September 24th, 2013

Want to Work With Damian McBride? Apply Here!

McPoison is a reformed man, so Guido is sure whoever fills the vacant Head of Campaigns position at CAFOD, advertised during conference, has nothing to worry about. If it doesn’t work out you can always just take full responsibility and say you had no idea what he was up to…


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    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Can I apply ?

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      The Publicv says:

      You should be working in the prison laundry

      • 37
        broderick crawford says:

        what as a money ” launderer ” to get the co op out of trouble ???

      • 71
        Anonymous says:

        Political Economic Terrorists have destroyed the economy destroyed the energy business and destroyed our trust in everything

        • 100
          Posuer Miliband says:

          They have ruined our ability to generate, low cost reliable energy and replacing that with energy rationing based on price.

          The two year freeze promised by Miliband, the clown who started the whole rigged energy market scam off. Is to freeze prices for two years, it is typically dishonest and cynical positioning with bad intent.

          Two years notice and a freeze for two years, gives plenty of scope to push prices through the roof, quite legally.

          By ‘investing’ in even more useless, expensive and totally inadequate ‘green’ energy, the energy industry corporations, will attract even more massive subsidy, that is pushing energy costs through the roof in the first place.

          • Plato says:

            Me, Me, Please sir, can I pay more than I have to for energy?

            Petrol prices go up like a rocket.
            They go down like a feather.

            If this fella takes a stand, I am happy.
            If Cameron or Farage take up this cause, I would be happy too.

            But the energy lobby is so powerful, it buys and sells governments!

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      Faceless Bureaucrat says:

      Get in the queue, mate – I was here first…

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    • 30
      broderick crawford says:


      Di Canio Sacked For Being A Head Case

      Unstable humanoid Paolo DiCanio was sacked by Sunderland for being a fucking idiot, according to a source within the club.
      Di Canio, who is an expert in mass genocide and sadomasochism, was incapacitated with a stun gun and removed from club premises yesterday.
      Now a dressing room source has revealed that the Italian used to urinate on unruly players as they slept on the team bus.

      “It was like dealing with an African despot, crossed with one of those annoying Hunts off Loose Women.
      “If a player disagreed with Di Canio, he would attack them with a cheese grater and a bottle of balsamic vinegar.”

      Rumours have also circulated that the former Swindon boss would dress up as a women and entrap players during nights out.

      The source added: “Lots of girls in Sunderland have stubble, ok.???!!!
      This interview is over.”

      • 40
        Sir William Waid says:

        He may have naturalised too much at Swindon. Arkells can have that effect if you’re not brought up on it.

      • 56
        Maq­boul says:

        The same grossly overpaid prima donna players who have their club languishing at the bottom of the Premier League table.

        Di Canio was too much Mr Nice Guy.

    • 75
      Gooey Blob says:

      Is this the thirty-five percent strategy then? Get real, Ed won’t get thirty. His policy announcements are already being picked apart on the telly and by the time the ‘papers are out tomorrow they’ll be shredded.

      To think that Ed has taken all that time to formulate some policies, yet this is the crock of steaming brown proverbial he has finally delivered. It is no more than an utterly barmy plan to re-fight the 1979 election.

    • 88
      SurrenderMonkey says:

      Cant we send him to Kenya to negotiate our surrender to the muslin pigs

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    Pleb says:

    Excellent news over energy; the cartels have been screwing people for far too long.

    …”The proposals would be backed by new legislation and Labour will demand that David Cameron take action if the energy companies respond to the proposed freeze by raising prices”….

    Let’s be seeing you then Dave

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      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      Any party following the green agenda is committing economic as well as political suicide, hence Tony Abbott’s landslide victory in Australia.

      Whichever party leader goes on TV and denounces man made climate change as a massive scam and fraud will win a landslide.

      The Tories need to get shot of windmill Dave ASAP and put in a Tony Abbott style leader, otherwise it’s Prime Minister Milliband.

    • 4
      Kjee says:

      Now that’s what I call an election winning pledge..

      Will the Tories match it?

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      The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

      The UK has the cheapest household energy in Europe despite the green energy tax, for wind and solar power, that lumps a whopping 15% onto them.

      Miliband is just deceiving the country as Labour always does.

      • 13
        Normal guy says:

        Energy is grossly over-taxed.

      • 16
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

        Show us the figures for each European country in pence per KWh.

        • 66
          Another Engineer says:

          Not the cheapest, but far from the most expensive.

          Leccy – prices in Euro per kwh for Domestic comsumers:

          GEO/TIME 2012S2
          Ireland 0.5901
          Germany 0.4028
          Malta 0.3900
          Spain 0.3726
          Sweden 0.3611
          Portugal 0.3341
          Denmark 0.3278
          Czech Republic 0.3192
          Cyprus 0.3179
          Euro area (EA11-2000, EA12-2006, EA13-2007, EA15-2008, EA16-2010, EA17) 0.3174
          Belgium 0.3102
          Austria 0.2988
          Finland 0.2920
          European Union (27 countries) 0.2892
          Italy 0.2661
          Slovakia 0.2630
          France 0.2509
          Luxembourg 0.2429
          Croatia 0.2310
          Slovenia 0.2268
          United Kingdom 0.2019
          Poland 0.1880
          Hungary 0.1835
          Greece 0.1583
          Turkey 0.1483
          Lithuania 0.1312
          Latvia 0.1181
          Estonia 0.1152
          Romania 0.1100
          Bulgaria 0.0957

        • 70
          Another Engineer says:

          Gas prices for domestic users (note that both of these include taxes):

          GEO/TIME 2012S2
          Sweden 0.0446
          Denmark 0.0358
          Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.0443
          Slovenia 0.0506
          Greece 0.0523
          Hungary 0.0502
          Finland 0.0395
          Germany (until 1990 former territory of the FRG) 0.0446
          Croatia 0.0462
          Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the 0.0474
          Lithuania 0.0461
          Luxembourg 0.0506
          Austria 0.0383
          Portugal 0.0419
          Euro area (EA11-2000, EA12-2006, EA13-2007, EA15-2008, EA16-2010, EA17) 0.0394
          Slovakia 0.0400
          European Union (27 countries) 0.0376
          Latvia 0.0381
          Bulgaria 0.0398
          France 0.0391
          Ireland 0.0388
          Poland 0.0375
          Spain 0.0375
          Italy 0.0373
          Netherlands 0.0311
          Estonia 0.0342
          Belgium 0.0337
          Czech Republic 0.0326
          United Kingdom 0.0319
          Turkey 0.0290
          Romania 0.0194

    • 15
      Dreaming of the new Liebour world says:

      Dreams, they’re just dreaming, considering red Ed and Liebour brought the laws out to make energy so expensive, including the fuel escalator and the taxing of energy at the well head, u turn if you want to but Liebour on it’s lieing streak again, it’s just total crap, it will never happen, remind yourself how deep the EU is in on this as well, total bollox,

      • 18
        Normal guy says:

        They can always reduce energy taxes. In fact they should abolish them.

        • 19
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

          So what is stopping windmill Dave from doing so?

          • Normal guy says:

            As a millionaire he personally doesn’t care about or understand the concerns of ordinary people who have to choose between heating their homes and filling up their cars or spending money on other necessities. He has no vision of a prosperous Britain and is happy to hobble industry and commerce with inflated energy costs.

          • A man with a cup of coffee says:

            @Normal Guy, 5:32PM

            I think that’s a very accurate appraisal.

          • Dr Strangelove says:

            yes @Normal guy he ( Dave) is from advertising agency background isn’t he ?
            I think the sort of thinking that that work demands makes you callous to the reality.

    • 108
      Anonymous says:

      If it happens, watch the huge hike in energy prices once the freeze period ends.

      Your stupidity is an embarrassment to plebs the world over.

      • 204
        Nogbad the Bad says:

        The hike will come before the freeze and the price will fall when the freeze ends.

        I used to work for a firm that used a lot of fuel, the suppliers insisted that there was a market rate that was variable, then one day they offered us a fixed price for one year and the muppets on our board bought it. Guess what happened next…. the oil price dropped like a stone.

        The energy companies are experts in making money and it will take someone brighter than Ed Milliband to take them on.

        • 315
          The crocodile tears of a lying socialist says:

          Ed Miliband is the enabler of the energy rip off scam.

          He personally wrote into the Climate Change Act the method by which energy users would be ripped off, via hidden subsidy for ‘green’ energy.

          By pretending to care about high energy prices, he personally designed, he is trying to have it both ways and as always with his type, lying through his teeth.

  3. 6
    Anonymous says:

    The last winter of discontent will seem like a gay weekend if Militwat and his cohorts get anywhere near power.

    • 11
      Normal guy says:

      Not being a member of the Conservative Party, I have no idea what a ‘gay weekend’ is.

    • 12
      The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

      True. Now all energy companies are going to stop investing in new UK energy resources. Why would they with the possibility of a Labour government?

      So the lights will go out. Who will put Ed Miliband’s lights out?

      • 14
        Normal guy says:


        • 39
          The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

          You obviously have no business knowledge.

          • Normal Guy says:

            Energy companies have justified gouging consumers for years, claiming that they are ‘investing’ for the future – a future that never comes where the consumer is concerned. People have seen through that.

          • Engineer says:

            Not entirely correct.

            Energy supply and distribution (both electricity and gas) depend on a vast infrastructure that must be both maintained and periodically updated. That costs big bucks, and in the end, the consumer has to pay if the service is to remain available.

            Governments (national and European) have imposed policies aimed at combatting climate change. You pay for those, too – for example, electricity generated by coal-fired stations is relatively cheap compared to other generating methods, but EU regulations dictate that the UK must shut down a fair proportion of it’s coal-fired stations, leaving the shortfall to be made up by more expensive means of generation.

          • Normal Guy says:

            You have obviously not filled your car up recently somewhere the cost of petrol reflects the world price instead of the EU inflated price. The costly infrastructure, some reason, also exists in those countries (the oil companies somehow being willing to invest even though prices are lower) and tank full of fuel costs but a fraction of what we have to pay.

          • stun says:

            Petrol is a rather different story in that government tax (on top of which 20% VAT is added) pushes the price of a litre up from 47.8p + 5p delivery and retailer profit. 57.95p is government tax, and an additional 22.15p is VAT. So 58% of the price you pay is nothing to do with the evil big oil companies. (Source

            The point I think Engineer was trying to make was that the infrastructure for (particularly) electricity is expensive to put in. These windmills, apart from being shite at producing anything, generally don’t seem to come with a mains lead. And appear to be in quite hard-to-reach places. Like 5 miles offshore, or up mountains. Furthermore, the inconsistency of the supply from them requires the use of fossil fuelled back-up – spinning reserve – which costs money even to run on standby. At this moment, wind power is providing just 280MW to the grid out of a possible 6GW, and less than 1% of UK demand. The shortfall is being made up by importing 2.5GW from the Froggies and Dutch via the interconnectors, and pumping up gas and coal.

            Some research might be helpful, NG.

          • Engineer says:

            Don’t change the subject. Miliband was talking about electricity and gas prices.

            Petrol and diesel prices are another matter entirely; most of what you pay is tax. Not something Miliband made any comment about.

          • Engineer says:

            stun – sorry, I posted my reply before I saw yours.

            On the infrastructure point, all you say about windmills is absolutely correct. However, I was really referring to the whole infrastructure of power stations, distribution grid, substations and local distribution networks in the case of electricity; in the case of gas, there are the high-pressure distribution network, let-down stations and low-pressure local distribution systems to consider, as well as strategic reserve storage (of which we have woefully little at present, and the extraction wells, on-shore pipelines and cleaning plant, not to mention the gas importation facilities at Milford Haven.

            There’s an awful lot to keep in good working order, even without the added complications of widely-spread small local generators like windmills. Added up, it all costs big money to keep safe and operational.

          • Casual Observer 3 says:

            Other than the up front costs, costs over time also need to be considered.

            A power station is typically designed to last 20 to 30 years. With adequate maintenance that lifetime can be extended somewhat indefinitely.

            The windmills have a life span of 20 years, but their generators will apparently reduce their maximum output after 10 years to about 1/3.

            There is another moronic aspect of wind turbine model which is overlooked and directly speaks to cost.

            A conventional power station typically has between 4 and 8 or so turbines on site. Big ones which generate the power.

            The turbine, with moving parts, is the most maintenance intensive part of the operation, and typically the most expensive and critical.

            I do not see how switching from a 1 GW x 8 Turbine model to 250 MW x 50+ Turbine model is cost effective or sensible.

            The technical challenge of having to go up 30 to 50 meters in order to service this many turbines can only be more costly than servicing a turbine at ground level.

            Within 5 years about 1/3 of the wind turbines put it will likely be non functional.

            This problem was found in the US when wind farms were put in back in the 70s – these defunct remnants are somewhat rusty now, but are there as a lesson from history.

            All those involved in this energy policy decision should be kept safely away from government. Those who went along with this should be investigated from fraud.

        • 45
          The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

          But the knock-on effects of such a freeze could be disastrous, triggering job cuts and drastically increasing the chances of black-outs in the country.
          As Ed Miliband knows too well, much of the pressure for higher bills over the next two years is coming from the costs energy companies face to fulfil the Government’s “green” agenda and pay higher transmission charges.
          Much of the de-carbonisation agenda dates back to the former Labour government, where a certain Ed Miliband was, yes, energy secretary.
          Either “stylish, casual” Ed likes sitting in the dark of an evening, or he has come up with a miraculous solution for securing Britain’s energy security in a era where power companies would be unable to make any money, and therefore invest.
          City analysts claim as much as £360 billion will have to be invested between now and 2030 on the energy industry. No one else is going to do that apart from energy companies and their shareholders.

          • Normal Guy says:

            City analysts will say anything they are paid to say.

          • Another one says:

            Normal guy is abnormal.
            Voting labour does that to you

          • Normal Guy says:

            I don’t vote Labour. I just happen to think that we are being lied to. Our energy market is rigged with the connivance of our tax-thirsty government.

          • Dr Strangelove says:

            It’s machinery, it does a job there is no need for “investment” the machinery is doing the job. By all means build 60 ( as was mentioned earlier ) little submarine reactors ( like a semi detached house) to produce electricity but that is not so difficult. Electricity is an old invention which fuckers try to extort money for. Better that the money went somewhere else I think.

      • 136
        REALWORLDER says:

        But the wind farms will keep your fridge light on

  4. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Not Keith Vaz’ finest moment chairing a Labour conference session earlier today. Having sat through a whole speech on transport, he then congratulated shadow leader of the House Angela Eagle — as opposed to her twin sister Maria, the errr, shadow transport secretary.

    Hard to tell one lezzie from another……..

  5. 20
    Pleb says:

    When is Cameron going to fulfil his promise to force utility companies to offer everyone their cheapest tariff?

    Or was it another of his ‘cast iron promises’?

    If he can’t do it he was lying to the House of Commons.

    • 55
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Cameron, and those in the Cons who have interests in the energy companies and companies which trade on the energy companies, are perhaps Ok with Miliband’s speech today.

      Miliband has just given cover for some respectable price rises irrespective of if he gets in or not.

      This is a different version of the Brown bottom.

    • 61
      Maq­boul says:

      If you don’t like your tariff change your provider. You had no other choice before Maggie. Now you do.

      • 65
        Casual Observer 3 says:

        But isn’t Ed saying that he would fix the prices across all providers ?

      • 81
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

        It’s a fuckin’ cartell you muppet.

        They are all in it together as windmill Dave knows only too well.

        • 109
          Normal Guy says:

          + 1

          The government doesn’t care as long as they get their cut. The public and the rest of industry can go to hell as far as the energy companies and our government is concerned.

  6. 21
    The All singing All dancing crap of the world is upon us! says:

    Nothing will change with Labour. A leopard never changes its spots! Follow the money!

  7. 24
    Nuggy says:

    And predictably O-O gets filled up with Conservative blowhards saying things like “he can’t do this” or “I hate windmills”. If he gets in power with a large majority I think you’ll find he can do whatever he wants because the labour party can make laws, which is what being in power is all about.

    The Tories and Lib Dems have this power too but they seem to not want to tackle the power overcharge

    • 27
      Mummy says:

      5.32 and you’re still up?

      • 36
        Mummy says:

        PS. If you ask me nicely I will show you the %age net profit of these companies in the morning.

        If they were any more profitable than the rest of the stock market, we would all be piling in. Now go to sleep.

    • 28
      Normal guy says:

      There has so far been no-one on here saying either of those things.

      So thanks very much for reminding me, though, that Ed has just made an announcement that could drive up prices ahead of the next election and which may cause him problems in the implementation.

      Also, windmills are useless and based on fake science.

    • 30
      Normal guy says:

      There has so far been no-one on here saying either of those things.

      So thanks very much for reminding me, though, that Ed has just made an announcement that could cause prices to rise ahead of the next election and which may cause him problems in the implementation.

      Also, windmills are useless and based on fake science.

    • 35
      Mummy says:

      PS. If you ask me nicely I will show you the %age net profit of these companies in the morning.

      If they were any more profitable than the rest of the stock market, we would all be piling in. Now go to sleep.

  8. 26
    Ironic says:

    Bulgarians and Romanians wanting to flee the damnation of Socialism flock to Britain.

    • 42
      Mo Ham Head says:

      And We came to get away from the ravages & savagery of 2000 years of Islam

      • 92
        Allahisshit says:

        Are you sure you haven’t come to bring down on civilisation the curse of the evil cult of islam, pedo be is name.

  9. 29
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Looking at these comments Tory HQ are running around like headless chickens.Even Sky News were impressed by Milliband’s speech,although the Bullingdon Broadcasting Company could only grudgingly admit it was quite good

    • 33
      Sir William Waid says:

      It was a suicide note. The time to make reckless promises is immediately before a General Election.

    • 34
      Listener says:

      Maybe it looked good. On the radio he sounded a lamer than the people praising it suggest.

      • 196
        start chucking fish says:

        it didn’t look any better than it sounded and the vision was so predictably naff you got the best deal

    • 50
      Tachybaptus says:

      Referring to the Baby Buggering Corporation as the Bullingdon Broadcasting Company is, to say the least, wide of the mark.

    • 114
      Anonymous says:

      Looking at your comments it seems you’re as gullible and stupid as those who support the Tory party.

      The only difference is the colour of the person you’ll vote for’s rosette.

  10. 32
    Captain Schettino says:

    I am less accident-prone than Sr. MacBride. Can I have the job?

    It wasn’t my fault, you know.

  11. 38
    Justin C says:

    Remember the minimum wage? How the Tories said it would bankrupt us and was unaffordable? How it would increase unemployment?

    It didn’t bankrupt us and employment went up.

    Same Tory scare-mongering and propaganda

    • 87
      Ed Doesn't Lie says:

      Yes… all it did was provide employers with a target to aim at when driving wages down, and attract overseas workers prepared to undercut it, thus maintaining the benefit-dependent poverty-stricken voter base Labour needs to maintain its existence.

    • 93
      IOD says:

      The minimum wage is an excellent guideline for all employers to ensure no one is paying any more than anyone else, you numptys.

      • 318
        How it works says:

        Except for one small detail.

        Any company in the EU, can employ anyone from any country within the EU. At the minimum wage rate for their country of origin.

        So, by employing Romanian workers in Romania on minimum Romanian wage rate contracts, they can all legally work as contractors in the UK, undercutting UK minimum wage rates.

        Cameron, Miliband and Clegg know this, yet remain ardent EUphiles, work it out for yourself.

    • 141
      REALWORLDER says:


  12. 43
    Breaking says:

    Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta says a terrorist attack at a Nairobi mall has ended. … again.

    • 51
      A man with a cup of coffee says:

      It’s unbelievable isn’t it? They make Labour look competent.

      “We are in control of the situation,” says Kenyan president, before adding that they’re not. “We’ve isolated all the terrorists,” before adding that they don’t know how many terrorists there are or where they are.

    • 135
      The BBC - Big Brother Corporation says:

      Terrorist? TERRORIST?

      We won’t have that language here. It’s miltant. Do you understand? MILITANT.

  13. 46
    Screwed Taxpayer says:

    What’s the difference between Ed and the lying incompetent gay loving Dave who is still borrowing £300 million EVERY DAY.

    That’s £5 every single fucking day after day after day for you Dear Reader, and for each of you family.

    The LibLabConners are all the same.

  14. 48
    Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far to the left says:

    The Sith lords have spoken, and Owen Jones has cum:

    • 57
      A man with a cup of coffee says:

      When your main cheerleader is a dork with the mental age of 14, you’re in trouble.

      Mind you, when your Party leader is a dork with the mental age of 14, you’re in even bigger trouble.

      • 62
        Ed Moribund says:

        My speech shows that you can fool 37% of the people 100% of the time.

        And 37% is all I need to get me into No10.

        See you in 2015…losers!

        • 83
          Prick Robinson impartial BBC mong says:

          Actually he could probably get away with 34-35% if you take out te SNP and Welsh nutters who would also bak Labour.

          • Labour isn't working says:

            Owen Jones is an Oxford educated twat
            with his head stuck up his own skinny
            spotty arse.
            He has nothing in common with ordinary people.

  15. 59
    Popcorntastic says:

    • 69
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Anyone who comes up with some sh!t about this not being good because it increases the chance of suicide can FRO.

      Awesome work.

      One hopes that the chaps with the camera are keeping tabs on how the police handle the evidence provided and how the prosecutions go / what sentences are handed down.

      On a subtle note, this could be considered a good demonstration of how the internet can be regarded as a self organizing system.

      • 78
        Grilled Fish says:

        You make a fair point, but I am concerned they could hound an innocent person by mistake. It’s not clear what fail-safes they have.

        Still, I would like to see more videos like this of people confronting corrupt local councillors.

        • 103
          Casual Observer 3 says:

          I think that their technique rules out innocent people being caught.

          Ultimately – it is the person who is doing the grooming who shows up: They are banged to rights.

          If they do grab an innocent person it is easy to fix. The accusers will have the IP address etc. and the police should be doing the cross-check.

          Also, a truly innocent person will not react by trying to run and hide.

      • 79
        Popcorntastic says:

        Another good ‘un.

  16. 60
    Prick Robinson impartial BBC mong says:

    What a glorious soeech from Ed today, fantastic and Churchillian. The next Prime Minister

    • 63
      Ed Moribund says:

      I thought so too…Not too mental, was it? All that fix prices and wages..not too state controlling? Not too ..Harold Wilson..was it? was fine..I thought so. Neil loved it..gave a full on the lips kiss with tongues and everything.

  17. 68
    The British media are cunts says:

    The fucking BBC are a joke. Who wants to bet that an energy price freeze will be illegal under EU competition law?

    Also what is to start them ramping up prices before the 2015 election? What is to stop them introducing other charges?

    Of course Nick Robinson loved every fucking minute of it, I bet he had a boner on the whole time Red Ed was spouting his shit.

    • 76
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      If they ramp up charges before the election then the ConDems get the blame for skyrocketing energy bills.

      Smart move by Milliband.

      Get down the bookies and put your money on a 40 to 50 seat Labour majority.

  18. 73
    Well done ED says:

    As an Mansion owning Millionaire, I’m going to see my fuel prices frozen ( 27 rooms costs a fortune to heat)

    The pensioner in the flats opposite will be able to get through two more winters before freezing to death. ( 1 room costs a fortune to heat )

    Thanks alot.

    • 102
      Lord Mandlespawn says:

      We are intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich. Mr. Meacher, for example will save a fortune.

  19. 80
    Scammer exposed says:

  20. 82
    Fact Hunt says:

    So what have we learnt so far this conference season?

    # Limp Dumbs. Out with the fairies.

    # Liebour. Out with the fairies.

    # Social Democrats (formerly known as the Conservative Party). Sucking up to the fairies.

    # UKIP. Bollocks to the fairies. (© G. Bloom)

    • 86
      Swivel-eyed-loon. says:

      Send the fairies back to never-bongo-neverland.
      The little green sluts shouldn’t have been allowed into my gentleman’s the first place.

  21. 84
    Scammer exposed says:

    This c-unt sums up why I never give to beggars.

  22. 85
    Little Boy Blue ( with cold ) says:

    a Late entry for the last Caption Comp.

    ” That’s a winner lads. The more rooms you have to heat the more you will save under Labour”

  23. 89
    Little Boy Blue says:

    Latest: Kenya siege is over again , says president

    • 99
      Idi Amin says:

      Nuke Somalia or better still neutron bomb them it will leave the buildings standing, oh on second thoughts nuke the muslim shits

      • 125
        Casual Observer says:

        Didn’t the wind of change blow through all these crap African countries 50 years ago? They’re independent and self-governing. Let them get on with it.

      • 191
        Mong Watch says:

        I do not think Idi would be expressing that sentiment, seeing as he is a muzzie convert who settled in Saud! Arab!a until his death in 2003.

  24. 104
    EUSSR Watch says:

    Given that Milliband wants a freeze on energy prices has any one considered that this could and probably is illegal under the EU trading laws. It’s just another way of price fixing with a large number of companies involved and that is definitely illegal.
    Has Milliband again proposed something along the lines of the Apprenticeship scheme that in the cold light of day not only won’t work but is actually illegal?

    • 106
      Anonymous says:

      From Wikapedia

      Price fixing is an agreement between participants on the same side in a market to buy or sell a product, service, or commodity only at a fixed price, or maintain the market conditions such that the price is maintained at a given level by controlling supply and demand.
      The intent of price fixing may be to push the price of a product as high as possible, leading to profits for all sellers but may also have the goal to fix, peg, discount, or stabilize prices. The defining characteristic of price fixing is any agreement regarding price, whether expressed or implied.

    • 107
      Bill Quango MP -9 says:

      And the benefits reduction for not having MMR jab. Illegal.

      Suppose that was why labour denied they ever intended it.

    • 117
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      So Milliband taking on the fat cat energy companies and sticking 2 fingers up at the EU is going to be really bad for his election chances?

  25. 105
    Owen Jones diary..age 13 3/4 says:

    Go Ed. He is one slick homie. he da man..he da king, y’all.
    He mah ni$$er. He gone done put dat honkie Dave in his crack pipe and smoke his m’thurf@king ass.

    Gonna trip on my time now boy..gonna bust up da Tory hood and tag that mutha Gove and put dat cap in his ear so he gon’na hear my NUT crew real good now ways.

    ( we remind parents that Grand Theft Auto V is a certificate 18 product.)

    • 133
      Mrs Owen Jones says:

      Owen! Turn that video game down! It’s so loud!. Mrs Pettifer can hear it and she had her ears removed in an NHS mixup.

      Now…don’t be up playing all night again. It makes you very irritable in the morning..
      And look at your bedroom! This milk has been here two days!

      Do you want me to wash your red flag duvet cover? It prongs a bit?
      Owen..are you listening? Can’t you stop fiddling with that controller for one minute?

  26. 110
    Sir Gay says:

    So when did Cameron or Osborne lecture in economics at Harvard then? Did they actually get paid to work at the Treasury or did daddy fund their internships folding towels and working as PR for a failing TV station?

    Throwing shit at a non-existent target just leaves you smelling shitty.

    • 113
      Ghost of Ali C says:


      Are the Rapid re bummer unit having a night shift to try and protect little Ed?
      Have to do better than the suite you posted above.
      Damien would be embarrassed at how poor an effort that was.

    • 115
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      “lecture” is possibly overblowing it.

      Ed went to Harvard. A place. He mentioned some stuff about economics. To someone. Apparently. He came back. Woo!

      He’s never founded a company.

      He’s never run a company founded by anyone else.

      He’s never even worked for a company.

      He’s never had a real job.

      Not once. Not for one day. Not even a paper round.


      Britain is the world’s 7th largest economy. Who in their right mind would want a fucking socialist know-nothing retard like Miliband running it?

      • 119
        Sir Gay says:

        George Osborne:

        David Cameron:


        Wee Willie Hague:

        He’s never founded a company.

        He’s never run a company founded by anyone else.

        He’s never even worked for a company.

        He’s never had a real job.

        Not once. Not for one day. Not even a paper round.


        • 126
          The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

          And that’s the problem with the Liblabcons. So why would anyone be mad enough to vote for any of them?

          • Metalbasher says:

            Because me grandad vote Labour. And me dad voted labour. And me uncle tommy, he voted labour. So I’ll think about voting B&P but then I’ll vote Labour.

          • The Gene Pool says:

            Would you change your mind if I let you know that your grandad was impotent and your mother had you as a result of affair with a self-employed milkman?

        • 139
          stun says:

          IDS: Served in the Scots Guards and did tours in NI and Rhodesia

          GO: Nothing very useful. Bit of family business

          DC: PR guy. Explains a lot, to be fair

          WH: Management consultant. Boo.

        • 314
          Anonymous says:

          Sir gay
          I note you did not look at the Labour benches in that list. Suggest you look at the entire front bench and when you have done that consider they are even worse.

      • 264
        Anonymous says:

        I hope Ukip read this; there’s campaign material there!

    • 138
      Fishy says:

      Those that can lead, lead. Those that can’t go to Harvard to lecture.

  27. 112
    Ed Miliband says:

    I will promise you everything and tax the fuck out of you.

    My One Nationalisation bandwagon is ready to roll.

    • 130
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      Yeah. Labour promised

      1. “To save the NHS.” We got.. Stafford and tens of thousands dead around the UK in NHS deathcamps.

      2. “Education, education, education.” We got.. “schools must not produce winners” and a generation of unemployable school-leavers.

      3. “British jobs for British workers.” We got.. millions of immigrants.

      4. “Single-sex wards in NHS hospitals.” We got.. mixed-sex wards.

      4.5 “An NHS dentist for everyone!” We got.. nothing.

      5. “A referendum on the EU constitution (even if its name is changed).” We got.. the Lisbon Treaty. Without a referendum.

      6. “To be prudent with the nation’s finances.” We got.. economic collapse. And the pre-announced sale of half the nation’s gold for SFA.

      7. “An ethical foreign policy.” We got.. lies lies lies, an illegal war, half million dead civilians.

      And so it went on.

      • 149
        Professional L, no wonder many Politicians are Lawyersiars says:

        Well said Sir, unfortunately too many of the electorate are swayed by sweet sounding words rather than deeds.On the plus side however, this should also place Dave cast iron guarantee Cameron in good stead.

  28. 116
    Guido Fawkes says:

    You Ed haters are really angry, aren’t you! Haha. But if he’s as crap as you say he is, why bother with this insane campaign? more haha

    • 121
      Ed Miliband says:

      Let’s think about what you have said. Yes, I think you should fuck off you half wit arsewipe.

    • 140
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      Ed is just a deformed pitiable little immigrant creep who (a) claims to be a socialist but (b) has never had a real job.


      Not once. Not for one day. Not for an hour.

      He’s never done a day’s work in his pathetic little life.

      I’m perfectly happy for him to stay as Labour’s leader, lisping away about “thothialithm”. Because every time the despicable retard appears on TV, or is quoted in the press, or is heard on the radio, there’s another nail in Labour’s coffin.

  29. 124
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    Isn’t stealing land from someone against his human rights?

  30. 128
    One Glum Nation! says:

    Labour causes mental illness or makes it worse. This is depressing.

    What a pile of crap! Just one or two decent policies! This country is f-cked! Well & truly up the arse!

  31. 131
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    Typical Labour. They caused energy prices to soar with their green energy tax ( A tax that the LibdemCon coalition continued). Now they all blame it all on energy companies.

    Only UKIP will tell the truth straight. Don’t vote for swindlers, cheats and liars.

    • 143
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      I’m very sympathetic towards UKIP, and would have voted for them until recently, but it’s now clear the absolute priority is to keep Labour out of power.

      I appreciate that Cameron is an odious Europhile c*nt with a penchant for pissing-away our money, but Miliband/McCluskey are far worse.

      It’s a matter of national survival.

      • 153
        Time is up says:

        So Liebours plan is working, scare people who know they won’t get a vote from, to what’s starting to build up as a popular vote for UKIP to the other part of their partnership Camorons Cons, it’s time put try and stop the LibLabCons and their pissing up of taxpayers money, the only way is to vote for UKIP at the moment it’s our only chance , maybe will get another party that will come out of the woodwork.

      • 200
        Man from the street says:

        I like your style, the old arm round the shoulder trick, UKIP are coming for you whether you like it or not. People like me would not even be interested in politics if it wasn’t for Farage.

  32. 132
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

    • 142
      Fishy says:

      After what you heard today? And all you can do is say, vote UKIP.

      Vote UKIP see the Hammer and Sickle flying* over Downing Street as Miliband Inferior completes his bastard father’s work. Why did the fuckers have to ship up on our shores…why couldn’t they have escaped to Ireland or somewhere else and fuck them over instead?

      *Together of course with the EU flag

      • 145
        EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

        Vote UKIP

      • 151
        Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

        +1 ^ 10 million.

        Why do these c*nts always set-up shop in another country and then seek to ruin it?

        Hitler (Austrian) set up shop in Germany.

        Stalin (Georgian) set up shop in Russia.

        Napoleon (Corsican – I think) fucked-up France.

        Miliband – (Poland/Belgium) desperately wants to f*ck-up Britain.

        • 158
          History says:

          Miliband is not in the league of a Hitler, Napoleon or Stalin. More Julia Gillard (Welsh), who tried to mess up Australia.

        • 321
          LabLibCon artists says:

          Or the Bliar, Brown, Cameron, the trio of scotch bonnet shits, who have screwed and continue to screw, England.

  33. 137
    Neil Kinnock says:

    We’re all shite!

  34. 147
    Laboured says:

    The spectacle of that hideous crowd of mongs sitting behind Miliband during his speech turned my stomach. Eminently punchable.

    • 171
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

      You are a ‘Mongoloid’ for tuning-in, dear. Try doing a day’s work, for once, Steven.

  35. 148
    Mark Oaten says:

    If they want someone to do smearing, I’m available.

  36. 152
    Jimmy says:

    Where better than here to advertise a Vacant Head position?

    • 162
      Guido Fawkes says:

      Are you implying that this blog has an even lower IQ than yours, Jimmy?

      • 166
        Jimmy says:

        Let’s face it if the IQs of most commentators on her were any lower they’d need watering.

        I mean that of course in the nicest possible way.

        • 174
          Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

          My surfinias are at eye-level and they need copious quantities of Highland Spring, dear.

        • 181
          Mong Watch says:

          You’re just sore because your mum prefers to comment here rather than at:

          Guido’s clientele do need liquid refreshment to support the fertile discussion.

          The desert at that other site is likely to inspire tal!ban. Take care.

        • 206
          jumpers says:

          Hahahaha, that’s rich coming from a tribe of numpties who apparently didn’t know that Gordon Brown was a lying, pernicious shitbag with serious mental issues. We on here knew for years before the highly ‘intelligent’ MSM for example. Look it up in the blog archives James if you don’t believe me under the heading, ‘Is Gordon Brown Bonkers’?

  37. 156
    Whatever happened to deficit? says:

    Throughout this conference, the main themes seem to be a) throw money at the punters, especially those with children b) pay for this by more taxes on banks/ big business. At no point have I heard anything about reduction of the deficit, so I presume Labour are happy that it remains so high.

    • 160
      The Magic Money Tree says:

      You think thats bad, you should hear Alec Salmond and the SNP promising the earth with ‘independence’. Increased and better pensions being the latest.

      • 170
        The grassy glens says:

        Will they stop the rain?

        • 279
          Latest benefit of Independence hot off the press says:

          Yes there will be no rain in an independent Scotland except at night when it will fall to irrigate our land and feed the plants.

    • 212
      Ed Millitwat says:

      Defithit? It’th difficult to pwonounce, so I pwefer not to thay it.

  38. 157
    Devils in the detail says:

    Labour MP being interviewed on Radio Scotland this morning and was bleating about the increases in the cost of living being due to the Coalition ”cutting to far to fast’. ‘But what would Labour have done to reduce the deficit’ he was asked. ‘We would have tackled it differently’ he replied. ‘But how’? the interviewer pressed, ‘by having a different plan’ he replied. And that was that.

    • 205
      Grandad Voted Labour, Father Voted Labour, so I vote Labour says:

      I’m perfectly satisfied with that answer, and will continue to vote Labour at every opportunity.

    • 220
      Labour Bingo says:

      Our plan is to print £50.00 notes with a potato and a tub of floating poos

  39. 161
    Anonymous says:
    • 164
      Dick Emery-Paper says:

      Police currently waiting for @IainDale to come off ?

      Oooooh!! But I like you.

    • 169
      A hopeful listening public says:

      He has the right to remain silent

    • 176
      @ Iain Dale has always been A Cunt of the highest order says:

      ^ ^

    • 190
      Freedom says:

      Strange how Iain Dale believes in the rule of law for everyone else but as soon as his commercial interests are inconvenienced he is quite willing to behave like a thug.

      • 198
        Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

        It’s a shame, though. Do you think they will call time on the Carry On franchise now, dear? He was, simply, super in Carry On Cottaging (1970).

        • 207
          it's not rocket science says:

          Could he not have arranged for McBride to be interviewed
          in front of a building so no annoying campaigners could get
          into shot?

          • Dale is an arrogant thug says:

            Like much of the media, they think public places are their personal property and that members of the public must stay out of sight while they take control of it for their private commercial gain and propagandizing

  40. 165
    Anonymous says:

    LOL @ this shower.

    • 168
      Chilcot says:

      Is Ken going to finally publish his accounts?

    • 184
      Mong Watch says:

      Ken is the only one drinking wine because:

      i) It is against Medhi’s religion
      ii) Owen is not old enough
      iii) The other guy is either an on call doctor, or again is against religion
      iv) The two women need to keep straight as it will go right to their heads

    • 188
      I'd rather get pissed with damian.. says:

      can’t think of anything more enthralling than listening a panel of c’unt discussing the mad ramblings of the afflicted one

    • 199
      Gok Wan says:

      Who is the one in the pink shirt?

    • 210
      Man from the street says:

      Is it worrying that in my day dreams (you know the ones where you are always the hero) there is a panel with those exact people on and me with a fully auto machine gun and ‘Eye of the tiger’ playing as background music?

      • 226
        Sigmund Freud says:

        Perfectly normal. If however Michael Portillo wearing Brillo’s wig turns up on a surf board accompanied by the Ride of the Valkaries off Brighton Beach and waves a 1917 edition of Baedeker’s train timetable to St Petersburg at you, you might like to give the Cathedral City before bed-time a rest for a bit.

        If you are worried you can call my receptionist for an appointment (no NHS) any time except Wednesday (I’ll be playing golf with Obama).

  41. 167
    Dr Strangelove says:

    I have a couple of observations to make.
    1 who is it that we owe all this money to ? do we know where he lives ?
    2 you don’t need a lot of electricity, modern tiny shit works really well on small energy fields
    3 you only really need energy for heating but that is really for cooking meat to make sure it is not going to kill you, that and warmth for the abode but that is doable without massive input of energy, for example people used to live above the animals so the rising heat kept them warm. there are various ways to stay warm without burning fuel :-)

    • 172
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Small stuff may work low energy, but my fridge and microwave doesn’t.

      And then there is the central heating system…

      • 175
        Dr Strangelove says:

        In this climate you can probably do without the fridge, I’ve been buying a lot of dried beans and seeds lately. Microwave is probably efficient isn’t it ?

        • 193
          Engineer says:

          If you’ve been eating the beans and seeds, you could light your farts and heat the house that way. Try not to burn it down, though.

  42. 177
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Isn’t twerking fantastic!

    I’ve developed my own version, where my pot belly shakes, wobbles and jiggles as well as my buttocks.

    • 276
      Watcher says:

      You are Jackie Smith and I claim my £5 and I will use it to buy a stock of candles before Wallace gets into No. 10.

  43. 186
    The British media are cunts says:

    I see Sussex sent a couple of its useless fat cuunt plods to have a ‘chat’ with Dolly Dale after he got involved in a scuffle with some nut job in Brighton (Everyone in Brighton is a nutter from my experience)

    So let’s be clear we’ve got fucking Muslims attacking and blowing up Westgate shopping centres and all our fat idle useless cowardly scum in blue can do is go have a word with Dolly Dale?

    Fuck off plods you fat useless gutless twats.

  44. 201
    Little Boy Blue says:

    Empty F-16 jet tested by Boeing and US Air Force

    Empty Head tested by Brighton and Labour.

    The F-16 didn’t crash.

  45. 209
    The Libor party says:
  46. 217
  47. 218
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



    • 224
      don't make me laugh says:

      Was he talking about the number of immigrants who raced to the top of the queue
      to get into Britain when Labour were in power?

    • 227
      w. hopper says:

      Interestingly, Boeing have bought the plant and tooling from Mexico and plan to recommence production of the VW Camper MkII.

      • 230
        The jet set says:

        Do you think they can handle the technology? The batteries are quite complicated.

      • 234
         Lord Billie Baden-Powell says:

        It’s safer to hike and then camp isnt it Giudo?

        • 267
          Bob from Ambridge says:

          No cvnt reads your drivểl, Billie. Camping is a man’s game with plenty of bro-fists, backwoodsmansship, lat-digging, lat-filling, bro-chanting around the camp-fire, super-strength cocoa and some guy-tightening in anticipation of the devastating winds to come.
          Your little peg wouldn’t stand a chance.

  48. 225
    Man from the street says:

    Any Kippers know who this bloke is? Seems to talk sense.

    • 241
      A new kipper says:

      Peter Whittle, Director of the New Culture Forum. On the London MEP shortlist

      • 255
        Man from the street says:

        Thanks it’s a shame our votes have already gone out, I would have voted for this guy.

    • 246
      Joss Taskin says:

      Why are all the kippers so sweaty ???

    • 268
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      A good speech.

      Problem is that US is being screwed up with the bad collectivist multi-culti that has been put in to the UK.

      Need to switch over to the individualist model, which is what he is outlining, and which used to be in the US pre-Obama.

      There is no benefit to the UK in allowing a lot of Roman!an / Bulgar!an people in : No benefit culturally, economically or socially.

      A lot of the non-integrated communities which have sprung up under the Labour madness since 1997 are not settled, and are not particularly integrated with the pre-existing folk either.

      It needs to be properly understood that the mass immigration is slowly making the country ungovernable, and its only purpose is to provide justification for withdrawal of the state welfare systems, and in particular the pensions.

      If we cannot adequately house those already here (see shed population / help to buy b/s, and the ‘bedroom tax’ to force people out of overly large state sector accommodation) , then how are the projected numbers going to be housed ?

      Dark days ahead, and it would be wise to get armed in preparation to defend property and family from the social consequence of this insanity.

      • 282
        Cultural Genocide is a Crime says:

        It is an invasion. Just because it is undeclared does not mean that we are not now fighting for our national identity and freedom as a people. What I want to know is why the army are being so cowardly as to fail to protest our borders.

        • 283
          Casual Observer 3 says:

          The army serves the interests of the Crown, not the people.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            Even the Crown serves the people if it knows what is good for it. As for the army, if it makes lame excuses and fails to protect the country it is useless and requires a replacement

          • An inconvenient truth says:

            They showed their true value when that mong drummer got killed by the enrichment in Woolwich. Useless.

    • 297
      Leftard says:


      Now, everyone do things I want them to do RIGHT NOW.

  49. 238
    godders says:

    Rotters, sluts and scoundrels.

    • 244
      The Law Society says:

      Thank you for applying to register your new partnership with us. We are pleased to say that your registration has been successfully completed.

      May we wish you every success for your new venture.

  50. 239
    Prick Robinson impartial BBC mong says:

    Bleating BBC twat harrbin just done a sob piece about India and cooking stoves, all about climate change and human health.

    Harrabin bleats about how for £30 a a family this problem can be solved. So why is he bleating to us? India could use some of the billions it spends on nukes or their space programme.

    Fucking BBC

    • 242
      Anonymous says:

      those are the right words, the last two that is.

    • 247
      The BBC says:

      It was either a piece begging for money or a hard-hitting documentary calling for military intervention. Next year Pugsey is going to call upon everyone to join in our sponsored memo hunt.

    • 248
      anonus says:

      To watch TV for a few hours is to be constantly deluged with demands for money to save someone or other.

      Traditionally Brits breed only when they could afford it.

      So go ask someone else.

  51. 250
    anonus says:

    Question—will mussies vote for Red Ed of the J*ws?

  52. 251
    Kinnochio says:

    We’re aaaaawight !!! I’ve got my Party back ! We’re aaaaaawiiiight !!!

  53. 260
    They're all the fucking same says:

    A simple fact.

    Vote Labour = 500,000 immigrants per year.
    Vote Liberal Democrats = 500,000 immigrants per year.
    Vote Conservative = 500,000 immigrants per year.

  54. 271
    Fuck off Cameron you useless c'unt says:

    This is already considered a warcrime:

    Should perhaps help keep our ‘allies’ in Syr!a off the v!agra.

    • 300
      JH-0334233-2493290 says:

      Yeah, I’m sure that UN resolve will end sexual violence in conflict. Violence is endemic in wars, it’s why they get called ‘wars’.

  55. 275
    Dweeb says:

    What’s the problem? Just employ a 16-year-old. They know everything.

  56. 277
    The Libor party says:
  57. 281
    Little Boy Blue says:

    Newsnight Global Warming

    Bloody obvious Jeremy has n MA and not a BSc

  58. 286
    The Libor party says:
  59. 290
    Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPER says:


  60. 292
    CUNTS says:

    it must be the inbreeding

    tory’s will kill anyone it seems, disabled, poor, even their own

    • 294
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      Looks more like a case being advertised in order to further restrict liberty of the many:

      a) Case to prepare for more draconian DV law to be brought in – extend the pilot schemes which have been going on. (Shout at your wife – you end up in jail…)
      b) Place further curbs on private ownership of firearms
      c) Have a further dig at the Tories as you have demonstrated

      The guy in question was most likely a mason, or at least very much connected. That would explain in part why the police didn’t act sooner.

      Perhaps police procedure should be to revoke gun licenses in cases where there exist a history of reported DV incidents. To be fair these two will not be a great loss to society, so who honestly gives a fuck ?

      And if they do, why should they ?

      We are in post Brown Britain now baby, so screw you ;-)

  61. 295
    Reader says:

    I quite enjoyed reading the comments on Iain Dales’ blog. He’s been getting a verbal kicking for today’s antic.

  62. 306
    EU Watch says:

    Nigel is right to call this one out:

    Note: EU donated about GBP 500m to Egypt, to Mors!’s regime, and that has now disappeared:


    WTF Rumpy Pumpy is talking about with the Colomb!a students is a mystery.

    He perhaps is not mentioning anything about the EU brokered deal to protect Copt!cs in the country. The Copt!cs are being ethnically cleansed at present.

    • 330
      REALWORLDER says:

      I would be surprised if any of the the students had ever heard of the pathetic looking little toe rag!

  63. 307
    EU Watch says:

    Greece: 48 hour strike (yet another, yawn) due to commence over public sector layoffs.

    From a few days ago:

    Greece is pretty much in a state of civil war at present: It has been Syr!za responsible for most of the violence not Golden Dawn – which is why in the above picture Golden Dawn have security guarding their stage.

    But Golden Dawn do seem to be allegedly getting in on the act, however Syr!za do have plenty of form for false flags, however, usually against government targets not rappers:


    The return of death squads in Greece has perhaps not been well publicized in the UK.

  64. 308
    EU Watch says:

    Portugal has got the right idea:


    ‘Vem Aí a Troika, or Here Comes the Troika, is a satirical cross between Monopoly and Old Maid, in which players try to stash away savings in offshore accounts, win elections — and avoid the dreaded troika card.’

    Something similar could perhaps be put together replacing ‘troika’ with ‘Miliband’ in the UK.

    Meanwhile in Spa!n there is speculation that King Juan Carlos may have to abdicate on health grounds following a hip replacement – his 8th major surgery in 3 years:


    (! –> i)

    The EU mission which is tasked with dealing with the G!braltar border issue is due to start work this Wednesday:

  65. 311
    albacore says:

    Funny, but that cartoon face seems to recall
    The last honest politician of them all
    Liberal, Labour or Cameron’s “Tories”
    What silly sod falls for their fairy stories?
    Poor little lambs, duped away to the slaughter
    And Enoch did warn you – you’ll get no quarter

  66. 312
    Stop throwing berley ed! says:

    Methinks that now Marxist Red Ed is showing his true hard left agenda, their commie menu might even prove to be a bit too unpalatable for the unions!

    Lots of the more moderately inclined members could be lost over their proposed schoolboy marxist agenda.

    The overpaid cretins at the BBC will, of course, love it.

    Polly will probably hitch up her skirts and go hide in her Italian Villa.

    The tribal labour voters will love it as will the millions of their ‘shameless’ voters

  67. 313
    Fact Hunt says:

    I’m warmimg to them Russkis. Greenpe*ace mongs make a nuisance of themselves and face 15 years in choky for piracy.

    • 339
      Professional Astroturf Watch says:

      They did it before and are now surprised when they are considered a nuisance. Idiots.

  68. 317
    Ed Thtalinband says:

    So hearth the plan guyth. We get people, who buy land to build their hometh, in all kindth of knoth with planning ithues and then after tho may yearth we confithcate the land and get it back for the gloriouth thtate to build on.

  69. 320
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    The Conservative led coalition has to lose in 2015 because of six simple words:

    Britain can do better than this.

    Raise your glasses to Ed Miliband,our next Prime Minister.

    • 323
      Dreaming of the new Liebour world says:

      God help us, if Liebour and the same crowd of deabeat MPs are allowed to be in charge again, it’ll be mass migration to all the empty countries dotted around of the poor people of England, for Liebour and Ed’s idiotic plans to work, it requires people to actually have a job to tax until the pips squeak, if nobody works who pays?.

      • 337
        Two and a Half Shredded Wheat says:

        Britiain can do better than this. I just doubt whether Labour can do better than they did last time.

  70. 322
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


    • 327
      The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

      Also known as theft.

    • 331
      Poor old England says:

      Thought it would be illegal under Liebours uman rites laws, the councils will have field days if it was for real, all the Liebour Councillors getting their own back on people they don’t like, and taking houses off people who they think have a big house or they need to build their own private or friends developments, really nice people in Liebour, trust them=zero

  71. 328
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    Hong Kong, Seoul follow Beijing in raising cab fares in Asia |

  72. 332
    Silly Sally B13COW says:

    RUFF ! RUFF !!

  73. 333
    Poison McPoof says:

    I’m hungover.

  74. 335
    The Stranglers says:

    ‘Never a frown…
    With Gordon Brown’

  75. 341
    fed-up in britan says:


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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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