September 20th, 2013

How “McPrickface” Took Out Brown’s Rivals

Damian McBride’s book has its first previews in the papers this morning. The Blairite response has been for Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, former Blair aide and now managing director at Mandy’s consultancy firm Global Counsel, to leak a load of internal Downing Street emails to the Guardian. The highlight of which reveals Wegg-Prosser’s nickname for McBride:

“No 10 has been told by HMT that they are denouncing Henderson. Damian McPrickface denying [Doug] Henderson briefing – we have got them on the run. McPrickface will be going spare.”

“McPrickface”‘s book itself will confess to how he took out the Prime Mentalist’s rivals one by one. Starting with John Reid:

“I decided to unearth from my black book some of the stories I’d gathered over the years about Mr Reid’s escapades from the ’80s and early ’90s… drinking, fighting and carousing”

Charles Clarke:

“For several weeks in succession in 2005 when Charles Clarke was Home Secretary and a declared opponent of Gordon’s succession to the premiership, I orchestrated what looked like a briefing war between Charles and Tony Blair’s anti-social behaviour guru, Louise Casey.”

Ivan Lewis:

“the News Of The World duly splashed a story – quite obviously from me – about his supposed pestering of a young civil servant who used to work in his private office.”

Wee Dougie Alexander:

“How we going to play this? I presume we’ll just blame wee Dougie again? We’ll f*** over wee Dougie”

McPoison is finally admitting what we knew all along, for cash. Polly Toynbee has just been on the Today programme admitting that she knew what was happening as well. So why did she never say anything? McBride talks of an “unspoken agreement” that he could do what he did, that Brown would not “question my methods”. Miliband and Balls were his closest other advisers. What did they know about what was going on?  Roll on conference…


  1. 1
    Tommy Bollocks says:

    Why is the fucking swearing censored in the quotes above?


  2. 3
    Another first for Dave says:

    Morning Guido, mist of us have been talking about this for hours, glad you could finally join us.


    • 5
      MucMurray says:

      Go write your own Blog little one.


      • 7
        Another first for Dave says:

        Don’t be so touchy Guido your credibility is already under question over your support for Daves mad Syrian intervention plan


        • 14
          MB says:

          There’s those that blog and those that only comment.


        • 51
          Liebour not Englands friend says:

          I would have thought like you, g has his own opinions on things, our Liebour sh1ts/drones are starting early today or should I say last night with oh g mccrap ‘s book etc, if you don’t enjoy the ride you can go elsewhere


          • ... says:

            Geedough does as the ZioLoons tell him. He has no scruples at all, despite trying to portray himself as some sort of moral crusader.


        • 83
          Anonymous says:

          I think the PM was right, and we should never trust Russia. Time will tell on this one, things are not as they seem and you should stop being so naive.


    • 37
      Panoshama says:

      What a disgraceful, one sided, Panorama programme on the Dewani killing. Using confidential private documents and Police files “obtained” or “seen” by the BBC, that
      have still to be put to a trial Judge.


      • 42
        puppy next to a pile of pooh says:

        That bastard needs to be put on the first plane
        back to SA.
        Let him prove his “innocence” in court.


      • 121
        John Bellingham says:

        The Panorama team “obtained” a “leaked” police docket. I.E. They bribed someone in the Police Station or the prosecutors office to hand over the file. This is standard practice in SA, although usually one pays to have the file disappear just before a trial, thus collapsing a prosecution case.


        • 131
          Panoshama says:

          If you are right, then Panorama did not just behave in an unethical way but may have made a fair trial impossible.
          My theory is that the two African “hit men” did not intend to kill the wife. That was an accident. The money involved was just too small for a murder. They intended to rob the couple of as much cash and valuables as they could.
          So the big question still remains. Did the husband commission his wife’s murder and will circumstantial evidence be enough, in a country that does not use Jury trials.


  3. 4
    Another first for Dave says:

    Btw it’s interesting that The Mail who are running this keep Brown out of the firing line when these revelations reflect very badly on him. Nothing to do with Dacre being a big supporter of the mentalist ?


    • 115
      Gideon says:

      “Miliband and Balls were his closest other advisers. What did they know about what was going on? Roll on conference” It promises to be a real bitch fight. Good article in the Guardian B’Liar’s mob were doing the same to counteract McDuff’s spin


  4. 6
    Meanwhile back in the present Mr Perfect is Spinning the Records. says:


  5. 8
    The Tuscany Set says:

    Sounds like the sort of wilful blindness from Brown that Polly spat so much bile and poison about when Murdoch tried it.


  6. 9
    Ron Barras says:

    Sickening. It shows how these people were playing games whilst Gordon Brown sailed the economy straight onto the rocks.


    • 11
      Another first for Dave says:

      That’s cause his moral compass was fucked


      • 26
        Aardvark says:

        No more Boom And Bust coz we’re in the great Socialist wonderland that is the EU.

        He spent our money, then spent our kids money then borrowed money from children not yet born – and spent that. Good ol’ Gordon.


    • 28
      Free speech is apparently banned here says:

      Yes, but what a loss to us all having Charles Clarke and John Reid knifed. Charles Clarke, a Cambridge Marxist of breathtaking naivety and arrogance, and Dr John Reid who insisted on his Dr title. And what’s he a doctor in, that’s right, his Phd is in history and something to do with the slave trade. Tells you all need to know about those two plonkers.


  7. 12
    bergen says:

    If I ever get too exaspirated with the coalition, I’ll try and remember McBride’s tale.


  8. 15
    Gordon Brown says:

    It was the right thing to do.


  9. 16
    Cheddar Wedge says:

    Polly Toynbee has now admitted she knew that the government was being run by a bunch of gangsters. But since they wore red rosettes it was fine for her.

    And what of Ed Miliband in all of this?


    • 24
      Anonymous says:

      The old hag just loves Fascists.

      And Red Ed, the Pole ? He knew all about it – you can bank on that.


      • 29
        Labour wasn't working says:

        So Toynbee colluded with these Stalinist purges
        while our country was being destroyed by those it
        was entrusted to.
        They are all beneath contempt.


  10. 17
  11. 18
    Steve Miliband says:

    Alistair Campbell is bovvered – therefore a good day


    • 48
      Miliband is Son of Brown says:

      Only because McBride is making money.

      He’s not got anything to say on this poisonous cabal who were too busy knifing each other with spin to notice the economy heading for the buffers.


      • 102
        wise old owl says:

        They knew damn well the economy was heading for the buffers.
        They chose to ignore it and lie to the country because remaining
        in power at any cost was more important to them all.


        • 109
          Anonymous says:

          Balls was Browns right hand man.
          He must have been aware of what was happening.


          • Samson says:

            They were all aware. ‘Gordon didn’t know’ – oh pur-leeze. They all used to drink and watch footie together – what do you suppose they gossiped about? East Enders?

            What a load of complete tossers – and a load of university educated folk went out and voted for these reptilian dishonest morons over and over. And will vote for those who helped keep them in power, so they could follow suit, while they bankrupted the country.

            It’s enough to make you kiss Nige


  12. 19
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    If Gordon Brown was Frankenstein that makes him McBride of Frankenstein ;-)


  13. 21
    Not a shot will be fired says:

    lurid allegations of ‘drink-fuelled indecent proposals’ he allegedly made to one of Mr Brown’s closest allies, Dawn Primarolo, now deputy Speaker of the Commons.

    Lord Reid was alleged to have asked Miss Primarolo to go to bed with him during a parliamentary trip to Berlin in the late 1980s and later told her at a bar in the Commons: ‘I want sex with you.’

    Married Miss Primarolo was said to have been outraged and told him to stop pestering her.


  14. 23
    JH2130982302304-45 says:

    What pisses me off is that he constantly tries to portray Gordon as this intellectual giant, always quietly uttering careful measured observations.

    DO fuck off, Damien – you deal in lies. We all know your boss was mental, and so do you – that’s why you drank so heavily, and look 20 years older than you are.


    • 54
      I wonder who calling him now says:

      I forgot how old he is?, please can you refresh my memory, I see the picture and a guy who’s at least 48 ish, pray if you know his actual age please do tell.


      • 65
        JH2130982302304-45 says:

        Born ’74, so 38. Bear in mind many of those photos will be taken during the reign of terror, so he was more like early 30s in them.

        He could be 55 in the photos.


      • 80
        JH2130982302304-45 says:

        PS – Just looked at some more recent photos of him.

        Christ, Alcohol is a hell of a drug.

        Add in the torturous knowledge that you make a living stabbing semi-decent people in the back to further the interests of a malevolent incompetent and you too can end up looking 63 at 38.


  15. 34
    Gordon Brown says:

    British smears for British bastards.


  16. 41
    C.O.Jones says:

    This truly shows the heart of Gordon Brown’s government. People of the lowest quality shafting their own.


  17. 46
    Ctesibius says:

    Why is it that some many of our ‘betters’ are so deaf and blind. Like Oakeshott and Cable knew nothing about Huhne?


  18. 49
    genghiz the kahn says:


    Brown didn’t know what McBride was doing – load of bollox. The more royalist than the king line of defence.


  19. 50
    Mr Rotivator says:

    Red Rag was a load of, well, bull.


  20. 53
    Fr Brown says:

    All is forgiven. Three Hail Marys and be a good boy now.


    • 96

      One of the factors in Repentance is Restitution. Let’s wait until McBride publicly announces just how he’s going to recompense all those he damaged before we pass judgement.


  21. 55
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    The Conservative led coalition are obsessed with infighting. They will leave Britain with a deficit of over £150BN, a broken welfare system and uncontrolled immigration.


    • 66
      Vote Tory get heir to Blair says:

      Hard to believe the welfare system was so perfect under Labour. As it was Labour who created all this debt and the immigration disaster anyone who is going to vote Labour is as stupid as someone wanting the captain of the Concordia to be in charge of another ship.


      • 93
        Anonymous says:

        Labour voters continue to think we were all asleep for 13years and that they “got away” with everything as shown in the barking mad comments above from “Mehdi Hasan”. The 2 EDS, Hattie, and Yvette are prime examples of this.


    • 69
      Dreams the only thing we have says:

      Wouldn’t worry ,Liebour saved the world and the EU is the bestest thing that happened to England.


    • 84
      Nelson's Willy says:

      Indeed, that’s why we must vote UKIP.


      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        Why ? Nigel is so keen he only attended 49% of sessions in the E P last year, and he an Nuttal have 2 of the poorest voting records in the European Parliament! and supporters think he would make a difference in the HOC, Ha Ha Ha.


    • 97
      Graham says:

      You really are dim. Brown and Co allowed uncontrolled immigration.


  22. 56
    ......Meanwhile on another planet far far away. says:


  23. 61
    Who gives a says:

    I’ll bet the slimy cuùnt probably expected hundreds upon hundreds of comments on this blog by now, such is his notoriety, god help his wit.
    As it is, there hasn’t been much traffic as few are interested in reaffirming what they already knew about the despicable little man, and his pal Gordon.


  24. 68
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    For that special lady in your life: a Ukip necklace. Just £10!” ARGH COMIC SANS


  25. 71
  26. 73
    Pete says:

    These people have no shame or loyalty to anyone but there own ego! No wonder the public have nothing but contempt for politicians!


  27. 74
    Gay Gordon says:

    I knew nothing about what this man was doing. I was far too busy sticking lollipops up my bum.


  28. 75
    Socio-Psychologist age 7 & 1/2 says:

    Hmmm veeeeeery interesting.

    I am beginning to understand Anders Breivik.


  29. 77
  30. 108
    Peter Grimes says:

    Do you think that Pandy Marr would be as agreeable to posing questions to RedEdMilipede and EdBollox proposed by rightwingers as he appears to be to questions proposed by ZaNuLieBor liars?


  31. 110
    Shooty* says:

    I missed the R4 coverage of this this morning. All I got was Chris Evans on Radio 2 trying to sweep it under the carpet by saying “No one is interested in this, let’s move on”.

    Were the R4 lefties trying to paint it in a good light, or were they panicking?


  32. 113
  33. 119
    green ink says:

    hilary benn talking to daily politics today completely risible and total hypocrite ..
    quelle surprise


  34. 120
    Timmytour says:

    Shocking behaviour……and even more incredible that the Daily Telegraph first tried to hide the story and then, when it was about to break anyway, tried to deflect it away from MccBride and Brown


    • 127

      Makes you wonder what a piece of slime like McBride had on journals who worked for supposedly Tory papers. I mean its not like he was the type to use it as leverage or anything.


      • 128
        Suddenly it all becomes clear says:

        May explain why Brown got such a relatively easy time from the press despite the obvious clusterfuck he was making of things.


  35. 124

    It would be naive, to think that things are much different in number 10 to-day. Plotters, counter-plotters and super diggers of dirt all in the name of Political Power and Democracy. Thats how it was, is and will continue to be regardless of who sits in the PM’s chair.


  36. 125
    Scots Mist says:

    Who cares! McBride is a deluded arsehole if he think anyone is interested in his crapppy book!


  37. 129
    Bill Clinton says:

    I did not f*** over wee Dougie.

    trust me


  38. 130
    The nasty party says:

    One word – SCUM !


  39. 134
    Hobgoblin says:

    Polly Toynbee, super troll of all times. Evil person.


  40. 135
    Francis Urquhart says:

    Some say I taught him everything he knows. You might very well think that…


  41. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Makes the three main parties appear positively fascistic especially when one sees the deliberate aggressive hounding of UKIP by Lynton Crosby and his media puppets.


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