September 26th, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Blunt-ly Rejected By Conservative Association
Executive Votes Against Him, Faces Reselection Battle


On Tuesday night following a vote by his local party executive committee, Crispin Blunt, the Tory MP for the safe seat of Reigate since 1997 was asked to re-apply for selection by a vote of the Conservative Association’s membership. Re-selection for a sitting Tory MP is usually an automatic formality. When a Tory Association chairman tells you to re-apply, he is basically offering the MP a tumbler of whiskey and a loaded revolver…

In 2010 when he announced that he was leaving his wife as he was “coming to terms with his homosexuality” members of the association reportedly sympathised with Blunt’s wife, Victoria, who understandably was devastated by him coming out. The situation is being presented by CCHQ, who are in heightened pre-conference damage control mode, as local homophobic bigots are trying to unseat a liberal, gay MP making a difficult personal adjustment. That is not the complete picture. Blunt had a reputation as a particularly high-handed and arrogant MP even when he was in the closet.

The procedure now is that the issue of his candidacy goes to the membership for a simple yes/no majority vote. CCHQ are spinning that he “has the overwhelming support of the ordinary membership”. We shall find out soon enough…


  1. 1
    Dorkingboy says:

    really glad i moved to Mole Valley now, imagine having to vote for Boris


    • 3
      Dorkingboy says:

      also his Mrs has been saying locally for sometime she has found shopping in Reigate etc very difficult as people are staring at her and apparently she is well favoured with the local party. They are probably sniffing round a single mum though, you know what Conservatives are like.


      • 8
        Lord Rennard says:

        Did you say single?


      • 12
        Silvio Strauss-Johnson says:

        Doubtful. From what I know of the Reigate party most of them are in the closet.


        • 31
          Is it fake tanning illness says:

          I notice with Miliband with his 365 year tan courtesy of the tanning salon industry, does lying on a tanning sunbed initiate the first stages of madness.

          In Milibands spouting what he is told.

          With Crispin Blunt well following a person of a similar first name known as the naked civil servant.

          And don’t go out in the mid-day sun.


          • Anonymous says:

            As we watched Eds awful cringworthy speech which seemed more about rolling over and fully surrendering to the EU, instead of acting in the UKs national interest.

            The overwhelming question that went unanswered, and on which we need a national debate so that lessons can be learned, is as follows :-

            Would Ed Milliband pass the cricket test ?

            Would he support the UK
            team, or even know any players in the UK team, or would he prefer to support a foreign team, such as Israel or Russia ?

            Nothing wrong with that on an individual level, but as a prime minister you want to know the top job is fully on side.


          • trolls are tossers says:

            Of course, the cricket test no longer really works since the selectors stopped picking English cricketers.


          • Tay King-dePisse says:

            Anthony Blunt + Quentin Crisp = “Crispin Blunt”?

            Hadn’t quite thought of it that way, but now that I have done…well…still dunno.


          • Dark says:

            365 year tan?


      • 97
        Dorkingboy says:

        The worst thing about Reigate is not the gay people, who are fine, it is that Shane Ritchie moved there.


        • 110
          Reigate-resident says:

          Mr Shane Ritchie doesn’t live in Reigate just like Mr Blunt, which is another reason why we don’t want either of them!!!


          • Dorkingboy says:

            well why is he always down Priory Park doing rubbish stuff and moaning about the new tat shop?

            I actually thought he lived in Reigate now?


    • 39
      jake says:

      Gay people and Torys dont get on me thinks.heheheeh


    • 49
      Selohesra says:

      C’mon you cocks


    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      It’s all going well for the Tory conferance, isn’t it just,
      Top Tory blogger Dale cautioned for attack on inocent protester
      MP has willy pictures on his facebook
      Now Reigate MP is asked to reply for selection

      No wonder the gay marrige issue was so hotly persued

      Ah well “Bottoms Up”


    • 83
      Gay this, Gay That, Gay every bleeding thing. says:

      The Gay Mafia is flourishing. But I suspect getting too big for its boots.


    • 111
      Rufus Stone says:

      Crispbut Blunt superseded Sir George Gardiner, who was also deselected by the Reigate Conservative Association. I guess what goes around, comes around.

      Anyone for a sweepstake on how long the next incumbent lasts?


    • 113
      peter mandy says:



  2. 2
    Ken says:

    Seat ready for Boris then?


    • 14
      Silvio Strauss-Johnson says:

      All he needs to get the seat is to pass some simple tests;
      * navigate down a zip wire
      * organise a bonka bonka party
      * decide which of his wife and various mistresses should attend constituency events.


  3. 4
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 10
      trolls are tossers says:

      An excellent suggestion to avoid picking on one group. May as well go the whole way and vote for candidates with a whole range of bigotry.


      • 23
        Bigot you say, how about a full on racist? says:

        “The English, as a race, do not deserve to survive” Jack Straw.


        • 32
          Pillar box people says:

          To be fair he was probably addressing his electorate in Blackburn at the time.


        • 61
          Man from the street says:

          Someone should take Mr Straw to tell Lee Rigby’s 2 year old son that direct to his face.


        • 70
          Anonymous says:

          “The English, as a race, do not deserve to survive” Jack Straw

          And if we had had to rely on the likes of his dad we wouldn’t have done, you wont win wars hiding in jail as a conchie


    • 26
      Maximus says:

      When you tolerate everything, then you tolerate nothing. The concept of toleration implies there are must be things that are intolerable. (And this is a logical implication, not a political expediency).


      • 117
        Land Rover/Toyota Land Cruiser on weekends Amazing Brit! says:

        How authoritative and authoritarian. The point is it is bigotry to go against homies. Mock them lightly, just like two-timers, monks, asexuals and “old maids”, but outright deselection, not accepting them. That’s discrimination.


  4. 5
    Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

    I live in Surrey and know some of the individuals involved. It is unfair to call them homophobic bigots. Their bigotry is by no means limited to homosexuality.


    • 7
      Chukka Umunna says:

      I have no prejudices, everyone else is simply Trash.


      • 17
        Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

        Chukka; you can have the nomination any time. If there is one thing the Reigate party appreciates it is arrogance and a heavy wallet.


    • 57
      Anonymous says:

      Maybe the dislike if the man has less to do with bigotry and more to do with the personal values of the man.

      Maybe the local constituents don’t like him because of his high handed arrogance and that he was a deceitful and unfaithful husband.

      Weather he is gay or straight is not the issue. It’s the man’s lack of moral fibre that’s the issue.

      There are strong similarities with Chris Huhne in this respect.


    • 102
      Whippet lover says:

      I live in Lancashire and there are no bigots there because we hate all bankers, energy companies, supermarkets, the rich, ex-Etonians, Tory scum, etc, etc.


  5. 6
    Duty Pedant says:

    “has the overwhelming support of the ordinary membership”

    Isn’t that a UKIP voter?


  6. 9
    An Angry Aardvark says:

    Reigate party are notoriously bonkers. They deselected George Gardiner for no really good reason not long ago. I don’t know what the CCHQ version of “special measures” is for a constituency association, but Reigate should be in it. You’ve got this mess in Reigate, chaos in Crawley, worrying amount of disarray in Tory heartland and nobody at a higher level doing anything about it. Tory troubles are good for UKIP recruitment!


    • 47
      Remittance Man says:

      They deselected George Gardiner for no really good reason not long ago

      In a geological timeframe, maybe. Gardiner was deselected in 1997 quite possibly for his vehement antagonism toward the then leadership of John Major.


      • 78
        An Angry Aardvark says:

        Exactly. Gardiner was too swivel-eyed, Blunt is too gay. There is no pleasing these people. 1997 isn’t that long ago, it’s not like we’ve won a general election since then or anything.

        CCHQ should insist on an open primary. That would be a giggle.


        • 123
          Remittance Man says:

          Well. According to people who claim to understand this sort of thing, a week is a long time in politics. That would suggest 16 years is positively geological.

          But even if one does consider it a bit faster than the average glacier, it can hardly be cited as a symptom of OCD.


  7. 11
    Conservative (not in Reigate) says:

    Perhaps CCHQ should keep its nose out of this and avoid giving a running commentary.


    • 116
      Land Rover/Toyota Land Cruiser on weekends Amazing Brit! says:

      Have you tried the X5, the Mercedes GLK-class and the Rav! And are the tenants paying for it. Try and get a life too. That might be good. Then you might see we are selling Britain to foreign companies, piece by piece. Twit.


  8. 13
    Brian Williams says:

    Typical selfish bastard leaving his wife and kids for someone younger, in this case another bloke. Bisexuals get the “coming to terms” get out of jail free card from the LibLabCon Marxists, of course. Huhne got a free ride presumably because he’d met a bisexual.

    There was a time when there was a stigma for selfish c***s leaving their wives for younger totty, but no longer. Bring back stigmas and taboos!


  9. 15
    Anonymous says:

    It was a stitch up, loaded planted questions, homophobic bunch of 80 year old geriatric swivel eyed loons. Take association into special measures now!


    • 19
      Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

      Sounds like a perfectly normal selection process to me. In Much Ranting LadyFenella Snortingale has been known to insist on candidates proving their heterosexuality on the table in the committee room.


      • 64
        Remittance Man says:

        Aha. The sort of switched on gel who doesn’t take a would-be politician at his word. We need more like her.


    • 63
      Remittance Man says:

      Could you be a little more specific? Or are you just hurling random accusations around … or stitching up, as the phrase goes?


    • 99
      REALWORLDER says:

      The word homophobic implies a fear of homosexuals but most people experience REVULSION whatever the guardian ,BBC and the rest of the leftie chattering classes would like to believe. There is no reason why we must be blackmailed into putting up with these perverts insinuating themselves into potions of influence in nearly every institution in the country , from the media, the civil service, education, and even the police.


  10. 16
    The White Widow is a fully weaponized Toynbee says:

    If he’s a twit they should have deselected him years ago, now it just looks like homophobia.


    • 21
      Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

      If he wasn’t a twit they would never have selected him in the first place.


      • 42
        Comrade The Hon. Loretto Fettes MP (Labour, Rottenborough East) says:

        Well quite, even I managed to get some ghastly Labour/Bad-Bank oiks to select me.

        Death 2 Capitalists! (Except Daddy)


  11. 20
    There are and always have been gays in the Tory party says:

    Typical bigoted Tories.


    • 34
      Tribal tosser alert says:

      Are you suggesting he is being deselected because of his sexuality?

      What evidence, other than your very obvious prejudice, do you have for such an assertion?


    • 36
      David Camermong says:

      I say chaps what Crispin needs to do is announce bumsex marriage to a Brazilian rent boy who’s an illegal immigrant, that’ll get him the vote and mine too… what what!

      Toodle pip!


      • 44
        Call me Dave says:

        If that Brazilian Rent boy is also trans gender, then I’m in agreement.


        • 48
          trolls are tossers says:

          Will a native of the wilder parts of Surrey (Redhill) with a suntan do? Brazilians are a rare find since they heard that the Met have declared the hunting season open.


      • 50
        Ted Heath, Alan Duncan, Lord Boothby, Derek Laud, Leon Brittan, Peter Lilo, Mike Portaloo says:

        Too right, duckie!


  12. 22
    IOS7 says:

    Does he have any cock photographs he wants uploading?


  13. 24
    Geedo's a bit behind the curve on this news says:

    Hurry up, Geedo!

    Falkirk MP Eric Joyce is to stand trial after denying using threatening or abusive behaviour at Edinburgh Airport earlier this year.

    He entered not guilty pleas to three charges at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

    The 52-year-old former Army major tendered the pleas by letter and was not present in court.

    The former Labour politician is alleged to have repeatedly shouted, sworn and made offensive remarks at the airport on 19 May.

    Joyce pleaded not guilty to resisting constables Alan Hazelwood and John Miller at the airport and on the way to the city’s St Leonard’s police station.

    The politician is said to have struggled violently and tried to kick the officers.

    He also denied a third charge of threatening or abusive behaviour alleging that he shouted, swore, made offensive remarks and noises and uttered racial remarks at both the airport and police station.

    A trial date of 31 March, 2014, was set by Sheriff Kenneth Maciver.


  14. 26
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    There should be an investigation into trading around the energy firms affected by Miliband’s speech yesterday.

    Anyone who conveniently went short, or sold off just before that speech, especially if any link to Labour, will have made a killing.


    • 43
      trolls are tossers says:

      Good idea, just as long as we extend it to other announcements – such as trading in First Group before the government caved in to Richard – the serial fondler – Branson.


      • 85
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        One thing that is certain:

        Whilst the polls are suggesting Labour win in 2015, any more announcements like this from Miliband may be enough to destabilize the ‘recovery’ which the Tories are hoping will help them in to power.

        This is a very nasty game Miliband is playing.


  15. 29
    Jimmy says:

    “That is not the complete picture. Blunt had a reputation as a particularly high-handed and arrogant MP even when he was in the closet.”

    Thank heaven it’s not about the gay thing then. High handed and arrogant MPs are always deselected by their associations.


    • 38
      Tom Wätson says:



      • 51
        tWatson says:

        The clue is in the name.


      • 54
        trolls are tossers says:

        There is a real conundrum in West Bromwich. They select Watson yet, in a survey of footie fans a few years ago those supporting West Brom came out with easily the highest IQs of all clubs – over 130 average. The only theory that makes sense is that they also have the best sense of humour.


        • 74
          Sir William Waid says:

          That’s one of those ‘facts’ that one only has to look at critically for it to collapse. An IQ of 130 is three standard deviations from the mean average of whatever IQ measures (some proxy for ‘intelligence’). No large group of people not deliberately selected for intelligence would reach that level.


          • Jimmy says:

            Someone must be balancing out the people on here.


          • trolls are tossers says:

            You are quite right about the amazing score (it was actually 138). It was done in 2002 and all you need do is google to find reports. Of course, those associated with West Brom have long displayed their superior commercial skills by selling dodgy players at inflated prices and then signing free transfers and loans and (uniquely for a PL club) making a profit every year.


  16. 52
    Labour are Splitting says:

    The missing Miliband address:


  17. 60
    Empty Ed says:

    Friends, Immigrants, commies, lend me your ears!
    I come to bury Eon, not to praise them.
    The evil that energy companies do lives after them,
    The good is oft interrèd with their bones:
    So let it be with mulching. The noble Brutus
    Hath told you Eon was ambitious;
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Eon answered it.
    Here, under leave of Len and the rest –
    For Len is an honourable man,
    So are they all, all homosexual men –
    Come I to speak in Dave’s funeral.
    He was my friend, faithful and just to the left,
    But Len says he was ambitious,
    And Len is not an honourable man.
    He hath brought many captives home to Unite,
    Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill;
    Did this in Ashcroft seem ambitious?
    When that the poor have cried, Chukka hath trashed:
    Ambition should be made of sterner stuff; ….


  18. 62

    Go on be a hero, bend down and pick up that 50p! POW…WHOOOOPSSSS!


  19. 65

    Crispin Blunt:

    Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Cambridge Apostles?


  20. 68
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    I once knew a bloke from Reigate.

    I never liked him.


  21. 76
    Sir William Waid says:

    Am I the only person in the United Kingdom who just doesn’t care about homosexuality? Everyone else seems eithervto promote it as being wonderful or hate it as been evil. I just find it amusing but rather naff, like Barbara Windsor.


  22. 79
  23. 84

    That fucking traitor should be publicly beaten to death.

    Interpol issues notice seeking arrest of Briton Samantha Lewthwaite at Kenya’s request


    • 93
      Anonymous says:

      Does all this fuss not occur to you as strange, happening at a time when the President and Vice President of Kenya are on trial for crimes against humanity? What are the odds that her body is found in the rubble – having been delivered there from the Kenyan prison in which she was held for the last few months.


      • 101
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        The body will likely not be found.

        She’s either working for us and protected, or will become some sort of bin Laden type MacGuffin.


  24. 103
    Anonymous says:

    How very dare they!


  25. 105
    fearless Frank says:

    Has Crispin Blunt ( shall we just call him ‘Hunt’ for short?) got a Palestinian terrorist flag round his neck? If so what is he doing in the Conservsative party?….oh, hang on….


  26. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Why has this story been removed from conhome front page and buried in mp section.Panic?


  27. 114
    Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s lied to everyone for years then? I suppose that’s part of the job spec to be an MP these days…?


  28. 115
    Land Rover/Toyota Land Cruiser on weekends Amazing Brit! says:

    Poor Vicky. He should have put that blunt instrument away.


  29. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Some in Reigate have form on this sort of thing:


  30. 119
    Porvort says:

    Get rid of the scumbag.


  31. 120
    Anonymous says:

    He should take a leaf out of Aidan Burley’s book and go to France with a Nazi uniform. Got him reselected for 2015.


  32. 121


    Fourth Bruce Now, Bruce teaches classical philosophy, Bruce teaches Haegelian philosophy, and Bruce here teaches logical positivism, and is also in charge of the sheepdip.
    Third Bruce What’s does new Bruce teach?
    Fourth Bruce New Bruce will be teaching political science – Machiavelli, Bentham, Locke, Hobbes, Sutcliffe, Bradman, Lindwall, Miller, Hassett, and Benet.
    Second Bruce Those are cricketers, Bruce!
    Fourth Bruce Oh, spit!
    Third Bruce Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce!
    Fourth Bruce In addition, as he’s going to be teaching politics, I’ve told him he’s welcome to teach any of the great socialist thinkers, provided he makes it clear that they were wrong.
    They all stand up.
    All Australia, Australia, Australia, Australia, we love you. Amen!
    They sit down.
    Fourth Bruce Any questions?
    Second Bruce New Bruce – are you a pooftah?
    Fourth Bruce Are you a pooftah?
    Michael No!
    Fourth Bruce No right, well gentlemen, I’ll just remind you of the faculty rules: Rule one – no pooftahs. Rule two, no member of the faculty is to maltreat the Abbos in any way whatsoever – if there’s anybody watching. Rule three – no pooftahs. Rule four – I don’t want to catch anyone not drinking in their room after lights out. Rule five – no pooftahs. Rule six – there is no rule six! Rule seven – no pooftahs. That concludes the reading of the rules, Bruce.


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