October 3rd, 2013

End of a Chapter

Power Trip
Guido has taken a week to read and review Damian McBride’s book for the Spectator and taking the opportunity to clarify for the record:

“On a personal note, as McBride’s nemesis, allow me to correct at least one of his claims. He spins that I was ‘playing with a stacked deck’, running ‘a mysterious dark-arts operation’ against him. The truth is that when Derek Draper tried to portray Iain Dale (now McBride’s publisher) and myself as racists, it pricked the conscience of a fair-minded Labour party source. I got a phone call out of the blue telling me that there were emails that could prove that Downing Street, in the form of the PM’s press adviser himself, was behind those smears. Ironically, McBride’s confession in Power Trip that he would — in breach of the Official Secrets Act — surreptitiously log in to Brown’s secure government email system and retrieve information to repackage and leak to the lobby, means that, of the two of us, he is the one likely to be in trouble for email hacking.”

Reading the details of the book reminded Guido just how hard a whack McBride got given. The full review is here


  1. 1
    Ad Mirer says:

    Busy week for Guido, must have stayed sober. Have a few tonight


    • 4
      Butch Dave says:

      is there still tome to wish Joe Hart and all the other world class football persons playing for Abu Dhabi First XI the best of British against the Hun tonight?


    • 55
      M'Learned Friend says:

      Has he been reported to the plods, Guido? Confession to an offence under s.1 of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 … Or is that only used for prosecuting journalists and policeman?


    • 102
      Sir William Waid says:

      Guido’s piece is not really a book review but a rebuttal.


      • 137
        100wpm says:

        The BBC has wasted so much energy today trying to
        get the Editors of the Daily Mail and MoS sacked,it’s
        forgotten how to report an actual news story.
        It’s still reporting “an incident” in Washington,when Sky &
        CNN gave viewers a long list of facts 30 minutes ago.
        And the BBC’s live feed keeps breaking.
        Exactly what are we paying our licence fee for?


        • 160
          The British media are cunts says:

          You’re paying for large amounts of drugs and child r@ping to go on.


        • 208
          David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

          “….Sky &
          CNN gave viewers a long list of facts 30 minutes ago.”

          you really is away wid de fairies, bro


  2. 2
    Drake's Drum says:

    Do we care? We don’t.


  3. 3
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “surreptitiously logged in to Brown’s secure government email system…”- utter balls. Brown is neck deep in all the smearing that went on. McBride was merely his attack dog. The one-eyed mong is as nasty as his Rottweiler.


    • 12
      Just wondering says:

      So did Brown give his password to the sewer manager or did he surreptitiously watch Brown type it in to his computer, didn’t they both sit with desks next to each other, why didn’t Brown change his password if the thought it was compromised, why didn’t he change it when he became PM or why didn’t IT change it, summit smells.


  4. 6
    nellnewman says:

    Not really credible to believe that gurninggordon did not know what mcbride was up to.

    That would be a bit like saying that alastaircampbell had nothing to do with the dodgier dossier and the death of D r D a v i d K e l l y.


    • 10
      Gidders says:

      To be fair, did Gordy really know what was going on at that time away.


      • 20
        Vote UKIP - don't get owned says:

        Brown certainly knew what was going on in the banks and praised them highly for it before it all went tits up.


    • 15
      I d on't n eed no d octor says:

      McBride would not have dared to do anything without Brown’s authority. Balls and Miliband both knew what was going on and agreed with it. Oh how they all lie and practice to deceive.


  5. 7
    Gidders says:

    If I remember McBride went to the same school as Fawkes the Elder, so they probably knew each other personally, so there might have been hostility between them from that time Fawkes the Elder is 3/4 years older than McBride (I cannot believe McB is only 43 he looks 55 yo


  6. 8
    THE FREE STATE says:

    LATEST:Plans unveiled to make Republic of Ireland “tobacco-free” by 2025


  7. 9
    Whereas in the real world... says:

    ….the claim that he ‘hacked’ into Browns e mail is incredulous nonsense designed to exculpate Brown from any responsibility for this cancer which brown was in reality at the heart of.


  8. 14
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    The labour hive has been breached. Send for the BBC’s very own drone, Alistair Campbell. Does the BBC actually realise that they are giving air time to the biggest labour smear agent ever. Just how thick are socialists?


    • 27
      Twitch says:

      Do they know?

      Of course they do and they know that any claims the medicated one didn’t know are utter tosh too. The BBC is as corrupt as their political wing, Labour.


    • 32
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      It is pretty laughable that of all people they get AC onto the airwaves again, a self confessed depressive and alcoholic who writes soft porn Mills and Boon type novellas in his spare time (and don’t mention the Iraq war or DK).


  9. 16
    Eric Hobsbawn says:


  10. 29
    jmf says:

    Just a thought, not a squeak out of the ball of lard Watson, in hiding maybe. He was I believe Campbells bag carrier.


    • 167
      bunterwatch says:

      watch out bunters about … the venal weasel


    • 299
      Samuel L. Clemens (no relation to Samuel L. Jackson) says:

      “It’s always best to tell the truth– that way, you don’t have to memorize so many details.”
      So who tells on whom up first, you’ve got to wonder…they’re not going to be able to keep their lies straight forever. Someone’s going to trip up.
      Oh, what stories the two of them could tell on each other, you’d like to know!


  11. 31
    Round the Bend says:

    Reservoir dogs look alike, that bunch are much lower then them.


    • 53
      REALWORLDER says:

      While that gang of spivs and traitors were busy with their factional in fighting and back stabbing for personal gain, the economy was going to hell in handcart.
      Illegal wars, selling off the gold reserves for a pittance and the rest of it, Miliband was up to his scrawny socialist neck in it yet he carries on with an air of wounded innocence when his background comes under scrutiny .


    • 153
      Mrs T says:

      They say a dog is not just for Christmas . But the runt of the litter wants to run your lives.
      Let hope the electorate plays the companionate vet
      , after all its the kindest thing for the country or we’re all fucked
      ( if you pardon my multiculturalism )


  12. 35
    EU Watch says:

    The Span!sh are still not playing ball in G!braltar:


    • 38
      Fish says:

      We’re fuck3d wherever we swim.


    • 41
      Bright Eye says:

      Looks like they have dropped 2 of them


    • 43
      If gibraltar really is like a slice of old fashioned Britain... says:

      Corporal Jones! Phone Pike and Fraser and tell them to come at once to the seafront by the novelty rock emporium. And tell them to bring the Lewis gun!


    • 169
      turn the wave machine on ... says:

      looks a bit like a couple of spics on a pair of lilos with a shed on top … some threat that.


      • 172
        sitting on the dock of the bay ... says:

        its not the belgrano in disguise is it ? ….do we know which way its going No 1 ?


    • 187
      The wizz says:

      Right now tell me, where are the ‘Fisheries Protection Fleet’, austerity? However, after the Iceland confrontation, were they disbanded? I would suggest that we help Gibraltar by shifting a few inshore RN craft into Gibraltar waters and arrest the dago twats.


      • 212
        Sir Bentley Continental says:

        How I yearned to see this headline in the Evening Standard when the Icelandic fishing dispute was resolved:


        No such luck.


  13. 39
    The Daily Mail says:

    Right to left

    mr pink
    mr black
    mr red
    mr yellow


  14. 42
    Mad Bad Al 'Mureder' Campbell says:

    Come sign my petition or I’ll give you the Steafel treatment:


    Over 27,000 signatures so far, most from D r D a v i d K e l l y


  15. 44
    Roger Hargreaves says:

    All look like Mr Tw4t to me.


  16. 46
    Gaye Mann (Mrs) says:

    3/10 for review in the Speccie. Must try harder.


  17. 52
    Cutie says:

    Which right-of-left simpletons are going to bore our eyes off on QT tonight?


    • 57
      Fuck Nose says:

      Does it matter? Hang on while I Google it…..


    • 62
      QT Watch says:

      Here we go:

      G’rant S’happs (punished for mis-deeds in previous life)
      Y’vette C’ooper (Ed Balls’ social worker)
      K’irsty W’illiams (leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats)
      M’ehdi H’asan (mong)
      Q’uentin L’etts (parliamentary sketch writer of the Daily Mail)

      Looks to be a fun line up. Three way B!tch fight between Quent!n, Mehd! and Yvette could be fun.

      The rest of the show likely to be waste of time.


      • 73
        David Pance says:

        Has my Northern Oirland operation folded, dear? No more Live Shite Chat, then?


        • 77
          Mariusz Cieply says:

          Your silly site had so few hitz, we felt it prudent to withdrew our productz from your usages.


      • 95
        Adolph Miliband hated Britain and so does his mutant son. says:

        “M’ehdi H’asan (mong)”

        Beer.. screen.. keyboard.. Thanks!


        • 98
          Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

          You must have a low threshold, dear.


          • Guido Staynes' Pet Daughter says:

            He writes this crap, Elsie. It would be unsportsmanlike of him not to laugh at some of his own posts.


          • Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

            Indeed, dear. Did you, too, vote for The Nazi Party last time around?


          • Guido Staynes' Pet Daughter says:

            Have a sherry and take your tablets, Elsie. This world doesn’t suit you and, by the time you wake up, your beloved Reg will be by your side to moan about over-boiled cabbage and hamster do-dos in the marital bed.


          • Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

            Weighing up the options, I may be able to stagger on for a few more weeks years, dear.


  18. 56
    Crisp Ackham says:

    Brown needs to explain.

    He is hiding.

    At taxpayer’s expense.

    He wrote about about courage.



  19. 63
    Ilias Kasidiaris says:

    Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris and fellow lawmakers Ilias Panagiotaros and Nikos Michos left the court to cheers of “bravo” from patriotic Greek supporters.

    “We will not back down!” Mr Michos told the patriots. “You can only stop us with bullets. Even from the grave, we will rise up – know this well.”

    Later their website published the following statement:

    “Golden Dawn, now stronger and more determined than ever, will continue its legal political struggle to free our land and people from the international loan sharks and domestic servants of foreigners”.

    “Golden Dawn will not die – Greece will be victorious!”


  20. 68
    Self Employed says:

    PM giving Alky Campbell full vent this evening about the DM Group! Cnuts!!

    Mail exists to counter the evil vile axis of Liebour( millibars, Balls, Campbell, McBride etc) & Grauniad & Al-Beeba(Toenails, Further, Davies, Naughtie etc)

    Campbell is a Cnut who is so brass necked !!


    • 76
      Labour are Splitting says:

      Campbell is keeping the story very much alive.

      This will be driving Ed nuts.

      Let Campbell have a bit more of a say, then point out that it is Campbell who is now standing on Ralph’s grave for his own selfish ends.


    • 82
      Anon says:

      Fuck this mild mannered response – keyboard indignation, sorry words to Miliband and his family, generic taunts of the tabloids. I want 100 rabid paparazzi and hacks outside Dacre’s house, taking pictures of him using his toilet, invigilating his family, tapping his phone, unearthing every minor embarrassment, misstep, secret and reporting it in the most grotesque, slanderous tone. Let’s see how he likes that good ole unregulated free press then. Fight fire with fire


      • 128
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        And we also could run news clips of MARXISTS/communists/trotskyists and general socialists dancing on the grave of mrs Thatcher by way of balance?.BBC says no!.


  21. 74
    Don't knock it says:

    {A US patent for a database that uses DNA testing to tell prospective parents which traits their future offspring may inherit has been criticised by experts.

    23andMe says its Family Traits Inheritor Calculator can predict the risk of inheriting specific diseases as well as details such as height, weight, eye colour and even personality.}

    At least you could select out the above 4


  22. 79
    • 80
      Ex Ah! Monika says:

      Where’s the petition for a public hanging of AC? I’ll sign that.


    • 84
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

      Too few people give a shit for a debate, dear. Dacre is a ponce, Campbell a tosser. The vast majority of the human race don’t buy their newspapers or, even, know who the fuck they are.


      • 88
        Pay Attention, Elsie! says:

        Alastair Campbell used to be a Labour MP, FFS!


        • 94
          Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

          I don’t care, dear. I wish he’d continued with his experimentation into the world of electric-guitar twanging.


    • 90
      Someone says:

      Why would I be interested in either of those dimwits?


      • 219
        Sir Bentley Continental says:

        No reason at all. The news cycle is an endless succession of artificial stimuli. As the chimps perceive each new stimulus they set up a chorus of hooting, running about and showing their arses, climbing partway up tree-trunks and jumping down again; then for five seconds they forget what all the fuss was about … just before a new stimulus is shown them and it starts all over again.


    • 99
      nellnewman says:

      How about we get up a petition to ask for an Inquiry into the role of alastaircampbell and bliar in the death of D r D a v i d K e l l y?


      • 117
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        Al Campbell was at G’onville C’aius Cambridge.

        He could be MI-6, but maybe not.

        C’aius is well known recruiting ground.


    • 152
      Pick litter for bennies says:

      Lets have an enquiry into the DODGIE DOSSIER.Campbell,Scarlett,Blair and Brown under oath would be interesting.Hundreds of our brave soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqies need justice.


    • 327
      Tachybaptus says:

      Not Tachybaptus above. I may be daft, but not that daft.

      A message to the fake Tachybaptus: please fuck off and die.


  23. 81
    Gog says:

    Hope the decent section of the media [not much admittedly] are looking at whether No 10 had pre-knowledge or involvement in the Mail’s smears.

    The Tories are no nearer winning an election by fair means are they?


    • 92
      One Man One Vote says:

      Not with a rigged electoral system, no.

      With one vote in Scotland equal to five votes in England, there is no chance of a fair election in 2015.


    • 107
      nellnewman says:

      ‘the decent section of the media’ ? what is that when it’s around?


  24. 85
    Chubby Dave's cat says:

    I was just walking back from the corner shop and there is this girl who looks 12 or something and she has LOL tattooed on her face.


    • 112
      Sir William Waid says:

      Which reminds me of the lady whose boyfriend always called her “honey”. So she asked the tatooist to put a bee on each of her buttocks. When she showed her boyfriend the result, he asked “Who’s BOB?”


  25. 87
    Dan Reed says:

    Come in Gordon Brown, your time is up.


  26. 91
    Adolph Miliband hated Britain and so does his mutant son. says:

    “the Mail’s smears”


    Firstly, I would like to state that I think the Mail is a steaming great pile of wank.

    Nevertheless, I cannot find fault in its statement “Adolph Miliband hated Britain”.

    FFS, he wanted Hitler to win. He wanted to impose a communist government, confiscate all private property and conscript us all into a drone-workforce. He wanted to abolish freedom of choice.

    Given that this wasn’t his country and he frankly had no right to be here after the war, he had a f*cking nerve.


  27. 93
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    The real news tonight:

    Local elections in Aylesbury and St Edmundsbury tonight.
    (h/t @PurpleColumnist )

    Could be gains for both UKIP and the Greens.

    UKIP Aylesbury candidate was attacked whilst canvasing yesterday:



  28. 97
    A Catfish says:

    And people accuse me of being a slimy-skinned, scum-sucking bottom-feeder!


    • 101
      nellnewman says:

      I’d never heard of alastaircampbell being called a catfish before. Thinking about it I think that’s very unfair to catfish – they at least do have a purpose and do some good in the environment they live in.

      alastaircampbell did only harm.


  29. 100

    Both main parties in France approved a law today barring Amazon from shipping bargain books for free.

    Book retailers can only lower the set price by 5%, in an effort to regulate competition between booksellers and to promote reading.

    Despite this, sales dropped by 4.5% in 2012. Lessons will not be learned…

    Needless to say, this law is in breach of EU law, upheld by the French only when it suits them, curiously the opposite to practice in the UK.

    This means the French are mongs for trying to interfere with the market whilst we are mongs for cowering down, in the way we do, to an unelected body. The European acolytes are rich mongs who live at our expense and contribute nothing to the general good.


    • 105
      nellnewman says:

      Tell me again how does barring Amazon from shipping bargain books for free promote reading?


      • 123
        Universal Hiss says:

        By stopping Amazons near monopoly of the book business.

        Amazon binds publishers,does not pay its fair tax share,is a very bad employer,locks people into its Kindle(you only lease books)& are a huge shitty corporation that looks at it’s bottom line.It’s trying to destroy independent bookshops & publishers.

        If you go Amazon’s way there will be only several million self published books that are utter crap that no one will want to buy.

        Authors? Publishers? Who gives a fuck is Amazons view.

        Be very careful what you wish for.


    • 115
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Such interference in the market place makes little sense.

      Did the French include any clauses relating to the delivery of e-books on the Kindle platform ? That may be their next bright idea…


      • 132
        nellnewman says:

        It’s an absolute nonsense. Every avenue to disseminate books and knowledge should be encouraged.

        Mind the French are not the most intellectual on the planet – so their attitude is hardly surprising!


      • 144
        Universal Hiss says:

        Amazon does not believe in a free marketplace.

        DRM on its Kindle. You don’t own the stuff you have bought. You certainly can’t put it on any other device you own.

        I closed my Amazon account six months ago due to their vile behavior. It makes me try harder to find certain things but book buying is no harder.

        Kobo is the way to go for e-books. NO TO DRM.(Last bit for Nell.)


    • 124
      Just another Thursday says:

      Bugger Free books , what about the Foie Gras shutdown?


    • 188

      Bit of a hornet’s nest I seem to have disturbed!

      Since I have between 8,000 and 9,000 books (and do not possess a Kindle though I know someone who does), I can claim to have an interest here.

      My political angle is already expressed, interfere with the m@rket and the law of unintended consequences takes over. BTW, the French also charge VAT (TVA) on books which Britain, to its credit, does not.

      My realpolitik ideas likewise.

      I am never going to pay for reading material that I cannot own, store, retrieve in any manner convenient to me. Ever. Full stop. I do not need to. So to that extent (incl. DRM), and that only, do I agree with UH.

      The French are part of a market. They have not been good at developing it of late and this measure simply delays the day they start to regain ground.

      Their language, despite the use of law, is on the wane. I say that, as a relatively mediocre speaker of it, not rejoicingly but sympathetically. They have gone the wrong way about defending it – in a modern, interconnected world.

      I have possible explanations for this but do not wish to offend them further. :-)


      • 195
        Universal Hiss says:

        Amazon DISTORTS the market.

        It was paid by the government in this country to open its distribution centres.

        How’s that for distorting a market?

        Anyway cat,I’m the only hornet you have disturbed.I don’t think most folk are bothered,but it’s one of my itches that I have to scratch.

        Probably fleas but you’ll know all about the little buggers.


        • 207

          Not for the first time, as I am sure you will know. All governments are whores when it comes to inward investment as I have found out since emigrating. I can own a second home in the UK and not be charged CGT upon disposal. Why? Because I would invest elsewhere otherwise.

          Do I think that is right that I can do that and you, as a resident, cannot? No!

          Do you expect me not to take advantage of that situation? I guess you are decent enough to say no as well.

          Governments fuck their residents as they are captive. Fact. Where I now “live” is exactly the same. So I don’t go there much…

          Since I did not make these rules, I figure that me and mine come first. They are my obligation and I would rather die than fail them. I would not blame you for thinking likewise.


      • 216
        Abigail Hulton says:

        I collect books, books that are particular to my taste and relevant to a certain past. I would no sooner own a Kindle than sleep with a Socialist. Books are beautiful things to hold and savour. The smell of them is wonderful, I am finding Chaucer out of my reach at the moment but am saving for some special editions. I have Hogarth, Lord Byron, the whole toot, all stored away, the only thing that is comparable is riding a decent hunter, and smelling the sweat when you take his saddle of, or the smell of new born pups, sorry, I think that these are so English.


  30. 108
    baroness arsey says:

    After Dave`s dumbed down childrens hour speech, time to man up and get with UKIP unless bliar style world lecture bunce tours beckon which let`s face it would be easier than plaiting the daily fog and pretending to be a conservative.


  31. 109
    n e l l still fearing a knock at the door says:

    scared by my keyboard


    • 146
      nellnewman says:

      Not. Sweety!

      The only people who fear a knock at the door are those who tell lies or do something bad like alastaircampbell, bliar or damianmcbride.


  32. 110
    Ed: My Life in Hampstead says:

    My father loved British furniture. We had lots in our palatial Hamstead home. He would often invite less well-off party comrades to sit in the kitchen during his champagne soirees so they could integrate more multiculturally into society by the aga. When the important guests had gone he would even let them have some left-over canapes and play some of his extensive collection of British folk music. This is one of my favourites, which is in the original Geordie:


  33. 113
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Fishing is still an issue. UK Taxpayers do subsidize industrial EU fishing fleets to the detriment of the UK fishing fleet:


    • 121
      Euro Waffle says:

      Blah blah blah. Donnez-moi un bung, s’il vous plait?


    • 125
      GOD says:

      When the seas fall lifeless, I will grant The UK special dispensation to genetically modify any other life form to taste like cod and flap around a bit.
      The EU can make it’s own arrangements.


      • 136
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        We gave the EU most of our fish and they gave us their unwanted (open borders)criminals-good deal????.


        • 141
          Casual Observer 3 says:

          The UK gave the EU most of its fish, and the EU gave the UK a broken can opener and empty tin in return.


        • 292
          Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

          I bet you Spain would agree with you considering all the UK criminals living there.


          • Bawder Control says:

            There are perfectly sound arrangements for having them returned – if only the Daglos could be bothered to do the paperwork.


      • 138
        Eric Cantona says:

        I think that was one of mine.


  34. 118
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Spent today tearing out pages from lingerie section of the Littlewoods catalogue and leaving in hedgerows around town.


  35. 120
    Just another Thursday says:

    Partial lockdown of US Capitol ends; people may now leave via south door – @ChadPergram
    53 secs ago from twitter.com/ChadPergram by


  36. 122
    Misanthrope says:

    McBride – kiss my arse

    Labour – kiss my arse

    The Mail – kiss my arse

    Righties – kiss my arse

    Lefties – kiss my arse

    Racists – kiss my arse

    Homophobes – kiss my arse

    Tony Blair – kiss my arse

    Nick Clegg – kiss my arse

    Ed Miliband – kiss my arse

    Social workers – kiss my arse

    BBC – kiss my arse

    Muzees – kiss my arse

    Creationists – kiss my arse

    Benefit scroungers – kiss my arse

    Misogynists – kiss my arse

    Upper class toffs – kiss my arse

    Union bosses – kiss my arse

    Hugh Grant – – kiss my arse

    Pàul Dacre – kiss my arse

    Greedy bankers – kiss my arse


  37. 127
  38. 150
    Dr Who says:

    “This article first appeared in the print edition of The Spectator magazine, dated 5 October 2013″


  39. 154
    Hidden Gem in the Internet says:

    Perfect song for Miliband, or other rich MP of your persuasion:

    Check the lyrics:


    A bit ‘Owen Jonesy’ bit listenable:


  40. 164
    The British media are cunts says:

    You can bet that QT and Newsnight will be in full anti Tory anti Mail mode tonight. No doubt drunk jock mong Campbell will be in full force again.


    • 180
      Bigoted, ignorant Tit watch says:

      Is he any relation to Alistair Campbell from Yorkshire, you know the English county where English people are born ?


      • 211
        Liebore's unfettered immigration policy says:

        English people born in Yorkshire?

        What year do you think this is? 1980?


      • 237
        The British media are cunts says:

        Campbell is a fat ginger haired bag pipe playing drunk twat. Of course he’s a jock.


        • 271
          Dont let reality get in the way of your bigoted worldview says:

          On the basis of your continued arseholeness Im minded to think everything you post is a crock of shit.


    • 197
      Monomaniacal bores says:

      Stop whining you tedious old fart. Every day it’s the same mantra: “bbc bbc bbc, newsnight newsnight newsnight”. If the bbc had the monolithic power you believe it has, how did Thatcher manage to win 3 elections? How were the Tories able to stay in office for 18 years? No one forces you to watch the bbc. Don’t like it, don’t pay the licence fee. Lots of people manage to get away with not paying. So stop whining and put up or shut up.


  41. 170
    Let's see what's on telly says:

    Women Behind Bars with Trevor McDonald.

    Mine’s a
    BLOW JOB One of the most popular shooters at parties because of its name. It is a one gulp drink. Usually, the shot is grasped by the teeth and drunk with hands behind the back.


  42. 173
    Muzee school shut down by OFSTED says:

    I can imagine what the lessons were like at this school.

    “In today’s biology class, we’re going to see how women are mentally inferior to men.”

    “For your english essay, I want you to write 500 words on what you would do if one of your wives disobeyed you”.

    “Now, if Brother Abdul kills 14 kuffars and Brother Ibrahim kills 26 kuffars, how many virgins will they be allowed to ràpe in heaven?”


    • 203
      I bet OFSTED backtrack and apologise unreservedly within 48 hours. says:

      I mis-read it as ““In today’s bigotry class, we’re going to see how women are mentally inferior to men.””

      And it was still right!


    • 240
      The British media are cunts says:

      Abdul has six hand grenades and Mohammad as 4 RPG’s. If Fatima gives Abdul 2 suicide vests and 1 to Mohammad how many Ak-47’s will she be able to afford?


  43. 175
    Prophetic: After Labour win in 2015 and Ed has capped energy and been replaced by Harman... says:

    Ahead of it’s time by about 40 years…


  44. 177
    BBC Production assistant says:

    I’d love to get Eric Hobsbawn on Question Time tonight and have been ringing his phone all day though I’ve got no reply to date.


    • 185
      118 118 says:

      Try this, it’s for a close friend

      020 8340 1834


    • 273
      Campbells Directory says:

      Maybe his phone is off the hook, why not pop round personally and invite him. If you dont know his address why not ask Alistair Campbell Im sure he will tweet it for you.


  45. 184
    Ed: My Life in Hampstead says:

    My father disliked all things bourgeois, so he would tell the maid not to wear her uniform on 5th May every year, which was Karl Marx’s birthday.

    He was a very generous man, and would often pay less well-off party comrades to come to our house and earn a few bob helping me practice my ovation face.

    Afterwards, we would all listen to his extensive collection of British folk music. This is one of my favourites, which is in the original Lancastrian:


  46. 192
    Wallace says:

    My dad loved cheese. He never hated it. He fought for cheddar.


  47. 200
    John Prescott says:

    Chicken vindaloo

    Lamb madras

    Sag aloo

    Chicken korma

    Peshwari naan

    Onion raita

    Mango chutney

    King prawn bhuna

    Cobra beer


  48. 201
    Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

    I see that the U.S. has run out of money and the government is beginning to shut down.

    I wish to make it clear that Gordon, Ed and I were not involved on this occasion.


  49. 202
    Future Labour Conference Speech says:

    I always remembered the school motto.

    As a child my heroine was Myra H!ndley.

    Do you remember her ?

    Myra’s crimes, they said, were ‘beyond belief’.

    That was because no one had any imagination then.

    They really didn’t know how to make their desires reality.

    They were not artists like Myra.

    One can smile now at the naivety.

    When on my fifteenth birthday law and order were finally abolished, all those statistics that were a substitute for reality disappeared. The crime rate dropped to zero. Who believed in statistics then ? Only the vital ones.

    In any case, I started to dance. I wanted to defy… gravity.


  50. 213
    albacore says:

    Who gives a rat’s about this fatty McBride
    Whether he’s on Labour’s or the Tories’ side
    Apart from party sphincters and hangers-on?
    Hang the traitorous lot – it’s ALL one big con


  51. 214

    Capitol Hill lockdown: Shots fired at vehicle that refused to stop close to Treasury building

    Maybe someone has died. There was a child in the car who was uninjured.

    Democrats love their children that much.


  52. 215
    Adolph Miliband hated Britain and so does his mutant son. says:

    “Miliband ‘appalled’ after Mail on Sunday sends reporter to memorial” – Telegraph.

    But, curiously, perfectly relaxed about a mad fascist dictator gassing women and children.

    Just like his evil dead dad was perfectly relaxed about a mad dictator gassing women and children. “I hope Hitler defeats Britain [and gasses all the British women and children],” Ed’s dead dad said before he died.


    • 224
      Anne Drecks says:

      The Mail thought it a hoot that a mad dictator was gassing women and children in the thirties and that it might sell a few more copies of it’s sordid bog roll on the back of that suffering.


    • 225
      Lord Rothermere says:

      Really? He sounds like a splendid fellow! I lavished so much praise on Herr Hitler in my publication the Mail that he even sent me a personal letter of thanks. In the Mail, I urged the British to follow the example set by the Nazis, and I ridiculed those who were alleging “Nazi atrocities” by stating quite clearly that they were nothing more than a few isolated acts of violence.


  53. 221
    Socialist workers says:

    I’d like to personally smack every fucking social worker in the country. The entire system is rotten to the core. The social services are infested with far left lunatics who think it’s politically incorrect to remove children from parents who are violent or crack addicts because it’s somehow reactionary and unfair on those who are unemployed violent junkie c-unts.


    • 227
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      This is part of the Frankfurt School Agenda.

      The state is framing the case for making children the property of the state, and to destroy the family unit.

      The social workers are the useful idiots who enable this.

      You do not find this problem existing nearly anywhere near as much in societies which support extended families and still have proper communities.

      It is the state attempting to displace the responsibility of the individual which is responsible for this.


    • 231
      HA HA says:

      You’re an orphan, aren’t you, Steve? No wonder you have such a twisted view of the world.
      P.S. Chewing gum is what nervous, yet-to-be-outed, socialists do


    • 253
      Joyce Thacker says:

      Be fair mate. We did save those kids from growing up with a UKIP family.


    • 260
      Anonymous says:

      Children should never be taken from parents. The parents should only be taken from the kids.

      Lock them up if they are criminals, and care for the children.

      But the issue is that these parents have no value in their children, only seeing their financial value. Fix that first and stop wasting time trying to fix symptoms. Children should cost.


  54. 222
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Fiona Bruce should read the news normally on the item about child killing and social services failure in Birmingham. The slow, overly emotional tone of the reporters sounds like they are taking the p!ss.

    This is concern from the organization that turned a blind eye to child rape on its property for at least 40 years.


  55. 223
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    F!ona Bruce should read the news normally on the item about child killing and soc!al serv!ces failure in B!rmingham. The slow, overly emotional tone of the reporters sounds like they are taking the p!ss.

    This is concern from the organization that turned a blind eye to child abuse on its property for at least 40 years.


    • 242
      Mark Something, ITV News says:

      At least I thank our viewers for bothering to watch our token foray into the complicated world of human goings-on.


    • 244
      The British media are cunts says:

      Yes but the BBC see the r@ping of children on their property by their staff as just a bit of sexual freedom.


    • 246
      anon. says:

      Not only on their property. The helped out the grooming gangs. Called anyone racist who wanted something done about them. There’s really no way of knowing many lives and souls they helped to destroy.


  56. 229
    Saffron says:

    Smears the lifeblood of the Liebour lot what a surprise NOT.
    Cambelltown and his ilk are the pits.
    Millipede is also a rank tosser,arm around a prick saying he wants to dance on Maggies grave,what a message that sends out.
    Many people are now delving into Millipedes family history and are uncovering certain facts.
    I suspect we will see how this pans out and I also suspect it will not be in Millipedes favour.


    • 235
      Steve's Mummy says:

      Will cheese and pickle do, my little soldier?


    • 241
      Abigail Hulton says:

      I do not think that I am being unreasonable here, all I want to know is who is Ed Miliband, he has risen from the farthest ranks, he accuses the likes of my family of sitting under an Oak Tree for five hundred years, actually it is over a Thousand years, and they were not actually sitting under an Oak Tree, rather planting them.

      So I would like to know what Ed Milibands family have been doing for the last, oh say, Five Hundred to a Thousand years before I cast my vote, I think that before I cast my vote, it is a quite reasonable thing to ask.

      I am sure of my background, but, you see, I do not know his.


      • 261
        Universal Hiss says:

        Fair comment.

        However like most I suspect,I don’t know my family background more than three generations back.

        Poor stock. Miners & such.

        I’m not sure if the sins of the Father or Mother are visited on their children. I hope not.

        I’m finding all this red herring territory. It’s hard enough listening to politicians in the here & now & hearing the words & trying to figure out what the meaning is without throwing in genealogy.


  57. 238
    Let's have the truth please Red Ed and the BBC says:

    Was the memorial for Professor Keen held at Guys hospital really just a family affair as the BBC is reporting?

    Not one of us would want reporters gate crashing our Uncle’s last respects from the family.

    But was it just a private family gathering held in Guys hospital?

    I don’t know. But I have my doubts that it was a simple family gathering. Professor Keen was widely known throughout the medical world, he was also politically involved with the NHS and was widely known by many Leftists who support the NHS.

    I strongly suspect that Red Ed and the BBC are not telling the complete story about this “family” memorial service. For a start no way would two reporters be able to gate crash most family gatherings and as the Professor was widely known throughout medicine and politics I would wager many a stranger turned up and many a none family member was invited.

    Was it funded by the NHS?


    • 245
      Mark Something, ITV News says:

      Nobody, apart from you, cares. Get a life.


      • 251
        Abigail Hulton says:

        So, you do not care how your Income Tax is spent, you must be a real joy on a night out, throw you money up the wall do you? You are the one that needs to take care of your life, oh, you may be on some form of Welfare relief, so of course it is easy for you to sit there and tell someone who actually pays Income Tax to get a life.


      • 252
        Never trust any politician to tell the whole truth says:

        Raw nerve eh?

        Looks like Ed’s Faux outrage is unravelling


    • 248
      The British media are cunts says:

      Perhaps they were celebrating Nu Labia’s murder of thousands of proles at the hands of lefty twats in the NHS.


    • 258
      Uncle Who? David Miliband says:

      If it was such an important family gathering for such an important family member. How come David Miliband was Tweeting about having dinner in San Francisco yesterday? He only got round to tweeting about Uncle Harry after his little brother wrote to the Daily Mail today.


    • 259
      Uncle Who? David Miliband says:

      If it was such an important family gathering for such an important family member. How come David Miliband was Tweeting about having dinner in San Francisco yesterday? He only got round to tweeting about Uncle H@rry after his little brother wrote to the Daily Mail today.


  58. 247
    The British media are cunts says:

    Just imagine the BBC outrage if Daily Mail hacks had been shagging little kids on their property for 40 years. It’s not like the BBC. Tried to cover it up or lie about it.


  59. 249
    A Overpriced Truck Rotting by the Road to Port Sudan says:

    My career has been extinct for years. I blame global warming.



  60. 250
    Paul Dacre says:

    A pig’s orgasm lasts 30 minutes and a male lion mates up to 50 times a day.


  61. 257
    Andy Bumhum says:



    • 262
      Ed Moribund says:

      Look…I expect personal attacks on myself…like this..from the right wing press.
      But ..but to attack an old and infirm, yet revered institution that is the NHS…it’s just wrong!

      It’s wrong! The NHS was my family.. so it is dead.now..it can’t fight back.
      But I will fight for it.


    • 270
      Universal Hiss says:

      What did they expect?

      Is this why Alialki is spitting feathers that he’s not on Ed’s rapid rebuttal job scheme for 100k?


    • 272
      Mr Pole Cat says:

      Why do people insult other people by calling them weasels? They are nice animals, far nicer than little John Bercow.


  62. 263
    QT Watch says:

    Yvette C0oper says should not have another lost generation. Admitting that Labour lost the last one ?

    Shapps getting mauled by C0oper on why government has done nothing about jobs. Problem is that private sector has not been investing past 4 years, and Labours investments which contributed to massive UK debt burden have obviously failed also. Shapps should not have been mauled on this issue.

    Dimbleby asks Shapps not to dominate discussion, but Co0per was allowed to run her mouth for a while.

    Immigration problem, undermining ability of young to compete for scarce jobs has not been mentioned so far.


    Other info:

    YouGov/Sun poll CON 35%, LAB 38%, LD 9%, UKIP 10%.
    h/t Lord Ashcroft

    YouGov/Sun poll CON 31%, LAB 41%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%
    – According to source.

    Clegg happy to have UKIP on TV debate:



    • 266
      QT Watch says:

      Medh! gets the Labour activists in the crowd warmed up and whooping with some cheap populism.


      • 269
        QT Watch says:

        … and Dimbleby suggested that people should switch off in droves if Mehd! and Shapps continue arguing.



    • 341
      polygenesis says:

      Pollsters show UKIP support at 10/12% and yet UKIP is getting around 25% of the actual votes cast in more or less every election of the last three months. So why are the pollsters getting it so wrong?


      • 344
        gramma says:

        Using a licked finger in the air to check which way the wind is blowing?
        Polling a Conservative area the one day and a Labour one the next?
        Dependent upon the questions posed, any result can be possible.
        The only one constant in politics is the Beeb who never flinch from their crusade to support Labour and Liberal views and kick the stool away from any other party that dares to raise it’s head above the parapet.


  63. 264
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Looks like “Death camp” Burnham has even more questions to answer.


  64. 265
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Local Election result tonight:


  65. 274
    I see the Evil face of Socialist Labour. says:

    Who is the mental rabble rouser in a pale grey suit, googly eyes and weedy moustache, on Q Time? Care in the Community should be stopped judging by this example of it. Also, did I say that Millliband is a backstabbing scumbag who wants to finish the ruination of this country which he was part of with McMental.


  66. 275
    No prizes for Whities says:


    • 287
      Racism is alive in Black Labour says:

      If white politicians organised events to present white only kids with prizes would Chuka and Abbott be silent?


      • 314
        Shhh don't mention this it does not fit the leftie mindset says:

        Imagine Boris makingtgst tweet with white in it?

        I just cannot understand why they can have a black child award. This inbuilds racism from day 1. Agreed if we had a white child award the howls would raise the moon
        This is quite simply racism that they themselves are creating but as there is a black plod organisation doubt anything will get done


      • 320
        Alice says:

        As lefties they pretend to abhor winners and prizes – except when it suits their inverse racism!

        As someone said, “the best way to create a colour blind future is to practice colour blindness now”


        • 354
          REALWORLDER says:

          ” Colour blindness” is just another means to suppress white consciousness of their own history and culture


  67. 276
    Boom boom says:

    I see the Daily Mail have offered an unreserved apology for Ed Miliband. Whilst thats decent of them I would argue its not their place as the responsibility lies with those who elected him !!!!


    • 285
      Ed: My Life in Hampstead says:

      My father disliked all things to do with apologizing, so he would never apologize for supporting Stalin. Apologising also used to make Stalin angry.

      Instead of apologizing, my father liked to drink champagne and coach me in the art of lying to the public about my beliefs.

      Afterwards, we would all sit round the aga and listen to his extensive collection of British folk music while the maid warmed up our Ovaltine.


  68. 278
    Labour...mendacious expedient sociopaths says:

    yvette the impaler on QT using a violin defending ed milband’s father fiasco
    … followed by medhi using a condensed script all leftie led


  69. 279
    BBC the Labour propaganda machine says:

    The bbc have really packed the QT audience tonight with rent a commie left wing twerps.


  70. 280
    The British media are cunts says:

    Just saw some dopey bitch in the audience on Q.t with teeth like a baddie out of a James Bind film.

    Turned over


  71. 281
    QT Watch says:

    Co0per going on about twisting the words of a dead father to attack son.

    Quentin pointed out that it was not a smear because DM reporting truth. Conceded that MoS actions not acceptable.

    Medh!: Suggested the next step is grave robbing.

    Mehdi asked question: Who hates Britain, or apparently hates Britain more than Ralph Miliband ? Ans. Muzzies.

    Looks like the Labour activists in the audience are strong tonight. Medh! knows how to play a crowd.

    Quentin brings up the Thatcher grave dancing.

    Audience laughing when Quentin says DM is outside the Westminster village. That is partially accurate: The audience is clearly a complete Labour set up.

    Quentin: ‘We don’t approve of political correctness’, got a single strong clap.
    … from a UKIP supporter. :-D

    Made a very good point, laughed at by audience, clapped when said: Did not want socialism back in Britain.

    Labour have got to get better spokespeople in the audience.

    This is a farce tonight.


  72. 283

    Why buy a book that puts money in that Twats pocket ?


  73. 284
    QT Watch says:

    Quentin: ‘There is a danger here that the BBC may have an agenda here.’

    Touché !

    + Very loaded question from the chair. No wonder Dimbleby was suggesting people switch off earlier…


  74. 289
    QT Watch says:

    Member of audience points out that LibLabCon is the EU party which only controls only 30% of UK law, the remaining 70% being EU controlled.

    Shapps lies: Conservatives cannot do anything about EU immigration.

    Quentin makes the point that Ed Ba!!s is a maniac free spender who has put UKIP to the center ground. Asks Yvette if she trusts Ed Ba!!s to do the shopping.


    • 317
      Shhh don't mention this it does not fit the leftie mindset says:

      Since Brown signed Lisbon then he didn’t lie. Suggest you go and che k the rules before posting constant bollox on here to people who actually do know what disaster Brown and About bequeathed us on purpose in that ” tidying up” exercise.


      • 329
        QT Watch says:

        The UK government, whilst signed into Lisbon (irrelevant of whoever signed it) is not able to restrict the free movement of people to the UK.

        People are fully aware that Caroline Flint, Europe Minister at the time, did not read this document before Gordon Brown decided against advice to sign it.

        Cameron is trying to do two things:

        i) Slow down immigration
        ii) Deal with problem of EU nationals taking advantage of UK public services

        Addressing the two issues:

        i) There is not much the government can do other than invoke Article 50 of Lisbon and negotiate a quota system for EU migration. The original request for negotiation has already failed so that is the only option, unless Article 50 is invoked to exit.

        Chapter 2 of Lisbon deals with immigration.

        Article 77 establishes harmonized rules over visa issuance for member states, and removes rights for border checks by member states on internal borders.

        Article 78 deals with common policy for dealing with asylum and massive refugee inflows.

        Article 79 deals with third-country nationals. This allows member states to set immigration quotas for third-country nationals. Third-country nationals are individuals whose original country of original is a non-EU country. This includes those from outside the EU without EU citizenship who may be resident in another member state.

        Article 80 is a statement of solidarity.

        Government is addressing issue of third-country nationals in immigration policy, which it has the right to, however it has ceded control of visa specification to the harmonized EU standard.

        Shapps lied tonight on QT as he stated that similar controls were to be implemented upon internal EU migrants as well, as the questioner had raised in his question.

        The UK cannot deny access to internal migrants or place restrictions upon their ability to remain in the country, and moreover are obliged to allow internal EU migrants to have access to public funds and services in order to survive if such people do not have a means of making a living.



        ii) Cameron is trying, but as with most of the rest of his efforts in office, that effort is disintegrating into farce:



  75. 290
    Jimmy says:

    You should get straight on to Donal and pretend sue him again.


  76. 291
    David says:

    @ Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter)

    I really want to insert myself in you

    Could you hold your hairy bolloks forward a bit whilst I apply the lube ?

    NOW !!!


  77. 294
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:




  78. 295
    The British media are cunts says:

    Fucking hell, just as the This Week sofa got used to the lack of heffers in Fartbott and 5 bellies Smiff along comes Tom Watson.


    • 325
      Alice says:

      This Week has gone completely down the pan and is no longer worth watching. This weeks concluding theme was that Ed Miliband has has come out best from the conference season, ignoring the fact that almost all informed opinion slaughtered his key issue, the fatuous energy price cap plan, and glossing over the truth supporting the Mail’s attack on Miliband’s father.


  79. 297
    And fuck that turkey necked tramp too says:

    Those who still watch this QT shite will surely see through the rigged audience whooping and hollering farce.
    Letts is leagues above the rest of the nonentities…and the Chairman who doesn’t appreciate his biased questions being pulled up


    • 309
      QT Watch says:

      There were two truly nasty moments on UKIP tonight.

      i) Medh! Hasan got the audience worked up and then Quentin spoke. The laugh of derision from the audience had a tone that was far from humor, one would advance: sinister.

      ii) A lone UKIP supporter in the middle of the audience, when speaking: The audience turned on him.

      Definitely not pleasant viewing tonight.


      • 353
        Quentin's best friend, Tristram says:

        If I catch the person who was nasty to my little Quentin, I’ll scratch their eyes out.


    • 355
      REALWORLDER says:

      The sad part about all this is that the BBC under estimate the intelligence of the public by assuming that an audience of whooping, screaming, unwashed underclass, labour voting morons will somehow influence their opinions!


  80. 298
    David says:


    QT! BBC!

    Iv’e got the horn!!!!!


  81. 301
    BBc Red Bottom says:

    ..so the row about Ed Miliband’s grief at his father’s memory continues.

    Now, in other news, no one gives a shit.


  82. 302
    and Badger says:

    My arse is sore


  83. 304
    Liam says:

    BBC is far to right wing baissed


  84. 305
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:


  85. 306
    Mark Something, ITV News says:



  86. 312
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Aylesbury Result:

    On the basis of the results tonight:

    Vote Conservative, Get Lib Dem


  87. 316
    The British media are cunts says:

    You have to wonder why Letts didn’t ask for a show of hands as to who bought the Daily Mail. A newspaper that has 10 times the circulation of the Guardian, yet you just know there would have been no show of hands.

    The laugh is the BBC get away with the biased audience, just about everyone is either a student, employed in the public sector or called Mohammad.

    Not a lot of cab drivers, truckers or builders in the audience.


  88. 337
    Tariq ibn-Ziyad says:

    How is the Caliphate of Discordia coming along, boys? Got my eye on that nice palace of Berlaymont.


  89. 338
    illogical says:

    May I just compliment the poster who has started to use my moniker ‘illogical’ during the last few threads.
    I would request though if they wish to continue borrowing it they reserve their remarks to one off sniping about seperate issues, and not replying [in my name], to those reacting to an original comment of my own.
    Lots of possible nom de plumes out their. Try using a different one SVP.
    Thanks in anticipation…..


    • 342
      ¶©®±¥§¿‖†‡∑∏∩√≠Ω℗‼ says:

      But they are doing this to all of us.


      • 346
        illogical says:

        One of us, or may be both of us is / are Schrodinger’s Cat , and should be requesting the 5 pounds etc. ;)

        My feeling is it must be you since I do not possess the IT know-how to be able to use those crazy cyphers to camouflage my true name.

        On the other hand it could be me playing the innocent ploy card.

        Whoever we are Good morning. Hope the day goes better for you / us.


        • 347
          ¶©®±¥§¿‖†‡∑∏∩√≠Ω℗‼ says:

          They say that one in three of us is homosexual. It is certainly not either of me so I’m afraid, by deductive process etc.. :-)

          Good morning nonetheless.


  90. 343
    ¶©®±¥§¿‖†‡∑∏∩√≠Ω℗‼ says:

    Why should you say that?

    The only people I am prejudiced against are those who call themselves Anonymous.


  91. 345
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    BBC Breakfast has just interviewed Ed Miliband. What a nice BBC/Labour piece of propaganda.
    Just how low will the Miliband/Labour bandwagon stoop for publicity. Sickening is the word that springs to mind.


    • 348
      It's the Mail wot done it says:

      I suggest that you forward your e mail to Dacre at the Daily Mail. He’s given Miliband and Labour a massive boost in the media and probably the polls


    • 349
      Dumbed-down Britain gets on my tits says:

      Where you went wrong was to watch the bbc news in the first place.

      Whilst I never watch BBC TV news, I’ve just tried-out their Android news app. One article was headed “Are hamsters better value than GPs?” and another, regarding bitcoins, mentioned “users concerns [sic]”. So, both inane and illiterate, much like the Telegraph’s website nowadays. I have uninstalled.


    • 350
      gramma says:

      Thin edge of the wedge to introduce Leveson’s plans in full perhaps?
      Only Labour, Z list celebrities and the Beeb to gain from putting a spoke in the wheels of the SKy, Mail free press juggernought etc etc.


      • 361
        John Bull says:

        So it begins to look like the lawyers are in for a few heavy pay packets in the not too distant future! Leveson should effoff back to Oz and stay there. They love kangaroo courts in the Aunty Podes.


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