October 11th, 2013

Green Ed’s Taxes are Officially Under Review

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson has confirmed this morning that green subsidies on energy bills are now under review. Just yesterday Cameron said that those very same green subsidies were “necessary”A quick and welcome u-turn, even by Dave’s standards…

These taxes bump up gas and electricity bills by up to 9%. Without nationalisation government cannot dictate how energy companies are run, any more than it can dictate the price of oil. What it can do is ease the pressure for bill-payers right now by suspending Ed Miliband’s levy. This isn’t some notional freeze in the future, you don’t have to wait until 2015 to do this. The Tories should bin their commitment to these taxes right now, and let Ed be the one who pledges to increase energy prices at the next election should he want to bring them back. If Green Ed thinks there is a cost of living crisis, he should be big enough to admit the part he has played in it.


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    Nobby says:

    That would back Ed into a horrible corner. He would have to support it or say he wants to increase the cost of energy. A wonderful trap indeed


    • 16
      Toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

      Yes. do it Cameron. Anything that backs the Labour scumbag Ed Multimillionaireband into a corner is welcome.


      • 27
        Faceless Bureaucrat says:

        Great picture of ‘Cameron of the Antartic’ – any chance of tracking down the one where one of the Huskies inadvertantly kicks dogsh*t onto Dave as he is having a photo-shoot?…


      • 111
        walking into the darkness says:

        Cameron won’t drop any tax until a few months before the election. If this green tax is gone then it’s a bid harder to remind people what an idiot Miliband is for implmenting and continuing to promote it. It’s a bit like why the Andy Burham Thurrock hospital story has gone a bit quiet, for the time being at least


        • 120
          Bill d'Sarse says:

          Bang on the money. Timing is everything. You really don’t want to use all your ammunition when the bigger battle is yet to come.


    • 32
      John Bellingham says:

      Conservatives might prosper from calling it “The Milliband energy tax” rather than “green taxes”.
      (I waive copyright)


    • 42
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      Trouble is it’s too bleeding obvious and “common sense” for our politicos to act surely?

      The amount of flag waving behind the green agenda they’re all guilty for voting in the scam in the first place, hypocrisy at its best!


    • 54
      Llareggub says:

      What frustrates me is that the Tories until now have taken the public for granted, caring little for the impact of the government’s policies, on the assumption that Millie was too feckless to respond. They were wrong, and Millie — to everybody’s astonishment — has demonstrated that he does actually have some balls (or half a ball, perhaps).

      Of course, Millie’s brilliant idea is patent arse, but it’s worried the Conservatives sufficiently to consider doing away with the tax entirely. That’s the great thing about democracy. But what a shame the Conservatives couldn’t have done it simply because it was the right thing to do. Does anybody believe Cameron would be giving a damn right now about green taxes if Millie hadn’t put the wind up him?


      • 82
        Observant says:

        Dave gives a damn all right – this is his father in laws income we’re talking about.
        Sam Cam’s dad is a wind subsidy farmer.


      • 159
        ThosTids says:

        He’s got too many Balls, and two of them are in his Shadow Cabinet. The question I raise, though, is who is going to hide behind whom when it starts to get really serious that the general public are going to deliver such a kick in the collective gonads of the Old Political Establishment that they are really going to have to consider Plan Z


    • 122
      Window Taxidermy says:

      Right wing press getting themselves into a tizzy on this one> Everybody knows that the big 6 are just ripping us off and laughing but heh that is free enterprise and yet somehow must be Labour’s fault??? Come on morons admit it we need to renationalise Power, Water and the Railways.


      • 136
        Anonymous says:

        Privitsation is a different issue isn’t it….

        If you Re nationalise the power companies (which is bonkers and will never happen) you still have to pay the green tax and carbon tax dont you….

        Back to idiot school for you I’m afraid.


      • 149
        Llareggub says:

        It isn’t about free enterprise. It’s about tax. As imposed by the Climate Change Act, easily the most expensive piece of legislation ever passed — and drafted under the supervision of one Edward Miliband Esq.

        But tell me something, if renationalisation is the answer, why are you so supportive of Millie, who is proposing nothing of the sort?


    • 129
      Mandy says:

      But where would that leave the LibDems? They have tied their flag to the mast over green issues and renewables. Tossers.


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    Polly Toynbee says:

    It’s the World War I casualties who pay for Tory cuts.


    • 46
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      According to P’olly it is Gove cutting Labour programs that kills kids in the past, and those kids pay for Tory excess.

      Seriously: Why did she not point out that the cases she listed happened when the programs which are now being cut were running ?

      The reason the programs are being cut is because of the deaths: Those deaths kind of proved that the programs were a waste of money.

      Polly is perhaps at the next stage of Marxian dementia ?

      The headline writer ironically got her article right.


      • 80
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

        In the BBC’s latest Doctor Who story, the baby-eating Tory Michael Gove nicks the Tardis and travels back to 2007 in order to frame innocent Ed Balls over Baby P’s death :-)


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    The contracts are in place for 20 years.

    The only solution is to tax the towers that the wind turbines sit on. That tax can be then used to offset the fuel bills.

    They are a blight that needs controlling. Bring on the “pole tax”.


  5. 5
    The planet is warming says:

    There is not one snowball in hells chance Cameron will end these green levies. The prat is convinced the planet is warming dangerously and so wants to carpet the land with windmills. If we carry on building windmills at this rate there will be no room left to bury the pensioners who die of cold.


  6. 6
    Ruperts boy says:

    Guido Falkes – the myspace of political blogging.


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  9. 11
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Even better, it would be a kick in the goolies for the LibDums!


  10. 12
    Owen Jones says:

    Government admits 200,000 more children in poverty due to benefits raid http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/benefits-cuts-even-the-government-admits-1542882

    Expect nothing less from a “One Term” Prime Minister.


    • 22
      Toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

      There is no child poverty you utter moron. It’s all relative, a child is poor now if they don’t have the latest top of the range I phone while the parents are poor if they can’t buy their usual quota of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.


      • 37
        M103 says:

        You’re the fucking moron. Thousands of kids are being fed by their teachers.


        • 59
          Toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

          Yeah right because the parents are wasting the money down the pub. There is no excuse for any child not to be fed properly at home with the over generous child benefits and tax credits.


        • 77
          Ban Socialism and Kill all Socialists says:


          yes they are being fed a daily dose of propaganda by the socialist workers party who pretend to be teachers you fucking tit


        • 83
          I can still afford to buy booze, ciggies and pay for me Sky Sports with me benefits though says:

          If you can’t afford to feed your kids then don’t have any as it’s NOT the job of teachers or schools to feed your kids or the taxpayer to pay for ‘em either!!!


        • 85
          Anonymous says:

          No, you’re the fucking moron – feeding their kids should be a parent’s top priority, clearly it comes way down the list for the kind of scum who are happy for their kids’ teachers to feed them.


          • Anon. says:

            Don’t forget, the lottery has gone up to £2.00 a pop. Got to get their priorities right.


          • Mumsnet editorial mishap says:

            Aren’t these teachers now supposed to report cases of obvious parental neglect? WTF have all this week’s stories been about then? Someone needs to get their fingers out pdq while the subject is still front and centre.


  11. 13
    Cast Iron Milinob says:

    Think you only pay 15% tax on yer bill? All the hidden stuff too, energy generation and supply is highly material and labour dependant all generating juicy revenue. You buy a loaf and its price depends on the energy cost & indirect taxes. Put up energy & SHABOOM, massive increase in ALL prices. A reverberating wall of tax Phil Spector would have been proud of. It will be nigh impossible for them to give the massive wad it gives them in their trousers. Chances of ‘Cast Iron’ Red Ed, even assuming he’s not tied up in bed with Clogg freezing bills, ZERO. They’re probably not even allowed to under the ‘Green Agenda’, but it’s okay for all of them to tell porkies because they’re ‘saving the planet’.


  12. 14
    Vince Cable says:

    Sell off the Windmills.

    I’m sure they will be popular


    • 87
      Cameron's Father in Law says:

      Over my dead fucking body – I make nice pocket money for buying drinks at the club from that particular bit of thieving from the plebs.


  13. 15
    take 2 asprin and lie down says:

    The best bet would be to nationalize all the utility companies without compensation, keep on the people essential for delivery and reduce the prices to allow a sensible profit for reinvestment. Building new power stations to replace the silly windmills can be insured by the population and demolishing the windmills can be done by volunteers.


    • 79
      take 2 aspirin and lie down says:

      a bit like those people pulling down Saddam’s statue or the Berlin Wall.


    • 151
      Sweeney says:

      Hmm. To nationalise would mean INCREASING the people employed… all with social hours, public pensions, overtime rates, safety at work overheads, increased sick days, paid lunch hours, child-friendly policies, European directives for public sector employees, risk assessments …….
      Tell me all about that reducing prices bit again?


  14. 17
    The British media are cunts says:

    So when is Rugbiter going to be put under the grill by the BBC?

    Prboably never, he’s more likely to get 20,000 homosexuals at the BBC offer a free blow job


  15. 18
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    If Cameron has got any sense he should legislate to ensure all prices show the hidden taxes included in any item. So for instance garages would display the total price and how that is made up of the fuel, the added vat and fuel duty, the same should be done with utility and all bills. Anything where payment is mandatory must be called a tax, e.g television licence fee tax, resident parking tax, national insurance tax.

    Start a tax payers revolution and then you will be able to reign back big government as fast as you want.


  16. 19
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    What the fuck is ‘Intersectional feminism’?. Answers in words of one syllable and preferably in English please.


    • 30

      I don’t like things which are Ant-i-cat-ego-ri-cal.

      How was that for you?


    • 40
      Jack Ketch says:

      Lesbo with attitude.


    • 69
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Words of one syllable maybe not possible, but in bite-size chunks:

      Intersectional Feminism:

      Feminist groups which focus across narrow disenfranchised sub ‘feminist’ groups.

      eg. A Cultural / Single issue intersection:

      The FGM mob in Afr!can Communities and Muzz!e Communities as two sub groups ostensibly ‘feminist’.

      Mainstream feminist groups will align their ideas to be compatible with grievances of these groups forming an intersectional group.

      The FGM groups may not desire full female rights, but can be aligned with broader feminist agendas to help amplify the message of the subgroups.

      Intersectionality is the more general case.

      Basically a form of targeted political alignment and assimilation for minority interest groups by more dominant interest groups. Can be regarded as a strategy of cultural Marxism to co-opt and collectivize minority campaign groups.


  17. 20
    Come home to a real coal fire says:

    Oddly the price of coal shot up with gas and oil 5 or so years ago but since then the price of 25kg bags from the coal yard has not changed. So I assume that the government isn’t forcing my coalman to subsidise the windmills and solar panels.


  18. 21
    Cast Iron MiliCam says:

    “These taxes bump up gas and electricity bills by up to 9%. Without nationalisation government cannot dictate how energy companies are run, any more than it can dictate the price of oil. ”

    Without Privatisation, they couldn’t easy disguise and justify either the price hikes or the tax and hidden taxation.


  19. 24
    M103 says:

    “George Osborne’s plan to cut financial support for energy efficiency in poorer households is an “unforgivable” attack, according to the government’s own adviser on fuel poverty.”

    Just another day in George Bullingdon Osborne’s “Fuck you im alright Jack”way of things to come. The mere thought of another five years of this heinous creatures assault on the disadvantaged of this land must fill any fair minded person with dread.


    • 26
      Nuggy says:

      Is it any wonder that this sociopathic dullard was booed by an entire stadium of people at the Olympics? The man is an abject cretin who’d struggle to tie his own shoelaces were it not for Mummy and Daddy’s wealth, yet sits there in judgement on those without his considerable advantages in life and punishes them for his failures. I sincerely hope we see the back of the simple looking wretch at the next election.


      • 91
        Suzie says:

        It isn’t just Cameron who comes from a wealthy background. The Miliband and co nearly all come from wealth. Let’s face it there isn’t anyone sitting on either side of Parliament who know what it’s like to struggle. Labour MPs used to come from working class families but not now!
        We are all doomed!!


    • 93
      Anonymous says:

      What’s more shocking – Osborne’s activities, or the blatant uselessness of those who expect their entire existence to be funded out of the pockets of the hard work of complete strangers?


  20. 25
    The British media are cunts says:

    Actually there is a simpler solution. Let local regions vote on howe they want to get their power. Those who want nuclear power should have the stations built in their regions but keep the electricity themsevles.

    Shitholes like London and Brighton that is full of lefty green twats who want windmills can build as many as they like, IN THEIR AREAS. No electricity to be sponged off other regions.

    No wind, no power.


    • 38
      AND WE says:

      Residents ofClitheroe, between Whalley, Billington and Calderstones Hospital in Lancashire)

      Want wave power.


      • 92
        Anonymous says:

        We can not even protect stone cliffs from the wonders of nature.

        Yet if you truly believe in sea level predictions your wish might come true. I suggest you postpone the plans a while.


    • 48
      Cast Iron MiliCam says:

      Change paying for Global Whamming to representative taxation and you’d hear a different tune from these bar stools…”Oh Cecil….I think we should just let those polar bears drown after all”.


    • 60
      Ray D Ation says:

      All very good, but will they be able to keep the nuclear waste to themselves? Anyway, should give the nuclear-loons a warm glow.


      • 73
        Cast Iron MiliCam says:

        You so amart, you know it all. give me a smarty pants answer to this…
        Seen Frackoshamer? Why is so especially worrying?
        BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DISPOSING OF THE WASTE. Since the ’50’s it’s been allowed to collect in giant cooled swimming pools that aren’t being cooled no more and are p1ssing out irradiated water.


        • 109
          Ray D Ation says:

          Since your comment seems to back up my remark – what is the issue? For is not Japan’s on-going nuclear problems – plus the on-going news blackout – of the greatest concern?


          • Cast Iron MiliCam says:

            The issue is, the bill for cleaning up IS not included in the bill, that’s why nuclear is so ‘cheap’…In other words the taxpayer foots the bill anyway…

            You seemed to think you knew what you where talking about, so sorry :)


          • Ray D Ation says:

            P.S: While I may have missed the main point here, I was replying to the narrow point about having a nuclear power station down the end of the street. For, if the lights do go out, might it not be useful to glow in the dark?


          • Jo Swinson's Other Potato Head says:

            okay, no worries man.


    • 94
      Anonymous says:

      Many Londoners are not lefty green twats, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a moronic rant, you fucking cretin.


  21. 29
    Steve smith says:

    If dave has the balls to ditch the green levy he could well win the election outright . . . . Hang on do we want this weak tosser back in the got seat?


    • 96
      Suzie says:

      No we don’t but there isn’t really anyone else we can trust to do what they promise.
      Stop sending aid abroad to line the pockets of unscrupulous dictators, dump the green taxes and get this country sorted out. Then when we are in a stronger we can again start helping others.
      Also do not allow government to muzzle the press, if that happens we will never get the truth out of our politicians, they try their hardest to keep their secrets as it is.


  22. 31
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    Oy Vey already !

    HMRC says value of tax gap has gone up – to £35bn http://dailym.ai/1biiHDv


  23. 33
    Ed Miliband says:

    This issue needs a catchy branding, like the “bedroom tax” so that the BBC can get behind the story….

    How about “Hypothermia tax”?

    I can just see the BBC stories now:

    Ed Miliband refuses to apologise for the Hypothermia Tax he introduced whilst in government……


  24. 35
    Anonymous says:

    At a time when power company profits and heating bills are going sky high, do folks here really believe the public will find all the insult funny? If so – Think Again!


    • 58
      Lefties - sound fury and ignorance says:

      You are a fool. In your ignorance you probably don’t know that. And possibly think yourself a righteous crusader for the individual.

      But you are a fool nonetheless.

      Sky high profits of 4% ?
      Double them. Double again 16% ? Is that sky high? Double again and you are getting closer to a valid figure to hang your thesis.
      The fact that there is no 32% profit should only concern you if you do not wish to be thought a fool.


      • 90
        Anonymous says:

        Agree, in terms of profit, 4% per year does not sound all that bad. And yet, in terms of pounds, just how much does that work out?


  25. 43
    Jr poli says:

    The national Grid is a very inefficient way to deliver energy anyway. It started life because the major power stations were located close to coalfields and the larger rivers. Until Windmill mania came along we were seeing more and more local oil, gas and rubbish powered stations which avoided the energy losses associated with the grid. With over 20% loss of energy as heat through the cables that is a lot of warming.

    Small PWR nuclear stations dotted around the country would keep the lights on, the wastage down and Carbon tax at zero.


    • 119
      Anonymous says:

      Then again, along with massive energy-saving progammes to reduce the base-load, might not local combined heat and power stations better fit the bill?


      • 131
        Jr poli says:

        Modern turbines have very little waste heat these days and are able to extract most of the energy out of the propellant gas.

        One annoying fact for e is that Drax has just replaced its turbines to 50% plus more efficient ones to enable them to burn less energy containing wood pellets. The net effect of this is just as much Co2 ends up in the atmosphere (less energy wood balanced by more efficient turbines).

        They were able to do this because of the eco grants that burning wood attracts. But they could have carried on burning coal with the new turbines and reduced CO2 output by 50% overnight. There just seems to be4 no joined up thinking in the green energy world, it is distorted to the point of madness by politicians and self interest.


        • 137
          Anonymous says:

          OK, local modern turbines – to back up Solar and Wind power – along with massive investment in energy-saving?


  26. 44
    Rickytshirt says:

    Luke 15:7


  27. 49
    Barbara Woodhouse says:

    I’d rather hug a husky than a hoody.


  28. 50
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    If Dave cuts this by the end of next week, he will push a lot of votes from Labour towards UKIP and keep some of his own.

    He perhaps cannot do anything about the Carbon Tax though, like perhaps transfer it to general taxation if they really want to keep it, as it will break EU rules.

    Dave should listen to Afriyie and Nigel.

    Vote UKIP.


    • 66
      ukip.i.am.not says:

      The ironic thing is that most Tory voting scum is in the “pensioner” category. There simply aren’t enough middle class Tory voters. What this kind of stupidity will do is reduce the Tory vote by killing off their own voters. The long term trend in voting over the last 100 years has seen the % of the Tory vote constantly declining. Soon only the mega rich and mentally retarded will be voting for them. By which time, unfortunately, they would have sold off the entire country


      • 74
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        Haven’t a lot of that demographic switched to UKIP ?

        This could perhaps be regarded as an NHS style assault on the end of the demographic which is most likely to vote out of the EU.


      • 102
        REALWORLDER says:

        You sound like one of the parasites who have been leeching of the taxpayer. The mega rich by then will, if they have any sense, be living abroad , somewhere where the likes of you can no longer get their hands on their assets!


        • 133
          Anonymous says:

          But, unlike most taxpayers, do not the mega rich have the chance to make a an ‘agreements’ with the tax office? So, instead of giving false warnings, they really should piss off abroad – where many of them have tax-avoidance plan.


  29. 51
    JOHN REID (finger on the pulse of british politics) says:

    The position of the “honourable members” tenancy of Number 10 is also under review and will be sorted in 2015


  30. 57
    Chris Huhne says:

    But Geedo, you are ignoring the nιgger in the woodpile blocking your cunning plan. The LibDem enemy within.


    • 64
      Lefties - sound fury and ignorance says:

      Adam Alfredo wll stage a right wing coup in november. the Tory cabinet will be executed.
      The All-Friars secret police will have the entire Liberal party arrested for treason, sabotage and just generally because they are dicks.

      Then – la Terreur


  31. 70
    take 2 aspirin and lie down says:

    Only 81 days to go for the publication of the Chilcot report and not before time.


    • 81
      We have 45 Minutes to save the World but is it worth the bother ?? says:

      Hopefully followed by arraignment for War Crimes of waging illegal war at the International Court at The Hague…yeah right of course as if THAT’s going to happen isn’t it ??


    • 145
      Mumsnet editorial mishap says:

      Will there be a public holiday so we can all stay at home and read it?


  32. 75
    Don't hold your breath as socialists never apologise says:

    Labour Policy for winning in 2015 …Admit Nothing; Apologise for Nothing; Blame everybody else


    • 123
      Bias*ed Broad*casting Comp*any says:

      And fully endorsed by us ……..24/7 via every outlet we pollute the airwaves with !!!


  33. 78
    P l e b says:

    I might offer a £1000 lobbying bribe to Cameron in exchange for letting me buy Richmond park for a couple of grand. From the post office fiasco, that might actually work.


  34. 84
    A Very Maimed Badger says:

    F**K the Poles…


  35. 86
    P l e b says:

    When you privatize vital sectors like energy, every pound that goes into shareholder bank accounts is a pound that could be spent instead improving the service and/or cutting the cost to the end-user. This is true for energy, transport, health, communications, water, postal services, whatever. Aside from any moral question, it’s deeply inefficient, whatever the financial industry propagandists say


    • 99
      A Very Maimed Badger says:

      Too true but Communism, Socialism, Corruption and Personal Gain, prove it Don’t not Work.


    • 108
      take 2 aspirin and lie down says:

      private enterprise leads to efficiency and innovation but with the utilities water and power innovation is not required. If someone invents a new type of energy source of course the that company risked development money should benefit but the ideas behind these utilities are commonly held. Who holds the patent on electricity distribution ? who holds the patent on water ? Is there a patent for nuclear energy ?


      • 146
        Mumsnet editorial mishap says:

        Probably some American biotech conglomerate. They are very good at trying to patent anything that moves.


  36. 88
    Bluto says:

    There is no meaningful wholesale electricity or gas market in the UK.

    The big boys own and control the process (and set the prices, and manipulate the books) from the in the ground to on the grid. Read the annual reports, they like to boast of being “vertically integrated”.

    A tiny quantity of scraps are traded on the UK wholesale market in comparison with what the big boys produce and sell.


  37. 95
    Leave the EU today, says:

    St. Vince of Fable has stated that it would be a bad thing to abandon our green targets.
    They’re not my green targets – abandon all you like Cameron.


  38. 97
    A Very Maimed Badger says:

    Dave proves he too can be Human and just wants to be loved ……but finds it harder and harder to find someone who believes what he says.


  39. 106
    Jimmy says:

    It’s not a u turn. In each case the questioner was given the answer he wanted to hear. Spoonface is kindness itself that way.


  40. 113
    Gordon Brown says:

    Good luck to Spain tonight in the footy


  41. 115
    Colonel Madd says:

    I give up with the Downing street “machine”.

    No appetite,no instinct, no energy,no ability

    The Grannies from Wonga have more feral bite than the current set up at No 10.

    Cameron should have been all over this like a rash .Within an hour of Milibands speech he should have blamed Labour for every price rise until the election.

    Then asked the question about whether Ed would freeze prices if they were 30% higher than today and wholesale gas prices were 25% lower.

    The “Green” levies should have been a gift;they are a .455 pointed straight at Milibands little pointy head

    Unfortunately Camerons family are some of the biggest recipients of windmill money in the country so the response will be muted

    Maggie would have knocked the Hunt straight over the pavilion


  42. 118
    Bonar Law says:

    You mean, Guido, “The Prime Minister’s official SPOKESMAN” , not his “official spokesperson”. Leave the politically correct mangling of the English language to Labour and the LibDems.


  43. 134
    Orson Cart says:

    As I said earlier, Cam let the relaxation of green levies out of the bag at PMQ on Wednesday if you listened carefully. All parties are to blame for costs as they live the Man-mad Global warming lie. Also, when they announce things like free loft insulation, it’s the power companies that foot the bill, which quickly gets added to consumer bills.


  44. 147

    Guido, you are letting the bastards off big time.

    The “environmental and social schemes” portion of your leccy bill tells only part of the story of the green scam. Look at the large chunk (c25%) of grid charge (“delivering electricity to your home”) this has walloped up in recent years due to the massive cost of connecting the necessarily remote from major conurbations onshore and offshore windfarms. This should, of course, form part of the green portion of your bill but doesn’t.

    The other very large question for Green Ed and for Green Cleggercam is this:-

    Coal is by a distance at present the major and cheapest source of electricity (c40% this Winter) but thanks to the persecution of coal generation by Green Ed, Green Cleggercam and the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive virtually all UK coal plants will be closed by 2020, so how are energy costs going to be controlled, let alone reduced, when the lowest cost form of generation is killed off?

    Currently the approximate costs are:
    Untaxed Coal £45 MWh (ie before ROCs and Osborne’s Carbon Price Floor)

    Untaxed Gas £50 MWh
    Onshore Wind £90 MWh
    Offshore Wind £140 MWh

    One of the other many green falsehoods to contemplate is that of biomass. The country’s largest power station, Drax, is currently investing hundreds of millions to switch from coal burn to biomass burn (guess who’s gonna pay!) with the source of the wood principally being North America but for the purpose of counting emissions saved, only the actual power station burn is to be counted and none of the logging, thousands of miles of transport, and wood processing CO2 emissions are included.

    One other little piece of spin to justify their beloved windmills has changed though. Remember “ever-rising fossil fuel prices”? Well that is now just “ever-rising gas prices” – the reason? The Rotterdam coal price in May 2010 was around $120 per tonne but now, and for some while now, its down to the £80 mark. And within a decade the same will happen to gas as the enormous gas finds off E Africa and elswhere are brought onto world market via LNG.

    Your really could have your very own “Green Guido” site as a spinoff, so many green lies are there to mock.


  45. 152
    Walt Disnae says:

    Fuckin’ Cameron should resign and become a plumber. Plenty of u-turns to get his hands on… What an arsewipe!


  46. 153
    Actually has a Clue says:

    Why does Conservative have to equal climate change denier? And how is it possible that followers of order-order are climate morons? It is a dead cert that climate change is man made and is killing us, and you people still have your fingers in your ears singing la-la-la-la. I would have thought that people as allegedly astute as you are, would get it. Being a climate change denier is like saying the sun doesn’t rise in the East.

    Persecution of coal? Woe is coal … persecuted and all innit? screwtape … you are an absolute eejit. I have an actual degree in climate science and I can tell you this … if we don’t pay now, we will all f*cked later. Only later is already happening. And I can assure you that there isn’t a smidgen of bleeding heart lefty in me.

    When your house is flooded, or when you are sporting the latest in vector borne diseases in Hull, come back and tell me how that is all a lie and an illusion. Morons! The lot of you.


    • 157
      Pissed Off taxpayer says:

      I hope you are taking the piss; or are you a UEA graduate? If you actually read AR5 they are rowing back on the climate scare; being hit by an asteroid is now more likely. And is it not strange that the “summary for policy makers” is released BEFORE the science bit and only after the various governments re-write it to justify their “green” taxes. And as for climate denier, it was the warmists who denied the pause for 15 Years – a period long enough to prove AGW, but funnily enough not long to justify that AGW is hokum.


  47. 154
    Anonymous says:

    We will all be running on Batteries with —–



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