October 16th, 2013

Wonk Watch: Ruth Porter Jumps IEA for PX

Big transfer news in Wonk Land this afternoon as Ruth Porter jumps from Director of Communications at the Institute of Economic Affairs to take on the Head of Economics and Social Policy brief at deadly rivals Policy Exchange.

Porter, who has been a key part of the IEA’s recent renaissance, is said to be politically ambitious and PX is a natural feeder into the Tories. A source there chuckled this afternoon “she’s gone from the Premiership to the Champions League now”This story has legs.


  1. 1
    The Voice Of Reason says:

    People who have been sanctioned by the JobCentre are knocked off the stats, people who have been refused benefit and are now destitute or living off friends and family don’t show up either, nor the ones that have died after being found fit for work. The real unemployment figures are far higher than this 7.7%.

    A large pool of desperate people is just the thing to drive down wages.

    It’s not as if there isn’t any work to do. It’s that we don’t choose to fund it, preferring instead to increase the fortunes of the few.

    The ATOS boss is doing OK, with a £280Kpa payrise


  2. 2
    Observant says:

    Hopefully a vacancy for a Tory PM soon, nah you’re right it’s still the championship.


  3. 3
    Juvenalian Precariat says:

    Good at making a nice cup of Tea.

    Good for her!


    • 26
      Engineer says:

      ….and now she’s achieved a Guido Fawkes ‘Totty Watch’ tag. Another essential entry on the CV of every aspiring Westminster Woman.


  4. 4
    Gary Raige says:

    I couldn’t care less. Never heard of her.

    Get a job in the real world!


    • 36
      It's About the Bennies Stupid says:

      Looks like a bennie taker by other means? Also looks like a cock in a frock, if this is ‘totty watch’ material the standard is either slipping or Guido has decided to include BoyChicks for diversity?


  5. 5
    fernandos pants says:

    I would….


  6. 6
    Websters Political Dictionary says:

    Director of Communications.

    Someone who lies for a living


  7. 7
    Steve from Fazakerley says:

    Unemployment has not actually fallen. I work for DWP and we are told to count sanctions and failed medicals as stats towards people finding work. If anything our office has been busier than it has in the last two years so these are false figures and to lie to the public about it only confirms my beliefs about the Tories.


    • 10
      ATOS says:



    • 13
      U Buntu says:

      There are 750,000 on Workfare programme who are not included in unemployment figure or classed as claimants. Added to the 2 million or so who have been forced to accept part time work or risk losing benefits. By the end of the year that’s going to be very close to 3 million people working for next to nothing


    • 15
      Gary Raige says:

      Cheers for the anecdote matey.

      If you have time to post blog messages at 4 in the afternoon then you’re not doing your job and you’re wasting my tax money. You confirm my belief about the pondlife in the DWP.


    • 16
      Sir William Waid says:

      You are confusing ‘the unemployed’ with ‘people who don’t work (and may be unable or unwilling to do so)’.


    • 38

      I apologise unreservedly for the recent inaccuracies in DWP statistics. I can assure you that Steve from Fazakerley accepts full responsibility.


  8. 9
    Jimmy says:

    Isn’t the Champions’ League something to do with Europe? Did you mean the Championship?


  9. 11
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Totally behind our postal workers, who’ve voted 4-1 in favour of strikes over Royal Mail privatisation. They’re speaking out for all of us.


    • 22
      Kebab News Service says:

      And the Tories declare war on the Police. And the Firemen. And the Posties. And the NHS. And the Teachers. And the sick. And the disabled. And the Armed Forces. And the poor. And the Civil Service. And…….

      Anyone left?


    • 23
      Gooey Blob says:

      It would appear that you are under the misapprehension that the centre-right PM is in fact the hard left opposition leader. The distinction is not difficult to make unless you are further to the left than Stalin or further to the right than Vlad the Impaler.


  10. 14
    Sir William Waid says:

    Modern governments need economists in the same way that ancient governments needed astrologers. They give a degree of confidence and authority to decisions made on the basis of personal inclination and panic.


    • 31
      Engineer says:

      Economics is like climate science. They can tell you in excrutiating detail what has happened, but fall down a bit on what will happen in the future.


  11. 19
    Lost The Plot says:

    Part of me feels sorry for Andrew Mitchell; he has been very badly treated by certain members of the police and his party. Then I snap out of it and think he is a Tory lickspittle so fuck him!


    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      I thought he was on the right of the party’s then he was appoint to run overseas aid wasting taxpayers hard earned money. He has no sympathy from me.
      Give us our money back it is not government’s business to be altruistic on our behalf.


  12. 21
    Hank says:

    I wonder where she will be a candidate at the next election…


  13. 24
    Sasseides says:

    Who the fuck is this woman? Nobody gives a fuck. More shite on this blog.


  14. 30
    I can't find my sunglasses says:

    As you say, this has legs.


  15. 34
    Gooey Blob says:

    Q: How does Ed Balls count to thirteen?

    A: On his fingers.


  16. 41

    This lass must have some good connections, or perhaps, she is a real clever cods.


  17. 42
    Juvenalian Precariat says:

    Is anyone in charge around here?


  18. 46
    Sparta's Cuz says:

    Worked with her once. Complete twat. (Bizarrely) out of touch. Annoying whingey voice. Expect her on the benches ASAP then.


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