October 17th, 2013

GOP #Winning


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    T May says:

    Yankee Go Home


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      Joe the Plumber says:

      Obama is a homeless Pinko muslim communist.


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        On the other hand says:

        But he does wash regularly and know how to wear a suit.


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        lojolondon says:

        That is what happens when the MSM is totally behind Obama – same as here – I despair sometimes.


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          Faceless Bureaucrat says:

          Suspect those RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who voted this through and who had won their Seats backed by Tea Party money and resources will be considering a change of Career come the next election…


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          Joe Public says:

          Interesting the BBC in an interview with a Republican quoted a US poll showing 3 in 4 Americans blamed the GOP for the trouble, and he did not dispute it whereas a poll I saw stated that 2 in 3 Americans blamed the Democrats. BBC BIAS? What bias.
          So now Guido is joining Ed Miliband in climbing on the nearest convienent bandwagon. I also despair as it appears 1984 is here again.


          • Llareggub says:

            I really have no sympathy for Democrats at all, but my impression from American friends (of which I have quite a number — my wife is American) is that the feeling is overtly to blame the Republicans, even is such staunchly red states as Idaho and Utah.

            Mind you, I liked the Facebook comment of one of my wife’s close friends:

            ” I didn’t realize how many of my Facebook friends were experts on the many goings-on in Congress, and how black and white the decisions should have been. I remember when I was much, much younger and I knew the answer to everything, but those days are gone. Makes me wonder if some of us have ever had to make a heartbreakingly difficult choice between two options, neither one something we would prefer, but compelled to do something for the good of the country. I don’t know, . . . maybe we should govern the country from Facebook.”


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        Is it cos he is black? says:

        Such a pinko muslim communist, that’s why his administration gives $3b a year in aid to Is*ael, sends drones to kill taliban in P*kistan, killed Bin Laden, and hasn’t banned capitalism or turned the white house into a mosque as many righties said he would.

        Don’t be a fucktard all your life.


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          Hussein O'Bama. The Clue is in the Name says:

          Killing Targets phoned in from the leaders of P@kistan, Muslim leaders . Just cuz hez killin some muzlims don’t umake him a muzlim, muzlims kill other muzlims itz wot they specialize in. Fucktard.


          • NURSE...a big dose of fat cock for this retard to be administered anally.....STAT!!! says:



          • Specialist Subject says:

            Yeah like Syria, Like Iraq, Like Afghanistan, Like Libya, like Egypt and on and on and on. Moslem kill Moslem


          • Wingnuts indeed says:

            Your appalling spelling and grammar aside, you’ve heard of many muslims who support gay marriage, stem cell research and funding of pro-choice policies have you? Taliban well known for advocating gay marriage, providing contraception and abortion? Wonders never cease. And please provide me with details of how the muslim Obama has banned alcohol, pork, christianity, private enterprise, guns, TV and all the other things you loons said he would ban. It’s been 4 and a half years since he came to office. Any day now, right? And while you’re at it, you may want to consider the irony that many of the beliefs you and your pals hold regarding loathing gays and being anti-abortion and anti-atheism aligns you firmly with fundamentalist muslims.


          • Lefties live in La La Land no wonder they fuck up government says:

            So muslims are peaceful and their men marry each other and trip peacefully through the poppy fields in love with each other and the world.

            You Wingnut are one sick person. There is a civil war going on in Syria and the last thing the men are doing is marrying each other.


          • Yeah, right.... says:

            Anyone want £100 that the number of muslims killed by ‘anti-muslim’ western forces is dwarfed by the number killed by other muslims, whether sunni on shia or vice versa?


          • Llareggub says:

            The waiters down at the Raj of India seem to get along okay.


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        Juvenalian Precariat says:


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      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      British Gas price rise

      1.5% without Green Taxes.
      Less than inflation.

      Dave, over to you.


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        Dave "Cast Iron" Cameron says:

        I’m busy trying to beat my highest score on angry birds.

        Skyrocketing energy bills will be of no concern to voters but windmills and gay marriage will win me a landslide.


        • 92

          “Skyrocketing energy bills will be of no concern to voters but windmills and gay marriage will win me a landslide.”

          When i leave politics I mean to leave a benchmark

          But all i’ll leave is a skidmark


        • 197
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Plus decimating the Armed forces, giving money away to Nigerian space programmes and the EU cesspit, letting as many immigrants in as that cnut Blair and failing to deal with electoral fraud.

          Why the fcuk would anyone vote for wishy-washy iDave the Eurotw*t.


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    Londoner says:

    Does this mean Hilary Clinton will pay her parking fines and stop deploying thugs on our streets?


  3. 3
    LB says:

    And the US is still bankrupt. Not a case of won’t pay, a case of can’t pay.

    So a big argument about the timing. The democrats want more time to loot the US population. The republicans want to call time now.

    It’s all a question when, not if.


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      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Shorter Obama Speech.

      Plebs, You and your children now owe more money! Celebrate!


    • 276
      There's no such thing as a foul throw anymore says:

      I couldn’t help but admire this analogy I read on a US website:
      If your house fills with sewage, do you A: Get rid of the crap? B: Raise the ceiling?
      Apparently we’re gonna go with B.

      It’s so sad to see the US being trashed by the Democrat Looting Party.


    • 291
      Just Saying. says:

      Interesting that a commentator on the American scene yesterday stated that the Obama administration have 3 main issues to contend with in this second term all starting with S.
      Snowdon, Syria and Shutdown. He forgot to mention the disasterious fiasco that is Obamacare where the registration system is in chaos due to software faults and will take at least the rest of the year to resolve.
      In the good nature of socialism no person is to blame and no person sacked. Its all the Republicans’ fault.


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    The Rest of the World says:

    The real question is what the Treasury bond holders in Beijing and Tokyo are getting out of it.


  5. 5
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Brinkmanship was never going to… work.


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      What a plonker. says:

      The problem was that the Republicans would have got all the blame
      if they went over the top . The cost of Obama spending plans will
      bankrupt the country anyway . He must have had lessons from our
      idiot , Balls.


    • 264
      Economic genius says:

      Oh! I thought it was socialism meant never going to work*

      Oh! I thought it was socialism that was never going to work**

      Take your pick


      • 293
        Big Momma says:

        On bbc radio a loony left activist was asked to name one country where socialism was a success, he answered “it is still work in progress”.
        10 out of 10 for telling the truth. I bet he has been sent to Coventry.


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    Typhoo says:

    Just as useless as Dave’s lot


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    digitaltoast says:

    Ha! Excellent.

    A strange but definitely perceptible change has come over twitter and some Conservative blogs in the past weeks, and it’s that finally, slowly, people are beginning to realise that the America-hating retard wing of the GOP (Tea Party etc) are actually responsible for the state of the USA right now. And a lot of “decent” Republicans are starting to speak openly about their embarrassment at the small but extremely damaging minority of fuckwits and lunatics in their party that have directly caused this.

    You could call it The Elephant in the Room.


    • 9
      Bluto says:

      Or not, if you know how the left really works.


    • 10
      The only way is A-sex says:

      Indeed. People are waking up to the fact that right-wing politics take us nowhere but downwards.


      • 15
        What a plonker. says:

        Keep taking the tablets.


      • 36
        Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

        Forward to the Success of the Soviet Union!
        Proving big government is sustainable and eco-friendly.

        or not.


      • 133
        Gonk says:

        Phone for a check up immediately


      • 166
        Blowing Whistles says:

        As I have stated before on here – there is no difference between the extreme left or the extreme right – they are both ranged against the taxpayer to squeeze the pips.

        Would you ‘please’ work it out – some of you easily led and misled tribal monkeys?


        • 265
          Zu Wallerjist says:

          Tribal monkeys?? Oooh, certain members of the England football team won’t like that at all.

          {Name change as my last posting yesterday was “Disappeared” by the Geedo censorship unit}.


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      Obama is not in charge, so the lefties say says:

      An there was me thinking that Barry Obama was the Pres. You learn something everyday.


    • 46
      Club Of Rome says:

      Obama (dem), Bus (soft rep), Clinton (dem) that’s 20 years of no teapartiers anywhere near the administration. Also very little representation in congress.

      The only person who would blame them is someone a little too aligned with those who really are to blame for comfort.


      • 296
        BBC Bring Back Communism says:

        We hate the Tea Party and all it stands for. We do not want such a popular movement to happen in the UK unless it is by our left wing comrades.
        So we will continue to rage against it and show our hatred of any right wing popular movements.


    • 136
      twittershite says:

      What a load of shite you are talking. How can the Tea Party be responsible for the state of America? They have never been in power. So yea – I guess that makes them responsible. What a load of tripe.

      You could call you the idiot in the room.


      • 141
        Anonymous says:

        Well they have just made the country look stupid for a month or two which probabky wont help investment.


        • 163
          David says:

          The Tea Party opposes the Wars. The Tea Party opposes the droning of the third world. The Tea Party would close down the Fed, the NSA. the DHS, the TSA and Gitmo. The Tea party opposes the US debt extension to, wait for it, 17 trillion dollars. The Tea Party would let the too big to fail banks, well, fail. And would not bail out GM to move American jobs to Mexico. So tell me, retard, who is stupid?


          • mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

            Well said. Of course, the public can’t support parties with rational ideas, no, it must support pro immigration, pro multiculturalism, pro gay, pro mysandry and all the other ‘isms out there.


          • A whole digger says:

            Why can’t the Republicans who are happy with the Bill join forces with the rest of the Democrats who are also happy with the Bill – thus producing a healthy majority of “representatives” who seem to be in favour of digging America’s hole just a few metres/yards/chains/furlongs deeper?


          • Just Saying. says:

            Increased debt to $21 trillion by early next year.


          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            Spot-on, David!


        • 313
          UKIP2020 says:

          Last time I checked, it was Obama in the Whitehouse and America is run by a congress who have consistently done the opposite of what the tea party wants. Consistently grown government to levels of complete unaffordability. They have repeately hit the debt ceiling and are still increasing spending further. It is the equivalent of thinking the way to deal with a maxed out credit card, is to leave it maxed out and continue spending on another credit card.

          The Tea Party simply want smaller, less intrusive, less expensive government which lives within its means. Since when has that been a lunatic idea?

          Since the lunatics and deranged, mathematically challenged fuckwits of the left, the corrupt corporatists, rent seekers, and tax junkies have no comprehension of the word, unnafordable have been in charge I suppose.

          It is constant spending beyond their means, year after year, under the corporatist GOP and corporatist Democrats, which has lead to America grinding to an inept and incompetent halt, for the second time in less than 20 years, under the weight of it’s own unsustainable debt. Both times under the retarded leadership of a Democrat President.

          Yet somehow, due to the overwhelmingly left wing corporatist bias of the media, it is the fault of the Tea Partiers… which have no real power at all as yet.

          Typical of the left though. Fuck everything up and then blame someone else. Which is why after 13 disastrous years of labour incompetence, waste and corruption, the left STILL blame Thatcher for Gordon Brown’s massive recession.

          It is corrupt left wing corporatism which is to blame for America’s decline and BOTH parties are responsible for it.


  8. 12
    Observer says:

    The Republicans got nothing? So the US continues down the road to financial oblivion then…


    • 23
      Gordon the Medicated says:

      I would like to be in charge of a really, really big economy like the USA.
      Imagine what I could do if I was allowed to turn those big money taps to on.

      Not just turn the taps on…but smash the ceramic handles with a wrench. Bash the sink with a sledgehammer..Lever the whole basin off the wall and let the money spurt from broken copper pipes all over the nation in a high powered flow..

      huh..huh…huh…Oh that was good…ohhh yeah..baby..that was good..


  9. 13

    The lesson being borrow, borrow and borrow to the hilt.

    Spend it all on bribes to voters. When you run out of money, borrow more to pay the repayments.

    Gordon Brown, why did we wrong you so? Will you come back and be our Dear Leader and you can keep the job for life? We can get rid of the monarchy and you can become Emperor of the Universe. And we will all club together and buy you the biggest rocking horse ever seen.


    • 24
      Gordon the Medicated says:

      I do not trust you Cat.

      you have maligned me in the past. But if you beg me, I will come back.


    • 128
      I d on't n eed no d octor says:

      We now have Mr Brown’s Boys, Miliband and Balls. It would get worse if those pair of bum holes got into power.


    • 169
      Blowing Whistles says:

      When the world currently revolves around ‘debt’ and everyone supposedly being indebted to someone or other SC – “WHO TF” do you think are the nasty little bastards in the background who engineered it all – come on let’s be having you SC?

      Plus – Who the F…… hell runs oops … funds in the background the rampant greed of the energy companies [cartels by any other name / similar to the banking cartels]?


      • 183

        Let’s be having you BW for your incorrect analysis and inability to differentiate, even when the divide is less than subtle.

        I am sure you might get on in a world where there was just barter but people with intelligence can do better than that.

        That unfortunately is going to leave you behind by a few centuries but you can always wind someone else up in such circumstances and then probably enjoy being warmed up in the cooking pot for your troubles.

        And another thing. Who held a gun to peoples’ heads and told them to have debt? Many more now need debt because governments overtax them to pay for projects they should have never entered into. You won’t see that as you are blindsided by it.

        Take a look at the masthead here and you will see it says something about Westminster’s Mother of Parliaments. It is a clue…


        • 188
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Still a child of the roths then you dirty delusional Isreali Firster – Fuck you and your lifetime of living in denial you stoopid old man.


          • Thanks for the compliment etc… All the standard BW tropes can be bought into play here but I can’t be arsed.

            Thanks for calling me stupid. Maybe you are right but you have several hundred years of using your brain really hard, just to get to my state.

            Fancy a banana?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC would you like some pepper to add to your ‘usual’ smear job? Your ‘form’ of: attack the man and not the subject nor the content is LEGendary – perhaps your old brain is fried by a lifetime of having eaten so many oven-cooked propagandist mantras such that your own cognitive dissonance is now beyond doubt?

            You started the smearing long ago SC and I have battered you and every one of your aiding legion of sockpuppets – live by the smear die by the smear as some say! – but hard evidence comes in rather handy when the going gets tough.


          • Ha! Ha!

            I avoided the tropes so out you came with them all. Can’t resist it, can you? :-D

            Ever looked in the metaphorical mirror? All the things you accuse me of you manage to do yourself. There is a word for that. H*******e.

            BTW: Is this a quick argument or the full half hour?


          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            “What a stupid concept!?


    • 305
      American Statement says:


      This week, we lost a great friend – Ben Bernanke.

      As our research team describe this month… no other Federal Reserve chairman in history did so much to improve the fortunes of the wealthy.

      Bernanke dropped real interest rates well into negative territory. That allowed the world’s wealthiest capitalists access to unprecedented amounts of capital at rates of interest that literally paid them to borrow.

      Meanwhile, the people he fleeced – the workers, the savers, the few Americans left with simple industry and thrift, the kind of folks who would never have believed the government would actively try to hurt them – have been wiped out. They’ve seen the real value of their wages, savings, and standard of living decline by huge amounts.

      We know what to expect from Bernanke’s likely successor, Janet Yellen.
      The central bank’s policies will continue to support and promote the incredible profligacy of our country’s government. These policies will, in the end, cause unbelievable harm to millions of Americans. They will devastate the average standard of living in our country and leave a great many people in abject poverty.

      On this issue, we make two recommendations. Both companies’ outlook is heavily influenced by the Federal Reserve’s ongoing policies. To safeguard wealth (and continue to grow it), it will be important to own the kind of assets most likely to appreciate in this kind of inflation. So you won’t be surprised to see us buying still more energy assets and… for the first time in a long time… private homes.


  10. 16

    Seems as nuclear power has never made a penny in this country and has always been massively subsidised by the taxpayer , as has the disposal of all the shit it creates from it’s production
    Why the fuck would the Chinks be interested in building nuclear power stations here ?another chunk of our infrastructure sold of to the highest bidder
    Lets hope the workers get better human rights as their Chinese counterparts


    • 88
      Chinese Takeaway says:

      2030. You will pay us ten pounds per kilowatt hour, or we turn your lights off immediately.


      • 271
        Chilly con Carny (ex- BoE) says:

        Oh dear – all those immigrants won’t like that, especially those that come from warmer climes. For your own safety you had better cancel your application to be a plant manager when you grow up.


  11. 18
    fernandos pants says:

    I used to have some sympathy for the GOP…..not any more.

    A bunch of fucking pricks…!


  12. 19
    broderick crawford says:

    if the gop are to have any hope of winning in 2016 after this charade sarah palin will havt give say 60 percent of the voters men and women a bj and then hope for the best .


    • 139
      twittershite says:

      At least read over the shite that you post before you send it. Then we might understand what you are talking about. Doubtful, but there’s an outside chance.


  13. 21
    A Maimed Badger says:

    Brinkmanship only works if one is prepared to go all the way, win or loose….The Republicans failed to get their message across to the General Public, result is, they have now and for the foreseeable future, lost all credibility.


  14. 22
    Barack Hussein Obama II says:

    British Petroleum.


  15. 26
    A Maimed Badger says:

    The only chance the Republicans stand in the Next Election, is if Hillary changes sides…but she alone is probably the only thing which will save America because as we found out, spend & bust don’t work.


    • 179
      Anonymous says:



    • 275
      Share cropper says:

      You must have been asleep in your sett. Did you not notice that it was her husband who started all this sh*t with his lunatic decision to allow banks to lend fortunes to string vested, guitar plucking, sitting on the back porch, persons who had not one hope in H*ll of ever paying it back? Give a banker an eighth of an inch and he’ll take the whole 9 yards.


  16. 28
    BBC red bottom says:

    Brave Obama defeats the forces of Mordor in a high noon shootout at the White House.

    Thank heavens he is the president, say grateful world.


    • 308
      Obamarama says:

      I am so happy the BBC is fully behind me in EVERYTHING I do.
      This is the only special relationship I treasure.


  17. 29
    politicos says:

    The republicans are basically trying to defend the defence budget and the low tax economy, which will get squeezed by increased healthcare spending in the long run. US will thus become less powerful.
    They are also trying to stop their country becoming a basketcase.

    The Republicans are right in the long run of course, but it is difficult to stop someone like Obama when he doesn’t really care so much. In a democracy, those who don’t give a f**k about their country have the advantage. This is a classic example. Obama would have let the US burn to keep heathcare reforms.


    • 33
      nellnewman says:

      A bit like gordom and militwit then only more presentable.


    • 162
      YankTard says:

      Yea, the bastard! We donnwant health! Down with healthcare!


      • 176
        Anonymous says:

        Heath care is not a “right”. And money does not grow on trees.


      • 314
        UKIP2020 says:

        But the health care that America had pre Obamacare was the most expensive in the world, with corporate insurance companies making a fortune from it leaving millions without adequate coverage.

        So what did Obama do?

        Create a system set up mostly by the insurance companies forcing most people to buy private care, which now costs on average 50% MORE for the same level of care, and up to 400% more. And people are THANKING him for it???

        The Americans must be really REALLY stupid to put up with that shit. The Tea Party are the only rational and sane people left in the room.


  18. 34
    Reversed Roles says:

    Russian President is a patriotic democratic straight talking gentleman. He is prepared to stand up for what is right and fight his own battles. Some say he is a Christian.

    US Pres is an Amercan hating commie who never talks straight and can’t be trusted. He enjoys killing people with his remote drones and ain’t got a clue what is right. Most say he is a Muslim.

    Who would have thunk it?


    • 49
      A Maimed Badger says:

      Is interesting how much Global Credibility Putin has gained with astute diplomacy, a cool head and undoubted Statesmanship, unlike those who like a little girl, were stamping their feet in a tantrum because of not getting their own way.


    • 59
      Vladdy says:

      I do like the cut of your jib.
      Would you like a glimpse of my nipples again?


    • 177
      Anonymous says:

      For those with a long term view, Russia is the place to be.


    • 178
      Blowing Whistles says:

      To repeat of the essence of your comment I have previously mentioned on record on here that when a corrupted to its top extremist communist regime can dupe its masses no longer – it reverts to wearing capitalist clothes and adopting capitalist principals …


      when a capitalist regime becomes so extremely corrupted at its top it then resorts to communist methods of oppression … hello – have any of you twigged anything over the past year or so?


  19. 35

    Who the fuck is Rachel Madcow..?

    Oh here ‘he’ is, getting owned again.. definitely the ‘giver’


    • 70
      Dick Skinner, President, Mohels Guild of America, says:

      Rachel Maddow is the long-lost separated-at-birth identical twin brother of fellow MSNBC presenter Chris Hayes.
      Let’s just say that, due to circumcisions beyond her control, or that of the mohel, it was thought advisable to give her up for adoption and have her raised as a girl.



  20. 39
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    “I’ll be seeing you in all the old, familiar places that this heart of mine embraces all day through.”


    • 62
      Mick says:

      I did NOT write that.


    • 64
      Anonymous says:


      Feelings, nothing more than feelings
      Trying to forget my feelings of love
      Teardrops rolling down on my face
      Trying to forget my feelings of love

      Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it
      I wish I’ve never met you, girl
      You’ll never come again (?)

      Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it…♫


    • 279
      Bing O says:

      Shame they don’t write them like that any more Doris old love. Off to get my Bing vinyls out to listen to while I read the rest of this blog.


  21. 42
    A Maimed Badger says:

    I do wonder how America will cope when it has to pay for things with the Yuan, when they loose world influence and become consigned to History, as a once Great Nation like France.


  22. 44

    When did this become a leftie blog?


    Rachel Maddow?

    Right Foot twisted?


  23. 45
    BBC editor says:

    Bonnie Greer on Question Time.

    Hope Obama has washed his bum as its about get a really good licking.


    • 50
      No pontification without taxation says:

      Dos she pay tax in America?


      • 57
        Obama says:

        All Americans pay tax in America. Wherever they live in the world, they pay tax at home. Its a neat system.
        You have to renounce citizenship to avoid it.


        • 67
          Investor says:

          Not even that, I’m a UK citizen, but I have to fill in a W8BEN form every so often to stop my US investments being taxed over there.


        • 144
          twittershite says:

          That’s a load of crap. Do let facts get in the way before you comment on things you know nothing about. If your earnings are in the UK, then you don’t pay tax as an American citizen. There is a reciprocal agreement between the two tax authorities, don’t you know.


          • kronos says:

            Bollocks you do… And then after a fun five years you final get to claim it back . So you pay tax twice uk earnings and US.


      • 60
        Aunt Enid says:

        My Nephew Joseph, told me she is British. I said to little Joe she didn’t get that suntan, accent and chip on her shoulder in Britain. Joe was stuck for words.


    • 54
      green pixie says:

      won’t need to – by 11.30 p.m. it will be shining white (sorry polished brown army style spit and rub)


    • 72
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      Not really an issue as the dingle berries will blend perfectly with the background skin colour…


    • 78

      Bonnie Greer?

      Never heard of her until I looked her up a few moments ago. I see she is the same colour as our previous prime minister.


  24. 51
    trying to reset my rose coloured glasses to Liebour mode. says:

    In Britain and the states the right seem to have decided to rollover and get their tummies tickled, if Britain and the states was run as a business both would be on their uppers, oh fck?


    • 61
      Red Ed says:

      let me have a go on the economy. I’m ready for it..I could be centre square.
      i could be red leader. I am all systems go. Phasers set to stun..these are not the droids you are looking for, ready.

      Make me PM..you won’t regret it Britain. You really won’t.


  25. 58
    Let's all live a lie for a leeching, leering, abusive genetically fucked up piece of shit on Crap4 says:

    As long as the markets are happy that is all matters!


  26. 63
    Let's all live a lie for a leeching, leering, abusive genetically fucked up piece of shit on Crap4 says:

    As long as the markets are happy, then that is all that matters! Fuck ethics!


  27. 71
    Casual Observer 4 says:

    Good news:

    MP to ask Government for funding of investigation into Ben Needham (1991) on same scale as McCann investigation:

    Angela Smith MP: Labour / Penistone & Stocksbridge

    Background Needham: h**p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Ben_Needham


  28. 76
    Is it cos he is black? Of course it is! says:

    When Bush Snr left office, the US had a massive budget deficit. When Clinton left office, the US had a budget surplus. When W Bush left office, it had the biggest budget deficit in US history. I see a pattern here. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Hmmm…

    Anyway, funny how racist righties like to blame Obama for the mess the Repuglicans left.


    • 80
      Economist says:

      Not the whole picture. The budget deficit was declining when Clinton came to power and his artificial surplus was declining when he left. In the mean time he had instigated the free mortgage scandal that set up the banking collapse, following Brown’s ‘liberation’ of the UK banking sector. Both left poisoned chalices for their successors.


  29. 81
    Dave the latest LibLabConner fucking idiot says:

    Well done Barry. You and I are on the same wavelength. Just keep on spending more than the taxes you are raking in each year.

    More and more deficits, bigger and bigger debt.

    It will just go on and on for ever.


    • 284
      Curly says:

      Well more fool the folk who keep lending then – or is that the whole idea and they have no desire to ever get their money back? Now why would that be?


  30. 91

    Robert Peston, who has been the BBC’s business editor for almost eight years, is to become its economics editor


    • 96
      Ellie Mae (8) says:

      My keyboard is covered with coffee, best laugh I’ve had all week.


    • 99
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      Does that mean that the BBC are going to be quoting Rowe from now on, instead of those pesky numbers which show improvements ?


    • 101

      Q1. What does Peston know about business?

      Q2. What does Peston know about economics?

      Q3. What does Peston know about anything?


      • 104
        Rev I M Jolly says:

        He didn’t know you need to go to USA for the best cancer treatment!


      • 106
        Podiceps says:

        ‘Knowing’ is so last millennium. The important things are to get the highly paid post, and to follow the party line. Nothing else is needed.


      • 107
        Anonymous says:

        Wrong questions, you should have asked;

        “What does Peston know about Common Purpose”

        “What does Peston know about Hacked off”

        “What does Peston know about Media Standards Trust”


      • 112
        Blue Peter Goldfish says:

        It doesn’t really matter, as long as we are not going to be subjected to any more of his incoherent ramblings on the BBC MSM, “you Know”,”you know”.


      • 126
        Casual Observer 4 says:

        Peston is a Common Purpose shill.


        • 194
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Agreed CO4 and who is SC to be some kinda judge on these matters – he positions himself above ‘all others on here’ to ‘know absolutely everything about business and economics’ – A bit like Pryce Huhnes wifey lying deluded – but talked up ‘economist’ – economic with the truth and the hard evidence when it is put before them the pair of them SC and Pryce never mind the thuhne!


        • 201
          Blowing Whistles says:

          btw I have noted Max Hastings’ article in the DM today page 14 – one quote

          “And the public interest demands prosecution of the officers responsible for his [Mitchell] mistreatment”

          But what of when bent coppers have framed up many others who have then been put ‘unlawfully’ in prison – others being members of the public who have dared to speak out against the bent coppers And, who the LibLabConners – have never dared but with overwhelming evidence put before them to damn and have prosecuted?


    • 146
      Gonk says:

      This proves that a hesitant and fractured speech delivery is excellent for
      career advancement.


      • 288
        Curly says:

        … along with knowing absolutely sod all about what you are supposed to be explaining to viewers/listeners. No doubt his Daddyship got him into the BBC (probably because nobody else would employ him).


  31. 100
    WOY HODGSON says:

    Have you heard the one about the asthtronaught and the monkeyth


  32. 102
    Benny Fitzcheet says:

    Can’t decide where to go for Xmas – Barbados or the Seychelles?


  33. 103

    Is it me or does Senator Mike Duffy look like Eric Pickles?


  34. 105
    Purple Tie Watch says:

    Ed Mili’s turn today while discussing the rise in British Gas price rise


  35. 108
    • 130
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      That would be the same guy who exposed the G4S scam. Good undercover work. Wasn’t the Clarke thing connected to Cook report ages back ?


  36. 109
    The Guardian says:

    “Skull of Homo erectus throws story of human evolution into disarray

    A haul of fossils found in Georgia suggests that half a dozen species of early Tory ancestors were actually all Homo erectus”


  37. 111
    Ed Davey says:

    You need to switch…………………………………….off your heating.


    • 114
      It's all a load of bollocks says:

      The switching thing has always been a pup and there to indicate you have a ‘choice’.

      When it first started people did get caught by switching as soon as they heard as it wasn’t know that it was an obvious government endorsed Cartel then, but once they realised that they all price hiked in unison switching is pointless.

      The only choice you have is which if the 6 you are prepared to pay that extra 10% to


    • 120
      Hunts the lot of them says:

      Didn’t the bastards say they’d delay price increases this year due to the HUGE amount of profit they made last winter?

      “British Gas said in May that a profit boost would be used to delay future price rises. This came because customers used 18% more gas in the first four months of the year owing to the cold weather.”

      At the time, a spokesman said: “We will use that [cold weather benefit] to effectively hold prices for as long as possible.”

      And yet here they are putting the prices up again just before winter… as usual


      • 121
        Thatcher was wrong, wrong, wrong says:

        Energy is a natural monopoly. The “Big 6″ run the UK market as a cartel. You know it, I know it, they know it … only the Tories are in denial (because privatisation was meant to be a good thing for consumers, not just shareholders (+ fatcats).

        So – if it’s going to be run as a monopoly, renationalise it – at least then we can cut out some of the profiteering.

        … and to all those who froth at the mouth at the mere mention of nationalisation – just bear in mind that our energy market is now part-owned by French and German STATE energy companies.


        • 150
          Labour's supporters are retarded worthless parasitioc subhuman filth says:

          “Thatcher was wrong, wrong, wrong”

          That’s why she won 3 elections.

          Never mind, just reflect, dear socialist imbecile, on how many people got shot trying to escape from capitalist West Germany to good utopian Socialist East Germany.

          Lots, I should think. Yeah!

          Just as lots of South Koreans risk death to escape to glorious socialist North Korea.

          And lots of people in Florida risk death to escape to Cuba.

          Socialism. It’s well cool. Innit.


          • M103 says:

            So I take it you’re very happy to be fucked up the arse by the utility companies. Cameron wants you to be.


    • 124
      Ed Miliband says:

      Energy prices, no new power stations, no future plans, high green taxes. Nothing to do with me.
      Listen to me, I’ll promise you the world, after all my ex boss saved it.


  38. 113
    BBC Watch says:

    Keen to show EU migrants hunting for work (following this week’s revelation that 600,000 are on benefits), the BBC illustrated editions of both the News At Ten and Newsnight with footage of plucky Poles gazing at a shop window full of job ads.
    Just one problem. The shop in question hasn’t displayed any job ads for five years.
    Davina Patel, whose parents run the West London newsagents shown, says they were stopped from advertising jobs because of planning regulations.
    The BBC tells me the clip was taken from a previous package. ‘It is rather unfortunate and was used in error to illustrate a point, but the fact it was a few years old would not have been known to Newsnight,’ says a spokesman.


  39. 115
    Tory voter says:

    Dire Republican tactics.

    However, the tower of debt must be brought under control.


  40. 122
    Mark Serwotka says:

    The Republicans had a resounding success.


  41. 123
    Bob Cratchit's great, great, great nephew says:

    Daddy, I was reading today that once upon a time normal people could send letters by post but now it is only multi-billionaires, is that correct?

    Yes dear, we used to be able to send things to each other without much thought and with just a stamp, but they made it a Rich Man’s Toy.

    Well Daddy, one day I will send a letter, it will be my life’s ambition.

    Hush dear, don’t let the Overlords hear you have been reading and eat your gruel. We have to work a 16 hour day tomorrow for The Master and you need your strength.


    • 186
      Red riding hoods says:

      Send an email Bob. Its free.
      And fuck out of the soup kitchen. If you’re working 16 hours a day why are you filling up on Frosties and toast on the way to work?

      Let some tramp have the food, you posh metrosponger.


  42. 125
    Sue Lu Brown says:



  43. 127
    Al Madinah says:

    Why the f*** is Gove abroad? He is the Education Secretary, not the Foreign Secretary. We are at the beginning of a school year. Half term is a week away. This report was expected… where is the Education Secretary? Teachers are striking and his flagship policy is in tatters. His adviser speaks like a Nazi eugenicist. He is not fit for purpose. Mr Cameron must act to restore stability in the heart of his government. If Gove won’t resign, Cameron must act like a Prime Minister, not a friend and remove him. Anything less speaks more about Cameron than Gove


    • 131
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      All is not lost however for we have a Minister for Education standing in for wee Govey today whose political career is setting a fine example to our nation’s youth: fiddle, cheat, swindle and bugger principles – that’s the way to the top in Britain today


      • 145
        Ed Ballsup says:

        Schools must not produce winners.
        Schools must not produce winners.
        Schools must not produce winners.

        Hey! Why is youth unemployment so high? How come companies don’t want to employ young British people??

        Schools must not produce winners.
        Schools must not produce winners.


    • 191
      Red riding hoods says:

      If you are depressed about being a teacher get a different job you lightweights.

      Just look under situations vacant. There are millions of jobs like these in the private sector.

      – Wanted – Ultra Politically Correct, opinionated, big head.

      Thorough knowledge of all unite/Unison and European regulations on union regulations from 1970 – present day required.
      Education – A degree level any grade and subject including cake sculpture and astrology.

      No sense of style or fashion required. Ability to hold finger to lips and say ‘shhh’ an advantage.

      Salary – starts £27,000 rising to £198,000
      16+ weeks holidays a year

      No weekends required.
      All religious holidays off.
      All bank holidays.
      Extra days off at Christmas and Easter.
      Over time payments made and an impossibility of ever being sacked, no matter how useless at the job you are.
      Afternoons off mon-fri.

      Knowledge of anything but university and teacher training college not required.

      {Have a good like teachers. There are millions of jobs with this spec going in the private sector…oh..wait!}


    • 233
      Londoner says:

      We can ask the same question about that twat Boris. He should be in London doing what we pay him to do, not shilling for Norman Foster in Hong Kong.


    • 244
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      He may be off seeking wisdom with UN Special Envoy for Education, Gordon Brown.

      Gordon was last seen headbutting a new tinfoil hat out of an old biscuit tin.


  44. 132
    OUT with an arsehole! says:

    Oh oh, don’t ya know?
    Don’t wanna see ya any more
    Put up or shut up
    You spell, you read D O O R
    You got a big mouth, I’m happy to see
    Your foot is firmly entrenched where a
    molar should be
    If you talk much louder you could get an
    From the federal communications board
    Don’t be cruel, be a thing, sweet thing as
    a rule
    Don’t be sad, I left you in the street
    you’re pre-fab
    I had to get away
    Don’t go away sad, don’t go pre-fab
    Don’t go be bad, don’t go away mad
    Just go away
    Oh oh, don’t ya know?
    Don’t wanna see ya here no more
    Pack it and move it
    You spell, you read O U T, out
    Don’t be bad, a mad hatter’s beret
    Sometimes you look like you just made an
    Don’t be mad or lose your Medicaide cool
    Of course cool rhymes with fool
    Don’t go be bad ’cause you been had
    Don’t go away sad, don’t go away mad
    Just go away
    Oh oh, don’t ya know?
    I don’t wanna see ya curse and pout
    Pack it and move it
    You spell, you read O U T, out
    You got a big mouth, I’m happy to see
    Your foot is firmly entrenched where a
    molar should be
    Don’t be mad or lose your Medicaid cool
    Of course cool rhymes with fool
    Don’t go be bad ’cause you been had
    Don’t go away sad, don’t go away mad
    Just go away
    Don’t go be bad ’cause you been had
    Don’t go away sad, don’t go away mad
    Just go away
    Go away and stay away


  45. 137

    Worth repeating. Just over a year ago Chris Huhne was still avoiding justice and I posted this:


  46. 143
    Y'all says:


    • 237
      Corn Beclowns Self--- No Surprise There, says:

      Which is what you’d expect an ultra-Leftie like David Corn to say, as he conveniently “forgets” to put the sarc tag in, hoping to “Poe’s Law”-troll the unwary.

      Which ends up being a bit like a negative times a negative produces a positive; IOW by trying to make light of the “birther” phenomenon, he’s asking anyone with less sense than God gave a goose to throw out the baby with the bath water. It is perfectly possible for Obama to have been born in America, not be a Muslim, and still mendaciously call for “normal democratic process.” But by not sarc tagging it, Corn undercuts his own point– he invites us to speculate that perhaps Obama IS subversive, irrespective of religion or birthplace. Had he done so, anyone with the political nous of a school child would have seen it as the puerile joke it was and left it at that.

      But then, he thinks, nobody else can deal as well in that level of humour like him, and he shows himself to be a Dunning Kruger Syndrome “intellectual.”


  47. 151
    Simple question says:

    Can’t find it on Google. When was the last time Madl Mccann was seen by an INDEPENDANT witness during the hours before she was put to bed.


  48. 159
    OUT TWiTTED says:

    Jolly good! Chin! Chin!


  49. 160
    ECO NED? says:


    • 192
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Econ Ed?

      Econ Ed is the leader of the Labour party isn’t he? Has Miliband resigned and Peston got the gig?


    • 222
      The BBC always reports, "The Government has...Labour said..." says:

      Eddie Mare (Yeah he’s a horse) on PM introduced Pesto like he was a national treasure cum celebrity this week even introducing Pesto’s latest catchphrase (that memorable cannot remember) uttered by the great man himself (rather than being reporting)!!

      Pass the BBC sickbags FFS!!


      • 224
        The BBC always reports, "The Government has...Labour said..." says:

        Forgot to add the cnut can’t even talk properly so rather defeats his purpose!


    • 234
      Jobseeker says:

      Can anyone apply or do you still have to be a member of Common Purpose?


  50. 161
    Rev I M Jolly says:

    I guess US demographics means there’s now enough Hispanics and Blacks to outvote the whites.


  51. 164
    Baz O says:

    Those fruit cake tea party dudes need to be taken out and …..


  52. 167

    @CO4: Almost one year after Hurricane Sandy and South Ferry station still not repaired…


  53. 168

    Obama shuts down WWII national memorial

    It’s called Washington Monument Syndrome. That’s shorthand for the way federal agencies react to any threat of budget cuts or a government shutdown: by closing down the most popular public services. No one has mastered this better than President Obama.



  54. 170
    The Wrong Miliband says:

    I may have no meaningful policies but I know a good thing when I see it and that’s what Wongaloans are. If I ever make it to no. 10 my government will take a big slice of the Wonga pie and push the working classes even deeper into debt.
    That would mean the government living off immoral earnings, did you say ? No, it’s only immoral when the Tories do that sort of thing.
    Wonga is my friend.


  55. 171
    Jimmy says:

    You do realise that the GOP is your side?


  56. 172
    UKIP or bust says:

    Some say peston’s posh and pretentious manner of speaking is contrived.

    Personally I think they are wrong about the posh bit.


  57. 189
    A badger says:

    I did not move that goalpost.


  58. 195
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    Phew !


  59. 199
    Cherchez le £sd says:

    A supercar worth about £300,000 which was seized by the Met has been sold.

    After further checks, it was discovered the driver’s insurance policy did not cover him to get behind the wheel.

    The car was taken by police and as the owner failed to come forward, it was sold at auction for £218,000. The money will be put into frontline policing.

    >>>>>AS IF !!!


  60. 200
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:



  61. 203
    No Trash says:


  62. 209
    Obamalamadingdong says:

    Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaa!

    I’ve brought the USA to a total debt pile of almost $17 trillion (£10.6 trillion), which is expected to rise to almost $23tn in the next five years.

    Suck on that Repubs!


    • 212
      Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

      Enormous debt. Give me five years in the Exchequer and I’ll drive our National Debt to stratospheric heights. :)


  63. 214
    Dave is more Bonkers than Gordon says:

    Has Dave taken a thicko pill?. Change energy suppliers he said, FFS every energy supplier has got to put up his prices because Dave is forcing them to put up their prices to subsidise his hideous windmills and solar panels and carbon levy on carbon based fuels (except palm oil and woodchip)


  64. 216
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


  65. 218
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:




  66. 220
    National Socialist says:

    So work will not bring you out of poverty…well, well, well!


    • 257
      Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

      Has it finally dawned on the demented left that if you work and spend all your money on crap like fags, booze and gambling you will still be poor? I doubt it.


  67. 226
    The BBC always reports, "The Government has...Labour said..." says:

    Tristram Hunt, thought they were banned by Labour?


  68. 227
    Anonymous says:

    Christopher Graham

    As a Journalist and a long time employee of the BBC (since the 1970s) he worked up until he was the Secretary to the Board of Governors of the BBC.

    Then onto the Advertising Standards Authority.

    Finally landing the Information Commissioners role.

    Now look at those achievements. How can one man be in all those roles when those organizations fell so far in standards during that time. Is he the contagion?

    His latest corruption is to purposefully abuse the phrase “Legitimate Interest” that is used in the Data Protection Act. It actually means a legal or valid right to property, money or situation. Interest can not just mean simple curiosity. A sales company would have an interest in everyone’s data to assess their potential. This would render the basis of the Data Protection Act redundant, for normal personal data. But maybe as an ex-BBC journalist curiosity is all that counts except were Savile was concerned.

    Neither can it mean a “valid concern” for the customer or the company. It is essential that any organization has a valid concern for itself, and under the duty of care they must have a valid concern for the customers. So that too would make the DPA redundant.

    The old example that the ICO used was when a customer was in debt, or a customer went missing. Now that is a Legitimate Interest that allows a third party help to be used.

    He has corrupted the Data Protection Act to the point that one of leading companies in the UK believes they have a right to sell any personal data for their own financial gain. The subject it seems has no rights, and worse the company can determine what is in their best interest. If it is done under the legitimate interest term the subject’s permission is not needed. Neither do they need to be informed that their data was traded. If you look closely at the debate on the same issue in the EU they are requiring the condition to be stricter.

    This document he wrote (Data sharing code of practice) was signed off by parliament. Exactly which MP did this? It is obviously full of the words “may” and “likely” and is written to purposefully defeat the Data Protection Act.

    How do we get rid of this person?


    • 246

      Every area of consumer law has become similarly corrupted in the last fifteen years. The last regime did not have even an elementary idea how to police the legislation that already existed. So they gave up on that and simply produced more by the lorry load. Whenever I read people saying: We don’t need another law, we have already got laws to deal with that, I know that their pleas will fall upon deaf ears, as the next statute wends its inglorious way towards becoming yet another doorstop.


    • 316
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Indeed and as to the little ambiguous words ‘may’, ‘likely’ – Did SC for all his years on here ever alert you lot to the trickery of them little legal words of rhetoric and jargon – now let me see ughhh no – but someone has been giving the tips about the little words of deception e.g. may, might, could, ought, should, In my view [an opinion espoused by many a wig – which means SWA at law.]

      Anyway – some people have been teaching themselves – well done.

      Did you know that you DO NOT HAVE TO BE A QUALIFIED LAWYER OR BARRISTER – to actually know the law – but that you need real balls to “go into the courts” [unlike those who rarely do S…C] and throw the deceptions back in their faces – with politeness of course and a smug smile?


  69. 230
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen some dumb panels and dumb audiences on QT, but tonight’s assembly must be the most mentally challenged ever. Not a single intelligent comment or spark of insight from either side, and a chairman who is unable to usefully direct the discussions .


  70. 236
    julurd says:

    Guido, your falling levels of comments is odd


    • 243
      Nocturnal Emissions says:

      You get the stupid (Moussa Koussa), the anal (trolls), the slow-witted and stolid (Blowing Whistles). A few are intelligent, amusing, thought provoking but just a few.

      The lumpish, bovine and supine win the day and they are all you get in parliament anyway.


    • 309
      Toffee wrapper says:

      Comments being ‘disappeared’ without trace must also be leading to the general decline. Why bother to contribute to a topic if the censor section does not agree with your PoV and just deletes it?


  71. 238
    Casual Observer 4 says:

    This is an interesting and old one.

    G’erry M’cCann was an advisor on the COMARE panel which determined that increased childhood cancers in areas close to nuke plants did not exist. (In direct opposition to what is observed, and also what G’ermany found).


    Could Gordon Brown’s familial EDF connection have any part, or perhaps Ed Balls’ Tony Cooper connection to the UK Nuke Lobby, in the government interest in the Mccann case ?

    What a twisted web is so weaved…


    • 239

      A correction to your link (which was pointing to the wrong sub-committee) contains a rather amusing if unintended rear end. It does sum the situation up rather well:


      (link should point to Medical Practices Subcommittee rather than the Record of Members Interests.)


      • 240
        Casual Observer 4 says:

        Cheers for fixing.

        Another Brown connection with the M’cCanns: N’icola M’urphy.

        She was an A’ssociate D’irector of H’anover PR Company at the time – they were involved with the M’cCann family, before C’larence M’itchell (B’ell P’ottinger) took over. H’anover was set up by M’ajor’s former press secretary, C’harles L’ewington.


        • 245

          I was looking at the entries for this month last year earlier and in particular that night of 29th October when Hurricane Sandy started to lash at NYC. So much of it was familiar to me that I found it unable to put down and lost a night’s sleep following the developments.

          Made reference elsewhere to the fact that South Ferry station was still not repaired.

          It was around that time that I first noticed your comments so imagined that you must have got back to UK just before. If I am right, I wonder what you think one year onwards of the situation here. Is it the mess it always was? Or are we just slowly all getting older and longer in the tooth and seeing the falling apart of society?


  72. 241
    Let's paint it purple ! says:

    Vote UKIP :-)


  73. 248
    4.30 am poem for Ed Davie says:

    Ed Davie, Ed Davie
    You smell of Gravy


  74. 252
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    He has got a good point though, I cannot recall me or anybody else voting for a Belgian President (a country noted only for chocolate and institutionalised paedophilia) how does a person with an IQ less than that of a Marmoset get to be running the affairs of 500 million people?.


  75. 253
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    He has got a good point though, I cannot recall me or anybody else voting for a Belgian President (a country noted only for chocolate and institutionalised p8edophilia) how does a person with an IQ less than that of a Marmoset get to be running the affairs of 500 million p8ople?.


  76. 258
    Annoyed QT Viewer says:

    Message to the BBC, nobody give a f*** that smug american lefty thinks (bonnie greer) no matter how many times you wheel her on.


  77. 259
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    I have a sister who lives in America and we have a good natter on the phone at least once a week.

    Last Sunday she told me that the ceiling was coming down in America. Now I did not know what she meant by this but she said it was serious and I should get all my money out of the Bank quickly.

    So I went to the Post Office first thing on Monday morning and the nice young man with a smile on his face when he found out I wanted all my money went to the back of his office and made a phone call.

    When he came back he was not smiling and asked to see my passport and three other pieces of identity.

    Luckily I had all these things with me and then he said the most of my money I could take out in anyone day was £500.

    So I took the £500 and went back and did the same thing on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.

    Last night my sister phoned me and said the hole in the ceiling had been fixed and I was not to worry anymore.

    But the point is I have been at my wits end all week.

    I suspect that David Cameron did nothing to protect our financial interests against this ceiling falling in between Sunday and Thursday because I have phoned his office up and they refuse to talk to me.


  78. 268
    Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

    They said the banks were too big to fail.They weren’t.
    They say America is too big to fail. It isn’t.
    It’s the debt, stupid.


  79. 270
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Rumpey, the early years:


  80. 273
    David Cameron says:

    Now then,about British Gas….

    This lunatic comment is under review by our team of moderators.


    • 278
      M103 says:

      David Cameron – this is a simple, but we feel warranted, request: would you like to comment on this price hike, please ? And, as you are our PM, perhaps you could explain to us all, why and how it would be possible to justify why British Gas should be able to make close to £ 3 billion and yet invest less than any other energy company in renewables or any other new energy source for the future of OUR CHILDREN – thanks David for your understanding !?


      • 301
        REALWORLDER says:

        Because the very idea of renewable energy is absolute idiotic nonsense ,there is plenty of oil, gas, and coal , the trick is to get it at the right price.
        The real problem is caused by the eco lunatics and their ‘green taxes’ , only yesterday , one of the most deluded eco lunatics of the lot our next king ‘god help us, was unable to speak to a meeting of pension fund managers without going into tree hugging mode,blathering about disastrous global warming and sustainability.
        Without the so called green levy the actual price rise is less than 2%.


        • 311
          Lying royle corrie spondent says:

          Unsubstantiated rumour has it that HMtQ has resolved to live to a ripe old age, outdoing her mum by 10 years or so, just to make sure she is not succeeded by the idiot she pupped back in the glorious 1950s.


  81. 277
    Tea Party Catholic says:

    What pundits seem to have missed is that the House Republicans held the line in a united front, rather than bottling it as on other occasions. They may have lost this battle, but they are re-uniting after the 2012 nomination debacle. People may not like their policies, but what has that got to do with it? Providing the policies you think people will say ‘yes’ to in the latest polls is Camerborne’s style, and look where that get’s us.


  82. 283
    Lights are on, no one at home says:

    One of the oddities of life?
    Those that can always excecise choice and find the cheapest cabbage in a supermarket are always the same ones that seem to excecise that same choice when continuously bleating about having the highest energy bills.


  83. 290
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Asking MSNBC for an honest, unbiased view on the Republicans is like asking the Daily Mirror for an honest, unbiased view of the Conservatives. Ain’t gonna happen.


  84. 295
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    They are shifty little fuckers are those giant pandas.


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