October 3rd, 2013

Wonks Take Spooks to Court


Big Brother BankingGCHQ are facing court action after three campaign groups filed papers accusing them of breaching the privacy of British citizens. Big Brother Watch, the Open Rights Group and English PEN have brought the action against the government at the European Court of Human Rights. Legal action in open courts in Britain was banned by the government, so rather than go through a secret spooks tribunal the case is going to Strasbourg. They are relying on donations to pay their legal bills


  1. 1
    Fuck Em says:

    Fuck Europe. The Bloody place is always causing wars and always relying on the British Islands to go over and sort their problems out for them


  2. 2
    Maq­boul says:

    Used fivers?


  3. 4
    Ed Miliband says:

    There is nothing wrong with big government surveying everyone’s lives.

    If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.


  4. 5
    Maximus says:

    Well, that’s a clever government, isn’t it? Remind me, who was it power then…


  5. 6
    The Maimed Badger says:

    The Lawyers should be working for free..


  6. 7
    DtP says:

    Good luck to them – I seem to remember the Great Repeal Act that Grieve was blethering about before the election…oh..what’s that Dom…coalition government? All bets are off. Screw ‘em. Tories are the same as Labour, really – if it’s mission creep, chuck it down as national security and bob’s yer uncle. Weasels.


  7. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Radio5live on the pathetic Richard Bacon show is running Alistair Campbell again.
    What a hypocrite.


    • 9
      Anonymous says:

      Makes me love the Mail.


      • 67
        A Blast From The Past says:

        Sometimes I feel I’ve got to
        Run away I’ve got to Get away
        From the pain that you drive into the heart of me
        The love we share Seems to go nowhere
        And I’ve lost my light
        For I toss and turn I can’t sleep at night.

        …I give you all a boy could give you
        Take my tears and that’s not nearly all…

        Getting close to the Daiy Mail – must be a Tainted love.


      • 73
        Anonymous says:

        But that would be a Tainted Love. For anyone that loves the Mail, needs a Soft Cell.


    • 19
      The British media are cunts says:

      Campbell is a drunk jock mong.


  8. 10
    Budleigh Salterton says:

    What happens if you are a young person who leaves home having got a job. You lose the job a year later but you can’t return home because your family have had to downsize because of the bedroom tax and they no longer have a spare room for you?
    Time to find a cardboard box?


    • 16
      M103 says:

      Don’t worry.

      1. Cameron does not keep promises.
      2. The Tories will not win the next election.


      • 53
        Aha! says:

        Cameron does keep his promises… to all those countries that he has promised to give foreign aid to.


        • 56
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          Charity begins at home. In the Case of Cameron, IDS et al, that means a handsome £3K a week farming benefit doled out to your faimily by the EU, funded by the UK taxpayer.

          They are benefit scroungers, hypocrites and parasites.


    • 20
      N ot a state (taxpayer) subsidised real life experience says:

      What happens when your family sell their home and buy a smaller home when you move away from home?


    • 23
      Tooting Popular Front says:

      This is class war – basically putting the children of the UK’s poor into an impossible position from which they’ll never recover.

      Having discovered he isn’t going to get the fighting war he so craved to bolster his position, I suspect he’s trying to goad the young poor into rioting so that they can be his Falklands.


      • 57
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        The Governement is cynically pitting the low-paid against the unemployed in a race to the bottom.

        More and more people realise that anyone can become unemployed at the drop of a hat. Most people know someone out of work, thanks to the bankers and their banking ‘crisis’.

        One-Nation Toryism is dead, It’s the-rich-takes-all. I hate them as much as Labour now.

        IDS married into money and has not done a days work in his life, other than tax-payer-funded.

        I hope these spiteful policies, scapegoating the poor of our society for it’s systemic problems, comes back to bite the Tories at the next election.

        We are ruled by parasites of the worst kind.


    • 26
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      What happens to a young person in similar situation, but they have lost their job to a cheaper immigrant who has been bumped up the housing lists ?


    • 29
      Ian Dunghole Slut says:

      Living in a cardboard box is a character building experience and would be good for Young layabouts who cannot get a job.

      Maybe all those Roma beggars and thieves heading your way could show the way forwards.

      What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the lazy buggers to clean it up!

      Bring ba


    • 36
      Sir William Waid says:

      Budge up?


    • 64
      Alex says:

      What happens if you are one of 5 siblings who all get jobs and leave home but stay in employment forever? Does the government keep paying for empty bedrooms until your parents die?


  9. 12
    Another Day. Another Racist Tweet. says:


    • 27
      Piss Artist. says:

      Black and white are not colours. Think on.


    • 34
      Chinky Davey says:

      About time someone reported this divide and conquer inverted racist useless no necked fugly flump. If I tweeted about chinky history month I’d be fucking nicked before you could say crispy fucking duck. Where’s ya wheelie bin? Etc Etc Etc


    • 38
      Sir William Waid says:

      What about Black Future month?


    • 42
      Just Give us a Break from BLACK this, BLACK that, BLACK BLACK BLACK. WE ARE FED UP WITH IT and YOU!! says:

      If she is talking about Britain then it’s not a very long history. It is less than most British people’s lifetimes.


    • 61
      On Your Mark, Set says:

      They are usually quite good at track events! …and nowhere near as irritating as that Seb Coe bloke.


  10. 14
    Joseph alan jones says:

    “Fuck Europe. The Bloody place is always causing wars and always relying on the British Islands to go over and sort their problems out for them”
    Well spoken that man.
    If you don’t like it; do your worst! Bring it on!


  11. 15
    The British media are cunts says:

    Fucking Campbell just been on the BBC (Radio 5) once again. Sounding drunk again.

    Get cancer and die Campbell you jock shit.


  12. 17
    not a machine says:

    pretty good speech I thought …… decided eds answer to thatcher grave t shirt is just cause to make him think about his recent remarks come to think of it wasnt it rumoured that poison was to be spilled just before dave became pm from macbride and co …….. got a short memory has ed

    anyhow anyone seen wearing underpants on head sniffing the brownstain is to send there idea off to tescocostumesandparty dept as “labourpressopressor” I ended boom and boom and bust , my perhaps favourite one the near admission that all the cheap immigrant labour has helped created the neets problem , in part beacuse add hoc work was where they used to go ….. shhhh dont tell ed it cant possibly be a vile ideaology like marxismm heee heee shambooo


  13. 18
    Joseph alan jones says:

    They don’t like it up ‘em!


  14. 21
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    They can bring the action, and getting some publicity is a good thing.

    But what can the ECHR actually do ?

    The danger with such mass surveillance is the capacity for government to launch politically motivated action against citizens based on evidence which they are under no obligation to disclose in open court.

    The targeting of tea-party members in the US by IRS during the last Obama campaign is one example of this.

    In the UK, the efforts of Social Services to confiscate children as a result of politically motivated targeting of families based on the affiliation of the parents is an example of a practice which could have nationwide implications if government chose to misuse this data.

    The only protection for people is for surveillance to be authorized and monitored, and not performed whole sale.

    Before the NSA revelations of S’nowden, the previous public attempt at such a program – DARPA’s Total Information Awareness – was defunded by Congress in 2003 following public concerns that the system could lead to mass surveillance.

    ECHR may be a dead end. The EU has set up at least four clandestine security agencies and these are engaged in similar surveillance across the Eurozone. Some of the information captured by GCHQ is shared with these agencies and Interpol.


  15. 22
    Adolf says:

    That’s my boy, Ed. A free press is a threat to ‘the project’, and controlling what stories can and can’t be run, by whatever means, by the Party’s Committee of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda is an important part of ensuring all propaganda has maximum effect, and negative or alternative views are suppressed and finally not aired. The loyalty shown by most staff of the BBC, and many other media outlets is good, but more must always be done.


  16. 39
    Ed Miliband says:

    I will freeze it when I become glorious leader!


  17. 40
    Penfold says:

    Odd isn’t it, the lefties want total freedom to expose everything.
    But, under every lefty government, we have a totalitarian Stasi state, that wants to jail everyone for being a dissident.


    • 48
      Guido Fawkes says:

      Super. How’s our censorship bank coming along? Is ModBòt doing it’s job?


      • 49
        Ron Mohindi says:

        If I type “Pull”, it appears as “Pa*l”. Other than that, I have no complaints and keep up the good work.


  18. 45
    Labour past and present says:



    Ed Miliband: I want to bring back socialism.


    • 60
      Anthony Charles Linton "Call Me Tone" Bliar says:

      ………..pigs will fly and I will become a very, very, very,very rich c.unt.


    • 70
      Anonymous says:

      Then again, having seen what the banks, power companies, private rail and others have done to this country – is it not time to give socialism a chance?


  19. 52
    Snaplegs says:

    Do these retards actually comprehend the consequences of their actions should they be successful?

    GCHQ should just suspend ops, wait until after the first major terrorist attack, and then ask if the originators of this legal action can take full responsibility for the resulting deaths since they’ve effectively prevented our national security agencies from doing their job (ie. protecting the individuals and property from attack).


  20. 55
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    In this day and age of no universal Legal Aid are you telling us these people cannot hire a lawyer on a no win no fee basis?


  21. 58
    Athanasius says:

    It’s OK – I bet Stephen Fry will underwrite all of their costs.


  22. 59
    Technocrats in a doughnut says:

    Well one thing is for sure, with a budget like theirs, techie skills like theirs and just well, not being normal like them, they certainly will know who killed Dr David Kelly!

    One things for sure, a secret like that is safe with them!

    …..and no matter if it is Red Ed and Red Ralph or wet behind the ears Dave as the puppet, the secret state and arms companies run the whole show and makes the STASI look like a bunch of amateurs.


  23. 62
    Turing Would Probably Turn In His Grave At What This Bunch Get Up To says:

    Be very carefull in any critisism of the state STASI operatives they can and will switch your webcam on and off at will, see and read everything that you do and say, your name will also go on ze list!


    • 63
      illegitimi non carborundum says:

      Now we know why Guido’s viewing figures are tumbling.


    • 71
      Anonymous says:

      You are either a would-be Neo – out to warn us about the danger of state/big business control. Or an Agent Smith type – hoping to scare the Sh!t out of us.

      “What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”


  24. 65
    Anonymous says:

    how do I donate so gchq don’t know I donated?


  25. 72
    Quotes to Note says:

    Morpheus: “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”


  26. 74
    Anonymous says:

    I am pleased that at least one part of Government other than the forces is doing its job. Keep packet sniffing guys you have the left really frit.


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