October 17th, 2013

Gloria De Piero Topless Photos

Gloria De Piero claims that a paper is after topless photos of her:

“I have talked about why I posed for these pictures in interviews before. I thought at the time it was a way of improving my circumstances. This is part of my story and part of who I am. I can’t change it now but this happened over twenty years ago.”

She continues:

“No one should have to worry that something they did when they were young might prevent them from serving their community or getting involved in politics at a local or national level.”

This is now part of Team Miliband’s mantra; Gloria’s comments have been picked up by all sorts, from Ed’s Political Secretary to his trainee attack dog:

So Labour won’t be mentioning anyone’s background again, or something that happened before they came into politics.

Big shout.

Lets see how well this ‘new politics’ holds up with the upcoming publication of Natalie Rowe’s book about George Osborne.


  1. 1
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondelboys says:

    Hmm, could turn a chap’s head you know!


  2. 2
    lol says:

    has she got nice tits?


    • 27
      Jabez says:

      “It was a way of improving my circumstances.”Never heard them called that before.


      • 57
        Village Idiot says:

        ….And what did the ugly buggers do?….Probably worked at shelf stacking,bar work,or fruitpicking,but much easier to earn money getting naked and flaunting it to any one who will pay! Feminism,equal rights,earned respect,don’t make me laugh… Can we see em now you’ve teased us?


        • 72
          P C Dixon says:

          So its ok to improve HER circumstances when she needed it (and good luck to her) but now shes seen the socialist light NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THE SAME. Same old Labour – THEY can and WE can’t!

          Breathtaking as usual – so now let’s see the whole picture Guido!


          • P C Dixon says:

            If she was 15 when taken – WHO TOOK THEM – Naturally plod will be setting up an investigation at once and the dirty culprit will be off to jail with the rest.


  3. 3
    Newsfox says:

    People are capable of seperating posing topless, with things of perhaps more substance like life experience, social circles, cash burning and racism.

    Naming no names..


  4. 4
    lolwut says:

    If you want people to let you get on with your job, just show us your boobs and it’ll be forgotten about within a week ;-)

    Joking. Sort of.


  5. 5
    No Thanks says:

    I bet she’s in favour of banning lad’s mags too. Hypocrite.


    • 36
      Engineer says:

      That’s about the only matter of any import in all this.

      I’m not particularly bothered that lad’s mags exist; I don’t read them. I’m not particularly bothered that ‘Gorgeous Gloria’ had some topless photos taken years ago.

      It is amusing to see the usual suspects on the ‘Murdoch is evil for publishing page 3′ wing of politics tweeting how proud they are of G de P, though.


      • 51
        walking into the darkness says:

        bit of emperor’s new clothes about how good looking she is to me, she ain’t all that as they say, bit of council estate rough if you don’t mind my saying so


      • 53
        Policy Wank says:

        Looking forward to seeing George Osborne’s moobs in Natalie Rowe’s book though.


  6. 7
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Good job she didn’t do sexting, or show the photos to adults…



  7. 9
    CuThroat says:

    She was 15 when these photos were taken, a child. Why is this tagged as ‘totty watch’? Something you want to tell us Guido?


  8. 10
    Fishy says:

    Guido’s in possession of topless pictures of a child? No doubt the police will be around anytime soon.

    Now that the Socialists have increased the age of childhood (and their control therefore) to 18, it means that anyone who possesses a nude picture of their 17 year old wife is also breaking the law.


    • 23
      A deicated follower of fashion says:

      I would not be surprised if the socialists started destroying works of art and literature that fail their new childhood laws. Odd though when the Lawyer Harriet Harman campaigned to lower the age of consent and liberalise picture laws.


      • 43
        Fishy says:

        …or start arresting artists who paint nude pictures of 15 year olds (in the style of Gloria, above) accusing them of making indecent images of children.


    • 31
      Alex Salmon says:

      But lower the voting age to 5


    • 71
      Anonymous says:

      Maybe that was the whole point if the story getting out there – we all know which paper is after the pics, and they’ve played right into Del Piero and her party’s hands by seeking out indecent images of a child.


  9. 13
    Steve Miliband says:

    Very Brownian – ‘getting on with my job”


    • 24
      Gordon the Medicated says:

      I worked on the economic miracle for decades.
      I used to go down to the cellar at night, telling Sarah not to disturb me, and work night after night on my plans for making the economy right, the tax system fair, the budgets balanced.

      One day, Sarah came down to the cellar, unasked.

      And she found just a bare room, with a dirt floor. Totally empty apart from a lightbulb hanging from a thin flex, and a wooden chair in the centre of the room. With me sitting in it.

      She broke the spell you see. My pixie friends fled in terror taking with them all the vast apparatus of government that I had worked on for so long.

      Why did you come here? I asked.

      To tell you you have become Prime Minister! At last!

      But it was too late. The magic men had gone.

      Excerpt from how I saved the world .. Bitebank publications.
      James Gordon Brown MP (semi retired)


  10. 14
    Master Of Reality says:

    She was a young person when she posed.In the media role she was touted as totty and was in FHM top 100. There is nothing wrong in being attractive or desirable. No question that her looks have accelerated her promotion to shadow minister,She has not made any impressive appearances in Parliament or in media and suddenly she is a shadow minister. No doubt now we will have the exploitation message and lads mags group will cite her as an inspiration for overcoming her youth transaction.Gloria looks a cracking woman -but I am yet to be impressed by her political acumen


    • 21
      Promoted for What? says:

      She has been a surprising failure as an MP. Can’t think why Ed promoted her unless it was for her tits.


  11. 15
    Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

    “I thought at the time it was a way of improving my circumstances.”

    In other words, greed.


  12. 16
    Éoin Clarke is an Idiot (Part 94) says:

    Guido,I apologise for any offense you have taken but suggest you grow a pair.


  13. 17
    Leslie Phillips says:

    Ding dong!


  14. 18

    Pinching a photo from the Mail the photoshopping it to give the impression of nakedness? Very low, Guido, very low.


  15. 19
    Dick van Dyke says:

    *anyone’s underage background.

    Don’t move goalposts.


  16. 20
    Sun loving reader in Cork says:

    Cleavage Thursday.


  17. 22
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    She can get what she likes out or perform in a Donkey show as far as I care. Fill yer boots, lass. But being mates with Draper is against nature and should be reported…to the UN.


  18. 25
    Handycock says:

    Sorry to trouble you Guido but do you have her phone number ?


    • 67
      Katya says:

      Careful Handy… remember the Russians have got your photos too. They would be a real treat for the Sunday papers.


  19. 28
    Gordon the Medicated says:

    The only tits I ever really liked looking at were Ed Miliband and Ed Balls.


  20. 29
    Peter Martin says:

    Gentlemen, start your engines.

    The BBC’s entire output of selective outrage is being dialed up for comment, or suppression, as we speak…


  21. 30

    *bones up on best 4chan style guide*

    Tits or GTFO!


  22. 32
    Mary Whitehouse says:

    Forget Energy Prices Bent Cops Unemployment etc This is a vote winner , i will definatley vote for her even though she isnt my MP. And please Theresa May dont get your tits out you cant compete


    • 126
      Moulting Freedwoman says:

      If you were a genuine Tory, you would know that in a free market economy, you have to have demand as well as supply!


    • 128
      Blair Neccessities says:

      ” please Theresa May dont get your tits out”

      So where SHOULD she put Gove and Pickles???


  23. 33
    Osbourne's Cat says:

    I’m prepared to accept Cameron as the Leader of the Bunga Bunga Party:


  24. 34
    Harriet Dromy says:

    Ugly munter isn’t she…


  25. 35
    Jimmy says:

    Stay classy righties, stay classy.


  26. 39
    Sir William Waid says:

    Readers may wish to know that ‘Gloria del Piero’ is an anagram of ‘adore girlie pol’ (‘pol’ being a US abbreviation of ‘politician’).


  27. 40
    An Englishman says:

    Gloria De Piero is a woman of whom it should never be said ‘She’s not just a pretty face.’


  28. 41
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    “Almost a third of the payday loans are to cover the cost of people’s gas and electricity bills.”


    • 50
      Not the 10 o'clock news says:

      …because the bennies were spent on booze and fags and bet365


      • 62
        Osbourne's Cat says:

        Yup all those nice bingo and gambling ads, turn yer house into a casino, even when yer on da shitter ye can be flushing yer money away and the only thing offshored is yer dough,
        But they’re so concerned turning thousands of non-natural gamblers into gamblers, that they have a wee warning phrase, “don’t gamble, it’s bad”. Don’t worry, there are some ‘nice’ wonga folk to help you buy the weans food…
        The booze and the fags too, it’s all good, representatively taxed to the hilt, Screw us all with Gang Green charges and devalue our savings….screw them alll….
        The Bullers Chummies and mates love it, While the Ed Miller band plays along turning this place into a food parcel paradise sh!thole….


        • 118

          Ever heard of individual responsibility and self-control? Nobody forces anybody to use Wonga, who are streets better than the organised criminals who used to be the last resort. At least a default doesn’t cost 2 broken legs.


    • 61
      Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

      Thanks Liblabcons loons for the green energy tax that has put up taxes on electricity of over 10%. And then there’s the 5% VAT to add onto that. As usual the state has you by the balls. And then the deceitful charlatans try to put all the blame on energy companies. If it weren’t for old people freezing to death thanks to the heartless Liblabcons it would be almost amusing.


  29. 42
    Toby Belching-Felcher says:

    I think she should be more ashamed of this old pic:



  30. 47
    Owen Jones says:

    “How can it be right that Ineos is able to be so secretive yet be allowed to control a vital part of our country’s energy infrastructure?”


    • 122
      Alice says:

      1. How can it be right that Unite is able to be so corrupt yet be allowed to control a vital part of our country’s energy infrastructure?


  31. 58
    Steve Miliband says:



  32. 59
    Jack Ketch says:

    Pwoar! Look at those policies!


  33. 70
    dai salivating says:

    but does she twerk?


  34. 75
    Tina Thatcher says:

    I heard that rather than rushing off to see a High Court Judge she is going to publish the photos and invite people to make donations to a Charity or charities of her choice;

    This will bring this story to an end and show that she has balls


  35. 79
    coluche says:

    It was this woman’s decision to pose for these photographs and it was also her decision to stand for public office, become an MP and accept a Shadow Cabinet position.

    If you cannot stand the heat then perhaps you should not be in the kitchen.


  36. 80
    Paella Pete says:

    I would!!!

    But I wouldn’t vote for her …


  37. 82
    point of order says:

    On the basis what you did before politics does not account one must define the start cut-off. In Miliband case 5 years old. Same where political nepotism exists.


  38. 87
    More socialist hypocrisy exposed says:

    Uber-lefty Channel 4’s Cathy Newman:

    “I must admit I’d always believed the topless photo shoot would see her struggle to get taken seriously as an MP….But the way Ms de Piero answered the question made me think again about her past and her motivation. ”

    So it’s OK whever it’s one of the Liebour sisterhood then!



  39. 88
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    I think we should be allowed to see these fotos in the interest of tranparacy,nothing to do with the fact that she has a fine rack!


  40. 89
    Qwerty says:

    Being hypocritical shits doesn’t make Labour wrong on this occasion.


  41. 90
    Colonel Biffy says:

    Wrong strategy – just pop them out again now, with proceeds to charity, and we will all rise to salute her.


  42. 91
    Trigger says:

    ‘Access denied’, although the Mail ran the same photo a while back..



  43. 92
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Oh. Old Labour, Old hypocrisy.


  44. 93
    Mary Whitehouse says:

    She has got a couple of points there


  45. 94
    Penfold says:

    “””So Labour won’t be mentioning anyone’s background again, or something that happened before they came into politics.”””

    Fat Chance.


  46. 99
    Bluto says:

    “No one should have to worry that something they did when they were young might prevent them from serving their community or getting involved in politics at a local or national level.”

    What she actually means is ‘no woman’. For men in New Labour’s Britain the rules are somewhat different.


  47. 100
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Anyone who wants to check out Gloria’s globes need only contact us at the Parliamentary Escort Agency. The good news is that she is working all week, and will do anything within reason apart from the Oaten stuff. Sally Bercow is still working hard to pay off her legal bills, but at a fiver a go that hundred grand won’t get paid anytime soon. However, take pity on her chaps, she really is very dirty, and she assures me she will keep John locked in a trunk in future, as the gimp mask was putting some people off.


  48. 103
    Colin says:

    Even the Sun and Daily Sport used to wait until a girl’s 16th birthday to post their first topless photoshoot of her.


  49. 104
    Anthony Weener says:

    She sounds like a fine politician to me , ps anyone know her phone number?


  50. 105
    john@loggerheads. says:

    She says she was 15, but can you believe her?
    She is a politician, aka lying bastards, after all.


  51. 107
    Thatcher's Iron Stiletto says:

    She says it was “..something she did when she was 15 or 16″

    Call me an old (perverted) cynic. But it seems pretty convenient when she’s trying to stop the press locate and buy naked photos of her, that she thinks she may have been under-age at the time, or not, she can’t quite remember.

    She probably did them last week for Ed Millipede. Onwards and upward!


  52. 108
    Disgusted of Neasden says:

    So, does this mean that all Guido readers now have kiddie-porn on their computers, and may expect a visit from Inspector Yewtree?


  53. 109
    Dogette says:

    Why are they all s o p r o u d ? ?


  54. 110
    The Mentor from What the Butler Saw Sea says:

    I fully understand why Guido blanked out part of the picture, as Ann Widdecombe ( the blanked out part) was acting as a body double and Guidos little runner could not get a model release signed…


  55. 111
    Breadline says:

    Who is this ugly slag?


  56. 112
    Miliband is an obsequious gobshite says:

    I would knob her – go on somebody find the photos


  57. 113
    anything over £12,000 is serious says:

    I have 87 old print negatives of varying quality but recognisable. What am I bid?


  58. 114
    geordieboy says:

    If you want to see tits just buy the Sun.


  59. 115

    If she says she was 15 at the time she has nothing to worry about as nobody would publish them.

    Makes me think she was older because of all the fuss she is making about them.


  60. 116
    Mark says:

    So let me get this straight a former journalist and TV presenter is now telling other journalists not to look for stories about her! Not a big story really, as this popped up during the last election campaign. Gloria kept such a low profile that she earned the name disappearo! It didn’t matter to her campaign because she was parachuted into the labour safe seat of Ashfield by Gordon Brown and locals would have happily voted for a nutless monkey if it’s name was on the ballot paper!


  61. 123
    Ed says:

    She tits all the boxes.


  62. 124
    Gordon Brown knows where Madeleine Mcann is.... says:

    I think Gloria’s tits would allow us to judge what she brings to the party – she’s not in it because of her insightful politics


  63. 127
    Nadine's Greatest knocker says:

    Sick ‘a transtits Gloria!


  64. 130
    Joe Public says:

    I’d recognise her immediately as she walks down a street wearing a banner that says in bright letters, ‘Access Denied’


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