “politically neutral”

    Well that is nice to know isn’t it.

    I will sleep a lot better in my bed tonight having heard that.

  144. 144
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    My comment should be:

    What a scoop this would be for Robert Peston had he written this in 2010. Looks like a load of self justifying balls to cover his own arse.

  145. 145
    Fire and Brimstone says:

    I thought the Methodist prohibition was on alcohol (cf Rachabites etc), not hard/soft drugs. Maybe John Wesley needs a spot of up-dating.

  146. 146
    is this true says:

    Was that the extent of his banking experience- he worked for a bank for four
    years after leaving school?

  147. 147
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    I thought you walked on pound notes you worthless grasping cnut

  148. 148
    nellnewman. says:

    i suspect you would be happier on a leftwing blog

  149. 149
    Anonymous says:

    Hilarious. You could not make it up. It will be hard to beat all that. Much more to come as well.

  150. 150
    Lance Armsweak says:

    Precisely my point!

  151. 151
    altruism in industry says:

    Clearly none of these people are fit to be making any sort of decision that affects anybody else. One suggestion to improve matters could be to make a list of things that people think are important and the entire population votes yes or no. This could be done every six months by some sort of a dedicated protocol over the existing infrastructure.

  152. 152
    Long Memory says:

    Going on holiday to P’oland with a well thumbed copy of the treaty of Rome and quoting that to ensure fair price for coffee works for some.

    Meth fueled gay orgies are a little bit OTT.

  153. 153
    Nicholarse Clegg and Dimmy Dave Camoron says:

    But but but.. allowing hundreds of thousands more Roma into Britain is the right thing to do. After all, it’s a two-way street; some British people have taken well-paid jobs in Germany. So that makes unfettered immigration by Roma perfectly OK.

  154. 154
  155. 155
    Enoch Powell says:

    THere will be riots I tell you

  156. 156
    Sur Nob Skelpoff says:

    Yes, we have a little window on what it takes to reach the ‘Top Echelons’ of ‘Society’. Some ask, how did this man get to the top? Well he was well qualified in all the right circles: Drug taking, homo-orgy, Satanism/child abuse:
    “Twenty or so years ago, Flowers came to attention as vice-chairman of Rochdale Council’s social services committee during the ‘satanic abuse’ fiasco between 1988 and 1991.
    It involved social workers making lurid claims about satanic rituals being performed on children and, as a result, 20 children from six families were placed in care.”

  157. 157
    Swivelly says:

    How to be a lefty

    Step 1 Insert fingers in ear.
    Step 2 Ignore anything factual.
    Step 3 learn the Mantra – Its a right wing media.

  158. 158
    David Cameron says:

    Compassionate conservatism is the politics of envy and anyone who earns more than I do should be taxed, imprisoned or murdered.

    Hear ! Hear !

  159. 159
    Displaced Brummie says:

    He’ll “lend” them some more money and they’ll “lend” him a peerage!

    Lord Co-Op of Hole Bottom, Cockintake and Fudgepack-upon-Humber.

  160. 160
    Bilda Berger says:

    >Pudsey is probably fucked already


    The BBC. Say no more.

  161. 161
    The problem with democracy is anyone can vote says:


    Question 1: Britain’s most popular pastime is (a) reading books or (b) watching television.

    Question 2: Britain’s most popular TV programme is (a) something that stimulates the brain or (b) EastEnders.

    This is where, sadly, your idea of “everyone can vote on important issues” falls apart, quite badly.

    Mind you, it might be better than letting LimpDums decide what becomes law.

  162. 162
    David Cameron: A life in politics says:


    It was in November 2013 after a failed visit to Ceylon that one of the more interesting scandals involving my colleagues on the opposite bench broke.

    After receiving a confused texts from Hague, Gove and Osborne talking about meth and gay orgies, which did not seem out of the ordinary, I then received one from IDS. Something was up, and this was not wishful thinking or a jolly gape.

    That week there was much anticipation of what would happen at PMQ. Lynton had briefed me with a set of good cues and lines with which I should have been able to defenestrate the political careers of Balls and Miliband, but then my Common Purpose training kicked in and once again the party felt betrayed.

  163. 163

    The bucket is already losing money

  164. 164
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Nor did George write a handbook advising students to rip off and steal from other students, unlike Gordon, who did exactly this.

  165. 165

    Yellow bucket , Children in need
    Red bucket , Labour party funds

  166. 166
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  167. 167
    Does that include the Plod? says:

    Road charity Brake in call to ban car hands-free phones

  168. 168
    Beale ze Bubb says:

    If hell should ever be in danger of freezing over our plan is to put Handycock on the back burner.

  169. 169
    Grrr says:

    Why should the Tory party have anything to do with offshore hedge funds.

    London is the world centre of Hedge Fund activity, and the Left is just as involved in financial criminality as the Right.

    This is the kind of lazy cliche found on the BBC.

  170. 170
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Unless, of course Rev. Coke-Snorter knew something about the other £40 billion that he “forgot” to tell his fellow bankers about?

  171. 171
    Voices of Experience says:

    so you are not taking up the wager offer?

  172. 172
    Grrr says:

    He forgot to take his meds

  173. 173
    The BBC always reports, "The Government has...Labour said..." says:

    & a good dose of Fuckwittery added!

  174. 174

    “Mummy that man in the flasher mac keeps winking at me “

  175. 175
    Thomas Toms says:

    I would say the most dangerous toy I have in my car is the Sat Nav.

    The temptation to re-program it on the move is great.
    I find myself obeying the voice rather than signs
    Make impulsive rather than considered manoeuvres when it has less than a second delay.
    The ETA controls the right foot.
    And so on.

  176. 176
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    No, but he caused a run on a bank :-)

  177. 177

    or taxies ?

  178. 178

    Or taxi’s even ?

  179. 179
    Displaced Brummie says:

    So he failed to complete the course? Bloody marvellous!

  180. 180
    PESTON speaks LIKE up AND down IN a monatone VOICE says:

    I never hear what Peston is saying because of the fucking annoying way he says it.

  181. 181
    Ebony Ann Divory says:

    But won’t all the people fall out ?

  182. 182
    Great Granddad says:

    Stop being so bloody rude to us proud bankers. There are only six of us still breathing and we all retired before the end of the ‘eighties.

  183. 183
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Rochdale was Cyril Smith’s old haunt.

    Perhaps the lurid claims were meant as a distraction to discredit anyone who came forward with allegations against Smith at the time.

    There seems to be a lot of weird claims in areas where there is genuine p’aedophile activity going on, especially if it involves politicians.

  184. 184
    Rabbi says:

    But he has told us that he would be delighted if we came up with a hotter offer.

  185. 185
    The BBC has one thing right - Labour should NEVER be allowed to govern says:
  186. 186
    Displaced Brummie says:

    That white powder the flour of Scotland? Nope. Some other sort of white powder…

  187. 187
    The Pindown Report says:

    Looks like Bob’s been at the meths again.

  188. 188
  189. 189
    Fishy says:

    Yep! Just like Weird Ed has fallen out with Ballsy and his missus.

  190. 190
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    I have tried to read Guido’s link to the Telegraph article but now they are blocking me and demanding money.

  191. 191
    Peston says:

    Like all socialists, I have a bit of a speech impediment which I try to hide.

  192. 192
    Inspector Heat says:

    silly messages between friends are dangerous things because sometimes they leave stains and trails.

  193. 193
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    Walking into our building you see the old chestnut “You dont have to be mad to work here but it helps”.
    Do you think there is one at the Beeb that says “You dont have to be a climate change zealot obsessed with gay rights, anti-christian, pro muslim DM hating blinkered left wing and politically correct apparatchik to work here………….. blah ,blah but it certainly helps”

  194. 194
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    clear the cache history on your browser, then try again.

  195. 195
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Ah, but how to enforce such a ban?

  196. 196
    Lizard says:

    So many errors in that list…

  197. 197
    All Politicians should be shot says:

    Little Ed “nit picking” Reallybland
    The only person in Britain who thinks the whole economy can be funded by a bankers bonus tax

  198. 198
    Newman's sauces says:

    I can’t believe anyone would want to pretend to be you, you’re the biggest fucking idiot on here.

  199. 199
    You know it makes sense says:

    Or some ethically-sourced piano wire.

  200. 200
    Ed Balls says:

    Eleventy quid.

  201. 201
    Sur Nob Skelpoff says:

    I get it…

  202. 202
    Majority says:

    c) wanking off to internet porn

  203. 203
    English speaker says:

    Or taxis.

  204. 204
    Torygraph are arses says:

    Close the browser and reopen it. Or open a new tab (in IE) and click on Browse with InPrivate.

    Doesn’t work on iPads, though, dammit.

  205. 205
    Sur Nob Skelpoff says:

    Then again, Satanism (although they call it “Luciferianism”) is the religion of the elite…

  206. 206
    Hmmm says:

    I laughed at Guido’s Monday morning cartoon, which is a new experience for me.

    This has overturned my worldview and left me confused and afraid.

  207. 207
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    Is that Satan by any chance?

  208. 208
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    Is that its length or its diameter?

  209. 209
    Peter Grimes says:

    Sants – ostensibly supervising 30-40 major banks at the FSA but when faced with the day-to-day management of just one bank, he flips.

    Who the fuck appointed the know-nothing idiot to head up the FSA in the first place? Do you reckon that in 2007 it might have been the fuckhalfwits BrownBalls?

  210. 210
    Peter Grimes says:

    At least a multi billionaire’s arse might get washed occasionally, unlike fuckwitBrown’s diaper-clad arsecheeks.

  211. 211
    Old Hal says:

    It’s Syko’s money, not yours and he can give money to who he wants, I wonder if it will appear on UKip’s return to thje registrar

  212. 212
    Old Hal says:

    Anonymous, first started in flogging 2nd hand buses and parts to India and far east, then he got backers to build the Meadow Hall shopping centre, not bad for a lad from Barnsley

  213. 213
    Guns n' Neuroses says:

    I think you’re right; I can certainly hear drone….
    Oh, it’s you.

  214. 214
    Old Hal says:

    It would have afternoon our time because it is not important enough to wake Rupe

  215. 215
    broderick crawford says:

    why did you not collect for something immediate and worthwhile like the phillipines typhoon disaster Balls you clown

    Compared to the sick , drowning , injured , dying children out there going without basics such as WATER !!! — tel me which British child is so comparative,y immeasurably less better off than their third world counterparts such that they do not even know they are born !!!

    No X box for johnny this christmas ??? Bless ! Try teaching him the Nativity Story that after all that is what it us supposed to be about , humility , being born in a manger and a short life leading to crucifixion … thst s what the fillipino s are going thru right now !!

    PS I am NOT fillipino nor do i have friends or contacts there …..

  216. 216
    Old Hal says:

    Then he would be called Cockburn (pronounced Cooburn of course)

  217. 217
    broderick crawford says:

    ” oh cum cum — now !! ”

    which is probably what she instructs him to do after five minutes of the obbligatory once monthly communing session .

  218. 218
    broderick crawford says:

    i hope you turn it into wine BEFORE you do so !!

  219. 219
    broderick crawford says:

    meth-INKS it might well do .

  220. 220
    Old Hal says:

    That would clear the HoL and HoC

  221. 221
    broderick crawford says:

    do they still get 300 quid a day emolument just for signing in and then pissing off Lord Prezza ?

    or lord Hezza ….either of you is allowed to answer .

  222. 222
    broderick crawford says:

    yes and if you come to san francisco you might still bump into scott mckenzie and the flowers in your hair people

    …. who are now presumably earning their crust by pimping the tenderloin whores .

  223. 223
    broderick crawford says:


    you are a top dollar, grade a , 24 carat gold paste , unadulterated , bona fide
    100 percent … pillock .

  224. 224

    What a cock up
    Wonder what st peter takes

  225. 225
    Anonymous says:

    Slang for ‘being jail’

  226. 226
    Miss Celling says:

    Worry not – Google have now blocked that sort of thing

  227. 227
    nick says:

    So its Wardle Flowers and Balls? Wardle has resigned, so do we anticipate Ed Balls-ache resignation today? I mean really, Mps taking £100k drug money? I always thought Balls-ache was thick duplicitous and dishonest. I mean , he is a Labour MP after all. Now I know for sure that Balls-ache is that way. Looking to you resignation speech with interest and anticipation.

  228. 228
    nick says:

    Blinking Balls, Empty Ed- the best Tory vote getters. Of course they will both have to resign over taking money from drug dealers and supporting meths and paedophilia. But hey, they are Labour MPs, what else would you expect?

  229. 229
    Cor Blimey Trousers says:

    Given what we now know should the BBC be allowed anywhere near children in need?

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