October 16th, 2013

Sally Beercow Reacts to New Woman in Speaker’s Office

It seems like the Attitude Awards were rather jolly.

Via: Daily Mail


  1. 1
    Liar.Politicians says:

    She doesn’t even know which finger she wants to use on her squeaker husband!


  2. 2
    Tightheadprop says:

    Pissed again. Jesus, I never thought I’d feel sorry for John Bercow but what a fucking embarrassment she is


  3. 3
    BLAZINOAH says:

    Sally Berkcow would turn anyone queer.


  4. 4
    Steve Miliband says:

    Still, at least she hasn’t got a tattoo.


  5. 6
    C.P.S. for Peace Prize says:

    Old Holborn still a free man.

    And so say all of us!


  6. 7
    Bad Attitude says:

    Where’s Little John?


  7. 8
    Ah! M says:

    Looks like she’s lost control

    ..of her bladder



  8. 9
    Ruttiger says:

    Erm, are we sure she’s really a woman? . . .Just look at the size of her hands


  9. 11
    fernandos pants says:

    She looks, sounds and behaves like a bloke, I imagine this is why midget John married her.

    I reckon she wears a stick-on ‘Magnum’ moustache in bed.

    And a strap-on.


  10. 13
    The Doc. says:

    If that isn’t a he-she i’m a monkeys uncle.

    Look at the shovels for hands ffs.

    Demand to see her fannie!!


  11. 14
    Anonymous says:

    She looks demonic.


  12. 16
    Ah! M says:

    Nice to show the kids, when she grows up.


  13. 19
    Specsaver says:

    HEY The Photos were Front Page Of The Mail !0 Mins ago.



  14. 22

    Seems a bit chappish.


    • 38
      fernandos pants says:

      No Derek, ‘chappish’ is wearing tweed slacks and smoking a pipe. Sally B is ‘chavish’, which is wearing no pants and smoking a cock….


  15. 25
    Gordon McQueen says:

    My long lost twin


  16. 27
    Mink Bikini says:

    Please God, let there not be any upskirt shots.


  17. 29
    Gooey Blob says:

    Fortunate that it wasn’t raining, lest that ring on her finger turn green. That would have been decorum…


  18. 30
    What's the best way to finish a night out? says:

    Getting banged up the arsehole by a big strapping paddy


  19. 32
    Viv says:

    Is there any individual in public life who knows how to behave?


  20. 33
    Banned says:

    She really is a common-as-muck trollop.


  21. 35
    Vacuous Unpaid Labour Intern Esq. says:

    looks like a pissed up old slapper to me.


  22. 36
    This should be good says:

    “Russell Brand to guest edit New Statesman”


    • 240
      Ma­qb­­oul says:

      Now he’s worth millions he has discovered his socialist tendencies, whining on about selling the nation’s assets to us, wot we already own, and the like. It’s as if these people are afraid of the mob turning on them, fear of being envied and so what better way to deflect attention than to spout lefty claptrap. Russell really cares about the poor so let’s ignore his humongous wealth and pick on a Tory.

      Is there a celebrity out there with a backbone ?!


  23. 37
    David Cameron says:

    The servants are preparing lamb pedusa tonight.


  24. 39
    The All Singing All Dancing Crap Of The World Is Upon Us! says:

    I can’t be arsed watching the fishwife’s crappy opinion is on anything. She must think it safe to open her stupid gob again!


  25. 41
    Diane Aboot says:

    The slut.


  26. 45
    norti rascal says:

    I definitely would. Looks properly filthy.


  27. 46
    Owen Jones and the rest of the left says:

    We don’t have much to say about things like this.

    But if some right winger calls some women sluts as a joke, then we are fire and brimstone.

    Don’t question us about this, we’ll just ignore you and mutter about going to the pub.


  28. 48
    Toby Belching-Felcher says:

    She’s got a fanny like a wizard’s sleeve.


  29. 50
    M103 says:

    Doesn’t your heart bleed for the likes of Mitchell and the Tories?
    The Police were OK and ‘one of us’ during the 1980’s, in particular ‘maintaining the rule of law’ during the miners strike (Orgreave comes to mind).
    The hypocrisy of both the Police and this Government is something to behold


  30. 53
    Fishy says:

    KG-M on C4 News is behaving like a twat once again…suggesting that the Tories are ganging up on the police over ‘Plebgate’ which he suggests represents political interference in the police / justice system.

    Clearly he needs to have a word with his colleague Michael Crick.

    More like the police interfering in the political system.


    • 56
      Joe Blogs says:

      OK so we are now convinced that Andrew Mitchell is the nicest loving cuddly person ever to have become an MP. Furthermore we now know that Theresa May is the best Home Secretary ever and is the bastion of truth and truly protects the weak and defenceless against the tyranny of the state


      • 58
        Britain is fucked says:

        And we also know that our police force – sorry, ‘service’ – is stuffed-full of thick lying lefty mongs.


        • 63
          Leftie social workers says:

          Hey! Don’t forget us! We let the mothers of Baby P and Hamzah Khan torture and murder their kids in 2007 and 2009 so that Polly Toynbee could then blame both deaths on Michael Gove!


          • Point of Information 7 says:

            You let the mother of Hamza, that is correct.

            Baby P: You let the mother and two psychopaths attempt to re-wallpaper the nursery with the kid over a period of a few days and then tried to pass the buck when what remained showed up in the morgue.

            Social workers deserve no respect, pension, and should be shunned for the filth that they are.


        • 245
    • 61
      Jimmy says:

      Mitchell’s choice of bicycle – traditional, sturdy, ponderous, unimaginative, ‘classic’ in the I’m a fogey and proud of it’ sense shows the dilemma facing the modern Tory party and the right, whose hierarchy, morals and ethics are having problems meshing with right-wing libertarian philosophy.


    • 62
      Chunnel 4 nooze says:

      Crick is the man!


    • 129
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      The lefty apparatchiks at C4 News have put Cr!ck back in his gimp box.

      He is only allowed out when UKIP are on.


  31. 60
    Sally Bigcow says:

    I was just totes celebrating *cheeky grin* Nothing wrong with that *winks* Can’t I have a bit of fun? *innocent face* I adorbs my hubby *winks* I’m going out again tonight for some fun *opens legs and bends over dustbin*


  32. 65
    She's had more men in her than the Statue of Liberty says:

    You have to have a bit of sympathy for Grumpy. It can’t be easy having a wife who constantly and publicly emasculates you every single night by slutting it up all over town with all and sundry.


  33. 66
  34. 69
    Whiffler says:

    I’m sure someone will tell me if I am mistaken, but would Alan Turing not have been arrested had he been caught last weekend ?.

    Also – please don’t underplay the Polish development of the Bombes. Turing took things a stage further because he had Tommy Flowers’ technical back-up. Oh – and no Krauts breathing down his neck.


  35. 71
    Whiffler says:

    P.S. Why does the word ‘trollop’ come to my mind whenever a certain someone comes into prominence ?


  36. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Went to Oxford.


  37. 78

    This place is going to pot.

    The page is timed at 5:51 pm, yet the first post is timed 4:54 pm. So the page’s timestamp has been changed as I saw it before.

    Simon Carr’s piece on Homer was timed 5:42 pm. So this page has leapfrogged over it.

    Someone is playing games.


  38. 83
    The Voice Of Reason says:

    Continuous theft of money by banks, bigger bonuses, trillions off shore, corporate tax dodging, tax breaks for the rich, lack of jobs investment = very unstable society.

    Fight back


    • 91
      mystery pensioner says:

      as has been previously mentioned the only workable alternative is to vote UKIP, when given the opportunity, and hope they can undo the mayhem that the current traitorous fuckwits have inflicted on the place.


  39. 86
    Owen Jones explaining to his mum why he failed the job interview says:

    lol :-)


  40. 90
    Chuka says:

    See what I mean.



  41. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Love the Spanx.


  42. 96
    Sylvia Beesley says:

    So classy – must make her husband very proud!!!


  43. 97
    anon says:

    Funny how earlier comments re sall ey and pi k ey removed about the same time as the DM big pants pics. Strange forces at work, await ing kn ock at door. Hmmm.


  44. 100
    anon says:

    So, London Chief Registar reports quarter of all tie ups are in fact …bogus. Well why did they go trough then, when will May seek and remove the miscreants/ claimants/ false passport holders.


  45. 103
    mystery pensioner says:

    the trouble with signing an agreement with China is 2 days later you want to sign another one


  46. 106
    Last Night says:


  47. 111
    Common. Sally says:

    She really is an utterly vile piece of work.


  48. 112
    Darling of the Left says:


    • 115
      JH232948968678 says:

      Has her son been formally beatified yet?

      Look at that mong, grinning like a twat. Who is he trying to impress with this shit?


    • 124
      Fishy says:

      Doreen Lawrence with Marxist spawn Milipede…she who went to Venezuela…with hard-left winger Dianne Abbott…and Trotskyist Owen Jones as ‘independent’ election observers overseeing the ‘free and fair’ election of their and hard lefty, Ken Livingstone’s favourite candidate…Marxist, Hugo Chavez.

      How do these people manage to exist in a modern democratic society



    • 127
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      At least D’oreen likes Britain.


      • 136
        REALWORLDER says:

        Of course we can now expect the announcement of a peerage for the mother of Kris Donald ,who was murdered in a racist muslim pack attack in Glasgow can’t we???


        • 144
          Casual Observer 4 says:

          I didn’t say that I approved of her being ennobled.

          This is profiteering on her sons death in a similar fashion to the McCann farce. The left are sending out a weird message with this.


    • 133
      Universal Hiss says:

      I’d like to be a peer please.

      How do I apply?

      BTY why is this incredibly moving?


      • 146
        Casual Observer 4 says:

        Change your moniker to Baroness Ultimate Hiss. That would work. :-)


        • 221
          Miliband is an obsequious gobshite says:

          next week look out for cancer survivors, rape victims, Jimmy Savile accusers, even those evicted from their homes for non-payment of their mortgages. All will be enthroned and embraced with ermine to console their woes and make Moribund and his like feel better about themselves. The debates will be like a cross between Big Brother and Jerry Springer and Shameless. Honestly, cuddling an ennobled mother of a murdered black boy – this is insulting and patronizing shit from another dimension. The scum that murdered her son represent nothing but their own evilness – why are we responsible? Peerages are not consolation prizes. Life is inherently unfair.


    • 249
      Anonymous says:

      Can we expect the Mc Canns to be elevated soon ? they have done as much as Doreen and are marginally less annoying.


  49. 113
    A Silly Big Cow says:

    A duplicitous self moron!


  50. 117
    Lady Sally Burke Moo says:

    When that little weasel Bercow leaves doesn’t he get an automatic knighthood? Which means that excuse for a lady then becomes a lady FFs


  51. 121
    Engineer says:

    Osborne and Johnson chatting to Chinese businessmen and politicians, and trying to impress them with the UK’s genteel good taste, class and reputation for high quality.

    Chinese businessmen and politicians checking UK news on their ipads see the classy, genteel Sally – the chosen consort of the First Commoner – and s n i g g e r quietly to themselves.


  52. 128
    Casual Observer 4 says:

    On a different note, it looks like the US and EU are trying to get rid of WTO by drawing up new TTIP agreement:


    Trade liberalization at the expense of EU regulations. EU forced into this by austerity as a last ditch attempt to get some growth, and the US interesting to reduce its costs and firmly put EU out of mind as it focuses on As!a.

    This could be problem for UK exit as the current trade arguments assume a WTO style entity, not direct agreements as such between major trading blocs with as yet undefined rules.


    • 131
      Universal Hiss says:

      We’ll take that risk thanks.

      Ignore the rending & wailing & gnashing of teeth brigade.


    • 132
      mystery pensioner says:

      yes well, a land consisting of a mountain of coal floating on a sea of oil surrounded by an ocean of fish, populated by songsters, engineers, writers and philosophers shouldn’t have to bothered with Johnny foreigner should it ?


  53. 134
    Wally Poynbee says:

    Once a chav, always a chav…..


  54. 137
    The Big Unfriendly Policeman says:


    The following statement is true.
    The preceding statement is false.


  55. 140
    Nobody in particular says:

    Whatever you do, do not Google this:

    places not to stick your penis hornets nest

    Don’t do it. That is all.

    I did warn you! But you did it, didn’t you?


  56. 141
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:



    • 142
      Job Creation says:

      Bring back dog whips so right minded people can deal with the lefties properly.


    • 145
      Universal Hiss says:

      Could you let me know how many of the jobs are zero hours,part time,full time?

      I’d also like to know how many of these lucky,lucky people survive without state aid in said jobs?

      Just a quick breakdown of working tax credit & housing benefit will do.

      @Universal Hiss #For HardworkingTaxPayers>>


    • 149
      Migration Watch says:

      1.4 million new private sector jobs => 1.4 million more immigrants


      • 252
        Anonymous says:

        Yes, why is it that people with limited English can get jobs when people born here cant ? oh yes, i remeber,the ones born here are bone idle.


    • 204

      Yes all doing 12 hours a week topped up with benefits


  57. 143
    Juvenalian Precariat says:

    Post Office?


  58. 151
    Little Johnny B13COW says:



    • 154
      Podiceps says:

      Truffles are fragrant, highly prized, and valuable.
      Mrs Bercow is very different in all respects.


      • 207
        Foxie says:

        He might have been groping for the word Trollop.

        Education… edukaayshun… educkashin… oh never mind… We’re all doomed I tell you! FUBAR’d.


  59. 153
    Heil Hitler! says:

    Tourist arrested for giving Heil Hitler! salute in holiday photo outside Reichstag


    “Hundreds of tourists every year make the mistake of thinking that Monty Pythonesque jokes about Hitler and his henchmen – including giving his famous raised-arm salute – are acceptable when visiting Germany. But any gestures of the old Nazi regime, or the displaying of any of its symbols, is a s serious crime in modern-day Germany. Three years ago a British businessman at Cologne airport gave the salute to a car hire official – and was arrested immediately.”


    • 156
      Podiceps says:

      It might seem a silly law, but imagine being a German with that memory always burning at the back of your mind.


      • 159
        JadedJean says:

        Here’s a thought to ponder:- Wouldn’t one have thought that if a group of curious people came along and asserted that upon closer analysis, despite what many people (especially Germans) had been led to believe after WWI (as part of the allied denazification process), i.e that lots of innocent J*wish people had been intentionally killed in camps during WWII, what may have happened is that a) some people died due to epidemics such as typhus breaking out due to bombing by the allies limiting supplies to the camps, b) a lot of other people went missing as Displaced Persons once the Iron Curtain came down in Eastern Europe, and that numbers had continued to fall naturally because of a low birth-rate in this quite successful group. Wouldn’t one have thought that such an explanation would have been received as GOOD news by those who thought their relatives had been cruelly murdered by the Germans?

        Instead, there’s been outrage, and threats to lock people up for even suggesting such things, as if those being told somehow benefited from the allegation that lots were murdered, i.e as if there was some merit to perpetuating the message that the great regulators of Europe (Germany) were cruel and that this is what happens when one runs any form of state (national) socialism. What would the alternative system be which would flourish were that so? Who might benefit?

        Just a thought……..


        • 167
          Screw the EU says:

          The theory backed up by telephone logs etc. that a lot of the J**s were being relocated with possessions to a new life in eastern euro countries, and then shot on arrival by locals who just didn’t get it seems very plausible.

          The G’ermans were bad, but it takes the mindset of a Miliband to come up with genocide and summary execution.


        • 173
          Universal Hiss says:

          Errm,lets ponder.

          Was Granny turned into a lampshade after gas or typhus?

          I’m not sure I could find forgiveness in either case.

          Interesting take on the massacre of millions though.

          You’re not Tony Blair are you?


        • 205

          How long before the EU start telling us that it never happened ?


      • 160
        Serves them right says:

        There aren’t that many Krauts over 69 years old. And to be realistic rgey would probably have to have been at least ten to remember the N@zis, so you are talking about 80 year olds.

        Not forgetting, they are guilty anyway. Won’t do them any harm to point out what a pain in the arse they were with their wars and world dominance.


        • 177
          Universal Hiss says:

          I saw an interview with Hess’s daughter on telly recently.

          Her memory of living next door to Auschwitz was playing with the children from the camp on their front lawn.All butterflies & sunshine.

          I don’t think the sins of the fathers are dumped on their children but that must be a terrible legacy to live with.


        • 179
          mystery pensioner says:

          the dodgy dossier let the cat out of the bag big time, for me at least.


          • mystery pensioner says:

            image during WWII thousands of spies, forgers of documents, arch manipulators and story tellers, all working for HMGov. Then war ends and tidy up time, somebody has a bright idea.


    • 191
      REALWORLDER says:

      Strangely, symbols and gestures of the communist butchers, who held about one third of the country in poverty and misery for 60years are not illegal !
      The same doctrine that killed 10 million in the Ukraine ,the perpetrators of the Katyn massacres in Poland, obviously they must have got a much better press I wonder why!


  60. 158
    Anonymous says:

    I didn’t spot any comments on the new woman in the Speaker’s office – Eleanor Laing (for it is she).

    Do we think that an MP with her experience of maxing out the expenses claims is a good person to be supervising the affairs of the House? It is like almost putting a Fox in the chicken coop?


    • 164
      Universal Hiss says:

      Probably impossible to find a clean pair of hands in that particular coop.

      Anyone but the dwarf may be an improvement?


    • 165
      Comrades says:

      The speakers are the MPs shop stewards. Their real job is to look after MPs in the workplace, so to that end Lady Eleanor is the best man for the job.


    • 255
      Anonymous says:

      Do change the record re expenses.Have a look at the EU exies, Nigel really Maxes out on them !


  61. 161
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    As regards the Pakistani pensioner in Manchester who kept a deaf mute slave in his cellar, got her to claim benefits illegally and regularly raped her, we feel our viewers would not be interested in this story.


  62. 163
    Y says:

    I never that pikey was American.


  63. 166
    MoreSal says:


  64. 170
    Potty Toynbee says:



  65. 174
  66. 184
    Universal Hiss says:

    This could be the start of a perfect storm with Osbourne blowing a big property bubble………..


    It is in The Guardian so shrugged shoulders may be in order.


    • 186
      Annie Conomist says:

      Interest rates could go up or, on the other hand, they could stay where they are.


      • 188
        Universal Hiss says:

        Depends if you want to fire up the money printing presses.


        Labour-Money Tree.

        Spot the difference.


      • 189
        The Bonk of England says:

        Or they could go down


        • 197
          REALWORLDER says:

          There are thousands of people hoping that interest rates do go up in order to get a reasonable return on their savings and investments, the borrowers have had it their way for far too long.The last thing we need now is another false property boom just to help re-elect another gang of economic illiterates.


          • Universal Hiss says:


            I’d like to see interest rates gradually climb to say 10%ish,let house prices to fall by about 30%,so young people in this country don’t have to be wage slaves for the rest of their lives.

            The price of keeping a roof over your head costs a silly amount of money that is unavoidable for mortgages,rents,housing benefits..Money that could be spent better elsewhere.

            It’s almost a given obsession that high house prices are a good thing.

            Total fucking madness.


          • Ma­qb­­oul says:

            Fortunately you’re not in charge. If property prices fell 30% and interest rates started at 10ish then what do you think the effect of that would be on the construction industry? They wouldn’t bother.

            Young people in the UK have it too fucking easy. What’s wrong with having to work for the rest of their lives?


          • Anonymous says:

            High house prices have a disastrous effect on the rest of the economy: driving up wage demand so putting a strain on businesses, stiffling entrepreneurism, creating commuter congestion.

            All so the property parasites can get rich off the backs of the rest of the population.

            Do other European countries have this mad house price obsession, or is it purely a British disease?


    • 272
      What goes down will come up says:

      Of course they are going to rise, they are at 0.5% FFS!
      (and have been for years now)


  67. 198

    “Go on sniff my finger”


  68. 200
    Foxie says:

    Pi$$ed again.


  69. 202

    Take us back to Paddy’s trailer park


  70. 210
    Jimmy says:

    Beercow? Do you you get it? Her names Bercow, she’s been drinking, and cow is a common misogynist term for a woman.



  71. 220
    Jack Ketch says:

    You are all so unkind. I would certainly take the old slapper on AND her pal in the taxi–if I was as blasted as they appear to be.


  72. 222
  73. 226
    Anonymous says:

    she’s just so classy.


  74. 228
    gramma says:

    No surprise that Speaker John Bercow should have a trophy wife, but think most would have chosen a different mug.


  75. 229
    Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

    I’m the worst judge since Jeffreys.


  76. 230
    mystery pensioner says:

    Giving away our nuclear power industry and everybody’s future electricity bills to China is not Capitalism, it’s not private enterprise, it is just daft. If ever there was a case for nationalization its the power supply.


    • 232
      RED LEN says:

      You are Neil Kinnochio and I claim my 500 euros from your expense account.


      • 235
        mystery pensioner says:

        I like the hardworking Chinese people but this is like a guy who has lost all his power and influence hiding behind one of the big boys and saying to the rest of the schoolyard ” look at my big new friend” but it’s possible to be friends without giving them everything we have left.


    • 275
      IBS says:

      The Chinese may have control of our power, along with the French, and the French may have control of our water, but at least we still have control over our bowels.


  77. 233
    Legs 11 says:

    You could have at least put up a photo of her much better looking friend who was with her and has nicer legs.


  78. 237
    Shooty* says:

    Jesus. The years are not being kind to her.


  79. 238
    Dave says:

    Glad you’ve managed to get your Debt ceiling put up Barry, it must be such a bore having to go through all that cliffhanger stuff.

    I’m real glad that my Government can just keep on pissing away money like there’s no tomorrow without any such constraint. Fuck the next generation — they can pay.

    P.S. Do you love gays as well?


  80. 239
    DW4 RF and SL4 PPA says:

    We’re a couple of celebs.


  81. 248
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    FACT. Gove is a four-letter word.


  82. 251
    Guido Fawkes says:

    We,on this blog, fully support teachers on strike today. Their role is one of the most important in our society.


    • 257
      Stop minincing about says:

      Do we fck!, they didn’t care when private pensions were raided for ten years by Brownsh1te, headteachers who are not on strike should make sure the strikers don’t get paid for the time they are on strike, about time the teachers got reined in the damage they have done to the kids they were in charge of will be carried by the kids into adulthood.


      • 261
        Anonymous says:

        Problems with kids in schools started when teachers made fools of themselves going on strike etc.They lost the respect of children and most of the public, its the Nutters they elect to their unions NUT etc.Much the same as the shower in charge of the Police federation.


    • 277
      teacher leave them kids alone says:

      Fuck ‘em


  83. 264
    Paddy says:

    The Bercows are unbelievably common.

    Could someone please explain to them that the “commons” part of House of Commons is merely an identifier to place it in contrast with the House of Lords?

    As such, they don’t need to try so hard to come across as the most vulgar and hideous couple in England to stay in their position.


  84. 267
    Radio Bollocks says:

    She is an absolutely delightful bit of baggage. More pics of those thighs please.


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