November 15th, 2013

European Commission Backs Spain Over Gibraltar

A bonkers judgement from the European Commission today, who have:

“not found evidence to conclude that the checks on persons and goods as operated by the Spanish authorities at the crossing point of La Línea de la Concepción have infringed the relevant provisions of Union law.”

As if that were not enough, they have also criticised the UK, asking us to:

“develop risk-based profiling (in particular Gibraltar should ensure non-systematic and risk analysis-based checks on travellers and their belongings upon exit from Gibraltar at the crossing point of La Línea de la Concepción); optimising legislation and safeguards in view of contributing to an efficient fight against tobacco smuggling; and develop the exchange of intelligence on tobacco smuggling with Spain.”

Send in the navy!


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    Ric Holden,CCHQ says:



    • 10
      Tory chickens voting for stuffing says:

      Hardly surprising when the chief judge is Spanish.


      • 18
        Toxic Labour for spongers, parasites and criminals says:

        Stop buying all Spanish produce, Lettuce, Peaches, Nectarines, Oranges, Satsumas, Clementines, Tomatoes, Avocadoes, Cucumbers, Plums, Melons, Potatoes and many more. When their produce starts rotting in the fields they may reflect on their stupidity.


        • 23
          Tory Party RIP - Killed by Camoron says:


          We’ve been doing our bit – boycotting Spanish wine since July. We get through a bottle of wine a day (minimum), so that’s about 135 sales Spain’s lost. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but I’m we’re just one of thousands of other households that are doing the same thing.


          • walking into the darkness says:

            Can I still watch the Spanish football?


          • Cinna says:

            Typical euro bollox. Can’t expect anything less.


          • Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

            The Navy only gets involved when we want to flood markets with Opium, not just tobacco. This makes our involvement in Afghanistan, to help suppress the Opium trade, except for over-priced purchases from US pharmaceutical companies for the NHS, all the more bizarre.


          • Snoop Doggy Woof Woof says:

            It’ll be Dutch tomatoes for me from now on.


        • 24
          Juan Sheet says:

          What products? A fucking donkey with barrels on it ornament?


        • 71
          Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

          Ah, but what about the one million plus Brits who live there? We don’t want the Spaniards taking it out on them.


          • Toxic Labour for spongers, parasites and criminals says:

            If they all left it would really cripple the Spanish economy so I can’t see any threat there.


          • Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

            They are the only thing propping up the Spanish economy.


          • Chooseday Wednesdaya says:

            Oh yes we fucking do, majority of them are weird middle class racists and the rest are nonce blaggers on the run. Let the Sp!cks rip them to fucking bits.


        • 73
          Watching the Watched says:

          As EU members we always abide by their demands & rules (no other member is so craven), they always shaft us, treat us with disdain, impose absurd & costly regulations, force us to pay up for their errors & treat us like a teat for every low life that they want to get rid of and in return:

          Nick Clegg will become very rich as an EU Commissioner


          • Snoop Doggy Woof Woof says:

            Why would anyone need to smuggle tobacco (or anything else) between two countries in a customs union? What happened to the Common Market?


        • 77
          I'm Mandy try me. says:

          If I were to stop eating all these wonderful items I would soon lose my figure.


        • 97
          f67sd4 says:

          Keep buying budget spanish shotguns though, you might need them one day.


        • 133
          MB. says:

          I stopped buying anything Spanish some time ago, I was thinking of moving some money that had ended up in Santander after various bank take-overs.


        • 176
          Garcia says:

          It is very difficult, but I have done it. The wine and olive oil is easy because there are lots of alternative producers, but in our local supermarkets all the common soft fruit has been Spanish for months. Today I managed Turkish Satsumas, and I see the peaches are at last arriving from South Africa. Just how much do they sell us?


        • 177
          Roy Batty says:

          Well done, that will show them, they must be quaking in their boots. You fucking mong, brainwashed into anger, just where they want you. A nice little distraction like Gibraltar to keep you fucking drones occupied while they continuously butt fuck you each and every day. Wake up, time to die.


        • 195
          Major Plonquer says:

          If so many smugglers are smuggling drugs and contraband into Spain from Gibraltar, shouldn’t we step up security at the UK’s borders and strip search anyone coming from Spain – just to make sure they’re not trying to palm their rubbish off on us?


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      • 69
        Surprise, surprise! says:



      • 81
        ancientpopeye says:

        Time to introduce time wasting delays on all Spanish visitors arriving in the UK?


        • 140
          frequent flier says:

          Yup, I like that. Must make it at least 3 hours – and close the immig counters for them at 6pm so they have to wait in the arrivals corridor until the next day. Reciprocity is the whole basis of diplomacy so sauce for the goose etc…


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      Richard Chimney says:



    • 84
      Press the Button Dave. says:

      The Nuclear Option is the best option.

      Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza (that one’s for Chuka).


    • 184
      Quixote says:

      I thoiught that our immigration officers, customs officers and police were always getting into trouble if there was so much as the smallest hint that they might be involved in risk based profiling as it is rregarded as being in some way discriminatory. Though it might now be suggested as appropriate by the European Commission would a claim by anybody subjected to it be able to claim that their humand rights have been viollated and have that claim upheld by the courts of this country or by the European Court of Human Rights?


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    LB says:

    Put checks on Spanish travelers at Heathrow. Make them go round the queue 10 times.


    • 13
      walking into the darkness says:

      if the European Commission would like us to leave the EU they’ve only go to ask. Shame that we’ve no Navy left to target the crap out of somewhere down there.


    • 20
      Ref. says:

      its the one thing that pisses me off at airports is there is no queue for national passports only, you have to muck in with every bloody EU passport.


    • 59
      The brits are xenophobes says:

      Just in case other europeans arent already treated like shit when arriving in the UK anyway…


      • 65
        Avid Reader says:

        It works both ways.

        Indeed, one of the other commentators here, a certain cat, once remarked that he had to take his ‘well thumbed copy of the Treaty of Rome’ with him when ordering coffee in certain parts of Europe because he was being overcharged.

        EU is a big problem that negatively affects even GF commentators.


      • 99
        Henry says:

        Please desist; I am Faux-phobia-phobic.


    • 139
      Jim says:

      It has always been said up to now that the UK can not check its EU borders. Obviously this is no longer true.
      Are UKIP in trouble now?


      • 143
        frequent flier says:

        Oh yes it can! The UK is not part of the Schengen agreement, so we can check and delay whomsoever the immigbots want to.


    • 147
      FFS says:

      Simply put them to one side on the basis that their passport doesn’t check out. Then act as if they are attempting to enter the UK illegally, keeping them in a holding cell with all the other “enrichment” folk that are claiming asylum.


    • 188
      MB. says:

      Search for something Spanish produce (dead fly found in a box of tomatoes is enough) then impose health on produce from Spain.

      How about extra customs and security checks on everybody (including British holidaymakers) coming from Spain?

      Ask the Frogs, they are experts at that sort of thing.


  3. 3
    Little English People says:

    Weak, weak, weak Cameron will suck it up & hand Spain the keys to Gibralter.


    • 32
      The only way is anal says:

      Nonsense, Dave’s got balls of steel.

      If someone can make up a story about Spain persecuting gays, Dave will throw the full might of the British armed forces at them.

      It’s the one thing that he’s “passionate” about.


    • 85
      cleggy says:

      Yes, after careful deliberation and a lot of soul searching, I have come to the same cocclusion; he is a complete copper-bottomed wanker.


  4. 4
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    What fuckin’ navy?


    • 9
      Tory Party RIP - Killed by Camoron says:


      How about, “Stop giving the EU twenty billion pounds every year”.

      I’m sure Spain can make up the difference. It contributes a lot to the EU’s coffers. Doesn’t it?


    • 26
      MOD says:

      We have aircraft carriers that will accommodate someone else’s planes, and planes that will sit on someone elses carrier.

      What’s not to like?


      • 86
        mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

        We don’t actually have any aircraft carriers operable as such. We have amphious transport/assualt ships with helicopters. Unless we’re preparing to launch an invasion os Spain, I doubt that they’ll be much good.


        • 112
          P l e b says:

          Doing more with less?


        • 128
          Airey Belvoir says:

          The Marines did invade Spain a few years ago, storming ashore from a landing craft, when their fuckwit officer thought they wer on the Gib side of the border. The late Alan Coren said that the German holidaymakers on the beach were ‘falling back on Berlin.’


    • 102
      Henry says:

      Send in the SAS – it’s not the first time they will have had to sort out some scum around the vicinity of Gibraltar.


  5. 5
    Drake's drum says:

    “Send in the navy!”

    What fucking navy?


    • 22
      DAVE (where do i go to sign on ?) CAMERON says:

      Both our sailors are rowing at god speed toward Gibraltar
      when they arrive we have given them our latest in hi tech equipment, new pointy sticks to wave and a large bucket of stones to throw at those pesky Wop Dago’s
      In return i hope they don’t inflame the situation by waving great wads of our free bail out cash at our brave hero’s


      • 40
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

        So all those rowing medals we won at the olympics came in handy after all :-)


      • 197
        Major Plonquer says:

        “pesky Wop Dago’s” What a shamelessly racist thing to say. They are not WOPS (American: Without papers) which refers to Eyeties, not Spicks. True they are Dagoes but you must learn to spell if you are to be taken seriously. If would be more appropriate and more accurate to refer to them as “greasy fat spick dago bastards” which hasn’t a hint to racism in it because it’s 100% accurate and true.


    • 64
      I see no ships !! says:

      Two out of the game as Dave has sent HMS Daring and HMS Ilustrious to Philipines


    • 91
      mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

      You mean the Royal Navy that can’t even tackle Somali pirates, got given a bloody nose by the Iranians and starts crying when they get their Ipods taken away.


  6. 6
    Willy Bum Vague says:

    What did you expect ?
    Europe hate us , you only have to look at the way they vote in Eurovision


  7. 7
    Ref. says:

    So the EU says states can stop and detain people for hours at the border, well, thanks for that, in that case, then you know what to do at the UK border then, get the thorough checks up and running and detain every spaniard at the border. Always a silver lining.


    • 11
      Tory Party RIP - Killed by Camoron says:

      We can probably make life pretty f*cking difficult for the ‘EU’ Roma, too.

      Except, of course, Dave won’t.


      • 27
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

        I’m afraid a 10 hour wait at the airport ain’t gonna stop them entering the land of milk and honey.


        • 33
          Tory Party RIP - Killed by Camoron says:

          True. :-( But it might help. And the EU wants us “to develop risk-based profiling”. I think we should oblige. I think the risk comes from Spanish people and Roma, so let’s profile them and make them queue up, in the cold, in winter, for a minimum of 10 hours, maybe 20, or more, whilst each and every one is given a full body search for contraband.

          What the EU wants, the EU gets.


        • 151
          FFS says:

          We could just shoot anybody that commits a serious crime. On the face of it, it isn’t discriminatory but lets just see how the Roma like the idea.


  8. 14
    Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

    On your knees England.


  9. 15
    George says:

    Wdhy are we putting up with this nonesense? The only way is out!. Not in 2015 but now.


    • 107
      8rfuy6r says:

      Yes, emigrate!
      Let them all come over here and we go to their countries and buy large tracts of land for peanuts in a nice climate. Ooops, I already have ! :P


  10. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Put the rubber gloves on to greet every Spanish national on entry to the UK. Portillo won’t mind.


  11. 17
    Maximus says:



  12. 19
    Call me Dave, future failure says:

    I don’t mind prisoners having the vote, but do we really have to let these hybrid brits have a vote on the EU referendum I will never hold?


  13. 21
    Paniagua V5 says:

    Dave es un coño


    • 28
      Nuke Brussels or nuke Madrid? Choices, choices.. says:

      Is “coño” the Spanish for Cameron?

      As in, “you stupid f*cking Cameron!” or “Look at that stupid Cameron over there! What a Cameron!” ?


      • 43
        Definitely nuke Brussels says:

        Baño is more Dave.

        In Vietnamese, mong = hope. Is Dave off to Vietnam, to be the leader of the pack ?


  14. 29
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Don’t worry Dave’s just keeping his powder dry, like Francis Drake he’ll just finish his game of angry birds and then go out and sink the entire Spanish navy.


  15. 31
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  16. 39
    DAVE anyone else need a handout while i've got my pen out ? CAMERON says:

    I wonder how much of our cash Dave will be giving away today on his latest “Tax payer give away day ” to Northern Sri Lanka ?

    Once they realise just how wealthy and generous we are they too will up sticks and flock to Britain

    British Tax Payers Feeding the worlds poor , where ever they choose to live


  17. 42
    And Guido supports the neocon warmongers says:

    AIPAC Aaranovitch and Finkerstein and Co will be happy when war breaks out with Iran…

    We know who will be responsible…


  18. 45
    Juan Nashun says:

    In fact most Spaniards don’t agree with the Spanish government over Gibraltar. The people dislike the diversionary tactics being used by Rajoy and are well aware they depend alot in Brits to earn their living.


    • 145
      Pierre Robes says:

      A few of the Spanish provinces are on the edge of a major revolt. Lots of splittists who would like to see Spain resemble something like the old Yugoslavia.


  19. 48
    Genghis says:

    So thats Gibraltar down the tubes.

    When will these clowns in Downing St. realise that thge only way to treat bullies is to beat the shit out of them.

    Send a destroyer, pronto! A regiment at least!

    I mean, whats our Navy for if not,,,er……what;, you mean….both ships are away? The Army’s been made redundant?

    Oh shit!!!


    • 82
      Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

      Fingers crossed The President of Argentina has no internet access & is still unable
      to read & understand English otherwise the Falkland Islands are totally fcuked as
      we could not even send the Woolwich Ferry to rebut there next invasion…….

      Well done CMDD who’s really thought through the implications of his decimation of
      our armed forces. Also no one will come to our aid !! as to many countries around
      the now world hate us thanks to Bliar & the thousands he killed & maimed.


      • 191
        Calidius Eroticus says:

        That would be the Argies who would need to swim to the Falklands due to their ships getting repossessed, or sinking at their berth due to lack of maintenance.


  20. 50
    DAVE anyone else need a handout while i've got my pen out ? CAMERON says:

    Most of the tobacco smuggled through our airports comes from mainland Spain , i dont see the Spanish doing much on that front

    What a load of Bollocks


  21. 52
    Parasite says:

    I think we should send you in, you fat bastard. Although I imagine you’re 5 years and a ton of speed away from combat fitness.


  22. 53
    Conservatives Concreting over the Countryside says:

    Davy should send in the developers! At least we have them to spare!!


  23. 57
    alan holmes says:

    Its about time the EU started to sort itselfe out,and stop issuing stupid edicts,they could start by not throwing other peoples money down the drain.


  24. 60
    EUSSR Commissars your real Masters & all Unelected says:

    We agree 150% with the judgement handed down by the EUSSR Commission
    today & have decided the UK province of our glorious EUSSR have to take in another 2 million migrants from the rest of the world during the next 12 months along with natural huge flow of Bulgarians & Romanians which will start on Jan 1 2014 or before.

    End of, No discussion & No comments allowed or tolerated and Gibraltar must
    be seeded back to SPAIN asap regardless what the Gibraltarians have decided by democratic Vote. They will have to VOTE again & continue to VOTE until the right decision is reach, this is what we mean by EUSSR democracy.

    So get on with it !!


    • 67
      Staunchly Brit Pedant says:

      it’s ceded not seeded you illiterate Belgium.


      • 75
        Wait - what! says:

        Actually, he is a ‘Belgian’ not Belgium – that’s bigger but just as pointless.


      • 114
        EUSSR Commissars says:

        We know where your hovel is located !!

        And will pay a surprise visit….

        No wonder your EUSSR province is so despised & hated by our
        glorious leaders here in our capital Brussels. Your EUSSR leaders
        spend most of there time & all of money to dream up ways to make
        your life as unpleasant & expensive as possible……

        You need more GREEN Taxes & are going to get them, along with
        larger numbers of uncontrolled immigration to bring your province
        fully under OUR control then you will appreciate & be fully submissive
        to us your EUSSR Masters.


  25. 61
    EUSSR Commissars says:

    We agree 150% with the judgement handed down by the EUSSR Commission
    today & have decided the UK province of our glorious EUSSR have to take in another 2 million migrants from the rest of the world during the next 12 months along with natural huge flow of Bulgarians & Romanians which will start on Jan 1 2014 or before.

    End of, No discussion & No comments allowed or tolerated and Gibraltar must
    be seeded back to SPAIN asap regardless what the Gibraltarians have decided by democratic Vote. They will have to VOTE again & continue to VOTE until the right decision is reach, this is what we mean by EUSSR democracy.

    So get on with it !!


  26. 63
    SoMuchForCast-IronCameron says:

    The news/views that really count is this piece (yesterday) from Douglas Carswell on how much the EU now controls member state law:


  27. 66
    EUSSR Commissars Again says:

    We post every ruling in duplicate & sometimes triplicate to ensure our orders
    are implemented without delay


  28. 68
    Lurcio says:

    Don’t know about the Navy, but definitely send in the Clowns.


  29. 76
    Sir WW says:

    Two flaws in the Spanish poisition:

    1. They were delaying people leaving Spain. How could they be a threat to them?

    2. They have not found it necessary to operate such strict security at any other tome.


    • 94
      Nuke Brussels or Nuke Madrid? Choices, choices.. says:

      3. Whatever infrastructure the ingrate-nation Spain has, was paid for by us. So they should show some f*cking manners even if they can’t show us any gratitude.


  30. 78
  31. 90
    Trouble at mill says:


  32. 93
    honest jon says:

    so are we going to pay as much attention to it as they do to the stop bull fighting legislation


  33. 106
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    What a shambles in Colombo.

    David Cameron is becoming a Right Wing version of François Hollande.

    FFS get him home quick.


    • 111
      Herbie the Hamster says:

      David Cameron should publish on line the evidence he has of crimes committed by the Government of Ceylon.


  34. 108
    El Sid says:

    Couldn’t we send some of our Moslem’s to sort out the Spanish? They’ve worked well their before.

    I mean, what’s the point of having them if we are not going to deploy them?


  35. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Considering the way UKBA and HMRC behave with Cigarettes and alcohol transported perfectly legally for personal use, the Spanish governments reaction seems fairly tame to me.


  36. 115
    Ric Holden,CCHQ says:

    UKIP: a bunch of wankers.


  37. 118
    Romanian Goat says:

    My master and his many friends from the village are just passing through Spain right now.

    See you soon!


  38. 123
    bogtrott says:

    why dont send all the illegals on a holiday in spain one way.end of problem


    • 162
      Penfold says:

      Because Spain, as usual, will grant an amnesty, give them all papers so that they shuttle orff around Europe legally. As they’ve done 3 times so far in the last 10 years.


  39. 124
    Jimmy says:

    It’s almost is if they don’t take spoonface seriously.


  40. 126
    Mark Wouters says:

    hello BundesRacoon here Again,Continued from Yesterdays item,
    Im Also Fully responsible for ALL HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER FILMS FROM 1992 ONWARDS including ALL HOLLYWOODS HIGHEST GROSS MOVIES ,IM responsible for all GORDON BROWNS ECONOMIC POLICIES and 3 Labour Governments,THE APPLE I -PHONE AND I -PAD are others i Have Had.
    The List of My achievemnts is UTTERLY ENDLESS ,too much to list here ,I dont want a Medal BUT A PERCENTAGE OF ALL MONIES MADE FROM ALL MY IDEAS. SO PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY !


  41. 127
    Nemesis says:

    EU Directive – the most depressing words ever to come from the most depressing foulest organisation on Earth.


  42. 132
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    EUSSR Commission working on Friday?
    It must be serious.


    • 159
      Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

      EUSSR Commission seen working is even more of a serious cause for concern
      for this province of there glorious unelected empire……


      • 182
        Judith Charmless says:

        Another fucking retard who can’t spell, stay off of the fucking internet until you have the required skills to use it you fucking mong.


  43. 135
    MB. says:

    That must have increased the number of votes for UKIP considerably as well as for leaving the EU if we ever get the referendum.

    The EU propaganda department will try to spin it to mean something different and claim that the right wing press have misunderstood the ruling.


    • 163
      EUSSR Commissars says:

      Thats why we told our quisling CMDD to pass legislation to reign them in

      its now not enough & they will have to closed down completely & replaced just

      with EUSSR News & Internet Channel controlled from the capital here in Brussels !

      we are currently looking how to deal with the present unfettered E-Mails & Social

      Networks We know what is is best for all our entombed nationals especially

      those in the disrespectful EUSSR province of Britain.


  44. 136
    Arnold the anarchist(weekends only) says:

    Why don’t we just say “sucks to the Govt and leave the EU as individuals. Just say “No, sorry, it is severely f****d and is pissing me off, so I’m out”. Dragon’s Den style.


  45. 150
    Capt Menthos McMinty says:

    Come on people, be honest now. Is anyone really that surprised about an unelected, undemocratic bunch of rejects from a 19th century freak show siding with a bunch of bull baiting, donkey killing, boozed up, siesta taking, moustachioed, benefits monkeys in Spain? I’d have been amazed if they’d actually come out in our favour and said, “Spain has been a complete twat over this issue. They’re worse than them fucking whingeing Argies. They need to shut the fuck up, and accept that Gibraltar is British, Gibraltar WANTS to be British, and Gibraltar WILL be British until the sun explodes”.

    In the eyes of the EU, the UK exists only to take all the dross from other countries, whilst handing over penny we have. We are not valued partners, we are not close allies. We are a cash cow that turns into a convenient toilet for the world’s shit.


    • 156

      No doubt some time soon the EU will issue a statement about Spanish territorial integrity or some such waffle demanding a ‘road map’ towards return to spanish sovereignty.
      Cameron or Miliband will lap it up.
      Some junior lickspittle from the Foreign Office will be appointed transitional governor.
      A flag lowering ceremony ,the spanish flag raised over the rock followed by the EU rag .
      Playing of the spanish national anthem followed by the Euro anthem.
      Gushing speeches welcoming in a new era of Anglo – Spanish co-operation.
      Royal Marines marching down to the harbour to board a frigate, band playing’ A Life on the ocean wave’.
      Humiliation complete………………..Job done


      • 164
        FFS says:

        The funniest thing is that the Spanish are pissed off with Gibraltarians messing about in their fishing waters when the Spanish are themselves pissing about in OUR fishing waters handed to them since Maastricht.


    • 167
      Anonymous says:

      +63M (-650)


  46. 153
    Memo from Ed Davey says:

    David Cameron cannot mount a legally watertight judicial challenge in the EU.

    David Cameron cannot go to Sri Lanka and avoid rioters attacking his convoy.

    David Cameron cannot win an outright General Election victory against a discredited unpopular bipolar Scotsman.

    David Cameron cannot hold down an easy directorship with a FTSE100 company.

    David Cameron cannot put together and run a Coalition Government.

    David Cameron cannot appoint a Press Officer without the police getting involved;

    David Cameron cannot call a Public Inquiry into Press Standards without embarrassingly having to attend in person and display his emails and lack of knowledge about internet etiquette.

    David Cameron cannot mount a horse without it coming back to embarrass him.

    What can David Cameron actually do?


    • 165
      FFS says:

      Angry Birds


    • 166
      Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

      Yes agree with all of what you said…….

      It seems DC only excels at listening to all of your fcuking twaddle & crap
      about screwing everyone, except the chosen few, into the ground with
      fcuking useless discredited windmills (of your anus) that need to torn
      down asap, fcuking useless Green Taxes to keep you in the style you
      have become accustomed

      The Romanian swarms post Jan 1st will soon strip these windmills down
      for scrap PDQ…. hope they shuve them up where the sun doe’s not shine
      & you have one of the biggest as you speak through it most of the time


      • 168
        FFS says:

        I’m told that the Roma prefer the back-up batteries in cellular radio basestations.


        • 169
          Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

          Yes they will be welcomed to take those as well, thanks to CMDD lack
          of any action what so ever to stop them, coming here !!!


  47. 161
    Penfold says:

    The following headlines from the Gibraltar Chronicle show the problem with so-called tobacco smuggling, caused by the EU and rules –

    Headlines – Wednesday, 24th April 2013
    Increase in tobacco smuggling in Andalusia
    The incidents involving contraband tobacco in the province of Cádiz have tripled in the first quarter of 2013 over the same period of 2012, according to Government Sub Cadiz, Javier de Torre.

    Headlines – Wednesday, 27th February 2013
    Workers’ fury as EU Commission gives blessing to Spain’s tobacco twist
    The European Commission said Spain’s decision to enforce additional tobacco restrictions on residents of the Campo de Gibraltar complied with EU law.
    Responding to a question tabled in the European Parliament by Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson, the Commission said European law permitted special rules for people resident in frontier zones.
    Last January, the Spanish Government implemented a change in its domestic laws that meant people living within a radius of 15 kilometres of the border were only allowed to bring 80 cigarettes across the border, instead of 200 cigarettes as was the norm.

    Headlines – Saturday, 12th January 2013
    La Linea may challenge Madrid’s ‘discriminatory’tobacco law
    A new Spanish law that cuts the cigarette allowance for people living close to the border is coming under increased flak from the communities it targets.
    La Linea’s town council said yesterday that it was considering a legal challenge to the ‘discriminatory’ law, which was implemented by the Spanish Government at the beginning of the year.

    Headlines – Wednesday, 9th January 2013
    Tobacco restrictions at frontier irk Spanish workers
    Restrictions on the cigarette importation quota allowed by the Spanish authorities through the frontier as a means to curb illegal tobacco smuggling are already causing rumblings of discontent among frontier workers on the Rock.

    Headlines – Monday, 9th May 2011
    The Spanish Government is taking steps to formalise in law a restriction on tobacco products that has been applied to regular commuters at the border since January this year.
    The restriction limits the number of cigarettes that a person can carry from Gibraltar into Spain to one carton per month. Prior to January, the limit was three cartons a month.
    European law sets a one carton limit on travellers entering the EU customs zone from third countries, which would be the case for a person crossing from Gibraltar into Spain.
    But the limit is per crossing and does not account for people who live next to a border and cross it multiple times every month.


  48. 173
    Ted Davison says:

    ‘risk analysis-based checks on travellers and their belongings’

    Oh good. Official support for racial profiling.


  49. 174
    Jesus Of Nazareth says:



  50. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Easy way to resolve this. Join schengen. Then what Spain was doing would be illegal. Oh wait I forgot. Libertarians believe in freedom from the state except when it might benefit Johny Foreigner.


  51. 186
    Ralph Jolly says:

    Gibraltar is a shit hole. Take out the troops and there are no British people left. Why can’t we be adult about this and agree a fair price with Spain and wash our hands of this God forsaken place. It really is the arse hole of Spain, full of tax cheats, and crack smoking lawyers. They are mostly Spanish/Moroccans who would only speak English if you put a gun to their heads. Being British to them is a way to stick 2 fingers up to Spain and consider themselves superior. Anyone who has had the displeasure of visiting the shit hole knows they are inferior at best. I’m amazed that the Spaniards still want to have anything to do with them.
    Time for us to get rid.


  52. 200
    Barry Tuck says:

    Is it not about time we stopped taking our holidays in Spain? They need British holiday makers money spent in their country we need to send a strong message to the Spanish government.


  53. 201
    Bazza says:

    Ref this latest Spanish offence their opening government mail.Its about time the British stopped taking their holidays in Spain. Lets see how they get on without our money. If we all stopped going there they would go bust!


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