October 31st, 2013

Brooks and Coulson Were Lovers for Six Years

It can now be reported that Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson were having an affair for at least 6 years between 1998 and 2004 during her editorship of the NOTW.

The affair was revealed in a letter from Rebekah to Andy found by the cops:

“you are my very best friend…I confide in you, I love you..we laugh and cry together…I’m frightened to be without you.”

And there is more to come…


  1. 1
    Penfold says:

    Is that why she duffed up Ross?


    • 73
      Mrs Frome from Higher Churchtown says:

      Is this the thingy linked to number 10 that if got out would rock the establishment?

      Can’t be as it’s not that surprising.


      • 164
        Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

        This revelation is just what the NOTW was closed down for doing.


        • 190
          Jabba Le Chat says:

          Reminds of Niggle Farridge and Annabellend Fullerlips…


          • Bill Vague says:

            What! No mention of my gayness are you homophobic?


          • Ask no Q tell no lies says:

            Jack Straw MP always sat opposite, RBrooks, in the carriage going to London for the week.

            Not a dickybird comes out.


          • Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

            So to get an idea of when all this was taking place, this was during the Whiter-than-white new labour period when they both worked for the News of the World when it was a labour supporting paper, under a labour government and they were all best friends with Blair and Alistair Campbell and they were all in a very cosy relationship with the Met Police commissioner Blair too.

            You know, back when all this hacking actually took place, when the labour party’s dirty tricks team was smearing opponents with information that they could only get from hacking and when the police, who were very supportive of the corrupt labour administration, were “selling” stories to a labour supporting media, whilst sweeping all the hacking allegations under a very thick carpet indeed.

            Just to get an idea of the time period.

            How the hell did Cameron ever allow all that corrupt shit to land in his own hands to the extent that most people in the street would probably associate the hacking scandal with Cameron?

            …. And people claim Cameron is a PR man? For REAL???

            IF he really was a PR man, he would have dumped the whole corrupt foul pestelent putrescent pile of shit on labour, 24/7 every single day since the Leveson inquiry was called, regardless of the BBC’s corrupt vested interests in Leveson.

            Labour were at the very heart of the hacking scandal and it’s subsequent cover up, yet Cameron ended up being blamed and ended up costing us the freedom of the press in the process.

            The man is a totally incompetent fuckwit!


        • 228
          Anonymous says:

          Poetic justice


        • 345
          Jim says:

          Oh Yes, On the first day that is the limit of the Evidence.
          Sex, Lies and Video tapes.
          They must be guilty.
          Hang em high.
          Sod the facts.
          Nothing they have to say is not collusion.
          The Doomed Lovers – The Police must of made a packet selling that detail.

          What was it the Judge said about the Internet only yesterday?


      • 245
        gormless says:

        on a word no you thick old bat


    • 85
      Harriet Harman says:

      Red Bastards?


      • 402
        DC says:

        I’d say her biffer was like a clowns red pocket or as Andy put it “For instance, was one of us dressed like Captain Caveman?”


    • 89
      Camorons finished says:

      When did they have the 3some with Davy Boy?


    • 99
      Two Timer says:

      So while Dave was riding her horse, Andy was riding her.


    • 101
      Sarah Brown says:

      So that’s what Rebekah was hiding in her Pyjamas.


    • 110
      Sir William Waud says:

      Aaaaaaaaaaaah! That is so touching, and I am not being ironic.


    • 129
      A Yank pain in the arse who has over stayed her welcome says:


      • 163
        Anonymous says:



        • 252
          Spoon-faced Traitor Watch says:

          He just does!


        • 369
          Bonnie Greer says:

          Because I say so and everyone knows I am demented


          • Funnambulist says:

            She used to be on the BBC regularly banging on about how she was a political refugee from Bushitler’s fascist America. Well, the US has had a black leftwing president for a couple of years now but Ms Greer is still here doing her perpetually aggrieved Diane Abbott with an American accent schtick – presumably thanks to the Beeb’s largesse with the telly tax.


      • 168
        Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

        But at least he didn’t wreck the economy unlike the ex-politician who must have known what the banks were doing.


        • 304
          The coalition is even worse than Brown's Labour looters says:

          Under clown Cameron, the already horrendous national debt is set to double that which he inherited, from the destructive sociopath Brown.


          • Jim says:

            He just did not walk away from the workers Labour left to starve in the street.
            That cost money.
            What did you want to do?
            Give them a decent grave or a hole in the ground?


      • 229
        The general public says:

        Cameron may look like a fool – but you are a total Tristram.


      • 240
        Anonymous says:

        Well of course he does he is a fool ask Barosso


        • 307
          The coalition is even worse than Brown's Labour looters says:

          I don’t believe Cameron is a fool. He is a liar though.


      • 317
        rocknrolla says:

        Just what we need – the ignorant opinion of a racist, anti-white, anti-English, old witch. Go back to America Miss Greer.


        • 363
          Easily confused says:

          Bonnie Greer – last time I saw her she was singing in “Annie”. A ginger dwarf-type thing? Or am I confused? I know who is though – Ms Greer.


      • 360
        Ray Cyst says:

        Eff off back to your New York ghetto, foreign trash! Did anyone notice that October was black history month? No? Maybe that’s because they ran out of material on the 2nd.


    • 154
      Anonymous says:

      So what ? Wonder how many of the lawyers in the room are at it – quite sweet compared to what some of the hacked off tossers get up to


    • 185
      Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

      Wonder if the real reason Becs spent a night in a Battersea jail will also be revealed…?


    • 341
      Lord Hesiltine says:

      My god I haven’t had my dinner yet.


  2. 2
    Lord Fondlebum of Hartlepool says:

    Oh really. I think Dave was one of the few that didn’t know this!


    • 76
      Dave says:

      And here I was thinking the “dynamite affair” was Boris and Sam


    • 131
      Anonymous says:

      If I was PM and my brother was Rebekahs lawyer, I would be pissed off if my brother didn’t tell me, you know, quietly, over dinner at home.


      • 171
        broderick crawford says:

        yeah but he s not becy s silk any more at least not for today .

        the legal cam was appearing in a first broadcast supreme court hearing regarding some lowlife doing time who thought he should be freed coz his incarceration was a breach of his ” huhne ” man rights .

        the appeal was unsuccessful .

        so perhaps cameron legal will be back at the bailey tomorrow on first division duty .


    • 297
      only two then PC Silent says:

      If anyone else knew outside R&A, I THINK, any part of the press or TV would tell.
      Other than their respective partners nobody needs to know.
      BUT these stories must come out and told in the most entertaining way.

      Leverson must state that Moseley’s spanking, Grant’s on the bin suck, etc stories SHALL be told.


  3. 3
    An Angry Aardvark says:

    In others, it has been discovered that bears shit in woodland, many Popes have been Catholic, and Hugh Grant is a censorious tosser.


  4. 4
    Amfortas says:

    Which one was sleeping their way to the top?


  5. 5
    Artie says:

    Did you all know? I didn’t.


  6. 6
    dai panting says:

    thats exciting


  7. 7
    Gorden's left ballbag says:

    Poor sod,hasn’t he suffered enough. Not guilty.


  8. 8
    Upshot creek says:

    Well I never!……… Bet they both tapped each other’s phones.


  9. 9
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Guido told us about this ages ago.

    I know we must not talk about the trial but I am incandescent with rage and might just have a heart attack and fall off my perch if this trial goes on and on.


  10. 10
    Allegro Strapon says:

    I think in the who was fucking who stakes Stephanie Flanders takes the prize.


  11. 11
    Andrew Efiong says:

    It can now be reported? I read it on here ages ago!

    Top work Guido, flushing out all this. Here’s hoping you’re not regulated away by po-faced Labour politicians!


    • 15
      Remember this guy wanted a lobby pass says:

      I’d be more impressed if we were told who was involved in the *really* juicy Number 10 affairs.


    • 19
      Peter Grimes says:

      Whilst Rebekah is in the dock accused of destroying evidence, Saint Tony Blair is making millions from ‘advising’ governments despite having destroyed all of his parliamentary claim receipts.

      What an odd Leftist world we are becoming.


      • 27
        Wendy Ding-Dong says:

        My Hero


        • 41
          Red Ed ate my country says:

          I said earlier that if these NOW guys had to know then so did the people in child case scandals, chief plods in plebgate and and even the BBC. Ah no though because they are all rabid lefties they all are allowed not to know and get bucketfuls of taxpayers cash for hurt feelings.


      • 39
        Gordon B says:

        Yes, he is a twentwo carat cxxx.


        • 68
          average joanna says:

          While Brooks is recast in her role as
          Arch Villainess, Alan Rusbridger is
          free to play both his grand pianos,
          despite publishing a “handbook for


      • 211
        broderick crawford says:

        yeah but us it not the case that fiscal records need only be kept seven years in the uk for individual tax matters ?

        must be seven since tone quit being pm and became a left footer what ? — so he can formally destroy all the receipts he likes from that era n’est oas ?


        • 318
          Peter Grimes says:

          The slimy bastard destroyed them 7 years ago though.

          And I’ve got you in a 4-12.

          Overacting – let ‘s go.


      • 289
        Anonymous says:

        Regretfully, there have to be scapegoats so that all others involved can get off scot free. The scapegoats this time are Mrs.Brooks and Mr. Coulson. I really hope that when all the BBC’s bloodletting is over, Mr Murdoch will offer them well paid jobs far away from this hypocritical country.


  12. 14
    Tristram Hunt(Prime Minister Designate) says:

    The 6 year affair between MIck Hucknall and Andy Coulson is now in the public domain.


  13. 16
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    According to the prosecution Edis, one of the letters between R and C towards the end indicates that C wished to break off the affair and it was causing R grief.

    Edis reads from “intelligent, elegant and well written” B’rooks letter to C’oulson.

    Edis “at this time it looks like C’oulson was seeking to break off this affair… it’s clear this caused her a lot of grief”

    h/t @peterjukes


    • 59
      nuke says:

      Could you be slightly less cryptic for those of us with a lunchtime hangover, there’s a good chap.


      • 173
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        Sorry: Edis is prosecution. Prosecution are currently presenting their case.

        Above are quotes from Twitter stream.

        It appears that the prosecution is trying to frame the nature of the dynamic of the relationship between C and R. This is important for the case relating to certain charges which have been brought.

        Speculating on how this framing can affect the charges would be contempt. The jury will use this information in its evaluation of the bearing of the personal relationship between AC and RB vs. the professional relationship which may be pertinent to certain charges currently being defended.


  14. 17
    Curious, of Mold says:

    Whatever happened about the ‘affair’ at No 10?


  15. 18
    InOutplease says:

    Who cares?


  16. 20
    Tina Thatcher says:

    What has out Prime Minister been fucking up to?

    Why wasn’t this man vetted properly.

    He was allowed into the heart of a Government on a fancy salary for which we have had to pay a fancy sum.

    I do not give a monkey’s tit about what he thinks about televising his brother in the Court of Appeal.

    I want to know exactly what vetting was carried out to protect our interests and I want a full explanation by close of business tonight.


    • 23
      Peter Bone says:

      Care to step outside and repeat that ?


    • 30
      Andrew Efiong says:

      It’s not the PMs job to vet him. That’s what we have police, civil servants and even secret agencies for.

      But it looks like another public sector bungle. They were probably all too busy dreaming of ways to fit up innocent people.


      • 42
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        Bungle like the mix up with video tapes in Pleb Gate ?

        Common Purpose stitch up more like, or more likely, no vetting was done beyond a nod from RB and her boss ? ;-)


    • 32
      Chinky Davey says:

      Calm down you sweaty clunged bint before I kick you in your rancid cabbage. Now put your scampi scented knickers on and go and make me a cup of tea.


    • 54
      Red Ed ate my country says:

      You want to know why he appears not to have been vetted properly, you want to know that after Gordon Brown became PM ??? Unapologetic and without election? What a short memory you really do have?

      FFS Coulson’s a minnow in comparison to the mentalist


    • 122
      Anonymous says:

      I want to know what vetting was carried out on that Alistair Campbell ? didn they know he liked the odd drink ?


      • 172
        Keli Kylla Kampbell says:

        and the odd war

        and the odd “suicide”


      • 180
        Anonymous says:

        Apparently Cameron was advised not to employ Coulson by his advisors, but he simply overruled them and instructed them not to proceed with the normal due diligence and just employ Coulson.

        That shows extremely poor judgement and a lack of disregard for normal due process.

        Cameron fcuked up, and fcuked up big.

        Make no mistake this reflects extremely badly on him.


        • 253
          Salacious Detail says:

          Unless of course his judgement was influenced by a third party… ;-)


        • 255
          bergen says:



        • 275
          balanced vision... says:

          disagree – what connection is there between the way in which coulson discharged his duties as communications director and his personal life.

          according to all reliable sources he was very good at his job and he did the right thing in resigning when the hacking related matters arose.


          • The revolting Village Idiot says:

            Understand the trial will in end in April 2014 just in time for detailed
            media analysis over the following weeks of who knew what & when !!

            Now according to some chap called Nigel this may reflect very
            badly on One Term Dave & his about to be extinct party in the
            European Elections in May 2014………

            I wonder who has been very helpful in arranging this time line for
            CMD, is it the left wing elements lead by the Biased Broadcasting
            Company or some shadowy Right wingers who have there own
            reasons for CMD to be politically hung, drawn & quartered !!!!!

            That chap called Nigel is looking very chirpy & happy at the prospect
            & is not at all worried if CMD decides to defecate on his parade by calling an early G*E to coincide with the EUSSR elections…….

            Oh happy days …………..


        • 353
          Smokin Joe says:

          Oh FFS they will walk away from this we all know this , forget the shit it wont stick.


  17. 24
    Red Ed ate my country says:

    You seriously could not make this up.

    You could also not make up the fact that the twat who gave all those American secrets away and then was given asylum in Russia has started work for a Russian web page provider.
    The catch?
    Apparently they are not going to disclose which website for security reasons.



    • 37
      Adam Gerrys says:

      That twat as you call him has far, far bigger balls than youve ever had either in your trousers or bashing against your chin as you slurp down yet another member.


      • 49
        Gordon B says:

        Oooh you are awful!


      • 52
        Mitch says:

        It’s not exactly brave to pinch something and run off, is it? A really brave guy would have stayed in the US and faced down his accusers, whatever the cost.


        • 149
          Ian Theknow says:

          Join the real world you duped little twonk. You really think the septics would have let any of that stuff get out? As it is the handlers from mi5 who run the guardian have nicked half of his stuff from him already.


      • 62
        Red Ed ate my country says:

        Brave is that how you describe it? Naive seriously naive and I can assure you that he certainly has no courage and no balls
        He is by any measure a coward because he would not be hiding in Russia otherwise


        • 332
          Wind it in says:

          Computer warriors always look kind of stupid.

          If Snowden had stayed in the ‘land of the free’ and done as you said, he would have either been terminated, given the death penalty or locked away in some high security jail, for the rest of his life.

          We are talking about America here, not the pussy EU states, where life means, oh about fifteen minutes.


      • 127
        Anonymous says:

        He is a traitor, normal people wouldnt touch him with a bargepole


        • 188
          Anonymous says:

          And that was the Conservative Party epitaph, 2015


          • Anonymous says:

            No, it was the Labour partys epitaph in 2010 actually.


          • Wind it in says:

            Try and look forward sometimes, instead of back. The end of the treacherous fauxservative party, would be no bad thing.

            Dave and his socialist disciples, can slope off to a party they would be far happier in and the right can re-group and fight on a popular right wing platform.


      • 178
        get real trotsky says:

        One man’s traitor is … another man’s traitor too, usually.


      • 282
        scumbag traitor says:

        snowden’s actions were totally irresponsible


    • 205
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      That could be bad for Russ!a.

      They should take note of healthcare.gov before letting him near anything important. ;-)


      • 305
        Anonymous says:

        It makes me laugh how some of the mentally challenged on the Guardian blogs all seem to think Russia is some free and fabulous country !


        • 324
          Casual Observer 3 says:

          This sums up current Russ!an thinking:

          Agreement off, S-300 anti-aircraft defenses to be increased in Belarus, and it looks like real confrontation is on the way.

          Since Syr!a and East Med was conceded, Russ!a is looking to consolidate.


  18. 26
    A Maimed Badger says:

    Question is, how much did Dave know….


    • 34
      Dave is a well-educated idiot says:

      The real real question: How much does Dave know?


      • 36
        Steve Miliband says:

        The real, real, real question: Who gives a fuck?


      • 136
        Sir William Waud says:

        I don’t think they actually KNOW things at Number 10. I think of the PM’s office as a colony of naked mole-rats, all chasing around underground on missions they don’t understand, with Cameron in the role of queen of the colony, partly controlling the peons with pheromones.


        • 310
          Anonymous says:

          No, thats the office of the “Leader of the opposition” you are thinking about Waudsie !


        • 314
          GCHQ says:

          Are you trying to say that Cameron pi$$es and farts on his staff as a means of imparting instructions ? That could explain why the NSA were not able to figure out what he was up to.


  19. 29
    Duty Pedant says:

    “at least 6 years between 1998 and 2004″

    There weren’t 6 years between 1998 and 2004. There were five years.


    • 51
      BBC Rapid Rebuttal Unit says:

      Yes like there were zero years between 1997 and 2010.


      • 227
        broderick crawford says:

        yes quite so the period in uk between may 1997 and may 2010 will henceforth be referred to as years zero in a slight deviation to the year zero progrom instigated in the fair land of cambodia in the mid seventies by a regime headed up by one mister pol pot .


    • 93
      illogical says:

      And all of them leap years ;)


    • 192
      gerdundula says:

      An excellent demonstration of why you should never pay attention to a pedant


  20. 35
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    I think I am going to be violently sick.

    It was bad enough hearing about Mr Murdoch entering through the back door at downing street for cups of tea.


  21. 43
    so what says:

    not sure if this revelation makes any material difference whatsoever


    • 197
      David Cameron says:

      It makes a difference to me..

      I was riding Rebekas horse and texting sweet kisses to the most powerful media person in the UK after cost dinner parties at her house, and then employed her secret lover against all the advice of my minions.

      And what references did Rebekah give me about Coulson… glowing ones.

      I’d say it was a momumental fcuk up.


      • 340
        balanced vision... says:

        given she worked with him and had been involved with him personally she was probably well placed to know the real man


  22. 44
    The Straws says:

    Try as I might I cannot work out who got the short straw.


  23. 45
    Steve Miliband says:

    What we really need is a free press to expose this sort of silly nonesense


  24. 46
    bergen says:

    That’s the sort of story that used to be a NOTW exclusive.


  25. 48
    Gordon Brôwn says:

    Did someone say PJ party?


  26. 50
    Tweet like a lefty says:

    You could tell from their body language.


  27. 56
    Paniagua V5 says:

    So which one is the undercover cop?


  28. 58
    A war on the press dressed up as something else says:

    The moment Murdoch withdrew support from Labour all this phone hacking shit hits the fan.
    Also the relish with which the BBC has and is pushing this story stinks to high heaven of collusion.
    I care not for the defendants as long as we shoot at the messengers as well.


    • 64
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Labour must have been aware of it at the time as this took place under their watch.

      They were using it for ‘spin’ purposes which is why they decided to out it when allegiance of M switched.


      • 175
        Rupee's Revenge says:

        Take your time ladies. I have not even begun yet.


        • 328
          technical solution never used says:

          Every moblie could have been updated with a new random pin number sent over the network and implemented when the phone is switched on. Needs, i guess a couple of lines of programming to run serially to update and inform.

          WHY DID NOTHING HAPPEN? But we get an act saying its illegal.


        • 355
          Peter Bone says:

          Anyone in “government” would enjoy whatever you have to offer, Ian rock crawler smith would be first in line , he’s already taking his wife for the whole business, silly cow.


  29. 61
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Could the take down of NOTW be in part connected with their campaign over ‘Sarah’s Law’, to name p’edophiles following the Sarah Payne murder ?

    In the post Savile era that somehow seems significant now.


  30. 65
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    No further questions, your honour !


  31. 66
    Pierced Organ says:

    Can we change the bloody record?

    btw I’m hoping to have Jeremy Clarkson on life stories soon. Before I am incarcerated hopefully


  32. 67
    A war on the press dressed up as something else says:

    Who else knew about phone hacking during the New Labour/Murdoch love in?
    Come on Beccy spill the beans on a few former Home secretaries.


  33. 69
    a non says:

    Bit confused what this informaton has got to do with hacking / tapping phones?


  34. 70
    mraemiller says:

    So basically she was having an affair with Coulson while in a relationship with Ross Kemp, while marrying Ross Kemp, after marrying Ross Kemp and while being divorced by Ross Kemp.

    Funny that the News of the World never covered this celebrity story.


  35. 75
    Hatchet job says:

    This affects guilt how?


  36. 78
    No 10. says:

    An affair yes, Coulson, no.
    Surely ‘wild eyed loons’ everywhere will hunt the real one out.


  37. 80
    nellnewman says:

    and that is relevant to these hacking allegations , why?


  38. 81
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    OMG! So that’s what all those tweets about ACRB were about! Who knew?


  39. 82
    Herbie the Hamster says:

    Do things really happen like this in public life?

    How can people possibly perform their jobs impartially?


  40. 83
    Yawn says:

    In other news. Hugh Grant had a wank today.


  41. 86
    Curious, of Mold says:

    C’mon guido, spill the beans. does you latest tweet (I don’t do twitter, so commenting here) refer to the much heralded then covered up ‘affair’ at No 10 you wrote about a way back?


  42. 88
    Mr Leveson says:

    A repeat of a polite request: Please DO NOT RT BBC coverage of the hacking trial and add biased/prejudicial comment.


  43. 90
    Pip says:

    It is lovely and heartfelt and sad – shame it has to be aired in public.


  44. 94
    Private Eye says:

    Why all this trial bother…just throw her into the river and see if she floats!


    • 183
      Happy Halloween says:

      The husband of former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks claims there is a ‘witch hunt’ against her.

      Good old British justice, the best in the world. If she doesn’t drown, they can burn her at the stake.


  45. 96
    Chris Patten says:

    I think the BBC were above reproach and fearlessly exposed the guilty parties who must have been the Government


  46. 107
    Labour Spin Doctor says:

    Right we’ve got between now and the 2015 election to destroy the Sun newspaper before they print a picture of Miliband as Mr Potato head.
    See if we can get the BBC on board


  47. 108
    Dave says:



  48. 109
    Tin Foil Hat Brigade says:

    Is it a coincidence showing a picture of Rebeka when it’s Halloween?


  49. 115
    Edward Snowden says:

    FFS,I don’t believe this thread !


    • 270
      broderick crawford says:

      you CAN SAFELY believe it Edward

      in downing street they still think prism is a quaint kind of paperweight and that Tor is a sperm bull on Tony s farm in the Archers.


  50. 121
    Call me Dave, future failure says:

    Note to self:

    Expedite Royal Charter


  51. 124
    david says:

    Could someone please explain what the difference is between the media hacking people’s phones and the NSA/GCHQ hacking people’s phones?Do the same laws not apply? Can we expect a show trial with MI5 ,GCHQ and every western government in the dock? Oh, thought not.


    • 151
      Mark Carney says:

      Well, it’s a bit like how bank accounts operate.

      If I were to steal say £200 out of your account by hacking your online facility and I was caught I would be prosecuted, whereas all of the banks are ripping off everyone with a bank account all of the time (think PPI, bank charges, LIBOR etc etc) and its done on such a grand scale then it’s OK.


    • 166
      Anonymous says:

      Can you explain why Jools and Eddie had the right to divulge said results of hacking ? i mean 3 wrongs dont make a right, do they ?


    • 348
      cynic says:

      Alexander and the pirate.


  52. 128
    Anonymous says:

    And what fucking business is this of the pigs? lets face it, the pigs themselves are very fond of shagging each others wives/husbands/mates/partners, arrogant hypocritical bastards all of them.


  53. 130
    Caligula says:

    Oh my word! Some people have been having it off!

    Well I never, whatever next? Popes admitting to inclining towards Catholicism? The discovery that animals of the ursine variety prefer to defecate in arboreal areas?


  54. 132
  55. 142
    Tristram Hunt(Prime Minister Designate) says:

    The organisation I work for requests for food parcels have tripled but the Tories claim things are getting better!


  56. 143
    Bewildered says:

    Forgive my confusion, but I fail entirely to see what a relationship between 2 of the accused has to do with the alleged phone hacking. What game are the police and prosecution playing?


    • 176
      Andy Coulson says:

      I got arrested a while back for impersonating a police officer.

      I was receiving head from Rebekah Brooks in the News of the World car park at the time!


    • 191
      lover r us says:

      A good percentage of those participating here are also unsure of the relevance of this information but WTF. Join in. Maybe together with most media supporting this trivia it will produce a mistrial. ;)


  57. 147
    C.O.Jones says:

    That £120 per year energy tax that is lost to every household could easily be recovered by privatising the BBC.

    No telly tax, if the BBC are that good then they do not need it.


    • 283
      broderick crawford says:

      Privatise Humphries and Paxo .

      Sponsor their every rude question, expression or interruption .
      Auntie s funding problem solved .


  58. 148
    Fishy says:

    BBC: Boy – we’re really enjoying this. We’re stood in front of the mirror, limbering up for the main event when we can get Cameron.

    PAXMAN, last night: ‘It was inconceivable that the PRIME MINISTER’S FRIENDS didn’t know that their staff were hacking peoples’ phones, said a prosecutor today’

    Q? Did the prosecutor really say, ‘The Prime Minister’s Friends’…or did the BBC put that in for their own purposes?

    Q? Which Prime Minister exactly? Cameron wasn’t Prime Minister when Labour turned a ‘blind eye’ to hacking and to blagging

    PAXMAN: ‘Who knew (there was hacking)….that’s the job of the court…Eight people facing trial, including two editors of the News of the World, one a pal of the Prime Minister, the other his one time official spokesman…potentially very serious implications for some very powerful people’

    Q? Do you mean Cameron?

    The BBC’s reporting of this is, and always has been, politically biased and prejudicial.

    Why didn’t the judge ask if any of the potential jurors had heard the story reported on the BBC or read its website?


  59. 154
    Huff and Puff says:


  60. 154
    According to Electoral Commission the British Public are unsure if the UK is a member of the EU says:

    Who the fuck cares ? The World has moved on. Politicians and hacks are all the same whatever party they belong to A plague on ALL their houses. The public aren’t interested in this. They are more concerned about more IMPORTANT issues such as energy costs, cost of living and the like. The establishment have no real conception of what ordinary people’ concern are but one thing is for sure it ain’t this rubbish


    • 333
      Anonymous says:

      Red Len has just been on the news, Unite pickets targetted the homes of Grangemouth managers with 30 people outside one home, complete with inflatable Rat.The PM has said (quite rightly) that its unnacceptable Red Len then proceeded to be verbally threatening WTF does he think he is ?


  61. 158
    Jack Ketch says:

    Should sexual entanglements be published in the same manner as financial interests as MPs, members of the HoL, civil servants and other public figures are required to do?
    The information would be really amusing or a source of teeth clenching as in the case of Stephanie Flanders and her many, many Labourites.
    Of course we were all done by Mr Brown and Mr Blair and totally buggered by Mr Mandlebum.


  62. 165
    I don't need no d octor says:

    Are you sure the letter was “found” by the cops. Could officers that belong to the police federation have planted the letter?


  63. 169
    Private Eye says:

    So that makes two red tops to have gone down on Andy Coulson!


  64. 181
    Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

    What has this got to do with the case against them, except for the kind of titillation that NOTW closed down for doing?


    • 337
      Anonymous says:

      On PM, apparently the prosecution have said it proves they both knew about the hacking (and thats why they revealed the affair) i cant see that you necessarily talk about work if you are in a relationship, actually.


      • 386
        100wpm says:

        It’s to strengthen the leftie case that Brooks is
        a wicked immoral woman.The flame-haired temptress
        who would cheat on her husband while allegedly hacking
        the phone of a dead child.
        The demonisation of Brooks is appalling and surely prejudices
        her chance of a fair trial.


  65. 186
    Nasal Ed says:

    must be horrible to have your private emails read by strangers like that


  66. 189
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    PS Guido I had no idea so much shagging going on in and around Westminster as you say. I am such an innocent!


  67. 194
    Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

    If it was so wrong for the NOTW to pry into the private affairs of people and make it public why is it OK for the state to do the same.


    • 212
      Obama Bin Laden says:

      The Global War on Terror!


    • 225
      A Libertarian says:

      Usually the state (ie. Police or Security Services) need to get a court order before engaging in such activities. Anti Terror laws passed in the wake of 9-11 relaxed such inconveniences.


    • 321
      Leverson-Pentagoon says:

      Please provide your coordinates. No need to worry yourself with such matters in future.


      • 390
        Patty Fang says:

        What? You want to know about my skirt and jumper? Why? What the heck does that have to do with you? Watch out or the/my Fat Controller will be after you (and your savings too!).


  68. 196
    Ric Holden,CCHQ says:

    Gordon Brown In ‘Ex-Politician’ Blunder

    http://news.sky.com/story/1162215/gordon-brown-in-ex-politician-blunder … …>> oops!


  69. 199
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Brooks began dating Ross Kemp1996 and married him in Las Vegas in 2002. The dates of the Coulson affair seem to overlap. Who’d have thought it?


  70. 207
    Gillian Duffy says:

    Where are these journalists all flocking from?


  71. 209
    ian says:

    i thought it might have been those two


  72. 221
    david says:

    Hmmm so Dave’s ‘riding mate’ was a little free with her favours ‘eh. I wonder if the ‘riding’ was confided to the horses.


  73. 242
    • 248
      UK Government Press Censorship Warning says:

      As per UK press regulations signed into effect on 30th October 2013, the article linked to in

      the above (link reproduced below) should be regarded as government propaganda and hostile as

      it was published and / or updated post 30th October 2013.

      Be aware that direct UK Government political interference in this article cannot be ruled out which will compromise, inter alia, validity of and motivation for presentation of

      reported content.

      ### Hostile Link ###


      ### Hostile Link ###


      Relevant UK Press Regulation Wording:


      Related EU documentation:




  74. 247
    Philip Schofield says:

    It took me 3 minutes to find this on the internet.


  75. 250
    brian says:

    Some wag put a naughty entry on Wikipedia but it was edited see http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rebekah_Brooks&diff=579619032&oldid=579617977 for before and after


  76. 256
    Tony Blair, a man with many skeletons in his closet says:

    I always have more to come.


  77. 258
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Cameron was about to appoint the BBC’s Guti Harri Head of Communications for the Conservative Party – summer `07 – when Brooks persuaded him to change his mind and appoint Coulson. Interesting way of trying to keep/impress the man who had tried to dump her a few months previously! And how exactly did she persuade call me Dave?


  78. 259
    All sorts says:

    Regarding the Thick of It clip, is there really a man on college green who shouts “you’re an arab” to everyone?


  79. 261
    Nudes International says:

    Can we now be told who the bloke was that Kempy was in bed with.


  80. 263
    Reportage says:

    Bloody hell and I though it was just a case of her giving the occasional BJ to Gordon to see if he was still alive! and if so, keep him sweet. This story could run and run and run.


  81. 264
    Helpful advice says:


  82. 268
    nellnewman says:

    I am so bored with this case! Isn’t there anything else in the political sphere to talk about?


  83. 273

    Reallllllly boring! Where did she leave her broomstick?


  84. 276
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I’ve been asleep. Did anything happen?


    • 299
      The British Public says:

      Nothing of any interest compared to the Kardashians, Celebrity Bakeoff and Strictly come dancing. Then there’s Coronation Streets new set of course.


  85. 278
    Gordon Brown says:

    I still have a lot to offer.


  86. 279
    Harriet Harman, Stand-up comedian. says:

    Meanwhile this is nowhere to be found on the BBC website



    • 286
      UK Government Press Censorship Warning says:

      As per UK press regulations signed into effect on 30th October 2013, the article linked to in the above (link reproduced below) should be regarded as government propaganda and hostile as it was published and / or updated post 30th October 2013.

      Be aware that direct UK Government political interference in this article cannot be ruled out which will compromise, inter alia, validity of and motivation for presentation of reported content.

      ### Hostile Link ###


      ### Hostile Link ###


      Relevant UK Press Regulation Wording:


      Related EU documentation:



  87. 300
    Polly Toynbee ate my hamster says:

    Good that the proceedings haven’t descended into anything intrusive, sensational or cheap.


  88. 322
    Illegal use of time says:

    Will Rupert seek compensation for use of office time and facilities for personal use?


  89. 335
    Measure for measure. says:

    Tee hee hee! They are being dished up, what they dish out. What a pair hypocrites?


    • 343
      Anonymous says:

      They arent the only ones though” M for M “are they? doesnt really seem fair how some Hypocrites ,eg Hugh, Steve, Charlotte, Sienna etc etc seem to get away with it.


  90. 338
    Coke Snorting Escort Pumping God's Working Vampire Squids says:

    If they were bankers they would be let off with a fine


  91. 339
    A nincumpoop says:

    Would Andy have been her first?

    Who was that bloke whose “first priority” was her?


  92. 344
    John Ward says:

    Not one word of this is news to the news fraternity.
    Is GF really so desperate now that this counts as something he should make public as if it were an exclusive?



  93. 346
    Gideon says:

    be-deh, be-deh, b-deh, that’s not all folks!!!

    Dave had her too, lots of love!


  94. 350
    nick says:

    I think 5 minutes in an empty room with prick Mc Cluskey would make me happy and red Len very red-and it wont be paint. It is shites like him and Balls ache and Millitwat that we shoulr really deport along with the fraudster Brown and his friend Bliar. I mean its already last Straw for Jack boy.


  95. 352
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    So the Daily Mail knew all about this ages ago and just chose to splash half the story over their front page without names and thereby avoid a Tory Prime Minister being put under additional scrutiny as to his competence at the very time he was facing mounting criticism on various other fronts.

    Is this a fair summary of what the Daily Mail did or am I missing something?


  96. 354
    del boy says:

    Its a bit naughty that Silk reading out part of a letter which even he cant say for certain was sent.

    At the very least the Judge and Jury should have seen the whole letter I reckon.

    This guy needs watching.

    Whats he on?

    Five grand a day until April 2014.

    lovely jubbly


  97. 356
    Librarian says:



  98. 357
    Boris Johnson says:

    Me, I’ll fuck anything…


  99. 364
    Jack Ketch says:

    Why are otherwise intelligent folk treating allegation as fact?
    It is alleged that Ms Brooks and Mr Coulson had a sexual relationship–not yet proven. It is alleged that Mr Cameron is a duffer–obvious but not proven. It has been proven that Mr Brown is stark-staring bonkers and that his girlfriend, Alistair, is a lying crook.


  100. 377
    Liberace's wig says:

    What a pair of Tessa Munts.


  101. 379
    Upshot creek says:


    Am I missing the point? ……, why isn’t RM in the dock. Surely he’s vicariously liable for his staff……being the CEO of NI!

    Correct me if I’m wrong!


  102. 382
    read all about it says:

    Friday 1 nov

    Brooks & Coulson v HM prosecution
    is withdrawn..

    The Sun agrees to blindly support Labour
    Gordon Brown returns to resume his political career…..at the top.


  103. 383
    Establishment hates says:

    Don’t they just hate a load of non-Oxbridge, non-public school girls and boys running a national paper.

    Guido next.


  104. 384
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    The prosecution barrister in the case is just stirring the shit. Mentioning the letter that was found to prove how close Brooks and Coulson were is just a pile of crap. They worked together at the highest senior level so where bound to be close. The barrister is just using their usual tactics, which are the same as any gutter press journalist would do.
    I would say to the barrister, do not insult our intelligence.
    By the way I have no time for politicians, barristers, journalists, police, lying scumbag police federation, etc.
    The way the media are playing this you would think Brooks and Coulson had murdered Miller Dowler.
    There are far worse issues e.g The BBC breeding perverts, the Police Federation liars, the police that said there was no case to answer for the three police federation officers, Blair and his WMD lies, Brown fucking up the country, Burnham’s responsibilty for the NHS deaths. Fucking hell get real.


    • 387
      A Pensioner says:

      Indeed. No evidence so far, only smears. And what are they guilty of?? Nothing like the industrial scale of what GCHQ are doing on behalf of the yanks.


  105. 388
    Ethelred the Unsteady says:

    Well it wasn’t called the News of the Screws for nothing!


  106. 391
    A pensionista says:

    That this pair were in a six year fumble is irrelevant. The significant hypocrisy is that because they were employed in the newspaper industry it never came into the open. Any MP walking through the wrong toilet door would have been headline news. Lets have a website for exposing journalists whenever they expose themselves


  107. 393
    honest jon says:

    Andy Coulson – filling ‘red tops’ with column inches since 1998


  108. 395
    Anonymous says:

    Is R.B. one of the chosen race?


  109. 399
  110. 400
    heartofgovt says:

    ‘Wade was arrested following a night out commiserating with departed Cabinet minister David Blunkett.’

    Read more;



  111. 401
    fed-up in britain says:

    rebecca brooks is being made a scape goat .Leave her alone.What abunch of tittle-tattle Hunts I FOR ONE LIKE HER sO PISS OFF AND BACK OFF.


  112. 404
    Galbraith says:

    what a disgusting old tart Brooks is, she must have one like a torn welly, old charlie brooks is past it by now so shes probably rolling in the hay woth the stable lads


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