October 16th, 2013

Another Do’h for Homer

Guido is looking forward to Lin Homer’s appearance in front of the Public Accounts Committee this afternoon. This £180,000 a year civil servant first hit the headlines in Birmingham with electoral practices “that would disgrace a banana republic.” Thence to positions running immigration where her “catastrophic leadership failure” resulted in a £20,000 performance bonus and a move to Transport where a disastrous franchise letting process costing £100m qualified her for the biggest executive job in the civil service – collecting the nation’s taxes as head of HMRC. Here, her “woefully inadequate” response earlier this year to a critical report was noted by the Public Accounts Committee. Next episode begins at 2.30.



  1. 1
    Good news for a change says:

    The Supreme Court has dismissed appeals from two prisoners over the right to vote under European Union rules.

    Convicted murderers Peter Chester and George McGeoch had argued that EU law gave them a right to vote – even though they cannot under British law.

    Prime Minister David Cameron said on Twitter that the ruling was “a great victory for common sense”.

    The European Court of Human Rights has previously told the UK to end the blanket ban on prisoners voting.


    • 10
      UkipityKIP, Dave's got to quit says:

      So the lags should be off to the ECJ, and voters should be off to UKIP.

      (Including those behind bars if they are successful in defeating Dave in Europe :-), perhaps the reason why UK Supreme Court dismissed ? )


      • 13
        Abu Qatada says:

        Vote UKIP


      • 44
        Darion 2 By Gormless Brown says:

        I would quite like a virtual Constituencies for the Lags where they vote for one MP who represents them, just would love to here there views in a law and order debate.


        • 53
          Bondai Beach is a disappointment says:

          I thought that was why the Australians have an ambassador.


        • 89
          NE Frontiersman says:

          Like the old University seats? Would this include all graduates, or just current students of crime? Even the latter would be enough to change the government in any election.
          I believe that Major’s apparently thumping win in 1992 could have been reversed if only 16,000 votes in various parts of the country had fallen differently. The number of ex-cons must be – I’m blindly guessing here – 200,000?


    • 40
      REALWORLDER says:

      If you think that’s the end of it think again, no Euro institution will ever countenance any act of defiance for long.


  2. 2
    Err says:

    Did she win an award last night too?


  3. 3
    nuke says:

    She sounds competent enough for Government.


    • 25
      What a plonker. says:

      I bet she votes Labour.


      • 47
        Someone says:

        She’s a 100% anti-British, utterly incometant, fully paid up member of the soggy champagne pseudo-socialist Fabianista elite. An examplar of all that is wrong in the upper echelons of the Civil Service.


      • 57
        The CP vermin are everywhere says:

        Homer is Common Purpose and as such is teflon coated and protected by the LabLibCon socialist / ‘progressive’ establishment.


        • 97
          UKIP2020 says:

          Indeed. Even her Wikipedia entry is a long list of abject failure and incompetence, yet she still keeps being offered very VERY well paid gold plated executive jobs in the civil service.

          It’s almost as if they are deliberately looking for the most incompetent, inept, blame shifting, fuckwittted idiots that they can find to place in the highest positions of power and responsibility.

          I do understand the labour strategy on this. When it’s a labour government in power, they stuff the civil service with such idiots and failure = reviews, costly commissions, expensive trips abroad to see how other countries manage, lessons learned, draw a line under it and move on. Nobody’s fault really, but they have had a very nice jolly overseas to somewhere exotic, all funded by the tax-payer.

          When tory government is in power, these incompetents are useful for wrecking things and then it is all the tories’ fault.

          The poor bloody public get a totally fucked up public service, but that does not matter to labour.


          • Just Saying says:

            Today’s Guido quotation should have been that from Tom Watson
            “We have learnt from our mistakes”
            Shum mishtake shurely?


  4. 4
    Grampa Simpson on the Democrats says:


  5. 5
    Sir Humphrey says:

    We train them too well.


  6. 6

    This is the tops for a great failure for common sense.


  7. 7
    Pleb says:

    Common purpose plan is working.


  8. 8
    Invaded says:

    Anyone wondering why our country is in the shitty shape it is in need not look much further than Ms Homer.


  9. 11
    Godfrey Bloom, EU missing persons spokesman says:

    Did Kate check behind the fridge ?


  10. 12
    Paniagua v5 says:

    No point blaming poor Lin who is obviously seriously retarded.

    Blame her superiors (and yes I do use that term loosely) who must be 100% certifiable. And then blame their superiors…. etc etc

    Oh hello Mr Kerslake how do you do.


  11. 14
    Round the Bend says:

    Lin Homer is a metaphor for the country. Just how incompetent do you have to be before you get sacked.


    • 17
      The Public Sector says:

      What do you mean exactly by incompetent?

      and can you more clearly define sacked?


    • 26
      A Badger with TB says:

      You’ve clearly never heard of the phrase “people rise to the level of their incompetence”


      • 30
        Round the Bend says:

        I am well aware of the ‘Peter’ principle. But she rose through the ranks and then got worse with each new appointment. (Named after the author and originator of the idea Lawrence Peter.)


      • 56
        Anonymous says:

        In the current UK mentality, they rise way beyond their incompetence.

        To remove someone can only be achieved by promotion. They are then forced out onto some one else’s plate. Only once they have reached the pinnacle of achievement will the pension arrangements be adequate to force retirement.

        Making bad deals and being an embarrassment is the quickest, and painless, way to wealth. The jobs are found for these people.

        This country rewards stupidity.


        • 90
          NE Frontiersman says:

          ‘.. they rise way beyond their incompetence.’
          ‘Leading beyond authority’ might be another way of putting it.


        • 105
          Joe Public says:

          Kicked upstairs like most of them in the House of Lords. A listing of them would take most of the day.
          Problem is she is still doing damage to the country and looks very happy with her wooden spoon.
          She and Gordon Brown would make a beautiful couple.


  12. 15
    Anonymous says:

    What’s her background?


  13. 16

    I wonder, what type of person would Labour under the misapprehension that she was any good at anything?


    • 21
      Confused in Bristol says:

      Birmingham should be a hot topic. The reports which have been recently published do suggest that the place is a total Labour cluster-fuck of a city despite the ludicrous amounts invested in regeneration during the ‘Reign of Terror’.

      Saying that something should be done is trite, but in this case, as it is meant to be the UKs second city it should be a bit better. Must admit, was always under the impression that M’anchester was the UKs second city and B’irmingham was the logical target for a nuke strike if you wanted to decimate the UK (being nearly in the ‘center’ of the country)


      • 32
        fernandos pants says:

        Just wait until London becomes a city state, making Birmingham England’s capital.


      • 35
        The Maimed Badger says:

        Hence Jasper Carrott’s quip about the only two things that would survive a Nuclear Attack, would be Cockroaches & People from Birmingham..


      • 65
        Harbottle says:

        If you fill a city with people from the third world you will inevitably end up with a city with third world problems, standards and attitudes.


        • 69
          Not That There's Anything Wrong With That says:

          Birmingham is more like Cairo really, but with rain and more crap on the streets. Birmingham is just a very large example of the total breakdown of urban space in the country only London keeps going (though not in all parts) because the elite use it. Remove the cash bennies and it would be like Damascus.


        • 74
          Enoch says:

          …..”As predicted”.


  14. 18
    West Mercia Plod says:

    We have reviewed all the evidence in this blog article and rule that Lin Homer has no case to answer.


  15. 22
    Civil Service says:

    Lin has dropped that many bollocks that her nickname is Lin Rupture.


  16. 27
    Spoon Watch says:

    Has that spoon been up Gordon Browns arse ?


  17. 28
    Dave says:

    I really admire her achievements resilience in the face of difficult challenges.

    We need more like her in my equal opportunity multi-ethnic LibLabConner paradise.


  18. 29
    fernandos pants says:

    Civil service jobs don’t require experience or dedication, just ball cupping….

    Couple that with a well licked shaft and you’ll always go far.

    Ask Lin.


  19. 34
    Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:


    • 36
      Ad Hominem says:

      This poisonous old tart was last seen buying lots of tins of beans on special at some discount store.

      Where is she these days ? And her mong-in-arms Dav!d B’ell ?


      • 41
        Reader says:

        I would just like to say that beans on toast is one of my favourite snacks and one the things I crave most when I have been away in China for a few weeks


        • 50
          Ad Hominem says:

          No disrespect to baked beans. They are fine cuisine.

          The thought of Middleton living off of them, and the fact she was purchasing lots at 9p or so a tin on special, is revolting.

          Do not think of Jul!a M!ddleton whilst eating baked beans.


      • 45
        Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose says:

        How dare you I will be running EUSSR soon.


        • 80
          Snowman says:

          Hang about about, I’ll just have a word with your niece – the one who married the future King of England. Just how high up the tree does all this crap actually extend?


    • 42
      jmf says:

      Look at the eyes the woman is barking.


    • 51
      Anonymous says:

      Be careful, mind the NLP language and gestures


      • 55
        Casual Observer 4 says:

        The NLP only works if you are unaware of it.

        Julia is not very good at it. Listening to her prattle above, the disjointed sentences, pauses, and hand movements, are too obvious.

        70% of NLP working is the belief that it does work.


    • 52
      Dave really should resign now says:

      That’s David Cameron in a wig with tits.


    • 59
      Darion 2 By Gormless Brown says:

      How to lead when you don’t have any authority, sounds one stop short of East Hah to me.


    • 79
      Mike Robe says:

      Watched that clip with the sound off, and still got scared.


    • 86
      Village Idiot says:

      …..Having watched the video,i now understand why our public services have ,overtime,become places of mass incompetence and infected with a culture of “No accountability”….The lady,bless her,is a swivel eyed loon (metaphorically) and explains why we have public services run by female chav types,woefully inadequate at their jobs,who have probably read “her” book and have a deluded opinion of themselves….


    • 91
      NE Frontiersman says:

      The eyes! Don’t look at the eyes! Aaaargh!


    • 101
      Organisation For The Unification of Nutters Worldwide says:

      Apparently she is the right hand man for Hak Ja Han Moon in her spare time.


  20. 37
    Invaded says:

    Has Hilary Clinton paid her parking fine yet?


  21. 38
    John Bellingham says:

    Next job–European Commissioner. Maybe she could replace “Baroness” Ashton– a CND agitator who rose without a trace of ability to the second highest post in the EU.


    • 81
      Snowman says:

      She was appointed by a Scotsman who also rose without any trace of ability, but still made it to the top of the tree.


  22. 39
    Ordinary Joe says:

    For all her faults, at least she’s moved that picture of the Attitude K weer down a bit.


  23. 48
    old lady says:

    It gives me great pleasure to open this parallel universe, because there isn’t anything in this world that is recognisable …….Everything from the top to the bottom is rubbish and getting worse. Now Savile is back on the rounds again !!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 60
      Anonymous says:

      Humanity is at a cross-roads, be the change you
      want to see


    • 64
      Casual Observer 4 says:

      Savile is a distraction.

      The real meat is the Rowe book coming out, Fernbride ex-minister and St!ngemore / McSweeney at the moment.

      Someone should start to blame the Labour spin machine and David Miliband in particular for undermining the McCann investigation.

      They were not interested in the child, but only in beating L’ord B’ell in a PR campaign to make the left look good.

      P’ritchard B’ells involvement was only to protect interests of M’ark W’arner group mind you, but they were not interested in undermining the investigation, only in spinning the publicity to protect commercial interests.


  24. 54

    Mistakes have been made it’s true but the important thing is to draw a line under it and move on ,lessons will be learned going forward, at the end of the day.
    We still believe that Lin Homer is the right person for the job we still have confidence in her ability to deliver.


  25. 58

    SO THERE!!!


  26. 84
    Still Hanging On The Telephone Hours Later and Homer Is Still Scratching Her Ass says:

    So that’s why the HMRC has gone down the toilet pan and it is impossible to get any sense out of them.

    It was bad enough when you could get through and you got to speak to some Scottish chap, much favoured for some reason by HMRC, who though he could speak English, unfortunately you could not understand a f*****g word he said!

    Thinking about it, that was obviously part of the plan!


  27. 92
    Seymour says:

    She has not been awarded the wooden spoon, she has become very wealthy at our expense.

    Why the fuck have both Labour and Conservatives allowed this person to remain employed by the state?

    What does she know and about whom?
    Gets promoted for lying and gross failure in office so must have the dirt on a lot of politicians and senior civil servants.


  28. 99
    Cicero says:

    Common Purpose types lead beyond their authority
    Are promoted beyond their ability
    Are employed beyond their competence
    And are paid beyond their wildest dreams …


  29. 100
    No Left Turn says:

    “Why the fuck have both Labour and Conservatives allowed this person to remain employed by the state?”

    Because they have become as one, a sort of a “National Socialist” organisation

    Red Ed or very slightly less red, wet Dave!

    Get them UKIPered


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