September 19th, 2013

Lee Jasper in Bad Taste Shocker

Disgraced Ken Livingstone aide and master of bad taste Lee Jasper has outdone himself today. Tony Blair’s daughter Kathryn has been held up at gunpoint in an attempted mugging in Marylebone, so how does the musical Mancunian respond to the news?

Classic Lee.


  1. 1
    massa bates says:

    only honkys can be racist


    • 7
      V1le disgusting toxic Labour trashed my Country says:

      In his case does theft beget theft? If so he will be robbed soon.


      • 71
        Hang The Bostards says:

        Actually I think on this occasion he is probably right !

        It’s alright for Blair to comit war crimes and become a multi-millionaire on the back of it, and for his spawn to live of the proceeds….. but God strike anyone who has a go at them.


    • 48
      Maximus says:

      and sexist at the same time. You see, there’s a double slur going on. He might tw@tted “Enjoying the schadenfreude”, or “Ironic”, or “What goes around comes around”, which are all gender neutral. Instead he choses a figure of speech which has a secondary and subtler figure inside, resulting in denigrating the woman by alluding to her as a “chicken”.

      What a cock. Needs to STFU and get with Dianne Fatbot for some rice’n’pea and making nigerians. Not, of course, that the public teat needs any more.


    • 65
      Fishy says:

      #ViolenceBegetsViolence ?

      More like #onceaHuntalwaysaHunt


    • 75
      your mum says:

      lee jasper is a divisive twat.

      he has tried to take over a community event in Brixton and write out one of its original founders who ran a local pub.


    • 113
      Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

      Why is there a picture of Ali-G at the top of the article?


  2. 2
    Ton of Bricks says:

    Now if a UKIP member had Tweeted that.


  3. 2
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Oh Sir Jasper do not touch me.


  4. 4
    Digging Deeper says:


    • 8
      JH2130982302304-45 says:

      Ah, I knew that almost-exclusively-black-on-black gun crime must be the white devil’s fault.


    • 72
      Bob Fleming says:

      Ahh, but Lee, much as I despise TBliar, it doesn’t account for the fact that wherever in the world you get black people you get disproportionate youth unemployment and gun crime..


      • 79
        Yeah, right.... says:

        Which is surprise given that all these naughty boys are brought up by doting and responsible fathers who tutor them in the ways of righteousness.


        • 83
          Diane Grabbot says:

          West Indian mums would go to the wall for their kids blood, you feel?

          And like I said many years ago, and this is a quote, “Every white person is racist”, unlike me, a black racist, ‘cept of course it’s notpossible to be a black racist.


  5. 5
    supertwat says:

    bang on!


  6. 6
    Ruperts boy says:

    give a fuck. This blogs turned into the daily mail.


  7. 9

    Is it ‘cos he is white..?


  8. 10
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    It’s Lee Grasper’s opinion. Only Diane Fatbott and Red Ken Lyingscum give a fuck about his views.


  9. 12
    Slyman Huge, Senior Cockroach says:

    Has Cleggy finished ??? Why didn’t someone wake me up ??


  10. 13
    AngTheBastards says:

    The muggers were black then?

    The media didn’t say. But I guess Lee has inside info.


  11. 15
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    How’s that handgun ban working out for ya GB?


    • 24
      Prov IRA says:

      Not change much thanks !


    • 25
      Andy says:

      Look at the gun crime figures – America is swamped in them because it’s to weak to have robust gun laws. Gun crime is so rare in the UK that the vast bulk of the population have never even seen a gun let alone held one and gun crime is virtually unknown.


      • 41
        Casual Observer 2 says:

        The reason gun crime is rare in the UK and why most English have not seen / held a gun is because the criminal fraternity is the minority.

        Gun laws push guns into the hands of the bad guys.

        In the US it is constitutional right to own a firearm. The areas which have a gun crime problem are those where robust laws do exist.

        Gun crimeis not rare in the UK just under reported.


        • 68
          Anonymous says:

          To be fair, you have to be bonkers to wave a gun at a crowd of people just walking a dog at 8 pm ish.


          • Pik Botha says:

            It was almost certainly a replica or a toy. Thanks to poverty and oppression very few Darkies can afford real guns and even when they get their hands on them, they haven’t a clue how to use them. With the exception of point black shotgun hits against their mates, when did a Schwartze ever manage a clean shot at a victim? Cast your mind back to the murder of Trooper Rigsby, their firearm didn’t work, “hero” Duggan with his piece wrapped up in a sock! Then having the drop on a Blair and she is unharmed! Useless, useless, uselass. From those wonderful people who gave you Nairobi, Lubumbashi and Port Au Prince.


  12. 16
    Slam Dunk says:


    • 20
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      It’s always someone else’s fault, it’s not the gun but the muppet holding it that kills.

      If more people would take responsibility for their actions then we wouldn’t have such great moral decline here.

      Plus Lee Jasper is one of the worst racists in public eye, beyond criticism like Obama in my opinion.


    • 23
      Yeah, right.... says:

      And yet when government try do ‘do something’ as Jasper demands, we get the worst rioting seen in a generation.

      Is this half wit still poncing a living off the public purse?


  13. 17
    War Criminal says:

    Did she turn him down?


  14. 18
    Salmondnet says:

    Well it is chickens coming home to roost, but of course he has the wrong chickens. What encourages crime is liberal social policies and, particularly, uncontrolled immigration. When a liberal gets mugged it is pretty much a self-inflicted loss.


  15. 19
    Tasteless Comment 2 says:

    After this experience will she ever go back ? ;-)


  16. 21
    Andy says:

    It is rather ironic though – a man who by his vanity, slyness, lack of morals and weakness helped terrorise hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men women and children at the point of a gun having one of his own held at gunpoint.

    Personally I haven’t a shred of sympathy and am glad that Blair’s legacy to his family is that long after he is dead and buried they will – for the rest of their lives – carry the stigma of what he did.


    • 36
      Casual Observer 2 says:

      The sad thing is that the only reason this made news is because of who she is.

      This is business as usual in London these days – even the incidents which result in murder are not normally reported on.


    • 42
      You couldn't make it up says:

      If it happened to Blair you might have a point. But what has his daughter done to deserve that ( other than being his daughter)? One thing has nothing to do with the other. Do you actually think if he hadn’t invaded Iraq she would have been spared? Actually remove the word “think” from the previous sentence


      • 74
        Anonymous says:

        I really dislike this tendency to blame kids for their parents choices, like banging on about people going to Public school.How many day old babies would say”no Dad, dont put me down for Eton the plebs wont like it when im PM ?” not that many.


      • 78
        Andy says:

        What did the children of Iraq do to deserve what Blair and Bush did to them?


        • 81
          Blame the guilty not their kids! says:

          And what make you better Andy that you also wish violence metered out on the innocent just like they did ?


  17. 28
    Don't mess abhat says:

    One in three council tenants affected by a recent cut to housing benefit has fallen behind on rent since the policy took effect, figures suggest.

    Well kick the scum out onto the streetsa and let people who can pay have the houses.


    • 33
      Anonymous says:

      Good old Victoria Derbyshire is running with this story. Labour politician talking about the bedroom tax. It’s NOT a bloody tax.


      • 102
        Anonymous says:

        Actually, it is a tax; well there is a tax element to consider. All those people who pay tax, well those tax receipts pay for the empty bedrooms.


    • 54
      Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

      Rubbish! They’ll allocate them to the Somalis first especially those in West Hampstead.


    • 55
      Maximus says:

      Interesting development here. A judge has held that if a room was too small to legally be treated as a bedroom for an adult under the Housing Act 1985, then it could not lawfully be treated as a bedroom for benefits purposes, no matter what the local council or the DWP might think. Obviously some Sir Humphrey or other is to blame for this, and must be promoted out of the way before the Minister involved is seen as a blithering incompetent idiot.


    • 62
      Fishy says:

      A story that the BBC had given them by the TUC.

      After criticism that they only got their stories from their colleagues in the Guardian, the BBC has shown it can go elsewhere for its news.


    • 106
      Anonymous says:

      I think the real problem is that they now pay rent to the claimant instead of directly to Landlords, and some of them are not using it for rent ! they probably know they will just have to pay the arears off at a tiny amount a month and are treating it as a loan !


  18. 29
    jmf says:

    Just how does this fool earn a crust these days.


    • 107

      I thihk you’ve misused a word there. You used the word ‘earn’. Since when did Jasper ever earn anything? Most of the time he has just stirred the feaces at the expense of the taxpayer.


  19. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Total nob.


  20. 32
    Nogbad the Bad says:

    “No-one was hurt and nothing was stolen”. Did the mugger sense that his victim had the sort of connections that would result in half the met hunting for him, and then the prospect of a long gaol sentence. The establishment don’t like it when one of their own is the victim.


  21. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Quoting one of his heroes, presumably Malcolm X, who said it about the assassination of JFK.


  22. 39
    Lee Harvey Jasper says:

    One of his heroes is presumably Malcolm X, who said it about the assassination of JFK.


    • 80
      le poulet qui est retourné au perchoir says:

      As opposed to Diane Abbott, in relation to whom that expression conjures up the image of Colonel Sanders.


  23. 40
    Glib bastard says:

    Surprised it wasn’t covered by a D notice….


  24. 43
    HS2 Alternative says:

    “We might as well knockdown Londonistan and build it twenty minutes closer to Islamabad and do it for less than £50bn.”


  25. 46
    Simple person says:

    It’s funny, no matter what Tony Blair did that was wrong, at no time did I go out and buy a gun.


  26. 50
    Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

    The hero in question must be himself and his chickens came home to roost when they read out the results of the Croydon by-election.


  27. 51
    I love my 4x4 says:

    It is stories like this which make me glad that I no longer live in Central London.


  28. 56
    White Flight says:

    Told you so.


  29. 58
    Sunny Jim says:

    It’s only when the ruling class & judiciary are targeted by criminal scum that anything will be done to tackle crime, unfortunately. Until then we plebs will have to put up with it…


  30. 59
    Even Guido's readers might thank George Galloway says:


    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      2 grand and you get a private dinner date with Gorgeous George. I was sorely tempted, but he’s already made the target.


  31. 76
    Spot The Ball says:

    Listen all of you making comments on here, you know very well Jasper can say what he likes because he is Black. Blacks and other Ethnic minorities can say what they like because they are our oppressed ethnic minorities. Most of you are racist for saying what you do and should be ashamed of your selves and say ten times before going to bed each night, I am white and a racist and I must mend my ways, if not Mr Cameron will chase me with open ended Hate Laws and if that fails he will chase me with hid Terrorist Laws, there is no escape so conform to your Masters will and like it.


  32. 77

    As a barrister, will she appear for the defence or the prosecution?


  33. 85
    Jimmy says:

    To be fair, Ken has always been very consistent on violence against women.


    • 89
      Sandalista says:

      Was he for or against?


      • 96
        Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

        He’s never met a woman he didn’t slap about or push down stairs…or impregnate. Mans a player.


  34. 86
    Anonymous says:

    In a sense, he’s right. Blair presided over open-door immigration, a related explosion in street crime and the ethnic cleansing of whites from many parts of London. It’s somewhat poetic that Blair’s family should now become the victim of the policies Blair put into place.


    • 87
      Harbottle says:

      She’ll will have gone home to her very expensive home in a millionaires-only area of London and put it down to experience. Compare and contrast with the millions of Britons trapped forever in sink estates that are becoming more and more like third world townships.


    • 90
      Cock up the arsehole time says:

      The obvious lesson from this terrible incident is that not enough public money is being devoted to protecting Mr Blair’s family.

      It must cause him great distress and should be remedied immediately.


  35. 88
    mraemiller says:

    I like Lee Jasper. I think he’s a really nice man. Possibly who cocked things up a bit but … Mr Haworth-Maden said he found no evidence of fraud or corruption ….but …. Jasper failed to record declared interests to the “standards expected”.

    I think he’s a man of integrity.

    Which raises the question why does he hang out with George Galloway?


  36. 92
  37. 95
    Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

    Actually he’s spot on the money.

    Bliar opened the gates allowing scum in – No immigration poilicy and rampant EU come on down ism..

    Bliar made sure only criminals could be armed…handgun ban

    Bliar made sure the police/ courts etc were rendered impotent.

    ‘uman roights act’ ie no justice anymore act.

    So Lee (‘gissa all your public money now Ken’) Jasper is spot on.

    So violent robbery / assault etc couldn’t happen to a nicer family…pity it wasn’t Bliar or Letterbox gob herself.


    • 101
      I used to live in Harare says:

      Why do you assume that the alleged mugger was non-white immigrant scum from some disgusting African or Asian cesspit and not a perfectly acceptable piece of home-grown, non-white scum from some South London cesspit?


      • 104
        Anonymous says:

        Are such cesspits, populated as described, more likely to be found south of the river? I don’t know London like the back of my hand, you see.


  38. 97
    Penfold says:

    Grasper being true to form.

    No punishment for this arsewipe would be too severe……….


  39. 98
    S.B.S. says:

    Blair’s daughter is lying, because Alun Michael Blair’s home office minister sais back in 1997 that they had got the guns off the street.
    Bet the fat bitch now gets an armed guard like Blair & bitch wife.


  40. 105
    WilkyMufc says:

    Couldn’t care less about the race argument. I do however take issue with you calling him a “musical Mancunian”. He isn’t, nor will he ever be a patch on Morrissey, Marr, Sumner, Hook, Brown, Squire or even Sidebotttom, all of whom are musical Mancunians…!!!!!


  41. 108
    Dick Turpin's mum says:

    This sort of thing goes on in Tottenham. Multicultural enrichment.


  42. 109
    Leige Asper says:

    I just wish I was black – you know – really, properly black. I’m partly Irish, was born a Manc and I’m despised by real black people as well as the honkies.It just isn’t fair.


  43. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Is Mr Jasper actually black or mixed race?


  44. 111
    west hammmmmm says:

    The bald old twat is a half-caste Alf Garnet without the redeeming features of being a true Brit and an ordinary working class man who actually did some work.

    Die you fucker die.
    #violencebegets violence


  45. 116
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    If only Lee Jasper’s chickens would come home to roost too.


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