October 7th, 2013

Rich’s Monday Morning View


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    The Flying Spaghetti Machine says:

    NHS : Safe in the hands of Champagne socialists, unlike the patients.

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      Remember that,”Yes Minister” episode? Patients get in the way of a fully-functional NHS hospital.

      Rich has come up with a good cartoon, possibly because there’re no political caricatures to be guessed at.

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          Anonymous says:

          Can I color it in?

          • I can see who the real benefit scroungers are - MPs says:

            Dear Tory MPs,

            With regard to your faux ‘concern’ that the homeless, impoverished and unemployed should not use food banks, in case they got used to not being starving:

            I think you should get out of the habit of using the massively taxpayer-subsidised House of Commons food banks restaurants.

            That way, you might get out of the habit of being a taxpayer-benefit-subsidised, cynical, parasitic f***ing c***.

            And while you’re at it, tell Ian Duncan Smith that his family should give up the six-figure taxpayer-funded benefits they get simply for owning land, courtesy of the EU agricultural budget.

            Kind regards, etc.

            PS I’m voting UKIP next time. When the choice is UKIP, or pampered self-entitled c***s like you, it’s not a difficult decision.

          • Publish and be damned says:

            I wonder what Chilcot’s up to today?

          • Sir Bob Geldof, UK national treasure and saint says:

            oy vey! The swivel eye loon goyim are no longer falling for our lies. How’s a poor mensch to make a billion or ten anymore?

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        Tom Catesby says:

        It makes you sick!

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      Andy Bumhum says:

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        Bilda Berger says:

        I see you’ve started libel proceedings against Jeremy Hunt, Mr Burnham. Let us hope they come to fruition, the court thinks what everyone else in the country thinks, and you are utterly ruined.

        • 38
          bergen says:

          He’s bluffing. He won’t issue proceedings. If he does , his career is over because Hunt will find enough muck in the records, And if he doesn’t he will appear either weak or having something to hide. That threat was a catastrophic error of judgment and will haunt him.

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          Labour are Splitting says:

          If the email’s exist and show that Burnham was attempting a cover up then the libel case should fail.

          Article 7 of the Rome Statue of the ICC is much more relevant:

          Article 7: Crimes against humanity
          1. For the purpose of this Statute, "crime against humanity" 
          means any of the following acts when committed as part of 
          a widespread or systematic attack directed against any 
          civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:
          (a)     Murder;
          (b)     Extermination;
          (c)     Enslavement;
          (d)     Deportation or forcible transfer of population;
          (e)     Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical 
          liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;
          (f)     Torture;
          (g)     R&pe, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced 
          pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual 
          violence of comparable gravity;
          (h)     Persecution against any identifiable group or 
          collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, 
          religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds 
          that are universally recognized as impermissible under 
          international law, in connection with any act referred to 
          in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of 
          the Court;
          (i)     Enforced disappearance of persons;
          (j)     The crime of apartheid;
          (k)     Other inhumane acts of a similar character 
          intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to 
          body or to mental or physical health.
          2. For the purpose of paragraph 1:
          (a)     "Attack directed against any civilian population" 
          means a course of conduct involving the multiple commission 
          of acts referred to in paragraph 1 against any civilian 
          population, pursuant to or in furtherance of a State or 
          organizational policy to commit such attack;
          (b)     "Extermination" includes the intentional infliction of 
          conditions of life, inter alia the deprivation of access to 
          food and medicine, calculated to bring about the destruction 
          of part of a population;
          (c)     "Enslavement" means the exercise of any or all of 
          the powers attaching to the right of ownership over a 
          person and includes the exercise of such power in the 
          course of trafficking in persons, in particular women and children;
          (d)     "Deportation or forcible transfer of population" means 
          forced displacement of the persons concerned by expulsion 
          or other coercive acts from the area in which they are 
          lawfully present, without grounds permitted under 
          international law;
          (e)     "Torture" means the intentional infliction of severe 
          pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, upon a person 
          in the custody or under the control of the accused; 
          except that torture shall not include pain or suffering 
          arising only from, inherent in or incidental to, lawful sanctions;
          (f)     "Forced pregnancy" means the unlawful confinement 
          of a woman forcibly made pregnant, with the intent of 
          affecting the ethnic composition of any population or 
          carrying out other grave violations of international law. This 
          definition shall not in any way be interpreted as affecting 
          national laws relating to pregnancy;
          (g)     "Persecution" means the intentional and severe 
          deprivation of fundamental rights contrary to international 
          law by reason of the identity of the group or collectivity;
          (h)     "The crime of apartheid" means inhumane acts 
          of a character similar to those referred to in paragraph 1, 
          committed in the context of an institutionalized regime 
          of systematic oppression and domination by one racial 
          group over any other racial group or groups and 
          committed with the intention of maintaining that regime;
          (i)     "Enforced disappearance of persons" means 
          the arrest, detention or abduction of persons by, or with 
          the authorization, support or acquiescence of, a State 
          or a political organization, followed by a refusal to 
          acknowledge that deprivation of freedom or to give 
          information on the fate or whereabouts of those 
          persons, with the intention of removing them from the 
          protection of the law for a prolonged period of time.
          3.         For the purpose of this Statute, it is understood 
          that the term "gender" refers to the two sexes, male 
          and female, within the context of society. The term 
          "gender" does not indicate any meaning different from 
          the above. 
          • PDubya says:

            The Law is, for once, crystal clear on this topic.
            “Fair comment” is the perfect defence to a libellous or slanderous allegation.
            My popcorn has already been ordered.

          • The Brighton Green Party says:

            “For the purpose of this Statute, it is understood
            that the term “gender” refers to the two sexes, male
            and female”

            Fascist genderist claptrap!

          • Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

            3. ” For the purpose of this Statute, it is understood
            that the term “gender” refers to the two sexes”

            In which case, why not use the word “sex”?

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      Animal Farm Animal says:

      It’s spelt as Shampain Socialists.

      Troughing cnuts — just like all the rest of the LibLabConners — they’re all the same — bastards.

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      Sue and be Damned. says:

      Well Rich. For once a very good, no excellent Cartoon.

      Hows about instead of baying the original, present it in person to Mr A Burnham with cameras and press in attendance.

      • 32
        Village Idiot says:

        …..Too close to the truth to be funny! (made me laugh.)

      • 40
        nellnewman says:

        Excellent idea – I’d love to be there to see his face if it ever happened.

        Maybe Guido could arrange a presentation somehow?!

      • 60
        Ma­qb­oul says:

        It is. It lays the lie that Labour care for the poor and disadvantage when the truth is that all they care about is power.

      • 97
        Ma­qb­oul says:

        Just one small criticism on the cartoon. I think it would have been better if the vase looked more like a vase than a bottle of H­eineken and if the old lady was using two hands it would be more likely to reveal her frailty.

        • 122
          Gidders says:

          Maqboul, probably Rich thought if it looked like a bottle of H­eineken the Geedoes would understand they do not seem to drink plain water, that was what Rich normally drinks while scratching his head trying to think of something for Geedes Monday morning blog.

    • 117
      Gidders says:

      The biggest problem in the NHS is the proliferation of management as in a lot of UK businesses, layer. upon layer, upon layer etc etc, so if the man on the bottom of the pile wants a decision on what to do about something, he is told it will be referred upwards, which takes time. The amount of management should be reduced then the top managers can see what is going on, and then decisions will be made quicker, long gone are the days when the counting house or main office was small compared to the production plant.

  2. 3
    Aaron D Highside says:

    NHS mass manslaughter by neglect, then a cover-up and no resignations or sackings. The Mail-hating BBC outrage rumbles on and on after a long dead Marxist is called a Britain hater, however. Proportionate?

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      Judge Ed. says:

      The NHS needs to take a long hard look at its culture of genocide.

      • 76
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

        The government needs to take a long hard look at the BBC’s culture of anti-British left wing bias and close it down. :-)

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      Something of the night says:

      Labour / BBC are forgetting about Labour activists destroying the grave of an NHS wh’istle b’lowers mother:


      Awful people.

    • 131
      Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

      More leftie UK haters

      Michael Foot reguarly met with KGB agents when he was just an MP and Jack Jones was a fully paid KGB agent

      The Labour party always ignores these facts which are a matter of public record

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    Owen Jones says:

    DANGER: Reading newspapers will twist your perception of reality to thinking everything is wrong with the world. Just Stop Reading!!

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      Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

      Read 3 above. He hits the nail on the head. Don’t be a gullible idiot all your life.

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    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Rich needs to take a long, hard look at the culture and practices of his Monday cartoons.

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      Judge Ed. says:

      So Rich hates hospitals now.

      • 100
        hang on a min says:

        As you are well aware-
        It’s nothing to do with hating hospitals.
        It’s questioning the culture that surrounded the
        NHS during Labour’s reign that resulted in
        the unnecessary deaths of thousands.

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    Casual Observer 3 says:

    The tricky problem for Labour is that their state sanctioned murder campaign on the NHS makes the case for privatization. This would not have happened in a privately run hospital and if it had they would have been sued by now.

    • 59
      JadedJean says:

      So it was deliberately done then by New Labour?

      • 69
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        More by the civil service. This would be a much longer game, and the killing spree covered several health secretaries, from Milburn to Burnham.

        The roots of the privatization agenda for NHS do go back to 1987.

        Burnham is being caught out by his cover up, but this does smell like distraction from the next phase of the privatization.

        The higher level strategy may have been to destroy the ‘value’ of the NHS in the eyes of the public, leading to outcry and calls for change. What is unfolding now is happening because that outcry did not happen.

        • 73
          JadedJean says:

          I think you are probably right!

          Politics is still very much a very dirty game indeed.

          • Casual Observer 3 says:

            One other observation:

            The Labour Party themselves seemed more interested in defending Burnham than the NHS. That’s quite telling on where they stand with NHS privatization.

        • 74
          Aaron D Highside. says:

          More than a casual observation; astute is more like it.

      • 70
        B Boyd says:

        If it had happened under a Tory Government, BBC/Guardian outrage would have caused endless and well deserved joblessness amongst the perpetrators. For Labour voters, a perpetrator is someone what did something what your talking about.

  6. 12
    Crisp Ackham says:

    The reshuffle is coming for Andy Burnham but Ed Miliband might not want to be bounced into moving this incompetent and reckless man.

    Brave of Rich to make a joke at the expense of the NHS, there will be a Fatwah issued against him by Socialist extremists.

    • 14
      Bloody Nose says:

      Is it me, or is it a joke at the expense of the Department Of Health? They are not the same thing…

      • 16
        Owen Jokes says:

        Joke ? Joke ?? They’re not going to be allowed any more in Ed’s socialist Utopia.

        With the exception of me, of course.

        • 43
          albacore says:

          Of course it’s a joke – how could such a disgrace
          Have occurred when Britain’s so caring a place?
          Think of all the words which you can’t write on here
          In case they offend some poor immigrant dear

          • C.U. Jimmy says:

            These poetic musings may be in vain
            The country’s fast going down the drain.
            And while we’re distracted by the NHS kerfuffle
            The Government will announce another reshuffle.

            The musical chairs are kept warm and polished
            While the welfare state is heartlessly demolished.
            And with voters mere frogs to be boiled rather slowly
            No wonder we think our leaders are unholy.

      • 53
        Labour Kills says:

        The NHS killings would be a team effort. The department of Health, anyone still there who was working at the time the killings took place, is up to their neck in blood.

    • 23
      Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

      Shame about Andy. He used to come over as a nice kind of chap.

      Eye brows to die for? Seems it happened!

  7. 13
    the general public says:

    Norman Tebbit in wig….i claim my prize

  8. 15

    I am still confused as to why the tories let Burnham of the hook after the Stafford news broke,instead of squarely putting the blame where it belonged, all they did was keep apologising on behalf of the NHS, and mouthing the”lessons will be learned”mantra.
    The BBC continuously covered the whole affair without once alluding to which party was in government at the time.

    • 26
      Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

      Well, we are in the age of Our Dave’s “We’re all in it together”.

    • 113
      dai gasping says:

      it may just be that the politicos realised the standard of info they get was so unreliable – that to apologise in public was the least bad thing to do to begin with

      from that position one can at least begin to identify culprits and wrong procedures – always bearing in mind that this is ‘normal’ behaviour for mrs gamp & her sub-prime-mates

      NHS = Mrs Gamp – and didn’t she like gin from a teapot?

  9. 19
    The NHS is a bottomless pit says:

    Our NHS is the best in the world. It provides employment for a higher proportion the population of as incompetent skiving troughing managers than any other country.

  10. 20
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    NHS=National Homicide Service

  11. 21
    Simple Pleb says:

    Why is there a National Crime Agency now? Isn’t fighting crime what the fat plods are supposed to be doing? If they’re not doing it effectively, then sack some of the fuckers.

    More LibLabConner waste.

    • 27
      REALWORLDER says:

      The plod’s main area of concern is now thought crime . investigating racially motivated”incidents” and hounding B&B owners who do not want human excrement all over their bedsheets. and prosecuting those who have the temerity to defend themselves.

      • 63
        President of the Gambia (ex member of the Commonwealth) says:

        At last, people are coming around to my way of thinking!

    • 30
      Bluto says:

      As we rush headlong towards becoming East Germany circa 1960 there is a need for a Stasi. Watch and learn as the NCA comes under political direction from the national socialists in 2015. The crime of being right wing will suddenly become organised and serious.

      We are in the final throes of a cultural revolution by stealth.

      • 67
        tn02 says:

        Are you some sort of fuckwit or something?

        Miliband and his tribe are international socialists. Thy undermine national institutions. The national socialists saw through his cosmopolitan tribe in Germany last century. His tribe are anathema to national socialists as they put their country and peoples first.

        Or do you post what you do on here to deliberately deceive?

        • 83
          Ma­qb­oul says:

          Yes he is confusing the Lefties with the Toytown Nazis.

        • 132
          Bluto says:

          No, they are national socialists alright.

          one nation (© Miliband) + socialism (© Miliband) = national socialists.

          See I did that without hurling abuse at you too.


  12. 22
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Today’s forecast:
    Slight chance of rain & a high chance of not giving a shit what work colleagues got up to over the weekend. Misery by 9am.

  13. 24
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Something that I’m totally incapable of doing.

  14. 28
    The Wild Colonial Boy says:

    If not Champagne then Chardonnay. Down under they’re known as Chardonnay socialists.

  15. 31
    And Where is the voice of the self appointed State broadcaster on this? says:

    I know, You know, every one knows. If this had happened under the Conservatives that the BBC would have run with this until all those concerned had resigned from public life. The frenzy and tearing of sack cloth that they got into over Ed’s Dad would be nothing compared to their reaction over this.

    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      We never hear from Nicholson these days.

      • 41
        Labour are Splitting says:

        No, but we are probably paying the communist c’unt a pension.

        • 81
          REALWORLDER says:

          Nicholson will probably re emerge at a later date in one capacity or another , the likes of him have an amazing capacity for survival, he is a typical product of the Blair /Brown regime , deliberately put in place as a ticking time bomb to undermine any later government, and smooth the way for the next gang of socialist EU appointed traitors.

          • Casual Observer 3 says:

            Probably not. He was on the civil service side working in health area since 1988. He wasn’t appointed to NHS Chief Executive until 2006.

            If anything this was a Brown final solution, but the problems predated him taking over. However, the worst affected health authority which included Mid Staff’s , he was in control of before.

          • just an idea says:

            Nicholson will be a Labour-appointed peer
            in the House of Lords in a few years time.

          • Elephants R Us says:

            @9.16: Is that why Ms J 5-Bellies was appointed (by whom? and why?) as head of some Trust or other? WTF does that lefty idiot know about either management or health?

  16. 33
    nellnewman says:

    andybu rnham suing jere myhunt because he said he tried to cover up the nhs de ath scandal would be like ja ckth erip per asking the courts to declare him inno cent of mu rder.

    • 48
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      This is not even a story worth reporting on.

      Following the publication of the emails Mr Hunt used his Twitter to say: “@andyburnhammp’s attempts to cover up failing hospitals”. He added that the government would legislate to “make sure this can never happen again”.

      Hunt’s Tweet was sent after the emails had been released into the public domain.

      If the emails show the cover up attempts then there is no libel.

      Andy’s attempt to cover up this cover up has just amplified his admission of liability.

      Meanwhile in B’asildon, looking at the local press:


      Seems that some Labour councillor who talks like Ed cannot handle a little criticism over this from a Tory councillor in a debate. Very sad that the Labour guy is recovering from a stroke, but as he lost the debate, filing complaint and bed wetting because he thinks his opponent was having a go at his condition is a bit poor.

      Just distraction from failings at that apparent sh!t hole of a hospital.

  17. 34
    Owen Jones says:

    North Korea have suspended their nuclear programme.

    They have just read the current thread on “Order Order” and decided our society’s fucked without their intervention.

  18. 36
    RED, RED WHINE says:

    We’re confused.

    Are we whingeing about the Daily Mail all week or the Royal Mail ?

  19. 37
    LOL. Only considering...Which means his lawyers have told him he does not stand a chance. says:
    • 42
      nellnewman says:

      Unfortunately we’re not interested – the world knows that andyburnham as secretary of state for health presided over a massive decline of standards in hospital care that resulted in hundreds of deaths and then set to to cover it up.

      • 49
        average joanna says:

        I’d love to hear what the families of the
        victims have to say about Burnham’s threat.

      • 64
        Ma­qb­oul says:

        Burnham’s talking Bollycks again.

      • 112
        Anonymous says:

        Burnham initiated the inquiry into Mid Staffs one month after he took office.

        Hunt is a liar and he’ll get taken to the cleaners.

    • 46
      Jack Ketch says:

      Wasn’t it Robert Maxwell who threatened to sue anyone who exposed his crimes? He was a slimy Labour thug too, wasn’t he?

      • 50
        remember this says:

        Alistair Campbell thought Maxwell was wonderful.

        • 55
          nellnewman says:

          ah mutual regard from one slimy labour thug to another!

          • remember this says:

            Even though Maxwell was a liar who cheated
            Mirror employees out of their pensions,Campbell
            punched another hack who dared to criticise Cap’n Bob.

      • 52
        Lost at sea says:

        If Burnham was to disappear over the back of the Mersey Ferry, many would consider that a don deal.

      • 134
        I've seen the terrifying true face of Labour says:

        Jimmy Saville was also very quick to threaten anyone who looked to be raising questions about him with threats of legal action to stop them revealing what he was really like.

    • 85
      Selohesra says:

      ‘Considering’ – thought he was definately doing something yesterday. Backtracking already?

    • 96
      UKIP or bust says:

      Perhaps he just wants to make up with them, err, you know so it looks better in his eyes.

  20. 54
    McPoison says:

    Jeremy Hunt’s accusation against Andy Bumhum is nothing less than an orchestrated smear. It’s disgraceful behaviour.

  21. 57
    Svety says:

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  22. 58

    Peter Stringfellow gets his comeuppance?

  23. 61
    Steve Miliband says:

    Probably find Mehdi is a BUPA member

    • 65
      stench of hypocrisy says:

      Like so many on the left Hasan is the product of a posh
      public school and Oxbridge, so BUPA membership
      wouldn’t surprise me.

      • 77
        Samuel tweet says:

        His Steve McClaren-like accent change when talking to his Islamic buddies makes me laugh everytime

  24. 66
    Labour are Splitting says:

    With all this bed wetting over the intellectually flawed Ralph Miliband, and his criticism by the Mail, anyone remember this ?


    Labour activists dr0ve her from her home, the final straw being that they destroyed her mothers grave.

    Fuck Labour.

  25. 68

    Every service in this country is flat on its arse with bare minimum funding and staff
    This is not due to the NHS taking all the funding ,but rather the £55 million a day paid to the EU ,and the vast amounts paid in foreign aid to countries richer than ours with nuclear weapons and space programmes , who choose to spend their money on the latter and let the rest of the world feed their starving populations
    As a country , without the EU funding give away we would have enough money to pay for all our services , create mass employment ,and still have enough to fund the neglected state pension scheme , so that “hard Working People” could still retire at 65 and have a few years in retirement for their efforts
    But the thieving low life sleaze buckets we call politicians would rather give OUR money to the EU cash cow , so their children will be guaranteed a wealthy lifestyle off our backs without ever actually having to work

  26. 72
    Rick Nobinson says:
    • 82
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      That sounds rac!st.

      In other BBC distortions, on the Today show this morning, Humphrys attempted to correct someone he was interviewing about political plays in theater. Apparently there is a bit of a boom going on at present.

      The chap he was interviewing made claim that people were ‘disillusioned’ with politics. Humphrys tried to make the case that people were bored (after a lead in where he told the listeners that they were bored with politics)

      Thankfully the guy did not give in on this point and went on to state that people are not bored, but very interested, however disillusioned with the main stream parties.

      The lack of boredom is reflected in the interest in political plays, and that interest being the reason why the BBC were doing this interview in the first place.

      • 90
        Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

        It also sounds regionist. It’s as if most people living in the South East do not believe anything but mills and swamps exist north of Watford. And many of the same blinkered numpties also believe that only Tories have changed to voting UKIP because they know as much about the north as the dark side of the moon.

        • 108
          but says:

          I turned Toady off this morning during a lengthy
          magazine piece about Pakistan when the Taliban
          were repeatedly described as militants, rather than
          I prefer to listen to news in the morning.

    • 106
      Where are they now says:

      The Blair Babes?

  27. 78

    “Let them drink champagne ” and make them eat shit !

    My mother was in hospital last year for a week , she was only offered sandwiches and soup the whole time she was there , Not a hot meal in sight unless we took it in

    • 89
      Ma­qb­oul says:

      Why the fuck should she get free food as well as free treatment? I hope you were there three times a day.

      • 116

        No you total wanker i wasn’t Unlike you , you sponging twat , I Work !

        Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.
        Be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a purpose or result, esp. in one’s job; do work.
        noun. job – labor – business – labour – occupation – employment
        verb. operate – labor – function – labour – run – go – make

      • 120
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        A hospital is meant to be a place of healing, and convalescing is part of that process.

        Nutrition is very important for the healing process: Not an ‘a la carte’ menu, but appropriate nourishment for the patient if they need to stay in.

        Providing good quality food is important in hospital for this reason. It isn’t a free meal, but is part of the treatment process.

        Unless there was a medical reason for sandwiches and soup only, not providing more normal food with better protein content is odd.

    • 93
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      My disabled dad was in hospital last year and the nurses left him suspended over a bed-pan which he subsequently fell into. When nurses eventually came back to him, they just wiped him down with dry towels and popped a clean sheet on top of him. That’s how we found him, still with bits of shit on his legs and between his toes.

      And if we hadn’t visited twice a day to feed him, he wouldn’t have eaten, and we suspect the staff would not have not bothered with his drip.

      West Suffolk NHS Hospital, Bury St Edmunds. Visit it at your peril.

      (I agree with your comment 67, too).

  28. 88
    anon says:

    Iain Duncan Smith sacked in latest Cameron reshuffle ?
    Damn that was just me dreaming again.

    • 101
      Lynton "bing"crosby says:

      Dream on anon.IDS not popular with labour supporting scroungers but saying the right things if you r having to set your alarm in the morning.Gday

    • 130
      Full Speed ahead and steady as she goes number one says:

      IDS is a popular minister in the Tory party especially on the right just as Theresa May is…no way would Cameron sack either and give his opponents a focus for rebellion

  29. 95
    Lynton "bing"crosby says:

    I can assure Andy i will be reminding the electorate about Labours handling of the NHS on his watch at election time.He can sue me if i break this promise.Gday mates

  30. 99
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Eurozone confidence in the economy has diminished with the sentix index coming in at 6.1, following expections of 8.3, and September’s figure of 6.5.

    The monthly sentix index measure investor current confidence in the economic climate.

    - See more at: http://www.cityam.com/blog/1381134357/eurozone-economic-confidence-lessens-october#sthash.ABVPzWxt.dpuf

    In plain English “WE’RE FUCKED”

    • 121
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      The UK isn’t f’ucked, but the Eurozone is.

      Hardly surprising the high levels of youth unemployment (think of the +1-2 year implications) and political risks posed in places like Spa!n / G’reece and !taly.

      Time to exit.

  31. 104
    With Thanks to Chuka says:

    I would like to thank Chuka Umunna for bringing to my attention that Royal Mail shares are considerably undervalued. I wasn’t going to bother buying any until I heard Chuka. So as a result of Chuka’s Chuck up an application for ten grands worth gone in.


  32. 105
    anon says:

    Is it just me, or is it a fact that a large majority of people without rocket science degrees can spot the not just holes but bloody great asteroid craters in Tory policy, but they carry on regardless.
    Bedroom Tax – No smaller properties for those hit by it to move to.

    No JSA or housing benefit for under 25′s. What about kids coming out of care who don’t have parents to move in with, what about kids who’ve left abusive homes, and what about military personnel, many of whom are under 25 when they leave?

    And Gids latest piece of nonsense. The unemployed to work for their benefits or spend 35 hours a week at the jobcentre. Bloody genius. I live in Oxford, our little job centre deals with an average 2,500 JSA claimants a month. So they’re all going to have to spend 8 hours a day in a building with no toilet facilities, at least none they’re allowed to use. Then there’s the staff, there’s barely enough to deal with claimants once a fortnight, how the hell are they going to manage every day?

    It’s like they don’t give a shit about bankrupting the country, as long as they keep the Daily Mail happy.

    • 128
      Miliband needs to do nothing and he'll STILL be PM in 2015 says:

      and its 2 million plus readers.

      PS All the above are popular policies(unless they affect you por family personally)

  33. 107
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    “Since the central bank is a government institution, all inflation is made by government & nobody else can do anything about it.” – Owen Jones

  34. 109
    Dave the Weak Gutless Tosser says:

    What shall I do to reduce the Deficit seriously today?

    I know — fuck all, just like yesterday and last week.

    But I’m getting a lovely warm glow from all the taxpayers’ money I’m sending to Europe and the Banana Republics.

    I’m a real prize cnut.

  35. 110
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Liam Fox should offer 3p & a bottle of Andy Burnham’s favourite champagne to first journalist to recreate that trip in Yatton.

  36. 114
    And another thing says:
    • 126
      Mud sticks whoever is in the right says:

      Burnham’s action for libel/defamation is probably one of the worst thought out decisions of any Labour politician….does he(and Labour)really want the public to be reminded of Labour’s record on managing the NHS and all the business of Stafford Hospital being brought up in a run up to GE ? The right wing press(inc The Daily Mail is bound to have a field day) Hunt’s sole defence can only be that the “truth” is not either defamation or libel and therefore the onus is on Burnham and his legal team to prove beyond probable doubt that it was a lie …a messy, costly and pointless litigation which only the lawyers will gain from in the long run

  37. 115
    Remotely Controlled says:

    Shurely shume mistake, can’t be Andy “Buryham Burham Blowemaway”…..

  38. 118

    Don’t forget they lay in their own pooh too!

  39. 124

    Breaking News Abu Anas Al-Liby one of the worlds most wanted terrorists , captured in Libya
    Used to live in Manchester LoL
    Maybe if he had stayed there , the yanks wouldn’t have found him

    You really couldn’t make it up

  40. 125
    David/Ed? They're all the same says:

    Using dead people to score political points? Surely not. Disgrace.

    This is why I will be voting UKIP

  41. 133

    I would like to thank Chuka Umunna for bringing to my attention…


  42. 135
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Best in recent months. Lest we forget.

  43. 139
    The all singing-all dancing crap of the world is upon us. says:

    Burnham is a scumbag!

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