September 26th, 2013

Vote for Owen Jones!


People always assume there is a lot of animosity between Owen Jones and Guido. This is far from the truth. As Twitter personalities we clash, offline we have been known to break bread together. So it is without hesitation that Guido recommends his readers vote for Owen to win “Twitter Public Personality”  in the public section of the Comment Awards.  It would be nice to see Owen at the champagne breakfast ceremony collect the prize from the sponsors – Barclays and Vodafone…


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      Casual Observer 3 says:

      OJ definitely is worth considering:

      Such wit, charm, and delicious commentary should be recognized with a breakfast fit for a K’ing and lots of publicity.

      Dedicating more of his precious time to getting his opinions and world view across on social media such as Tw!tter is to be encouraged.

      He is truly the face of digital socialism !

      Vote Owen Jones


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        One should really take care here in case The Law of Unintended Consequences bites yer bum.

        Like that Holmes fellow, not Sherlock, the other one…


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          Anonymous says:

          Obviously Owen did not spot the tag loony left


          • Casual Observer 3 says:

            Or ‘SpinWatch’ :-D

            But these details are not important.

            One should not pay attention to the fact that Owen is taking part in a competition which includes only white candidates, and in which 80% of the entrants are male.

            The charge that Owen is involved in a sex!st / rac!st competition may be accurate, but would not help his image.


          • I am really happy today, and will be sharing a lot of comments with you. Now I do not have to follow my sequences, I can pump out the comments much more quickly.
            I would be interested to know whether regulars thought that the sequences were a good idea. I thought that they worked, and they certainly scared off the sockpuppets but there seemed to be a lack of interest in regulars preparing their own copies of the sequence so that they could tell whether comments appearing in my name were real or not. Please let me know.


          • Casual Observer 3 says:

            Sequences worked Ok – but probably better for infuriating the sock puppets more than anything else.

            Most people wouldn’t bother to keep a list: Too much effort. (And I know it would be just cut / paste, but that is too much… :-) )

            Spotting when the sequence was wrong was one thing, but being sensitized that there was a problem so more notice taken of the written style as well as the number was much more effective.

            The only problem now is that the SC moniker, if making a more off hand remark may be treated with undue caution and be considered potential sock puppet more than before.

            Was interesting to see HvR referring to EU existential problems the other day in Tweet, especially considering the need for 3.5bn bailout that was also announced.

            Socialist practices have truly killed the EU by the look of it, and HvR is no where near speaking to Z&rathustra. Ideologically he has been banging rocks with the other monkeys trying to figure out what the black rectangle is. (Do you know ? ;-) ) Time for him to go, and not be replaced with Ed ‘HAL’ Miliband…


          • @9:06 pm

            Did you sockpuppet CO3′s reply as well?

            On what other people thought of my algorithm, I could not give a damn. But I could use it very easily to show that your posts were not genuine as you weedily attempted to improve your vapid prose style and correct your punctuation. But you never successfully guessed the next valid number.

            I may bring it back should I feel like it. Do not expect the same approach.


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          Blue Stratos Guy says:

          Have his balls dropped yet?


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          Casual Observer 3 says:

          Owen’s followers and supporters would be very happy to see him win, as the photo above must fill them with warmth as they struggle on Owen’s behalf.

          Owen is radical, people should see him as being like Farage, leading a UKIP of the left.

          It would be wonderful to see him at a hard earned Champagne breakfast receiving money from large corporations.

          That would help fill those hardest hit by austerity, who Owen speaks for, with true hope in the cold winter months.


          • Glyn H says:

            CO3 says Owen Jones is a radical? To my mind he talks antiquated tosh. That ain’t radical.


          • Casual Observer 3 says:

            Ironic that, isn’t it ;-)


          • Tyke says:

            Give over CO3, has this parasite like other MPs he twitters about ever had a proper job and added to the wealth of this country, that is the measure!

            FFS! Never has ‘Up their own Arses’ been so apt!
            Westminster-Bubble Gum!


          • Casual Observer 3 says:

            Look at this from a different angle.

            Just consider, in light of your observations, just how worthy a recipient of this particular prize Owen is.

            I have been reading his tweets avidly for nearly a year now; the highs, the lows, the good, the bad. It wasn’t that long ago our Owen expressed genuine affection for ‘Colin’. A romance in a lunch-hour that would have made J!lly Co0per weep.

            But it is Owen’s documenting of the social struggle and how thinking evolves on the left which should be recognized.

            There is no Pullitzer prize yet for this new medium: A pity.

            These Tweets are off the radar of the Times Literary Supplement also: A shame.

            Consider these words – exclusive and unavailable anywhere else in the media or print world:

            Owen of course juxtaposing cobblers, the art of shoe making, with headline making, and the news. Genius.

            The last generation had Melvyn Bragg. The Twitter generation has Owen Jones.

            Now, if you don’t understand Owen, it’s Ok. He is a heady brew, complex, deep.

            But do consider voting for him, in this competition.

            Put to one side your doubts, your worries, and just vote.

            Your click could propel Jones into the annals of history as that voice on the left, that voice which shall forever echo loud in the hallowed temple of twitter.



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          broderick crawford says:

          ohh… you mean john holmes

          as IN linda lovelace all those years ago …


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        Old Blue Eyes says:

        I would much rather CHOKE OWEN JONES.


      • 31
        Frank Carson, making a dog's breakfast of things, says:

        “A breakfast fit for a king– (*whistles*) here, King! Here, boy…”

        It’s the way I tell ‘em!


      • 51
        Bill Quango MP -9 says:

        To Owen_Aidrian-Mole_Jones

        “I’m the twitter Queen- youare just a Queen.

        Oi! Jones! If you want the title you’ll have to wrestle me for it..come on bum fluff..Anytime! Anyplace! Anywhere!..”

        {pls note “Anytime! Anyplace! Anywhere!” is an official Sally Barecow trademark }


      • 364
        G Bloom says:

        Vote UKIP!.


      • 367
        That's enough Eds, Ed! says:

        Still a prize knob despite your endorsement, Geed!


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      sun tzu says:

      Keep your friends close and your enemies clothes on.


    • 102
      M says:

      Owen jones should be on every tv channel , just before the election saying what he thinks with his champagne award .
      That”ll show um


    • 118
      Ippikin says:

      Do I detect a hint of sarcasm here.? The boy’s no more than a rampant rave of ideological clap-trap.
      Time he got a job and dicovered the real world.


    • 134
      Anonymous says:

      Is that twitter personality or twat of the year? he would get my vote for the latter


    • 247
      Watcher says:

      What a twerp – Jones needs silencing not any form of recognition, he’s a laughable idiot.


    • 399
      I can see who the real benefit scroungers are - MPs says:



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    Anonymous says:

    Is Jones old enough to be drinking Champagne?


  3. 3
    wrthomson says:

    TWAT of the year!


  4. 4
    Eels. says:

    Oooh God, call me reactionary, but why ever does the world need a Twitter Public Personality award.
    Vapour, all is vapour.


    • 49
      Raymond Baxter (deceased) says:

      We need to know which turds float the highest, I suppose.


    • 159
      D notice needed says:

      whats happening over the guardian hard drives?

      Perhaps OJ can be construed as extension of this HD drive and be shut up.


    • 209
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Politics is like a sewage tank – the biggest chunks rise to the top.

      Oh yes and Owen Jones is a noxious little tw*t whose grip on reality and what normal people deal with is even more tenuous than Ed Millionaireband.


  5. 5
    Get to fuck says:

    Owen drinks champagne every day. His comfortable salary from The Independent means he can afford to, whilst at the same time claiming to be a socialist. If he was a socialist, he’d take a subsistence-only salary, but of course, he’s a typical hypocrite who pontificates about inequality and the evil coalition but quite happily lives a comfy capitalist lifestyle of TV studios, articles and media parties.


  6. 6
    Nobby says:

    Nice trolling by guido


  7. 7
    Talking of the squirt says:


    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      Christ it’s frightening that Jones will get a vote if Milliband gets in next year.


      • 120
        broderick crawford says:

        the year after dearie … may 2015 … i know because …. it s the same time i will be undergoing my three yearly colonoscopy procedure .

        annus horribilis for all then …


      • 166
        Headmaster says:

        I don’t think 16 year-olds are allowed to vote yet


    • 42
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Dan Hodges and Owen Jones, the Fry & Laurie of the 2010′s?

      Only this time, it’s the handsomer blond bloke who’s the poofter?


      • 59

        I would not climb over either of them to get to the other.


        • 87
          Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

          Was Dan Hodges involved in a hefty rear-end shunt whilst not wearing an approved seat belt, dear?
          His face appears to have visited windscreen-land, and beyond.


          • Seriously says:

            Dan lost an eye in a pub brawl in the 90s, though the exact details are sketchy.


          • Your Friendly Neighbourhood Keeping-An-Eye-Out-For-Trouble Service says:

            The story has always been around that it was a case of “beer muscles,” although Dan will swear it happened whilst coming to the defence of a mate who was getting a (possibly well-deserved?) pummeling. The legend has only grown, as it has been claimed it was Dan coming to the aid of an inoffensive meek black person being harassed by a skinhead yobbo or three.


          • redhill rosie says:

            That bit about three yobbos… wasn’t that the great mentalist’s excuse too?


      • 152
        Faggotry is a disease says:

        David & Johnathan, Oscar and Bosie, Elton and Furnish, Ben & Jerry, Mandy and the Brazilian male beach volleyball team?
        Jonesey is unlikely to be a one-boy boy as his rapid rise to BBC favour has shown, he must have passed an awful lot of oral exams to get onto so many different programmes.


    • 52
      Juan Kerr says:

      Why did Coburn not ask Owen the obvious question, “Why aren’t you in school”?


  8. 8
    Really!! says:

    So will Guido be there to instagram Jonesie taking the banks lucre ???
    So funny if he wins. What will he do?


    • 19
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      A photo of Owen enjoying a glass of Champagne and awesome breakfast with Guido or anyone else of high standing, is worth cutting out from the Sun and keeping for posterity.

      Just think of the headlines

      Vote Owen Jones


  9. 9
    Universal Hiss says:

    I better not leave a comment.

    I might be arrested.


  10. 10
    Mick Smetaphor says:

    He always reminds me of one of the Tweenies

    Maybe a little older and more wiser, but not much. A bit like a Tweenies sequel.

    What Jake did next. (Went into sixth form. Got radicalised when he realised some people are richer than him)


  11. 11
    Rob says:

    Those miners oop north would be terribly impressed.


  12. 13
    Not having them again in a hurry. says:

    Onion bhajis produce the nastiest farts. Just a bit of handy advice.


  13. 15
    Ctesibius says:

    Break wind?


  14. 16
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Dear Guido. Not even if Hell freezes over. I’d rather McBride’s “muscle” won it.


  15. 17
    EC1 PhD says:

    OJ + Champagne = worst pop group in history
    OJ + Vodka = tool that he is


  16. 18
    Candle Light says:

    Ed Millibands energy price freeze tactic just goes to prove that it is possible to ensure the lights are off even with someone at home.


  17. 20
    Beep Beep!!! says:


  18. 21
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    What does this idiot know about being working class. Born into a public sector family, dad a lecturer mum a social worker, Oxbridge and The Independant. How can he have any empathy with the white working class of Slough or Bradford as their communities are over run by mass immigration.

    Has he ever had a manual job does he actually know anyone who works on a shop floor


  19. 22
    UKIP, Millitwats new best friends says:

    I would rather drink a cup of cat sick


    • 41
      Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

      Poor old Nige looked like cat sick last week.


      • 44
        UKIP, Millitwats new best friends says:

        He certainly wasn’t blooming.

        Boob boom

        Beat that #31


      • 84
        Anonymous says:

        I wouldnt be surprised if Nigel Farage threw in the towel before the next election.ukip are a right shower and he seems to be only one with a full deck in the whole organisation.He cant go on being chief cook and bottle washer indefinately.


        • 92
          Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

          Well, at least he has a towel.

          Word from Ed Balls is that Dave only needs a flannel.

          Vote UKIP. :-)


        • 154
          Man from the street says:

          Blue anonymous, I’m not sure if you have noticed but spouting bile on hear isn’t changing anyone’s mind on UKIP.

          You are just making yourself look stupid.


          • Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

            It would be awesome if he could find something positive to say about the Conservatives / Coalition, and why we should vote for them.

            Even the Labour Troll’s come on and try to say good things about Miliband et al., while demonstrating poorly educated tourettes.

            IDS is a good egg, Theresa May is a good sell, Dave (when he isn’t doing dumb stuff) has a lot of good selling points.

            The inference from all the bile is that he has nothing good to say, or sell about the Conservative’s.

            Blue Anon:

            If you are unhappy with your own party, come to UKIP :-)


          • I'm calm and am voting UKIP says:



        • 229
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Oh Hello – Do you know what a two-faced hypocrite is when you look in the mirror?

          I ain’t the only one to have noticed your pitiful MO. Hand the fee into the Westminster Arms for when I visit… and claim the growing fund.


        • 365
          DC says:

          The odious Hamiltons must go Nigel, they will be a massive liability at election time, the tabloids will have a field day.


  20. 23
    G. Lette says:

    Most usless crimbo present for Jones would be a fecking shaver


  21. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Groan. A sycophants convention gives an award!


  22. 28
    Prom queen says:

    Was that photo taken this July as he left to join his class mates at his GCSE completion school prom


  23. 29
    The Flying Spaghetti Machine says:

    Twitter Public Personality of 2013 choices:

    Owen Jones      @OwenJones84
    Stephen Fry     @stephenfry
    Caitlin Moran   @caitlinmoran
    John Rentoul    @JohnRentoul
    Jonathan Ross   @wossy

    Owen does stand out as a good choice.


    • 38
      Universal Hiss says:

      Is that it?

      I never,ever want to hear or see anything from any of them.

      Stephen Fry must stand out as the winner of total blackout though.


      • 53
        The Flying Spaghetti Machine says:

        On balance, Owen may be much more worthy to win.

        How else could one rank his wit and knowledge against Stephen Fry for example ?


        • 91
          Anonymous says:

          It’s just the sheer volume.Fry is like a rash on the BBC & Twitter & anywhere else he can shove himself.Sure he’s bright but he doesn’t half winge & hand wring & moan & sigh & witter on & on.

          Owen would be just as rash-like given the chance but as hardly anyone outside Twitter & The Independent has heard of him,he doesn’t count.


    • 61
      Banned says:

      I would blissfully kill them all if I could.


    • 125
      BBC Political Propaganda is in everything you watch says:

      A good choice in comparison with a foul-mouthed, hypocritical narcissist who calls herself a feminist but can’t bring herself to write one serious word about the oppression of women by Islam, two arrogant, talentless BBC leftie luvvies, and a leftie journalist who is infatuated with Tony Blair? The BBC will be all over this – Twitter and Lefties – their two favourite subjects in one.


    • 130
      I can't believe this, I honestly cannot says:

      Ross? Jonathan Ross?
      Who in their right mind would vote for him?
      honestly, a straightforward question.
      Who would vote for Jonathan Ross (besides himself obv)?.


    • 141
      The Public says:

      What an utter waste of battery power


  24. 40
    BBC Political Propaganda is in everything you watch says:

    FGS, Guido, no, no, no.


  25. 43
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    Isn’t the phrase “Twitter personalities” an oxymoron, dear?


    • 142
      Comment of the Day says:

      Of course, you are correct, Elsie. Fortunately, you’ll be dead soon and won’t have to worry about it.


  26. 45
    Owen Jones - Headmaster says:

    from – The Headmaster
    St Crispin’s school for gifted but weedy boys
    Middleclass Town

    Dear Mrs Jones,
    unfortunately young Owen, normally a spirited, if argumentative and wrong headed individual, has begun behaving quite badly.

    He has been wearing his school cap on backwards and wearing his grey flannels down almost below his bottom cheeks. he has been pretending to chew gum and has his hands thrust into his pockets, which contravenes the school dress code.

    And when challenged by Master Bumton, the geography teacher, Owen told him to
    “Mind ya’r all face, man..or you go’in get da man take you ass down, hi-time, yo! Now get y’ass out my crib-hood coz i gonna bust me up some Hose..”

    Whatever that meant.

    Please can you ensure that Owen stays well away from Grand Theft Auto V until he is 18.
    And maybe not even then.

    Ernest Mankini
    St Crispin’s.


    • 114
      Operation Yewtree -Public School division says:

      Dear Ernest, We will have two of our officers round to speak to you regarding some matters which have been drawn to our attention.


  27. 48
  28. 54
    sixupman says:

    But he will not be able to open it until he has finished ‘big school’?


  29. 60
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    Owen Jones is an arsewipe.


  30. 62
    barkingspider1 says:

    Oh, look – yet another champagne socialist in a limo…… obnoxious, little s**t!


  31. 64
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    So now the big energy companies have advertised their price freeze option widely, if wholesale prices go down and people find themselves locked in to the higher price, could they successfully spin the blame back to Miliband ?

    If this also leads to a reduction in investment, can that also be spun back ?

    What impact to pension funds as well with the GBP 2bn wiped off energy stocks today as well ?

    This apparent ‘victory’ has a pyrrhic feel, like Syr!a.


  32. 66
    MB. says:

    Do I detect a slight bit of ‘tongue in cheek’ from Guido? :-)

    “from the sponsors – Barclays and Vodafone…”


  33. 68

    Let’s talk about Owain Glyndŵr, last Welshman to be Tywysog Cymru and William Jones, philologist, who first discovered the relationship between Sanskrit and the European languages thus creating the Indo-European family of languages (His father loved eating π.)

    Let us steer away from this self-serving weed.


    • 81
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      That would be better, but this post is clearly in the gutter, and should be left there.

      Trying to raise it would cost credibility; helping to raze it is much more fun.

      Gardening gloves on, this may not be an uphill affair.


    • 86
      Sir William Waid says:

      The Tudors were Welsh, so that makes Princes Arthur, Henry and Edward Welsh Princes of Wales, surely?


      • 147

        With all due deference, and those tosh expressions which people use when they are being insincere, but not of course in my case, we are talking of folk who primarily thought of themselves as Welsh, spoke Cymraeg as a first language, had the ancient Briton bodily characteristics of dark hair and hairy bollocks (even the women – OK I made that bit up – sorry my friend Paragnostic, do you still ever visit these pages now?)

        Those you mention clearly do not fit the bill.


      • 156
        Ctesibius says:

        “The Welsh character is an interesting study,” said Dr. Fagan. “I have often considered writing a little monograph on the subject, but I was afraid it might make me unpopular in the village. The ignorant speak of them as Celts, which is of course wholly erroneous. They are of pure Iberian stock– the aboriginal inhabitants of Europe who survive only in Portugal and the Basque district. Celts readily intermarry with their neighbours and absorb them. From the earliest times the Welsh have been looked upon as an unclean people. It is thus that they have preserved their racial integrity. Their sons and daughters rarely mate with human-kind except their own blood relations. In Wales there was no need for legislation to prevent the conquering people intermarrying with the conquered. In Ireland that was necessary, for there intermarriage was a political matter. In Wales it was moral. I hope, by the way, you have no Welsh blood?”

        “None whatever,” said Paul.

        “I was sure you had not, but one cannot be too careful. I once spoke of this subject to the sixth form and learned later that one of them had a Welsh grandmother. I am afraid it hurt his feelings terribly, poor little chap. She came from Pembrokeshire, too, which is of course quite a different matter. I often think,” he continued, “that we can trace almost all the disasters of English history to the influence of Wales. Think of Edward of Carnarvon, the first Prince of Wales, a perverse life, Pennyfeather, and an unseemly death, then the Tudors and the dissolution of the Church, then Lloyd George, the temperance movement, Nonconformity and lust stalking hand in hand through the country, wasting and ravaging. But perhaps you think I exaggerate? I have a certain rhetorical tendency, I admit.”

        “No, no,” said Paul.

        “The Welsh,” said the Doctor, “are the only nation in the world that has produced no graphic or plastic art, no architecture, no drama. They just sing,” he said with disgust, “sing and blow down wind instruments of plated silver….”

        –Dr. Fagan, a schoolmaster in Decline and Fall (1928), by Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966)


        • 182

          Fantastic passage to quote, Ctesibius, and Evelyn was a mischievous old boy, not to mention a bit of a woofta, as you well know but I have three names to counter Dr Fagan’s claim:

          Clough Williams-Ellis

          All belonging to the same person of course. Like his next door neighbour at Plas Penrhyn, a socialist, unfortunately. Despite that a man of considerable vision.


    • 264
      Ippikin says:

      Trouble is that Owain was ultimately a loser, bold and brave as he may have been, miguided also fits the bill.


  34. 70
    Anonymous says:


  35. 73
    Why you should vote for OJ says:

    You don’t get exchanges like this on those other stuffy timelines:


  36. 77
    Ted Heath says:

    Champagne Socialist


  37. 78
    RomaBob, picking a pocket or two... says:

    Hmmmmmmm ‘e is not the Messiah, ‘e is a very naughty boy !


  38. 82
    Don't vote it only encourages them says:

    According to a survey, 40% of twats provide “pointless babble”.


  39. 83
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve a nephew like Owen Jones. A complete prat, but I love him.


  40. 90
    Anonymous says:

    Almost had enough of these people.


  41. 95
    The Maimed Badger says:

    Come on Guido, let’s have a Graph on the Rise of Socialism & the Decline of Britain as a World Power / Empire


  42. 97
    Question Brine says:

    On QT tonight:

    Michael Gove, Wee Dougie Alexander, UKIP candidate Patrick O’Flynn, Will Self and journalist Louise Cooper.

    A UKIPPER on the panel should prove interesting.


    • 106
      A Noob to Planet Earth says:

      Oh, OK. We quite like Will Self where I come from. I’ll tweak the coat-hanger and see if can’t beam it back home.
      Do you have Tescos on this crumby rock?


      • 169 says:

        We do have a presence but we can’t match Sainsburys fish fingers between the wholemeal bread come-on, I’m afraid.
        See in-store for food ideas.


    • 111
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      Be good to hear what O’Flynn and Gove have to save.

      Wee Dougie ‘I knifed my sister to further my own political career according to McBride’ Alexander could be asked an awkward question or two.

      Will Self: Why ??? Owen Jones would be more relevant.


    • 140
      S.Lutt says:

      Think I’ll go and clean behind the fridge when that’s on.


  43. 103
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Get That Champagne Out Mother !!

    ITS KICK IDS and his ”Nasty Party” IN THE BOLLOCKS PARTY TIME !!

    A blind person took IDS and his Nasty Tory party to court and won. !! GOTCHA !!!

    My day has been elevated – thank you Surinder Lall. A BIG THANK YOU !!



    • 107
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Adherents of the religion of Peas don’t touch alcohol. Have a nice cup of tea instead and arrange a long time all night with a Somalian Jihadess.


    • 157
      The Labour Party says:

      We lied through our teeth to start an illegal war and kill 500,000 civilians. We sat back and did nothing while the NHS murdered tens of thousands of Britons. We flooded the country with millions of immigrants and now our supporters can’t find jobs.

      But.. it’s the Tories who are nasty!


  44. 105
    BAFTA committee says:

    I’ve nominated Jones for the catagories of ‘Straw man argument of the year’,’ Made up statistics of the year’ and ‘irritating c unt of the year who is not Laurie Penny’.


    • 126
      BBC Spokesperson says:

      We love Owen and Penny Red. That’s why we have them on so much, giving their balanced views to counteract any given by nasty Tory NF sympathisers.


  45. 108
    In the absence of Alan Bates and Oliver Reed says:

    Any truth inthe rumour that Ian Dale and Stuart Holmes are to appear intheChristmas Special of Strictly Come Dancing ?


  46. 139
    Geedo's a bit behind the curve on this news says:

    First Geedo fails to report on Eric Joyce being charged with assault and facing trial next year. Now he’s behind the curve on Lord Rennard getting off the hook.

    There is “insufficient evidence” to prosecute former Liberal Democrat chief executive Lord Rennard over allegations of sexual touching, the Metropolitan Police have said.

    The peer had been accused by female activists of inappropriate behaviour between 2003 and 2007.

    Lord Rennard, who denied the allegations, said he was “not surprised” he had not been charged.

    But the Lib Dems are to resume their own disciplinary investigation.

    A number of women accused the peer of abusing his position by inappropriately touching and propositioning them.

    In February, Scotland Yard began looking into whether any criminal activity had taken place and Lord Rennard was questioned in June.


  47. 145
    Cowardly Turncoat Watch says:

    Guido, you are a weasel. This is all about positioning your blog for when your mates in the Tory party are dr iv en from power and UKIP fail to make it into parliament.


  48. 146
    little c'unt needs twatting... says:

    could we make sure henry paul picks him up for the awards ceremony thanks


  49. 151
    Lord Rennard says:

    Old news. I’ve couriered a copy of this LP to all the woman concerned -


  50. 164
    Feeble commenter says:

    Corporal Jones was not as young as he looked. “Don’t panic, Captain Mainwaring”. That was his catchphrase.


  51. 167


    Someone to share cell with Charles Taylor at Wormwood Scrubs?
    Must be completely unethical.
    Preferred age 60 (as of 6 May this year.)


  52. 171
    Owen Jones's mum says:

    Thank you, Mr Faawkes. Did you get Owen a nice fizzy bottle of lemonade so he can shake it and pop the lid and pretend he’s drinking champagne with the grown ups?

    When he’s finished, please send him home to clean his gerbil cage. His gerbil looks like it has been rolling around in poo again.


  53. 173
    RIP David Kelly says:

    Break bread, I’d sooner break his head, he is a tnuc of the highest order whose sole purpose in life is to destroy this country and all those who work to improve themselves and their lot!


  54. 174
    Rip Van Winkle says:



  55. 175
    Owen Jones's mum says:

    Vagina, Elsie?


    • 177
      I've done it again says:

      Time to do something different.


      • 184
        Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

        Ha ha, sunshine. When you work/drink hard all day, pissing about on these poncy blogs becomes mind-numbingly fiddly and I’d sooner be throwing darts at something real, that actually moves, than typing bollocks that one person reads, dear.

        Must motor – the afterburner on The Corsair is letting gas.


  56. 181
    Reader says:

    If you are willing to spend more than a nanosecond in the company of the phoney Owen Jones, your judgement is seriously impaired, Guido


  57. 183
    Penfold says:

    Can I vote for him to be expunged from existence?


  58. 189
    mrsshitrit says:

    no no no no no no no no no no non non non non twinkle please no


  59. 190
    Anonymous says:

    I didn’t think this dickhead had a personality.


  60. 191

    God’s hairy bollocks!

    This is wrong! just plain wrong.

    That is all.


  61. 193
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Tory is a bye word for vile today.

    Where did the conservatives with a social conscience go to?

    They seem to have been replaced by ideological clones without human sympathy. A psychopaths party. With a trash PR guy fronting them up


    • 200
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      They came to UKIP.

      Where those in Labour with a social conscience are now coming.

      Come join the party, if you like.

      Vote UKIP.


    • 205
      REALWORLDER says:

      Do you think having a social conscience means confiscating the income of working people in order to subsidise the benefits for gangs of scrounging parasites, and others on the public payroll?


      • 225
        Land Rover/Toyota Land Cruiser on weekends Amazing Brit! says:

        Get off my land. Tenants! Pff! Now as a senior non-exec direc. with an erec. for (water/rail/electric/gas/roads take your pick) I think I’ll give Dave’s party grandee a round of golf tomorrow and then lunch with Miliband’s peers on Sat. It’s about time you employees learn to grovel properly.


  62. 195
    Sarah McRuin tweets says:

    Managed to buy Gord one of those nice Halloween costumes from Asda before they stopped selling them.


    • 246
      Whippet lover says:

      But how could you tell if he was wearing it?


    • 250
      Alistair Dossier says:

      You are an evil woman..Those costumes..with the blood on the straitjacket are an insult to poor…poor ill individuals..people who have mental problems..and bad…bad dreams.

      Really bad dreams..dreams that mean they can never sleep properly..

      Some of these people see in their dreams ..wells. in the desert..Like at an oasis..And when the dreamer..who is very thirsty..approaches he rejoices and he lowers the bucket down to the cool water.

      But the bucket makes a dull, splatting ‘ thonk’ noise at the bottom.
      ..And the dreamer looks into the well and it is full of bodies. Slain innocent Iraqi victims from car bombs. And accidental shootings. And failed kidnapping and sectarian murder…

      But the dreamer..lets call him Al..bert..yes.let’s say..Albert..He is so thirsty that he has to drink ..
      So he drinks the red, bloody water from the body filled well in the desert.

      I wonder what that dream means?


  63. 197
    Vermin says:

    I’d shove a red hot knitting needle down my Japs eye before I ‘d vote for that vile little Hunt.

    Shame on you Guido. Shame on you.


  64. 201
    Anonymous says:

    How many times has Owen Jones been on the BBC today?


  65. 206
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    More private sector ripoffs for the taxpayer…

    “Nine A4e employees charged with fraud

    Nine who worked for Emma Harrison’s training company alleged to have forged documentation involved in reward payments”


  66. 208
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    “Energy price freeze: former Tory minister backs Ed Miliband plan

    Anthony Nelson, who served in John Major’s government, says action is needed because energy market is not working properly”


    • 214
      REALWORLDER says:

      Easy done, get rid of the ludicrous green taxes and zero rate domestic energy for VAT!


    • 215
      A Labour troll says:

      Everyone s talking about Ed; stopped a war and took on energy companies. Meanwhile Cameron defends bonuses. What more do you need to know? Strange how Tories have suddenly lost interest in the suffering of Syrian children


      • 220
        Dreaming of the new Liebour world says:

        Lol, Ed stopped the war, planet Zog is next door, Ed waited until 1700hrs when the polls asking the public what they thought were out before making his mind up, it’s just like Broon saving the world, another Liebour dream.


    • 217
      Mousey Mousey mouse you are a scouse says:

      Mousey shouldn’t you be moaning to your mate red Ed, wasn’t he in charge of energy at sometime during the 1997/2010 Liebour reign of terror, what with the fuel escalator and rates rises and the CO2 scam and all those Global warming laws you couldn’t expect anything else but energy to rise.


    • 219
      M103 says:

      Well done Anthony Nelson, nice to learn that someone from the Tory sector is being very honest. Miliband is totally right. As for the greedy self serving energy companies they can squeal all they like.


      • 221
        Stuart Thomason says:

        Big corporations have been riding roughshod over the good people of this country for far too long. Between excessive profits, transfer pricing, tax dodging and huge, huge bonuses this has been a trough these money hogs have been dipping into for far too long. The scare stories from the energy companies are, quite frankly, disgusting and for the super-pig Mandelson to dig his manky snout in for his own financial gain adds hypocritical insult to the severe injury these merchants of greed have already inflicted. Well done Ed, you have already done better. Keep up the good work.


        • 227
          Tax!, who pays tax says:

          What do you expect from big business, they bought the political rights and now want to get their money’s worth.


      • 236
        Ed and Len bust machine says:

        M103 squeal they might but you will be squealing shortly when the investment dries up as a result and the fecking lights go out. Go out they will and lets hope your pc runs on fecking candles because by the the time ed and Len ave finished that’s all you will have left. I speak from experience from the 1970′s


  67. 213
    We all wait hell it's hot says:

    Sorry G, I would need hell to freeze over, before I voted for the schoolboy even then I’d jump on my pen and pull the router from the phone line .


  68. 216
    robbie says:

    Please don’t vote for this twat. It will just encourage him. I’m surprised at you Guido, but maybe your head is still swirling after you fell by tripping up over his umbilical cord.


  69. 222
    Land Rover/Toyota Land Cruiser on weekends Amazing Brit! says:



  70. 228
    Europe is almost bust, rejoice rejoice says:

    The European Union last night demanded a £3.5 billion bailout from national governments, amid warnings it will run out of cash within months.
    In a blunt admission the EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski said: ‘We need additional funds to meet our legal obligations.’
    Britain’s share will be about £450 million.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    • 232
      British Citizen says:

      We should not pay them a penny.

      They promised to reform the CAP but then refused to. They have not produced a legal set of accounts in years. They are anti-democratic and corrupt. They are openly anti-Britain. The EU should go to hell.


    • 234
      burkers be gone says:

      Not a squeak on this anywhere else, still its only half a billion or so. UK news is so dumbed down that have taken to watching Russia Today and Al Jaz.


    • 239
      A Citizen says:

      EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski should be put in prison for running a fraudulent operation. He and the rest of the commissioners should certainly have all his salary, personal assets and bank accounts frozen while the missing money is sought.


    • 244
      Dave the financially incompetent gay loving bastard says:

      Mere peanuts. £450 million is only the same as the amount I borrow every 36 hours, day after day after every fucking day.


      • 252
        Never Give in to Blackmail says:

        £450 million is just what they are admitting to wanting now. It will be more, you can bet your life on it.


      • 253
        Left wing mong troll spotter says:

        As a result of all the labour promises. I don’t mind you making the fucking point you Cnut but you never come up with a solution or mention the party that created this almighty cluster feckin the first p,ace



        • 267

          Dave failed to win a majority in spite of Gorgon’s diabolical fuck up.
          He formed a coalition with the LibDumps. He’s doubling the Debt left by the Liebour morons. All the bastard has done is legalise gay marriage.
          He is not fit to be Prime Minister.


          • cock and bum fun says:

            Typically narrow minded comment – you should join UKIP you bigot.

            What greater achievement could there be than to enable sodomites to take each up the aisle.



  71. 230
    British Citizen says:

    EU ‘will run out of cash in months’: Member states asked for £3.5billion to stay afloat… and Britain is told to hand over £450million

    We should not pay them a penny.

    They promised to reform the CAP but then refused to. They have not produced a legal set of accounts in years. They are anti-democratic and corrupt. They are openly anti-Britain. The EU should go to hell.


  72. 231
    Owen Jones says:



  73. 241
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Droughts, even seven year droughts happen.

    I do wish all the headless chicken’s running around as if it was the end of the world would – GET OVER IT.


  74. 254
    Moussa Cous Cous says:

    I cut and paste and paste and cut and cut and paste and paste and cut..gizza a job, Ed..I can write your speeches out of cut’n’pastes from the Guardian.


    • 257
      Land Rover/Toyota Land Cruiser on weekends Amazing Brit! says:

      On which note, spotted elsewhere (New Statesman): Feat. 4:
      Tom Watson on Grand Theft Auto
      He’s a man of the people! Likes lots of lunches too.


  75. 262
    Whippet lover says:

    Owen Jones doesn’t need to puff himself up any more than he already does.


  76. 263
    Prick Robinson impartial BBC mong says:

    Owen Jones spouting shite on the BBC again.


  77. 265
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Iain Dale accepts police caution, admits his foreplay techniques need work on.


  78. 268
    QT Watch says:

    O’Flynn on QT points out the Miliband was responsible for green energy policy, and now appears to be standing back. Also questioned whether green subsidy and investment in green energy had bought a government blind eye to some of the irregularities in pricing.

    Alexander is looking like a frightened rabbit.

    Will Self has also pointed out that energy market does not work as energy is not a fungible good.

    Alexander is claiming that Centrica has highest profit, but lowest investment in terms of energy production. This latter point is likely because the green energy production being invested in is low capacity: Worst bang for buck in terms of investment.


  79. 270
    QT Watch says:

    Is Ed M right man to be PM ?

    Will Self brought up McBride, Alexander looks very uncomfortable. Self pointed out that there did not seem to be many ‘friends’ according to McBride. Thinks Ed good.

    O’Flynn, wearing a UKIP tie, said neither Dave / Ed good. Ed M: ‘comfort blanket for Labour activitsts’ Not good as they will take UK further into EU.

    Alexander thinks Ed good, wearing a blue tie.

    Gove is wearing a purple tie.

    Talking about debate, Gove would not comment on whether UKIP should be present or not. Southshield byelection changed Miliband’s mind on the issue. Gove on Milibands speech: did not mention education, social mobility, but otherwise a bravura speech. Feels Miliband is not willing to stand up to people holding back progress in Labour. Gove held up piece of plain paper to show Labour Education policy.

    The polls say:


  80. 271
    QT Watch says:

    Labour education policy, demonstrated by Gove:



  81. 272
    Browned says:

    Wee Dougie Alexander has just landed Gordon Brown in the shit by clearly implying Brown knew what McPoison was up to. A lot of you slam Dimbleby but he put Alexander on the spot and pressed him over Brown for a few minutes.


  82. 273
    QT Watch says:

    Danny Alexander confirms he sought McBrides sacking, and spoke to Gordon Brown. Then denied Brown had knowledge.

    Alexander, questioned by Gove, confirmed that Miliband, Darling also did, but would not confirm Ed Balls.

    Still maintained that Brown had no knowledge.

    Will Self: ‘Politics is show business for ugly people’

    Gove: Douglas Alexander is politician who would not be involved in activities such as that which McBride was engaged in. (What about his sister though ???)

    Will Self: Pointed out that Gove was a master of the dark arts.

    O’Flynn criticised Gove’s lack of support for Grammar school, but pointed out he was a massive improvement on Balls. Several in the audience raised the issue of Gove’s no confidence from NUT.


    • 350
      Juan Kerr says:

      Careful now, Danny is the Beaker lookalike in the Libdems. Think you mean wee Dougie.


      • 353
        QT Watch says:

        Yes – whoops – wee Dougie Alexander did indeed confirm that Gordon was made aware of McBride’s activities, asked to fire him, but did not.

        YouGov/Sun Poll Tonight:

        Lab   : 40% 
        Con   : 33%
        UKIP  : 11% 
        LD    :  9% 


  83. 275
    burkers be gone says:

    Rabbit stare Alexander preaching the usual “be vigilant in shopping centres”. Not good enough. Ban face coverings and better still the whole cloak. Time for big change.

    UK–leading terror exporters need to clean up their population.


  84. 279
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:



  85. 281
    QT Watch says:

    Will Self puts good argument against living in police state – points out that people living in London should be more anxious about their children being killed in road accident than terrorist incident: Statistically, much more likely to be killed by car in London.

    Some pro-Kenyan government mong in the audience called for more support to be given to the Kenyan government.

    Gove tells Self to shut up on the issue of terrorism, Self asks Gove if he wants to take it outside.

    Scrapping HS2 question got a big clap from the audience, apparently in support of scrapping it.


    • 291
      QT Watch, the UKIP view says:

      I salute the Kenyan gentleman in the QT audience who stood up to Will Self, and declared the Islamists “evil”.

      It was a breath of Kenyan fresh air after all these cowards in the UK who will not stand up and say what needs to be said.


    • 292
      Biased BBC cutbacks-wallah says:

      We saw it, dickhead. Get a job.


    • 334
      Alice says:

      What twisted thinking that is! That because fewer people have been killed by Islamic terrorism so far than by road accidents we should all relax and forget about it, ffs!


      • 341
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        Will is a keen pedestrian so the dangers of road transport are always uppermost in his mind.

        Actually he has a point – you are far more likely to mown down by a twittering yummy mummy in a 4×4 on a zebra crossing than bombed by a jihadist in the UK.


      • 343
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        The point is valid, but totally ignoring terrorism is not possible.

        I think the point he was trying to make was that instead of being in a permanent state of irrational paranoia about terrorism in the UK, and allowing this to affect daily life unnecessarily, it would be better for government to be a bit more responsible in how it gets the message across and how the media report.

        People should get risks into perspective.

        Looking at it from this point of view, it is cheaper and easier for government to have people worried about terrorism, a threat they know is quite low in the UK. Government can then look good without actually doing much, whilst at the same time maintaining order by projecting fear easily. There is also issue of money being directed to foreign aid / arms companies also.

        If people did wake up to the fact that the roads are very dangerous and very much a clear and present danger day to day, then people would start to ask for something to be done about that. Difficult for government to deliver on, and very expensive to address.

        He didn’t make the point quite like this as he was shouted down by Alexander and Gove quite swiftly, but that was the direction he was going in.


        • 358
          Anonymous says:

          “in a permanent state of irrational paranoia about terrorism in the UK” Really? Have you noticed what’s happening around the world? Islamic terrors are everywhere. The nutters would do anything to strike here.
          The moment we drop our guard the relative risk, in that fatuous analogy, will reverse. And some!


          • Dr Strangelove says:

            Comparing road traffic accidents to terrorism is a bit silly. The lethal capacity of one motor vehicle is limited to perhaps a dozen deaths at any one time, the lethal capacity of a terrorist is unquantifiable.


          • but says:

            Road accidents aren’t caused by religious nutters
            who treat women worse than animals and are
            intent on ruling the world.


  86. 282
    Fireworks says:

    Popcorn fans! If you’ve avoided Question Time, you’ve missed a corker. A few minutes ago Michael Gove lost his temper with leftie twat Will Self and it was a blinder of an outburst. Unbelievably, Self then attempted a pathetic joke saying “let’s take it outside”. I expect Guido will upload it tomorrow.


  87. 283
    QT Watch, the UKIP view says:

    Patrick O’Flynn the UKIP candidate and Daily Express chief political commentator
    doing very well and sounding the most sensible of the lot.

    Will Self, as much as I’d like to like him, always blows it at some point in his desire to subjugate himself and his country to Islamism.


  88. 284
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Who is Louise Cooper? She’s a fucking idiot.

    Will Self almost talking sense at one point but then reverted to being a childish, petulant dick – “Let’s take it outside”


    • 305
      QT Watch, the UKIP view says:

      Will Self revealing a rather nasty misogynist streak as he referred to her sneeringly as this woman on the panel.

      He won’t get to lefty heaven like that.


      • 315
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        He’s married to Debbie Orr for God’s sake. Surely he’s made enough sacrifices for the Sisterhood by that, so allow him a bit of misogyny when he’s off the leash.


  89. 287
    QT Watch says:

    Louise Co0per quotes:

    - ‘Economic analysis, schmalysis’
    - ‘I’ll let you into a secret: Economic models don’t work’

    It must be getting late, and she hasn’t been able to contribute on any other issue as the audience seems to be not full of activists and somewhat smart tonight.


  90. 288
    anon says:

    God help us if Self ever got near running this country. What a tosser.


  91. 293
  92. 295
    QT Watch says:

    Can somebody please tell this c’unt to just fuck off out the UK:

    - Persona non grata / #chilcot


    • 302
      Justice says:

      I want him to stay, preferably living out his days alone on a sink estate surrounded by Roma metal thieves and Iragi refugees.


      • 326
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        He’d be organising the metal theives in no time and sending stern letters to the editor of the local freesheet about what an unfair image the portray of the poor Roma.

        Not sure who the Iragis are but I’m sure Ali would have them on side.


    • 392
      BBC Political Propaganda is in everything you watch says:

      Are the BBC going to give him his own chat show next? Just in time to influence the General Election?


  93. 299
    What a minger says:

    Christ on a bike, if you thought Osborne’s hairstyle was bad, Jacqui Seven Bellies on This Week has a hairstyle that makes the phrase Bad Hair Day the understatement of the decade. And she now has a quadruple chin. Imagine waking up next to that.


  94. 316
    What a minger says:

    Seven Bellies just admitted everyone in Labour knew what McPoison was up to.


  95. 330
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    SO WHAT ??


  96. 336
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    On ‘This Week’: Jacqui Smith. all saucy grins, when asked about Damian McBride and if people knew what he was getting up to, and says ‘Look, I knew what Damian Bride was getting up to. Lots of us knew what Damian McBride was getting up to.’

    She has some brass neck when she denies that all of politics was like that, recalling the Damian Green affair which saw her out of office.

    Seems to have fond memories of him…


  97. 340
    The British Public says:

    When are we going to re-nationalize the BBC?


  98. 357
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Real socialists drink IrnBru.


  99. 360
    Anonymous says:

    is he old enough to have a drink?


  100. 361
    Genesis 38:9 says:

    Why attempt to give up masturbation when you can so easily post something on Guido Fawkes blog?


  101. 362
    StevieBC says:

    And who is this 12 year old ‘Owen’ then?
    …no it’s OK I’ve lost interest…


  102. 368
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Who exactly is this Owen Jones character?

    I have never heard of him other than here.


  103. 371
    TWat's Son says:

    Has OJ ever had a proper job?


  104. 378
    Burl Ives says:

    The fox released to chase chicks again. Must be a mighty -fine town-o


  105. 379
    Bleedin' Obvious says:

    BBC:- ‘Sleep – key to tackling obesity’

    The longer these fatties sleep, the less time they have to eat. Next.


  106. 388
    om Catesby says:

    Who is this Owen Jones? Should a fourteen year old have charge of a full champagne bottle?


  107. 396
    Anonymous says:

    Grow your own Owen Jones. Perhaps the BBC could use and save some cash?


  108. 398
    uh says:



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