September 30th, 2013

Red Ed Attacks Hit the Spot


Osborne used his conference speech to go on the attack against Miliband. Comparing him to Karl Marx was always going to be a crowd-pleaser:

“I share none of the pessimism I saw from the Leader of the Opposition last week.

For him the global free market equates to a race to the bottom with the gains being shared among a smaller and smaller group of people.

That is essentially the argument Karl Marx made in Das Kapital.

It is what socialists have always believed. But the irony is this: It is socialism that always brings it about.”

Before delivering a line that was actually quite funny:

“If you want to know the consequences of an Ed Miliband premiership, just look at the plan of the man who knows him best.

His brother. David Miliband. One: leave Parliament. Two: leave politics. Three: leave the country. Four: dedicate your life to International Rescue.

David and Ed Miliband. The greatest sibling rivalry since the Bible. Cain and not very Abel.”

Probably best to forget his “you’re hired” thank you to the Apprentice’s Karen Brady. Fire the speechwriter for that one…


  1. 1
    keith says:

    Oh, sorry I fell asleep when that man was droning on, did the chancellor speak and did I miss something


    • 3
      Rick Nobinson says:


      • 4
        Toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

        I’m 95% confident Labour will not waste trillions of pounds if they are returned to power.


        • 6
          Climate Apologist says:

          I’m 95% certain that I am 95% certain


        • 46
          Simon B says:

          God bless Guido. God bless the Daily Mail. God bless Murdoch and the Sun. With these patriotic forces of good working against the evil reds, the next election will be a shoe-in for the Tory party!


          • Grrr says:

            I’m 95% certain you’re being sarcastic.

            Unless your sarcasm has been swallowed up by the oceans, which means my computer model predictions are all crap.

            More funding please.


          • Snarf says:

            A well-ejerkatid rite wing biznizman wood no it is a “shoo in” and not wat was writ.


          • Simon B says:

            I’m not being sarcastic at all. Without the likes of the DM and Guido, we’d probably be a communist dictatorship right now, with Gulags for productive people and lesbian, b!ack, disabled people running the show.


      • 62
        Bob Diamond Geezer says:

        Osborne is in cuckoo land. At the moment we have a big annual deficit (the difference between what comes in in tax and what is paid out) that is adding to the staggering amount of debt we have built up (on which we pay massive amounts of interest) only once we can eliminate the deficit can we start paying off the debt – let alone fix the roof


        • 74
          john77 says:

          Er, did you fail to notice that is what young Ozzy was saying


          • Bob Diamond Geezer says:

            Yes because he didn’t say that


          • surlyscot says:

            Well Osborne failed to say the deficit at the minute is £1.2 TRILLION QUID – that’s right, TRILLION, by 2015 it will be £1.4 TRILLION,
            bond yields are rising and that’s not good news, did’nt hear him mention any of the aforementioned. Also conspicous by its absence was any mention of ever increasing energy bills, 15% of which goes to pay for uesless fucking bird and bat shredding windmills, still think he’s a good Joe?
            useless twats the lot of them.


    • 16
      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Osborne’s plan is a welfare state for Land-owners…

      Rent-seeker Party v Marxist Party.

      Whoever wins, you lose.


      • 26
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        Same old.


      • 47
        Simon B says:

        Nothing wrong with a welfare state for the rich and land-owners. Without us, the feckless, poor, cr!pples and mong$ would have no dole to scrounge for.


      • 80
        Darren Cahil says:

        Osborne’s plan is a welfare state for Land-owners…[and corporations, PFI ect]

        Rent-seeker [corporate welfare] Party v [strike out]Marxist Party[strike out] bureaucratic labourite party.

        Whoever wins, you lose.

        Fixed :P


  2. 2
    Where's David Moribund? says:

    Silence of the Elder Brother


  3. 5
    Is Chuka for Real? says:


  4. 7
    Jim says:

    So, according to Osborne global financial crisis & Great Depression brought about by socialism. Oxford Modern History degree?


  5. 10
    Obvious Point says:

    The plinth title in front of Osborne is somewhat ironic.


  6. 11
    The pact that dare not speak its name says:

    Shapps was repeatedly quizzed by Andrew Neill on BBC Daily Politics regarding the rumoured running of some sitting eurosceptic Tory MPs as joint candidates with UKIP and if so what would Shapps do as party Chairman. Despite repeated attempts Shapps kept bleating on about to be on the ballot paper as a Tory candidate you had to be wait for it….a Tory candidate….but seemed strangely reluctant to say whether any Tory MP going into an electoral pact with UKIP would remain a candidate for Tory Party(obviously they would as it’s already doubtful that Cameron can win in 2015 so why would he risk withdrawing the whip from a sitting Tory MP to field is own “official Tory” candidate and thereby split the Tory vote on the eve of 2015 General Election especially if the local constituency was backing said MP ? Neill promised Shapps he would come back to the question when they both had more time….don’t hold your breath Andrew….couldn’t be that the leadership to coin Mrs T(being as she is in their thoughts this week) is “Frit ! Frit ! Frit !” could it ????


  7. 14
    George Osborne HR Department says:

    Some else Osborne hired speaks out:

    Is he doing zero hour contracts as well now ?


  8. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Is he taking action against his barber or his going to let the matter drop.


    • 54
      Anonymous says:

      I think the resemblance to Caligula is too much to be mere coincidence.

      And thank you for being so transparently pro-rich, it makes decisions so much easier.


  9. 18
    Winning for Britain says:

    George Osborne is winning for Britain


  10. 19
    RomaBob...picking a pocket or two ! says:

    Great article in the Mail on Sunday, did not know that Red Ed’s father’s first name was Adolph(e) before changing it to Ralph.

    Adolf or Adolph(e) or Ralph or Rolf ?

    Always suspected them to be National Socialists !!


  11. 22
    Anonymous says:

    How long will the deselection and reselection take and won’t this be a bit of a media fest whilst in progress.


  12. 24
    Ric Holden,CCHQ says:

    I seriously fail to understand how anyone, with a shred of concern for their fellow humans, can possibly vote Tory in good conscience.


  13. 25
    Nice hair George says:

    Jim Pickard – Financial Times: “Karl Marx would LOVE HelptoBuy. He’d adore idea of state part-owning people’s dwellings, especially via state-owned banks.”


  14. 30
    Owen Jones says:

    Farage given rousing reception at Tory fringe. Guido Fawkes shouts “we don’t want any coalitions Nigel”.


  15. 31
    Ed Miliband says:

    It’s time to get back to basics. It’s time to get back to 1978.


  16. 32
    Young Ozzy says:

    If only Osborne could drop VAT back to 17.5% this October with a year for the reduction to filter through the inflation figures before the next election.
    That would be a winner and give us “hard workin’ folks” a boost which would go throughout the economy.
    That would easily beat any useless promise offered by Red Ed.

    Are you reading this George?


    • 41
      Keitho says:

      I think that is very near the top of his “To-Do” list.


      • 49
        What is the matter with you? says:

        Returning VAT to the same level it was previous to his Chancellorship is going to make you vote for him?

        It’s so sad to see people stripped of their ability to think clearly and bought off with vague promises, never kept, of stealing slightly less.


      • 53
        Jimmy says:

        Yeah…after reducing corporation tax first (again!)


        • 68
          Yeah, right.... says:

          Well that does make sense. The tax has become all but voluntary for large companies and the public don’t understand it anyway.

          Hence Mail outrage fest on Google paying ‘only’ £11.6m of CT on £36.8m of taxable profit, a rate of 31.52%. They clearly need new accountants.


  17. 33
    Anonymous says:

    It appears all the real action is going on round at Albert Square.


  18. 34
    Porn millionaire watch says:

    Also probably best to forget Karen Bradys association with David Sullivan


  19. 36
    Keitho says:

    How fortunate Britain is to have George Osborne managing her finances. Hard working, bright and fearless. What is also most encouraging is the depth of talent in the Conservative members of government. Hague, May, Grove, Hunt, Hammond, all outstanding individuals and well chosen by Cameron.

    Compare them to Balls, Cooper, Abbott and the like and be thankful we are being protected by the Tories.


  20. 37
    EppingBlogger says:

    You report that the slapstick attack on Miliband pleased the crowd, but are not most of the audience media and PR people. Their opinion is not what matters – it’s the activists (if any) and members who should matter.

    Where are they?


  21. 40
    Michael Gove's mum says:

    Did he interchange ‘Abel’ with ‘able’? Haha. That is SO funny. Ha.




    God that is funny.

    I wonder if there are a team of writers that come up with these things or if inspiration just whacks his scripwriter in the face ‘Bam – Yes, have that! in your face other political party!’


  22. 44
    The Maimed Badger says:

    When eventually someone realises the constrictions of being in the EU are holding us back, it might be too late.


  23. 45
    Bill Quango MP -9 says:

    Cain and not very Abel.- used that one on here a few days ago.

    Good to know O-bo’s spads read the comments.


  24. 50
    Unemployed and skint in Birtley Colliery says:

    I have spent three hours in the Job Centre today and still the bastards refuse to give me any work.

    What is going to be so fucking different when I go tomorrow ?


  25. 64
    George Osborne says:

    Cameron, IDS and myself are the biggest socialists of all

    More money for us (even though we got something for nothing due to birth), and nothing for you scroungers


  26. 67
    A total twat says:

    So the fat idiot, George Osborne is a fan of free markets then is he?

    Then what the fuck are all these housing market props like Help to Buy for, hey?



    • 85
      Darren Cahil says:

      We live in world of free competition, (note the sarcasm)

      Seriously, despite what George ‘I talk to you like you’re an idiot’ Osborne says, there is virtually no competition and there never will be!!!


  27. 72
    Anonymous says:

    That quote in full:

    “I share none of the pessimism I saw from the Leader of the Opposition last week as I have a trust fund and daddy has ensured I’ll never have to get a real job at any time during my life.”

    “I don’t have to pay tax either.”


  28. 86
    Tories are CUNTS says:

    Oh come on now, don’t look so shocked.

    We all know Lord Rothermere – the original owner of the Daily Mail – was a big fan of Hitler. Not just Hitler’s fan – his friend in fact:


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