October 21st, 2013

Pilgrims’ Self-Preservation Plot

Taxpayer funded union turkeys are convening to work how to avoid Christmas. Regular readers will remember Carl Roper, the TUC national organiser tasked with spinning for Pilgrims – taxpayer-funded trade union officials. Last summer Carl got into all sorts of bother trying to spin his way out of the huge sums Pilgrims cost the taxpayer. Well now he has invited publicly-employed trade unionists to a meeting on Thursday to plot how they can “respond to the attack on facility time and… look at the legal position of reps in respect of paid time off for union duties and activities”. In other words try to fight the government’s crackdown on them wasting taxpayers’ time and money. Let Guido know how that works out for you…


  1. 1
    Len McClusterfuck says:

    Pilgrims are an excellent use of taxpayers money, up the workers!

    Vive la revolution!


    • 8
      Gooey Blob says:

      Revolution? Actually, we prefer evolution in the UK.

      Obviously, Len McCluskey and Ed Miliband’s plans represent some sort of genetic throwback which we all thought had died out many years ago.


      • 11
        John's Bunions says:

        He who would valiant be
        Let him come hither;
        One here will constant be,
        Follow the Master.
        There’s no discouragement
        Shall make him once relent
        His first avowed intent
        To be a pilgrim.


        • 12
          Private Eyefull says:

          Well done Guido. This was your shout. Congratulation. Great campaigning.


          • Dave Marsden says:

            Good campaigning but how long is it taking? Every day this continues, taxpayers are being taken for a ride by these selfish union slackers.


          • broderick crawford says:

            well don t blame guido he s done his bit

            blame this petrified forest of a government which waits for hell to freeze over before taking a decision ..
            .. and a collegiate one at that!!!


    • 23
      Living in 98.11% white Merseyside says:

      Best of luck to ‘em! If MPs can do it why can’t they?


    • 41
      broderick crawford says:

      mad frankie says !!” BOLAX ”
      don t do it


      • 48
        (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

        “Who cares what Frankie say?” Seen on a T-shirt in Abingdon around 1990 or so!


  2. 2
    BLOB CROWE says:



    • 29
      broderick crawford says:

      its called dinner in your neck of the proletarian woods bob .

      here in the rarified quarters of jermyn street and points west burlington bertie and our chums refer to it as ……

      luncheon .


  3. 3
    Mr Miliband (I'll let the reader decide which one) says:

    Another reason why I hate the UK.


  4. 4

    The government talks about stopping it and the TUC talks about the stopping the stopping of it.

    The only thing that needs to stop is the rhetoric!

    Stop paying anyone who is not at their work without good cause.

    Death is an acceptable excuse, providing it is that of the employee’s.


    • 33
      broderick crawford says:

      ….. and not categorised as ” inconsiderate to society ”

      i e suicides by jumping under a rush hour tube thus disrupting the line and inconveniencing hard working commuters from starting their work on time will NOT be recognised as an acceptable demise .


  5. 5
    It's the only language they understand says:

    We really, really need a strangling-post for people like that.


  6. 6
    Sorted says:

    Wait till they are all in the same room, lock the door and throw away the key.


    • 34
      broderick crawford says:

      …… swiftly followed by the ingress of chemical substances purchased as job lots from a certain mr assad .


  7. 7
    MIKE HANDYCOCK ex teen fondler says:

    This story has been running for months and months possibly over a year
    it just shows the incompetence of politicians that they can’t just pass a law without having years of meetings
    FFS stop bloody talking about it and trying to grab a headline

    Politicians make me wonder some times , who wipes their arse’s and ties their shoe laces ?


  8. 13
    MB. says:

    ‘In other words try to fight the government’s crackdown on them wasting taxpayers’ time and money.’

    Presumably the meeting will take place whilst they are being paid by the taxpayer and not in their own time?

    I would have thought that if they had any common sense then they would had the meeting in evening or at the weekend so they could not be accused of that. Shows how complacent they are.


    • 37
      broderick crawford says:

      wot ???!! outside officially mandated hours of work .?

      against their eeeeewwwwweeman rights innit brother .

      and don t let s even start on elf and safety , data protection , safety at work , stepping out the front door to go to work in case you get run over etcetera etcetera …..


  9. 15
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Skyrocketing energy bills and the hordes of Romanians & Bulgarians flooding the country from January next year will ensure the ConDems wipeout in 18 months time.

    Tick tock, tick tock.

    Remember vote early,vote often,vote UKIP :-)


  10. 18

    Daniel Kawczynski has been found guilty of being too tall. He is a Tory.



  11. 19
    Simplz says:

    The people attending this meeting are spending time away from front line public service. They are shirkers. Sack them.


  12. 20
    The Current Crop of MPs says:

    You’ll forget about us after we’ve gone.

    Maybe one or two of us will be remembered in 30 years. Probably none in 60.

    Now really much of a legacy for a wasted life betraying the British people.


  13. 22
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Another example of Cameron saying everything and doing nothing. The Pilgrims are still here and will be here in the run up to the 2015 election actively campaigning against the government at taxpayer’s expense.

    Cameron and his cronies are just a bunch of blowhards. He has done nothng about

    1. Immigration

    2. Human Rights Act

    3. Postal voting

    4. Cutting public spending

    5. Constinuency boundaries

    6. EU referendum

    7. Energy Policy

    8. Bonfire of the Quangos

    9. and on and on and on…….


    • 25
      Gooey Blob says:

      The hard left – just like the hard right – turns off British voters. Give these extremists enough rope and they will hang themselves.

      Just hand them a megaphone and let the BBC broadcast their rants. They’ll only drive voters away from what is now a very left-wing Labour party.


  14. 24
    Living in 98.11% white Merseyside says:

    Offer them an 11% pay rise instead.


  15. 27
    RomaBob..trafficking a kiddie or two! says:

    The Police Federation would be a good start………… get these reps back to work!


  16. 28
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    A summary of the progress Osborne is making with debt reduction.


  17. 31
    Mustapha Djinn says:

    Look what happened at the Grangemouth refinery when a pilgrim was told to do some work. Union activity led to a shutdown. What will Salmond do ?


  18. 32

    It’s like handling Human Relations issues in the workplace. With the problem solving process on track. Careful or I’ll throw the whole Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidated) Act – TULR(C)A 1992 with and including amendments thereof, at yer. Know what I mean, need me time off wiv pay for Time-off training and facilities Management. Innit?


  19. 35
    Edinburgh Junkie Shitty says:

    These stinking socialists are inhumane hypocritical leeching scum.


  20. 39
    Anonymous says:

    A councillor writes – we have 1 ‘Pilgrim’ in our patch. Some of my colleguse say that he worth every penny as he is so extreme he puts staff off joining the union. Indeed only a quarter of our council staff are unionised which means industrial action is minimised! Personally I think the rules for ‘Pilgrims’ should be similar to those for those for councillors, magistrates, school governors etc who need time off during the working day to carry out their duties. That is your employer has to allow you up to 17 days off per year (maximum) to carry out your duties – but whether or not you are paid is up to the employer. (When I worked full time I took days out of my annual leave to attend daytime meetings).


    • 46
      Someone JP says:

      “I think the rules for ‘Pilgrims’ should be similar to those for those for councillors, magistrates, school governors etc who need time off during the working day to carry out their duties. That is your employer has to allow you up to 17 days off per year (maximum) to carry out your duties – but whether or not you are paid is up to the employer.

      With all due respect, the position is somewhat different where many magistrates are concerned. Many magistrates, who are often self-employed, sit in their own time and do not claim or receive any reward for doing so. They can, employed or self-employed, receive some ‘loss of earnings’ allowance but that is a token sum which goes no-where near to covering the actual costs (especially, in the case of self employed magistrates opportunity costs) of sitting. I don’t claim it. I don’t even claim travel expenses. I consider it volunteer community work. I know many magistrates who take a similar view.


  21. 40
    No excuse for privacy abuse & exploitation of vulnerable people! says:

    Leeching Scum!


  22. 42
    Bogs Dollocks says:

    As a Snivel Serpent and union member I say fu**cking well done and about time.
    Now get rid of the rest of the non jobs and I will be a happy man.


  23. 44
    Don't hold your breath says:

    Nothing has been done. So far it is all talk.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


  24. 45
    wroting B says:

    ‘work how to avoid Christmas’?
    any links to the English site?


  25. 47
    Penfold says:

    So, they attend a meeting at our expense, to fight a campaign to remain on the gravy train.

    Only in Britain…………


  26. 49
    Robbie says:

    How about getting the unions to pay for management consultants who look into time-wasting, restrictive practices by unions. At least that would balance things out. How much chance of that? Zero.


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