October 7th, 2013

Will Ed Bottle Moving Andy?

As Andy Burnham waits to find out whether he will be spared another 18 months of scrutiny for his past sins, Guido reveals in his Sun column that on the day families of Mid Staffs victims launched a national campaign in memory of those who died of neglect, Burnham’s department bought 18 bottles of Charles Lafitte champagne with taxpayers’ money. They were forced to drink water from vases, Burnham’s department drank champagne.

Then the Health Secretary cancelled a meeting arranged with the campaigners at the last minute. Just what was so important that he let down grieving relatives? Burnham’s diary shows he spent that day at a trade union event. Prioritising his union paymasters over the Mid Staffs families so badly let down. And where was he the day the inquiry into the deaths began? Checking into the luxury St. Regis Hotel in Washington DC and enjoying a boozy £431 dinner.

If Miliband does fire Burnham it probably won’t be for the failings at Mid Staffs, nor his department’s taxpayer-funded contempt for families. Miliband knows that whenever you see “Shadow Cabinet sources” attack the Labour leadership in the papers, more often than not they are the words of one of his old rivals for the Labour leadership. Burnham hardly gave his leader a cosy summer either.


  1. 1
    Andy Burnthem (1200 deaths and counting) says:

    Sack the murdering bastard and prove he is culpable. Keep him and prove yopu are weak and on the side of the murdering unions. Cameron win-win.

  2. 2
    Gadarene fuckpigs of multiplicity says:

    Will Ed ever do anything?

  3. 3
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    If Ed doesn’t shuffle Andy out, this story going mainstream could finish Ed off as it will without question call his judgement into question.

  4. 4
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:


    Cameron UKIP win-win.

  5. 5
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Mumms the word.

  6. 6
    Whine merchant says:

    not a bad price.

  7. 7
    Gadarene fuckpigs of multiplicity says:

    I wasn’t aware Ed had ever made a judgement but I did have to go out of the room to relieve myself not long ago so may have missed it. ;-)

  8. 8
    Drake's Drum says:

    Well at least the bubbly was non-vintage. Bit like the Labour government really.

  9. 9
    Eric the Aadvark says:

    Top trolling, Guido

    The sanctimonious little prick can squeal all he likes, we know he was either an ineffectual halfwit (in which case he should be sacked) or he was complicit in the cover up (in which case he should be in prison).

    Personally I’d go for both.

  10. 10

    Burnham at the stake.

  11. 11
    Andy Burnham says:

    The NHS is only safe in Labour hands.

  12. 12
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Its not just Burnham who should be sacked ; it beggars belief that Nicholson is still in place. What hold does he have over our political elite.

    If it had been anywhere else in Industry the pair of them would have been prosecuted for Corporate manslaughter.

  13. 13
    Whine merchant says:

    Silly bugger probably thought he was buying Chateau Lafite

    1 Bottle £264.00 12 Bottles £2692.80

  14. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:


  15. 15
    Silent Majority says:

    What are public sector employees doing swilling champagne at our expense? Forget the bungling Burnham, several people need to be fired and stripped of their pension rights.

  16. 16
    Fabians are Evil says:

    I hope the bastard ends his days in one of those stinking, labour council run, care homes.

  17. 17
    Chuka Umunna says:

    I inspired Andy to edit his Wikipedia profile. He had his staff remove all references to Mid Staffs.

  18. 18
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    It’s not your fault Andy you’ve got eye brows to die for!

  19. 19
    Lynton Crosby says:

    Slow down, Slow down. I don’t need more ammunition, but someone who can shoot straight.

  20. 20
    Andy Burnham says:

    Maybe it’s mass murder. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

  21. 21
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    Monday Cartoon isn’t shit WTF’s going on!?

  22. 22
    Gadarene fuckpigs of multiplicity says:


  23. 23
    Owen Jones says:

    Leave Andy alone. You can’t have champagne socialism without champagne.

  24. 24
    Black Rod says:

    That’s no way to talk about the mother of parliaments.

  25. 25
    Joyce Thacker says:

    Just like Andy, I Come On Purpose.

  26. 26
    Sir Bob Geldof, UK national treasure and saint says:

    give me all yer fooking money

  27. 27
    bergen says:

    Milliband would be better off firing Burnham now and quarantining him in the backbenches. He’ll be a gift to the Tories if he stays at Health until the election. Easier to take the scorn and derison sooner rather than later.

  28. 28
    Owen Jones says:

    Three hours on. And still the reshuffle has failed to stir Guido Fawkes from his morning slumber.

  29. 29

    Another wobbly dishonourable…getting more dishonourable with every new revelation!

  30. 30
    Jeff Binin? says:

    Ed needs to ditch him and then let him take the blame in full. Be popular in the arena with the plebs and takes out a rival leader for good. Oh and he also fucks over a total c_nt. So be a smart move let’s see if Helium Ed can actually do it.

  31. 31
    Gadarene fuckpigs of multiplicity says:

    What are these “elected representatives” doing now the conferences are over?

    Not working, that’s for sure.

  32. 32
    Toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

    Belsen Burnham must be prosecuted for mass murder.

  33. 33
    What we want is Watney's says:

    10 red bottles sitting on a wall
    10 red bottles sitting on a wall
    And if one red bottle should face Red Ed down
    There’ll be 10 red bottles still sitting on a wall

  34. 34
    Toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

    Yes I agree, the NHS management is only safe in Labour hands, shame about the patients though. Belsen Burnham must be prosecuted for mass murder.

  35. 35
    Uncle Joe says:

    There is a third option. I think you know would I would do?

  36. 36
  37. 37
    All that arse licking and what did it get her? says:

    On the previous topic of doing whatever it takes for career promotion, as per Adam Afriye, I relish the irony that Labour lickspittle Oona King spent years sucking up to Blair, voting for every single thing he wanted, including making a speech in the house about how it was righteous to invade Iraq, and yet despite all that shameless arse licking, she never even got a junior ministerial role. And then George Galloway did the one good thing in his life and took her seat. And she most recently failed to get the Labour candidacy for London Mayor despite a very vocal campaign.

    And now she’s in some pathetic non-job as a diversity coordinator or some such bollocks which probably pays a nice fat salary which she can comfort herself with when she weeps about never having climbed the ministerial ladder. All those daydreams she had picturing herself at the despatch box or going on trips to meet foreign dignitaries. Instead she has to make do with appearing in reality TV shows and the occasional TV interview to talk about diversity. One failed career I take enormous pleasure in.

  38. 38
    Dick Meon says:

    If the information about Burnham is true, then it needs to reach a wider audience than this forum can achieve. I haven’t yet seen it extensively reported in the MSM, so can only assume that they are not interested, either because it isn’t true, or because they don’t want it to be. If it is true, it is about as serious as can be, as it his action may have led to actual deaths.

  39. 39
    Eric Joyce says:

    18 bottles for a whole department? Och! Lightweights. That’s what I have for breakfast.

  40. 40
    Grim Reaper says:

    Ro lf Ha rris to stand trial over assault charges in April

  41. 41
    Ctesibius says:

    Didn’t t Milliband say something about wanting to stop anonymous briefings -something which he said he’d never done anyway?

    If so perhaps in Guido could be so public spirited as to help Milliband by providing more details of these “Shadow Cabinet sources” attacking the Labour leadership. That might help Milliband in sacking Burnham.

    We must all do everything we can to support honest Ed. DUEMA.

  42. 42
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    It would perhaps be better for Labour party faithful if Ed focused more on opposing the privatization and condemning the actions of Burnham.

    No wonder Labour supporters are turning to UKIP.

  43. 43
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    He has been very judging of the DM lately.

  44. 44
    Grim Reaper says:

    According to you it’s a waste of time. We’ve only got 17 years left.

  45. 45
    The British media are cunts says:

    Leave him in place he like Rachel Reeves is great for the right wing press.

    Even the BBC are having to wake up to Bumhum’s bloody hands now.

  46. 46
    it was better in my day! says:

    ‘Ah!’ repeated Mrs Gamp; for it was always a safe sentiment in cases of mourning. ‘Ah dear! When Gamp was summoned to his long home, and I see him a-lying in Guy’s Hospital with a penny-piece on each eye, and his wooden leg under his left arm, I thought I should have fainted away. But I bore up.

  47. 47
    Gadarene fuckpigs of multiplicity says:

    In my lexicon that is classified as hysteria.

    As he is supposed to be a party leader, I am confining my view to genuine political matters of immediate concern.

  48. 48
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Belsen Burnham was covering up a bona fide crime against humanity.

    Next question is, where were the media on this at the time. Particularly the BBC. Someone in DoH must have been b’lowing a w’histle on this.

  49. 49
    I want to know says:

    Exactly who was the champagne bought for?
    The meeting with union reps?

  50. 50
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    In the case of the left, hysteria should be framed as ‘bed wetting’

    Somewhat dark in the current context.

  51. 51
    Acting Captain Cameron says:

    It is with deep regret that a number of deck chair attendants working on the good ship Fabian Alliance, have decided to vacate their positions to spend more time looking for alternative occupations.

    I am therefore offering the vacancies to any interested parties.

    The candidate’s must be able to lie at any given opportunity, fake emotions, such as concern or horror, at the drop of a hat and and regurgitate, the same old bilge as the previous captains, Tony Blur and Gordon von Braun and their crews. Whilst pretending it is fresh out of the box and completely different, from the previous loads of tripe.

  52. 52
    Anonymous says:

    If Maybelline is culpable, how many of his predecessors would be brought into the spotlight? He was Health Sec. for ~11 months; surely he can’t have created the colossal cluster that is now unfolding?

  53. 53
    Nigel Farage says:

    I’m here, waiting.

  54. 54
    Gadarene fuckpigs of multiplicity says:

    Any prospect that Fianna Fáil will remove that unnecessary diacritic when their turn comes round again?

  55. 55
    Hugh Janus says:

    Yes, nice one Guido. Let’s hope that Burnham is now toast, although if Miliprat’s judgement runs true to form then anything could happen.

    Sorry Eric, but you should know by now that all politicians in this country seem to have automatic immunity for the offence of misconduct in public office….

  56. 56
    Gadarene fuckpigs of multiplicity says:

    Ouch! :-)

  57. 57
    Drake's Drum says:

    ‘Checking into the luxury St. Regis Hotel in Washington DC and enjoying a boozy £431 dinner.’

    Where’s Brody when you need him?

  58. 58
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Burnham is scapegoat du jour, and has been caught out in the cover up.

    The following also bear responsibility:

    Alan M!lburn
    John Re!d
    Patric!a Hew!tt
    Alan J’ohnson

    As the problems provably date back to about 2003

  59. 59
  60. 60
    Gadarene fuckpigs of multiplicity says:

    +4,000,000 votes :-)

  61. 61
    Sensible says:

    Was’nt Burnham responsible for the privatisation of the Hospital at Hinchinbrooke ,Huntingdonshire ?

    The Last Labour Government have a lot to answer for and should be brought to justice and not to forget Treason committed by many of them.

  62. 62
    P D O'Ring-File says:

    “Jonathan King was arrested in November 2000 after a man approached Max Clifford with allegations.”

    must be one of those odd recycled stories. Seems to have been quite a collection of characters in the music business, all appearing on BBC shows

  63. 63
    domino316 says:

    Burnham should have come up to Kirklees (West Yorkshire) where friends and workmates at the Primary Care Trust sold off Community Healthcare Services (complete with 1200 employees and a 3 year £40 million pa contract) for a £1, the CEO and Directors (one on the very panel that created it and took a job with it), have plenty money to splurge on Champers…must do now they are spending £12 million on IT while canning nurses and admin staff.

  64. 64
    Sunny Jim says:

    Nah – they’re turning to UKIP because they can now see the result of the Reign of Terror 1997-2010, particularly the uncontrolled immigration…

  65. 65
    Scum, All Of Them says:

    And my piece for today's @DailyMirror on why it matters so much to me > http://t.co/6CGpaa2Z02— Andy Burnham (@andyburnhammp) October 7, 2013

  66. 66
    lojolondon says:

    Mili will bottle firing him, because he has never actually DONE anything in his life. But Burnham should be in jail.

  67. 67
    widescreen2010 says:

    Careful, Guido.
    Apparently Burnham is in suing mood.

  68. 68
    Curly says:

    Would you not regard that lady who was dr*ven out of town by Labour lefty loonies – who also trashed her mother’s grave as a whistleblower?

  69. 69
    Hugh Jass says:

    This shoulld finish off the little pleb, good work.

  70. 70
    broderick crawford says:

    ‘British FBI’ to focus on the paranormal
    A NEW body styled as the UK’s FBI will focus on werewolves, ghosts and other aspects of the supernatural.

    The home secretary has described the NCA – Nightmare Creatures Association – as Britain’s first line of defence against monsters.

    Theresa May said: “Statistics show that only a relatively small proportion of the UK is worried about crime, while 91% of people are scared of ghosts.

    “Personally I am terrified of witches. I often wake up at night because of noises in the house.

    “I expect that if I went downstairs I would see a witch sitting in my rocking chair, nursing her half-pig witch baby. As I enter the kitchen the witch would look up and make a slurpy sound.

    “Of course I don’t get up. I pull the covers up over my head.”

    May said UFOs would be a particular priority: “You should see some of the evidence. I’ve seen a letter by this woman from Reading, its got some alien hair Sellotaped to it.

    “Aliens got in her house and made her cut their hair. But at the time there was no government agency to properly investigate and she was sectioned.”

    Plumber Tom Logan said: “This has great entertainment value, plus I’ve always worried there was someone or something under my bed, wanting to steal my identity.

    “And I’m not speaking metaphorically. Once I saw a clawed hand sticking out.”

  71. 71
    Hugh Jass says:

    So was Mcalipne, did any one get sued?

  72. 72
    Jack Ketch says:

    Some Pols got Rogered.

  73. 73
    Jack Ketch says:

    So who will bring a Private prosecution or at least a civil action?

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Cameron was enjoying considerably more expensive booze while entertaining his £250k donors at Downing Street, or when refusing to sack anyone over the Mid Staffs scandal.

  75. 75
    Only Sayin' says:

    Sounds like something from the Soviet Union. Just up Red Ed’s street.

  76. 76
    Bluto says:

    It is incredible given the number of reported unnecessary deaths that there has not even been a file passed to the CPS for the consideration of corporate manslaughter or causing death by negligence. It just shows how much of a grip the leftist hegemony have on everything that happens in Britain.

    Compare and contrast Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday, the Stephen Lawrence murder, etc.

    I hope the bereaved relatives never give up and I wish them well in their quest for justice.

  77. 77
    Bugler Bert says:

    Will Red Len allow the Millibandit to get rid of Burnham…………

  78. 78
    thespecialone says:

    Guido, make sure that you let vast readers in the Sun on Sunday know how fond of the working class that died in Stafford that Burnham is. He has kept his job as I post this. If this was the Tories you can imagine how the Mirror/Guardian/BBC would be all over this.

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