October 24th, 2013

Mad Al’s Scottish Power Trip

Guido was wondering how long it would take for Alastair Campbell’s outside interests to crop up now he is back helping out Miliband. Turns out just a few hours. Labour have wasted no time sticking the boot into Scottish Power after they put up energy prices by 8.6% this afternoon. Who does Scottish Power’s PR? That would be Mad Al’s very own Portland Communications. Cosy…


  1. 1
    Steve Miliband says:

    Why do people employ this man?


    • 2
      Spearchukka says:

      He knows where the bodies are buried.


      • 7
        Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

        All over Iraq. Half a million of them.

        Who, in their right mind would want to be associated with this pathological liar and mass-murder?

        Anything (BBC, Labour, Scottish Power) that has anything to do with this monster should really take a long hard look at themselves and their ‘values’.


        • 25
          Gissa pint, I'm depressed says:

          Looks like Big Al is bombing in this situation too.


        • 95
          Anonymous says:

          And what Blair? Despite being THE biggest pathological liar in modern times, he does not have that much to worry about. Why?


          • Anonymous says:

            Putin couldn’t call for Blair to visit the Hague because it might shed light on the fact that he too is a liar, and guilty of some pretty depraved political actions. Same with China.

            Everybody else is either in his club, or too weak to be listened to.


        • 121
          Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths says:

          miliband is too stupid and balls too arrogant to think the public will not remember campbell now hes reincarnated as a reformed sunday school thug


    • 62
      What a plonker. says:

      A lowlife tosser who has the blood of many people on his hands.
      Just the fact that he is a nutter is no excuse and he should be held to account.


    • 63

      A good liar is highly prized, nowadays.


      • 89
        Polly Toynbeeeeeeeeee says:

        We socialists think lying is OK because the cause of socialism justifies it.


        • 91
          George Orwell says:

          The end always justifies the means doesn’t it Polly? And the means is “a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”


    • 113
      Hugh Janus says:

      No idea, but it should guarantee that Liebour will lose plenty of votes.


    • 123
      broderick crawford says:

      he s SMILING …. for the first time in about 25 years

      reminds of his young open and innocent cucchyface photo when he was financial editor of the sunday mirror …. before he found spindoctoring as his ultimate saviour and lord .


  2. 3
    Vince Cable refers to Vince Cable in the third person.. says:


  3. 4
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    As every decent Scot will tell you “Never trust a Campbell”


    • 16
      The Campbells are coming says:

      Watch oot for the Camerons too…

      Cameron is a Scottish surname and thus somewhat common throughout the English-speaking world.
      There are several possible origins. One is from a Gaelic-language nickname, derived from cam (“crooked”, “bent”)


    • 21
      nellnewman says:

      especially this one – he has a proven track record for dodgy dossiers and such.


  4. 5
    PC Dixon says:

    Well he never ceases to surprise does he – pity he didn’t stay writing soft porn books – then there would be thousands of people now living which includes all the brave British Soldiers killed in Iraq. The mans as corrupt as they come .


    • 13
      The late Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti says:

      You said it my friend.


    • 29
      Old Nick says:

      One day he, and Blair, and Scarlett, and goldsmith, and Straw, all will be guests of mine.


    • 51
      Chocolate Fireguard says:

      Don’t forget the poor souls lost in Afghanistan, where we were going to be leave without firing a single bullet. albeit not Campbel but another Scot, when you think about it, the Scots, Blair, Brown, Darling, Reid, Irvine, Martin et al have some answering to do.


      • 58
        The Flying Spaghetti Machine says:

        Afghan!stan was NATO response to 9-11.

        The mong who decided to turn that mission into an attempt to rebuild the country has a lot to answer for.


        • 109
          Working For Uncle Sam says:

          Since NATO did a petty good job of bombing and smashing it up, do we not have a duty to rebuild the country?

          As for 9-11, did not Bush pin the blame on Iraq?


          • Anonymous says:

            Bouncing rocks with JDAMS and chasing Al Qaeda out of the country was the NATO response to 911. It was ostensibly done to punish the Taliban and capture Bin Laden in that country. The cock up happened when the US took their eye off Afghanistan and decided to invade Iraq, thus letting the Taliban and Al Qaeda to easily creep back in.

            Has for being responsible for fixing what we break! What is the point of breaking it?


  5. 9
    altruism in industry says:

    the power market doesn’t look like a very competitive market does it ? It looks a little bit like a bunch of liars and thieves given the keys to everybody’s front door.


    • 14
      Nonvoter says:

      Liars and thieves who help themselves to the public’s money?

      Hmm. Sounds like politicians to me.


    • 18
      Largo Winch says:

      It’s not a great market but look across Europe and you’ll find higher energy prices. At least we have a market. The problem is undoing Labour’s legacy of just 6 companies plus their high “Green” taxes. It’ll take years to get more entrants into the market.


      • 22
        altruism in industry says:

        yes, well, what about one company with a public obligation rather than an obligation to Johny Foreigner ?


        • 41
          FFS says:

          Energy companies with “public obligations” turn out to be nothing more than an opportunity for stealth taxes on a massive scale, hence why energy prices elsewhere in the EU are so high.


        • 88
          Engineer says:

          All the power companies have an obligation to their customers. (The fact that they’re all equally cr*p suggests that the customers are prepared to put up with a lot.) The fact that, despite the rhetoric, none of the power companies really makes excessive profits (their share prices would soar if they did) suggests that the market pretty well works.

          Why are the power companies putting their prices up? Because they’ve taken the commercial decision that they are at risk of having to operate at a loss for an unknown period if a Labour gummint happens in 2015, possibly threatening their futures. So they’re strengthening their balance sheets now to try to hedge the risk.

          Even though I don’t like their prices going up, I can’t really blame them.

          If you want someone to blame for rising energy prices now, look no further than Milipede Minor and his stupid threats to freeze energy prices in the near future.


          • Anonymous says:

            So that’s was how you Stopped Worrying (about your high heating bills) and Learned To Love (the greedy) Power Companies.


          • Engineer says:

            Which part of “Even though I don’t like their prices going up…” did you struggle to understand?


          • Calidius Eroticus says:

            There has been claims that the energy companies are working on such small margins that it is difficult to lay blame on them when they put up prices. I’m not sure that takes into account the profits they make across the whole cycle from extraction to delivery. Personally I suspect there is some creative business practices going on to disguise profits. In truth I would be surprised if there wasn’t. Starbucks do it.

            Has for Ed Milliband and his threat of a price freeze. Yes the man is a pillock, and economically literate in the same way as a ten year old would be with ten grand, but the power companies have been consistently hiking prices far longer than Ed has been threatening to fix them low.

            I remember years ago talking to a guy who was a former senior manager at Bass Breweries. He told me about a meeting that took place between the major breweries at that time to address the falling trade in fellas going to the pub. He told me that at that meeting it was decided that the best way to get men back into the pubs was to concentrate on getting the women in. That way the men would follow. And so was born the ladette. I refuse to believe that the energy companies are incapable of similar practices to maximise their profits.

            Has for blaming the customer, where else do you suggest they get their power from? I lived on a Narrowboat and it cost me thousands of pounds to fit it out with enough high end electrical equipment to enable a pale imitation of what I can get from the grid. I spent £4000 and a kettle still taxes my system.

            Ralph did a good job getting both his sons into a position where they could influence Britain in the way they have. The Soviets would have given him a medal for such an achievement, I hate the Hunt.

            The blame is spread farther than him though. And after reading your comments for a while I thought you got that.


      • 112
        Anonymous says:

        As for the planned nuclear power stations – are they not a “nice little earner”?


    • 19
      ally Campbell says:

      My natural habitat


  6. 11
    Portland Communications says:

    You know that price rise you mentioned? I’d wait till after Wednesday if I were you.


  7. 12
    A Real Depressive says:

    How this alleged depressive can live with himself I do not know.


    • 31
      Well I never says:

      Is he schizo too?


    • 44
      FFS says:

      Total emotional dissociation from his own actions. It is a common psychological disorder.


      • 87
        Village Idiot says:

        ….And it’s systemic throughout the labour party.Total denial of the consequences of their previous actions,very strange behaviour!


        • 98
          Management Psychologist says:

          It is common with people with corrupted value systems. It works like this:-

          young person grows up with a strong set of moral values
          young person becomes very idealistic
          young person goes into politics led by his ideals
          ideals become corrupted by the “end justifies the means” nature of politics
          moral foundation of person becomes corrupted
          insanity or depression results

          Alistair Cambell is being driven nuts by his own corrupt attempts at furthering the Labour cause when in the end Labour’s inherent corruption at all levels means it cannot possibly have a moral outcome. His only escape is a Jonathan Aitken style re-birth after admitting his own sins and being punished for them.


        • 117
          Anonymous says:

          All this Wind “n” Rain! I blame Ed and the Labour Party.


          • Calidius Eroticus says:

            Labour have an agenda beyond the day to day capitalistic, democratic running of the country, It’s called Socialism. We don’t have it it enough yet but they will break anything to ensure that we do in the long run.

            If the left (Labour) actually wrote down what they really want for Britain the public would fuck them off, and they know it.


  8. 15
    It'll end in tears says:

    He’s only 45 minutes away from meltdown


    • 20
      PC Dixon says:

      Lets see – will the BBC tell us about Campbell when they go for Scottish Power on the 6pm news – don’t hold your breath.


  9. 17
    Casual Observer 4 says:

    If Dave reverses out the Carbon Tax b/s, will these price rises be reversed also ?


    • 33
      BBC News Editor says:

      The science is settled..


    • 135
      Calidius Eroticus says:

      10% rise because it is going to get cold and poor pensioners will inevitably die keeping prices high enough to keep better off pensioners in pension funds.

      9% reduction in lefty bollocks tax and a penguin might die, it probably won’t though.

      That leaves everybody 1% worse off than they were already. And if your a poor pensioner unable to pay, still dead from freezing or starvation. Dependent of course on whether they prefer to eat or stay warm.


  10. 23
    Pot Pol says:


  11. 24
    The country know Alastair is a C*nt of the highest order says:

    Alastair Campbell is the biggest stick anyone could ask for to beat the Labour party over the head with.
    I want to see more of him and the closer he is associated to Miliband the better.


  12. 30
    Dispassionate evaluation says:

    Greatest rogue unhung.


  13. 32
    BBC 24 Hr rolling bollocks says:

    Ok Ed you set the agenda concerning energy bills and we’ll run with it on the news for next month or so.
    Even do a feature on Watchdog if you like.


    • 42
      Fishy says:

      Just a thought.

      When Cameron intervened in the market last year, insisting that the numbers of energy tariffs were simplified and that energy companies were to be compelled to put people on the lowest tariff, did the Botoxed Redhead have Cameron along on her Watchdog programme to lap be anointed by her?


  14. 35
    Doctor Kelly says:

    Al Qaeda v Al Campbell. My money is on the terrorist.


  15. 37
    Fern Bridge says:

    May I be the first to wish you all a ‘Nattirb Noel’..!



    • 54
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      I see we are nearing the beeboid “Children in Need” telethon.

      With all the Savile revelations, it’s time ITV/SKY did a rival one called “Children in Need of protection from the pedos at the BBC”


  16. 50
    George Zimmerman says:

    Hi friends!


    • 61
      BBC 24 Hr rolling bollocks says:

      Hi George I can’t understand how you mistook that young fella dressed as a gangster/mugger for a gangster/mugger.
      Didn’t you see the Skittles in his pocket?


  17. 53
    . says:

    Why can the staff costs of running a utility cabal not be reduced. Its hardly difficult is it, put prices up every year and get a moron to do the timing of the announcement. Also why am I paying for the totally inadequately installed UK cavity insulation at £60pa and the bills of the “poor” at £70pa when they can get their bennies anyway.


  18. 59

    There is borderline unstable, severely mentally unstable and Alastair Campbell.


  19. 65
    Fishy says:

    Clan Campbell:

    Gaelic Name: Caimbeul

    Crest: On a boar’s head erased fessways erased Or, armed Argent, langued Gules

    Motto: Ne obliviscaris ‘Do not forget’

    Badge: Bog Myrtle

    Lands: Argyll

    Origin of Name: Gaelic, Caimbeul from ‘Cam’ (wry) and ‘Beul’ (mouth)

    Wry (ironic, sardonic, satirical, mocking, scoffing, sneering, derisive, scornful, sarcastic, double-edged, dry) mouth, sums the bastard up.


  20. 68
    George Zimmerman says:

    Hi friends. I feel at home here amongst you decent white people who hate darkie motherfuckers just as much as me.


    • 72
      Jack Ketch says:

      On that subject, I wonder how many other people noticed how quickly Dame Sally Davis, England’s Chief Medical Officer, was shut up by BBC interviewers on both radio and television when she tried to explain many people with brown or dark skin were at risk from Rickets. Anyone who has been to school knows that, but it seems that BBC political correctness is more important than health.


    • 75
      Real Racist says:

      I keep tellin’ you George, you ain’t white. You is Hispanic, now fuck off.


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      And, Hitler did get the trains running on time.


  21. 69
    Mark Wouters says:

    Tory Motto ,”By Crook and by Muck”


  22. 97
    Len McClusterfuckski says:

    I would describe our attitude to Grangemouth as “going the extra mile”. Others would descibe it as “complete capitulation”.


    • 105
      FFS says:

      Love the video of him on the BBC. By the look on his face you’d think he has been made to eat his own shit. What a 24 carat pillock.

      Not so easy running the country after all is it Len? Can’t even run a small industrial dispute. You and your monkey Millband can just fuck off.


    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      Expect similar situations at other UK refineries and petro-chem plants, too.

      Shell sold the Stanlow complex a couple of years ago. I think BP sold Grangemouth about the same time. Why would companies like that sell off major assets unless they thought they were nearing the end of their economically productive lives?


  23. 104
    Hypocritical aresehole scum Campbell says:

    Shitty Scumbag!!!


  24. 107
    Burnley fan says:

    The next time I see him going in to Burnley’s ground, I’ll give him a f^cking good knock!


  25. 111
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    18 year jail sentence for Liberal Democrat Larsen… they don’t half pick em’.


  26. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Yet again, the hard-right have it arse-about-face. For, as most of us know, the greedy private power firms are only there to screw the public.


  27. 125
    Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths says:

    blair campbell mandelson brown balls miliband …. add prescott harman hain bryant and cooper and who says scum doesn’t rise


  28. 131
    Quotes to Note says:

    “Labour have wasted no time sticking the boot into Scottish Power after they put up energy prices by 8.6% this afternoon.”


  29. 136

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