September 25th, 2013

Ed’s Tailor “Almost Vomited” Over New Customer

As Guido exclusively revealed yesterday, Ed was wearing a suit by Puff Daddy tailor Spencer Hart. The Savile Row man has now broken his silence, telling GQ that he “almost vomited when I heard a politician was wearing a Spencer Hart suit.” The sticher soon slipped into PR mode though, adding: “I have to grudgingly agree that he does look sharper, slicker, crisper, cooler, fitter than his arch rival in No. 10.” Guido is not sure Dave’s tailor Timothy Everest would agree…


  1. 1
    Monty says:

    I will join Labour after posting this, the reason?

    Finally Labour has re-discovered its roots, so I will rediscover the Labour Party!

    We join a club in order to get some benefits. The Labour/Tory & Lib Tory have all benefited big business, millionaires, billionaires, banksters, hedge funds, and multinationals.

    The bankers must repay the entire country for their fraudulent and criminal behaviour, the privatised companies must be re nationalised.

    Join the Labour Party and make a difference!



    • 2
      Watson Watch says:

      Fuck off Tom.


    • 3
      Anon says:

      If you’re thinking of joining any political party then do it. Membership funds of the country’s civilians is the only way to counter the dubious income streams from most other sources available to the political parties.
      If you want to start to dilute the influence of corporate interests then we have to put our money (however small a contribution that may be) where our mouth is


    • 5
      The General Public says:

      There there now, back to bed. Time for your medication.


    • 11
      Confession time says:

      So, Ed has come out and told the world that he is a socialist. I don’t suppose there is any danger of Dave coming out as a Tory.


    • 12
      Ma­qb­oul says:

      And let’s follow the Venezuelan model. Do lets, Monteh.


    • 23
      Labour Exposed says:

      Those bankers who Gordon Brown gave knighthoods to? Who Ed Balls praised? Who Darling gave billions in subsidy to?

      Labour are a banker’s best friend


    • 42
      Anonymous says:

      Ed’s speech was one of the most sickening and nauseating things I’ve watched since Jimmy S avile on top of the pops, also in the 70s.

      The man can hardly speak without eating his own tounge and covering the audience in spittle. His voice is just so wining and fcuking annoying that if you heard it in your own home you would think you had incurable tinnitus and chop your head off to stop the wining.

      As for policies it was like a 10 year olds Christmas
      list, unrealistic and unachievable. But more than that, a dangerous return to socialism that Eds Marxist family would be proud of.

      I couldn’t help but think when I saw him there talking that he looked so out of place in Brighton, England. His policies and entire manner and ideology seen much more routed in some Eastern European Communist country where his state controls everything mentality is in it’s natural birthplace.

      The newsnight coverage was beyond a joke lacking in even 6th form intellectual rigour.

      The BBC Labour Union party is looking to return to the 1970s motherland.



      • 54
        Roy "Spittle" Hattersley says:

        Chip off the old block then. Its in the genes.


        • 61
          Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

          It was a bad day when Miliband senior sought refuge in the Britain he hated. Funny how these commie scum never choose to live in a Communist country, though to give them their due, they have worked hard to turn us into one.


  2. 4
    Pete says:

    Champagne Socialist at its best! Wonder how much he pays for his suit? Completely out of touch with rest of us! Just another posh toff!


    • 55
      Tailor to the meritocracy. says:

      £1000+ is the going rate, though he has such smooth rounded shoulders (to take the weight of all those chips) that he may have paid more.


  3. 7
    Mick Smetaphor says:

    Surely, if we’re all going back to the 70s, Ed should have been wearing a big tie knot and wide lapels.


  4. 9
    M & S says:

    He brought the shirt back this morning. Said it made him look a tw4t.


    • 44
      Gideon says:

      This looks as if it is going to be handbags at dawn then, “suit you sir, suit you, let us see how long the middle leg is”


    • 45
      I'm ready for the school prom says:

      yep, i ed miliband have my outfit for the school prom. Mum and mum’s friends all like it.

      Thanks my party for paying for it. Pocket money and parli-sweet shop won’t cover it.


  5. 10
    Chris says:

    If you can deliver a speech with all the substance, articulation and enunciation of a Chimpanzee Monty, with the ability to bring the whole economy to it’s knees within 24 hours, you’ll be right at home with the Labour Party.

    Join away!


    • 14
      Ma­qb­oul says:

      No coincidence that it’s Freshers Week this week and the workstations in the uni libraries are full of half pissed students trying to be funny at politics. Or maybe he’s serious and just hasn’t joined the taxpayer’s class yet?


    • 46
      Gideon says:

      What is the accent Willie Hague uses it certainly ain’t a Yorkshire accent or dialect, he still cannot speak with Queen’s English after how many thousands in fees to a speech trainer.


  6. 13
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 16
      Ma­qb­oul says:

      Vote the Monster Raving Looney Party.

      At least they’ll still be around long after UKIP has become as faded a memory as the colour in Nigel’s old school tie.


      • 49
        A correspondent says:

        After what friends and acquaintances have said about their abandoning the party that they formerly supported and looking to the UK Independence Party, I reckon that the best is yet to come for UKIP.


  7. 17

    Puff Daddy is the one on the right. Puff Nanny is the other one.


  8. 18
    Labour are Splitting says:

    Word is that Owen Jones has an exclusive line of underpants which his mother lovingly embroidered his name into going up soon on EBay.

    Get them while you can.


  9. 21
    Met. says:

    Muslim Brotherhood moves office… to London.

    Makes sense, they’ll be nearer the underground.


  10. 26
    Crick is a twat. says:

    So the BBC are upset that we nasty white people have a bad opinion of nice cuddly Muslims. It’s all our fault you see. Of course nothing to do with the fact most terrorism around the world is from Muslims? Or the beheading of British soldiers on the streets of London, or the r@ping of girls in northern towns by Muslim gangs? Or the fact Muslims refuse to integrate and continually protest with banners saying “you will die” and “Behead those who insult the Prophet”

    No of course not BBC.


  11. 32
    Miner, unwaged since 1985 says:

    Ed needs to prove his lurch to the hard-left and wear a donkey jacket from Oxfam at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday


  12. 43
    Jonno says:

    I did wonder WTH was up with Milliband’s 1″ wide lapels.


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