October 8th, 2013

Reshuffle Day 2 Rolling Live Blog

  • Brownite bootboy Ian Austin stands down from front bench.
  • Luciana Berger replacing Diane Abbott as shadow public health minister.
  • Stella Creasy joins Chuka at shadow BIS. Gareth Thomas new shadow Europe minister. Rushanara Ali to shadow Education.
  • Alison McGovern and Gavin Shuker off to shadow DfiD with Jim Murphy.
  • Rob Wilson appointed Osborne’s PPS, leaving his old job as PPS to Jeremy Hunt.
  • Gavin Williamson is the PM’s new PPS, replacing Sam Gymiah who is off to the whips office. 
  • Shabana Mahmood is off to the shadow Treasury team. Jack Dromey becomes the Shadow Police Minister.
  • Wayne David PPS to Miliband.



  1. 1
    The British media are cunts says:

    This has to be the most boring thread ever. Shuffling shit is still shit.


    • 10
      Go on Dave. I dare you. says:


      • 27
        Posting hereunder of leftie or hoeing-at-the-pink-allotment type = sockpuppet. (SC) says:

        Can we carry on laughing at Fatbott for at least another half hour?

        You don’t get these things happening every day, you know… :-D


      • 125
        nellnewman says:

        adamafriye is too busy promoting himself as next tory leader to take up a run of the mill pps job.


    • 16
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Has Frisk’s replacement been announced yet ?


    • 18
      Selohesra says:

      Will Mr Wilson be placing a copy of his appointment letter in the public domain?


    • 31
      Posting hereunder of leftie or hoeing-at-the-pink-allotment type = sockpuppet. (SC) says:

      We are a kindly lot here, in a place where Fatbott is not highly regarded. Never let it be forgotten.

      Not one single person has mentioned that she is ugly.


    • 61
      Hopeless Ed Miliband says:

      With recent policy announcements and now this reshuffle, Labour are clearly now a party of the hard left. Very disappointing. Does Miliband honestly expect to win from there?

      Rather than wasting time writing Labour’s manifesto, Miliband is writing its obituary.


      • 123
        Honest View says:

        Alas, it just isn’t true. There are enough left-wing suckers in this country to vote Labour home fairly comfortably, especially given the Labour bias of our unreformed boundaries. Thanks, Clegg.


        • 259
          Pause Button says:

          The average Labour supporter isn’t left wing at all and generally couldn’t care less about Marxist politics.

          They are however acutely aware that they are Labour clients who depend almost entirely on Labour’s generousity with other peoples money for their livelihood.

          The Labour party, via other peoples money, OWN their votes and along with boundaries that favour Labour, postal voting fraud that favour Labour, the BBC that favour Labour and a Conservative party leadership that has been utterly cowardly and useless in the face of these factors, it is entirely possible that Miliband could get the keys to number 10, by default.

          Though the fly in everyones ointment is UKIP, who could well be the third party in another hung parliament. It would then be ‘game on’ for a resurgence of a united right, without of course, Cameron at the helm.


    • 67
      One votes UKIP says:

      The major item to re-shuffle is Cameron – if he stays, the tories will still lose.


      • 84
        broderick crawford says:

        cone on then afrije or is it chukka

        or are they interchangeable as future leaders in waiting of the tory party

        boris and gidders will not be best pleased …..


        • 90
          Gooey Blob says:

          Cameron outpolls the Tories, Miliband drags his party down.

          Can’t see Miliband as PM. Frankly, I’d be surprised if Miliband himself thinks he’ll become PM.


  2. 2
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!


  3. 3
    Sir William Waid says:

    Oliver Muppet moved from Media Liaison (Outreach) to Ministerial Bottomwiper (Department of Affairs)


    • 6
      Bill Quango MP - 9 says:

      I do think the deck chairs look better in rows rather than column though, don’t you?


    • 61
      Airey Belvoir says:

      All this nonsense reminds us that there are far too many nonentities on the Government (our) payroll. There has to be a sensible cap on numbers, but no Govt will do it, because a) they like captive easy-whippable lobby fodder and b) not their money, so why should they care?


    • 136
      John from Hull says:

      I punched above my weight when I was Minister of Affairs.


  4. 5
    Sir William Waid says:

    And, by the way, our local sub-post office has a new part-time sales assistant, Kimberly Walsh.


  5. 7
    Meanwhile back in the real world outside the westminster bubble says:

    Who ?


    • 43
      Juan Kerr says:

      Good question. Nearly all those promoted by Dave have kept a very low profile for the last three years. They have sat and voted dutifully. Anyone who has shown a trace of creative thinking or a different point of view has been side-lined.


  6. 8
    Bill Quango MP - 9 says:

    Is that old nan Walsh’s grand daughter? I thought she was doing one of those beauty courses on a cruise ship ?


  7. 9
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    The EDL are splitting? WTF?


  8. 11
    JOHN REID (finger on the pulse of british politics) says:

    Dave has always been a renowned “five fingered shuffler”


  9. 12
    This man should be an MP says:


    • 74
      Not too few homes says:

      Lose some immigrants and less homes would be needed
      and less tax-payers’ cash for


      • 116
        Anonymous says:

        Shouldn’t be building any new homes, it’s akin to feeding the pigeons. If you housed everyone tomorrow, you’d have another massive shortage the day after


        • 257
          Ma­qb­oul says:

          The bedroom tax will flush out acres of spare accommodation. And we should stop breeding like flies.


          • Pause Button says:


            It’s not indigenous Brit’s who are ‘breeding like flies’. The most popular name for new born male children in London, is M0h@med, and nationally it’s second favourite.


  10. 13
    Ed Moribund says:

    Since I ..I… You know…came out of the closet…I’m feeling much better about myself. I’m just happy within myself. Now I can be honest about my … Preferences and tendencies.

    I know it was a shock but you must have suspected I was a commie? The red flag underpants. The nerdy obsession with the eternal dialectic.? The camping weekends with “Len and Mark” ?

    But look.
    I am a Marxist! And I’m proud to stand up and be counted among the Marxist fraternity. .. As Lenin himself said ..

    You Go Girl!


    • 50
      Cameron's tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend, subsidy, susidy, subsidy, torwees says:

      Now all we need is for Cameron to come out of his Fabian closet and join you.


  11. 19
    Nadine Dorries' tweet says:

    Very sad to see Esther McVey promoted. One of parliament’s slimiest nastiest MPs. Really.Awful. Decision.


  12. 20
    Laura Norder says:

    Tracey Connelly the mother of Baby P is to be released within days? 4 years?! The parole board can go fuck themselves!


    • 22
      In the UK, crime pays says:

      The parole board is stuffed with lefties.


      • 87
        broderick crawford says:

        so does this mean this other reptile who was convicted last week of maltreating and starving that poor wretch if a little boy for months and then waiting for his corpse to mummify in the bedroom while stuffing her face with pizza and scotch will be allowed out in 15 days not 15 years assuming she does not attack the warders in the first week ?


    • 23
      Ken Clarke, the Jurassic old fart, says:

      But of course! People shouldn’t be in prison! They should be free! Free to scamper around their communities. They’re really criminals, they’re simply mis-understood, that’s all!

      And now the Dave’s (very wisely, I think) put Norman Baker in the Home Office, we can expect many many more mis-understood people to be released from prison – or not sent there in the first place!


    • 26
      Neanderthal Watch says:

      Looking at the photo of her on the Telegraph’s website, I take it she’s being moved from prison so she can be put in a zoo.


    • 28
      She's almost a parody of a thick leftie says:

      This cretin represents what’s wrong with the judicial system. Fucking retarded PC lefties like her are the problem.


      The European court is to rule tomorrow on whether it is reasonable for the UK to impose whole life tariffs without any possibility of review. The case was taken by three notorious convicted murderers who are amongst the 42 people who have been told that they will spend the rest of their lives in prison with no possibility of ever being released.

      Whole life tariffs have historically been imposed when more than one person has been killed although recently there has been a move by the courts to use the sentence when the case has generated exceptional public concern and publicity.

      The question is whether taking all hope away from someone is the right thing to do. There are some people who have done such dreadful acts and who are clearly still dangerous and are therefore not going to be released for many years. That is accepted by everyone.

      There is a moral question. Taking away all hope also denies any possibility of redemption. I have met, and believed, people who have done horrendous things and have atoned for their wrong and towards the end of their lives they have found a way to lead a good and useful life, making some amends if only in a small way. This sort of redemption should not be denied them.

      There is a practical question. Taking away all hope means that people have nothing to lose and could put staff in danger.

      Finally, there is the knock-on effect on other life sentences. The life-sentence inflation in this country is out of control. The average tariff has increased year on year. A life sentence used to be 10 to 12 years but is now commonly double that. Sentences across the criminal justice piste have lengthened in the last two decades so that this country now has one of the biggest prison populations proportionately in Europe.

      I fully appreciate public opprobrium and these are difficult stories even to consider. Yet, I still hold out my own hope that redemption is possible.


      • 34
        It's not rocket science says:

        “There is a practical question. Taking away all hope means that people have nothing to lose and could put staff in danger.”

        Uh-huh. If the prisoner represents a danger to staff, beat the shit out him, put him in a straightjacket and shove him in an un-heated unlit room for 2 weeks.

        If that doesn’t work, double the punishment. Continue with this cycle until there’s an improvement in his attitude.

        Or just shoot the f*cker.


        • 40
          In the UK, crime pays says:

          Too soft.

          Beat the shit out of them, put them in a straitjacket, shove them in an unheated unlit and windowless room for 2 weeks and then beat the shit out of them again and repeat as before for a further two years. THEN if there’s no improvement in behaviour, shoot the fuckers.


          • Bilda Berger says:

            Too soft.

            Tie them up in a chair with hands behind their back. Put headphones on them. Then play them every single CD ever released by Max Bygraves. Repeat until they beg for mercy, then start on the Des O’Connor. If Des doesn’t turn their brains to mush (you can tell when grey matter starts dribbling out of the nostrils), move on to the ultimate — Jim Reeves.


      • 35
        Ghosts of Baby P and other murdered children says:

        Bollux. Lock the bastards up for life in solitary. Deter the other fuckers like them.


        • 152
          Anonymous says:

          They do not need to be in solitary. It is too cruel.

          What they need is to be at least 10 feet away from anyone else, and working so hard that they have no time to think. They should only be in isolation at night.

          Obviously being too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

          If they fail to comply they have to be 20 feet away. Then 30 feet. They must always see people better off than themselves and it being an achievable target for themselves.

          Freedom should not be the longed for goal of these people. They need more basic goals.


      • 46
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        Redemption / rehabilitation is not possible in certain cases as proven by studies.


        i) Those convicted of crimes involving children, particularly sexually motivated crimes, represent a permanent risk to children.

        ii) Violent offenders with psychopathic conditions represent a permanent risk to society at large.

        Punishment by incarceration has no impact on these types of offender.

        For the psychopath in particular, prison is just a change of condition.

        The left either have been fooled by the mask of sanity, or are wishing to protect their own. One should be aware that the left inhabit a strange almost submissive masochistic state of existence where they prefer to dominated by those who would do them most harm.

        The left are not people who would put the safety of society first in matters of incarceration.


      • 179
        Execute the murdering scum. Job done ! says:

        Redemption is indeed possible at the end of the hangmans noose. C unts !


    • 77
      Nero says:

      The deal was: instead of being executed, you stay in prison for life

      If the deal is going to be changed, then the only reasonable result is to reinstate execution.


      • 180
        Execute the murdering scum. Job done ! says:

        Sounds good to me. Our legal system is no longer fit for purpose and is administered by retards and wankers.


  13. 21
    She has nothing more to say says:


    • 160
      Lord Effingham says:

      Notice how Portillo is leaning towards Flabbott, clearly against his will?
      The bitch is so fat she obviously generates her own gravitational field. Just like a black hole. Come to think of it…


  14. 24
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 29
      Commie McCluskey and his Marxist puppet Miliband says:



      • 79
        Tory HQ says:

        Don’t bother voting for us, we could not even beat Gordon Brown after 13 miserable years of Labour wars and economic melt-down.


        • 88
          Ukip says:

          Meanwhile, our best hope for the 2015 elections looks to be Horatio Algernon Pip-Pip Flange Custard the Third, who managed the total of twelve votes when he stood as a Monster Raving Loony in the local council elections last year. Obviously, we’re delighted he has now defected to us at Ukip and look forward to working with him as he helps Nigel Farage to formulate the party’s policy on bagpipes for the under-fives.


  15. 25
    Posting hereunder of leftie or hoeing-at-the-pink-allotment type = sockpuppet. (SC) says:

    Don’t change from the last page so quickly.

    We haven’t stopped laughing yet… :-D


  16. 33
    3121 says:

    Are the government PPS posts even being decided today? This seems to be taking ages…


  17. 37
    In the UK, crime pays says:

    Torture, starve, beat, abuse or r*pe a child – social services do nothing.

    Look after foster kids in a loving and warm family and vote UKIP – social services will be at your door in 5 minutes.


  18. 39
    Sir William Waid says:

    And in a surprise move, Hank Marvin crosses the floor of the House to become shadow Shadow.


  19. 42
    The Eatanswill Clarion says:



  20. 47
    JOHN REID (finger on the pulse of british politics) says:

    William Hague’s Multi million quid give away of YOUR Money
    Another £100 million to Syria (total to date £500+ million)
    £11 million to the Lebanese military
    £87 million to Jordan for refugees
    Absolutely disgraceful abuse of our money when they are butchering our services at home


    • 53
      Mark Carney says:

      Don’t fret, it’s no problem…we can just print more!


      • 92
        broderick crawford says:

        “good” to see jack dromey has been thrown a crumb and will not be relying on Harryperson to bring home the bacon.

        in jack s new job he may just be earning enough to contribute the cabbage to the evening meal … if not the butter and parsnips .


  21. 48
    Selohesra says:

    Why wasn’t Dromey Shadow Wimmins Minister


  22. 49
    The Piss soaked tramp known as TAT says:


    Is the worn torn country about to officially split into two countries? http://fb.me/2O3VDuWMB


    • 63
      The British Public says:

      Syria is none of our business


    • 173
      Point of Information 7 says:

      The establishment of Kurd!stan by ceding some territory in northern Syr!a is a possibility that A’ssad may be open to. This would suit T’urkey and help provide stability in the region. It would win points in A’ssad’s favor with the international community as such a move would place unbearable pressure on the !raqi government to follow suit.

      The only viable solution for the K’urd issue is formation of a new state. The alternative less viable is genoc!de.

      Talk of the insurgent factions being able to form a credible stable government are fanciful at best. Some commanders may try to declare A’leppo independent, but that will not last long. If they do not collapse infighting, then either A’ssad or T’urkey would defeat them.

      It is in no ones interest for the insurgent forces to survive this, except for the insurgents themselves. Most of that article is !srael! black propaganda designed to antagonize the US and perhaps A’ssad.


  23. 52
    Comedy quote of the decade says:

    How he managed to say this with a straight face is beyond me.

    “To be given the right to be funded by a licence fee is a tremendous privilege… Every day we are going to show that we are worthy of that commitment.”

    Lord Hall acknowledged his vision for the BBC came under the shadow of recent scandals including those involving Jimmy Savile and senior manager pay-offs. “No organisation as big as ours can avoid making mistakes. But I want to ensure that when we do make mistakes they are caused by trying to serve our viewers, not by looking after ourselves. And when we do make mistakes – and we will – let’s own up to them quickly, learn from them, and move on.”


    • 54
      Bullshit Watch says:

      That phrase “Lessons will be learned” again.


      • 64
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        As with ‘move on’ – i.e. forget all about it and pretend it never happened.


        • 70
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

          The BBC’s reputation is in tatters and its name is mud both at home and abroad.

          The sooner this vile nest of anti-British,lying, marxist pedos is shut down the better.


      • 66
        Insp Clue Sew says:

        It is not the mistakes that are the problem – it is the being found out, the denial and the cover-ups that are.


        • 82
          Andy Burnham says:

          I was absolutely and rightly furious when the public found out that the NHS was slaughtering patients. But once my fury had subsided, I learned lessons, moved forwards and now I completely deny that any hospitals neglected anyone and no-one died and even if they did – which they didn’t – I knew nothing about it.

          La la la la la la la laaa.


      • 254
        Jack Ketch says:

        They teach that phrase in Useless Thieving Hunt School. NB, Members of Parliament, heads of NGOs, Council officials and senior[police officers also attend lessons there.


        • 261
          Pause Button says:

          It’s called NLP, as used by the governments ( Labour, Lib-Dem or Conservative, they ALL support it ) favourite Marxist ‘charity’ Communist Purpose.


  24. 55
    Posting hereunder of leftie or hoeing-at-the-pink-allotment type = sockpuppet. (SC) says:

    Forget all this boring junk about no-namers.

    No one casts a bigger shadow than Diane Abbott.


  25. 58
    Posting hereunder of leftie or hoeing-at-the-pink-allotment type = sockpuppet. (SC) says:

    Alison McGovern is in politics because her name was an aptronym. It is an illness known as nominative determinism from which there is no known cure.


    • 59
      Juan Kerr says:

      Perhaps Diane will now go into a monastery.


      • 68
        Insp Clue Sew says:

        Why? Is she perhaps and inaptronym?


        • 69
          Insp Clue Sew says:

          My keyboard added an extraneous ‘d’. It will receive the usual coffee and biscuit crumbs all over it as punishment.


      • 71
        The world's most useless comedian says:

        A M-O-N-S-T-E-R-Y more like!!

        I’ll get my coat.


      • 86
        Posting hereunder of leftie or hoeing-at-the-pink-allotment type = sockpuppet. (SC) says:

        Learning from the scripture of the camel going through the eye of a needle, I would have thought it would be easier for the monastery to go into Diane Abbott…


    • 105
      Juan Kerr says:

      On a more serious note, McGovern is another Labourite Scouse victim who went to Grammar School. Would be interested to know her views on education.


  26. 65
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    So we are still waiting for the only reshuffle that can save the Tories from a devastating defeat in 2015.

    Come on 1922 committee what are you waiting for.

    Remember vote early,vote often,vote UKIP :-)


    • 76
      The Labour Party says:

      All 27 votes for the Labour Party that your household will submit via postal vote have already been completed and are awaiting processing.


  27. 72
    Fatwatch says:

    So Who is Ed’s new Minister for Obesity?


  28. 75
    Jack Pott-Winner says:

    It never worked for me.


  29. 80
    Lord Mccann of Leveson says:

    Interesting tweets from libel trial



  30. 89
    Keir Hardie's ghost. says:

    Jack Dromey (Mr Harriett Harman) becomes Shadow Police Minister.

    Well his support for law and order was evident during the Grunwick dispute.
    No doubt he will be preparing the police for total union/socialist control should they win any election.


  31. 96
    michael winner says:

    Luciana Berger is replacing Diane Abbott. Good to see that the “casting couch” is alive and well in The Labour Party.


    • 103
      Hopeless Ed Miliband says:

      You don’t know the half of it… we all had to swallow Len’s policies.

      I’m just hoping the electorate are equally docile and gullible.


    • 129
      Juan Kerr says:

      Luciana has been making a sequel to “Eyes Wide Shut” called “Legs Wide Open”.


    • 130
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      Abbott was too big to fit on the couch :-)


  32. 97
    Doh says:

    Why should companies like Starbucks which fail to pay their fair share of UK taxes be allowed to steal UK businesses’ intellectual property? Why did the government allow them to trademark the duffin?

    http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/news/hem huffin-and-puffin-over-a-duffin–the-doughnutmuffin-hybrid-raising-heat-between-starbucks-and-small-pastry-chain-8867192.html


  33. 98
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:



    • 102
      Consumer says:

      EDF can leave if they wish. They won’t – because they make too much profit.


      • 106
        Hopeless Ed Miliband says:

        Don’t worry, no company will make a profit if we win the next election.


        • 263
          Pause Button says:

          £425 of your energy bill this year is hidden subsidy and green taxes.

          Next year it will be more and every year until 2050 the subsidy and tax element will rise.

          Why so? Look no further than Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act, the single biggest lie ever laid before the British people and cravenly supported by the Conservative and Liberal- Democrat parties.

          Nothing will ever change while these lying, parasitic parties are in power.


      • 128
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

        I’d like to see them try carting off the power stations and other infrastructure when they leave :-)


    • 115
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      The energy b!ll that was passed at the start of the year was going to have this effect, as was reported.

      Ed’s speech and all of this other b/s is just cover to distract from the real reasons why energy prices are being inflated whilst wholesale prices continue to fall.

      The consumer is being done up like a kipper at the moment and the green energy surcharge is not helping.


  34. 100
    Private_Schultz says:

    Great news about Simon Carr joining your team – I’ve missed his perspicacious wit.


  35. 101
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    That’s my boy !!


  36. 108
    Raptor says:

    “Can’t see Miliband as PM”.

    Labour voters don’t care who is PM. All they care about is getting their benefits, taxpayer-funded salaries & pensions, ethnic entitlements and “free” public services.

    35 % will do the job.


    • 126
      Honest View says:

      Spot on.


    • 141
      Alfie Asbo (typical Labour voter) says:

      My bennies are my human rights and Ed Miliband agrees. And what’s more like is I went for a kabab right and it was like £3 which is a cost of living crisis because I like didn’t like have no money and Ed will like make people sell kababs for like a price I can pay, which is £0.

      Ed Miliband is like well good.


  37. 109
    A perk for da biatch says:

    Jack Dromey becomes the Shadow Police Minister.

    FREE and UNLIMITED bullet proof vests for Harriet.


  38. 111
    Tommy Robinson says:

    I’ve been reshuffled too!


  39. 113
    The British media are cunts says:

    Gota love BBC news. Old toenails doing a fine job of sticking up for Ed Balls over the economy.

    Then did you see the school that they reported from in the piece about the Raspberry Pi? Talk about white, not a burkha or efnik in sight. That will have pissed off the BBC big time.


    • 121
      Jennifer Saunders says:

      The BBC is an executive-run place for idiots.


      • 138
        The BBC: an anachronism for more than 90 years says:

        “Executive” is overplaying it.. ‘Mong’ is more accurate.

        Who was it who said yesterday that the BBC is run by “media studies idiots” who spend meetings staring at their iPhones only to look up and “ask about the ‘journey'”?

        Bollocks, the BBC just needs to be shut down. It is a seething pile of shit.


    • 131
      Maria Miller is a Mong says:

      My wife watched that and said, “That’s obviously a private school.”


      • 167
        The British media are cunts says:

        @129 certainly wasn’t an Alistair Campbell state school. More likely to find the
        Kids of Labour politicians there than white working class.


  40. 118
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Grunwick Jack Dromey as Labour Police Shadow Spokesman, is that one of Ed M’s little jokes?


  41. 119
  42. 120
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Now then, now then what did Labour’s new Police spokesman think of the Met all those years ago at Grunwick.


  43. 124
    Little Bobby Tables says:



  44. 134
    Barry says:

    I will not be constrained by a debt ceiling or anything called a budget!


  45. 140
    Oh Woe is Me. Flabbott says:

    Fatbott has been reduced to Tweetears and is only capable of Retweeting the Tweets of others. So bad has it got that she is reTweeting Mrs Gordon Brown.



  46. 145
    Sell Out says:

    How many EDLers can you fit in a stretch limo?
    Just the two – Tommy and Kevin.

    The rest can get a bus or walk.


    • 158
      Drunken Thug Watch says:

      Or go back to shouting abuse at the away fans from the safety of the disabled enclosure.


      • 187
        Sell Out says:

        Tommy and Kevin have been part of the establishment from the very beginning, like we never knew :)

        By the way I’m not drunk or a thug so please watch someone else.


        • 209
          Drunken Thug Watch says:

          I once watched an EDL march and reckon that well over 70% involved were under the influence. The chanting was moronic.


          • Abbot and Costello meet the killer Andy Burnham says:

            Where from the UAF enclosure where you all reeked of pot and self-loathing?


          • Drunken Thug Watch says:

            The UAF, who were mainly from outside the area as well were about half a mile away at that point.

            No. I simply walked along the road and went right up close to look at the EDL as did several of my neighbours. The police ‘escort’ also did not know the local area very well and it was quite possible, as a local, to walk round it to get close to the EDL and have a good long look at them and listen to what they were singing and shouting.

            Very unimpressive they were too. They were abusing anyone with black or brown skin, and clearly did not know, or care to know, the difference between a muslim extremist (the ostensible purpose for their marching) and the local hindu population.


  47. 149
    Scousers' MP works for Scouse MP. The Liverpool Pathway will never walk alone says:


    • 157
      The slippery political pole says:

      Delighted to join a mass murderer?


      • 159
        Andy Burnham says:

        It’s not mass-murder if I pretend it didn’t happen.

        Which it didn’t.

        And anyway, I didn’t know about it.


        • 172
          The British media are cunts says:

          The BBC agree.


          • The BBC Director General says:

            It’s not really important if it’s just the mass murder of British people. And anyway..

            Oh, here’s The One Show, with an item about the joys of Multiculturalism.

            Look, everybody! Matt Baker is pretending he can’t pronounce T’s in the middle of words.

            Yay! The One Show.



  48. 150
    Diane Abbot has left the building says:

    I’m a c unt!



  49. 154
    Jack Droney says:

    Looks like Dromey went crying to Harpic and she got him another job.


  50. 155
    Not Any More you ain't says:

    Diane Abbott MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington
    Shadow Minister for Public Health



  51. 161
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    Given that the M’cCann libel trial transformed itself into a false advertising trial with the evidence submitted today, could the appointment of Norman Baker into the Home office be a means to discredit the Home Office at a time when questions will be asked about operation G’range ?

    (Especially if the M’cCann’s wind up being on the receiving end of a Portuguese issued EAW…)


  52. 162
    I say, I say, I say says:

    Diane Abbott has got a new job,
    Jamaica ?
    No she left of her own accord


    • 163
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      “Diane Abbott has got a new non-job,
      Jamaica ?
      No she left of her own accord sat back and it landed in her lap.”



    • 165
      I say, I say, I say says:

      Diane Abbott is looking for a new job.
      Jamaica ?
      well I had to, she was fat and useless


  53. 164
    Public Health Warning. Rice and Peas can Kill says:



  54. 166
    Public Health Warning. Rice and Peas can Kill says:



  55. 170
    The British media are cunts says:

    Diane Fatbot has gone to spend more time with the toilet and her arse.


  56. 175
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    V’aclav K’laus (ex President C’zech Republic):

    Calls for Czech Republic to exit EU, and says ‘EU is in any case doomed, like empires of the past, including communism’

    Vote UKIP


  57. 178
    EU Watch says:

    It is not just UKIP / UK which has concerns about future in the EU.

    Characterized as a protest vote, the increasing support which those parties opposed to Euro / EU are gaining in many European countries is a direct reaction to the failure of the EU to solve the economic problems across the region and reflective of the illegitimacy of the EU as a political entity.

    The latter point directly speaks to the lack of political union and demos which many now see clearly missing at the core of the commission.

    An increase in size of the bloc vote available to the European Freedom & Democracy movement, of which UKIP is a part, will to a degree force change in Europe. If those parties start picking up seats in national elections, as UKIP appear to be on course for in the UK, then the break up of the EU itself could perhaps start.


    • 183
      chubby Dave's cat says:

      Why are the millions of European immigrants able to vote here ? surely that means that they get to have 2 European votes ? one here and one wherever they came from ?


      • 191
        Democracy Now says:

        Why not? The UK electoral system is a joke anyway. In Westminster elections, one vote in Western Scotland has the same weight as five in the Isle of Wight in England.

        Constituency boundaries are openly rigged for party political advantage and postal vote fraud is common in many parts of the UK. In one ward in Walthamstow (Stella Creasy, Labour) a voter turnout of 125% was declared in 2010 and no-one at the count batted an eyelid.


        • 195
          chubby Dave's cat says:

          Isn’t that sort of thing why we have police ?


          • Plod says:

            You want what?

            You seriously think we are going to arrest the Boundary Commission, the Electoral Commission and every incumbent in Westminster for their roles in subverting our democracy?

            Ha ha ha ha ha.

            Who pays us mate?


          • chubby Dave's cat says:

            Er, well yes


    • 184
      tn02 says:

      Over here, we use the s instead of the z…as in characteriSed. Are you American perchance?


      • 189
        EU Watch says:

        One uses mainly US spellings and grammar as one prefers to communicate using spelling and grammar of the free, rather than that of the oppressed.

        Once UK English is properly free again one may switch back.

        The language of slaves should be avoided.


    • 213
      EU Watch says:

      To put the distribution of groups in current European Parliament (7th 2009 – 2014) into perspective:

      Group                                                          %   (MEP)
      EPP       (European People's Party)                         :35.77%(274)
      S&D       (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats):25.46%(195)
      ALDE      (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe)   :11.10%( 85)
      Greens-EFA(The Greens-European Free Alliance)               : 7.57%( 58)
      ECR       (European Conservatives and Reformists)           : 7.31%( 56)
      GUE_NGL	  (European United Left-Nordic Green Left)          : 4.57%( 35)
      EFD	  (Europe of Freedom and Democracy)                 : 4.31%( 33)
      NI        (Non-Inscrits)                                    : 3.92%( 30)

      Total MEPs Europarl: 766


  58. 185
  59. 186
    EU Watch says:

    Economic problems persist in Italy. Bank of !taly revealed that bad loans issued by !talian banks rose 22.3% Y/Y in August.

    Pressure in !taly caused by illegal north Afr!can migration is beginning to become a noticeable problem. (More so than a few years back when one noticed it whilst trying to have a peaceful coffee in Naples, ahem….)

    The UN are beginning to get involved:



    Meanwhile in Greece some GPO poll results for the parties:

    ND         : 21.0% 
    SYRIZA     : 20.5% 
    Golden Dawn:  7.8% 
    PASOK      :  6.0% 
    KKE        :  6.0% 
    Ind. Greeks:  4.5%

    h/t @electionista


    • 202
      The EU is creating this says:

      Please note that out of all the polls last year ‘tromaktiko’ was the most accurate and came very close to the actual rates of the Golden Dawn in 2012 elections.

      This is from the latest unweighted tromaktiko poll sample of 43,564 Greek Citizens last week.

      Syriza 29.7%
      Golden Dawn 18.9%
      New Democracy 18%
      PASOK 8.7%
      KKE 6.6%
      Independent Greeks 5%
      Democratic Left 3%


      • 219
        EU Watch says:

        The differences between the two polling sources is striking – similar in some ways to the clear differences between those in the UK and how they gauge UKIPs share.

        There is clearly some propaganda being played out.

        One would suggest that the Golden Dawn support is being deliberately low balled (fictionalized low) by the media and on social media in order to suppress dissent over the arrest.

        Claiming support has dropped for a party before arresting senior figures and then banning the party appears to be the strategy.


        • 221
          The EU is creating this says:

          The propaganda is at full swing and will be up until May 2014.


        • 223
          The Fifth Ouzo says:

          Unless steps are taken to resolve the underlying issues giving rise to the popularity of groups like Golden Dawn, arresting a few leaders is not going to solve things and could lead to escalating conflicts with whoever takes on their mantle.


  60. 194
    EU Watch says:

    The 4th time this year that the L!sbon subway has been closed down due to strike action:


  61. 196
    EU Watch says:

    Would appear that G!braltar are giving up on the EU and L’ondon (specifically Cameron ?) to help with their Span!sh problem, and are turning to the US for help:


  62. 197
    Captain Schett!no says:

    It was a rust bucket anyway. Scuttled it, I did. Next stop, leading Bunga bingo`s party I think.


  63. 210
    The Swiss get it! says:


  64. 216
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:



    • 224
      It's never labours fault is it? says:

      At this point surely Balls can be seen for the idiot he really is. Everything he has said and done has been wrong wrong wrong. If people vote Labour back in to complete the damage after the coalition have dragged us back from the brink then they deserve every thing they will surely get. A. labour government that will take us back to square ones well as well as the 1970’s


      • 229
        Juan Kerr says:

        Ed will take the line that recovery would have been faster under Liebour ( impossible to disprove) and anyway has now changed his attack to cost of living.


        • 262
          Labour destroys economies and jobs says:

          So its a defeat for balls and the idiot just thinks of another way to inflict damage on a government that IS clearing up his mess
          Utter Cnut he is and his party


  65. 222
    Alex says:

    Dromey gets a shadcab position after three years as an MP?

    Oh well, nice to see that Labour believes in gender equality as far as fucking your way up the greasy pole is concerned.


  66. 225
    The British media are cunts says:

    funny how all the left wing media have been sneering at Tommy Robinson’s apparent change of heart yet when it was the IRA, Gerry Adam and of course endless so called reformed Muslim terrorists, the BBC, Channel4 and Guardian accepted them no questions asked.


  67. 230
    Diane Says Ed was Right but still sticks the knife in about prepared scripts says:

    Diane Abbott: ‘Ed Miliband was right to sack me’ – video



  68. 236
    The Guardian has put all Britons in Danger from Terrorists says:

    So the MI5 Chief says that the GUARDIAN newspaper has put us all in danger from Islamic extremists by publishing the material that Snowden stole. Isn’t that just a tad more serious than Alan Partridge’s drug life?


    • 237
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Publishing the S’nowden revelations is problematic for the security agencies, but the Guardian’s publication is not. The publication of S’nowden by Guardian is in our favor. Recall that S’nowden had gone to C’hina to spill the beans before heading off to R’uss!a. Guardian is irrelevant from this perspective.

      G’uardian did put security at risk by sending copies of classified data it held to bloggers in the US. (Recall the hdd’s which they symbolically destroyed after the airport detention ?)

      The real case for press regulation is to stop certain factions within the establishment from publicly tearing strips off of each other.

      It is clear that the newspapers themselves have nothing to lose, and it is also clear that ‘freedom’ of the press in the UK is only freedom for the establishment at present, and not the public.

      Cui bono should be considered, and the proposals appear to favor the political hierarchies.


    • 240
      The need to know basis says:

      I don’t believe anything which is attributed to the head of M15.

      You don’t need to know why.


      • 242
        Pawns and Queens says:

        So this “statement” by MI5 is just the establishment softening up the public to accept greater press censorship by the state?


        • 250
          Casual Observer 3 says:

          It should be read as an admission that the strategy to contain domestic J’ihad may have failed. The closing of muzzie schools lately pose a bigger threat to public security by antagonizing the muzzie community than does the activities of the virtually unread G’uardian.


  69. 241
    Jacqueline Dromey says:

    I would like to make it clear that I have joined Red Ed’s Shadow Home Office team, not his Shadow second Home Office team.

    That was Jacqueline Smith under Gordon the Moron.


  70. 243
    Juan Kerr says:

    I’ve had a comment awaiting moderation for 3½ hours now. Is this a record or did moddy have an early night?


    • 258
      Ma­qb­oul says:

      Yes, do you seriously think Gu­ido is reading every comment before releasing it into the blog? You named yourself well.


  71. 244
    Well it would be erman. Dave is one of you lot says:


  72. 247
    Diane Abbott's Epitaph says:


  73. 256
    albacore says:

    It’s just a Parliamentary re-shuffle
    Hardly merits this hoo-hah and kerfuffle
    After all, they’ve got nowt to shuffle but shit
    Kinder not to make a song and dance of it


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