November 3rd, 2013

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  • Ed Davey claims more for his constituency rent than the mortgage should cost and gets his energy bills paid by taxpayer.
  • Taxpayers pay Davey’s office rent to a company of which his wife is a director.
  • Heave ho for Yeo? Constituency Tories considering de-selection.
  • How Harry Potter star could boost Seb Coe’s run for London mayor.
  • Huhne’s “comedy lesbian” Carina is studying to be a lawyer.
  • Former Tory agent to 3 ministers ousted as councillor now faces being expelled from party over fraud, Why did CCHQ allow cover-up?
  • The Catholic legislators unwisely plotting this week.

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  1. 1
    Amen to That says:

  2. 2
    G'day cobbers, it's Lynton Cosby here says:

    £500,000! Woot! I found all the electioneering tips in a skip, but I saw Dave coming.

  3. 3
    Paul Lewis says:

  4. 4
    Render unto Glue and Soap says:

    Well Maria Tub of Lard Miller has me confused. She said on Marr she was happy with the Press setting up their own regulation, then ended Marr when questioned by the press by saying the Royal charter should regulate the press.

  5. 5
    Manchuria says:

    Other terms for it include ‘fellow travellor’, ‘crypto-communist’, ‘extreme left-wing freemason’ and ‘disingenuous anti-democratic traitor’. But let’s not get bogged down in semantics. The imposter know as David William Donald Cameron is unfit for public office.

  6. 6
    Manchuria says:

    No confusion. She is a malleable useful idiot.

  7. 7
    Stephen Yaxley-Lennon-Sell-Out says:

    Happy Diwali! I wuv all you ethnics!

  8. 8
    altruism in industry says:

    I thought we had the masons for that sort of thing ?

  9. 9
    altruism in industry says:

    the love in with your muslim mate didn’t last very long

  10. 10
    KP Roasted says:

    Didn’t Delingpole fail in a bid to become a UKIP MEP?

    It takes something special to be too nutty for UKIP!

  11. 11
    Great British Bay Cough says:

    Nothing on Brooks and Coulson?

  12. 12
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Don’t forget Cameron (among many other MPs) being a founding signatory to the thuggish and fascist “Unite Against Fascism”.

    A “nightmare”? An utter national disgrace, more like – much like the party he pretends to lead.

  13. 13
    Thames Dover Wight says:

    Are you actually speaking as the grand master or whatever their blokes are called.
    Seem to recollect like lions and round table these blokes give a lot of the Wonga stuff to charities.
    Cant all be bad then can it.

    Me, Im trying to keep my families head out of the water .

  14. 14
    Sunny Hundal gets confused over illegal immigration says:

    That reminds me of a piece posted on here recently about Sunny Hundal…

  15. 15
    Titus Oates says:

    OK, what are the effing left-footers up to this time?

  16. 16
    Guido's Redundant Staple Spreading Location Assistant says:

    Bread, butter.

    You know the score.

  17. 17
    An Advert says:

    Only in The Sun+!

  18. 18
    A Scale of One to Ten says:

    She’s a Privy Councillor who doesn’t know her arse from her elbow. Sunny Whatshisname is a nobody.

  19. 19
    Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

    Vote Tory, get this shite.

  20. 20
    Messenger says:


  21. 21
    Messenger says:

    Sub judice.

  22. 22
    Messenger says:

    The ones intending to vote Labour or the ones intending to vote Tory?

  23. 23
    fernando's pants says:

    Yeah….where’s the Sun headline “Coulson ploughed my ginger twat until it looked like it had been in a plane crash…?

  24. 24
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:

    Why should I care ? The mug Taxpayers are picking up my energy bills.

  25. 25
    Neil Hamilton says:

    Hard to imagine

  26. 26
    Common Purpose the Angel of Light says:

    Nice Try. You make a good effort at sounding reasonable and plausible. But Common purpose is effectively a cult that brain washes its members into believing that their aims are reasonable and good.

    2 Corinthians 11:13-14
    For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light

  27. 27
    Roses are red , so is Ed and Dave, roses smell nice says:

    She’s the type you sent to the stores in an engineering company for a long wait, she is thick as two short planks, used by Camoron to do his dirty work, so he can turn around and look innocent when crap like the HS2 and the shutting up of the newspapers are mentioned.

  28. 28
    STFU says:

    On going trial Dude.

  29. 29
    A Scale of One to Ten says:

    Ah, the state controlled media. Don’t you love the trivia they have on there these days?

  30. 30
    tn02 says:

    ‘extreme left-wing freemason’

    Why do you think that the national socialists in 1930’s / 1940’s Germany banned Fremasonry?

  31. 31
    fernando's pants says:

    Trying to make a point using a quote from the bible is, well…..pointless.

  32. 32
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Isn’t he the guy that said : I wear a jumper at home to keep energy bills down, nice to know he is trying saving the taxpayer money on his free heating.

  33. 33
    Cameron is a Leader of Common Purpose says:

    Cameron is on the Home Page of Common Purpose


  34. 34
    altruism in industry says:

    “She might well have a perfectly good explanation for what happened, though when our reporters were making inquiries, after receiving information from a well-placed source, we were advised by an aide to consider the Culture Secretary’s role in deciding the future of press regulation before publishing any details. This point was later reinforced by Downing Street. “

  35. 35
    Wisdom in few words says:

    The Bible explains in seconds how evil manifests as light and why people easily fall for it.

  36. 36
    tn02 says:

    Left out this link…

    Some can see parallels between secretive organisations like Common Purpose and Freemasonry for advancing particular aims/designs for the advantage of a select few.

    The secrecy allows “useful idiots” to be enlisted in large numbers.

  37. 37
    C.O.Jones says:

    Now THAT is altruism for you,

  38. 38
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:


  39. 39
    fernando's pants says:

    I think you meant ‘a long stand’. Others being ‘tartan paint’, ‘left handed screwdriver’ etc….

  40. 40
    Sir Nob Skelpoff says:

    What do you think The Big Society is?
    It’s not actually Communitarian it’s Saul Alinsky Communitarianism…

  41. 41
    Jam today says:

    you won’t find these stories in the sun

    both of which have ‘disapeared’ from the telegraph

    as has this

    the british media maintaining support for the establishment, delivering propaganda and supporting the tory party – nothing changes does it?

  42. 42
    Thames Dover Wight says:

    So what is evil masons or extreme freemasons?. Did the national socialist ban the round table and lions as well?

  43. 43
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Philanthropy indeed.

  44. 44
    Hugh Seamus, "stage mick," says:

    Oh, bejeezus, sure, an’ me Ma an’ Da always said, ’tis no matter ye be left-foot or right-foot, ’tis more important ye score the goal!

    Now where’d I leave me bottle o’ Jameson’s? ‘Twas here a moment ago, ye spalpeen! Sure, an’ I’ll wallop ye with me shillelagh if I find you’ve taken it!

  45. 45
    Jimmy says:

    32 And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.

    33 And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.

    34 Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold,

    35 And laid them down at the apostles’ feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.


  46. 46
    Ed Miliband says:

    My favourite band are the Falkirk Fiddlers.

  47. 47
    I ker-ching says:

    Never, ever, under any circumstances compromise with Evil

  48. 48
    Concerned of East Perry says:

    If that is the case and I’m not arguing against. How on Earth did Cameron become leader of a Conservative party?

  49. 49
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    After the government seized control of the press, it was recognized that people would perhaps consider this negatively and perhaps come to rightly regard the press as a mere propaganda outlet for government views.

    So, the government decided to run some stories which would help rebuild credibility of the press in the public’s eye by running some stories which would resonate and distract from the action of regulation.

    Whilst Cameron is clearly involved in Common Purpose, a fact not lost on many who have been observing his actions over the past few years, particularly since he became Prime Minister, it should not be forgotten that the apparatchiks who now control press output are also very much products of the same organization.

    One should ask now if Cameron colluded with the Police and cabinet staff in order to bounce M!tchell from his chief whip position.

    Further one should ask whether the fake storm last weekend, followed by this are simply government run psy-ops perpetrated in the media in order to shift public focus from the real problems of increased energy prices, continuing economic decline of the UK and the R’omanian / B’ulgarian hoards which will soon be boosting the crime stats of urban centers in the UK.

    The enemy of the people without remains G’ermany and R’ussia.

    The enemy of the people within remains the government.

  50. 50
    Thames Dover Wight says:

    The philosophical doctrine that right action is that which produces the greatest benefit to others. How many of the current MPs put that before their own ends?

  51. 51
    Social Media is the New Opium of the Masses says:

    Maguire said on Marr that they (we) had all been talking about the Brooks Coulson affair but could not mention it in public until it was used at trial.

    Geedo said the chattering classes had been chattering about the Brooks Coulson affair all Summer but it could not be published.

    How come the elite chattering classes were party to the information and have no qualms in admitting that they were openly discussing it but the Pleb classes were under threat of prison if they discussed it on their social media?

  52. 52
    The Common Purpose Link says:

  53. 53
    Lord Salisbury says:

    Written by morons for morons.

  54. 54
    Anon says:

    Perhaps one of the questions we should demand the sitting incumbent
    para*site is made to answer “Do we pay your energy bills”

    The trouble is these pim*ps have a first class degree @ being economical
    with the truth & have utter contempt for the electors.

    How much longer are we expected to put up with these lee*ches plying
    there devious trade of manipulation & mendacity before one or more
    of them is found swinging from lamp posts ??

    Yet they still claim we are all in this together……BUT some are more
    equal than others…..

    This is something we should all remember when we come to VOTE
    @ the 2014 G*E as this stinking stable of corrupted manure needs
    to fully cleansed from OUR society asap.

  55. 55
    The Spin Cycle says:

    Girls with nice boobs wearing t-shirts helped.

    You also have to remember who the alternatives were.

  56. 56
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Can’t be bothered to watch it – or pay for it, as many others can’t:

    The best-rated comment on the article puts it perfectly.

  57. 57
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Sub duvet, too.

  58. 58
    C.O.Jones says:

    Sunday Afternoon Quiz

    Who said?

    “Cause there’s a red, under my bed”

    was it

    1/ Andy Coulson

    2/ The Kinks

    3/ David Miliband when sleeping in the top bunkbed

    answers on a postcard to:

  59. 59
    Labour Party says:

    Yes, that’s it, keep going, keep saying UKIP are nutty. We – along with conservatives – push for unlimited immigration, giving of more powers to the EU, ever expanding “diversity and equality” thought police and the destruction of normal family life. So keep repeating it KP roasted, you heard it on the BBC, you read it in the Guardian, you know it’s true, anyone who dissents is nutty, that’s it breath deeply, repeat it, don’t let any thoughts enter your tiny mind…

  60. 60
    Observer says:

    May abandons her plans for an immigration bond. Feeble though this may have been, and completely useless for EU immigrants, at least it was something:

    Actually probably another of Lynton’s schemes, ‘get the headlines out there, it doesn’t matter if anything really happens, we look good’.

  61. 61
    Sir Nob Skelpoff says:

    Common Purpose has a network of self promoting ‘Graduates’.

  62. 62
    Truthteller says:

    They’re all f-ing corrupt.

  63. 63
    Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

    “and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.”

    “I really really need nine houses!” – Tony Blair

    “My £2million house, paid for by taxpayer, is most essential to me. I deserve it.” – Red Ed Miliband

  64. 64
    A hard working MP says:

    You know, heating my swimming pool doesn’t have use up a lot of ‘lecky – thankfully the mug tax-payers fork out for that (as they did the swimming pool, of course)

  65. 65
    Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    PLEASE remember That some are more equal than others !!!

    Say’s it all IMHO

    I must go & get an extra jumper as advised by One Term is Enough for
    Everyone Dave, as I worry & struggle to pay my bills, something the
    chattering classes are NOT really concerned about as we are expendable
    in this fragmented class ridden society where the elite are at the top of
    the pile especially the Bullington & Oxbridge blood suckers as nothing has
    really changed since the Downton Abbey society ruled the roost as they
    still do……..

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:


  67. 67
    History says:

    Presumably he’ll be inviting in some horde from the Eastern Bloc to help him keep power if we try and kick him out.

  68. 68
    The LibLabCon elite says:

    Laws are for little people.

  69. 69
  70. 70
    JadedJean says:

    All very good up until your penultimate sentence…

    “The enemy of the people without remains G’ermany and R’ussia.”

    Perhaps those states tend to lean towards national socialism (socialism in one country – by putting their own people first) as a opposed to the international socialism practiced here. See how Golden Dawn in Greece are being vilified as N@zi’s just for saying that Greece should be for the Greeks.

    We all know who the cosmopolitans (read chosen ones) are here who pull the strings ultimately for the benefit of their own kind. In the UK and the US their doctrine in known as libertarianism and it’s far right. In the UK we only only have a choice of libertarian parties coloured red, blue and yellow, or combination. National socialism in the UK died with clause IV being abolished along with the likes of Michael Foot and John Smith.

    Remember, it was the Tories that introduced mass immigration into the UK, a policy that has been continued (accelerated?) by every political party to this day. The same with privatisation of the public sector whther by stealth PFI etc or any other means.

  71. 71
    Reality says:

    If you stop and think about it for a minute:

    The chattering ‘classes’ only had the AC / RB affair to talk about this summer ? Somewhat incredible. Perhaps passing conversation, before moving on to the more juicy details of how Cameron has been totally compromised, that he may have ‘been there’ as well, and when is he going to resign.

    One would suggest that the ‘chattering classes’ have perhaps been nervously chattering about the ongoing p’edo investigations and ensuring that they are covered and have their stories straight just in case plod come a knocking.

  72. 72
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    It says in the Mirror that 340 of the 650 fuckers are getting you all to pay their energy bills at the same time the Chief Fucker is telling you all to wear a wooly jumper this winter.

    Are you going to riot or simply wander around like lost sheep?

  73. 73
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    If this man is going to be your Prime Minister is he going to take you out of the EU and abolish VAT ?

  74. 74
    This is brill says:

    The Farage rap, watch him humiliate Barrosso near the end.

  75. 75
    Dave Cameron's cost-of-living helpline says:

    Christmas will soon be upon us and is a time of joy and goodwill to all men. But, in these austere times, many men are anxious about the cost – particularly the cost of groceries and suchlike. But everyone can reduce their household expenditure quite easily.

    When your family has finished its scrumptious Christmas dinner, instead of throwing away the leftovers, tell your head cook to share the remnants amongst your domestic staff. Your servants will appreciate your seasonal thoughtfulness, and you can deduct the value of the meal from their wages. I’d suggest about £30 per head, plus a ten percent service charge.

  76. 76
    Aunt Hilda says:

    nothing suggests what you say about Mitchell being anything close to true

  77. 77
    Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    Yes say’s it all …. Thank you as I tip my cap & grovel as demanded of the
    lower order by the political elite who believe they have divine right to
    govern handed down from on high……

    “A hard working MP” who spend all of there time devising ways how they
    can shaft & defecate on the Tax Payers & of course all within the rules
    devised by them @ every opportunity by the Cons*LieLabor*LebDims
    evil alliance

  78. 78
    Dave Lee Travis is innocent says:

    I think that the reply of this man from the “City” will vary depending upon what Pub he is in at the time.

  79. 79
    The LibDemon party says:

  80. 80
    Nothing as funny says:

    As watching two Ethnics argue like f*ck over the telly tax.

  81. 81
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

    Trash & C-list wannabes, the lot of them.

  82. 82
    oh what a treat says:

    additionally if their celebrations are delayed until tea-time all those presents received and played with or bust after several hours can be wrapped for the staff. anyone complaining their gift is knackered can always be called clumsy bastards and dismissed.

  83. 83
    Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    I understand that Rope suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand !!!

    Wonder why ??

    Perhaps something unexpected is about to happen & that may explain the
    reason why

  84. 84
    Living in 98.11% white Merseyside says:

    Too cold (or so I thought) to go for a paper this morning but it would have definitely not been the Sun!

    Not sure our local newsagent even sells it.

  85. 85
    History boy says:

    Thought it was Attlee’s government that introduced mass immigration.

  86. 86
    Living in 98.11% white Merseyside says:

    Poor old Nige.

  87. 87
    Living in 98.11% white Merseyside says:

    Poor old Nige. Doesn’t stand a chance.

  88. 88
    My Belly Laugh says:

    A Classic.

  89. 89
    The BBC are frit. says:

    There would be no arguments, no dodgers, no inspectors if the TV licence was a chipped viewing card.

  90. 90
    fried soup says:

    Remember the copper’s blog? He said he always knew when he was calling on a household living on benefit, the heating was on full blast and all the lights were on.

  91. 91
    Not so pessimistic says:

    He’ll see off the faux Tories which will be the start to reclaiming our democracy.

  92. 92
    Little Bo peep says:

    My storeman assured me he was fresh our of elbow grease.

  93. 93
    Little Bo peep says:

    their own rear ends?

  94. 94
    Lost Sheep says:

    Where are we, baaaaaaa.

  95. 95
    Common Purpose at work says:

    This was the Telegraph’s second major Sunday scoop until this morning, taking a prominent position on the home page but it has now been disappeared.

    Link to the article

  96. 96
    Boo says:

    The red under my bed said he came from Po-land…

  97. 97
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    @JJ: Your frame of reference is wrong.

    Adjust it to look at who precisely would want to undermine both NATO and UK-USA agreement.

    Looking at the realpolitik being played out is key.

    Whether the apparent subversion of UK / USA government is total or only partial is currently unknown. The surface appears to indicate it is, but what is really happening underneath is not yet publicly known.

    The only visibility we have into the lower levels at present seems to be the turbulence surrounding the semi high profile police investigations, and the odd behavior of Saud! Arab!a.

  98. 98
    Sheepdipper says:


    Obvious really

  99. 99
    Sheepdipper says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be another hurricane blowing through this morning? Wonder how it got lost again.

  100. 100
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Quote from the TV License mong:

    ‘TV licensing does not trust your word.’

  101. 101
    The State Controlled Media says:

    “TV Licensing does not trust your word”

  102. 102
    Judge Dreadful says:

    She even span out the old lie about them doing detection measurements.

    No magistrates court in the entire country has been presented in the last 12 months with any evidence emanating from the alleged “TV Detector Van”.

  103. 103
    Terry says:

    I believe in family and today’s kids are our future

    I can understand why we’re seeing riots in prisons due to government cuts in service personnel. Please take time out to watch this film of my work in prisons to help in the rehabilitation of young offenders then tell me why my family deserve to lose our home to the state owned Northern Rock bank : Prison projects operate through our ‘not for profit on-line community crime prevention initiative

    If you believe in family life and feel justice is not being serrved in our case please help publicise our on-line campaign to return to our empty derelict home that has remained vacant for the past 5 years via this link:

    Regards Terry Armstrong 07900 221156

  104. 104
    altruism in industry says:

    there’s sumat wrong with yur ‘puter

  105. 105
    Aesop says:

    That will be because he is dishonest. It is in his nature. He’s an MP.

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Who do those TV licencing c.u.nt.s think they are? I wonder if they’re Common Purpose trained?

  107. 107
    HEARDITALL says:

    Both speaking in accent free, impeccable English!

  108. 108
    Bill Tong says:

    Some radical Islamists are preferable to Owen Jones.

  109. 109
    Little Ed says:

    When I am Pwime Minithter, the wich will be poor, and the poor will be wich, and I will be a mwulti-mwillionaire.

  110. 110
    Sir Nob Skelpoff says:

    Thanks, I was looking for that.

  111. 111
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I can recommend this sure fire wager.

    Good Afternoon.

    Prince Harry’s deepening relationship with girlfriend Cressida Bonas has prompted punters to reach for their wallets.
    Bets have been placed on whether Harry will pop the question to Miss Bonas next year causing one bookmaker to slash its odds.
    Harry and Cressida spent last weekend together shooting on the Queen’s private Sandringham Estate.
    It is not the first time the couple have spent time away together at the Queen’s home and is a sign of the seriousness of their love.
    The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were not at Sandringham at the time but it was still a significant event.
    Bookies William Hill have shortened the odds on the prince getting engaged in 2014 from 6/1 to 2/1 after recent bets – with money also coming in for a 2013 wedding announcement which is 3/1.

  112. 112
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    They wouldn’t introduce anything like that (which would at least be democratic), because that would allow everybody to watch all the commercial stations on TV sets, no card, no BBC, no comebacks, no loss, their viewer ratings would plunge like a stone.

  113. 113
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  114. 114
    Sir Nob Skelpoff says:

    Is that his “cumming face” in the photo?

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    and your first two children will still be bastards.

  116. 116
    altruism in industry says:

    in Somerset it bucketed it down for all of 30 seconds

  117. 117
  118. 118
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Also the Years when mass Eastern Europ*an immigration into the UK kicked in under Labour (steep upward curve).

  119. 119
    geordieboy says:

    Because stupid bastards voted for him.

  120. 120
    Diane Fatbott says:


  121. 121
    HEARDITALL says:


  122. 122
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  123. 123
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  124. 124
    Little Ed says:

    Hath anybody notithed what happened to energwy pwices after I announthed a future pwice fweeze? They all went up!

  125. 125
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Don’t you mean “Justine’s” children?
    (‘Tis a wise child indeed, they say…)
    Now, Ed and his brother David WERE born in wedlock.
    But they’re still a coupla stupid bastards, if you ask me…

  126. 126
    JH30943409534 says:

    One more time.

    The eyes. Look. At. Those. Fucking. Eyes.

  127. 127
    JadedJean says:

    Attlee was Prime Minister from 1945 to 1951. The flow of immigrants into the UK peaked between 1965 and 1972. The surge occured during Wilson’s and Heath’s governments. The point I was trying to make was that irrespective of which government was in power, there was a deliberate policy of encouraging mass immigration into the UK.

  128. 128
    stun says:

    Watch this space…

    Just very wet.

  129. 129
    Admiral Nelson says:

    Sometimes I wonder why the fuck I bothered.

  130. 130
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Neither Masons nor Extreme Masons were particularly evil.

    The NSDAP banned freemasonry and prevented masons from obtaining party membership by 1935:

    The NSDAP also falsely propagandized a masonic-j’ewish conspiracy as a threat to the Reich.

    H’eydrich was obsessed with masonry, and created SD, a special division of the SS to ‘deal’ with the Mason ‘problem’.

    The ban did not extend to the ‘Old Prussian lodges’. Those renamed to become ‘The F’rederick the Great Association’ were allowed to operate and signed allegiance to H’iter.

    This is significant as the lodges in question had international links with the West. The following history should explain:

    The Scottish Rite originated in F’rance in 1754 under C’hevalier d’e B’onneville with 25 degrees.

    In 1758, the degree’s were taken to B’erlin under the name ‘Council of Emperors Left and Right’, and in 1762 F’rederick became head of the Council and promulgated the Constitution of 1762.

    In 1786 the Constitution was modified and 8 degrees were added forming 33.

    The organization was renamed ‘Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’. One of the changes to the constitution allowed control of the degrees to be assumed by national councils.

    This is according to the AASR, Orient of Texas.

    The only masons to be persecuted were those which belonged to the ‘modern lodges’.

    Where they existed in Europe, Rotary Clubs were banned by the NSDAP:

    The Lions Clubs apparently did not appear in Europe until 1948, in France. They would have missed the persecution but would have likely been targeted by the NSDAP.

  131. 131
    Hamspam Chowder says:

  132. 132
  133. 133
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Neither Masons nor Extreme Masons were particularly evil.

    The NSDAP banned freemasonry and prevented masons from obtaining party membership by 1935:

    The NSDAP also falsely propagandized a masonic-j’ewish conspiracy as a threat to the Reich.

    H’eydrich was obsessed with masonry, and created SD, a special division of the SS to ‘deal’ with the Mason ‘problem’.

    The ban did not extend to the ‘Old Prussian lodges’. Those renamed to become ‘The F’rederick the Great Association’ were allowed to operate and signed allegiance to H’iter.

    This is significant as the lodges in question had international links with the West. The following history should explain:

    The Scottish Rite originated in F’rance in 1754 under C’hevalier d’e B’onneville with 25 degrees.

    In 1758, the degree’s were taken to B’erlin under the name ‘C’ouncil of Emperors Left and Right’, and in 1762 F’rederick became head of the C’ouncil and promulgated the Constitution of 1762.

    In 1786 the Constitution was modified and 8 degrees were added forming 33.

    The organization was renamed ‘Ancient and Accepted S’cottish R’ite of F’reem’asonry’. One of the changes to the Constitution allowed control of the degrees to be assumed by national councils.

    This is according to the AASR, O’rient of T’exas.

    The only masons to be persecuted were those which belonged to the ‘modern lodges’.

    Where they existed in E’urope, R’otary C’lubs were banned by the NSDAP:


    The Lions Clubs apparently did not appear in Europe until 1948, in France. They would have missed the persecution but would have likely been targeted by the NSDAP.

  134. 134
    We love our country says:

    Wear-poppy-dont-burn-Muslim-leaders-urge-followers-respect-Remembrance-Sunday. DM.

  135. 135
  136. 136
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:

  137. 137
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    I found them very easy to stitch and they will make a lovely Xmas presents.

  138. 138
    Complete Tosser With No Sense says:

    That’ll be me then.

  139. 139
    Jimmy says:

    L’hypocrisie est un hommage que le vice rend à la vertu.

  140. 140
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I cant wait to roll a big fat one and smoke it.

  141. 141
    Assistant Editor of the Telegraph says:

  142. 142
    Has Common Purpose Infiltrated the MSM? says:

  143. 143
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    TV detector vans could detect operation of television equipment remotely as old CRT TV’s were somewhat radio noisy.

    However, being able to pinpoint specific location of a TV in operation would be impossible without two detector vans to allow triangulation.

    Other than a superb propaganda device, TV detector vans were perhaps more used as a covert means of keeping an eye on certain sections of the population. If they were full of surveillance equipment, then recording snatches of conversations in homes and detecting the presence of unauthorized radio transmissions was perhaps their other purpose alongside creating a climate of fear and promoting consensus around payment of the TV tax.

    The use for detecting unauthorized radio transmissions is highly likely as the detector vans were heavily propagandized during the cold war era when foreign agents were broadcasting back to base, and the government had limited other means of identifying safe houses etc.

  144. 144
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Ed Balls once ran the Fabian’s. Is he still their leader ?

  145. 145
    Village Idiot says:

    …It is his,penny has dropped,realisation face!

  146. 146
    Chinky Davey says:

    Nope, totally un fucking funny, seriously un fucking funny. If it had been written by a sixth former for a part of their political studies course the teacher would have rightly marked them with a F for failing to grasp the basics of either politics or comedy. Now as for you, STOP POSTING SHIT LINKS TO YOUR SHIT TUMBLE WEED UN—FUCKING—-FUNNY BLOG ON HERE. At first it was annoying, then it was a little bit desperate, now it is beyond sad, it is actually depressing, really fucking depressing that a fuckheaded delusional arsehole like you exhisrs and breathes and is allowed access to the internet. Just give it up you sad UN-FUCKING-FUNNY ARSEHOLE.

  147. 147
  148. 148
    A Right Fucking Bastard says:

    Fucking bang on, Chinky.

    You’re just not fucking funny, cvnt.

  149. 149
    and now the weather.. says:

    sunday in sunny britain … what a relaxing day

  150. 150
    Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

    Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. Nothing there but reason and goodness. Now, look into my eyes, look into my eyes. Nothing there but reason and goodness. Now, look into my eyes, look into my eyes. Nothing there but reason and goodness. Now, look into my eyes, look into my eyes.

  151. 151
    Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

    Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. Nothing there but reason and goodness. Now, look into my eyes, look into my eyes. Nothing there but reason and goodness. Now, look into my eyes, look into my eyes. Nothing there but reason and goodness. Now, look into my eyes, look into my eyes.

  152. 152
  153. 153
    JadedJean says:

    Marxist-Leninist theory (see modern China for The Elephant in the Room) asserts that capitalism has its own inherent seeds of self-destruction.
    The long-term Soviet strategy, would, logically therefore have been to let it destroy itself by running its own deregulating course with the help of “useful idiots” (infantile disordered narcissists/anarchists known as Social Democrats which they’d ousted in the 1930s and which the USA then welcomed (like a Trojan Horse?) as “dissidents”. This was also seen as the road to socialism in that societies had to pass through that phase.

    Anglelton (CIA Counter Intelligence) was, allegedly, persuaded that Golitsyn may have been genuine. He was ousted. Was he right?

  154. 154
    and now the weather.. says:

    your eyes are like pools

  155. 155
    looks like a minger but goes like a belter says:

    you would though

  156. 156
    From NHS to UN says:

    Common Purpose is the enemy of the individual and individual thought.

  157. 157
    Fighting the Myth of AGW is a Common Purpose says:

    At least we now know why the BBC, the EU and the UN all like David Cameron. They all have a Common Purpose.

  158. 158
    Wooleybaggers Guild says:

    I’ve got me wellies on ready just give the word

  159. 159
    Corned Beef Biceps says:

    Owen Jones should be given a traiin set and some lego to construct his left wing fantasy

  160. 160
    Ed Miliband says:

    I can’t help myself, my promise you everything bandwagon is running away. Notice though how I promise you everything with other peoples money. It’s the labour way.

  161. 161
    Anonymous says:

    Ceteris paribus.

  162. 162
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    “Vote Blue, go Green”.

    That Milliband is a real conman.

  163. 163
    Major Dalby says:

    Now, listen to me. Listen to me. Common Purpose has your good at its heart. Common Purpose has your good at its heart.
    Now, listen to me. Listen to me. Common Purpose has your good at its heart. Common Purpose has your good at its heart.
    Now, listen to me. Listen to me. Common Purpose has your good at its heart. Com mon Purpose has your good at its heart.
    Now, listen to me. Listen to me. Common Purpose has your good at its heart. Common Purpose has your good at its heart.

  164. 164
  165. 165
    The BBC says:

    How do you like our repeats programme schedule? Our star programme this afternoon was a 2009 edition of Escape to the Country. We still have many 6 figure salary executives, wasted £100 million, had to pay slander costs, but you the license fee payer get dumped on. Oh how we laugh and take the piss.

  166. 166
    M&S and other UK Retailers says:

    We prefer to have ours made in Bangladesh. Its because the UK buyer wants to buy cheap and not because we want to make greater profit, honest!

  167. 167
    The BBC. London Calling says:

    Coming soon.

    From December 1st, BBC Radio Five Live will be re launched as the BBC Owen Jones channel.

    He’s in Broadcasting House that often, we thought we might as well name a channel after him.

  168. 168
    entertaining stuff says:

    but not far wrong at the time

  169. 169
    Ed Miliband says:

    Falkirk and Grangemouth. I have nothing to say, Len says so.

  170. 170
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Why are the BBC not forced to introduce advertising to reduce the TV licence. They advertise quite freely on their overseas world service.

  171. 171
    pissedasaparrot says:

    you’ve had too many sherries

  172. 172
    Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths says:

    in short ed you’re a complete c’unt

  173. 173
    The BBC are cunts says:

  174. 174
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Cor, great!

    I’ll be switching, too – in May 2015…

  175. 175
    The BBC says:

    Over the years we have dumbed down, caused by our reliance on the Guardian. Owen Jones suits our current competence level.

  176. 176
    UKIP or bust says:

    Your right there Parrot, though you could have gone further and said the whole leftist Marxist ideology is a con.

  177. 177
    xz says:

  178. 178
    The BBC says:

    She didn’t meet our minimum standard of 10g a night, she just had to go.

  179. 179
    Hopeless Ed Miliband says:

    You should see our manifesto for 2015. Hard left toilet paper.

  180. 180
    xz says:

    Geedo said she was on the fiddle

  181. 181
    Two Jags says:

    Two Poppies Tits

  182. 182
    chuckle brothers says:

    Chuka and Hunt … labour’s dream ticket … don’t laugh

  183. 183
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    Cameron and Osborne … Tories dream ticket … don’t laugh

    I’m pissing myself with laughter.

  184. 184
    The Odd couple says:

  185. 185
    Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    Here is the link to check if your Pim*p is claiming their energy bills from
    the fcuking screwed & defecated on Tax Payers.

    Please Note I am no fan or reader of this left rag but this is in the Public
    Interest as we are being forced to pick up bills for these leeches who of
    course will claim its all within the rules !! And who devised these rules
    which they passed in the HoC of couse the same parasites, pimps & leeches.

    No wonder the rope suppliers are having problems keeping up the sudden
    surge in demand as there are possible 650 answers as to the reason why !!

  186. 186
    Tristram Hunt(Prime Minister Designate) says:




  187. 187
    juf says:

  188. 188
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Tory Bastard !

    The Poor choose to sacrifice Food or Heating. Millionaire Tory MP Zahawi who claimed £5822 in energy expenses simply sacrificed his morals!

  189. 189
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    As Capitalism is the enemy of Marx-Lenninist doctrine one would not expect M-L to say any different about Capitalism. Irrespective of actual truth, M-L will state ‘facts’ which will be detrimental to its ideological opponents. As a result, such attacks on other ideologies by M-L can be broadly ignored unless supported either by independent observation.

    Golitsyn loses credibility at the time for me as he front ran the theory that the KGB would provide further defectors to discredit him. At the time that would have been very credible, and was accepted likely without full critical evaluation.

    Angleton should perhaps have not lowered his guard with G, as it does appear that G was able to manipulate A into what appears to be a fairly paranoid state. This is perhaps why A was removed. G was likely telling what he believed to be the truth about long term Soviet intentions, however Skousen had already written of such (Naked Communist / 1958) prior to G’s arrival in the US (1961).

    A was perhaps right, but not about Colby as implied. Either S’chlesinger or K’issenger. And the 5th Man was not working for R’uss!a.

    The missing aspect of the narrative in that period though was attention to the N’azi networks which were operating in North America. The counterintelligence (not K’issenger though who was a triple agent) were blindsided to what was let in at many levels under Op. P’aperclip, and to the north (particularly in C’anada), what was arriving from E’ast G’ermany and the Baltic states.

    Looking back on C’olby’s decision, and later F’ords decision with C’olby, perhaps one should ask the deeper question as to why K’issenger and others advised that R’umsfeld and B’ush to be suitable replacements during the H’allowe’en massacre.

    More broadly, a later defector Yuri Bezmenov summarized what G and others had speculated on into four steps:

    i) Demoralization
    ii) Destabilization
    iii) Crisis
    iv) Normalization

    The communist goals of Skousen were read into the congressional record in 1963:

  190. 190
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Did she have a Christmas tree on her file ?

  191. 191
    Sargent Harry Palmer says:

    Major Dalby: When did they resurrect you ?

    Please don’t ask where I shoved your 101 forms & all in triplicate
    of course !!

  192. 192
    Messenger says:

    Wait til all the beggars and pickpockets arrive from East European.

    Correction: Wait til all the rest of the beggars and pickpockets arrive from East Europe.

    All labour voters ready to kick Dave’s useless arse out of Number ten. And he is welcoming them with open arms. And so many idiots really will vote for him.

  193. 193
    rick says:

    They also constantly advertise themselves, telling us how marvelous they are.

    Arrogant, thieving bastards. Anyone who subserviently continues to pay the TV tax deserves all they get.

  194. 194
    Fishy says:

    Is that for his second home, or for that and his constituency offices as well?

  195. 195
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I did it my way!, We are the champions!, Diamonds are forever! <great stuff:)

    Hear ! Hear !

  196. 196
    Ghost of a ww1&2 soldier says:

    Same here.

  197. 197
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  198. 198
    Bottom of the barrel says:

    Will you please stop scraping around here ?!!

  199. 199
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I’m unable to properly concentrate on the conversation while there’s still one roast potato left.

  200. 200
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    On another note, I still think you maybe are conflating libertarianism with neo-liberalism.

    Both Marxism and neo-liberalism deny ownership of means of production to the workers. Marxism clouds this by assuming production is owned by the state of which everyone has a share. Neo-liberalism allows the individual the right to purchase certificates of part ownership in publicly listed companies, aka. stocks or shares.

    Neither represents true ownership, and both present challenges to individuals who wish to establish independent means of production primarily through a combination of red tape and restrictions in establishing credibility in the market place.

    Neo-liberalism wins as it is presents a more agreeable, less oppressive and potentially more rewarding framework within which to operate for the individual.

    Libertarianism itself is neither far right nor far left politically. It it merely a philosophical framework which can be applied to a political system. It generally promotes moral freedom and smaller state but that does not automatically imply that libertarian systems would encourage ownership of production by either state or a minority or an elite. As soon as either of those extremes are reached one is no longer speaking of a libertarian system.

    The current mass immigration is directly down to changes which came in under Major. He was the first UK Prime Minister to be ‘bought’ by the EU elites, and conned into signing Ma’astricht. One should note who was in power in the US at that time.

    It may also be worth researching where the notion of ‘J’ews’ being the chosen ones who control everything come from, if that is to whom you allude. That idea appears to be mis-information rooted in UK intelligence from the early twentieth century.

    NB: NSDAP did not persecute the S’cottish R’ite free masons…

  201. 201
    The A Team says:

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Jim, why didnt you put “innocent face” after that ? oh wait, it didnt save Sally either did it ?

  203. 203
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    And there were we thinking it was just because you were full of shit.

  204. 204
    Anonymous says:

    Dont be so fecking offensive.

  205. 205
    Anonymous says:

    I couldnt have put it better myself !

  206. 206
    Modern Britain says:

    !ranian. Disabled. Let in by Labour. On benefits. Bothered.

  207. 207
    'Call me Dave' Dave says:

    Thinks are a bit tricky on the home-front!

    SamCam accused me of keeping secrets in our marriage such as covert membership of an elite cabal hell bent on subverting democracy in England.

    I retorted the Bullingdon wasn’t like that at all!

  208. 208
    broderick crawford says:


    I Generally speaking, government always grows — it never shrinks — whether times are good or bad.

    II In each area it purports to “assist”, government attempts to replace individual decision-making with central planning.

    III In order to implement its grand central plans and solidify its power, government must take from one citizen to give to another; this is, in effect, lawful theft.

    IV No matter how many times central planning fails, the self-appointed masterminds in government assert that “this time is different” and that with only a few tweaks and more money, their delusional plans will succeed.

    V Because it uses funds confiscated from taxpayers, self-restraint is no obstacle to government’s ambitions.

    VI Its fundamental misunderstanding of human nature notwithstanding, government must claim to grant “rights”, which require it steal the labors of one citizen to give to another (such as food, shelter, employment, and health care).

    VII No matter how widespread the harm it causes, government will never provide an honest and historical accounting — a report card — of its failures.

    VIII As more individuals and families are harmed by the failures of central planning, government must find suitable scapegoats, must lie to do so, and therefore must also repress dissent.

    IX In order to build its network of redistribution and grow a culture of dependency on its services, government must inevitably undermine the family unit, religion, and the notion of God-given rights in order to cow, bribe, or intimidate its citizens.

    X As government grows ever more powerful, it must also become increasingly oppressive through compulsion and force. To do otherwise would mean government must shrink, and this it cannot do.

    courtesy of zero hedge

  209. 209
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    It’s over folks.

    Latest GE2015 prediction from Electoral Calculus gives LAB 81% chance of an overall majority

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    I felt sorry for Becks and Andy until i heard he had been trying to get info on Prince Harry, now i dont care what happens to them.

  211. 211
    David Cameron: Runt end of a bastard blood line and somewhat treacherous retard says:

    Well said.

  212. 212
    Control the Housing Benefit Bill? Triples All Round! says:

    Well done for picking up on the story about rents costing more than mortgages, Guido.

    I am glad you have identified the fact that housing benefit claims are extortionately higher than the mortgage payments they are required to service.

    In fact you have inadvertently stumbled upon the answer to reducing the housing benefit bill, which is running out of control and increasing by billions of pounds every year at the expensive of the taxpayer

    The government must of course limit the amount of rent that landlords can charge tenants to no more than 10% above the mortgage payments for the property.

    That would prevent the housing benefit bill increasing by billions of pounds every year and will also achieve the added benefit of chasing all the profiteering slum landlords out of the industry.

    I am sure this is an issue that the Labour Party will pick up on if the Tories choose not to.

  213. 213
    Richard Bacon says:

    Fucking lightweight!

  214. 214
    Anonymous says:

    Joe, if you really need to be told to dress warmly in winter you must be a moron, which i can believe from your post.

  215. 215
    fernando's pants says:

    I’m sure Alan will be appalled….

  216. 216
    Nigel Farage says:

    Well fuck off then and stop splitting the vote.

  217. 217
    The Conspiracy Records Bureau says:

    Lord McNally, who helped kill off the freedom of the press last week, also has Fabian antecedents as a former employee.

  218. 218
    Anonymous says:

    You have to have at least 320 MPs to be PM, Nige isnt even an MP himself at the moment and neither is anybody else from ukip.Please be realistic FFS !

  219. 219
    Anonymous says:

    I suppose you cant wait for Millibands useless arse to be in Number 10, well im leaving the country if Labour get in again because enough is enough.

  220. 220
    Just call Me One Term is Enough,Dave says:

    Please Note This is to confirm its all going to my well thought out devilish plan & I will continue to do my upmost to ensure my party comes last @ the G*E !!

    Also gifting some chap called Nigel & his fruit cake members a well deserved helping hand every time I open my mouth with more helpful comments !!

    Must dash plenty to do to ensure all my personal defence battlements for myself, family & select friends are in place ready for when we open our doors as wide as possible on Jan 1 to allow even more swarms from the east to flood in & fully enrich themselves at the Tax Payers expense

  221. 221
    The Dutch Ambassador says:

    Don’t worry Nick. The state controlled media will come to your rescue.

  222. 222
    Ms Bag says:


  223. 223
    Anonymous says:

    Its only the UK who would even toy with the idea of allowing people with their faces covered to appear in the Dock.You cant even wear a bike helmet in a lot of places !

  224. 224
    fernando's pants says:

    7 grams / 20 lines…?!?!

    Thems some fucking big lines, sounds like a bullshitter…

  225. 225
    The Village Idiot says:

    It don’t matter what property it was for as its all within the rules as written
    & voted through by thses pimps, parasites & leeches !!!

    Democracy has never has allowed here & never will be !!! Not while these
    elitist Bullington & Oxbridge fornicators control all of the levers of power !!!

    VOTE UKIP………..

  226. 226
    BBC Leftwit says:

    A new game show starts next week – “What’s my historical accusation?”

    A panel of washed-up celebridees from the 1970s questions contestants to determine their historical accusation regarding sexual impropriety and/or under-age molestation.

    Your compère will be Inspector Knacker of the Yard.

  227. 227
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Thank heavens for UKIP !! :)

  228. 228
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    It appears that Europe and others are hoping to capitalize on the NSA spying revelations as a means for cultivating political support for balkanizing the internet.

    From a reasonably independent source:

    The key practical problems are these:

    i) Wires and wire security.

    There are only a limited number of internet cables linking continents, and satellite bandwidth is limited. Intercontinental cable is the real backbone.

    Whilst Europe could lay fresh dedicated cabling between itself and South America for example, to avoid routing through the US there is no guarantee that foreign agencies would not compromise such cabling or demarcation point apparatus to intercept communication.

    Assuming that security is achieved, unless Europe / South America have the resources to protect their underseas cables there is nothing to stop a third party from cutting them.

    ii) TCP and dynamic routing

    The internet itself is built on technology which is self adjusting. Even with addition of dedicated wires, any such communication which is on the ‘internet’ could end up being routed through the US if switching hardware determines that such routing is the best route. Configuring to avoid this would cause loss of service in the event of problems with physical connections developing, or during periods of heavy traffic, which defeat the purpose of using internet technology in the first place.

    iii) ICANN / DNS

    Who holds the top level domain name databases is a null argument. These are mirrored in any case for performance, and even though at present are primarily managed from the US, that state of affairs is not written in stone.

    In the event of US infrastructure being damaged, control would automatically switch elsewhere to prevent loss of service.

    Compelling cloud providers and large service companies (such as Google) to implement encryption within their own private networks, behind the servers which you access securely, is part of the real solution to improve privacy. It should be noted that this would introduce problems for those companies as the addition of security within their private networks would degrade their ability to backup data readily, and place additional burden on already loaded resources. This would likely result in a negative user experience for the individual.

    Still, it is fun to watch the European’s spin their wheels a little on the issue.

    If there are steps taken to improve security, one prediction that will likely come true is that the NSA spying allegations will provide pretext for introducing taxation schemes on international internet routes. The real legacy is perhaps the end of the economically free internet.

  229. 229
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Twenty three seats ????? HEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP !!!

  230. 230
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Nigel as deputy PM in a coalition would do nicely.

    Vote UKIP

  231. 231
    Nigel Mirage says:

    I can’t see any ukip MPs ????

  232. 232
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    It is silly to speculate like this, but Lord Ashcroft’s analysis is much more credible as it is more in line with observed real results.

  233. 233
    Man from the street says:

    Your such a c u n t

  234. 234
    Vote UKip get Red Ed early and often says:

    You are totally thick
    It’s never gonna happen meanwhile ed will slip into downing st.

  235. 235
    An assured performance from ed millidipstick says:

    I see that useless piece of skin Hain is being mentioned on 5 news for having an energy bill of over 4k. Must be all those sun lamps

  236. 236
    The British Public says:

    In your dreams

  237. 237
    One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

    Don’t worry, you will after I’ve allowed hundreds of thousands – neigh, millions – of Roma into Britain next year, what what!

    Gosh, I’m so weak, pathetic and ineffectual you’ll have more support than my party, that’s for sure!

    Tally ho!

  238. 238
    The BBC are PC lefty scum says:

    Incredible. Countryfile on BBC 1 has just done a 20 minute feature on the evils of fly-tipping (up 64% in the last year) without once mentioning pìkìés.

  239. 239
    Village Idiot says:

    …..Not me?

  240. 240
    Shocking labour fraud says:

    Shocking details of the unpublished report into electoral fraud in Labour’s Falkirk constituency have been revealed, showing evidence of forgery, coercion, trickery and manipulation.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  241. 241
    Anonymous says:

    Will you please stop posting pictures of that twat

  242. 242
    Fishy says:

    Not me

  243. 243
    Anonymous says:

    And you forgot to mention the8 labour MPs that claimed more

  244. 244
    retardEd Miliband says:

    The meanth juthtify the endth.

    Oh yeth.

  245. 245
    The Village Idiot says:

    Yes thats correct Old Oranged face Perma Tan is pocketing £4,571.74 of
    TAX PAYERS funds for his energy

    Here is the Mirrors link to this report…….

    Just shows you what a left wing Labor supporting rag like this can trawl up…..
    wonder when the BBC will invite him on Newsnight to explain the reason why
    other than its all within the Rules as devised & passed by these lee*ches

  246. 246
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    fire at will.

  247. 247
    The Labour Party says:

    When socialists do it it is perfectly acceptable.

  248. 248
    Bloomers says:

    Dream on.

  249. 249
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Name: Doncaster North
    MP: Ed Miliband
    Party: Labour
    Claim (£): 403.59
    Fuel type: Electricity

  250. 250
    The Beeb is always Right but is Biased on everything 99.9999% to the Left says:

    We fully endorse this truthful statement as its only the nasty party that
    could carry out such selfish evil things which we will expose 24/7 on every
    BBC channel World Wide & beyond…….

  251. 251
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:

    I only claimed a few hundreds as I follow my own advice and wear jumpers indoors.

  252. 252
    Chucky Harrison O'Barmy Umunna says:

    Agreed Anonymouse.

    That Honourable Tristram Julian William Hunt is simply…how can I put it?…TRASH (compared to me).

  253. 253
    HEARDITALL says:


  254. 254
    Love is in the air says:

  255. 255
    HEARDITALL says:

    A Look into the face of a CU**NT

  256. 256
    Universal Hiss says:

    I thought this was normal as far as Labour conducts itself.Similar though to the slithering of Libs & Cons.

    It’s also a Mail piece so there is 10% truth & the rest bollocks.It could be an amazing oddity that the Mail has a 40%truth & the rest bollocks.

    It’s the Clegg litmus test.How often does the rhetoric fail the delivery until you drop it in the hazardous waste?

  257. 257
  258. 258
    chuckle brothers says:

    stick to shuffling your baseball cards

  259. 259
    Wayne Rooney says:

    Millionaire sex pest tries it on.

  260. 260
    Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths says:

    c’unt c’unt black c’unt c’unt and c’unt

  261. 261

    Camercnut will have more than doubled the National Debt during this Parliament.

    The gay loving bastard has also legalised bum sex marriage, and destroyed Press freedom.

    We might as well have a Liebour Government. They won’t be any worse than the traitor Dave and his faux Conservatives.

  262. 262
    Saki says:

    You needn’t be too bothered by his party’s votes Nigel. Something tells me the UKIP vote next year will be game-changing.

  263. 263
    Andew Marred says:

    Tell me David, (welcome back to the UK, the country that I know you love, by the way), what do you think of the Daily Mail?

  264. 264
    Woman about to explode at the backDoc . says:

    Ahhh! They make a loverley couple.

  265. 265
    Gloria page 3 De Piero says:

  266. 266
    P. Pan says:

    Brillo did a good piece on muzz indoctrination of all things female this morning. Well researched and MCB mouthpiece speechless. More.

  267. 267
    P. Pan says:

    Bit gay isn`t it?

  268. 268
    Pink Lady Presents Pink Bill says:

  269. 269
    British Benders Corporation/ Common Porpoise says:

    Project Ed looks home and dry. Only a fool could lose now.

  270. 270
    Less of that says:

  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    Thought he did well with Red Len also…

  272. 272
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    You’re clearly not a Taxpayer if you believe that claptrap.

  273. 273
    Silly Sally B13COW says:

    I love dick so !

  274. 274
    RED LEN says:

  275. 275
    Anonymous says:

    The fool will be Great Britain if Ed wins.

  276. 276
    UkipLab says:

    We like laws. We like interfering in everything. Big state solutions, and lots of lovely tax to pay for our big spending ways. Vote Ukip and we’ll help Ed get elected in 2015.

  277. 277
    Gooey Blob says:

    No chance of Ed ever becoming PM, he’s about 10 points below where he should be at this stage of the electoral cycle. Whether or not you think it’s a good thing, a Tory majority looks to be the most likely outcome in 2015.

  278. 278
    Zarathustra says:

    O Man! Take heed!
    What says the deep midnight?
    “I slept, I slept—,
    from a deep dream have I awoken:—
    the world is deep,
    and deeper than the day has thought.
    Deep is its pain—,
    joy—deeper still than heartache.
    Pain says: Pass away!
    But all joy
    seeks eternity—,
    —seeks deep, deep eternity!”

  279. 279
    Anonymous says:

    You know something we really could not give a flying fuck if your newsagent sells ot or not you arrogant twat

  280. 280
    Gooey Blob says:

    Ed has no chance, anyone who has followed politics for the past 30 years can see that.

    Labour would need a far bigger poll lead to stand any chance of being the largest party after the next election. Let’s face it, if they don’t rid themselves of Ed soon they’re toast.

  281. 281
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I want you all to know I’m not watching Downton. Don’t judge me.

  282. 282
    Zarathustra says:

    A politician divides mankind into two classes: tools and enemies.

  283. 283
    Anonymous says:

    To put it politely, I don’t think these polls have got to grips with “4-party” politics.

    Or, less politely, they’re lying about the strength of UKIP.

  284. 284
    BBC quality control says:

    Dear licence fee payer,

    Yes travellers engage in fly tipping because it is a social custom and therefore totally acceptable and an evil racist libel if you complain. Only white English men are guilty of fly tipping, but then again they are guilty of every crime imaginable. Travellers are morally correct and can do no wrong because they are oppressed victims of white English men, it is white English men who force the poor oppressed travellers to fly tip OK?

    Although some anti social denialist claim the EU and its holy war against landfill is adding hugely to the problem of waste disposal costs and thereby increasing the instances of fly tipping by white English men this is totally wrong, the EU is perfect in every way and never makes mistakes. Every single EU green diktat has worked perfectly and anyone saying otherwise is banned from the BBC for life and marked as a denier. By the way have you poayed your licence fee? We know where you live and we will come and get you if you dare to fail to pay us.


    Mustafa Leek

    BBC executive quality control kommissar

  285. 285
    Embarassed and ashamed says:

    Since when did it become acceptable to use this kind of language.

    Oh, free speech? Right-o!

  286. 286
    Ed Millihandycock says:

    “Give me a chance princess, you never know”

  287. 287
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Tom Watson. What does the arsewipe know?

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    Does Common Purpose need to have its collective pants pulled the fuck down?

  289. 289
    Grand Master of the Witney Orient says:

    Please. David Cameron has nothing to do with us.


  290. 290
    Beyond the A'Team says:

    What’s got 10 legs and a black c’unt ?

  291. 291
    I had her pegged for that.... says:

    ** taps nose **

  292. 292
    Anyoldiron says:

    For those that want out of the EU-forever, just use the General Election as the REFERENDUM you have been denied. That is they only REFERENDUM you may get. Fill the House of Commons with those that want FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN RULE which is indeed “According to law”. Fail, and this Country will be just REGIONS of the EU that Mr Cameron has already set up for his Masters in the EU and remember that all three Political Parties want to remain in the EU.

  293. 293
    Abdul the envelope stuffer in Lahore says:

    You are very optimistic.

  294. 294
    Anonymous says:

    Or the Police federation ?

  295. 295
    Anonymous says:

    Surely its better than Unite voting the PM in ?

  296. 296
    Anonymous says:

    Cazz love, please feck off with the dissertation! nobody is interested, least of all on sunday afternoon.Havent you got anything better to do ?

  297. 297
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks ever so, Prof !

  298. 298
    Anonymous says:

    Im amazed somebody as stupid as you can master a computer, is the nurse helping you ?

  299. 299
    Anonymous says:

    You fool ! you wont have more MP`s than the Libdems !

  300. 300
  301. 301
    FIGHT!! says:

  302. 302
    BBC Editorial and Standards Wanker says:

    Mr Brillo has been asked to report to Personnel first thing in the morning.

    The way that he humiliated those two interviewees was not in keeping with the Corporation’s mission to fuck over the righties.

    Do not expect to see him next week. We have asked rising star Owen Jones to step in to do DP and SP while Mr Brillo remains suspended.

  303. 303
    fernando's pants says:


  304. 304
    Anyoldiron says:

    If you want out of the EU, there is absolutely no point in voting for any of those would be MP’s that want to remain in the EU-forever.

  305. 305
    Michael Doucher says:

    This message is brought to you by Red Ed & Red Len’s Seal Team.

  306. 306
    Anyoldiron says:

    What is the point in voting for anyone that wants to remain in the EU? Why PAY for those that can no longer Govern?

  307. 307
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

    The room was full of trash and C-list wannabes.

  308. 308
    Weird Ed says:

    Hello everybody.

    Hello everybody…er vote for me. I promithe to give free money away when I become Prime Minithter.

    Vote for me…free money for everybody…free gath and electithity….one nathan…cheap train fairth.

  309. 309
    Real World says:

    In a picture we see why J’ewish kids never do well in the playground at school.

  310. 310
    balls 'ead says:

    thinks: “oh my god, the public are right, he is a twat!”

  311. 311
    Precis says:

    cheer up!

  312. 312
    Ed Milibiscuit says:

    I was dazzled by the reflection from the baldy one

  313. 313
    Pulling no punches says:

  314. 314
    Champagne Socialists = Champion Sociopaths says:

  315. 315
    postman fucking pat says:

    and that’s not even looking at the postal votes

  316. 316
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    Take all the cash you need off my Money Trees.

  317. 317
    David Cameron says:

    It like my story. Blackballed at the lodge, and no one likes my water colours. That’s why I joined common purpose.

  318. 318
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    Do the masons rig elections ?

  319. 319
    Reader says:

    I don’t like fascists

  320. 320
    Ed Miliband says:

    It’s just a habit. I have a massive sense of entitlement.

    It’s a millionaire thing.

  321. 321
    Mystic Smeg says:

    Calculus my arse
    that’s a wing and a prayer
    believe that bollox and you’ll believe a cat-iron guarantee by the only fabian tory who has ever existed

  322. 322
    Anonymous says:

    Save yourself a trip to the newsagent?

    To buy the Sun?

    Someone’s taking the piss here…

  323. 323
    magna carta says:

    UKIP on only 12%?

    That’s wishful thinking by liblabconners

  324. 324
    Why is the Homosexual marrige and press regulation mimister working on the chain gang? says:

  325. 325
    The Guardian says:

    we think your schedule is left-tastic!

    well worth the mere £3.7 billion per year pittance you receive

    repeats are cool
    new programmes are so 1970s!

  326. 326
    B£air, T says:

    Could be worse, trust me
    it could have been too many Cheries

  327. 327
    I has her pegged for that... says:

    ** taps nose **

  328. 328
    Pulling no punches says:

    Yes the liblabcon are a bad bunch that’s for sure.

  329. 329
    B£air, T says:

    The situation was stoked by Labour’s immigration policy, inflamed by Labour’s political correctness strategy, and exacerbated by Labour’s race laws.

    Labour took away people’s right to expression and their right to determine who comes into their country and who lives among them.

    This blood, along with the hundreds of thousands of Iraqui dead, is on Labour’s hands.

  330. 330
    Suckers says:

  331. 331
    B£air, T says:

    Nice one Jimmy

    but as for Cameron: “Il est plus honteux de se défier de ses amis que d’en être trompé.”

    – It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.

    It’s how the left get by.

  332. 332
    Homer (not the doh one) says:

    the eyes that launched a thousand whips

  333. 333
    Genital Hospital says:

    Shaved, symmetrical with a divine bouquet … Gloria’s glory beats the other Labour vagina’s hands down.

  334. 334
    Genital Hospital says:

    Fat, scraggy, fishy with discharge … Miller’s fanny makes one most sick.

  335. 335
    Genital Hospital says:

    Tiny … like a mouse’s ear.

  336. 336
    Bloomers says:

    I’m going over the entrails of a few sluts here.

  337. 337
    Genital Hospital says:

    Very small pee-pee… makes up for it by fucking the country.

  338. 338
    Dave's "Charity" says:

  339. 339
    Reservoir Dogs says:

    Da, da, da, da da, da, da, dum, dum, dum dum …

  340. 340
    Cameron Patron of Common Purpose says:

  341. 341
    Genital Hospital says:

    Two enormous clunges … like the sarlacc pit … with yeast infections.

  342. 342
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    I see it’s nearly time for the annual “Children in Need” telethon.

    In light of the Jimmy Savile & Stuart Hall revelations, ITV/SKY should hold a rival one called “Children in Need of protection from the pedos at the BBC”

  343. 343
  344. 344
    albacore says:

    Achtung! There’s rebellion in the Tory ranks
    Fall for that and you’re thicker than two short planks
    The Toy Town Tories playing around today
    Will get spanked by Dave and, as ever, obey

  345. 345
    Lynton Crosby attack muppet says:

    Feeble. Whoever is getting you to troll here is wasting their money. If you are giving up your free time voluntarily to post such crap, get a life.

  346. 346
    Lynton Crosby attack muppet says:

    Are you really that thick?

  347. 347
    Clogg's last moments says:

    The Lib-Dems are polling in single figures. There is nothing that can save them.

  348. 348
    Liblabcon enemies of the English says:

    Deliberately minoritising a native population against their will is pretty fascist.

  349. 349
    BBC quality control says:

    Yeah, so what if vulnerable white children are systematically abused and exploited, its a small price to pay for being culturally enriched, and its only the children of the white poor at risk isnt it? And they are marked for eradication anyway.

  350. 350
    Children in Need says:

    ….of protection from the BBC.

  351. 351
    but says:

    So why didn’t Labour go ahead with the barrage during the 13 long years they were in power?

  352. 352
    ?? says:

    has your niece enrolled William yet?

  353. 353
    Poll E Putakettleon says:

    That’s the usual poll conducted round Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

  354. 354
    Nancy Isappalled says:

    Fell free to sing along: We’re busy going nowhere, walking the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not do do….

    These cvnts are made for walking? Nancy would be appalled.

  355. 355
    and so say all of us says:

    If the Yanks want to waste their time and gold reading my emails they are very welcome to do so.

  356. 356
    and so say all of us says:

    Commycvnt and granny play Chinese whispers in market square.

  357. 357
    and so say all of us says:

    Zara who? Is that a new clothing range on the high street?

  358. 358
    and so say all of us says:

    A lynch party may be a better idea.

  359. 359
    and so say all of us says:

    Are you forgetting he has shares in this project (allegedly).

  360. 360
    Me and Judy says:

    Punch Drunk v Punch Bag?

  361. 361
    Burghers are bad for you says:

    Help!! Should I also be wearing a hi-viz jacket when I did my garden over a bit?

  362. 362
    Burghers are bad for you says:

    * dig

  363. 363
    Quizmaster says:

    Freddie Starr, Gordon Brown, Oprah Winfry, Prince William and Mike Osman.

    Am I correct?

  364. 364
    Village Idiot says:

    ….I will vote for UKIP,but “The village idiot”, is not me!

  365. 365
    Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths says:

    all the salient factors

  366. 366
    Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths says:

    ed looks like a complete gimp

  367. 367
    pancakes on tuesday says:

    Sunny day in Britain … what a lovely monday

  368. 368
    HEARDITALL says:

    Yes, the vile fascist bastards, seeking justice for white children tortured and raped ,which is a price worth paying when measured against the many benefits of cultural enrichment!

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