October 17th, 2013

Tories and Labour Neck and Neck

Ed’s poll lead hasn’t frozen, it’s melted away.

Compare and contrast to last month above…


  1. 1
    Anne Widdecome says:

    Maybe that Bas*** Cameron will put me in the Lords if he wins a second term.


    • 8
      Ed Miliband says:

      ‘Ed’s poll lead hasn’t frozen, it’s melted away’

      I will simply freeze it.


      • 23
        Roy says:

        Lions led by fucking monkeys!


      • 44
        jake says:

        Gas, electricity, water, trains, buses, telecomms, health services, schools, and now the postal service, all of which used to belong to us as citizens, all flogged off to keep nation-hating Tory governments solvent.
        VOTE TORY


        • 49
          Truthteller says:

          Vote for any of the above and get higher bills.


        • 60
          Err says:

          It’s called Capitalism and it’s the only game in town ( save for North Korea, Cuba et al )

          If you get the chance ask Andy Burman about his plans to privatize parts of the NHS and Mandelson about selling off the Royal Mail.

          Look around you the look back to any period where Labour was in power. Jump in your time-machine & go back. Enjoy.


          • Anonymous says:

            It’s hardly capitalism when you’re interfering in the energy market to prop up useless wind mills, solar power and other ineffieicient methods of power production. All so that your estate owning father in law can continue to claim huge subsidies.


          • Welsh Vader says:

            Royal Mail was an EU Postal Services directive – it would have happened regardless of who was in power


          • lojolondon says:

            I hope that Cameron decides to allow the top four parties to be represented in the debates this time – so that Klegg can also appear ! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


        • 79
          Dame Diane says:

          I know. What we need is an economy that subsidises energy, transport, water, health care, schools, postal services, housing, benefit claimants and immigrants and renationalises telecoms, steel and gas. They can be given subsidies where they can’t compete. And the rich can pay for it all!


          • Anonymous says:

            With the money they are paying the likes of the British Gas boss, instead feeling sorry for the super-rich, should we not call for them to pay a top rate of tax at 50-55%? And should we not demand that they pay all their taxes?


        • 119
          Suzie says:

          Yes and Labour got us into this mess! God help us if they get in again because this country would be bankrupt.


        • 122
          They hate her because she won says:

          You’ve got higher bills because of things like green taxes introduced by Labour. The main reason everyone is struggling is because Labour totally fucked the economy, as they do every time they come into power. The Tories spend the first five years trying to sort the mess out. It is such a mess this time it will take ten years to sort it out. If we get another Labour Government in 2015 we will be really fucked.
          Have a look at every country that has tried Socialism. Russia, China, Korea Etc. Look at the lefties dream in Venezuela. The economy is now totally fucked.
          Capitalism isn’t perfect by any means but it has proven time and time again to improve living standards generally instead of dragging everyone down to the third world levels of Socialism. Life will never be fair for all. That is reality. Grow up and face the facts.


          • Anonymous says:

            So the sky high heating costs killing of the aged is a price worth paying to improve the living standards of the British Gas boss? Apart from the hard-line Tories, you will not find many people cheering Capitalism this morning.


          • They hate her because she won says:

            There is absolutely no need for the elderly to be dying of cold. They die of cold because of neglect by families (liberalism is designed to kill off the family unit,) and trying to save money unnecessarily. With a bit of help and support it wouldn’t happen.
            Under capitalism at least we have a gas supply. Under socialism it is highly unlikely there would be any gas.


      • 63
        Wet feet says:

        Simply melted away? Must be all this globule warming we keep hearing about.


      • 124
        Mr Quelch says:

        Ed was alright until Gloria got her de Piero’s out.


    • 15
      Éoin Clarke says:

      Fact: Labour’s lead is higher today than it was in September 2013


    • 30
      A Sad Man says:


    • 123
      broderick crawford says:

      three hundred quid a day attendance money anne ….

      that should keep you in hair dye .


    • 125
      Closingtime says:

      Two communist parties, vying for the lead.


  2. 2
    kronos says:

    Nothing to see here move along… Quick Look over there its all someone else fault


  3. 3

    Received wisdom says that at this point in the electoral cycle, the government should be at it’s most unpopular. Red Ed is clearly doing a great job convincing the electorate that he is not PM material.


    • 25
      A lesson from history says:

      Good job the bBC is still onside then and working hard to project the illusion that Labour is on a roll


    • 94
      Anonymous says:

      I think he shot himself in the foot over the tantrums over his Dad,its ok to stab your brother in the back ,but dont say Ralph wasnt that keen on England or you will never hear the end of it !


  4. 4
    nuke says:

    Frankly it’s amazing that Labour are leading UKIP.


  5. 5
    Viv says:

    But, thanks to Clegg & Co., the Tories need a substantial lead just to compensate for the inequitable situation over constituency boundaries. So no chickens should be counted!


    • 66
      Returning Officer returning says:

      Chickens? What’s that? Only postal votes get counted round here son.


    • 84
      Labour Party drone says:

      Fairness and Equality for all! Equality and Fairness in everything!!

      (Except when it comes to the electoral system, of course, goes without saying.)


  6. 6
    West Mercia Chief Constable says:

    They’re lying, all of them but never mind.


  7. 10
    Len McCluskey says:

    Ah well. Those columns do not include my popularity.


  8. 12
    Petard Hoister says:

    Bloody Global Warming!


  9. 13
    Dr Talent says:

    So Socialism isn’t popular?

    No wonder Labour want 16 year olds who don’t remember the 1970s to vote…..


    • 21
      A lesson from history says:

      It never ceases to amaze me when I speak to people who went to school in the 80’s and were taught that Thatcher was evil personified and that prior to her being elected everything was socialist utopia and how many are totally unaware of the chaos of the 70’s under Labour when there were strikes almost every week, a run on the pound and massive stagnation of the economy as state subsidized industries such as British Leyland made cars that were unreliable and that nobody wanted. They are literally amazed when told the facts and the independent source documents so that they can check for themselves. Their usual response is…”But we were never taught this” or “We were taught that everything was wonderful before Thatcher !” The socialists know one thing…”Give me the child until she/he is 7 and I will give you the man/woman!”


      • 48
        Casual Observer 4 says:

        The other legacy from the 70s which extended into the 80s were the plethora of ‘photographic’ clubs which existed in a lot of state schools. These were closed down in the 80s, with many teachers being prosecuted for child sex abuse, when people finally woke up.


      • 56
        Adolphe Miliband says:

        ”Give me the child until she/he is 7 and I will give you the man/woman!”



      • 137
        A Blast From The Past says:

        Time was when British firms employed British worker to make things like cars, ship, planes and steel – then she exported all the jobs.

        Then we were (and still are ) are sitting on 100s of years of coal which could now be used cleanly – then she shut all the mines.

        Then working people protected their interests – then she smashed the unions.

        Just a little of the information they no longer get taught.


    • 42
      Prescott's chipolata says:

      But they’ve been telling us recently that we shouldn’t heed the words of seventeen year old Ralph Miliband – yet they want to give sixteen year olds the vote.


    • 57
      JH232948968678 says:

      Unfortunately the 16 year olds are rather right wing in outlook so that might not work.

      They have grown up under Labour, and have watched their birthright be pissed up the wall. They have watched as a party incapable of understanding the concept of unintended consequences has seen to it that they will have a lower standard of living than their parents. Are they supposed to be grateful?

      The left cannot process this. They think the young will vote for them whatever they do because they are ‘cooler’ than the stuffy old grown ups in the other gang.


      • 70
        Returning Officer returning says:

        The young won’t vote for them – especially after the “we promise not to increase tuition fees to nine grand a year so you can go study for a Masters in nail polishing”.


        • 104
          Anonymous says:

          It was Tony who got kids thinking they HAD to go to Uni to get that coveted nail polish degree though wasnt it ? very sad.We now have people with degrees in such subjects who think they are too good for menial jobs.


  10. 14
    fernandos pants says:

    When are Labour going to figure out that they picked the wrong Milliband..?

    There must be a certain amount of schadenfreude from the remaining Blairites……Oh hang on..! There aren’t any left…..!



  11. 16
    Err says:

    Musl!m free school ‘dysfunctional’

    Muslim free, I think Ill send my kids there.


  12. 18
    JMF says:

    Why did Gloria De Peiro flash her Millibands for the camera? We should be told.


    • 36
      fernandos pants says:

      It’s all about empowerment. Do you not realise that by unleashing her bazongas she was actually empowering her fellow sisters….Duffy, Griffin, Dworkin and all those other fucking lezzers would have been proud to see Piero get her tits out for feminism…Pussy Riot used Del Piero’s nipple shot as an example for their own activism…



    • 88
      Anne Widdicombe says:

      I wonder if flashing the twins will help my career…


  13. 19
    Ed Millitwat says:

    Stop being nasty to me, I’m popular, I’m going to fweeze energy pwices for 20 months. LEN Mac will make me more popular youwl see.


    • 115
      Village Idiot says:

      ….Has red top ed and his “freeze” promise, contributed to the impending rises in the cost of energy?
      Nice to see the red and blue column neck and neck,between now and the election it would be good to see the purple column rise!!


  14. 20
    Harriet Dromy says:

    Is Egg (Badger) Milliband lying low to avoid the cull?


  15. 22
    Having talked up the RM share price, Labour now talk up energy prices says:


  16. 29
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  17. 31
    Loopy Lou says:

    Still time to get rid of Milliband now that The Tories have posted the date for the next Election.


  18. 32
    Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

    I look at that graphic and see that UKIP is increasing it’s share. In spite of the media shitstorm thrown our way by ‘Godfrey Bloom Racist No Bliks in the pamplet’ er Gate and other Hunterati er sorry commentators denouncing us a as fruitbats.
    This on a media budget approaching 37 whole pence. We’ve left the LimpDems standing. Thats quite some achievement. Imagine how we could get the message out with doubling our media budget to a whole pound…..


    • 37
      Philip Edmonds says:

      And don’t let it become too widely known that I legged it from the Ocean Club very early the following morning, after the night in question… cheers Auntie.


  19. 34
    Get your Tits out. Diane Abbott says:


  20. 38
    Gary Raige says:

    Ed Miliband is a plonker and the nation knows it.


  21. 41
    approved schooling says:

    Perhaps an expected development following the breakdown in society the last 20 years.
    With the absence of many a father figure spouting Socialist propaganda in many single parent families, Labour are missing their caw vote and influence on others.


  22. 51
    Sir William Waid says:

    A bloke from South Shields goes round to his neighbour to complain about his dog howling all night.

    “I’m sorry like. The daft thing does that every time Sunderland lose.”

    “What does it do if they win?”

    “I don’t know. I’ve only had it six months.”


  23. 59
    Ex Tory gone to UKIP together with many traditional Labour supporters. says:

    Memo to Conners. Knife Dave and you will immediately go into the lead.


  24. 61
    Taxfodder says:

    They can spin all they like, current politicians are like corpulent dogs fighting over an ever diminishing share of the Bonio as the more savvy among the population vote with their feet knowing through past experience there ain’t much point in employing a representative who won’t listen to their wishes and will use every trick in the book to cheat them in the process given half a chance.

    And then….when defeated sit on their fanny and suck as much out of the system as possible while doing bugger all for none but themselves pretending to be “in opposition”

    Frankly if you vote for any of them you should be sectioned and a swift kick in the nut’s to wake your ideas up would not be out of the question.


  25. 77
    JabbaTheCat says:

    I see all the Ukip useful idiots are out in force at the DT cheering Le Pen and the Fr-ont National, aka the National Fr-ont in English, which unsurprisingly has almost total position overlap with our local BeNP, and then in the next sentence the Ukippers will go to absolute verbal extremes to try and convince everyone that they have nothing in common with the BeNP. Try pulling the other one…



  26. 103
    Godfrey Blooms altered ego says:

    So the choice of the two main parties is Tweedledee (slut) or Tweedledum (slut)
    We are certainly f*ucked both ways. So I’am off to see if the wife has cleaned behind the forking fridge,


  27. 112
    Nemesis says:

    It amazes me how Labour are even at their elevated position at present. Who are the muppets who support such a ruinous party once headed by the biggest hypocrite in politics – Tony ‘millionaire’ Blair whose perma grin is always there no matter how many deaths of innocent children are revealed. Also led by this country’s worst ever PM – Brown and now led by a geek who would have us back to the dark days. There are some seriously gullible people out there.


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