October 15th, 2013

Shadow Cabinet in Full


  1. 1
    Living in 98.11% white Merseyside says:

    And only one wearing red!


  2. 2
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Far too many women for my liking.

    Women are dangerous creatures.


  3. 3
    corridor of uncertainty says:

    Please no. Not even to run a whelk stall


    • 21
      Aardvark says:

      If it was an EU sponsored, multicultural, equality based, Marxist revolutionary stall with Venezuelan oil money and praised by the BBC/Guardian then yes – but it would close after 3 weeks.


  4. 4
    NeverRed says:

    A bigger bunch of reprobates, scoundrels and thieves you couldn’t find.


  5. 5
    Dowdy Lot says:

    Not dressed for success.

    The real shadow cabinet photograph would only have the back room staff. Job for Guido: go and compile it.


  6. 7
    Ad Hominem says:

    The modern face of socialist scum.


  7. 8
    Desperate Dan says:

    I see they’ve got rid of Ed. Wise move.


  8. 10
    Not all there says:

    Where is Ed’s Bag carrier aka Britain’s Obama?


  9. 11
    Caligula says:

    Is it compulsory for Shadow Cabinet members to be a close relative of at least one other senior Labour Party figure?


  10. 12
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    They look a little scruffy in that photo.

    One or two of them could do with losing a few pounds.

    Those Italian politicians are always so well turned out.


    • 138
      Lucy Clayton's Modelling School says:

      Yes. They could give their surplus pounds to the one on the right, front row. She looks bulimic.


  11. 14
    Living in 98.11% white Merseyside says:

    What’s Angela Merkel doing there? Looks like she’s lost a bit of weight.


  12. 15
    Terry-Thomas says:

    What an absolute shower


  13. 16
    Shooty* says:

    Dear Allah, no. Please, no.


  14. 19
    What could have been says:


  15. 20

    Come on all you Kremlinologists. Exercise your skills on the positioning of the Looter’s gallery. Why are Mr and Mrs Balls separated? Is the Butcher of Stafford on the end of the row to ease the problems of photoshopping if it becomes necessary to throw him to the wolves? Why so many glum faces? Are they all looking away from the camera to hide the shifty look in their eyes? We need to know these things.


  16. 24
    Village Idiot says:

    …Hideously white,apart from ed and one other!


    • 69
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      Where’s Michael Crick :-)


      • 80
        Anon. says:

        Where’s Son of Blair, Son of Straw, Son of Dromey? Surely they’ll go straight into the Cabinet? Minister for Wars, Minister for Illegal Substances, Minister for Public Sector Strikes.


  17. 25
    Steve Miliband says:

    Where’s Len?


  18. 26
    Anonymous says:

    What happened to my friend, Oliver Letwin?


  19. 27
    Squad Leader says:

    OPEN FIRE ……….


  20. 31
    Paniagua v5 says:

    Lots of new faeces in that line up.


  21. 32
    Horatio McSherry says:

    Shouldn’t someone from the BBC point out the lack of dark faces?


  22. 33
    Godfrey Blooms altered ego says:

    F*****G sluts the lot of them


  23. 35
    Round the Bend says:

    The hash tag is ‘Totty Watch’, what are you drinking or smoking come to that. These are Labour harridan’s.


  24. 40
    Gerontius says:

    Not very ethnically diverse is it?
    Bad as a UKIP poster.


    • 44
      Parliament is for Britain, not just London says:

      It accurately reflects Britain though.

      The Londoncentric media and political class think that Britain is now full of dark faces, when the reality is somewhat different.


  25. 41
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    I see Hain has slimed his way into the crowd… but who is that in the front row, far right?


  26. 43
    nellnewman says:

    the shadow cabinet 2015 winning team !! ++++Laugh++++


  27. 45
    The BBC always reports, "The Government has...Labour said..." says:

    Not one has ever had a proper job!!
    And they want to lord it over us FFS!


  28. 47
    A nincumpoop says:

    Totty watch, spread-Eagled.


  29. 48
    jmf says:

    From Trending central –
    A friend of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusef al-Qaradawi has made the wild claims that Israel plants microchips in the brains of Arab clerics and royalty, as well as using Jewish “honeytraps” and body doubles to get its way in the Middle East.

    So who is doing it to the Liebour Party?


  30. 49
    Alan Douglas says:

    Ooooh, a new Hammer Horror !

    Alan Douglas


  31. 51
    Polly Toynbee says:

    Its the f’ugly munters in this picture that pay for this Tory vandalism.


  32. 52
    A nincumpoop says:

    Front row, extreme right: work experience girl?


  33. 53
    jmf says:

    From Trending central –
    A friend of Mozzslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusef al-Qaradawi has made the wild claims that Israel plants microchips in the brains of Arab clerics and royalty, as well as using Juwish “honeytraps” and body doubles to get its way in the Middle East.

    So who is doing it to the Liebour Party?


  34. 55
    Jeremy Clarkson says:

    OK so they have been taken outside and lined up.

    Are their families present?


  35. 56
    Alan Douglas says:

    Is that the token “ethnic”, next to the woman on green ?

    Or is it, like the BBC, hideously white ?

    Alan Douglas


    • 85
      A Viewpoint says:

      If you think the Beeb is hideously white, you need an early visit to Specsavers – or a new colour telly.


  36. 57

    Better known as Scabinet, innit!


  37. 59

    Who are these people?

    Candidates for The Apprentice?


  38. 63
    Hang the Bastards says:

    I have no comment to make.


  39. 65

    Here are a bunch of notable people. Not one of them has ever done a day’s work in their lives.

    So what do they call themselves? You guessed it – Labour!


  40. 68
    Barry Chuckle says:

    I had a right chuckle at the lack of black people!!


  41. 71
    Puke says:

    What a hideous bunch of people. And that’s just the two Eds.


  42. 73
    A nincumpoop says:

    This is a wry Carr parody, surely.


  43. 74
    Diane Abbott says:

    Me should be in there, mon, rice and pea, rice and pea.


  44. 75
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    I see Liebore have gone from Blair’s Babes to Milli’s Munters :-)


  45. 76
    Lexander says:

    Absolutely amazing bunch of the ugliest group in politics. Those ghastly wimmin! Keeping this by me for the general election!


  46. 79

    Be afraid be VERY afraid


    • 125
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      Best post!If elected they will finally finish Britain off.


  47. 87
    Info desk says:

    Chucky saw the light – and buggered off to Brussels for a couple of nights freebeing.


  48. 94
    Dave from Winey says:

    They’re the “Winning Team” for me


  49. 100
    Go to UKIP, Katie baby says:

    Kate Hoey is, by far, the best Labour MP, male or female.
    No place for her in that line up


  50. 107
    Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths says:

    whining subcultured hypocrites


  51. 108
    The General says:

    Blacks, women,Gays but no wheelchairs !!!!!


  52. 109
    The Critic says:

    This proves why the word politician is an anagram of colitis pain.

    Is the collective noun for a group of politicians still ‘a loathing’?


  53. 113
    To Be Frank says:

    You just know that bunch of women won’t really get on with that bunch of men.



  54. 115
    Cruel Bastard says:

    They’re all staring at Diane Abbott who has been told to stay out of shot.


  55. 116

    What a great UKIP election poster


  56. 122
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    The real shadow cabinet Len Mccluskey,Paul Kenny,Mark Serwotta et al were unaavailble today.


  57. 123
    The Maimed Badger says:

    How many are Menopausal ?


  58. 129
    Bernard O'C says:

    No eye candy then!!


  59. 133
    Juvenalian Precariat says:


  60. 134
    VINCE (can anybody else smell shit ?) CABLE says:

    Whats Cameron doing on their front row third left ?


  61. 135
    Juvenalian Precariat says:

    Labour = BNP.


  62. 143
    SyrianTouristBoard says:

    What a bunch of muppets.

    Chr*st only knows what this lot would be capable of it they ever crawled into power.

    Them or the Old Etonians. What a grisly choice.


  63. 144
    mollibees@talktalk.net says:

    ooooooops….. no black face? !!!!!!


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