September 22nd, 2013

McBride Complains About Anonymous Briefings

The irony is exquisite, Damian McBride is hurt that supposed friends are briefing about his private life:

A brilliant story from the Mail that, no doubt because of the lawyers, is missing the basic who, when and where? The other question that arises, in the party from which Ed Miliband told us this morning he has banned anonymous briefing, is who briefed the story to the MailCui bono?

Anyway here is a reminder of the female ministers from that 2003 – 2009 era, Dawn Primarolo, Margaret Beckett, Patricia Scotland, Harriet Harman, Ruth Kelly, Beverly Hughes, Hazel Blears, Jacqui Smith, Yvette Cooper, Caroline Flint, Melanie Johnson, Jane Kennedy, Gisela Stuart, Rosie Winterton, Maria Eagle, Anne McGuire, Baroness Ashton, Baroness Morgan, Meg Munn, Barbara Follet, Kitty Ussher, Baroness Taylor, Baroness Glenys Kinnock and Shriti Vadera. My guess is you can rule out the Blairites…


  1. 1
    C.O.Jones says:

    McPoison is a very sensitive man.

  2. 2
    lescrompsblogg says:

    Hope it’s Meg Munn because then i and i would imagine 99.9% of the populace whould find out,who the fuck she is ?

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    We can also rule out Hazel Blears no one gets that drunk!

  4. 4
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    He is a family man.

  5. 5
    D-Ann Abbottt says:

    ‘ear me now. It wasn’t me ;) buff ting!

  6. 6
    M102 says:

    ……and the Eagles

  7. 7
    Al Campbell says:

    Patricia Hewittt?

  8. 8
    Chilcot says:

    Publish and be damned

  9. 9
    14 Pints says:

    Obviously not

  10. 10
    Engineer says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  11. 11
    No IDer says:

    That list isn’t comprehensive, though. Flintie?

  12. 12
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    Excellent post Guido.

    Now: Any Google search with a female Labour MP + McBride gets this page at the top of the pile.

  13. 13
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    We can also rule out the Eagle sisters. And you can’t fill two birds with one bone.

  14. 14
    Gordon Brown says:

    Nonsense. Stamp on your enemy’s face. Again and again and again and again.

  15. 15
    Labour are Splitting says:

    With Lasagne ?

  16. 16
    Engineer says:

    With an anonymous briefing?

  17. 17
    Tony Blair says:

    Chaff should be thrown to the wind

  18. 18
    Scottish Chav says:

    Shriti Vadera … she’s not called shrieky not nothing!
    I can see it now “Give me more of that boom on my bust, bigboy!” …. MINDBLEACH PLEASE!

  19. 19
    Chris Bryant says:

    There is nothing anonymous about my briefing

  20. 20
    Everyone says:

    No thanks

  21. 21
    Engineer says:

    So, what do you know about McBride’s smears?

  22. 22
    Sir William Waid says:

    Here comes the McBride…..

  23. 23
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Watching too many of David Cameron’s speeches can actually cause depression, anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

  24. 24
    Sir William Waid says:

    It has to be somebody soft-hearted, who felt sorry for the friendless, repellent oaf.

  25. 25
    Engineer says:

    Ah, yes – Hotel California….

    What? Not those Eagles?


  26. 26
    jake says:

    As far as reduced wages go Labour brought in the minimum wage that was opposed by the Tories and no government has control over wage increases in the private sector and it’s the present lot that have frozen wages for years for many in the public sector.

    Increased house prices can be traced back to Thatcher and the shortage of public sector housing due to her policy of selling off local authority owned accommodation and not allowing councils to use that money to build more homes, all of which artificially inflated property and rent prices due to the shortage and supply and demand and that’s a trend that has generally continued. The Tories are also the party that would like this to continues as council tenants aren’t really their target audience when looking for votes.

    Tories and Tory voters (and by that I mean genuine ones and not the pseudo types) use public transport far less than the average working class person and again which party privatised the trains and buses, meaning we now have some of the highest priced fares and you need a maths degree to work out the best value tickets on a train journey? It certainly wasn’t Labour yet these supposedly “private” transport companies are still being heavily subsided by the taxpayer and are tried to be run like a profit making business when it’s a service and Transport, Education and the NHS can’t be run along business lines and also provide the best services as they shouldn’t have profits as their main aim. Tories also begrudge paying taxes for these services because they rarely use them and the Royal Mail is another about to be privatised service that also never should be.

    Have fuel prices come down under the Tories if by fuel you mean petrol? If on the other hand you mean domestic fuel then it wasn’t Labour that privatised and sold off far too cheaply the ex-public owned utility companies that are now mostly foreign owned and take the p1ss with price rises knowing full well there will be no domestic political backlash in their country.

    The Council Tax is a spillover from the Poll Tax which again wasn’t a Labour policy and was brought in as an extra individual tax rather than be paid by each household. The cost of Council Tax and other things like water bills are decided by the value of the property lived in, which as you have said yourself have increased in price and what bearing does the value of a property have to link it to Council Tax and water bills to a tenant of a private landlord when that tenant doesn’t even own the property?

    As for flooding the country with the world’s dross well many of the things that allow this were inherited by Labour from the Tories and their role within the EU and the Tories have done little to reverse this since being in power.

  27. 27
    What a butt ugly screwup of wimmin the list is says:

    Patricia Scotland, Harriet Harman, Ruth Kelly, Beverly Hughes, Hazel Blears, Jacqui Smith, Yvette Cooper, Joan Smith, Melanie Johnson, Jane Kennedy, Gisela Stuart, Rosie Winterton, Maria Eagle, Anne McGuire, Baroness Ashton, Baroness Morgan, Meg Munn, Barbara Follet, Kitty Usher, Baroness Taylor, Baroness Glenys Kinnock and Shriti Vadera.

    None of them.
    I have standards.
    Give me a sheep in preference to any of the sluts above.

  28. 28
    Skid Mark says:

    Nothing that a decent pre-wash won’t deal with

  29. 29
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    So, if Miliband briefed the Mail he must have had knowledge of Co0pers move to state she was only interested Home Office role, a briefing which would clear the way for Ba!!s to make a leadership bid.

    Miliband’s devotion to the Union line is fully in line with Brown doctrine. This perhaps indicates that Miliband and McBride are in league, and Miliband decided to trash this years conference in order to destroy any attempt by Ba!!s to move on leadership.

    Ed’s office sounds dis-functional enough to be susceptible to a subtle Blair!te incursion. But who of the Blair!tes is now best positioned to capitalize ?

  30. 30
    The Public says:

    That doesn’t answer the key question:

    Did McBride spend the night with Co0per ?

  31. 31
    MB. says:

    ‘Anyway here is a reminder of the female ministers from that 2003 – 2009 era’

    Does he actually say that it was a female minister?

  32. 32
    Fishy says:

    It is said that one of that lot also ‘had knowledge’ of a high profile male ministerial colleague…but it all went quiet when M’lud turned up on the scene.

  33. 33
    MB. says:

    ‘More or Less’ on Radio 4 Friday (repeated this evening) analyses the figures behind Clegg’s claims of the benefits of free school meals and also his figure of plastic carrier bags lasting a thousand years. Needless to say both claims are false.

  34. 34
    Dr Strangelove says:

    could Islam ever become a proscribed terrorist organisation ?

  35. 35
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    If you have any ambition in life and want to get on it is best to keep your dick buttoned inside your trousers.

  36. 36
    Jimmy says:

    “here is a reminder of the female ministers”

    Missed at least one there.

  37. 37
    DSK says:

    Women are more dangerous than men in life.

    The public have a right to know.

    A lot of these women actually sleep with men to increase their chances of climbing the slippery pole.

  38. 38
    UKIP or bust says:

    A tautology?

  39. 39
    DSK says:

    Bitterly disappointed by the attitude of the Mail here.

    I thought they were a responsible paper.

    Publishing half a story and keeping the full truth from the British people should really be a none starter.

    The sooner Leveson is recalled the better.

    We are all paying for these shenanigans in our taxes. We have a right to know and the Mail a duty to inform.

  40. 40
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    Women politicians who get drunk and sleep with people like McBride clearly are not fit to be entrusted with public office.

  41. 41
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    McBride has not responded to the claim either way.

    The source who briefed the MoS stated that the woman in question was a Labour Minister.

    A source close to the woman vehemently denied that sex took place, but confirmed that McBride spent the night at the Minister’s home as McBride was too drunk to make it to his own home that evening.

    So, who could be close enough to confirm that McBride spent the night, but that sex did not take place ?

  42. 42
    Luciana's Burger says:

    Did someone call?

  43. 43
    Owin Jones says:

    Something tells me that David Cameron’s injury is Grand Theft Auto 5 related.

  44. 44
    Luciana's Burger says:

    Jimmy – someone has just commented on your website. Go and see who it is, quick!

    Might want to give the techies a call, handling over two comments a month could well crash the database.

  45. 45
    Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

    I hope so. Not that it would make much difference to the evil fuckers.

  46. 46
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    One only has to be caught in a compromising situation.

    The problem here is that a lie is going to be uncovered by a simple admission, but in covering up that admission speculation about equally unsavory activity is fueled.

    The husband and wife team perhaps should have just nipped this one in the bud.

    (What other source close to the woman could credibly confirm that McBride spent the night, but did not engage in sex with the woman ?)

    It isn’t the scandal that gets you, but the cover up afterwards, as Nixon demonstrated.

  47. 47
    JH4395093450923 says:

    I hope you don’t think a link to your site is going to help you get link juice from Guido Jimmy. It’s a nofollow.

    You’ll just have to find another way of getting traffic to the preachy sanctimonious pile of shite, such as writing something that people actually want to read rather than the usual lefty preach-to-the-choir circle jerk.

  48. 48
    C.O.Jones says:

    So while Gordon Brown was tearing the economy apart, his team were tearing the Labour Party apart.

  49. 49
    Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

    Is Meg Munter a nom de plume for Margaret Buckett ?

  50. 50
    Cornish Pilchard says:


  51. 51
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Yup, and we kept broadcasting the lie ‘Things Can Only Get Better’.

  52. 52
    Denis Cooper says:

    If Ashton was a minister at the time, doesn’t that answer the question of who would be most desperate and willing to degrade herself by consorting with this piece of scum?

  53. 53
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Hell will freeze over first.

    Actually, Britain will freeze over first, thanks to LibDim energy policies.

  54. 54
    Cornish Pilchard says:

    Did she groom him first?

  55. 55

    It was never a poll tax it was the community charge

  56. 56
    broderick crawford says:

    Does the DP in DPMcBride stand for double penetration ?

    On the basis he has shafted so many politicos during his 15 minutes of fame that finally one has repaid the complement by anal-ising him impressively .

  57. 57
    Where Eagles Scare says:

  58. 58
    Alan Clark says:


  59. 59
    Hattie says:

    Is this a BBC report?

  60. 60
    Village Idiot says:

    …..Classic Brewers’ Droop !

  61. 61
    broderick crawford says:

    yes but that doesn’ t necessarily mean you have to gild the lily by serving it so cold and decomposed that it gives the poor man terminal career food poisoning .

  62. 62
    broderick crawford says:

    this is too long for a sunday afternoon bull point .

    we are now all in the arms of morpheus after the traditional bloat -out sunday roast .

    those who can still get anywhere near to affording it that is ….

  63. 63
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Is it true that I’m a 1,000 to 1 outsider in the McPoison Guessing Game Stakes ?

  64. 64
    The Libor party says:

    Not if we’re in government. We imported them for their votes. Postal and non-postal.

  65. 65

    But it could have been a threesome!!!!

  66. 66
    Charlie the Chump says:

    Not Eagle I believe, However Vadera up the Shiti would be fun

  67. 67
    Gordon Brown says:

    Crush, kill, destroy.

  68. 68

    Even he could not sink to such depths of degradation,could he?

  69. 69

    We’ve established it was in all likelihood a female, but a female WHAT !!!

  70. 70
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    Camoron likes an unpredictable McBride in the woods, if I correctly understood his toff-a-knee.

  71. 71
    Owen Jones says:

    What, no tax-free spare room? I thought everyone had a tax-free spare room. It’s a human right.

  72. 72
  73. 73
    Timmytour says:

    Ed Balls at last year’s Labour Conference…

    ======Let me ask you this: what does it take to get sacked from David Cameron’s Cabinet?

    Swear at a police officer and call him a ‘pleb’? And you’re defended to the hilt.======

    Ironically, in the end it seems even innocence of the charges being levelled at Andrew Mitchell wasn’t enough to save him.

    But it does beg the question in the light of McBride’s revelations…..what does it take to get sacked from Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet???

  74. 74
    Global Cooling says:

  75. 75
    Tony, people's Messiah says:

    Happy to put on record I did not have intercourse with that a spin doctor, today.

  76. 76
  77. 77
    broderick crawford says:

    you sir are a knave and a fool .

    it us common knowledge that meg nunn is the birth name of none other than the tabloid seer and necromancer mystic meg who established such a successful record of foretelling the future winning lottery numbers each week that she is now believed to have dissappeared up her own ouijia board forever .

  78. 78
    James Pritzker says:

    Add to the brew Cherie, D Notices and all the rest and it bubbles up in a particularly offensive way …

  79. 79
    broderick crawford says:

    Hotel Californication .

  80. 80
    Maq­boul says:

    Boring twat who blames the bogey woman Thatcher for all the inevitable failures of socialism.

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    you forgot caroline flint

  82. 82
    Maq­boul says:

    Who said the “top minister” was female? Gawd knows it was a male only affair in Brown’s cabinet.

  83. 83
    broderick crawford says:

    well patty hewitt as i recall was quite capable of turning a very elegant ankle of a morning when she swept graciously into her whitehall office to spend another day mismanaging whichever great office of state she had been allocated gor the period .

    kick her out of bed ? perhaps now but not then .

  84. 84
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    She was just female window dressing.

  85. 85
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    BOLLOCKTH !!! However, I do NOT want a Referendum on the EU.

  86. 86
  87. 87
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  88. 88
    Same old same old says:

    Is it any wonder why people loathe Muslims

    Nairobi attack by Muslims- sky news

    “I witnessed a few people get up and say something in Arabic and the gunmen let them go. A colleague of mine said he was Muslim and recited something in Arabic and they let him go as well.”

    “I saw a lot of children and elderly people being shot dead. I don’t understand why you would shoot a five-year-old child. They were firing at random at anyone who tried to escape.”

    Who would want to shoot a 5 year old? Religion of peace my arse.

  89. 89

    I have been hearing so much about this. What is a strap-on?


  90. 90
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    YES PLEASE !!!

  91. 91
    Labour are Splitting says:

    Very revealing twitter b!tch fight raging:

    Not that either would want to draw attention away from the Cluster-F’uck that is Labour’s 2013 Conference.

    On balance, McBride didn’t help fabricate evidence that led to a situation like !raq.

  92. 92
    broderick crawford says:


    Office ‘best wishes’ card signed by five million

    POLICE are trying to trace the recipient of a card signed by an estimated 5,000,000 workers across the UK.

    The card has been passed from desk to desk for the last six months and disinterestedly scrawled with a non-specific message by 0.8 per cent of the British population.

    The name of the recipient, along with any clues about the life event it relates to, has been completely obliterated under thousands of layers of blue and black ink.

    Investigating officer DI Carolyn Ryan said: “Spectrographic analysis shows 1.5 million people wrote ‘Best wishes’, 2.2 million wrote ‘Good luck’ and 0.4 million wrote ‘Don’t get too drunk’.

    “204,000 cheeky subversives, probably agency workers or people about to leave for university, drew ejaculating penises on it.

    “The card features highly generic design and text, probably it was purchased by a low-ranking administrative worker who did not even know the recipient.

    “It could be for a birthday, new job, new baby, marriage, promotion or even elective surgery.”

    Police admit they are struggling with leads as none of the witnesses pays even the slightest attention to the many cards that cross their desks every single day.

    DI Ryan continued: “We can’t analyse the card any further because one of the forensics team left it on their desk, it got passed around and signed and then went to the lads in traffic, and God knows where it went from there.

    “But we remain anxious to trace the intended recipient of the card, whoever they are, to give them the card and an associated brown A4 envelope containing £640,000 in loose change.”

  93. 93
    Labour are Splitting says:

    Well Al Campbell and Labour were very happy to drop cluster munitions on lots of kiddie’s in !raq.

    Just for balance.

  94. 94
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    OH, BOLLOCKTH !!!!

  95. 95
    The British media are cunts says:

    So Red Ed stated to Marr that he told Brown to get rid of McBride. Really? Why didn’t Marr follow this up with more questions? Like when, where and how many times?

    I suspect this is a lie, be interesting to see if McBride denies it. Also, I wonder if Cooper was telling the truth about McBride not visiting their home?

  96. 96
    Gideon says:

    “The irony is exquisite, Damian McBride is hurt that supposed friends are briefing about his private life” quite right Geedes, if you attack others verbally (briefings) or physically do not feel peeked when those you have attacked verbally or otherwise give you a very bloody nose. Stay safe there Geedes, you have also made some dangerous enemies, didn’t old Geedes go to the same RC comp as McBride.

  97. 97
    The British media are cunts says:

    bitch fight!!!

  98. 98
    The British media are cunts says:

    Won’t be reported on the BBC, just forgotten about. Now back to UKIP.

  99. 99

    The truth is no defence

  100. 100
    Gideon says:

    By the looks of him she must have been out of her mind or totally rat

  101. 101
    Gideon says:

    A bit sharp?

  102. 102
    M102 says:

    I can’t believe he’s only 43.

  103. 103

    But according to the BBC news the attack was carried out by “militants ” not terrorists!

  104. 104
    Gideon says:

    Make sure your brain keeps control of your tackle, because if your tackle controls your brain you end up in big trouble.

  105. 105
    NHS helpline says:

    you need therapy

  106. 106
    Labour are Splitting says:

    Yes : The handbag’s are swinging faster.

    Campbell is playing the ‘Whelan’ card.

    Methinks that Dale’s suggestion that Campbell is actually a bit gutted as he turned down a real six figure sum for the serialization of his book is partially on the money.

    But then the Blair!tes are looking for any opportunity to harm Miliband, and drawing attention to McBride’s book should serve that purpose well.

  107. 107
    I said that this morning says:

    I said that this morning when I heard it. Milliband is just a joke he really is.

  108. 108
    pissedasaparrot says:

    you’ll excuse me if I carry on tucking mine in my sock

  109. 109
    Point of Information 7 says:

    Perhaps these guys are sponsored by the UK / West then.

  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Odd given that a few days ago he and Balls were denying all knowledge of what was going on. Now apparently he complained to Brown about it. Come on lad make your mind up the lies are getting boring.

  111. 111
    Mcbrides drunken squeeze says:

    Millimetres.. Bit below the average really

  112. 112
    Dodgy Dossier says:

    There are numerous factual errors in Al Campbell’s tweet:

    – Can you spot them all ?

  113. 113

    Let’s face it. Dear old Damian McBride was not a patch on Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord.

    A bishop, Grand Chamberlain, Sovereign Prince, Minister, diplomat and so many other titles more numerous to mention.

    Napoleon would have been nothing without him but, in the end, Talleyrand even turned on him. A shit in a silk stocking Napoleon remarked.

    As for women, he slept his way through all the upper levels of society, even back in the days he was a cleric.

    Poor Damian, he was and is such a lowly sort.


  114. 114
    Handycock whipping it out. says:

    I would. Boaz.

  115. 115
    Could it be? says:

    ……. that the enchanting Tessa was missing her conman hubby, Mr Mills, and decided to have a bump-and-grinder, thigh-divider with the insatiable man of the moment?

    Oh, I forgot, it wasn’t a separation after all was it? Tessa was meeting her hubby on the quiet as it was politically expedient for her to appear to be separated. Such an honest woman. Such an ugly womwn, too.

  116. 116
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    More than enough to form a coven.


  117. 117
    Plant pot fiddler says:

    Why the long face?

    And the straggly hair?

    And the terrible teeth.

    And the caravan ffs.

  118. 118
    Sarah knows best.. says:

    think cruise missile crossed with christmas log payload or simply ask gordon

  119. 119
    Hang the Bastards says:

    Just reading that list of names is enough to make me vomit. Still, at least it does’nt include Cher………Arghhh.

  120. 120
    Autocorrect is becoming the bean of my life says:

    Joke’s are funny.
    Ed is pathetic.

  121. 121
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    Very true in your analysis.

    But then Damian is not that important. He has a book to sell, good luck to him on that.

    Any wedge to crack open further the Labour divisions and put at risk Miliband’s 35% strategy is useful.

    Consider how dangerous the current situation is: Miliband gets elected in with no policies ? That would give him absolute freedom to do what he wants, within EU law that is.

  122. 122
    If not, why not? says:

    Hasn’t Campbell drunk himself to death yet?

  123. 123

    Getting real bitchy out there. Building up to a McPisspotgate. Ed wanted and needed a good conference and all this bitching will help!

  124. 124
    V1le disgusting toxic Labour trashed my Country says:

    Yes we know, that’s what the Labour scum did to our Country.

  125. 125
    Faust says:

    ‘I have a soul ‘

    It is a damned soul though Ali mate, sold to the devil.

  126. 126
    Becks says:

    You dissin’ my bird sunshine?

  127. 127
    V1le disgusting toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

    Ed Multimillionaireband knew all about the briefings he was Gordon’s adviser.

  128. 128

    Indeed. I cannot recall a parallel. But back to the master…

    This is taken from a write-up of one of the many books available (I have not read this particular one BTW) and is spot-on:

    Talleyrand betrayed everyone and everything he worked for, slept with everybody’s wives, took graft right and left, and practically invented insider trading. Unable to handle swords or guns, he learned to handle people. No matter how much France was turned upside down, often through his own doing, Talleyrand came out on top – powerful, wealthy, and attended by beautiful women to the very end. Truly an anti-hero for America today.

    Yet there was something quite spellbinding and magnificent about him if one reads the contemporary accounts. What will they write about Obama in the years to come?


  129. 129
    EU Watch says:

    Other important events today:

  130. 130
    Hang The Bostards says:

    Who do you believe in an argument of two known convicted LIARS ???

  131. 131
    rash dash for gash gaffe says:

    as conference begins … all the ingredients for a meaningless whine of one nation bollocks riddled with sexual tension among the current string of labour mingers

  132. 132
    UKIP or bust says:

    Just clarify that for you.

    “That would give him absolute freedom to do what ‘he’ (Len McKlusky) wants, within EU law that is”.

  133. 133
    Bilda Berger says:

    Specsavers too.

  134. 134
    indianapolis 500 starting grid says:

    Did McBride leave poo stripes in the bed?

  135. 135
    Walsingham says:

    It seems that we need to address the fact that muslims, especially ones who hide their faces behind veils and beards, are a threat to our security. Maybe they should be banned from shopping malls.

  136. 136
    Red Ed Millyellowband Back stab says:

    It takes some doing but Labour have just reached even dizzier heights of fuckwittery by managing to get their main conference meme of apprenterships, utterly trashed before the chair person even drops the gavel declaring this proceedings open.
    That takes a very special type of twattery and they want to run the country. FFS!!!

  137. 137
    UKID DING says:

  138. 138
    Red Ed Millyellowband Back stab says:

    Of course he did but you won’t be told that by the BBC.

  139. 139
    Sickup says:

    i find it very hard to believe Gordon Brown did not know

    If shit like that was being done and I was the beneficiary I would make it my business to find out

  140. 140
    Fishy says:

    As someone said on here the other day. If plastic bags can lasts thousands of years why hasn’t anyone dug up any Roman ones. Why didn’t Richard III have one, with his belongings in it, in his grave in Leicester?

  141. 141
    roger rabbit says:

    there was a time when the colour of her thatch matched her snatch but you’re right I think I would need to have mixedmypsychosis to have slipped it one

  142. 142
    Only one way to sort this says:


  143. 143
    skintmanwithoutajobinthenortheast says:

    I don’t know what’s worse; the fact these evil bastards were running, (and ruining) the country; or the fact that there is a strong possibility that there are morons who will vote them in again !!!!

  144. 144
    Fishy says:

    Won’t be reported on the BBC, just forgotten about. Now back to UKIP..

    The BBC, like fridge magnets

  145. 145
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    On Obama ? That he was a communist who broke the US economy and constitution with Obama Care, a failed public health system, and who betrayed the flag in Benghaz!.

    Well, that is going by what seems to be trending on Twitter and word on the street these days.

    It is good to raise characters such as Talleyrand as it helps put into context just how low Labour went under Bla!r, and further under Brown.

    Going through the news archives of that period, and the history surrounding McBride and the expenses scandals that eventually saw them not elected is actually a somewhat painful exercise.

    How can the country seriously contemplate letting anyone who was involved in that back then anywhere near power again ?

  146. 146 says:

    Visit me for some interesting statistics; like the final tally in this year’s Ramadan Bombathon.

  147. 147
    Zombie watch says:

    Yep, happened in 2007. His liver lasted till 2008 though, they had to beat it to death with a stick.

  148. 148
    5% says:

    Crap blog. They ought to be reporting facts but instead are hiding them until the Germans let them.

  149. 149
    Fishy says:

    Did Marr ask Weird Ed about why he knifed his brother, and tell him that he was a nasty piece of work?

  150. 150
    Fishy says:

    ‘I have a soul ‘

    R ?

  151. 151
    basil's brushes with beaver says:

    I rather roger Captain Birdseye with SC’s dick than any of this lot

  152. 152
    Bilda Berger says:

    “He worked on his handicap.”

  153. 153
    Wayne and waynetta says:

    Aw dun be like that. labour was good to our Wayne when we was aving Waynetta junior. I mean e’s never ad a job or nuffink but it ain’t is fault it was them teachers wot frew im out a school when e was 14 for selling a bit of crack. Anyways labour gives us all our bennies n’stuff and we can watch the TV and get down the offie quite often for the booze and fags n’fings. Those nasty Tories wanna tax our spare bedroom though or that’s wot ed thingamajig on the telly said. I ask you where is my Wayne gonna grow his cannabis then huh? Well go on then you tell me that.
    Wayne chuck the voddy over will ya.

  154. 154
    A reader says:

    I think we can rule out Lady Ashton. (Kitty Ussher should have a double ‘s’, unlike the brewing family Usher).

  155. 155
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    apprenterships ?, thus is it witten, Ahoy!. But seriously folks why do these politicians keep pretending they have got any control over employment law (or anything else for that matter), when in the real world everybody else knows that the proposals that they produce like rabbits out of a hat are in direct contravention of EU law.

  156. 156
    LibLabConners are Screwiest says:

    Which of the sluts do you reckon it was Godfrey? Do tell.

  157. 157
    True Brit says:

    Or ambitious.

  158. 158
    Harriet Harperson says:

    Not me. I sit in a bath of Harpic twice daily.

  159. 159
    Red Ed Milliyellowband back stab says:

    Correct! apprenticeships. Gonna blame the auto spell set to Korean

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:

    I just wondered about Harriet Harman – posh totty who clearly likes a bit of rough!?

  161. 161
    get down on it.. says:

    gordon ?

  162. 162
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Why does bleach only kill 99% of all household germs?.

  163. 163
    Brown Tvrd says:

    He is King Tvrd of shit mountain! Bringing politics to the sewers. What a scumbag. But Labour will never change should they come to power. They are paranoid & need bullying, lying scumbags to keep them in power. Miliband is no exception!

  164. 164
    Fangio says:

    Cooper Bristols used to do the circuits O.K.

  165. 165
    SamCam says:

    Harriet — Posh?? — FFS anon, you must have scrumpy goggles on.

  166. 166
    Saints Damian and Cosmas Yearbook says:

    Saints Damian and Cosmas were twin brothers. In their early life both were notorius sinners. They repented and tradition says, had a divine conversion, while looking at the sun. Both became early Christian martyrs.

  167. 167
    get down on it.. says:

    yes with a bogbrush and mallet hopefully

  168. 168
    Jimmy says:

    I’m just trying to bring a few lost souls into the light.

  169. 169
    I don't want to worry anyone, but.. says:

    And is it 99% of all the varieties of household germs? In which case, in theory, the 1% it doesn’t kill (which could be really deadly) might account for 99% of the germs in your house.

  170. 170
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  171. 171
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Korean spell checker say… Kim un Hung is the father of the nation :-)

  172. 172
    JH4395093450923 says:

    Gordon Brown was a malevolent fuck up, from a young age an automaton hell-bent on achieving the highest political office possible no matter the cost and irrespective of any identifiable policy other than ‘rub their noses in it’.

    Terrifyingly, this method resulted in him becoming Prime Minister. Prime Minister.

    McBride in particular seems to fancy his ability to re-manufacture a reality in which – in private at least – McRuin was a sensitive, deeply nuanced man with an ingrained sense of decency.

    The problem is, Damien, no-one like that would touch you with a barge pole. He was a c_nt, and he knew a useful fellow c_nt when he saw one.

  173. 173
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Now, UKIP want to raise effective wages for low paid by raising the income tax threshold.

    If Miliband suggests raising minimum wage without doing that he will be reducing peoples wages.

    Now it should be clear why he was so evasive about tax questions on Marr this morning.

  174. 174
    Cleold says:

    Jake, can I give you a word of advice?, well I’m going to anyway.

    Keep your comments short, (unless you are “stanislav the young polish plumber) ‘cos if people are like me with “an attention span of a gnat” they will switch off after the first two lines.

    That saying, it reads as a long, breathless gabble, is English your native language?

    All in all, not a bad effort though, 3/10 for grammar but zilch for content.

  175. 175
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    Well, on the rare occasion I walk round my constituency, I always have a Police escort and I wear a stab vest. They don’t come much posher than that.

  176. 176
    Admiral Rodney says:

    Does the MoS use of “top minister” denote anything? The adjective “top” is sometimes sprinkled around with gay abandon, but if it is being used correctly, it would indicate someone who was not Under-Secretary for Paperclips.

  177. 177
    Labour: evil to the core. says:

    Of course Brown knew. He was a Stalinist control freak; if an insignificant little fart like Ed Miliband knew, you absolutely know Brown knew.

  178. 178
    Posh Watch says:

    Lesley Harriet Harman’s aunt was Elizabeth Pakenham, Countess of Longford, and her cousins include Lady Antonia Fraser, Rachel Billington, and Thomas Pakenham.

  179. 179
    The Flying Spaghetti Machine says:

    Erm: Totty ?

  180. 180
    Worried Chukker says:

    When did Lucretia Burger start sliding up and down the Liebour greasy pole?

    Too late for the poisoner? I hope I don’t have to go back to the clap clinic again.

  181. 181
    liars ahoy ... says:

    there isn’t a genuine element in campbell’s supposed principles … a worse double dealing scumbag would be hard to find unless of course you think of mandelson et al.

  182. 182
    SamCam says:

    Minor aristocracy — virtually plebs.

  183. 183
    Londoner says:

    Removing the million or so illegal immigrants and regaining control over any more immigration would ease unemployment and presumably improve wages for some people

  184. 184
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    I have figured that out for myself, It’s the mutating 1% you have to look out for in life.

  185. 185
    local wind says:

    quite right but don’t hold your breath … the country is still infested with their supporters

  186. 186
    Lord Snooty says:

    Countesses don’t count?

  187. 187
  188. 188
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “…party to which I owe a great deal.”

    Presumably a huge bar bill and a few prescriptions for anti-d3pressants.

    And to think the British people let these visceral, incompetent sh1ts run the country for so long…

  189. 189

    He was wearing SOCIALIST beer goggles.

  190. 190
    Mornington Crescent says:

    He’s the nastiest of all the current sh1ts – dancing on Mill1e D0wler’s grave for his own political advantage. For that alone, I will personally provide the lamppost and the piano wire for when the big day comes for him.

  191. 191
    The British media are cunts says:

    Hattie is a lezzer

  192. 192
    I might have voted Labour to keep out Heath says:

    > Increased house prices can be traced back to

    The increase in population caused by …
    And the start of an upturn in the economy

    > Tories and Tory voters (and by that I mean genuine ones
    > and not the pseudo types) use public transport far less
    > than the average working class person

    Tory voters are more likely to be working class (ie the class that work) than Labour voters.

    > and again which party privatised the trains and buses

    The Tories privatised most of it. Labour promised to renationalise, but didn’t, and instead completed the privatisation.

    > it wasn’t Labour that privatised and sold off far too cheaply the
    > ex-public owned utility companies

    They didn’t renationalise them either, and they took a big after-the-fact windfall tax from it to piss away too.

    Also they used PFI, which is privatisation and debt in another name.

    > The Council Tax is a spillover from the Poll Tax

    And both are spillovers from the rates. However it is calculated the money is still taken from residents and spent by politicians.

    > As for flooding the country with the world’s dross well
    > many of the things that allow this were inherited by
    > Labour from the Tories and their role within the EU and
    > the Tories have done little to reverse this since being in power.

    Again, neither party has done anything to redress problems created by both.

  193. 193
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    A thinly disguised resurrection?, read about the life of Lucrezia Borgia, the femme fatale of the infamous Borgia family.

  194. 194
    Graham says:

    Funny how these Liebour cnuts always blame Thatcher. Nothing is the fault of St.Anthony of Islington or of the one – eyed Scottish idiot. And Militwat, Coooer and Balls all worked (?) In the Treasury. I also remember that Liebour wanted to privatise Royal Mail.
    For information, if you have a water meter you pay for the water you use.

  195. 195
    Beelly Hague says:

    I see that GCHQ have pissed off the Belgians by spying on them.

  196. 196
    Ed Miliband says:

    Hullo! I am Ed Miliband!

    [falls over, breaks ankle]

  197. 197
    Godfrey Bloom says:

    How do stoneage people learn to fire modern weapons?.

  198. 198
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Can somebody pass Ed a Bic, on second thoughts…

  199. 199
    Merkel says:

    ARD Exit Poll:

    CDU 42.0 %; SPD 26.0%; FDP 4.7%; Greens 8.0%; Linke 8.5%; AfD 4.9%, Piraten 2.5%

  200. 200
    Diane Fatbot says:

    So true, make sure its the moslems first please.

  201. 201
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Reducing the numbers coming in, and particularly those from Europe would help.

    Several effects: It would help ease unemployment, reduce the downward pressure on wages, and take the pressure off of public services.

    As wages have been depressed and will take a while to catch up, for those at the bottom the best thing government can do is raise the tax threshold to reduce their tax liability. It may not sound a lot, but would certainly help without putting burden on business by raising minimum wage directly.

    The illegals are a thorny topic as most will be earning outside of the tax system. By their status they will not be on the books, so are in someways ‘blind’ to government.

    Government should crack down on businesses who are hiring such people. At best those who hire illegal immigrants are evading tax.

  202. 202
    I'm not telling you who I am says:

    It was me!

  203. 203
    EU Watch says:

    Early exit poll results, but showing AfD up to nearly 5%. Word is that AfD may get over 5%, hence Grand Coalition is in the offing:

    – NSA / GCHQ spying on G’erman citizens was an issue for this election, in addition to concerns about the Euro.

  204. 204
    Londoner says:

    By raising the tax threshold, lower paid people could presumably compete with non-tax-paying illegals on a more level playing field.

  205. 205
  206. 206
    Farage wants to stay in the EU says:

    Bizarre because with a labour majority farage won’t stand a cat in yells chance of a referendum. As such he can be dismissed as a serious player as he has too big a chip on the shoulder.

  207. 207
    JH4395093450923 says:

    O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.

  208. 208
    local wind says:

    where did clare short get that hair lip ?

  209. 209
    Sheik it all about says:

    They have oil to trade for modern weapons and learning to fire them they have oil and lots of money from different countries, the smell of money brings out all the sh!ts to try and remove it from the stone age people, but the stone age are from one of 13? tribes that know about money and can shake the sh1ts and the countries sh1ts and get trained for nothing

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    It was always said that Brown knew everything that went on. Why this mental freak is not in court and jail next to Blairs cell I will neve… Oh wait a minute?

  211. 211
    airbrain clotheshorse says:

    chill man you have to live with the drivel brained slag

  212. 212
    Caroline Fling says:

    But it’s against the law to prevent free movement in the EU. Oh how I wished now I ad read. The Lisbon treaty before McMental sneaked through the ack door and signed it.

  213. 213
    Prince Gideon says:

    Look at the sun long enough then look at someone’s face and everybody has a halo round their head.
    Jackie Smith or Ruth Kelly (If he’s a catholic and likes pain)

  214. 214
    Ed Blankety blank Milltwat says:

    He needs a fecking fire extinguisher just in case with all those screwed up balls of paper lying around.

  215. 215
    did you know ... says:

    that explains why she can get so many plums up her duff

  216. 216
    damian mcfuckbag says:

    I now work in schools, my beady eyes are crawling over your kids

  217. 217
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    A one-night stand seems more like a punishment than a crime. Surely this story needs to be corroborated. It doesn’t sound at all plausible. But, water finds its own level.

  218. 218
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    @Londoner: That is not completely correct.

    Those employing illegals are under no obligation to pay them minimum wage. Those who are legal they are. Being defacto zero rated does not mean that the employer in question does not have to account for tax.

    Then there is the issue of NI contributions.

    UKIPs suggestion to scrap NI and just relabel it as ‘tax’ is perhaps a good cost saving measure here.

    Employers will still need to account for NI contributions for those officially on the books.

    There is no competition with illegal migrants. As they are outside the system they have no impact officially.

    They need to be gathered up and deported.

  219. 219
    Boris Carloffe says:

    Tom Watson’s very quiet. If anyone looks like a bully, he does. I wonder how he helped smear his ‘brothers’ ?

  220. 220
    The Socialist magic money tree says:

    Miliband under pressure over £27billion ‘black hole’ in Labour’s spending plans
    Tories claim promises mean an extra £1,000 of borrowing for every family
    Labour leader dismisses idea as ‘nonsense’ but struggles to explain sums
    Miliband refuses to say he will increase minimum wage despite squeeze

    So where’s the money coming from Ed?

  221. 221
    Anonymous says:

    Hello! Eagle??????????????????????????????????? Shom mishtake.

  222. 222
    Prof Myang Li says:

    Sink ? No chance when Fatbott’s involved – she’s definitely a floater.

  223. 223
    Londoner says:

    You are correct about that in many instances, but the picture is complex. There are many small businesses I am sure who employ illegals not simply because they are cheaper (they may not always be) and disposable but the costs of employing legally are high: HMRC is a dreadful organization to deal with; the time they take up in dealing with their over-complex regulations and the perils and stresses of coming within their over-bearing clutches must make cash payments to illegals more attractive than they ought to be for some.

  224. 224
    Halal bacon butties going cheap says:

    It could be that the Eagle sisters turned rug muncher after the pleasure of a McBride facial.

    Not a pleasant thought!

  225. 225
    Bob Fleming says:

    Are we any closer to knowing who had a one night shag with McShitty yet?

  226. 226
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    I agree the picture is complex, Labour really made a mess of this, and the Coalition have not done much to correct.

    Bottom line is: Illegals are by definition illegal.

    Businesses who exploit them are breaking the law. (They cannot legally employ them)

    If companies cannot afford to hire people legally, then they should not be in business period.

    Simplifying the tax system, as UKIP also advocate, will help reduce the incentive for business to cut corners in this way. There is no excuse for not pursuing and prosecuting vigorously those the people who enable illegals to survive in the UK.

    The fundamental problem for all with the illegal immigration problem is that there are a large number of undocumented individuals who are directly contributing to public cost whilst putting themselves in a position where they are easy prey for predatory individuals.

    That cost is reflected in unemployment and depression of wages through to accessing public services to which these individuals have not contributed.

    It is government’s moral responsibility to correct this fairly basic state of affairs.

  227. 227
    damian mcfuckbag says:

    no fear chuka we know you are a fag and going out with lucys burger was a figleaf.

    real story yet to come is how many cocks did chuk suka on clapham common?

  228. 228
    Foor me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. says:

    The Telegraph are quoting Labour as saying they’ll stick to the Coalition’s 2015/16 spending plans.

    Like that’s supposed to reassure us. Snotty McMental promised to stick to John Major’s spending plans for 2 years, and once those two years were up he borrowed and spent like the cretinous lunatic that he was.

    Maybe Miliband doesn’t remember that promise, or he hopes we’ve forgotten it.

  229. 229
    Point of Information 7 says:

    Following Ed Miliband’s decision to turn the Parliamentary vote on Syr!a into a partisan affair, the following perhaps should be hung around his neck:

  230. 230
    damian mcfuckbag says:

    who the fuck would admit riding my scabby cock?

  231. 231
    Jimmy says:

    There you go. Don’t you feel uplifted reading one of the great socialist writers?

  232. 232
    Universal Hiss says:

    Perhaps he knew that the shit was nearing the fan.

    Going on with boys & girls talk what is it that all these men are at least two baggers?

    I wouldn’t touch them with Nells.

  233. 233
    Londoner says:

    “If companies cannot afford to hire people legally, then they should not be in business period.”

    You do not seem to understand that most small businesses are actually mainly one or two man bands. They may well provide a good living for the owners, certainly enough to keep them off the dole and generate taxes for the government. It is the translational period where they go from. in effect simple vehicles for self-employment to entities employing others that small firms discover how much red tape there is and how risky it is to take on people doing things by the politicians’ book.

    Simply saying such firms should cease to exist is glib. Our entire economy requires these firms to exist, prosper and make the transition to employing others. The alternative would be millions more on the dole and precious little innovation.

  234. 234
    giant gonad says:

    I would speculate that what happened is that McBride got completely pissed and some foolish,but well-meaning lady offered him the sofa only for McBride to claim that he shagged her.

    This seems far more likely than a drunken McBride actually managing anything.

  235. 235
    Sherlock says:

    The Wail says “The party took place at the peak of Mr Brown’s power when the woman involved was an influential Labour figure. She also served as a Labour Minister”

    So “Influential figure” …. and as almost an aside “she also served as a Labour Minister”… perhaps later or earlier than the deed

    It would seem being a Minister was not the end of things .. and she was influential …

    any clearer ?

  236. 236
    Wake Up! says:

    What a smokescreen this is. The whole McBride/Brown/Blair re-hash is cobblers. It’s been out in the public domain for years, it’s old news. But Labour and their London media want to deflect attention from the current mess with the Unions.

    Unite et al and Labour are the real story.

  237. 237
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    So what is reality? A huge increase in Directors’ salaries and bonuses?

  238. 238
    Sir William Waid says:

    It’s curious that ‘strap-on’ is ‘no parts’ backwards.

  239. 239
    Universal Hiss says:

    There was a rather wonderful raid in my area recently in the fish catching/ processing industry.

    Illegal immigrant workers,black fish(in one plant there was an underground tunnel landing black fish) illegal hotels lodging illegals,drug dealing,false accounting.You name it,they found it.

    Naturally all these business owners are upright god fearing citizens who hadn’t a clue what was happening.

    Politics must be calling after they have paid their fines or served their prison sentences,the later highly unlikely.

  240. 240
    Merkel says:

    I wonder when the Libdems will be commenting on the demise of their German sister party?

  241. 241
  242. 242
    King Cnut says:

    Indeed – all the wankers seem to be on the Labia benches!

  243. 243
    UKIP or bust says:

    After suic ide bom bers k ill 60 Christians outside a church today.

    Seems like this piece is no longer available.

  244. 244
    The British Public says:

    Syria is none of our business.

  245. 245
    UKIP or bust says:

    After suic* ide bom * bers k ill 60 Chri stians outside a chu rch today.

    Seems like this piece is no longer available. *cide-bom *bers-ki *ll-dozens-of-christians-in-pak*istan-now-will-the-world-wake-up-to-the-isl*amist-wa*r-against-christia*nity/

  246. 246
    Gruesome choice says:

    Rule out Geeza Stuart. Not even a 456 pinter.

  247. 247
    The population of the entire universe says:


  248. 248
    Universal Hiss says:

    I would have thought the timing & the arena of publication,The Mail,was designed to inflict as much damage to the Labour Party as possible.Look at the publisher!

    It’s only old news to the Westminster village.Many people would have never heard of the lovely Damien.

  249. 249
    Just asking says:

    Didn’t Guido have something on Draper and Maguire, re emails but he put them in a draw somewhere? I think Draper will have rather wet trousers at the moment, along with Maguire, I would love to know what is going on behind the scenes. As for Marr, after his Party Political Broadcast last evening on behalf of Merkel, and this morning will Ed, and then Andrew Neil with Campbell, it was like an old boys club for them. Campbell, all of them, foisted on us by the Media.

  250. 250
    Just asking says:

    So moderated for mentioning the many, many blogs you yourself wrote about Draper and Maguire. Do you moonlight for the Telegraph?

  251. 251


    Have been travelling home and involved in an interesting discussion with neighbours about improvements to our village.

    My fear is that democracy, in the way we manage it, is becoming increasingly incapable of delivering what it should do to the people. The lines of delineation are often concerned with matters that we should not be wasting breath and time in pursuing whilst the important aspects are simply swept under the carpet.

    Politicians bribing voters and then taxing them to fulfil their pledges has now descended into a state where there is no longer even a token attempt to deliver in the first place. it is beyond farce.

    We would do so much better under a rotating jury system, even if it were only to last for a generation and then revert back to the ballot.

    Of course that will never happen and my current residential status largely explains my recognition that I see it most unlikely to be turned around, let alone solved, inside a timescale that will be relevant to me, even allowing the most hopeful of predictions.


  252. 252
    Londoner says:

    What you are describing UH, is organised crime, not legitimate business. I doubt very much that a local British person would have any chance at applying for a job with such a gang – nor could a legitimate business compete paying decent wages. As I say above, the picture is complex. Removing the illegals would however, simplify the complexity to some extent.

  253. 253
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    @Londoner: No, it is not a glib comment.

    Small business you mention typically does not employ illegals. Most wind up in medium sized marginals such as UH describes, or house servants / black market such as prostitution etc

    The economy requires small business but society at large requires ethically and morally sound business. Government is partly to blame for creating the environment where business is forced to ‘cut corners’ but enabling unscrupulous actors to be successful at the expense of those with scruples is unacceptable.

    If people are making a good living off the back of illegals they themselves are breaking the law and have no rightful place to be conducting business in the UK.

    Note that government does have a direct role in conditioning the business environment which is a priority first.

  254. 254
    Cameron is a reprehensible mong says:

    This is their way of saying “thanks” for the hundreds of millions of pounds of aid the cretin in 10 Downing Street has given them.

    “Ah, the infeedel Christians have geeven us much money, let’s hunt down Christians and keel them! (In the name of peace and tolerance).”

  255. 255
    RomaBob picking a pocket or two... says:

    Mounting Baroness Kinnock? No way………… 100% not likely !!

  256. 256
    RomaBob picking a pocket or two... says:

    I suspect that that suspect would have problems mounting any member of the female gender :)

    American pie anyone? :)

  257. 257
    Londoner says:

    Half the pubs and cafes in the South East have paid an illegal worker casual cash at some time or other in the last decade.

  258. 258
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    It is a chip shared by millons of others. Europe.

  259. 259
    Universal Hiss says:

    Londoner.It really isn’t.These people are all local businessmen.

    They got greedy & because they are not too bright, were over confident as they had been doing it for years ,got sloppy & got caught.

  260. 260
    Hang The Bostards says:

    McBride just wrote spite about people and was generally a nasty person.

    Whereas Campbell preferred the more professional mature stateman-like approach of sexing up a document with the intent to start an illegal war in which hundred of thousands of people died. But hey ho… him & Blair got rich !

  261. 261
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    Cos we all know that women don’t get drunk. Yeah right. Nice try.

  262. 262
    Bruce says:

    Give us another clue, sport.

  263. 263
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    Maybe the woman was Ellie Mentary?

  264. 264
    Colossal Pervert says:

    And even she could not sink to such depths of degradation, could she?

  265. 265
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    Or desperate.

  266. 266
    Londoner says:

    UH. Then things are even more depressingly corrupt than I feared. Were the local police turning a blind eye?

  267. 267
    William Vague says:

    Let me be very clear on this.

    The evil killers in Kenya are led by Mo Mo Mo Ibrahim Al’headcase.

    The freedom fighters in Syria are led by Mo Mo Ibrahim Mo Al’headcase.

    Big difference and totally justifies the Govt. position I’m sure you’ll agree.

  268. 268
    The BBC are cunts says:


  269. 269
    Wendi Deng says:

    I can confirm this. Tonee rove me rong time all day

  270. 270
    Penfold says:

    Ha, the biter bit.

    Those that live by the sword die with the stab in the back.

    McBride the smearer bitching about a dose of similar medicine, quelle surprise.

  271. 271
    McPoison says:

    A woman with absolutely no taste at all.

  272. 272
    Penfold says:

    Muslim v muslim; the religion of peace.

  273. 273
    Lady Virgnia Droit de Seigneur says:

    What about Tracy Temple and Antonia da Sancha – clearly no standards at all.

    Plus that woman who slept with Stephen Byers.

    I’m not sure I could drink that much.

  274. 274
    Ed Millionaireband says:

    It doesn’t matter. All I needed was something for one day’s headlines to get the idea that Labour will do something about immigration into the back of people’s minds

  275. 275
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  276. 276
    Penfold says:

    Or the Eagle sistahs.

  277. 277
    Lady Virgnia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Actually l’ve heard that (despite her image) Clare Short is a good laugh and likes a few drinks.

  278. 278
    Lady Virgnia Droit de Seigneur says:

    I do that too – after I’ve wrapped it round my waist a couple of times

  279. 279
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    @Londoner: Yes, they have.

    And by doing so they have disadvantaged a person who is here legally. That is a net negative for society.

    However, in cleaning up the situation, there may not be any benefit for government to pursue cases retrospectively.

  280. 280
    Ed Millionaireband says:

    Thanks for making me the second most boring man in the country, Brod.

  281. 281
    Universal Hiss says:

    You’re resigning first thing tomorrow then Lord Patten?

  282. 282
    Universal Hiss says:


    Coming to a town near you given time.

  283. 283
    Dave really should resign now says:

    The real thanks will come when the cretin stops paying them, and they decide to launch a nuke at us out of kindness.

  284. 284
    Bloke says:

    A strapadichtomy is the operation that lesbians have.

  285. 285
    The people says:

    There is.

    He’s right that he owes us a great deal.

  286. 286
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    He has no reason to.

    But he, and the trust, now have the responsibility to cut pay of the BBC executive, and the executive have the fun of reducing the pay in the ranks below them.

    One would lay reasonable odds that the BBC Trusts’ pay will not be considered as a serious issue.

  287. 287
    Universal Hiss says:

    The local police are rather thin on the ground & would not have the expertise to tackle this widespread corruption.

    This was a big operation by HMRC,along with the police.Obviously HMRC & the fisheries commission must have had had tip offs so they could do a big raid of several sites at the same time.

    If you are running an honest business it must piss you off no end to know you are being undercut by people who will break any law.

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    When are we going to get this woman’s name.

    Even his friends say this Mcbride character is a nasty piece of work but now he is really taking the piss. He will be making a few bob out of all this and we have to put up with being fed only half of the story.

    British journalism stinks.

  289. 289
    Harriet Droney says:

    Which would Harman be, Blairite or Brownite? Answer’s easy. Neither, because she whores herself out to whoever’s leader at the time. When it was Blair, she was a Blairite. When it was Brown, she was a Brownite. And now she’s a, er, Milibandite. She was pro-Iraq war when it was Blair and Brown and suddenly became anti-war when Miliband became leader. She has no political principles, just goes with whatever’s most expedient for her on a given day.

  290. 290
    Universal Hiss says:

    BBC and trust does not hang easy with me & probably millions of others.

  291. 291
    Anonymous says:

    Can we be sure it was a Labour Minister or was it a Labour Mincer

  292. 292
    Whiffler says:

    The wording is such that it could be any female Labour MP who had been a Minister at some point.

    So, for instance you missed Kate Hoey.

    As for what went on .. well, she was Minister for Sport at some point IIRC?

  293. 293
    cheche says:

    Was it Gordons friend Alchi Ada

  294. 294
    Whiffler says:

    Oh – also noted Al Campbell on SP saying that he could deny it being true, AND he knew it wasn’t right.

    Interesting distinction (in his mind)

  295. 295
    Germ says:

    The 1% will spread to become the 99% … of bleach-resistant germs.

    Anyway, 99% is a figure off the top of an ad-man’s head. How much bleach over how long under what conditions?

  296. 296
    Londoner says:

    Sadly, not any more. I can’t really remember when I went from assuming the best about the BBC to utter contempt. It must have happened gradually I suppose.

  297. 297
    Lampshade says:

    He won’t last.

  298. 298
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Agreed, but I was referring to the corporate structures of the BBC :-)

    Once was good, but no more.

  299. 299
    Universal Hiss says:

    Al lost his mind years ago. He keeps banging on about minimum pricing for alcohol.

    Nothing like a convert to come over all Calvinistic.

  300. 300
    Butch Dave says:

    Ministers usually have a preference for being either a “top” or a “bottom”. It’s useful to know when pairing up.

  301. 301
    Universal Hiss says:

    Call that a soapbox? Pathetic.

  302. 302
    Hercule Poirot says:

    Yes, but they’ve probably pleased the enemy factions of Belgium

  303. 303
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Fatty Pang and all the rest of them from top to bottom need to be pensioned off permanently, talk about an anachronism in the 21st century, nobody wants or needs the BBC any more, especially not for £3.5 billion a year.

  304. 304
    Mike Portaloo says:

    £27,000 million isn’t much. It’s only about a third of what our nice new train set will cost (excluding trains, and running trains)

  305. 305
  306. 306
    Like my Husband says:

    Yep, fits the analogy of being an image of her husband!

  307. 307
    Chillaxing Dave says:

    FFS, it was funny!

    ‘@David_Cameron please call off @WilliamHague, hasn’t Kenya suffered enough today?’

  308. 308
    Daddy says:

    I’d get one of those baby-carrier rucksacks.

  309. 309
    Inside underpants says:

    She did say “I see green shoots” then dropped everything.

  310. 310
    Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

    Female is an adjective meaning of the female sex.
    Feminine is an adjective meaning of the female gender.
    And as a bonus:
    Woman is a noun meaning an adult female human.

  311. 311

    Looks like a old pallet with two illegal immigrants hiding in it.

  312. 312
    nellnewman says:

    That is so revealing!! – militwit’s folks are briefing against damian mcbride whilst saying that labour has given up the backstabbing and the black arts!


  313. 313
    M102 says:

    I’d like to help you narrow the odds by suggesting that it was one of the ugly ones :)

  314. 314
    nellnewman says:

    Neither will socialism. None of us want it!

  315. 315
    M102 says:

    I bet Guido knows. How about an ACRB clue?

  316. 316
    How the world works says:

    Nuke you say well funnily enough that actually isthe key to why we pay them protection money

  317. 317

    £11,000,000,000 of international aid spent in bongo bongo land goes a very long way.

  318. 318
    cheche says:

    Funny how the BBC is giving a lower number of people killed in Kenya than CNN and indeed the Mail

  319. 319
    nellnewman says:

    You miss the point. Damian McBride was at the heart of Brown’s Government and Brown was encouraging his actions. Militwit was at the centre too as was bullyballs.

    This is how labour functions.

    Do we really want these poisonous people back in power?

  320. 320
    EU Watch says:

    Actual election results coming in.

    Following could be better blog to follow than Grauniad’s:

    Looking good for Merkel and AfD.

    If AfD cross the 5% line, this will be a significant boost for UKIP.

  321. 321
    Lady Muck says:

    It is vital for women’s emancipation that we make a great and bold statement by electing a WOMAN as err, deputy leader

  322. 322
    How the world works says:

    And would the fact that babies could be killed by Assad, the Rebels as opposed one of our cruise missiles make a difference ?

  323. 323
    Lampshade says:

    They are probably going to ignore these results. After all, who wants to draw attention to the possibility of total annihilation?

  324. 324
    S.B.S. says:

    Not a name there that I would shag even desperately.

  325. 325
    Hattie Harperson says:

    Mr Fookes.

    Please reply immediately with the number, position and salary of any wimmin females aged over 50 years that you employ, and the steps you have taken to ensure that the number increases to reflect the pro-rata population in the UK.

    PS, Do you have a position in your organisation for my son or my husband?

  326. 326
    Lampshade says:

    And if they don’t? Will revelations of GCHQ’s spying activities have helped Merkel crush the AfD?

  327. 327
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Like this:

  328. 328
    Peaches says:

    Guido’s list of Blair Babes is missing a few names.

  329. 329
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

  330. 330
    Bullshitters the lot of them says:

    “”minimum pricing for alcohol”” is illegal under EU cartel and competition law…

    They can’t bring it in , well they can but it will be pulled by the EU ..

    Here is the precedent …

    which was done supposedly on health grounds…

    The only people that have benefitted from talk of minimum pricing is the spin doctors and lawyers !

  331. 331
    The Socialist magic money tree says:

    Billion you tit. 27 billion. Is your name balls?

  332. 332
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    That which Campbell does NOT deny– that he IS in fact an angry sonofabitch (but then, everyone knows that)– is much more interesting, in that exchange.

    It would be even more interesting to find out what each of them thinks he has on the other.

  333. 333

    Just like the LibLabCon the BBC are a bunch rabid greedy piggies with their collective snouts in the trough of public money gorging themselves to the point of saturation.

  334. 334
    Sunny Jim says:

    Schadenfreude and/or karma – what bitches, eh?

  335. 335
    Anonymous says:

    The cruise missiles would not have been targeted at civilians like Assad does

  336. 336
    Devil if we do .. says:

    And they’d understand when we go in and unfortunately as always happens accidentally inflict some collateral damage ???

  337. 337
    local wind says:

    arh well thats ok then shes a pissed gobby minger

  338. 338
    EU Watch says:

    AfD and other parties perhaps missed opportunity to capitalize on the spying properly.

    These are only exit polls which are being looked at so far, not the actual results.

    If AfD cross the 5% line then this is helpful to UKIP as they can point to the result to dispel some of the negative sentiment expressed by the MSM focused on their apparent funding size, and relatively new status on the UK scene.

    Within Europe, a Euro skeptic party gaining representation in the B’undestag will have a very big effect.

    This particular party, following 5-Star in !taly, will demonstrate that new parties are possible and can be credibly constructed largely using social media without massive funding. Given the high levels of young unemployed across the Eurozone this is not a completely redundant observation.

  339. 339
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    This could never happen here, could it ??

  340. 340
  341. 341
    Ed Doesn't Lie says:

    I see Labour’s resident food and gluttony expert, Abbottopotamus, wants every kid at school to get free lunches. There must be a Labour conference on, with giveaways, prizes, milk and honey being chucked around like confetti.

  342. 342
    Bloomers says:

    Wie heisst man ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ auf Deutsch ?

  343. 343
    phew that looks sore says:

    theres no beating length but you’ve got to lay off that mangle

  344. 344
    Am I mental? says:

    I fancy Laurie Penny

  345. 345
    bunny bummer says:

    and we never did know where david shoved that banana

  346. 346
    Lampshade says:

    I quite agree with you, and personally, would be very pleased if an alternative perspective on the EU were to find its voice in the Bundestag.

    Still, the spying scandal is usually the sort of thing that rallies people to their government and if it moved even a tenth of a percent towards the CDU, that can’t have helped a party like the AfD, though it is said that they took votes from the FDP.

  347. 347

    I can’t see many in the UK voting for Angela Merkel’s CDU.

  348. 348
    Langenscheidts says:


  349. 349
    one nation options says:

    can’t you lot just get a room somewhere

  350. 350
    Universal Hiss says:

    Not only that she wants kids to have them until they are slurp, 16, guzzle.

  351. 351
    Dr Phil says:

    No you’re not mental, but if you possess a punani you’re in with a chance.

  352. 352
    Is Miliband still a sixth former says:

    Why is it Ed Miliband is always dressed as if he is going to school or changed to do his prep!

  353. 353
    Enricher No:5,764,257 says:

    That’s Londonistan to you, get it fucking right first time white boy!

  354. 354
    one nation options says:

    or seb’s sister tess

  355. 355
    Here we go again Liebour go to pick a pocket or 23million or two says:

    No problem as long as it comes out of MPs pay and expenses and all the backhanders, jobs, directorships, selling Co2 shares and windmills and their own money they have salted abroad as a taxpayer, I will remind them what to go and do to themselves if they think they are going to get any more money that I don’t have from me,

  356. 356
    Village Idiot says:

    ….Sadly,you are correct and it has been allowed to happen!

  357. 357
    EU Watch says:

    The AfD do not question the EU though, only the Euro. But – yes – you are quite right.

    With this massive apparent swing suggested by exit poll towards CDU, there will be a major change in the EU.

    If Merkel gets majority she can continue with some of her soveriegn claw back, and the scene will be set for real change.

    The southern European states were hoping for a grand coalition, which would have meant status quo and continued bail outs. CDU majority they will not be keen on.

    If AfD do get through, that may still be on. But there could be an interesting possibility that Merkel would seek coalition with AfD if they did get above 5% that no one has considered.

    There is a possibility that at least one of the southern states may consider exiting absent grand coalition.

  358. 358
    knees up down the old fag and lash says:

    do you like jellied eels ?

  359. 359
    godders says:

    Sluts–the lot of `em.

  360. 360
    start chucking fish says:

    sad twat

  361. 361
    I d on't n eed no d octor says:

    286 hits the nail firmly on the head.

  362. 362
    start chucking fish says:

    no way jose but we’re busting to know who was rogering who nellie … you can’t beat a good witch hunt when the socialists are on the make

  363. 363
    JH4395093450923 says:

    I don’t think his work means what you think it means.

  364. 364
    Universal Hiss says:

    Ah,that may explain why wee Eck has gone quiet on the subject.

    He probably had a point trying to decrease alcohol consumption in Scotland as half the central belt is shit-faced at any one time.

    However minimum pricing will only hurt moderate drinkers in the sporran & not really stop the neds.

  365. 365
    gullible journo says:

    come on damian give us the goss on brown/blair/mandelson having a 3way bumfest

  366. 366
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    My Reg, God forgive his twisted soul, was a huge punani fanatic, dear. Personally, I always preferred chapathi, with a little vindaloo on the side.

  367. 367
    Lady Virgnia Droit de Seigneur says:

    I’d rather shag an ugly bird who’s a good laugh than a prima donna high maintenance looker

  368. 368
    Anonymous says:

    I think I see what you’re saying.

    (That is they must be embracing Western learnings.)

  369. 369
    Unintended consequences says:

    Quite, the “neds” around our way will buy the booze and do without food … else they’ll just nick the booze …

    then we end up with thousands spent on treating people for “korsakoff’s syndrome” as they can’t afford to eat properly and suffer vitamin deficiency after a shed of ale and no food

  370. 370
    Gok Wan says:

    Veils aren’t just used by terrorists, you know. There are lots of other uses. Like hiding your face if you are a fraudster.

  371. 371
    Sherlock says:

    House of Lords / Baroness

  372. 372
    Sherlock says:

    Influencial figure = whip …

    Get on wiki …. the clues are there

  373. 373
    Igonnakum Jerk, USA says:

    I read this, this web-log posting where Damien
    McBride is hurt by
    back-stabbers and potential friends alike and

    Comment reduced by a moderator

    Igonnakum Jerk, USA

  374. 374
    Owen Jones, Village Mong says:

    Yeah, right, up the workers, and all those feminine female gender womans ! Yeah !

  375. 375
    Lady Virgnia Droit de Seigneur says:

    If it gets sucked often enough and hard enough additional length is inevitable

  376. 376
    A solution says:

    Increase the nutritional value of booze ?

  377. 377
    V1le disgusting toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

    You will have to give up the holidays, flying lessons, ponies and cars as well.

  378. 378
    The Illiberal Dimocracts says:

    But Angela Merkel is German.. German is European.. European is wonderful! Everything European is wonderful.. but.. but.. CDU is bzzzt! Right Wing.. bzzzt! CDU is bzzzt!bzzzt! in favour of repatriating powers from bzzzt! wonderful Brussels bzzzt!bzzzt! does not bzzzt! compute bzzzt! European states must have ever bzzzt! closer union.


  379. 379
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Hitler – dead.
    Mussolini – dead.
    Paolo Di Canio – sacked.

    You know, for a fascist, he’s got off pretty lightly!!

  380. 380
    Universal Hiss says:

    I just ignore his posts. Tedium writ long.

    Funny though saying comment reduced. The mods should do it with every post starting at the first word.

    I wonder if he bores for America in American newspapers?

  381. 381
    Answer on the back of a postcard says:

    Because he’s got a mental age of 14.

  382. 382
    Toxic Labour scum trashed my Country says:

    Yes then Hackney Hippos next.

  383. 383
    Jimmy says:

    The only regime which, in the long run, will dare to permit freedom of speech is a Socialist regime.

  384. 384
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

  385. 385
    MB. says:

    They tried to get a source of the figure from Clegg’s office unsuccessfully.

    An expert on the subject said that it is likely they have been using figures for completely different types of plastic and not that used in plastic bags.

  386. 386
    Universal Hiss says:

    Broccoli Buckfast?

    Not sure how you would market that.

  387. 387
    Universal Hiss says:

    Why is he wearing school uniform?

    Why are all the people hideously white? (Except for a suspiciously Diane look-a-like.Back right.)

  388. 388
    Brenda from the Off Licence says:

    If I looked like that I would want to wear one too. Fat ugly Hunt. Excuse my French.

  389. 389
    UKIP SLUT says:

    We are fucked
    Merkel has won another term
    The Federal state of Europe is still on track , flood Britain with the dregs of the world , then when they out breed the British and taxpayers can no longer afford to pay the benefits , then Britain will be forced to hand over control to Brussels in return for financial aid

    DOOMED !

  390. 390
    EU Watch says:

    Indeed the CDU/CSU are center right.

    Cameron should be happy tonight.

    If Merkel gets a majority this will help Cameron deal with his EU problems immensely.

    What is of much interest is how southern Europe reacts. (So far they have been very quiet… but some in G’reece did express preference for a grand coalition)

  391. 391
    Michael Prick says:

    Why are there no black faces there ?

  392. 392
    Little Boy Blue says:

    ” Sir” Bradley Wiggins.

    Somehow can’t imagine him on horseback with a battleaxe.

  393. 393
    Diane Fatbott says:

    That was me. I was looking for the KFC.

  394. 394
    Anonymous says:

    I hope that AfD figure creeps up a little more.

  395. 395
    Capt. Mainwaring,Walmington-on-Sea says:

    Be quiet, Fraser.

  396. 396
    The old boilers union says:

    Does she hold any principles long enough to remember them ?

  397. 397
    BBC says:

    “Following Tory government cuts.”
    “Following Tory government cuts.”
    “Following Tory government cuts.”
    “Following Tory government cuts.”
    “Following Tory government cuts.”
    “Following Tory government cuts.”
    “Following Tory government cuts.”
    “And now the climate change weather report.”

  398. 398
    Anonymous says:

    It was told to me that his sensitivities allegedly lie in the direction of hunky blokes but that surely can’t be right as this rumour confirms.

  399. 399

    Have you seen the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung?


  400. 400
    St Mark says:

    This is the kind of protest I can support. People jumping into the water in Venice to protest against too many giant cruise ships all turning up at once and ruining the place.

  401. 401
    Superinjunction says:

    And what would Mrs Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur have to say about that? :-)

  402. 402
    Ed Miliwit says:

    Just wanted to use OO readers as a focus group for my big conference finish! Ahem…

    “The Ooh-Ah bird is so called because it lays square eggs!”

    Yes? No? It’s the best we could so with the policies available :(

  403. 403
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The UKIP booklet which Crick was hit with is ‘priceless’ – inside the booklet are many other pictures of different colours and hues. Stick that up your crick twisted Rse you journo Cognitive dissonance preaching Rsole Crick.

    I have a copy of the book. [*BW laughs his bollocks off at yet another fucking mentally challenged journo*]

  404. 404
    Sherlock says:


    “…Polizeichef Bernard Hogan-Howe versprach eine „rückhaltlose Suche nach der Wahrheit“. Auf Druck des Premierministers stockte er die interne Ermittlungstruppe, die seit Monaten ergebnislos nach dem Leck gesucht hatte, von zehn auf dreißig Beamte auf und gab ihrem Auftrag einen so feschen wie vieldeutigen Namen: „Operation Alice“ begann – und scheint sich seither im Wunderland verloren zu haben.
    „Seltsam“ und „absurd“

    Acht Personen, unter ihnen fünf Polizisten, wurden festgenommen, aber Details bleiben unbekannt. Einen Ermittlungsbericht an die Staatsanwaltschaft wies diese postwendend als unzureichend zurück. Das Staunen über das polizeiliche Treiben(lassen) wächst – und zum Jahrestag musste Scotland Yard seinen ersten Frontalangriff ertragen. „Ungeheuerlich“ nannte Lord Macdonald, ein früherer Generalstaatsanwalt, die sich „dahinschleppenden“ Ermittlungen. „Die Polizei hat nun zwölf Monate lang einen Vorfall untersucht, der ungefähr 45 Sekunden dauerte“, schrieb er am Mittwoch in der „Times“.

    Lord Macdonald, heute ein Präsident der Oxford-Universität, nannte Polizeichef Hogan-Howe „töricht“ und warf ihm „Jahrmarkthellseherei“ vor. Man rede hier immerhin über „den Rücktritt eines britischen Kabinettsministers, der ihm auf dem Höhepunkt seiner Karriere von nunmehr in Frage stehenden Anschuldigungen der Polizei aufgezwungen wurde“. Sollte sich bewahrheiten, dass Mitchell – der im Falle einer Rehabilitierung als künftiger britischer EU-Kommissar gehandelt wird – der Begriff „plebs“ in den Mund gelegt wurde, schlüge die Rakete direkt im Herz von Scotland Yard ein.

    Bis dahin kann es dauern. Die Ermittler der „Operation Alice“ haben sich vorgenommen, alle 700 Polizisten zu befragen, die das Regierungsviertel bewachen – eine Entscheidung, die von Kritikern als „seltsam“ und „absurd“ bezeichnet wird und den Verdacht nahelegt, dass die Ermittlungen bewusst in die Länge gezogen werden. Für den Journalisten Michael Crick, der die Affäre für „Channel Four“ recherchiert, deutet vieles auf ein „abgekartetes Spiel“ hin. „Vielleicht kann die Polizei den Fall nicht knacken“, schrieb er in dieser Woche. „Oder, was ähnlich beunruhigend ist, sie will es nicht.“

  405. 405
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    This is another part of the smear though:

    Apparently Nigel was snapped campaigning with ex NF member Robert Ray in Essex.

    Ray said he left the NF decades ago because he felt that the organization was becoming rac!st, and for that reason is why he is eligible for UKIP membership.

    Still, M!rror (who hacked phones, and faked !raq war photos) are still trying to make the pair out to be worst than the Dev!l, and UKIP the rac!st party.

    Next they may want to pull the Godwin card on the G’erman election results.

  406. 406
  407. 407
    Blowing Whistles says:

    P.S. When a certain Fink wrote an article some years ago pointing fingers at the plod CPS and judiciary – suffering from ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ – what the fink didn’t do was a bit of INTROSPECTION – that’s looking at his own journo kind … Huh! W anchors the lot of em.

    And a BIG BIG thank you to the Fink – and all of those ‘in it together’ press gang members desperately trying to protect their faux trade of despicable spinelessness to the busted state.

    Nice try to bury the article mind – but it’s ‘out there all over the net – NOW – YOU BASTARD NAT JOURNO SICKO’S.

  408. 408
    EU Watch says:

    As of this posting, AfD projected at 4.8%

    SPD-Greens rule out coalition with the Left party.

    Merkel undecided on grand coalition, SPD say it is up to Merkel.

  409. 409
    The Archers says:

    “..Turned out warm again. I really must check the prices for coconut milk in Ambridge market.”

    “Yes, I reckon we’ll have a fine crop this year. And the pineapples are coming on a treat.”

    “I feel sorry for the Grundys. What on earth did they think they were doing trying to farm non-organic reindeer. It’s enough to make you get drunk on half a pint of home-made palm toddy and trip up over a carpet”

  410. 410

    Nein. Näher an das Vaterland!


  411. 411
    Ralph Hammer and Sickleband says:

    That’s my boy.

    He’ll sort the English out….Oh how I wished they’d have lost the war.

  412. 412
    Ippikin says:

    I always thought that it was a device that sexually inadequate spin-doctors affixed to their minor members in order to insert it into the bums of less fortunate fellows who couldn’t afford the luxury of their own one.
    That way they recieved a certain stimulation that they would otherwise not experience as a result of this symbiotic liason.
    Now I don’t know if the present topic of converstation is so poorly endowed himself, but I do know that if he is not then he certainly deserves to be.

  413. 413
    Anonymous says:

    How does that narrow the field.

  414. 414
    Girls everywhere masturbate. Why can't we talk about it? says:

    The Most Ancient and Most Puissant Order of the Beggar’s Benison and Merryland, Anstruther (known as The Beggar’s Benison) was, in fact, a wanking club.

  415. 415
    Alcohol No..JihadYes says:

  416. 416
    Slut number2 says:

    Germany lost a war and gained 20odd countries by buying up the politicians of the countries, if you don’t take the people of the countries with you, will end up with 20odd Egypts/Syria’s /Iraqs/Afghanistans/Somalia etc, with as usual millions killed.

  417. 417
    Scrap the TV Tax says:

    I see that the BBC are in the shit again for using the old video of Redwood struggling to sing in Welsh when he was Welsh Secretary back in 1993.

    They already had to apologise for using it back in 2007 in an attempt to humiliate him, but used it again last night on a BBC1 gameshow

  418. 418
    Onkel Otto says:

    Until they count the votes in the east, we will not know the result.

  419. 419
    Blowing Whistles says:

    NBW – it is well known in various circles that a convicted child molester [of boys] [Bristol area] and he’s a homo – has been trying to infiltrate UKIP

    Stonewall and its militant political element are some real sicko organisation – they have been using the Political Correctness ‘created for them’ [by who?] stick to ‘silence’ people into submission.

    The latest Stonewall ‘rainbow football laces trick’ is a pitiful attempt to silence dissent. What is any lower league footballer going to say when asked on camera about his views about the homo mafia – he’s been silenced by the PC brigade. If he were to have spoken out he’d have been lascerated by the pathetic PC Homo loving press gangs.

    Wake up people ‘speak out’ – we are the majority; the militant homos have as ever allowed themselves to be used for the purposes of even more ‘despicable’ men.

  420. 420
    Indignant of Cavalry Twill says:

    My dick doesn’t have a button!

  421. 421
    Michael fucking Parkinson says:

    I know when I’m licked.

  422. 422
    CIA Psyops (London) Office says:

    Anjem, you are slacking. Only six mugs (and an embarassed shirker at the back)? We’re never going to be able to get you to storm the Mall for us at this rate.

  423. 423
    Scrap the TV Tax says:

    Quote of the evening from a DM reader:

    ‘Miliband is living proof that some people ARE actually more stupid than they look and in his case that is quite an achievement.’

    Boycie , Broxbourne UK, 22/9/2013 22:19

  424. 424
    Blowing Whistles says:

    P.P.S. Smith – The Plughole Jackie.

  425. 425
    Ippikin says:

    No, certainly not.

  426. 426
    Anonymous says:

    should have been linked to #197

  427. 427
    Ippikin says:

    Don’t forget the rocking horse!

  428. 428
    Just Saying says:

    It all depends on how rat arse one gets.
    Who has not woken up next to someone and after one quick look desperately escaped.

  429. 429
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Cluedo – Jackie Smith in the bathroom with a hole to be plugged.

  430. 430
    Enough is enough says:

    Islam is completely incompatible with civilisation. Every day somewhere in the world an atrocity is committed by muslims. This disgusting religion should be wiped off the face of the earth.

  431. 431
    Just Saying says:

    The thought of a foursome with the Eagle sisters, McBride and Ashton is a vision of Hell.

  432. 432
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  433. 433
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Zero out of ten to the states stooges at GCHQ for trying to silence two comments earlier. They just ‘disappeared into the ether – well well. Huh!

    Is the Duke of New York a Pa3do?

  434. 434
    Allan, you at t'bar says:

    Six bearded ladies all in one place. Incredible !

  435. 435
    Phil O'Sofa says:

    Life is brutal, nasty and short.

    The one thing that makes it tolerable is knowing that all these fucking lefty shitheads will die also.

    And the sooner the better.

  436. 436
    The Libor party says:



  437. 437
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    It would certainly explain what put the idea in her mind for how to attack Damian Green.

    But why would Labour bother to defend her ? She is somewhat persona non-grata after her faux-pas. (She did take the p!ss massively with her expenses as well as bring the office of home secretary into disrepute)

  438. 438
    Miliband is owned by Unite says:

    I wonder if Ed will be allowed a preview of his conference speech which Balls and McCluskey are currently writing.

  439. 439
    Big Mother says:

    ….once everyone has been murdered or brainwashed.

  440. 440
    Peace loving muslim says:

    Death to the west! Death to women! Death to fun! Death to skirts! Death to happiness! Death to Mars bars! Death to death! Death to the universe!

  441. 441
    Just Saying says:

    The BBC have a problem with terminology, and always have had.
    For instance assassination and murder are commonly interposed.
    Terrorists, militants, and freedom fighters are regularly interchanged according to their disfunctional moral and ethical compass; not forgetting their total disdain for any form of patriotism and support to this country.

  442. 442
    TurdPress says:

    Piss poor. Humour-deficient. Probably one of yours, Steve.

  443. 443
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    The short answer:


  444. 444
    Pickled Wizard says:

    Oh, save me, – not an image i could ever, ever need

  445. 445

    I thought the BBC like watching videos of Jimmy Savile leering over 6 year olds.

  446. 446
    Jizzlam says:

    I wish we could just carpet bomb the middle east. The entire region is just one massive terrorist training camp. I’d say bomb the raghead fuckers back to the stone age but they’re already there. Just vaporise the fuckers.

  447. 447
    Big Momma says:

    I learnt in Poland that one of the best ways of stopping women’s bad habits was to make jokes about the habit. In this case it was in becoming peroxide blonde of various qualities.
    In the UK we should make jokes based on only ugly and fat women are prone to wearing the burka. It could work.

  448. 448
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Another crap comment from Steve, The Internet God. He and The Daily Mail are a marriage made in Heaven.

  449. 449
    Liebour enemies of the people says:

    What happened to all those mosquito nets that Brown gave our money for, not heard anything about it since .

  450. 450
    Vinny says:

    More likely him than you.

  451. 451
  452. 452
    Georg Orwell says:

    You are precisely the kind of dickhead I was warning about.

  453. 453
    Handy Andy Marr - second coming says:

    I don’t give difficult questions to Labour. My doctor warned me of this.

  454. 454
  455. 455
    Zero is less than minimum says:

    Minimum wage eh?

    So why does the Labour party take on “interns” who get a zero wage?

    Fuck you and them and your leftard hypocrisy.

  456. 456
    It's Chuka Time says:

  457. 457

    Well Gordo McMong can pay for it out of his own pocket.

  458. 458
    It's Chuka Time says:

  459. 459
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  460. 460
  461. 461
    Ro Hipknoll says:

    There’s only one way an ugly jock alchy like McKnobJockey gets laid…

  462. 462

    They so desperately want him to be the British Obama of 2020.

  463. 463
    Crick is a twat. says:

    I love the way the BBC have simply dumped Red Ed’s policy on employing a British apprentice for every foreign worker. Not only illegal but also unworkable.

    The BBC though were blaming the nasty Tories and big business, not the EU.

  464. 464
    Scrap the BBC, as George also wanted says:

    George wasn’t a fucking socialist, he was an humanitarian.

    You can lead a retard to literature but you cannot make them think.

  465. 465
  466. 466
    Cor blimey. says:

    27 thousand million is 27 billion. You are simply a product of Bliar’s Edukashun system.

  467. 467
    EU Watch says:

    All the results from G’ermany are nearly in. The map in the tweet below says it all.

    It is looking like coalition is required, and AfD has dropped slightly to 4.7%, level pegging with the FDP who are out of the Parliament. (Loss of 93 seats)

    FDP Support has dropped by 2/3 (listening Lib Dems ?) and about 2.2m FDP votes have switched to the CDU/CSU.

  468. 468
    Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee says:

    Islam is peace Islam is peace Islam is peace Islam is peace Islam is peace

  469. 469
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:


  470. 470
    Cor blimey. says:

    Not even the Canadians or Aussies.
    I cannot find a successful socialist government now or in the past.
    Answers on a fag packet please.

  471. 471
    Jimmy says:

    Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic Socialism, as I understand it.

  472. 472
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    So the logical question is, what is in the MMR that makes it important enough to tie to Child Benefits ?

    As a policy it is a nonsense.

    Why discriminate against parents on child benefit based on immunizations ?

    If anything, child benefit should be means tested, but it is better to regard all children as being equal.

  473. 473
    Bon Scott says:

    No-one gets that drunk, not even by death.

  474. 474
    Cor blimey. says:

    The circus is in town.

  475. 475
    A view from atop the pyramid says:

    Eric Bla!r was a fine left libertarian.

    The problem is that the UK left, as represented by the Greens and Labour, are running the expressly more restrictive and sinister Frankfurt edition.

    They are already defeated.

    When the UK left has redeemed itself it may perhaps be worth listening to again.

    The literature is worth reading always.

    Until the UK left has purged itself of its current poison, the parties are very much not worth voting for. Maybe in a generation or so.

    Eric (George) would have written some fairly lengthy tomes against what happened between 1997 and 2010, and certainly what the party currently reflects.

  476. 476
    Owen's Remedial Sex Education teacher (fired) says:

    > a convicted child molester [of boys] [Bristol area]

    But boys don’t have bristols.

  477. 477
    A view from atop the pyramid says:

    Yes. But Obama is a pile of shit. They’ve should have got Chucka in last year, before Benghaz!.

  478. 478
    Eddy Edd Ed says:



    That’th what I am bwinging!

  479. 479
    Scrap the BBC, as George also wanted says:

    “against totalitarianism” + “for democratic Socialism” = Null

  480. 480
    Jimmy says:

    A Socialist United States of Europe seems to me the only worth-while political objective today.

  481. 481
    Please, erase my mind says:

    I’m betting it was Jack Straw with McBride, with Straw taking the female role.

  482. 482
    QM says:

    There were only two dozen vaginae belonging to Brown’s cabinet members and McPoison is supposed to have planted his rancid pizzle into one of these.

    Not a very edifying thought and one is tended to think it might have been yet another example of zero percent growth which marked those years.

    The possibilities are mostly singularly unattractive and it would be a wonderful opportunity for closure if someone could, as it were, spill the beans.

    The owners of the vaginae whom he did not invade would also no doubt relish the end of the unedifying rumours that they may have become so impaled by the member of one who was never actually a member.

    Could some gentlemanly soul do the honourable thing and pinpoint (so appropriate in the circumstances) with whom this ghastly act of copulation took place and then we will surely all be able to sleep sounder at nights.

  483. 483
    Heil Ze Labour Party says:

    Vee hef vays of meking you do as you are told

  484. 484
    on yerbike you mental mcfuck says:

    What sort of schooling?


  485. 485
    Casual Observer 2 says:


    Look – The Labour party are losing credibility by the hour right now.

    Impressive as they had little to lose up front.

    Here is the latest:

    To demonstrate to voters Labour’s competence with the economy, after the shambles of the immigrant job thing, Ed Balls – who is Shadow Chancellor – wants to draft in the OBR to check Labour’s figures.

    So – The Shadow Chancellor is admitting that he doesn’t trust Labour’s figures, and he himself is either not capable or interested in doing the ‘sums’ himself.

    FFS: It is clear now that Labour are not serious.

    I do not think they want to get elected anyway in 2015, as they do not want to face the double whammy of picking up the mess that Osborn is going to leave with the economy, or for that matter deal with the fruits of their immigration policy which will likely be declaring J!had in the home counties in a few years time.

    Labour = Fail.

  486. 486
    Damien McBride says:

    I say I dun it wiv a laydee, but I am known as a fucking liar, so perhaps I didn’t do it and am just trying to sell my shitty book

  487. 487
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Seems like there must be some desperate men desperate enough to offer up their last desperate puppet on a string. He is yet another narcissistic place-puppet.

    The hidden hands of the ptb [The dark-arts-men – illuminated and masonic-ated – at war with one another in reality] really are scraping the bottom of the barrel to dupe the masses.

  488. 488
    Casual Observer 2 says:


    Another who thinks that Dave should resign now… perhaps may not have any choice when AC / RB take the stand in a few weeks time.

  489. 489
    Eastliegh says:

    I wouldn’t bet on that!

  490. 490
    Wake up! says:

    old news! Talking about Blair and Brown feud is old news FFS!
    How much time is being devoted Len Mcluskey and the rest of them?

  491. 491
    ten bob note says:

    nose bag

  492. 492
    Lou Scannon says:

    She appears to have been dragged through a hedge backwards, whoever she is.

  493. 493
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven stars says:

    Perhaps this whole sad story is a vindication for keeping women out of Government.

  494. 494
    Loopy Lou says:

    Never mind under David Cameron we will soon be self sufficient in windmills and will be able to tell these people to leave us all alone.

  495. 495

    it is rather fortunate that we are not using true billions ,
    ie 1 million millions

  496. 496
    Anonymous says:

    picking up the mess that Osborn is going to leave with the economy

    Oh do fuck off its Labours mess and no rewriting of history however often will change that

  497. 497
    romanian friend says:

    or how Dave has children when he is known to be infertile.

  498. 498

    The ONLY benefit ever from the EU

  499. 499
    Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee, Laurie Penny says:

    Repeat after us: Islam is peace, Don’t be Islamaphobic, Islam is peace, Don’t be Islamaphobic, Islam is peace, Don’t be Islamaphobic.

  500. 500
    JH4395093450923 says:

    Effectively he was saying he liked a bit of Socialism but not Totalitarianism, which is a bit like saying you like wet paint but not the dry variety.

    He wrote all this before the little excesses of the super wonderful Socialist regimes of the time got into their stride in terms of persecuting their own populations.

    Already a man whose political persuasions changed with the wind (he was all up for unilateral disarmament before the war, then changed his mind once it kicked off, not mentioning where his disarmament would have left us) I’m sure he might have a different opinion on Ed’s Thothalism now.

  501. 501
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    It was for sure Labour’s mess back in 2010.

    Then the coalition inherited it, and should have gone about repairing it.

    They have not.

    The mess I refer to anyway is the further damage that the ‘help to buy’ scheme is going to cause. That for sure is going to be Osborns lasting legacy which shall likely blow up before the 2015 GE.

  502. 502
    Yeah, right.... says:

    But seriously. Read that list of ministers again and ask yourself this. Apart from La Flint, just how pissed would you have to be?

  503. 503
    Perse O'Nalley says:

    Dunno about him being a ‘vengeful soul’, he’s certainly an arsehole.

  504. 504
    Laughing hangman says:

    I would mmmm, bet she’s a right little minx.

  505. 505
    Swivel Eyed loon says says:

    Hey Al, I can hear a pint calling your name… Go see to it, do us all a favour

  506. 506
    A Query says:

    Was he possibly the original Desperado then?

  507. 507
    geordieboy says:

    Margaret Beckett in the frame. I hope he had a bag over his head and one over hers in case his fell off. Or a severe case of Nil Desperandum.

  508. 508
  509. 509
    A Query says:

    …. and Dave has rewarded her by giving her a six figure salary in some poor beholden health trust somewhere.

  510. 510
    giant gonad says:

    Too pissed for it to be biologically possible.

  511. 511
    giant gonad says:

    One minute he is passed out on the minister’s sofa, the next he is on his phone telling his master about his imaginary conquest.

  512. 512
    Jimmy says:

    In other words if only he had an inkling of Stalin’s excesses his works may have contained some veiled criticism of him?

    You people really are quite special.

  513. 513
    J Bercow says:

    At least for once it’s not mine.

  514. 514
    John Bellingham says:

    It was reported today that some of the male Al Shabbab terrorists who entered the Westgate Mall were wearing Burkahs, which neatly hid their weapons.

  515. 515
    Pablo_the_Scot says:

    I guess it depends whose family really, doesn’t it?

  516. 516
    How To Guides says:

    Should Sadie, Blunkett’s guide dog be on that list?

  517. 517

    Sadie is not that kind of dog what are you implying?

  518. 518
    Charlie says:

    Another term for a safe seat?

  519. 519
    Observercorps says:

    Rule out the people who have good taste, are married, and are tolerably good looking, and make a note of the sad folk who might hang out with former trade unionists promoted way above their capability and who cannot string a sentence together, and you can narrow it down quite a bit, me thinks. Not scientific obviously, but it could form the basis of a new tv show with a catchphrase: “Who would sleep with an odious drunken creep like this?” Answer, someone pretty sad.

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